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CS_Fox: | June 15, 2011, 05:07:23 pm

Juanita got on the phone and dialed Naomi's number and talked to Naomi's mom with the phone on her shoulder as she put baby powder on me and then began puling the thick clean diaper up between my thighs and over my lower tummy. I was beginning to feel more and more like a baby every time I was diapered or had my diaper changed. I could hardly remember wearing underwear or messing in them, even though it had only been a few days so far.
Juanita hung up the phone and said Naomi would be over in the morning to go to the zoo with us as she began pulling the corners of the cotton flannel diaper tightly together and putting the diaper pins in.
Michele, still standing in the corner with the back of her dress pinned up and her panties around her ankles, asked her mom in a broken, sobbing voice.
"Mom, may I stay here with Pam tomorrow? I don’t want to go to the zoo tomorrow."
"Yes Michele, you and Pam can stay home if you like, but you better be here when I get back," Juanita warned.
So it was just gonna be me, Juanita, Cindy (11), Angie (9), Lisa (6), and Naomi (also 9) and Tommy (2 and a half).
I sat up in my thick, tightly-pinned on diaper as Juanita got up and told everyone they better get to bed pretty quickly. Then Juanita walked over to Michele and pulled her panties up to her waist and took the diaper pin out of the back of her dress and let it down.
"All right Michele, you can go now," Juanita said letting Michele's dress down. Michele wasted no time running up the stairs, still sobbing.
About a half hour or so later after getting Tommy to bed and giving the girls upstairs time to settle down, Juanita hollered up the stairs to the girls to turn the lights out and go to sleep. Then Juanita turned out all the lamps, leaving only the kitchen light, the aquarium and the TV on. I knew what was coming next. Juanita got my pillows and blanket and everything ready and had me lay across her lap to be breastfed again to relieve the pressure on her heavy milk-laden breasts. I was just shocked this time that she left the TV on. As she opened one side of her robe and took out her big, nasty-looking, pointed, torpedo-like breast. I could clearly see the huge, dark, worn-looking nipple before she shoved it into my mouth. I don’t know what size cup she wore but. it made double-D's look like baby tits, that's for sure. She was one of those large overweight women with the huge boobs that looked like if she had a couple drinks she might fall over. As big as they were though, they really didn’t sag at all. When she'd walk around in her robe her tits were just as high and huge and pointy without her bra as they were when she was wearing a bra. With the TV on I could now see that the reason she had me lying on a pillow that was on her lap was so I could be high enough to breastfeed without her having to hold me up. Her huge nipples and tits just pointed straight forward like torpedoes.
I was really beginning to feel like a baby and feel a bond with Juanita as I lay there in the diaper she put on me and sucked milk from her huge, soft nipples. Sometimes she would stroke my hair with her hand or sometimes she would have her arm between my thighs and her hand on my thickly diapered butt and be patting my butt as I fed. I would wonder what she was thinking as she would look down at me occasionally, sucking on her breast wearing a diaper like a baby.
Finally, after I had drank a substantial amount of milk from each breast, she would have me get up and go lay down on my bed she made up for me by the wall. I would be so full and so sleepy from the fat-rich milk that it was no time before I was asleep. Just before going to sleep though, I asked Juanita if I could have a long shirt and some pants so everyone wouldn’t see me walking around in only a diaper. She reminded me that my mom didn’t leave me any pants and that she was instructed not to let me have any pants, but she said that she would try to find me a long shirt to wear. That's the last thing I remember before falling to sleep.
Part 38
The next morning I woke up to hear Juanita in the kitchen starting a roast that Pam and Michele were gonna finish by the time we got back from the zoo. I got up and had breakfast as did the girls and baby Tommy. and then went and sat in front of the TV until Juanita was through in the kitchen
Having to pee really bad from breast feeding the night before on Juanita’s big, nasty-looking tits, I just sat there in front of the TV and wet my diaper. It was getting easier and easier to do after a couple days and realizing that I had no alternative. I remember my groin and butt burning real bad that morning as I wet myself because my rash was getting much worse.
Naomi came over not much later and sat with me in front of the TV being her same old smiling self, looking cute in her little shirt, coveralls and sneakers, and her long, beautiful hair hanging down her back.
After getting Tommy and the younger girls ready for the trip into the city and to the zoo, Juanita came over to the changing quilt where Naomi and I were sitting to get me ready, too.
"Okay, John, lay down now so I can change your diaper," Juanita said in a sweet, motherly voice.
I lay down a little reluctantly, still not wanting Naomi to watch, even though she had seen it all before. It still didn’t make it any easier.
Naomi just sat there Indian style, watching Juanita take out the diaper pins, then looking me in the face with her sweet innocent smile as I lay there waiting to be stripped totally naked in front of her, helpless to do anything about it. I know my face was red each time I was changed in front of someone and I could feel the heat in my face as I lay there while Juanita removed the diaper pins.
“Naomi, could you go in the other room for a little while?" I asked quietly and shyly.
"Oh, Johnnnnnn. You don’t have to be embarrassed. I’ve already seen your little pee-pee, and I already told you I don’t care about you wearing diapers," she responded in her innocent, honest and not-too- bright way.
Giggling. Juanita said, "Naomi. you are just the sweetest girl. John is so lucky to have a friend like you!" Then Juanita, taking out the last diaper pin (three on each side) pulled the soaking wet diaper back, exposing my scared shrunken little pee-pee and balls and began dabbing at the moisture around my pubic area with the dry corners of the wet diaper.
"My goodness, John. You're getting a pretty good diaper rash aren’t you?" Juanita remarked as she wiped me. Then she took a clean rag and wiped my privates and groin area and butt with it. Instead of baby oil, this time, though, Juanita took some white salve or diaper cream of some kind and painted my privates with it, then my surrounding groin area and butt until everything was white. Then she had me cross my ankles and she pushed up and back on my lower heel until my butt was in the air. Then she put a thick clean diaper up under me and put baby powder on my butt while it was up off the diaper. Then she told me to put my feet down and spread my legs and she put baby powder all over the front of my groin area, covering my white salve covered pee-pee and balls and groin with the baby powder.
"That smells good!" Naomi said as the cloud of baby powder rose from between my thighs and the sweet, fresh aroma filled the room.
"Okay, John, spread your legs some more so I can get this diaper on you," Juanita said. “The thing about diapers, Naomi, is that they don’t stay smelling good, isn’t that right, John?" Juanita said, looking me in the eye and trying to be humorous. Then Juanita pulled the thick, wide, soft diaper up between my legs and over my belly and pulled the corners tightly together and put the diaper pins in one side and then the other, pulling the corners very tightly together.
Then Juanita had me put one foot on her lap as she put a sock and a sneaker on and tied it, then the other foot. Then she had me stand up in my thick white diaper and white sneakers and socks. It felt so strange. Then she had me raise my arms and pulled a shirt over me. It was like a t-shirt, kinda but had a collar and horizontal stripes. As she pulled it down. I noticed that it only came down just below my diaper pins.
"Mrs. Roberts, this shirt isn’t long enough!" I protested in a quiet voice, not wanting to provoke her anger.
"That's the longest one you have, John; it'll have to do!" Juanita said.
"But everyone's gonna know I’m wearing a diaper. " I shyly rsponded.
"John. that's the longest shirt you have. You can go with the shirt or without the shirt. It’s up to you!" Juanita responded sounding as if she was losing her good mood. Naomi and the other girls just stood there and grinned as I stood there in a diaper and shirt and shoes and socks.
A little later as we walked out to the car I was aware of how much taller I felt, even though the sneakers maybe only added a half inch to my height. I felt a foot taller, felt like my legs were very long and my diaper that much more noticeable, like a giraffe in a diaper.
Well anyway, a few minutes later we were on our way to the city and to the zoo. I always wondered what was going through Naomi’s head during our trip. She just sat there mostly silent, studying me, smiling. She tried to initiate conversations during the time I was wearing diapers. But my personality had totally changed. I didn’t have anything to say, and wasn’t the fun, talkative person she had always known. I don’t know why she remained so loyal and sweet to me.
When we got to the zoo and got out of the car, it was almost like the first time in a diaper. I was scared to death with all the people around and cars backed up down the street. I don’t know what could be worse— being there in an exposed diaper or being naked.
Tommy was also in a diaper and shirt and shoes and socks but was wearing plastic pants. Juanita put him in a stroller so he wouldn’t have to walk so much and put the big diaper bag under the seat of the stroller.
Leaving the car and starting for the zoo entrance was like leaving the earth and heading for some unknown world. I just wanted to get back in the car and wait until everyone got back. People were already noticing me and pointing me out to others, whispering.
"Come on, kids. Let's go!" Juanita said with excitement as she began pushing Tommy in his stroller, her daughters following close behind. Naomi reached out her hand to me and took my hand."
"Don’t worry, John, it'll be alright, you can walk with me!" she said with a sweet smile as she tugged at me, trying to keep up with the others.
Part 39
Juanita paused and looked back for a moment to see Naomi and me, maybe 20 feet behind, holding hands as we slowly walked behind Juanita and her daughters.
"John. Naomi, come on. Let’s all stay together," Juanita said, looking back as she held onto Tommy’s stroller.
You'd think I'd be used to wearing a diaper by now, but believe me, you never really get to wearing a diaper in public and having people look, point, smirk, and laugh at you because you're too big to be wearing a diaper.
I remember how hard it was to even walk when we first got there. You feel like a statue trying to walk for the first time. I was so humiliatingly terrified to be in such a huge, crowded public setting with an exposed diaper that I could hardly move.
"Come on, John. I want to see the animals," Naomi said with a smile as she pulled at my hand trying to hurry me along. With my free hand I tried to pull my shirt down a little to cover my thick, white cotton diaper. As I pulled down one side of my shirt, the other would come up and vice versa. My shirt only came down just below the diaper pins, leaving the thickly padded diaper clearly visible. It felt different than usual as well because Juanita put the thick white diaper cream on me instead of the baby oil to help dry out the rash and it made the fabric cling to my skin or genitals more than the baby oil did.
I began walking faster with Naomi, pulling at my hand and could feel that I was walking like a baby. Babies don’t walk like babies just because they’re babies. It's the thick diaper between their legs that makes them seem to waddle the way they do. My diaper was so thick and pulled up and pinned on so tight that my thighs and feet were impossible to keep close together, making me kinda have to swing my hips from side to side as I walked.
Between walking and the slight breeze blowing, my shirt kept creeping up over the ears of the diaper where the corners were pinned together and then staying there, unable to slide back down leaving my entire diaper completely visible, including the diaper pins and the ears that stuck out. Because I was wearing sneakers and socks, I felt taller and more visible and felt I was drawing even more attention. Feeling frustrated with trying to cover myself with my shirt as we walked and overwhelmed by all the gawking people looking at me in my diaper, I started crying. Naomi looked at me and saw me crying and asked, "What's the matter John?"
"Everyone's looking at me and laughing at me because I’m wearing a diaper," I answered as the tears ran down my cheeks.
"Don't worry about them, John. Just ignore them," Naomi said, trying to console me as she looked me over. Then Naomi let go of my hand and tried to pull my shirt down over my thick diaper unsuccessfully. When she would pull one side down a little the other would come up. My legs were shaking or trembling as I stood there allowing Naomi to try to cover my diaper with my shirt.
"NAOMI. DONT DO THAT!" Juanita yelled as she saw what Naomi was doing. Then Juanita walked back to Naomi and me and said, "Naomi, honey, don’t do that, you're gonna ruin John’s shirt," Juanita said as she examined the shirt for damage.
"I was just trying to cover John’s diaper so people won’t stare and laugh at him," Naomi said sounding frightened after being scolded by Juanita."
"John knows why he's wearing a diaper and he's just gonna have to make the best of it. Now John, if you want to cry like a baby you go right ahead but don’t you throw a fit or you're gonna get a bottle or a pacifier, and if I see you pulling at that shirt again you're not going to have a shirt. Do you understand me?" Juanita said while straightening out my shirt.
"Yes, ma’am," I answered, sobbing.
"Now, let’s all stay together, okay?" Juanita said as she turned and walked on, pushing Tommy’s stroller and her daughters following close behind her.
We stopped to look at the first exhibit. I don’t remember what it was, but Naomi was excited about every one of them. She loved animals and would just light up with a huge smile, pointing things out to me, telling me what she thought or knew about each one. Juanita and her daughters also were having a good time with all the "awwwwwww's" and "oooohhhh's” and "eeewwwwww's” you normally hear at zoo. I couldn’t get interested in the animals, though. I was constantly looking around to see who might be looking at me, hoping I wouldn’t encounter anyone I knew and have them see me in a diaper.
Well, it wouldn’t be long before that would happen. A few exhibits later I heard a familiar voice not to far away.
"John?" the voice called out sounding unsure of who I was. I turned instinctively as anyone would hearing their name called out. To my shock, it was my third grade teacher Ms. Grady from the past year and the school I had just moved from when my mom remarried. She had with her several kids and friends of mine who were attending summer school and were on a Sunday trip to the zoo.
"Johnnn?" she said again, making eye contact with me, her eyes squinted, looking as though she couldn’t comprehend what she was seeing.
"Hi Ms. Grady," I said bowing my head in shame.
"John. I thought that was you! You're wearing a diaper! What're you doing in a diaper?" she asked, still looking and sounding puzzled.
I couldn’t answer. I couldn’t speak, period. I just pulled my shirt down a little in front and bent forward a little trying to hide my diaper, even though neither really did a thing to hide it.
Juanita, hearing the conversation, turned and saw Ms. Grady and introduced herself to her, and then seeing me pulling at my shirt again smacked my hand saying, "John. I’m not going to tell you again. If you pull at that shirt one more time I’m going to take it off of you and you won’t have a shirt to wear!" Juanita warned sternly.
All Ms. Grady's students or my old school mates began walking up as Juanita raised my shirt above my diaper, fiddling with it trying to get the stretch marks out. Then Juanita turned her attention back to Ms. Grady as she examined my shirt.
"I'm sorry Ms. Grady. You say you were John's third grade teacher last year?"
Juanita and Ms. Grady began talking but I didn’t hear a thing, just mumbling to me as I watched my old classmates approaching. Juanita standing behind me with my shirt raised to my chest, trying to flatten out the stretch marks.
There were about 14 kids with Ms. Grady from two third-grade classes who had to attend summer school. They all looked shocked and surprised to see me standing there in a big, thick, white, cotton diaper. There was no laughing or giggling at first, just a look of shock on their faces. I was a very popular kid when I was in their class. None of these kids were like my best friends, but we all knew each other well.
Juanita let my shirt down finally as she and Ms. Grady talked. Then the two of them kinda moved off to the side to talk more privately.
Part 40
I had a feeling I knew what Mrs. Grady was discussing with Juanita. When I was a student in her class and before, she and the school principal and nurse were aware of my having accidents in my pants. One time that really stands out in my mind is a time when several of us (the students) were sitting around a reading table and a girl next to me raised her hand. When Mrs. Grady called on her the girl said in a loud disgusted tone, "Mrs. Grady, it smells like someone messed their pants over here." Mrs. Grady came over to the table and began sniffing the students. When she got to me and sniffed she looked at me and we made eye contact, she knew it was me and I know my face must have been red as a beet but she didn’t embarrass me in front of everyone. She just stood back up and said she didn’t smell anything and told everyone to get back to work. When recess time came and everyone was leaving the class to go outside she stopped me at her desk. She had me stand there until everyone was out of the room and then took me by the arm and pulled me toward her and spun me around to smell me.
"John, you did mess your pants again, didn’t you?" she said, sounding disappointed. "Well, let’s get you cleaned up!" she said as she stood up and led me to the nurses office.
This was pretty routine during my first three years of school. When I would get to the nurse’s office the nurse would remove my shoes and then take my trousers off. If my trousers were not stained, she would simply remove my underwear, wipe my butt clean and have me put my trousers back on and return to class without any underwear for the rest of the day. Then at the end of the day I would have to stop by the nurse’s office to pick up a paper sack with my dirty underwear in it and a note to my mom before going home. If my trousers were messed up she would just pull them back up and send me home with a note saying I was sent home because I messed my pants and it would be a disturbance to the rest of the class. Depending on what time it was, my mom might clean me up and take me back to school, or let me stay home the rest of the day. But if you remember the beginning of the story where my mom was looking forward to "starting over" in our new home and school, etc., this is part of what she was talking about. She was hoping I would not still be messing my pants as I started the school year in my (new) school. But the main point I'm trying to make is that I was never sure if the other kids knew I was messing my pants and getting sent home for it or not. Mrs. Grady was very discreet about it and the way she handled it.
So now, here I am standing here in a thick diaper, short shirt, shoes and socks at the zoo with my third grade teacher talking to Juanita and my old classmates slowly approaching and gathering around me and Naomi to see me standing there with my thick diaper clearly visible and nowhere to hide.
All I could do was stand there with my arms and hands down in front of my diaper trying to hide it but it was in vain. Everyone could see it. At first, my classmates looked at me with surprise and shock as they approached. Then that turned to smiles.
"Johnnnn, why are you wearing a diaper?" one girl asked.
"Yeah, we can see your diaper. You can't hide it!" another said, giggling about my failed attempt to hide it.
Then one boy hollered out to some of the kids who hadn’t gotten there yet.
"Hey, you guys. Come here, look! John Atkins is wearing a big baby diaper! (the name made up of course) said one of the boys who was often shunned by me and my popular friends.
"John, that's got to be soooo embarrassing, to have to wear a diaper. Did you wet the bed or something?" asked Julie, a cute friendly classmate of mine.
Then Naomi being her sweet, honest to a fault self said with a smile and trying to be helpful, "Noooo. his mom said he has to wear diapers for awhile because he messes his pants."
"EEEEEWWWWWWWWWWW!" Some of the kids responded, laughing.
Then one of the boys asked Naomi, laughing, "Does he mess in his diaper, too?"
Naomi could now see that the kids’ intentions were more than friendly curiosity and had developed into more of a bullying nature.
"You guys are mean. I thought you were John’s friends!" Naomi said.
"We just never saw a nine-year-old boy in a diaper before," one boy responded.
Then as I stood there petrified with my arms in front of my diaper and my hands over my crotch, one boy grabbed one of my arms and pulled it away from my diaper saying, "Why don’t you move your hands so all the girls can see what you look like in your big baby diaper, John!"
As he pulled my arm I took a step to one side, coming off my firmly planted feet. My shirt came up a little, giving everyone a better glimpse of my diaper. They all laughed out loud. I instinctively grabbed my shirt with both hands and tried to cover my diaper with it. Juanita looked in my direction to see what the loud laughter was all about but was too late to see the boy pull my arm and pull me off balance. She did see me pulling my shirt down over my diaper again though, and came over to me fussing and bitching.
"John. I told you about pulling on your shirt like that! Your mother is going to have a fit when she sees what you've done to that shirt!" Juanita complained. Juanita then stood behind me and took the shirt at the waist line and pulled it up to my underarms, completely exposing my thick, white, cotton flannel diaper, as all the kids watched, including Naomi and Juanita’s daughters.
"Raise your arms, John!" Juanita ordered as she began trying to remove my shirt. I grabbed at the lower part of the shirt and tried to pull it back down again.
"John, you let go of that shirt right now!" she said, bending over, talking right onto my face so close I could smell her breath.
I knew I couldn’t win with Juanita as bad as things were, I knew that pissing Juanita off always made them worse. I cried as I let go of my shirt and raised my arms to let Juanita take it off of me.
All the kids were silent for a minute as I stood there with my arms up and Juanita pulled the shirt up over my head and hands and removed it leaving me standing there in nothing but my thick diaper, white socks and sneakers.
"I told you what would happen if you pulled on your shirt again, didn’t I, John?" Juanita reminded me as she folded the shirt and put it in the diaper bag.
I glanced up at my third grade classmates through my tear-filled eyes to see some of them standing there silent with their mouths and eyes wide open. Some of the girls were with their hands or fingers over their mouths as if they couldn’t quite comprehend that I (one of their classmates) was standing there in virtually nothing but a diaper.
"John, you look like a big baby, standing there in your diaper!" one boy said laughing. Then some of the others began laughing and giggling too as they all stared at me.
Juanita stood behind me again and while bending over, she put her hands on the pinned corners of the diaper and told me to squat down a little which I did. Then she pulled the diaper up tightly between my legs and adjusted it in places making it fit tighter again.
"Now, John, when your mother gets back, you're not going to mess your pants anymore, are you?" Juanita asked, her face next to mine as she bent over behind me adjusting my diaper.
"No," I replied, crying.
“It's okay, John. You don’t have to cry," Naomi said, trying to comfort me as she took my hand again.
"Well, it was nice to meet you, Ms. Grady," Juanita said.
"Nice to meet you too. Mrs. Roberts." My third grade teacher replied as they touched hands. Then Ms. Grady and my old classmates went one way and we went another stopping to see one animal exhibit after another.
I couldn’t and didn’t enjoy looking at the animals at all. Everywhere I turned I saw people looking at me, pointing and whispering, smirking and laughing at me as I walked around in nothing but my diaper and shoes.
I began getting cramps in my stomach and knew I needed to go to the bathroom pretty quick. As time passed and we walked on the urge got stronger and I thought how terrible it would be if I had to walk around the zoo in a dirty diaper. I remembered my experience in the grocery store and cringed at the thought of having to walk around in a stinky, droopy diaper with all these people gawking at me.
Finally, we did get to the public bathrooms and some water fountains and Juanita told the girls that if they needed to use the toilets to go now. Naomi and Juanita’s daughters all went into the restrooms while I stood there with Juanita as she kept an eye on Tommy in his stroller.
I needed to go and sit on the pot really bad but was afraid to ask Juanita if I could. I thought it couldn’t hurt to ask. Maybe she'll even appreciate it and be proud of me for telling her that I needed to go before going in my diaper. Maybe that's what she was waiting for.
"Mrs. Roberts I need to go and sit on the pot really bad; may I go in and use the restroom?!" I asked her fearfully.
"John, you know better than that. Your mother said she wants you to go in your diapers until you're sick and tired of having a dirty bottom. Then you'll be ready to keep your underwear clean," Juanita responded with a smile.
"Please, Mrs. Roberts, just let me go in and I could pull my diaper down and go to the bathroom and..."
"NO, JOHN!" Juanita interrupted.
"Next week we're going to start on your toilet training. Then I'll expect you to come to me when you have to go potty and I’ll check to see if you have a clean diaper. If you don’t, you'll be punished or maybe have another day added to wearing your diapers.
"But, Mrs. Roberts. I have a clean diaper now. And I have to go to the bathroom. Can I...?"
"NO, JOHNNNN!" Juanita interrupted again. "Whoopeee! So you finally tell someone you have to go to the bathroom before you crap your pants, John. You're nine years old. You should have been doing this all along. Now I’m not going to tell you again. This week you're going to wear your dirty, wet diapers. Next week well work on your toilet training and see if you can keep your diapers clean. Then and only then, once I’m sure you aren’t going to mess your pants anymore, then you'll get to wear your underwear again, okay?” Juanita responded, sounding frustrated.
"Okay," I answered in disappointment.
Then the girls returned from the restroom and Juanita went in as the girls watched Tommy. Naomi walked up to me as she got back from the bathroom and smiled at me and said, "John, you know what?"
"What"? I answered.
"Cindy, Angie and Lisa all said they think you're real nice and cute too, and I do too," Naomi said, looking at me with her beautiful smile. Then she leaned toward me and kissed me on the cheek. I looked at the other girls to see them smiling at me, too.
"We all like you a lot John, and don’t want you to be sad about wearing diapers. We won’t laugh at you no matter HOW long you have to wear diapers.
Then Juanita came out of the bathroom and we continued down the trail to see more animals. Fifteen minutes or so later I felt the urge getting so strong I couldn’t hold it any longer, especially while walking. It just began coming out as we walked. I felt weak in the knees as I walked and the poop filled my diaper. I think I felt like I was being reduced to the status of a baby. I almost wanted to lay down and put my feet in the air and cry like a baby while filling my diaper. Then the urge to pee became very strong afterward. I felt so relieved as I let the pee go in my dirty diaper. I had to pee so, so bad.
Naomi and I walked holding hands from exhibit to exhibit and I don’t think she really noticed that I had a dirty diaper until I peed in it, which made the odor more noticeable. I could see her looking at me, even though I wasn’t looking at her. I knew she knew I was now able to smell it myself.
My diaper rash was driving me crazy. It itched really bad all over, but mostly burned between my butt cheeks, a very painful burn, like the skin between my butt cheeks were raw. Every step was painful.
Naomi was now staring at my face as we walked, smiling, squeezing my hand intermittently.
"John, did you mess in your diaper?" she asked me in a sweet, teasing voice.
"Naomi, I don’t like talking about things like that!" I answered shamefully. Then I broke down and cried.
"I couldn’t help it, Naomi. I told Mrs. Roberts I had to go to the bathroom, but she wouldn’t let me. She says I have to go to the bathroom in my diapers for the next week."
"Wait, John. I want to show you something.”
"Okay," I said.
Then Naomi asked me if I liked her being my girlfriend. I said yes. Then she asked me if I liked being her boyfriend. I said yes. Then Naomi handed me a plastic ring with a fake stone in it and told me to hold a few minutes, so I did.
"Okay, Cindy,". Naomi said.
Then Cindy told me to ask Naomi to be my girlfriend, so I asked Naomi to be my girlfriend, and she said yes. Then Cindy told me to put the ring on Naomi’s finger, so I did.
"John. you're my first real boyfriend. Am I your first real girlfriend?" Naomi asked in excitement.
"Yes," I answered as I looked into her happy glowing face.
For a moment I almost forgot I was wearing a dirty wet diaper at the city zoo. Naomi was just a silly, happy, girl who could always find the silver lining in any cloud and could rarely find fault in anyone.
"Now see, John, you don’t have to be sad because you have to wear those old diapers. You can be happy because you have a real girlfriend who likes you a lot,” Naomi said as she took my hand again. Cindy and Angie and Lisa smiled at me and Naomi as we walked holding hands.
My butt cheeks were burning badly though as we walked. Naomi could se it in my face.
"Are you okay, John?" Naomi asked.
"It's burning real bad," I answered reaching back toward the back of my diaper. Naomi went to Juanita and told her.
"Mrs. Roberts. John has a dirty diaper. I think he's ready to have his diaper changed," Naomi said.
"Thank you, Naomi, but John's gonna have to wear his dirty wet diaper for awhile. There's no place to change him here. We'll go to the park and change his diaper later, okay?" Juanita replied, knowing she intended for me to suffer in the nasty diaper with my diaper rash for awhile.
It was getting close to lunch time finally, so Juanita decided it was getting time to go. We all walked out to a wooded part of the zoo property where there were picnic tables a lake with ducks and geese and a lot of squirrels around. I saw my third grade teacher, Ms. Grady, and her summer school students off in the distance having a picnic lunch but we were going to go to Juanita’s house where Pam and Michele were going to have a roast dinner ready.
Juanita stopped in a fairly secluded area and took a baby blanket from the diaper bag and spread it on the ground. Then she picked Tommy up out of the stroller and told him to lay down on the blanket so she could change his diaper. Tommy lay down as she told him then she said to me.
"John, you lay down here, too. I got to get you boys diapers changed before we go home," Juanita said as she began pulling Tommy’s plastic pants off.
I sat down carefully, trying not to smush the load in the seat of my diaper too much and lay down next to Tommy as Juanita removed his diaper pins and pulled his diaper back, exposing his dirty bottom and wet little genitals.
"Good grief Tommy. You made a dirty, dirty diaper today, didn’t you?" Juanita said in a teasing motherly tone. Then she took his ankles in her hand and raised his bottom into the air and began cleaning his dirty butt.
A couple of the girls from my class came over to see what was going on and saw Tommy having his diaper changed and me laying there next to him and they asked Juanita.
"Are you going to change John’s diaper next?"
“Yes I am," Juanita answered.
"Is it okay if we watch?" one of the girls I knew from school asked.
"I don’t care," Juanita replied with a smile as she looked up at my classmate while cleaning Tommy’s butt. Then one of the girls, a pretty one named Gail, ran off to tell the others. I heard her yell, "Hey, come on. They're gonna change John’s diaper. Let’s go watch!" I always liked Gail and thought she was a friend of mine.
“Mrs. Roberts, please don’t let them watch me have my diaper changed," I begged.
"Now John. We've been through all this before. You're going to behave yourself while I change your diaper or you're going to get a spanking, do you hear me?" Juanita warned.
"Yes ma’am,” I answered.
I turned my head toward my classmates as I lay there next to Tommy and could see all the girls running back toward me. Mrs. Grady was walking and some of the boys were, too, getting closer and closer as Juanita continued changing Tommy’s diaper.
Tommy just lay there with not a care in the world as his mom rubbed baby oil all over his genitals as everyone watched. I knew it wasn’t gonna be so easy for me when it was my turn. I could feel my heart rate getting faster as my classmates and teacher approached us. This was like a nightmare, that I was going to have to lay here in front of my classmates and have my dirty wet diaper changed.
"Alrighty John, I guess you're next," Juanita said as she put the last pin in Tommy’s diaper.
Then Juanita moved closer to me while on her knees and began by removing my shoes and socks.
I looked at Ms. Grady and begged her to take my classmates somewhere else and not watch. She made a shushhhing face with her finger over her lips like telling me to be quiet.
"John, that's enough!" Juanita warned as she removed my socks.
Then Ms. Grady said, "John. there's no excuse for a boy your age to be messing your pants the way you do. You should be ashamed of yourself. And I think you deserve to wear diapers until you learn not to mess your pants anymore."
"Now, you see John, everyone thinks you deserve to wear diapers, so you just be still and be a good baby let me change your diaper."
All the kids laughed when Juanita said that except her daughters and Naomi.
Then Juanita took a baby bottle of juice from the diaper bag and told me to hold it with both hands and drink it or I was going to get a hard spanking. Her look and tone of voice told me she meant it and I knew what Juanita’s spankings were like so I did as I was told and began drinking the bottle.
Then Juanita began taking out the diaper pins as I lay there crying, sucking on the baby bottle with my classmates giggling and laughing as they watched.

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Part 41
As I lay there crying, sucking on a baby bottle, watching the birds and the squirrels in the trees above me and waiting for Juanita to finish taking the diaper pins out of my dirty wet diaper. I thought back to all the times I sat in class in my dirty underwear, petrified that someone would notice and say something, or all the times I played in the playground at recess or went to the cafeteria with my underwear plastered to my butt, wondering if someone would say. "John, you stink!" or something like that. I never thought my classmates would one day see me in a diaper or watch me have my diaper changed and see me completely naked having my dirty butt cleaned. And Mrs. Grady, my teacher, she always seemed sympathetic to my problem of messing my pants and always handled it so discreetly as if she didn’t want to embarrass me in front of the class. I don’t understand why her attitude has changed so much and now she seems to be happy that I’m wearing diapers.
Well, here I am now, living this nightmare. Two of my female classmates, a couple of the prettier ones, kneel down beside Naomi to watch Juanita change me. Linda was a beautiful blonde who sat next to me in class with long blonde hair that hung straight down her back. Cathy was a cute brunette who sat a couple desks behind me and sent me notes in class about wanting to be my girlfriend. Now they're kneeling next to me smiling as Juanita unpins my dirty wet diaper.
"Gosh, John. I never thought I'd see you wearing a diaper. That's got to be so embarrassing," Cathy said, the one who wanted to be my girlfriend in school.
"I'll bet John’s the one who smelt like poop in class all those times," Linda responded, looking at Cathy and Naomi.
Juanita now had all the diaper pins out of my diaper but left the wet front of the diaper laying up over me as she rifled through the diaper bag for some more damp rags and stuff.
I squeezed my thighs together tightly against the soaking wet thick diaper, knowing that in a moment Juanita was going to pull my diaper back, exposing my little genitals and dirty butt to everyone who was watching.
As I squeezed my thighs together against the wet unpinned diaper, I could feel the pee running down my hips to the side and down my butt and as I squeezed it, my unpinned diaper raised up off of my belly a little. Cathy bent down a little and looked as if she were trying to peek up under there and see my pee-pee. Some of the other kids giggled as they say Cathy doing this.
There's something about a boy having his diaper changed. Girls just can’t wait to see what his penis looks like, I learned that firsthand.
Then Mrs. Grady my teacher said.
"You know, John. Mrs. Campbell (the principal) got so tired of seeing you in the nurse’s office with your filthy underwear that she came very close to having the nurse put a diaper on you and sending you back to class in a diaper."
"So. it WASSS John who smelt like poop in class all those times. Wasn’t it, Ms. Grady?" Linda asked.
"Yes. It was John all right!" Ms. Grady answered.
"John, wouldn’t that have been awful if you had to wear a diaper to class. Everyone would have laughed!" Linda said.
"Well, if John doesn’t learn to stop messing his pants by the time his mother gets back, or at least by the time summer is over, he might be wearing diapers to school in the fourth grade this fall.”
"The other kids aren’t going to believe it when we tell them we saw John wearing a diaper, and having his diaper changed too," Cathy said, giggling.
"Okay, John, let’s get this stinky old diaper off of you and get you into a nice clean diaper," Juanita said as she took the corners of the unpinned diaper and began pulling it back. But I was squeezing my thighs together against the thick wet cloth, trying to prevent or at least delay the humiliation of having everyone see me naked and see my filthy bottom.
“Now John, you're going to have to spread your legs so I can change your diaper, and you better do it now if you don’t want a good hard spanking!" Juanita ordered, leaning toward me with an angry face. So I spread my legs as Juanita told me to do and she slowly pulled the wet, front, portion of the diaper back exposing my wet little genitals and the bumpy red diaper rash covering the fatty pubic area surrounding my pee-pee and scrotum.
"Johnnnnn. look at your pee-pee. It's so little, like a baby’s!" the beautiful blonde Linda shouted as she pointed and laughed. I think all my classmates laughed and giggled as they saw me naked, but I couldn’t look at them to see. I just stared straight up at the birds and squirrels in the trees above me, crying, sucking on my baby bottle, trying to pretend I was somewhere else, as I lay there naked on my dirty wet diaper with my legs spread apart and everyone laughing.
"John. you DOOOO have a little pee-pee like a baby. Gosh, it must be awful to have all the girls looking at your little pee-pee!" Cathy added laughing uncontrollably.
Trying to defend me, or at least make me feel better Naomi said, "Well, John’s pee-pee might be really little, but I think he has a cute one. And besides, he's my boyfriend. See, here’s the ring he gave me," Naomi said as she held her hand up showing the other kids her shiny plastic ring.
"Your boyfriend? But you're so pretty. Why would you want a boyfriend who messes his pants and has to wear diapers like a big baby?" Linda said laughingly.
"Because he's sweet and he's so handsome and I liked him since we were little kids," Naomi responded, looking me in the face and placing her other hand on the side of my face.
Juanita laughed and said. "You liked John since you were little kids? Boy, that's been a long time, hasn’t it, Naomi?"
Ms. Grady laughed too, at the remark, saying, "Naomi. I think you are one of the sweetest girls I’ve ever met."
Juanita finished dapping the moisture from my genital area and told me to raise my feet. Having been through this routine numerous times, I raised my legs and crossed my ankles the way Juanita liked. She then put one of her hands on my lower heel and pushed my knees toward me, making my butt come up high off of the dirty diaper. Then she took the wet front portion of the diaper and starting at my balls, wiped straight down my butt crack with it, trying to get most of the mess in one hard motion down my dirty butt.
"OOOOWWWWWW Mrs. Roberts! It hurts really badddd!" I fussed loudly, jerking away from her wiping motion quickly and removing the bottle from my mouth.
"Well John. I suppose it does; you're getting a really bad diaper rash. But I've got to clean you up before I can put a clean diaper on you," Juanita replied, as she continued to try to clean my butt.
"What a shame, John. You are a sweet, handsome, and smart boy— but messing your pants, wearing diapers, and laying there and having your dirty bottom cleaned like a baby at your age— you really should be ashamed of yourself. And I'm sure your mother is ashamed of you, too!" My third grade teacher said as she watched Juanita wipe my dirty butt.
"OOOOOWWWWWWWW! It hurts really, really, bad, Mrs. Roberts!" I whined again as she slowly and gently tried to clean my dirty butt.
"Yes, John, I know it hurts. I'm trying to be careful. I think when we get home I'll let you lay on an open diaper for awhile and get some air and see if we can’t get your diaper rash to dry out a little," Juanita said.
After Juanita had me all cleaned up she rubbed baby oil all over my butt while I still had my butt in the air, then told me to put my feet down where my feet were flat on the blanket but my knees were still up and spread apart. She then applied the lotion to my groin area and genitals. Then, curling her index finger around my shrunken little pee-pee and her thumb on the other side of it, she stretched my pee-pee upward, oiling the one-and-a-quarter-inch length of it and then like a snail disappearing back into its shell. It would shrink back up again. She did that several times. The girls laughed at the way it kept shrinking back up again, teasing me about having a pee-pee like a little baby. Then Juanita asked the girls who wanted to put the baby powder on me. Naomi and Linda both raised up on their knees, quickly reaching for the bottle of baby powder at the same time and fighting over who was going to get to put the baby powder on me.
"He's MYYYYY boyfriend, and besides, you're not even nice to him!" Naomi said angrily to Linda.
"Well, I still want to put the baby powder on his little pee-pee!" Linda replied looking as if she could fight with Naomi. Then Juanita settled the argument.
"Naomi. You are gonna get to see John for almost two more weeks. I'll let you do the baby powder at home. How bout you let Linda do it this time, okay?"
Naomi sat back on her feet, folded her arms on her chest and had that pouty lip look on her face as she conceded to let Linda have the honors this time.
"Linda. Can I do some, too?" Cathy asked.
"Well, you can do his butt, but I wanna do his pee-pee!" Linda warned.
"Okay!" Cathy agreed.
Then Juanita had me raise my feet and cross my ankles again so Cathy could put the baby powder on my butt. I just lay there and cried, sucking on the baby bottle as Cathy powdered my butt.
"Gosh John, your butt is really red, especially in the crack. I hope this helps your diaper rash feel better.”
"Pour some on the diaper, too," Juanita told Cathy. Then Cathy poured baby powder on the clean diaper that Juanita had placed under me.
"Okay, John, put your feet down now so Linda can powder you and get you ready for your clean diaper," Juanita said. Then Cathy handed Linda the bottle of baby powder as I put my feet back down on the blanket with my knees spread wide apart. Linda raised up on her knees and took the baby powder in her right hand and slowly sprinkled it around my groin area and on my little penis and balls, looking over at my face to get my reaction as she powdered me with a huge smile on her face. Then she covered her mouth quickly with her left hand as she burst into laughter, spitting into her left hand as the spontaneous laughter burst from her.
Then, wiping her hand on her dress she explained, "I'm sorry. I couldn’t help it, but John, you do have a little pee-pee like a baby and with the baby powder all over it, it really does look like a baby’s pee-pee!" she said, barely able to contain herself.
"Okay, Linda, thank you. That's enough baby powder. Let’s get John’s diaper on so we can get home.” Then Juanita pulled the thick, clean, diaper up over my powdered, humiliated, little penis and balls. She tucked and rolled the diaper around my thighs and then tugged it up snugly between my legs and began pinning it on tightly so we could go home for lunch. Then she put my shoes and socks in the diaper bag with everything else and dressed only in my thick, clean, tightly-pinned-on diaper. We said bye to Ms. Grady and my classmates and went to the car and headed for home.
Part 42
As we made the sixty or so mile trip back to Juanita’s from the zoo, I reflected back on the experience, or more accurately, couldn’t get it out of my mind. I knew all of those kids through the first, second and third grade and played with some of them during past summers. I was well-liked and very popular with both the boys and the girls in that school. Now, they've all seen me walking around the zoo looking like a big, stupid baby wearing nothing but a big, thick diaper, and even watched me having my dirty, wet diaper changed by Juanita, seeing me completely naked, diaper rash and all.
Fortunately, I thought, I won’t be going to that school or living in that town anymore and I’m sure that when they all get back home my old teacher and friends will tell everyone they know or that I know that they saw John Atkins at the zoo wearing a diaper like a big baby.
At least at Juanita’s house I felt a little more comfortable about having to wear diapers. Between Rudy, Tommy and all the toddlers and babies Juanita kept, boys in diapers were about as common around the house as oxygen, so the girls or Juanita’s daughters were so used to it that they didn’t seem to really pay much attention to it.
That's not to say that I just walked around the house or in the yard in my diapers completely comfortable with it. You never get used to wearing a diaper in front of everyone when you're nine years old. It's just that at Juanita’s house I was more like family and I was spared the rude comments that I got from people outside of the family, but you're still aware that everyone knows that you're nine years old and have to wear diapers because you continually shit your pants like a baby.
My mom and Juanita grew up together. They were so close that one could finish the other’s sentences. So they were all like family to me and much of my childhood was spent with Juanita and her kids. There were times we'd visit close to my birthday and when we'd get there Juanita would have a birthday cake for me, even though my mom already made one for me at home. So, Juanita and her daughters were aware of my mother’s struggle to get me to stop messing my pants, and for the most part accepted my mom’s decision to make me wear diapers for a couple weeks to teach me a lesson.
I used to come to Juanita’s house, knowing that she and her daughters always thought of me as a handsome, sweet, polite boy. Now I felt that I was probably going to be perceived and always remembered as the dumb kid who kept shitting his pants and had to wear diapers like a baby for two weeks.
Part 43
When we got back to Juanita’s house from the zoo Naomi was invited to stay and eat lunch with us, the roast dinner Pam and Michele had worked on while we were away, and Naomi accepted.
After we ate Juanita asked me if I needed to pee or anything and I said no, then Juanita led me to the changing quilt and had me lay down where she unpinned my still clean, dry, diaper and pulled it open and pressed it flat on the floor. Then she told me to sit up and then lay on my tummy on my open diaper so my rash could get some air. She then got an oscillating fan and placed it behind me in the fixed position and told me to lay with my legs apart so that the oscillating fan and ceiling fan could dry my skin. While my whole pubic area and butt were covered with the painful bumpy itchy rash, the skin between my butt cheeks was the worst. It felt like my skin was raw and my cheeks rubbing together as I walked was very painful.
When Juanita first pulled my diaper back, though, and had me sit up, I couldn’t help notice Naomi, Lisa, Angie and Cindy starring at my little penis and balls and giggling as I sat up and turned over on my tummy. I don’t know what it is about a boy having his diaper changed or removed that every girl’s eyes goes straight to the penis; and no matter how many times or how often you experience it, it never gets any easier. When you're nine years old and being kept by an adult who has the power to put a diaper on you, change you, strip you, bathe you, spank you at will in front of all the girls or anyone else and you can’t do anything about it. You never get used to it.
Juanita sat the oscillating fan between my legs on the floor to blow on my butt as I lay on my tummy on my open diaper. Then she went and got some board games for us to play saying I needed to lay there like that awhile and get some air.
After setting the games on the floor in front of me and the girls, Juanita pulled one of my legs, spreading my legs farther apart to separate my butt cheeks a little more.
"This isn’t really gonna work too well!" Juanita remarked.
Then she went to the hall closet and got a thick feather pillow and came back and had me get up on my knees, then Juanita lifted the front of my diaper from the floor and slid the thick pillow under it and lay the diaper neatly over the pillow. Then Juanita had me lay back down on my tummy again over the diaper which was over the thick pillow which kept my butt and hips elevated in the air. Now the fan was blowing directly on my butt crack and felt very cooling and soothing. Juanita then pulled my legs apart some more again and said to stay like that awhile so my skin would get some fresh air.
It felt strange and must have looked pretty strange too for me to be laying there with my naked rash covered butt elevated and a fan between my legs as the girls and I played Chinese checkers and other games.
As one girl and then another would get up to go to the bathroom while we played the board games. I thought. They don’t know how lucky they are to be able to go to the restroom and close the door and have privacy while they do whatever it is they have to do. I couldn’t believe the mess I got myself into, having to wear diapers and be changed like a baby in front of everyone for two weeks, just because I wouldn’t go to the bathroom when I had to, or until I had a thick, pasty smear in my underwear.
About an hour or an hour and a half into the games, I did have to pee pretty bad and caught Juanita as she walked through the room.
"Mrs. Roberts. I need to pee real bad!" I said in an embarrassed whisper.
Juanita put her hands on her hips and looked at me for a moment and then went to the kitchen. She returned with the hand towel that had been used to dry the dishes with. She bent down behind me and moved the oscillating fan back a bit and then put her hands on my hips and pulled upward slightly saying.
"Get up here for a minute, John, honey. You need to air out a little longer so we can get that nasty old diaper rash to dry out. I’m not going to put your diaper back on you just yet," Juanita said in a sweet voice as she helped me up onto my hands and knees and then just onto my knees. I covered my privates with one hand as I realized Juanita wanted me to kneel there naked in front of the girls for some reason. I didn’t know what she had planned.
"John, you get your hand off of there unless you want a spanking. Do you hear me?" Juanita said in a firm voice but still in a good mood.
“Now you've got your hand all nasty, don’t you do that again!" she added as she folded some cleaning rags into the dish towel she brought from the kitchen. The girls just sat there and starred at me as I knelt there naked in front of them, waiting to see what Juanita was going to do.
Michele who was watching TV, still angry with me and paying attention to what was going on said, "John. everyone's already seen your little pee-pee a hundred times and I think everyone's tired of it already!"
Totally embarrassed at having to kneel there naked in front of the girls and not knowing what to say I responded to Michele, "Well, I saw your crack when your mom spanked you. And you don’t even have a pee-pee!"
Michele burst into laughter. but over did it a little as some of her laughter was obviously fake due to her own embarrassment. Then Michele responded.
"Well, girls aren’t supposed to have a pee-pee you dummy, but boys are, and you have a little pee-pee like a little baby boy!" Michele said
"Okay John. Michele— both of you— that's enough!" Juanita warned. Then Juanita took the towel and cupped it and her hand over my penis and balls as I knelt there.
"Okay, honey, go ahead and pee for me," Juanita said as she cupped my privates with the damp towel.
"I can’t pee like this Mrs. Roberts. Can I go to the bathroom?" I asked.
"It's no different than wetting in your diaper. Now, I need you to pee for me because I have a hundred things to do and I can’t stand here all day," Juanita insisted.
Then Juanita had Michele get a damp rag and some alcohol and wipe my hand that I touched my rash with as I tried to cover myself a few minutes earlier.
"Mrs. Roberts please, let me go to the bathroom and pee!" I begged again.
"John, you have a whole week before you can go near the bathroom again. you know that! Now I could just put a diaper back on you but I’m trying to give that rash a chance to dry up so it doesn’t hurt so bad. now you go ahead and pee for me like I told you to or you're going to get a spanking!" Juanita warned.
I had a hard time getting the pee started, but when Michele began washing my hand with the wet rag I couldn’t hold it anymore and peed into the towel Juanita was cupping over my penis and balls. Juanita could feel the pee pouring into her hand and said, "There now, see. that wasn’t so hard, was it?" Juanita remarked as I continued peeing into her hand. When Juanita felt the flow stop for a few seconds she moved the towel from my privates and several drops were still falling from my pee-pee to the open diaper below me.
Naomi and all the other girls laughed and giggled as they saw the pee leaking from my penis and falling to my diaper below. Juanita quickly covered me back up again with the towel saying, "I’m sorry, baby. I thought you were through!" laughing as she put the soaked towel back over my privates.
Michele, wanting to get another shot at me, said sarcastically, "Good grief, John. You deserve to wear diapers. You're just like a big baby!" she said still cleaning my hand.
After I was through peeing into the towel, Juanita took the alcohol soaked rag that Michele was using and said, "John, this is going to burn a little but it will help that rash go away a lot quicker." Juanita then took the alcohol soaked rag and began wiping around my groin area with it and cleaning my penis and balls with it too.
"OOOOWWWWWWWWW! Mrs. Roberts! That burns!" I cried as the alcohol came into contact with the rash around my crotch area.
"I know it does, honey. but it will help you get better much faster. But I’m going to let your bottom heal some more before we use any there. That will really burn!" Juanita said as she cleaned the urine from my groin area.
After cleaning me up, Juanita had me lay back down over my open diaper and pillow where I and the girls continued playing the board games. Juanita then moved the fan back up between my spread legs so it could blow on my elevated butt and dry out the rash between my butt cheeks. Then Juanita went and sat on the couch and began folding the mountain of washed and dried diapers that were piled on one end of the couch.
Part 44
Naomi began giggling as I lay back down across my open diaper and we resumed playing our game.
"Why are you laughing Naomi?" I asked.
"I'm not laughing at you John.I just never saw a boy pee before.it looked funny seeing pee come out your thing. Naomi said with the fingers of one hand over her huge smile.
"Well, I don’t think I feel like playing anymore!" I responded, angry that Naomi would laugh at me, and I pushed the Chinese checker board away from me and toward the girls.
"Come on, John. Please don’t be mad at me, I didn’t mean it. I just never saw anything like that before, "Naomi said, gently touching my outstretched arm with her hand looking sorry and concerned. I believed her, Naomi never spent any time around Juanita’s house before my two-week sentence in diapers. Although she and Juanita’s daughters liked each other very much, Naomi was usually out playing army or baseball or something with the boys. It was only now that she and Juanita’s younger girls were becoming close and she could experience things that other girls pretty much took for granted. But I was still hurt that Naomi laughed at me and didn’t want to let her off the hook so easily, so I insisted that I was through playing games and wanted to be left alone.
Juanita, sitting on the couch folding the large pile of clean cotton flannel diapers, came to Naomi’s defense.
"John, you stop pouting like a baby, and be nice and play with Naomi and the girls. You wouldn’t be in this mess if you'd stopped messing your pants like your mom told you to. It's all your fault that you have to wear diapers and that you now have a diaper rash. You could be out playing with your friends instead of hanging around here in diapers like a big baby!"
Not saying anything in response to Juanita’s scolding, I reluctantly pulled the Chinese checker board back toward me. I knew better than to provoke Juanita’s anger and make things worse than they might already appear. We played Chinese checkers for awhile and then something else, I don’t remember, maybe Chutes and Ladders or something. The cool breeze of the fan felt good on my raw butt, or butt crack mostly, as it felt as though it had a fever.
I heard someone coming down the noisy, creaky, staircase. It was Juanita’s oldest daughter, sixteen-year-old Pam. You couldn’t sneak down that staircase. I think that's why Juanita had no fear breastfeeding me at night after her girls went to bed. But anyway, Pam entered the room and seeing me lying there with my butt elevated on the thick pillow and open diaper with the little fan blowing between my legs walked up to me and bent over and looked at my butt. Even though my legs were spread apart my butt cheeks were still somewhat touching each other, so Pam put her hand on one cheek and separated my cheeks to get a better look at the rash between them.
"It's gonna take awhile for that to go away. that's a bad diaper rash!" Pam said.
"Yeah, I'm not going to make John wear the dirty wet diapers so long anymore until it gets better," Juanita responded.
"John, whenever you're through wetting or pottying your diaper, you come tell me and I’ll get you changed right away, okay?" Juanita asked.
"Okay," I sheepishly responded.
Then Juanita asked Pam, "Pam honey, would you do me a favor so I can get these diapers folded?"
"Sure mom, what do you need?" Pam answered.
"Honey, it's getting a little late. John's going to be needing a diaper before too long. I put his diaper rash cream in the freezer a little while ago. Would you mind putting some on his bottom and then putting a diaper on him for me, please?" Juanita asked.
"No mom, I don’t mind at all!" Pam responded.
Then Pam went to the kitchen and got the diaper rash cream and returned and kneeled to the left side of me. She separated my butt cheeks and squeezed the cold lotion from the underside of my nut sack all the way up my butt crack to the top. It was so cold it was a shock as she first started squeezing it from the tube and filling my butt crack with it, but it felt so good and relieved the hot burning sensation I had been feeling for so long.
Then, with her right hand she began rubbing the thick, cold cream into my skin, her hand going from my balls to the top of my butt crack, over and over. She started out rubbing gently but then was rubbing hard enough I felt myself being kind of scooted across my diaper and back. As her middle finger passed over my asshole each time it passed, my penis became very hard but kind of dug into my diaper feeling restricted a little, so I raised up just enough to let my hard little pee-pee lay across my diaper unrestricted. Now, as Pam rubbed the ointment up and down my butt I was being pushed back and forth across my diaper a little, as if I were humping my diaper over the thick pillow. But it was Pam’s hand doing the back-and-forth motion as she rubbed the cream up and down my ass. Whenever her finger passed over my asshole or touched the back of my scrotum I got harder and harder. I know this is when diapers became sexualized for me, even though I didn’t know it then or understand what was happening. But feeling my hard pee-pee rubbing across the soft fabric was intoxicating.
"John, it's your turn!" nine-year-old Angie said in frustration, as Naomi, Cindy and Lisa waited for me to make a move. I almost forgot we were playing a game, I think my eyes even closed for a bit as I was experiencing this new sensation.
Then Pam shot another line of the cold lotion down my butt crack and began to rub it in as well. Now she was covering my lower butt cheeks outside of the crack and then returning to the crack and my asshole again with her probing finger.
"Is your bottom feeling better now, John?" Pam asked in a sweet voice, with her gooey hand still moving up and down between my thighs.
"Yessss!" I answered. Feeling like my pee-pee was going to burst, though I don’t think I ever actually had an ejaculation until maybe seventh or eighth grade.
Then Pam stopped and wiped her hand on a rag while I lay there face-down on my open diaper with my pee-pee throbbing under me.
"Well John, I guess I better put a diaper on you now. Come on and get up so I can get that pillow out of the way," Pam said while wiping the cream from her hand.
I raised myself up just enough on my hands and knees so Pam could remove the pillow from under my diaper. Then she made me scoot back a little so she could flatten the diaper out on the changing quilt beneath me. I tried to conceal my erection between my thighs and under my belly as much as possible. Then Pam patted the center of the diaper where she wanted me to sit saying, "Come on, John, you know I can’t put a diaper on you while you're crouched over there like that. Come on, sit down here!" she said sweetly and smiling.
I carefully made my way onto the diaper and sat down on it, keeping my thighs together and pulled up close to my body, trying to conceal my erection. As I sat on the diaper I could feel the thickly applied diaper cream on my butt ooze toward the underside of my balls and back up my butt crack behind me.
"John, I can’t put a diaper on you like this. Now you spread your legs and get your feet off of your diaper and lay back so I can put a diaper on you," Pam said in a playful mood.
"Come on now, John. Let’s get it over with so you and the girls can play!" Pam said, pulling my thighs apart as she smiled at me.
I finally surrendered and spread my thighs apart as I sat completely naked on the thick diaper in front of Naomi and Juanita and her daughters. Knowing there was nothing I could do anyway, I wasn’t going to win.
When I spread my legs exposing my rock hard little erection Naomi’s jaw just dropped and her eyes were wide open. She just stared at it for a moment not knowing what to say at first. Then she just blurted out, "John, look at your pee-pee, it's bigger!" Juanita and all the girls just laughed.
"Ohhhhh Naomi, What am I gonna do with you, honey!" Juanita said, laughing her ass off.
Now Naomi thought Juanita and everyone was laughing at her and became embarrassed and looked as if she might cry, so Juanita explained to her that little boys’ penises become erect for different reasons and become larger and harder.
"Come on, John. Lie down now so I can put a diaper on you," Pam said, still laughing, but trying not to.
I leaned back on my hands and slowly began lying down as Pam asked. My little erection was pointing straight up and bobbing around until I got settled on my back. After laying down my little pee-pee was standing at an angle over my lower belly throbbing and twitching like it had a mind of its own.
"John, that little thing was standing up the last time I put a diaper on you. I'm beginning to think you like me putting a diaper on you," Pam said in sweet playful tone. I was about to respond to her saying that I don’t like wearing diapers when Juanita threw her two cents in first, although she was being sweet, too.
"John, is that true. Do you like it better when Pam puts a diaper on you?"
Juanita asked Lisa to get her a pacifier for the baby. Then Juanita said to me, "John, the next time you talk to me in that tone of voice, I’m gonna wash your mouth out with soap and spank you until you can’t sit down. Now you suck on that pacifier and don’t you say another word until I tell you to. Do you understand me?" Then Lisa handed Juanita the pacifier and Juanita stuck it in my mouth.
"Suck on it, John. I didn’t say hold it in your mouth. I want you to suck on it until I tell you that you can stop," Juanita demanded.
So I had to lay there doing the suck-suck-suck thing constantly on the pacifier with tears welling up in my eyes while Pam prepared to put a diaper on me in front of Naomi and the other girls.
"Now, John, your mother said you're gonna wear diapers until she gets back and there's nothing we can do about it. We CAN try to make the best of it and try to have a little fun— or you can make yourself miserable and make things worse than they have to be. But you're not gonna disrespect me or anyone else while you're staying here. And I hope you learn some things while you're here, or you might be wearing diapers home after your mother gets back,” Juanita warned.
"I know what we can do, John. Let’s show Naomi our little game we played last time I put a diaper on you.”
Then Pam put the diaper up over my still semi-erect pee-pee and tried to play peek-a-boo like last time, but I wasn’t in the mood for laughing.
"Come on, John. You know you want to laugh. You stop pouting like a baby!" Pam said, talking sweetly, trying so hard to turn my mood around.
Pam tried a few more times with the diaper and the silly voices playing peek-a-boo with my pee-pee, but finally gave up.
"It's okay, John, well try it some other time if you want. I just wanted to make you laugh like last time.”
Then Pam leaned forward and gave me a hug a kiss on the cheek saying, "Well, I guess if you don’t wanna play. We better get your diaper on now.”
Then Naomi leaned forward and kissed me on the cheek, too.
"Awwww Naomi, that was sweet," Pam said
"He's my boyfriend. See my ring?" Naomi responded, holding her hand up to show Pam her ring.
"Your boyfriend? Aren’t you a little young to have a boyfriend, Naomi?” Pam asked with a big smile.
"Yeah, but I just wanted to get him before someone else did!" Naomi innocently responded with a sweet smile.
Juanita and the girls were all "awwwing and cooing"— I guess you could say— over Naomi’s sweet remark.
Naomi watched Pam apply the diaper rash cream all over my groin area and studied Pam’s face as she was doing it and asked, "You like putting diapers on John, don’t you?"
"Well, I’m sorry for John that his mother is making him wear diapers. but yes, John is one of the sweetest and most handsome boys I ever put a diaper on, and I don’t mind it at all. I just wish I could get him to smile more," Pam answered sweetly as she pulled at my little pee-pee covering it with the diaper cream.
Now I felt bad about the pouting and wished I had been nicer when Pam wanted to play. I mean, I’m gonna have to wear a diaper anyway, whether I cry about it or not. Now I can see that Pam is a real friend.
When Pam picked up the baby powder, Naomi reached out her hand and asked Pam if she could do it.
"Your mom told me I could do the baby powder next time John had his diaper changed," Naomi said excitedly.
Pam looked at Juanita and Juanita simply said, "It's okay with me. Let her do it if she wants to.”
Then, Naomi raised up on her knees and took the baby powder from Pam and said, "Okay, John, spread your legs some more so I can put the baby powder on you!"
So I spread my legs as she asked but she hesitated and asked Pam, "Aren’t I supposed to do his bottom first, Pam?"
"Well Naomi, it looks like you've been paying attention," Pam answered.
"Okay, John, we can play like I'm the mommy and you're my baby. So, put your feet up so I can put baby powder on your bottom.”
I raised my feet like she asked me to.
"No, you need to raise them higher and cross them too like Mrs. Roberts makes you do," the little dictator ordered. So I raised them as high as I could and crossed my ankles. Then Naomi poured a lot of baby powder on my butt, which was already painted white with the diaper rash cream. Then she had me put my feet down and covered my pee-pee, balls and entire pubic area with the baby powder until the unmistakable cloud of the sweet-smelling baby powder filled the room.
"Can I put the diaper on him, too?" Naomi asked.
"Naomi, you may put the diaper over him, but I better do the diaper pins, okay?" Pam insisted.
Then Naomi got up and moved around by my feet. She had to pick the diaper up with both hands and walk up toward me on her knees, pulling the diaper up between my thighs as she got closer.
"John, spread your legs a little more so I can pull your diaper up tight," Naomi said.
"You did a good job, Naomi— didn’t she, everybody?" Pam said trying to encourage more feminine behavior from Naomi. Everyone clapped their hands and hollered for Naomi, saying things like she will make a good mother one day. I just lay there still sucking on the pacifier as Pam pinned my diaper on.
Part 45
Pam extended her hands to me after getting my fresh diaper pinned on and helped me into a sitting position. I felt like such a baby sitting there in the middle of the floor in a thick soft diaper with a pacifier in my mouth and the aroma of baby oil and baby powder filling the air.
Naomi had a huge smile on her face as she looked at me and I’m sure she felt a sense of accomplishment and pride with all the praise she was getting from Juanita and the girls for helping Pam put a diaper on me.
"Naomi, I'll bet mom would love to have you around here to help change diapers and help take care of the kids this week if you want to." Pam said in an encouraging tone as she patted Naomi on the back.
"I think you would be a biggg help, Naomi...if you'd wanted to do that!" Juanita added, also trying to get Naomi interested in doing more girly things.
"Okay, I'll help tomorrow!" Naomi answered, sounding excited about Juanita and the girls’ invitation.
Then Juanita, still sitting at the end of the couch folding the mountain of clean diapers, said to me, "John, would you come here for a minute, honey?"
So I got up and walked over to her in my diaper and still sucking on the pacifier. Juanita reached up and slowly took the pacifier from my mouth saying.
"John, I know you didn’t mean to raise your voice at me a minute ago, now did you?"
I shook my head no.
"Well what do you have to say to me ?" Juanita asked.
"I'm sorry. " I answered.
"Well, that's better". Juanita responded still holding the pacifier up close to my face.
Then Juanita set the pacifier on the end table and said.
"Why don’t you kids go play now. I have a million things to do before tomorrow."
Naomi then jumped up and kinda skipping over toward me, she took my hand and said, "Let’s go outside. I’m tired of being in the house!"
Juanita laughed loudly, saying, "Naomi you're never going to change.”
Then Cindy (1), Angie (9), and Lisa ( 6) all got up to go outside with me and Naomi.
Naomi began tugging at my hand even before the other girls were on their feet and was dragging me toward the kitchen which led to the back porch and outside. I was having an awkward time trying to keep pace with Naomi in my freshly pinned on diaper because being just pinned on it was still very thick between the thighs, or not broken in yet, so to speak.
As we quickly got on the porch and Naomi opened the screen door and proceeded to drag me out into the yard. I kinda dug my heels in and stopped. I didn’t want to just run out of the house and into the yard in my diaper without first seeing who was about. When I stopped, though, the other girls behind me crashed into me and I bumped into Naomi and we were all crowded there together at the screen door. All the girls started laughing and giggling about the way we all bumped together. Imagine standing there wearing nothing but a diaper with a bunch of cute girls surrounding you laughing and giggling, but in a friendly, accepting way. It's almost like, “okay, you messed your pants a bunch of times. Now you have to were diapers for awhile, but we still like you a lot.” They were all my friends, almost family. Except for Michele, being angry with me because she got grounded for two weeks. Juanita’s daughters’ laughs and giggles were never malicious or rooted in contempt for me. They were just innocent, unavoidable, involuntary responses to situations that they found humorous. no harm intended.
Naomi, knowing why I stopped in my tracks before going out the door, said. "John, everyone's already seen you in a diaper!"
"I don’t care. I still don’t want anyone to see me like this," I responded, looking around outside to see if anyone was there.
Even though all of Patricia’s family next door already knew about me wearing diapers it didn’t make it any easier to be seen like that. But mostly I was still concerned about the guys who lived much farther down the street that Naomi and I usually play army and baseball and stuff like that with. One or more of them could show up at any time. Whenever we'd play army we could cover the whole neighborhood and the wooded area nearby. We'd often run and hide in other people’s yards, climb their trees, eat their apples and other things. People didn’t seem to mind back then about kids going through their property as long as you didn’t break anything, I suppose. I don’t remember ever being run out of someone’s yard. So I did worry about the guys showing up and seeing me out in the yard running around in a diaper, looking like a big baby.
After pausing on the back porch for a moment, Naomi opened the screen door again and pulled at my hand saying., "Come on, John, there's no one around." So slowly, I followed Naomi out the door , down the steps and into the yard with Juanita’s younger girls behind me.
We played in the yard for some time, I don’t know how long, games like “One-two-three—Red Light!” and other stuff. Things kids played back then. When Pam came out of the house with the large diaper bag and put it in the car. Juanita came out soon after and said there was some sort of family emergency and that she had called Naomi’s mom on the phone and made arrangements for me to go over there and stay until they got back— maybe a couple hours.
"John, Naomi, come on and get in the car," Juanita ordered, looking concerned.
"You girls go in the house, change your clothes and find some shoes. Pam is getting your clothes out. We got to go to the hospital. I'll be right back,” Juanita added as she rushed us into the front seat and closed the door behind us. Even though Naomi only lived a couple houses down Juanita rushed us there in the car, pulled into the driveway, walked us to the front door and left me, Naomi and the diaper bag with Naomi’s mom. Then she ran back to the car backed out of the driveway and sped back to the house.
When we went into the house there was a very attractive woman sitting on the couch I didn’t know, Naomi’s mom’s best friend Barbara. Naomi’s mom took the diaper bag and sat it aside and said to Naomi, "Honey, the girls are outside. Why don’t you go on out and play and we'll be out in a minute.” Naomi was excited about her friends (Barbara’s girls) being out back, trotted toward the kitchen and out the back door saying. "I’ll wait for you outside, John!” as she went.
Then Naomi’s mom took my hand and led me to the couch where she sat down with Barbara and both of them just sat there and looked at me for a moment as I stood there wearing nothing but a diaper before them. Then Naomi’s mom put her hand gently on my face and looked into my eyes with an almost indescribable, sorrowful, and concerned look and said in a very motherly, compassionate, empathic tone.
"John, honey, are you okay?"
I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes instantly, then suddenly I just broke down and started bawling. Naomi’s mom pulled me toward her between her thighs and tightly up against her body as she sat on the couch. She hugged me so tightly and I put my arms around her as I cried uncontrollably.
"Ohhh, John. You know I've always thought so much of you. You’ve always been such a sweet, polite boy,” she said as we embraced.
"It'll be okay, honey," she added, holding the back of my head with one hand and patting my back with the other. I think this was the first time I actually cried, just feeling sorry for myself and not out of anger or humiliation.
As I cried in her arms I heard the screen door slam and Naomi and her friends came running from the kitchen. toward me and the two women.
"MOMMMMMMM!!!" Naomi began to say.
"You girls go back outside; we'll be out in a minute!" Naomi’s mom said wanting to give me time to get over the crying. Naomi and the girls quietly turned and walked back the way they came and went back outside.
"Well honey, I know how hard this must be for you having to wear those diapers, but no one here is going to laugh at you, John, and when this is all over, we're all just going to forget it ever happened and never talk about it again, okay?" Naomi’s mother said to me, talking sweetly, trying to give me some consolation as she held me.
Finally, as the crying subsided for the most part we broke our embrace. But still standing between her thighs with those after-cry sniffles that make your whole upper body jerk with each one, and the tears covering and burning my face like acid, Naomi’s mom took some tissues and wiped my face and had me blow my nose into them. Ashamed and embarrassed about standing there in a diaper and bawling like a baby. I didn’t want to look at Barbara, but I could see without looking at her that she was wiping her eyes with a tissue as well and then she blew her nose, too.
Then Naomi’s mom began adjusting my diaper with both of her hands, gently pulling up at the corners and the back waist area saying, "You know, honey, two weeks will go by so fast and then it will be all over, and then you wont have to wear those ol’ diapers anymore— you'll see!"
Then Naomi’s mom stood up and took my hand saying, "Come on, honey, I think we'll all feel better if we get out of here and get some fresh air and sunshine. " I could hear Naomi and her friends laughing and having fun outside as her mom slowly led me through the house toward the back door, with Barbara following close behind.
As we stepped into the yard Naomi and her girlfriends came running up to meet me. They were very cute just like their mom, and very nice-looking, but I know they were prepared for my arrival, like (be nice to the 9-year-old boy in the diaper) maybe not. But they were very nice, even though they couldn’t seem to keep their eyes off the diaper. They were constantly looking at it even as they spoke to me.
We we're playing for quite some time when I began to get the urge to have to sit on the pot. I looked over toward Juanita’s house to see if her car was in the driveway, so hopefully I wouldn’t mess my diaper at Naomi’s house but it wasn’t there. Those old houses had long driveways with the garage separate from the house and far to the back of the property, with a long driveway running from the street all the way to the back of the yard.
After awhile and still not seeing any sign of Juanita’s car over there, I felt like I wasn’t going to make it any longer, so I thought maybe if I tell Naomi’s mom I need to sit on the pot. I could pull my diaper down, go to the bathroom on the pot and then pull it back up when I’m through. Naomi’s mom was sitting at a patio table under a huge umbrella visiting with Barbara. I went and whispered in her ear and asked her if I could do that.
"John, you know I can’t go against what your mother and Juanita decided. I'd love to do that, but you know I can’t," she responded sadly in a loud whisper and a sympathetic look.
I turned and walked away, slowly feeling both disappointed and scared to death. I looked again toward Juanita’s house, but still no car. The urges were getting much stronger and I felt I wouldn’t be able to hold it much longer. As I looked for something solid and out of everyone’s view to sit on in order to try to holds it, Naomi’s mom said, "John, don’t be trying to hold it. You know Juanita doesn’t want you doing that. "
She didn’t say it loudly or intend to embarrass me, but Naomi and the girls were close enough to hear it.
"John, do you have to go poop in your diaper?" Naomi asked curiously.
Before I could answer— not that I wanted to or was even going to— Barbara’s oldest girl, Carol (10, I think) said, "He's supposed to poop in his diapers?"
"Yeah, his mom is making him do it. He can’t go to the bathroom no more for almost two weeks,” Naomi responded.
"EEEWWWWWW! That's awful!" Carol said in disgust. Her 9-year-old sister Nita, just standing there, looked at me silently.
Naomi’s mom said she was going to make some lemonade and she and Barbara got up and went into the house. I seriously needed to find a place to sit like right now, but had to go so bad that I knew if I took a step it would come out for sure. I looked toward Juanita’s house again, still no car. Then suddenly right there with all the girls standing all around me, it started coming out. I tried to hold it as I stood there, or at least hold most of it, hoping Juanita would show up at anytime, but it wouldn’t stop. It was so solid and so long and wide. I just went "UHHHHHHH!" as it came out,. tugging at my diaper pins as it pushed at the inside of my diaper. I think the back of my diaper slid down at least a half inch down my back.
Naomi and the girls just stood there, silently watching. Carol and Nita, both with a look of disbelief on their faces, their mouths and eyes wide open. My knees were shaking, both from the relief I think as well as the total humiliation of the whole thing. I felt like I could collapse right there. But then I ran toward the back of the yard to hide from the staring girls. I could feel the huge load swinging and bouncing and hitting my butt in my diaper as I ran.
"John, come here!" Naomi cried out as she chased after me. The other girls followed Naomi, running behind her as she chased me.
"John, don’t run, it's okay!" they were all yelling.
I ran around behind a tool shed at the back of the yard and hid between some stacks of old tires behind the shed. The girls caught up with me and were telling me it was okay and not to be embarrassed and that kind of stuff. I pleaded with them not to tell their mothers about me having a dirty diaper and that I wanted to wait until Juanita got back so I could go over there to be changed. They promised they wouldn’t tell their mothers and tried to talk me into coming out of there, but I was too ashamed.
"Kids, come on, come and get some lemonade!" Naomi’s mom shouted from the patio.
"If you stay back here they're gonna know something’s wrong," Carol explained.
Yeah, she was right I thought, so I reluctantly decided to come out but keep my distance from the women. Naomi said she'd bring me my lemonade so I didn’t have to go get it. I had to pee really bad as you always do after going potty, so I just let out a little at a time into my diaper so it would soak into the front instead of flooding down between my legs, making the dirty diaper smell worse than it already did. I saw a jump rope lying near by and told the girls id hold one end while the girls took turns jumping. This worked out great, I thought. I can just stand here and hold the rope in my dirty wet diaper until Juanita’s car shows up. But after awhile Naomi’s mom hollered at me.
"John, would you come here for a minute, honey"?
I felt a chill run down my spine as she called me. I handed the rope off to Nita who was standing there waiting for a turn and slowly walked toward Barbara and Naomi’s mom. I guess she could see the soaking wet diaper sagging somewhat in front as I was holding the rope.
"Honey, do you need your diaper changed?" she asked as I stood several feet from her.
"No. " I answered.
"Come here let me see," she said, almost teasingly. I slowly approached her when she grabbed my arm with one hand and felt the front of my diaper with the other.
"Baby, you're soaking wet!" she said, almost talking baby-talk to me.
"SNIFFFF, smells like you had a boo-boo in your diaper too, John; turn around here." Then she spun me around and placed her hand on the butt of my diaper, kinda lifting it toward my butt.
"Yeah, I think it's time to change your diaper. Juanita said you were getting a bad diaper rash and not to let you wear a wet or dirty diaper very long.”
"Can you please just wait until Mrs. Roberts gets home and let her do it?” I begged.
"John, don’t be silly. That rash is just going to hurt that much more the longer you wear that diaper. Now come on and let me get you changed. It's not going to be that bad," she added, trying to make me comfortable with the idea that she was going to change me.
She led me into the house with Barbara following along and said she was going to change me on Naomi’s bed. Barbara went into the bathroom as we passed it and closed the door. Naomi’s mom walked me into Naomi’s room and told me to stand right there and she'd be right back. She left for a second and returned with the diaper bag and set it next to the bed. As she took what looked like a large thick crib blanket from the diaper bag and spread it on the bed, Naomi and Nita and Carol came to the bedroom door but Naomi’s mom stopped them and said., "Why don’t you girls go back out and play. We'll be back out there in a few minutes." Looking disappointed, the girls turned and left the room.
"Okay honey, climb up here and lay down for me on this blanket. Naomi’s mom said, taking my arm and assisting me as I climbed up onto the bed on my hands and knees. I guess it was a crib blanket. It was about four or five feet long and maybe three or four feet long. I climbed up onto it and turned around into an almost sitting position but leaning back on my hands with my knees up. I could feel the solid mass in my diaper being pushed forward toward my nutsack.
"Okay honey, you're going to have to lay down for me, you know I can’t change your diaper like this." So I lay down as she asked. I was shaking as if the room were freezing, though it wasn’t.
"Why John, you're shaking; look at you!" She said almost in a baby-talk tone once again.
"Honey, you don’t have to be nervous with me. There's no big hurry and everything's going to be okay,. All right?" she said, leaning forward toward my face with a huge Naomi-like smile. I could see where Naomi got her looks, just never noticed it before. She was just an older Naomi.
Then, with her fingers and starting at the top of my diaper on my tummy, she walked her fingers up toward my chest saying, "If you don’t smile. I'm going to get youuuu!"
"Come on John. you better smileeee or I'm going to get youuu!" she said teasingly in her baby-talk tone, her fingers now going up my neck and over my chin.
She was being soooo sweet. I couldn’t help it, and I smiled.
"Now see, we're not having such a bad time, are we?" she said as she leaned forward and kissed me on the cheek.
Just then Barbara came into the room and closed the door behind herself as she entered. She then came and sat at the foot of the bed as Naomi’s mom began removing the diaper pins.
Part 46
I wasn’t at all excited or enthusiastic about Naomi’s mom changing my diaper, seeing me naked and cleaning my dirty butt, even though she was being so sweet and motherly. But when her friend Barbara came into the room and sat on the bed to watch. I knew that was more than I can take.
"Can’t we just wait until Mrs. Roberts (Juanita) gets back and let her do it at her house?" I begged.
"John, Juanita may be home in five minutes, or she may not be back for two more hours. Now you don’t want to run around and play in a dirty wet diaper all afternoon, now do you?" Naomi’s mom replied, as she continued removing the three diaper pins on each side.
I just lay there shaking once again as Naomi’s mom slowly removed one pin after another and stuck each one in the bed next to me. Naomi’s bed was an older bed, much higher than those made today. I was lying on the side closest to the door and close to the edge, with my head on Naomi’s pillow. Naomi’s mom was sitting on the edge of the bed as she removed the diaper pins between me and the door. I thought well, if someone opens the door they can’t see anything with Naomi’s mom sitting there.
"John, you're shaking again, honey. You don’t have to be frightened or nervous about me or Barbara changing your diaper!" she said sweetly as she removed the last diaper pin and stuck it in the bed.
"There's no hurry, honey. You just lay here a minute and try to calm down a little. Everything’s going to be okay, no one's going to laugh at you,”  she said as I lay there with my knees up and spread apart somewhat and the unpinned wet dirty diaper still laying over my lower tummy.
I looked around Naomi’s room and thought how any boy would love such a room. Her baseball glove and cap were hanging on the wall. There were pennants like the Chicago Cubs, etc. Tonka trucks on shelves. The only indication that it was a girl’s room was a few stuffed animals strewn about, no dolls whatsoever.
"John, Barbara was telling out on the patio awhile ago about what a handsome boy you are. Why don’t you show her what a beautiful smile you have?"
Naomi’s mom suggested trying to get me in a better and more comfortable mood. But how could I smile knowing these two women are going to strip me naked in a few minutes and clean my dirty butt like a baby and then put another diaper on me?
"John, am I going to have to get you again?" Naomi’s mom asked with her face down close to mine with a big beautiful smile and walking her fingers up my tummy again toward my chest.
"You better smile or I'm going to get you, John," she said again, her fingers slowly walking toward my chest. Barbara was smiling and laughing a little as Naomi’s mom walked her fingers closer and closer to my face. When she finally reached my mouth she pulled down on my lower lip gently, saying, “Okay, John. I'm going to get you!" her face so close to mine I could feel her long beautiful hair tickling my face and shoulders, Talking a kinda baby talk to me. I couldn’t help it, I smiled again. She was just one of the sweetest people I had ever known.
"There now. You see, Barbara, is that a beautiful smile or what?" Naomi’s mom said with a huge smile on her face, as she sat back up straight again beside me.
"That is a beautiful smile, John, and I think you are one of the most handsome nine-year-old boys I've ever known," Barbara replied as she stood up and walked around to the other side of the bed and sat down.
"There, now everything's going to be okay, John. Let's get you out of this nasty old diaper before your rash gets any worse," Naomi’s mom said as she gently put her hands on my inner thighs and spread them much farther apart.
Then she took the wet front portion of the diaper into both her hands and slowly began to pull it back away from my tummy and from between my thighs slowly exposing my genitals and then my dirty butt.
"Ohhh, poor little thing!" Barbara said as the diaper came back.
I saw Naomi’s mom look at her with a half smile half smirk. Her eyebrows dropped as Barbara made the statement. I wasn’t sure if the remark was about my rash, my soiled diaper, or my scared, retracted, little baby-sized pee-pee.
Naomi’s mom dabbed at the wetness around my genitals first with the drier front part of the diaper, getting the moisture in the crease between my pubic fat and inner thighs, too. Then she took the dry front corners of the diaper where the diaper pins had been and cleaned my pee-pee and nut sack with them, pulling on my shriveled penis, gently stretching it to get the wetness out of the wrinkles.
"Okay John, raise your legs for me baby so I can clean your dirty bottom," She said as she wadded some of the wet front of the diaper together to beginning wiping my butt with it.
I raised my legs and crossed my ankles as Juanita had me do so many times and Naomi’s mom took the wet diaper and starting just under my nut sack pushed most of the mess down my butt toward the pile that was already in my diaper.
"OOWWW! IT HURTS!” I said, wincing as she made each pass down my dirty chapped butt. I know it hurts, baby, but we got to get this stuff off. You do have a terrible diaper rash, honey.” She would then find

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"OOWWW! IT HURTS!” I said, wincing as she made each pass down my dirty chapped butt. I know it hurts, baby, but we got to get this stuff off. You do have a terrible diaper rash, honey.” She would then find a cleaner portion of the wet diaper and make another pass downward, trying to get more of it off my butt. After a few passes she looked at my butt and said, "I think I’m going to need some more rags." She went through the diaper bag and began taking everything out and laying it on the bed-- the powder, the baby oil, diaper rash cream, etc. While she was doing this and looking for rags I could hear the girls whispering just outside the door.
"Well, I’m going to need some more rags, John; don’t move. Stay just like you are," Naomi’s mom said as she stood up and headed toward the door that was only probably five or six adult steps away. When she opened the door the girls almost tripped over themselves as they tried to run, giggling as they fled down the hallway.
"Naomi, I thought you girls were told to go out and play," Naomi’s mom said in a calm, motherly tone as she walked out of the room. Naomi’s mom was cool and never lost her temper for anything. She wasn’t a strict mother, which is why I guess she seemed to tolerate her daughter’s choice to act more like a boy than a girl most the time.
I could hear Naomi’s mom in the bathroom down the hall running water to dampen some rags. Just then the girls came running into the bedroom, Barbara’s daughters first and Naomi behind.
"Mom, we want to color some pictures for you. Which ones do you want?" Carol and Nita exclaimed as they came running in carrying coloring books. They came all the way around the bed to the other side where their mother was sitting, putting the coloring books up in her face to have her pick some pictures to be colored. I was lying there with my legs raised and spread, my butt still covered with potty, and still laying on my opened dirty diaper with the pile in it clearly visible.
"I thought you girls were told to go out and play!" Barbara responded, not looking surprised that the girls came into the room.
"We're tired of playing outside, mom. We want to color some pictures for you," Carol responded.
"Really? I think you girls just want to watch John have his diaper changed," their mom replied, half-smiling. Carol, Nita and Naomi all stood there looking at me laying there with my dirty butt waiting to be cleaned, my feet raised and my legs spread apart like a baby. Not saying anything, but it was clear they weren’t really interested in coloring books.
Part 47
Carol and Nita’s mom took one of the coloring books and thumbed through it quickly to pick out a picture. The two girls standing with their heads turned toward the coloring book as their mom went through it actually had their eyes on me, looking at me laying there like a baby having my diaper changed. Barbara picked out a picture from the book and then took the other coloring book and began looking through that one as the girls stood there and studied me. Naomi’s mom returned to the room with some dampened rags and sat on the bed next to me once again.
"Naomi, what are you girls doing in here?" she asked in a calm and unsurprised tone as she entered the room.
"Carol and Nita are going to color something for Mrs. Jenkins, mom."
"Ohhh, I see!" Naomi’s mom answered.
The girls stood there and watched as Naomi’s mom continued cleaning my butt with the damp washcloths. I would wince and grimace and let out an "UHHH" every time Naomi’s mom went over the sore areas, mostly down my butt crack and in the crease between my pubic fat and my inner thighs.
I'm sorry, honey. I'm being as careful as I can," Naomi’s mom said as she cleaned my butt in front of the girls. Then Naomi, I guess, felt compelled to point out to the girls that I had a bad rash.
"Did you see Johns diaper rash? It's really bad!" Naomi said pointing at it with her finger just inches from my scrotum. Carol and Nita leaned forward with their hands on the bed to get a close look at me lying there totally naked with my legs raised and spread, examining the diaper rash around my genitals and down my butt.
After Naomi’s mom had me cleaned up pretty good she folded the dirty wet diaper over and kinda rolled it up under me toward my butt and removed it saying, "Stay right there, honey, don’t move." Then she took a half-folded bath towel and placed it under my raised butt as if it were a diaper.
"Okay, John, you can put your feet down now." So I put my feet back on the bed but still had my knees up and spread. She then began lathering up a washcloth with a wet bar of soap saying, "Just wiping you up after a diaper change isn’t going to make that rash go away. We need to wash that up with some soap."
Mrs. Jenkins handed the second coloring book back to the girls and told them to run along now.
"Ohhh mom, can we stay? Carol and Nita begged.
"I don’t think John wants you in here watching him have his diaper changed!" Mrs. Jenkins replied, looking at me as if expecting a response from me. She was right, I didn’t want them in there but I didn’t want to be the one to say it. I had already learned not piss someone off while in a vulnerable position. I thought if I upset them I might provoke them into being rude toward me.
"John, if you don’t want the girls in here, you just say so," Mrs. Jenkins said. But I was too scared to say anything. Then Carol and Nita hopped up onto the bed and sat Indian-style and watched as Naomi’s Mom began soaping up my pee-pee and nut sack and the rest of my front genital area with the wet, soapy rag. Naomi’s mom then kinda wrapped the rag around her index finger while holding the rest of it in her hand and with her finger scrubbed around my genitals pushing my pee-pee from one side to the other as she lightly scrubbed, then around and under my scrotum, pushing it from one side to the other as she cleaned around it. The girls seemed fascinated at watching a nine-year-old boy being cleaned like a baby and had a front row seat as I lay there helpless and naked. They would look me in the face from time to time to see my reaction to the sponge bath Naomi’s mom was giving me. Then Naomi’s mom stretched at my pee-pee with the soapy wash cloth to ensure that the wrinkles along its short shaft were clean. Each time she pulled at it, though, it would retract once again like a snail into its shell until there was nothing but a shaftless little head above my nutsack.
"Okay John, raise your legs baby so I can wash your bottom," Naomi’s mom requested.
I raised my legs and crossed my ankles as Juanita had taught me to do so Naomi’s mom could wash my butt with the soapy rag. Looking at Naomi’s moms face, I could see that she was so focused at what she was doing, being sure to get me totally clean and going over the sore areas as gently as she could. She made eye contact with me as I was looking at her and said with her beautiful smile.
"When I get your diaper on you you're going to feel so fresh and clean you're going to wish I changed your diapers all the time.” I got a chill down my spine as she said that. I was embarrassed and I think excited at the same time. I had known her and Naomi for years and was ashamed for them to see me having to wear diapers and even worse, having to change me, but they made me feel like everything was okay and even acted as though my having to wear diapers at nine years old was totally acceptable. It was almost as if she were preparing to put a band-aid on me instead of a diaper. The atmosphere was a sympathetic and loving one, not a "you should be ashamed of yourself!" kind of thing.
After cleaning me front and back with the soapy rag, Naomi’s mom took a couple wet rags and wiped off all the soap from my genitals and butt, a couple times just wringing out a wet rag over my penis and nut sack and letting the water run down between my legs to the folded towel beneath me.
Once she had all the soap off of me and dried me off she removed the towel that was under my butt, rolled the dirty wet diaper and rags up in it and then put a thick clean diaper under me.
"Now don’t you feel fresh and clean, honey?" Naomi’s mom asked talking a kinda baby talk again as she pulled the thick clean diaper up under my raised bottom. I shook my head yes.
"John, are you going to be okay with me putting a diaper on you? I don’t want you to be angry with me. You know I’m just doing what I have to do, baby," she said, looking concerned and sounding sympathetic.
Part 48
Naomi’s mom had me put my feet back down and lay there on my fresh thick diaper with my knees up and spread while she talked and patted me dry with a dry washcloth around my groin area. I did feel much cleaner than I ever had from Juanita’s diaper changes; she would just wipe me up and put another diaper on me.
Laying there naked on my diaper under the ceiling fan, still somewhat damp from the sponge bath was soothing and cooling to my rash as I lay there with my legs spread apart.
"I think I'm going to have to have a talk with your mother, honey, about making you wear diapers. I mean, if she put a diaper on you and made you wear it in the house all day. I can almost see that!"
As she talked I reached down to scratch an itch at the base of my penis where I think some of my diaper rash was being irritated by some soap residue. As soon as I started scratching however, my penis was getting hard and beginning to stand up.
"Uh-oh, looks like somebody woke up!" Naomi’s mom said teasingly as she watched it grow while I scratched. Embarrassed to have the girls see me laying there with my skinny little erection, I covered it with one hand while still scratching with the other. It itched so badly and the scratching felt so good I couldn’t stop.
"Baby, you're going to have to let me put something on that. You're going to scratch yourself raw," Naomi’s mom said as she rummaged through the diaper bag to see what Juanita had sent. She couldn’t find anything to treat an itch but the diaper rash cream, which was to prevent itching, but I already had itching, so Naomi’s mom went to the bathroom down the hall to get something from the medicine cabinet. I lay there naked on my diaper covering my erection and scratching myself while the girls watched and smiled. Naomi’s mom returned and sat beside me once again with some kind of anti itch stuff. I don’t know what it was.
"Here we go, John honey. This will stop the itching," she said as she waited for me to move my hands.
"Honey, you know I can’t help you with your hands in the way. Now, Carol and Nita’s Dad and brother are going to be here in a little bit. Don’t you think we better get your diaper on before they get here?” Naomi’s mom suggested in a baby-talk tone. Then she gently placed her hands on my wrists and pulled my hands away from covering myself saying, "Come on, John. Let’s get your diaper on. You don’t want to be laying here like this when Carol and Nita’s Dad and brother get here.”
So I moved my hands as she asked me to do. My little erection was hard as a rock and my nut sack drawn up and wrinkled like a prune. I turned my head to see Barbara and her girls sitting there with their eyebrows raised and mouths slightly opened; all eyes on my twitching, bobbing erect little pee-pee as Naomi’s mom prepared to rub the anti-itch cream around it.
"This will make you feel a lot better, honey, and make that old itch go away," Naomi’s mom said sweetly as she applied the ointment around my penis with her finger. My erect little pee-pee just seemed to get harder and harder as it wiggled from left to right and up and down as Naomi’s mom rubbed in the ointment all around it.
"I know Juanita’s going to give you a bath when she gets home, so I think we'll just use the baby oil instead of the diaper rash cream," She said as she began to oil my bottom and pubic area. Instead of having me raise my legs like Juanita had always done to oil my butt. She just oiled her hand and then forced it between my thighs and down my butt, running her fingers deeply into my butt crack as she rubbed it up and down my butt.
With my pubic area and butt all shiny and oily, Naomi’s mom wiped the excess oil from her hands and told me to raise my legs and cross my ankles again. Then she put baby powder all over my butt and some on the diaper under me. Then had me put my feet down again and covered my erect pee-pee and nut sack and pubic area with the baby powder as Naomi and Barbara and Barbara’s girls watched.
"There. I think we got you all ready for your diaper. Now, don’t you feel nice and clean, honey?" she asked sweetly as she sat the baby powder and other things aside.
"Now this wasn’t so bad, was it, John?" Naomi’s mom asked with her motherly smile and voice. I shook my head no. as I looked down at my erection sticking up, covered with baby oil and baby powder.
"Is my sweet boy ready for his diaper?" she asked with her smiling face down close to mine. I couldn’t help but smile back.
"John, is my sweet little boy ready for his diaper?" she asked again with her sweet motherly baby talk. Barbara and Naomi and the girls were giggling. It was just such an accepting pleasant atmosphere in the room. I couldn’t help smiling and shook my head yes. I think if I would have been old enough. I would have cum right there.
"See there, you want me to put your diaper on you, now don’t you, John?" she said happily as she picked up the diaper and began to pull it up between my thighs and over my rock hard pee-pee. As with Juanita, I lay there imagining what it would be like to actually be Naomi’s mom’s baby as she was diapering me. I think I craved the loving attention, though the whole diaper thing was embarrassing most the time, being nine years old, I think I wanted and needed someone to mother me. I think my mom being single so long and seeking men’s attention and going out so much when I was younger maybe made me feel abandoned and motherless. Maybe that’s partially why I messed my pants so much, at least on a subconscious level. But with the intentional humiliation element completely removed as I was being diapered at Naomi’s house. I discovered I actually loved being mothered and diapered like a baby.
Part 49
I felt lightheaded and everything around me seemed surreal as Naomi’s mom pulled the thick soft diaper up between my thighs and over my lower tummy. I was beginning to realize that being diapered was not only comforting to me but somehow arousing, though not yet in a sexual way. But I think I actually wanted to be a baby again but just wasn’t comfortable with other people witnessing it. I wanted other people to perceive me as a big boy and as very much a boy, but something inside me I think secretly wanted to be a baby again.
"Now don’t you feel nice and clean now, honey?" Naomi’s mom asked as she tugged the thick diaper snuggly between my legs.
"Yes," I answered also nodding my head.
"You know, honey, it's too bad you aren’t staying with me until your mother gets back. I'd have that diaper rash cured right away!" she added, sounding so motherly as she tightly pulled the left corners together and began putting a diaper pin in. I could feel my rock-hard powdered little pee-pee just throbbing in my diaper as I lay there watching Naomi’s mom diaper me.
"BARBARAAA! WE'RE HERE!" Carol and Nita’s dad hollered through the front screen door.
"COME ON IN AND SIT DOWN, BOB. WE'LL BE OUT IN A MINUTE!" Naomi’s mom hollered back.
The next thing I knew. Barbara’s husband Bob and her six-year-old son Bobby were standing at the bedroom door, looking amazed and surprised to have walked in on a boy my age laying there being diapered with all the females sitting around watching, I guess not knowing what to say having walked in on such a spectacle. And trying to be humorous, Bob asked, "What's a guy MY age got to do to be diapered by two beautiful women?" Everyone laughed and giggled. Then Barbara replied laughingly.
"Well, if you don’t get out of here and go sit down we'll put a diaper on you!" Then Bob, pretending to be running in slow motion, turned and went back to the living room, taking his son with him. Everyone was laughing as Bob left except me. While I was beginning to enjoy being diapered, I hated other people seeing it.
"John. Where's that beautiful smile you had a minute ago?" Naomi’s mom asked with a pouty lip and talking baby-talk. Then she leaned forward and shook her hair in my face, tickling me with it as she continued pinning the diaper on me.
"I want to see that beautiful smile, John!" she said a couple times as she tickled my face with her hair. I couldn’t help but laugh and Barbara and the girls laughed, too, as they watched Naomi’s mom shake her hair in my face.
I remember laying there squeezing my thighs together, feeling the thick soft cloth diaper that prevented me from bringing my legs together and my throbbing erection in my diaper and wondering why I was beginning to find the whole diaper thing as an arousing sensation.
After Naomi’s mom had put in the last diaper pin she put her hand gently on my cheek, and with her big beautiful Naomi like smile said, "John, I want you to know I really appreciate you being such a sweet boy letting me change your diaper without throwing a fit. I was so afraid you'd be angry with me and wouldn’t want to be my friend anymore."
The truth is, I loved her babying me and was kinda sorry it was over.
Then, as she Naomi’s mom looked me up and down, admiring the job she'd done diapering me, she placed her hand on the front of my thick diaper and looked me in the eyes and said, "You know, honey. I know this a hard time for you, but I just want you to know that you that you just look so darling in a diaper that if you weren’t so big. I could just pick you up and squeeze you!"
"I always thought he looked cute wearing a diaper, too," Naomi said sweetly as she looked at me. Carol and Nita just looked at me and smiled, I guess not knowing what to think about a nine-year-old boy wearing diapers.
"Well, I guess you kids can go out and play now. Juanita should be here before too much longer to pick you up, honey." I sat up and scooted across the bed in my thick new diaper and no more than got on my feet when Naomi took my hand and led me out of the bedroom. My penis was still throbbing in my diaper. It quickly began to subside when we met Bob and Bobby in the living room.
Part 50
Naomi led me out of her room where we were confronted by Carol and Nita’s dad and Barbara’s husband Bob, and little Bobby (6). They still looked shocked and puzzled to see such a big boy in a diaper.
"Whoa, Naomi. Who's your little friend here in the diaper?" Bob asked as he saw Naomi leading me by the hand.
"His name's John. He's my boyfriend, “Naomi said proudly and with a smile.
"Oh, I see. And why is your boyfriend wearing a diaper?" Bob asked, looking even more puzzled than before.
Now Naomi’s mom and Barbara and the girls were also in the room right behind us. Naomi’s mom stood behind me, put her hands on my shoulders and said, "This is John. Juanita had to drop him off here for awhile, but she should be here anytime to pick him up.”
Bob was a large, stocky, balding man with an intimidating voice and presence. But then, I hadn’t been around to many men anyway and felt frightened as I stood there in only a diaper as Bob inquired about me.
"Why are you wearing a diaper. What did you do, wet the bed or something?" he asked with a deep, loud, frightening voice, looking directly at me.
"No," I answered sheepishly.
Then Naomi’s mom, standing behind me, leaned over my shoulder, putting her face to mine, cheek to cheek. I could smell her perfume and her hair tickled my face as she began pulling up on my thick diaper in places, adjusting it as she talked to Bob.
"John's been having some accidents so his mom is making him wear diapers for awhile," Naomi’s mom explained to Bob as she adjusted my diaper, almost hugging me.
"He's been shitting his pants? You've been shitting your pants?" Bob asked in disbelief and looking disgusted.
"Honey, be nice!" Barbara suggested in a begging tone.
"Well he deserves to wear diapers, I have no sympathy for a boy his age who shits his pants!" Bob responded.
 You should be ashamed of yourself, shitting your pants at your age. Your mother did the right thing, making you wear diapers. You're just a big baby!" Bob said loudly, looking directly at me.
Then Naomi’s mom, still leaning over me with her arms around me, patted me on my diapered bottom and whispered in my ear, "Honey, you and Naomi go on outside."
"I've known John for a long time, Bob. He's a sweet boy, you just don’t know him," Naomi’s mom said in my defense.
"Well, there's no excuse for a boy his age to be shitting his pants and he should be ashamed to have all these girls seeing him running around in a diaper like a big baby!" I heard Bob say as we got to the back porch.
He was right. I was ashamed again. A few minutes ago as I lay studying Naomi’s mom’s face as she was putting a diaper on me I began to imagine what it would be like to be her baby and have her smother me in her mothering warmth. For the first time I was beginning to enjoy the idea of surrendering myself to a woman to be stripped , powdered and diapered like a baby, to be at her mercy and under her total control. But Bob slapped me back to reality. I can never be Naomi’s mom’s baby. Here I am ,standing on Naomi’s back porch wearing nothing but a diaper like a baby at nine years old, with all these girls looking at me. They must think I look ridiculous and stupid! I feel so ashamed as I stand there in my diaper and also confused about the new feelings I had been experiencing— total ecstasy one moment about the whole diaper thing and total shame the next. These are opposite sides of the same coin. That will remain with me for the rest of my life, as you will see later.
Just as Naomi was about to drag me out into the yard with Carol and Nita behind us, Juanita’s car came up the driveway.
"Mommmmmmmm! Mrs. Roberts is here!" Naomi yelled into the house.

Part 51
Juanita got out of the car and came walking to Naomi’s back door.
"Hi, Naomi. Hi, girls," she said as she approached smiling.
"Hi, John. We better get going, honey, go get in the car; I'll be there in a minute." Just then Naomi’s mom appeared with the diaper bag and handed it to Juanita.
"Thank you for keeping John for me on such short notice, honey," Juanita said to Naomi’s mom as she received the diaper bag.
"No problem, Juanita, you can leave John with us any time you need to. He's welcome to stay with us anytime," Naomi’s mom happily replied looking at me with a huge smile as I stood there in my diaper.
"I see you've had to change his diaper already. He didn’t cause any problems for you did he?" Juanita asked.
"Nooooo. He was no trouble at all, he just lay there like an angel and let me change his diaper, didn’t he, girls?" Naomi’s mom replied as she put her hand on the back of my head. Naomi, Carol and Nita smiled and giggled and confirmed my good behavior to Juanita, nodding their heads and saying, "yes."
"Well, John we better go. I’ve got a lot to do before bedtime," Juanita said as she led me to the car.
"Bye, John! Naomi’s mom and the girls said as we walked toward the car.
"Any time you need me to keep John for you, Juanita, you just bring him over," Naomi’s mom reminded Juanita as we got in the car and left.
Later that evening after supper, baby Tommy was pulling at the front of his diaper and indicating that he wanted to sit on his potty seat. He didn’t talk too well as two- or two-and-a-half-year-olds do today, but Juanita knew what her son was saying and lay him down, unpinned and removed his diaper and then took him and sat him on the potty seat. Then she went to the bathroom and started the bathwater for the regular nightly routine of giving me and the younger kids their baths. As the bathwater was running she came to me and said, "Come on, honey. Let’s go ahead and get you in the tub while Tommy’s going potty." Then she had me lay down on the changing quilt and removed the diaper pins and removed my diaper and then had me get up and took me to the bathroom to get into the tub. She turned the water off and gave me some soap and a rag and showed me how to lather the rag up and told me to start washing my face and arms, etc.
A few minutes later I could hear Juanita in the other room with Tommy and checking his potty seat, talking baby talk to him. Then I heard everyone cheering and clapping for Tommy because he went in the potty seat and not in his diaper.
"I'm so proud of you, Tommy. We're going to have to get you some training pants pretty soon, just like a big boy!" I heard Juanita proudly tell her son.
"Before long you aren’t going to have to those old diapers anymore!" she added cheerfully.
Then Juanita and Tommy appeared at the bathroom door and came in. I couldn’t help notice Tommy’s larger giggling pee-pee as Juanita walked him right up to the bathtub, picked him up and put him in the water with me. As he stood there smiling, squatting somewhat, with his hands playing in the water before he sat down I looked at that thing between his legs and wondered. How could a baby have a fat little thing hanging down like that? Then I looked down in the water at mine. I never even have a visible shaft unless I’m erect, just a little head above my nut sack, mostly. I should have a pee-pee like his and he should have one like mine. When I look back down in the water at mine again the first thing that comes to mind is, "baby".
Juanita began bathing Tommy as I continued washing myself. She wanted to get him out as soon as possible because he was too small to go off and leave in the water if something came up. As she was finishing Tommy up she hollered at Lisa to come in and get ready for her bath.
"Pammm! Michele! Will one of you please come and get Tommy?" Juanita yelled as she stood up and picked Tommy up out of the water and stood him on a towel.
Michele came in to get Tommy for her mom, still angry with me for getting her grounded. She refused to even acknowledge my presence as she came into the bathroom.
"Michele, honey, will you get Tommy dried off and put a diaper on him for me, please, so I can get John and Lisa bathed and ready for bed?" Juanita asked sweetly, but seemingly in a hurry, as it was later than our usual bath time.
"Lisa, come onnnn!" Juanita yelled again. Finally, Lisa came into the bathroom. Juanita had Lisa raise her arms and then pulled Lisa’s old hand made looking dress over her head.
"Come on, Lisa. Get your panties off and get in so I can get you cleaned up and ready for bed," Juanita ordered as she folded the dress over and threw it in the hamper.
Lisa pulled her panties down and stepped out of them, and with Juanita’s assistance, climbed over the side of the tub and got in. I was still not used to seeing a female naked and got butterflies in my stomach as I looked at her swollen-looking crack between her legs as she climbed into the tub. But not only was Lisa not shy or embarrassed about being naked, she was happy and had a sweet smile as she sat down in the water.
Part 52
Juanita handed Lisa a lathery washrag and had her begin washing her face and chest and arms, etc., everything a six-year-old could handle, and then Juanita scrubbed my back with another rag after getting Lisa started. Then Juanita had me stand up and she took the wash rag and scrubbed my legs, thighs and pubic area. When Juanita reached behind me and began scrubbing my butt she forced her hand between my thighs and scrubbed me all the way to the back of my nutsack back and forth across my asshole. This made my penis and nutsack wiggle up and down, and Lisa giggled as she watched it wobble around.
"Okay, John, go ahead and sit down for me, baby, and let me get Lisa cleaned up real quick, then we'll go get your diaper on and get ready for bed," Juanita said, holding my arm as I sat back down in the water. I sat and watched as Juanita bathed Lisa, and when it got to the point where Lisa had to stand up while her mom scrubbed between HER legs. Once again I was confronted with this curious and baffling sight.
"Mrs. Roberts?" I asked quietly
"Yes, honey?"
"How come girls don’t have a pee-pee like boys do?"
Juanita and Lisa both laughed. I was especially surprised that Lisa could laugh about not having a pee-pee, but she seemed perfectly content with the swollen-looking crack between her legs.
"Well, honey, girls aren’t supposed to have a pee-pee like boys. Girls have a wee-wee," she said, still laughing as she scrubbed Lisa’s bottom, which seemed to run from front to back.
"Pam, would you come get John for me, please, so I can get Lisa ready for bed?" Juanita yelled, still laughing.
"Mom, Pam is on the front porch with her boyyyyfrieeend!" Michele yelled back, sounding upset.
"Well, then Michele, would you please come help me?" Juanita asked as she got me out of the tub.
"I'm getting tired of doing everything while Pam just does what she wants to!" Michele complained as she came into the bathroom.
"Michele, pleeeease! I have a hundred things to do. Would you just help John get dried off and put a diaper on him so I can get Lisa ready for bed?" Juanita asked, sounding exhausted after a stressful day.
Michele roughly dried me off with a bath towel and then took me by the wrist and hurriedly led me to the changing quilt.
"Lay down, baby John, so I can put a diaper on you!" Michele ordered in a loud whisper, just quiet enough that her mother didn’t hear it.
I lay down as she told me to, but I wasn’t looking forward to having Michele put a diaper on me. Last time she did it she smacked me on the butt really hard a couple times. I didn’t know what she might do this time.
"John, you should be ashamed of yourself having to wear diapers like a baby. Look at you, laying there like a baby at nine years old waiting for me to put a diaper on you!" She said angrily as she got the stuff ready.
"RAISE YOUR BUTT!" she said, getting madder by the minute as she tried to put the diaper under me.
"Michele, I said I'm sorry about getting you grounded!" I told her as she began rubbing baby oil all over my penis and nutsack, looking very angry.
"I'm not going to change your dirty diapers, do you hear me? If mom ever makes me change your dirty diapers I'm really gonna be pissed!" she warned as she worked herself up.
Then she took the baby powder and just poured it on, covering my butt and pubic area and creating a cloud between my thighs like I had never seen before.
"SPREAD YOUR LEGS, JOHN!" Michele ordered, but not loud enough for her mom to hear. Then she pulled the thick diaper up between my legs and over my penis and balls so hard and fast that she actually scooted me across the floor a couple inches. She yanked the diaper up over me so fast that baby powder blew up onto my tummy and chest.
"Thank you, Michele, for getting John diapered up and ready for bed," Juanita said as she entered the room, not knowing of the tantrum Michele had been throwing.
Juanita led Lisa still naked to the couch where she had Lisa step into her panties and then slip into her nightgown.
I lay there, feeling relieved that Michele had to finish pinning my diaper on with her mom in the room and wondered about tomorrow. I wondered if Randy would show up still wearing a diaper so I wouldn’t be the only big kid in diapers and whether or not Naomi would play with me or help the girls take care of the smaller kids and babies.
Part 53
Pam stuck her head in the front door just as Michele was getting my diaper pinned on and Juanita was getting Lisa’s gown over her head and letting it down.
"Is everyone decent?" Pam asked. I had never heard that term or expression before that point and didn’t know what it meant.
"Everyone’s decent, Pam," Juanita answered.
I was just sitting up in my diaper when Pam led her boyfriend into the house. He had that look of shock and surprise on his face as he saw me and didn’t take his eyes off me as they made their way to the kitchen. As soon as they were out of sight in the kitchen I got up and ran to my makeshift bed or pallet and sat down and covered myself. I could hear them talking about me and giggling quietly as Pam explained the whole thing to him.
It had been a long day and I lay down and fell asleep, waking a couple times to hear Pam and Michele going at it and Juanita hollering at them to stop fighting and go to bed.
"John, come on, honey, get up," I heard Juanita say with a loud whisper as she shook my shoulder. I knew what she wanted, and although I always looked forward to it with dread, I especially wasn’t in the mood for it this time. I was exhausted.
"John, come on, baby, I need you to drink some milk for me," she pleaded trying to wake me. I was awake, but hoping she'd give up and go to bed and leave me alone.
"I'm too tired, I want to go to sleep!" I whined, wanting her to go away.
"I know baby. We’re all tired; It's been a long day. We can wait and do it in the morning if you want to, I just didn’t think you'd want everyone to see you nursing like a baby, that's all," she said slyly.
She was right, too. I didn’t want everyone to see me lying across her lap in a diaper, sucking on her big boobs like a baby, so I got up and took my pillow and blanket to the couch for our regular nightly routine of breastfeeding.
It wouldn’t be until years later and reflecting back on past events that I would figure out how she cleverly used child psychology on me to get me to drink her milk. It was (she) who really didn’t want anyone to see her breast feeding me, but by suggesting that I should fear being discovered. It made the breast feeding sound otherwise appropriate.
I got up on the couch and lay across her lap on my pillow as usual. She covered me with the blanket and then put one arm under neck and the other over my chest and placed her hand on my cheek and kissed my forehead, saying, "Are you comfortable, honey?"
"Yes," I answered also nodding my head.
Then she opened her robe and took her left breast out in a hurried kind of fashion and a look of anticipation on her face that I had not noticed before.
I don’t know what time of night it was but the TV was still on, and in the pre-cable days, that had to be before 2:00 am or so. It could have been midnight for all I know.
"Here we go," she said as she kind of shifted her body around beneath me trying to get comfortable as she guided her large dark nipple into my mouth. As I received the nipple into my mouth and closed my lips around it the milk immediately began dripping into my mouth. Juanita let out a sigh of relief and I felt her body relax beneath me as I began sucking the milk from her tremendously large tit. She then put her right arm under the blanket and between my thighs and placed her hand on my thickly padded diapered bottom and pulled me up a little higher onto her lap so I wouldn’t be sliding down pulling her left breast toward the center of her chest. After getting me and herself adjusted to a comfortable position she laid her head back on the couch and let out another sigh of relief. She patted me on my thickly padded diapered bottom as I began sucking milk from her large nipple, occasionally rubbing her hand up and down on the diaper a little, almost rocking me.
As I looked up at her I thought. She isn’t a pretty woman like Naomi’s mom; she was like a much taller maybe a little heavier TV's Roseanne with much, much bigger breasts. And she was a loud, sometimes obnoxious woman like that, too. But she could be so sweet and motherly at times if you didn’t provoke her anger, and you would regret it if you did. She'd let you know who the boss was.
But like with Naomi’s mom, I looked up at Juanita and thought, this woman has cleaned my butt, spanked me, powdered my pee-pee, diapered me, and is now breastfeeding me. And I’m laying across her lap in a diaper as she is patting me on the butt and I feel so safe and secure and more like a helpless baby than ever before. And I love it. It could be Stockholm syndrome, I think looking back. I thought about how bad I wanted to please Juanita by being what she expected of me: a compliant baby; and I wanted to be that baby. With my dad long gone and my mom never really having time for me, I looked up at Juanita as I suckled from her breast like a baby and thought, I want this to be my home, Juanita to be my mom, and I want to be her baby.
Suddenly the phone rang and Juanita, not wanting me to stop, said, "It's okay, honey, stay right there!" Then she slowly removed her arm from beneath my neck and fluffed the pillow under my head so I could continue breastfeeding while she answered the phone, which was on the end table next to her. I was able to gather it was Naomi’s mom calling to let Juanita know she had sent some of her washcloths and a towel back in the diaper bag with the dirty wet diaper.
"Oh my goodness, I forgot all about that stuff. I'll wash them tomorrow and get your things back to you, honey. They’re still in the diaper bag!" Juanita said with her loud laugh. Then I could tell they were talking about me, and that Naomi’s mom was telling Juanita how sweet I was and that she could send me over there anytime she wanted to or needed to.
"Well, I may let you take care of him a couple times this week if you'd like to, honey. I know Naomi is so crazy about him," Juanita said smiling.
Feeling my bond with Juanita getting stronger and stronger and getting tired of being shipped around from person to person, and feeling the need for some permanency in my life, I guess, for the first time, I instinctively, unintentionally, and to Juanita’s surprise, placed my left hand on Juanita’s breast, almost trying to shove it further into my mouth and began sucking on her nipple vigorously. She looked down at me for a moment as if to try to comprehend why I did it and then she placed the phone between her shoulder and ear and put her arm back below the pillow. She then pulled the pillow and me up closer to her face as I continued sucking her milk and kissed me on the temple, holding me closer and tighter than before as I kept my hand on the side of her breast and suckled like a baby.
Part 54
I was no longer really hearing the conversation Juanita was having with Naomi’s mom on the phone. Even though I was aware that these two women were primarily talking about me, the conversation had seemed to become an incoherent mumble as I just let myself slip into babydom. Juanita had a moment earlier removed her right arm from between my thighs and wrapped it around me and was now holding me tightly in both arms and kind of rocking me slightly as I drank her milk from her big breast.
I felt my bond with Juanita had grown stronger than ever before and that this is where I belonged. I closed my eyes and imagined being her baby as she held me tight; rocking me, breast feeding me like a baby. I squeezed my thighs together and rubbed them up and down slightly against the soft thick diaper that was keeping them apart and thought. This just feels so right, I AM a baby. And I deserve to wear diapers.
Once again, Juanita, with both of her arms around me, pulled me up toward her face, leaned forward and gave me a gentle quiet kiss on the temple, her big nipple never leaving my hungry mouth. I was just sucking on it like never before, taking her milk like the baby I wanted to be.
After awhile she gently removed her arm from beneath my neck and took the phone into her hand once again. Then she put her right hand between my thighs again and her hand on my diapered bottom and rubbed and patted my diapered butt as she continued talking on the phone. You really feel like a baby when you know two women are discussing your having to wear diapers, your diaper changes and the toilet training around the corner, and you know you're helpless and unable to have any say in the decision making. Like a baby, I knew that whatever was decided and when I just had to go along with the program or be disciplined for it. But I was becoming more and more accepting of the complete female dominance I was experiencing, and beginning to actually love it.
Finally, Juanita said goodbye and hung up the phone. I stopped sucking on her nipple but kept it in my mouth as I opened my eyes and looked up at her with a concerned look.
"What's the matter, honey?" Juanita asked looking down at me. I removed my mouth from around her big dark nipple and turned my head slightly upward to speak to her.
"I don’t want to spend the night at Naomi’s house!" I replied, thinking that's what they were discussing.
"OHHH NOOOO, HONEYYY! I wouldn’t let you spend the night over there. She was just saying that she didn’t mind changing your diapers and that if you wanted to spend the day over there instead of hanging around here every day, that all I needed to do was send some diapers along and she'd be happy to have you!"
Feeling not only relieved but also much more secure that this woman wasn’t trying to abandon me and pass me off on someone else like I felt my mother had done, I took her nipple back into my mouth and continued sucking her sweet, warm milk. Naomi’s mom was a sweet, beautiful woman, but I felt was no more than a babysitter. Juanita was the woman who I felt had become my surrogate mother. She was the one who really met all my needs from feeding me, bathing me, disciplining me, etc., and as I lay there on her lap in my diaper drinking her milk I felt I was being held by my mother.
Part 55
After a little while longer, Juanita decided that I had spent enough time on that side and wanted me to give her some relief on the other. She pulled her robe over her big breast and had me get up while she moved to the other side of the couch and got comfortable and got the pillows situated. Then she had me crawl back up onto the couch and lay across her lap where she covered me with the blanket again and prepared to have me take milk from her other breast. After some amount of shifting and bouncing around beneath me she again put her arm between my thighs and grabbed my diapered butt and pulled me up to where she wanted me. Then she opened her robe, took out her right tit and guided her big, dark nipple into my opened, waiting mouth. I put right hand on the side of her breast again as I sucked on her nipple, not to cop a feel, as they say, but to have somewhere to put my hand and feel like I had some control over this huge thing pressed against the front of my face. I mean, I was only nine. There was nothing sexual or erotic in that sense about being breastfed or having my hand on her breast. But it was a wonderful, secure, protected, feeling that I was beginning to welcome and even love. Being babied and taken care of by such a strong, independent and take-charge woman seemed to be just what I needed for so long.
Juanita let out another sigh of relief and laid her head back on the couch as we got comfortable together and I began taking milk from her swollen breast. I sucked on her big tits harder that night then ever before, looking forward to every swallow of milk that I got from her. I knew I would never dread this nightly ritual again but instead would look forward to it anxiously. What I dreaded now and didn’t want to think about was the time this nightly nursing and being wrapped in a woman’s arms would end.
Juanita had one arm between my thighs and her hand on my thickly padded diapered butt patting me at times and rubbing my thick diaper up and down between my legs at others. I would squeeze my thighs together slightly, feeling the soft thick diaper between them and feeling the diaper rubbing against my little pee-pee and nut sack as Juanita rubbed my diaper in a gentle up and down motion between my thighs. Then suddenly, the rubbing motion stopped and Juanita began slightly snoring. After she had been snoring for some time I stopped sucking on her breast and began to just explore her nipple with my tongue, out of curiosity. I would push in on it and let it pop back into shape, spin my tongue around it or push it from side to side with my tongue, feeling it and becoming more familiar with its shape and texture rather than just sucking away at it, not really knowing anything about it. At one point as Juanita snored heavily, I slowly removed my mouth from her huge tit and backed away a little  just to get a good look at it. Her breast was huge. I have no idea what cup size that was, but it was BIG. Her nipples were very dark, very textured with what looked like cracks or wrinkles, or both. Her areolas were about two and a half inches across and were cone-shaped as her large breasts though very wide at the base were very long and pointy with huge knobs at the end. Looking back, she didn’t have pretty tits, but when you saw hers, you knew those tits had fed a lot of kids. They would look good on a billboard for the ad, "Got Milk?" They were very, very motherly looking.
Anyway, I resumed sucking at her breast and occasionally exploring it with my tongue as she slept, when suddenly she woke up. She must have felt me playing with it in my mouth even before she raised her head and looked at me.
I began drinking her milk again quickly, embarrassed that she might have caught me playing with her nipple in my mouth, but it was too late.
"John, what are you doing?" she said with a big, sweet smile as she looked down at me.
Looking back up at her with her nipple still in my mouth, I spontaneously smiled back.
"John, have you been playing with my nipple?" she asked again smiling and seemingly in a playful mood. I had tried to stop smiling and resume nursing on her but she made me smile again, still with her nipple in my mouth. She seemed to be in a really good, playful mood, so I stopped sucking and kind of flipped her nipple with my tongue.
"You better stop that!" she said teasingly, and with a huge smile as she lightly smacked my diapered bottom. I started laughing, her nipple still deep in my mouth. Then I rolled my tongue around her nipple as I looked up at her smiling face to get another reaction. She smacked my diapered butt again saying, "If you don’t stop being silly, I’m gonna have to spank you!" I laughed again and had such a huge smile it took me a minute to be able to close my mouth on her nipple again. I had never gotten Juanita to be so sweet and playful before and I loved it.
I was finally able start taking her milk again when she said in a sweet motherly tone.
"You better finish your milk now so we can get to bed. It’s getting late!"
Sometime later we did finish the night’s breastfeeding and went to bed. Before falling to sleep I thought about what a great time I had with Juanita. I also wondered about tomorrow and whether Randy would still be wearing diapers or not, or whether Naomi would play with me or help Juanita and the girls babysit the younger toddlers and babies.
Part 56
Monday morning I woke up to the usual commotion of Juanita and some of her older girls getting ready for the day. I could smell coffee brewing in the kitchen and hear dishes and silverware being banged together as Juanita and Pam began fixing breakfast. It was just after daybreak and the door from the kitchen to the back porch was open and the birds out back sounded like we were at the zoo.
After breakfast I headed for the living room to sit and watch TV for awhile but Juanita hollered at me from the back porch .
"John baby, would you please bring me your diaper bag?" she asked sweetly but seemingly in a hurry. I went and got the diaper bag and took it to Juanita who was starting the washing machine on the back porch. As I passed through the kitchen, Tommy was still in his high chair eating and Lisa and Cindy were just finishing up. Pam was standing at the kitchen sink washing dishes and kind of looked at me out of the corner of her eye as I passed through carrying the diaper bag. As much as I enjoyed being babied the night before and thought I could just live that way forever, now I was beginning to feel embarrassed and ashamed again. That look Pam gave me though probably not intentional, felt like she was thinking how shameful it is for a nine-year-old boy to be wearing a diaper carrying his own diaper bag.
I handed the diaper bag to Juanita and she opened it and took out the rolled up towel that contained my dirty, wet diaper and rags from Naomi’s house.
"OH GOOD GRIEFFFF!" Juanita said throwing her head back, as she opened the diaper bag and took the contents out.
"Baby would you please bring me the changing quilt from the living room, too?" Juanita asked nicely.
"Yes," I answered. Then I passed through the kitchen once more to go get the quilt which was changed every morning. Pam, Lisa, Tommy and Cindy all stared at me as I passed through again. I guess when you're a nine-year-old boy wearing diapers, people can’t help but look no matter how many times they've seen me before. And you'd think I'd be comfortable with being seen in a diaper by now around Juanita’s girls but I wasn’t. I felt they must think I’m stupid or practically retarded, and I began to dread the day and the thought of everyone seeing me wearing a diaper. I wasn’t yet able to figure out why one moment I’m just in heaven being treated like a baby, and the next, I’m totally ashamed of myself and hate the whole diaper thing. I was beginning to have to pee pretty badly from the breastfeeding the night before and just starting wetting my diaper as I carried the quilt back to Juanita.
"Just throw it in that basket, honey, I’m washing quilts later," Juanita said as she rinsed out my dirty diaper in the big galvanized sink before putting it in the washing machine.
Naomi showed up at the back door as I stood there on the porch wetting myself, and watching Juanita.
"Good morning Naomi. Are you going to help us this morning?" Juanita cheerfully asked.
"Yeah, maybe a little," Naomi answered with her usual big smile.
Juanita broke into one of her loud laughs as she continued sorting laundry.
Well, if you want to help a little and learn how to take care of children you're more than welcome, and if you want to play then you just go ahead and play. It's up to you, honey!" Juanita responded in a joyful mood.
"John, did you need something?" Juanita asked as she noticed me standing there speechless watching her. I was hoping I could get her to change me before Naomi got there. I felt comfortable with Juanita doing it.
"John, honey. What’s the matter?" she inquired again. Not being big on conversation every since I was put into diapers. I just Looked up at Juanita and grabbed the front of my diaper.
"You need your diaper changed? I'll bet you have a wet diaper don’t you?" Juanita responded in a motherly tone.
"PAMMM! Are you about through with those dishes?" Juanita hollered into the kitchen.
"YES, MOTHER!" Pam yelled back.
"Honey, would you change John’s diaper for me, please, so I can get some laundry started?" Juanita asked.
Pam stepped onto the porch and took my hand to lead me to the front room.
"Come on John, let’s go get a clean diaper on you," Pam said as she led me into the house.
When we got to the front room Michele had just put down a clean quilt and was preparing to change Tommy’s diaper. When she saw Pam leading me by the hand and Naomi following behind she said, "Better move over, Tommy. Looks like someone else needs their diaper changed.”
"Okay Michelle, let's not start that today!" Pam warned.
Part 57
Pam plopped down on her knees next to Michele and patted the quilt with her hand saying, "Come on, John. Let's see if we can get that wet diaper changed before everyone gets here. " I sat down where Pam had her hand and lay back so Pam could change me. Naomi kneeled next to me for a minute before Michele asked her, "Naomi, would you like to change Tommy’s diaper?"
"Sure!" Naomi answered. Then Naomi got back up and went to the other side of me and knelt at Tommy’s feet.
I could hear the crinkling of Tommy’s plastic pants coming off as Pam was removing the diaper pins from my wet diaper. Tommy and I were laying side by side with our heads at about the same point, so as I turned to look at Tommy we were face to face. As I looked at him he was looking back at me with a big grin as Naomi removed his diaper pins.
"He might start peeing as soon as you pull his diaper back, Naomi. If he does just cover him back up real quick!" Michele instructed Naomi.
I felt so ashamed lying there next to Tommy having my diaper changed. I had hoped Juanita would change me. I was beginning to love being babied by her but still hated anyone else seeing me in diapers or changing me and I had hoped Juanita would change me before Naomi or anyone else arrived.
"There, let’s get you out of this old wet diaper and get you cleaned up," Pam said as she removed the last diaper pin and pulled the wet diaper back exposing my damp little pee-pee and nut sack.
"LOOK AT THAT!" Naomi exclaimed with a surprised look on her face as she slowly pulled Tommy’s wet diaper back.
"JOHN! Look how big Tommy’s pee-pee is!" Naomi added, sounding excited.
"Naomi, I don’t think John is interested in looking at Tommy’s pee-pee," Pam responded, laughing a little as she began wiping the moisture away from my genitals.
But it was too late. As soon as Naomi called my name and drawing my attention to her source of excitement I automatically looked. Tommy had one of those rock-hard morning erections that boys get and it was huge for a baby’s. I thought how it was unfair that this kid’s erection was so much larger and fatter than my erection was at Naomis house the other day, and I’m nine, he's only two or two and a half. I felt so embarrassed that Naomi saw a baby with a larger pee-pee than mine. I almost couldn’t wait for Pam to put a diaper on me if for no other reason just to hide my baby-sized pee-pee.
"Well, you don’t have to worry about him peeing, Naomi, He can’t pee when he's hard like that!" Michele said laughingly.
"Tommy’s such a BIGGGGG boy!" Michele added as she leaned forward and smiled closely in Tommy’s face.
"Well I’m sure John's just a late bloomer. Don’t you worry, John, you're going to have a big pee-pee one day. I don’t think I ever wanted my diaper so bad. I was thinking, “please, please, hurry up and put a diaper on me to hide my pathetic little penis!”
"Raise your legs, John, so I can clean your bottom," Pam said.
I raised my legs and spread them so Pam could wipe my butt with the wet washcloth.
"Well, it looks like your diaper rash is getting a little better!" Pam added as she wiped me.
After Tommy and I were all cleaned up Pam and Naomi began applying the baby oil on us. Pam just poured the baby oil in the palm of one hand and covered my genitals with the oily hand and began rubbing my shrunken penis and balls around with her oily hand, Pulling and stretching at my pee-pee a few times to oil what length there was.
"It feels so warm!" I heard Naomi say. I looked over to see Naomi oiling Tommy’s erect penis, stroking it up and down with her oily little hand. Tommy was laying there with his knees up and kicking around a little as Naomi slowly worked her oily hand up and down his fat, erect little pee-pee. As she pulled upward on it the head seemed to get fatter and fatter.
"That feels so strange!" Naomi said with a look I can’t describe as she kept rubbing the oil up and down his penis.
Part 58
Don’t get me wrong, Tommy didn’t have an adult-sized penis. It was just much, much larger than mine, both when flaccid and erect. I would have been so happy to have a penis like that. I turned my head to look at Tommy as Pam was rubbing baby oil deep into my butt crack and Tommy looked back at me with a huge smile. He seemed to be really enjoying Naomi stroking his larger rock hard pee-pee with the baby oil as he lay on his clean diaper, kicking.
I glanced at Michele who was sitting near Naomi only to see her looking back at me with an evil grin.
"Naomi, maybe next time John needs his diaper changed, you could do the whole thing!" Michele offered, trying to upset me. Naomi briefly glanced at me making eye contact and then turned her attention back to what she was doing, and said nothing in response.
I almost felt a sense of relief as Pam finished powdering me and pulled the thick clean diaper up between my legs and covered my baby sized pee-pee and began pinning the diaper on me.
Juanita hollered at Pam from the back porch where she was starting laundry.
"Pam, when you're through changing John’s diaper I need your help back here!"
"I'm coming, mom!" Pam yelled back as she put in the last diaper pin and got up and left the room. I sat up in my thick, soft, clean diaper just as someone banged on the front screen door a couple times and let themselves in.
"Juanita, it's me!" The woman hollered as she entered with her two daughters, about five and six, and a boy maybe two wearing a striped shirt a diaper and white shoes and socks. It was common during the weekdays for Juanita’s "clients" to just rap on the door and let themselves in so they could drop their kids off and get to work or whatever, knowing Juanita may be too busy to answer the door all the time.
I sat there petrified in my diaper as the woman entered and she seemed equally surprised to see me sitting there in nothing but a big thick diaper at my age. Naomi was just getting Tommy’s diaper pinned on beside me, and Michele sat there looking pleased to see me getting caught in the middle of the floor in my diaper with no place to hide.
"Isn’t he a little big to be wearing a diaper?" the woman asked Michele.
"Yeah. Tell her why you're wearing a diaper, John. " Michele remarked, getting a great deal of pleasure out of my humiliation.
I just sat there kind of Indian-style with my legs crossed and my arms in front of me trying to hide my diaper, but you couldn’t hide it.
The woman and her children stood there for a moment looking dumbfounded. Michele got up and came around behind me and bent over and grabbed my wrists and pulled my arms up away from my diaper and tried to pull me to my feet.
"Tell Mrs. Carlson you have to wear diapers like a baby, because you wont stop messing your pants!" Michele said as she tried pulling me up from the floor.
"Well, for heavens sake! You need to wear diapers if you're messing your pants. You should be ashamed of yourself!" Mrs. Carlson said in disgust.
"STOP IT, MICHELLE!" I screamed, trying to resist her efforts to pull me to my feet.
"MICHELE! PLEASE LEAVE HIM ALONE!" Naomi yelled, almost crying.
Then Juanita, hearing the commotion came quickly into the room. Tommy got up and ran to Juanita and wrapped his arms around Juanita’s leg, frightened from the yelling.
Michele released my wrists and I sank back into my paralyzed position on the floor.
"Michele, what did I tell you about bothering John? The next time you do something like that you're going to get another spanking! Now go to your room!" Juanita warned furiously.
I sat there in my diaper as Juanita and Mrs. Carlson began talking, hoping the lady would hurry up and leave so I could get up and leave the room before someone else showed up, but it was too late. There was another rap on the front screen door.
Part 59
Michelle was seething as she left the room and ran up the noisy staircase to her room. Mrs. Carlson’s girls went to find something to play with until the other children arrived. Juanita’s house was wall-to-wall games, puzzles, coloring books, toys and a backyard of playground equipment. Kids had no trouble finding something fun to do, not to mention just the sheer number of kids who were usually there being looked after on weekdays. Many kids had at least one buddy or two their own age to play with.
Mrs. Carlson’s girls just looked at me sitting in the middle of the floor in my diaper as they slowly passed by to find something to do. Naomi picked up a baby toy and called to the little boy, talking baby talk to him in an effort to get him to come to her. Wearing a striped pullover shirt a thick cotton diap

CS_Fox: | June 15, 2011, 05:14:55 pm

Mrs. Carlson’s girls just looked at me sitting in the middle of the floor in my diaper as they slowly passed by to find something to do. Naomi picked up a baby toy and called to the little boy, talking baby talk to him in an effort to get him to come to her. Wearing a striped pullover shirt a thick cotton diaper and white shoes and socks, Mrs. Carlson’s little boy waddled over to Naomi with a big smile to investigate the toy she had.
I was anxious for Mrs. Carlson to leave so I could get up from the floor and find someplace less conspicuous to hang out while all the parents arrived with their kids. But Mrs. Carlson just stood there talking to Juanita as many parents did, letting Juanita know about illnesses, medications, scheduling changes, etc. and before she left there was another knock at the screen door.
"It's me, Juanita!" Which is usually all they would say as they knocked, stuck their head in the door and then let themselves in.
It was Randy’s mom this time, with Randy and his little brother. The last time I had seen them was Friday and Randy was being dragged out of the house and taken home wearing nothing but a diaper because he had messed his pants.
Now Randy was wearing shorts and a shirt, leaving me to be the only older kid wearing diapers. I said hi to Randy and his brother as they entered but Randy hardly acknowledged my presence, just glancing at me with a muffled "hi" as he and his brother approached Naomi and asked her to go outside with them to play.
"Come on, John, let’s go outside!" Naomi said excitedly as she jumped up from the floor and the three of them disappeared off into the kitchen and headed out the back door. Naomi didn’t even seem to notice that I was still sitting there stranded, paralyzed, waiting for the right moment to get up and leave without having these people see me stand up and run out of the room in a diaper. Randy was hanging onto me like a leech Friday when we both were in diapers. Now it seemed he didn’t want anything to do with me since he wasn’t wearing a diaper anymore. And Naomi wasn’t around when Randy had to wear a diaper, either. She and her family were still out of town on vacation.
Randy’s mom stood there next to Juanita and Mrs. Carlson Looking at her watch periodically, seemingly in a hurry, but not wanting to talk to Juanita until Mrs. Carlson had left. She would look at me sitting there in my diaper but wouldn’t speak to me as she checked her watch and waited for Mrs. Carlson to leave.
Finally as Mrs. Carlson did leave. Randy’s mom informed Juanita that the boys wouldn’t be back for a couple days because their dad was taking them on a fishing and camping trip. As she talked to Juanita she opened a large paper grocery sack she had with her and took out a stack of folded cotton flannel diaper material that belonged to Juanita and set it on the couch with the rest of the folded diapers.
"So, how’s Randy doing? Did he learn anything after having to wear diapers for awhile?" Juanita asked his mother.
"Well, he went all day yesterday without any accidents!" his mother replied sounding not too excited.
"Did you bring me some clean underwear in case he needs a change today?" Juanita asked.
"He better not need a change today. There’s no excuse for an eight year old boy to be shitting his pants. Nooooo, if he shits his pants again you go right ahead and put a diaper on him, I'm going to put an end to this behavior right now!" Randy’s mom said, looking at me.
"He'll be wearing a diaper home again if he needs to and I don’t think his father is going to be very happy about it, either," Randy’s mother added sounding frustrated.
BANG! BANG! BANG! "It's me Juanita!" some woman said as she entered. It was the mother of the baby girl Juanita had been breastfeeding last week. She was carrying the little girl "around one and a half years old," but then put her down on her feet after entering the house. The little girl had on a fluffy dress with white socks and black shiny shoes and you could see her bulging diaper and plastic pants clearly visible beneath her dress as she waddled around, not too far from her mother. Pam had earlier explained to me that Juanita was a wet nurse who could nurse children whose mothers couldn’t produce milk.
The woman had a surprised look on her face as she saw me sitting there in a diaper, but was nice and said hi with a smile probably thinking I was retarded like Rudy who hadn’t shown up yet.
Part 60
Juanita’s daughter Cindy came and got the little and walked her to Tommy’s room that was the nursery more or less for the younger kids, and had a lot of baby toys and a changing table etc. Juanita’s girls mostly the younger ones looked after the babies and toddlers keeping them somewhat separate from the older children. As Cindy led the little girl away talking baby talk to her I could see rows of ruffles across the back of the little girl’s plastic pants as they walked off toward Tommy’s room. Her fluffy pink dress was just long enough to come down to the ruffles. I guess that was supposed to be cute at that time for little girl’s ruffled diapered bottoms to show.
Rudy and his mom DID show up next. Rudy’s mom was a very beautiful Hispanic woman with long black hair and seemed like a very shy woman always speaking very softly and quietly and only occasionally making eye contact as she spoke. Rudy was fully dressed as they arrived but you could see his bulging diaper beneath his clothes. The beautiful woman walked her son Rudy over toward me and sat him down next to me saying, "Hi, John," very softly as she smiled. I was surprised she even remembered my name, and was terrified as she got so close to me as I sat there stranded in the middle of the floor trying to hide my diaper with only my arms. She pulled off Rudy’s shoes and socks and then pulled his shirt over his head and folded it. Then she had him stand up and worked his pants down over his thick diaper and removed them. Rudy just stood there in his thick cotton diaper playing with his fingers in front of himself making his regular annoying noise "UUHHuuuhhhuHHUUhhh!" while rocking from one foot to the other.
"Rudy, you can sit down here with John," The beautiful woman said softly as she sat her diapered son next to me and then joined the other women who were standing across the room talking. Maybe she thought she was doing me a favor I don’t know but it didn’t do my ego much good to have some retarded diapered kid sat next to me while I’m sitting there in a diaper also.
The women stood there talking for only a moment but it seemed like an eternity as they periodically glanced toward Rudy and me sitting there together in our big, thick diapers as they talked.
Finally, Randy’s mother and the little girl’s mother left leaving only Rudy’s mom with Juanita.
I could hear Naomi and Randy and his brother playing and laughing in the back yard and wondered how I was going to make it another week wearing diapers. I was hoping my mother would call so I could plead with her to let me have some pants and underwear back. I knew I'd NEVER mess my pants again if I could only have my clothes back.
The parents and kids kept arriving even after Rudy’s mother had left. All these people were regular clients of Juanita’s who routinely left their kids with Juanita during week days so all of them knew and were aware of Rudy and were used to seeing him around the house in only a diaper. So as many of the people showed up and saw me sitting there in only a diaper next to Rudy who was sitting there in his diaper rocking and moaning as usual, they probably assumed I was just a new or another mentally retarded kid Juanita was keeping. Most of them paid me little attention as they came and left and their kids disappeared into the back yard or Tommy’s room.
Then one woman showed up with her five kids ranging in age from eleven to three. As they entered the oldest girl, eleven-year-old Rebecca pointed me out to her mother saying.
"See mom, that's the boy I was telling you about. He has to wear diapers like a baby because he messed his pants!" The other kids were laughing and snickering as they looked at me sitting there next to Rudy.
"See, Mom?" The little snitch was trying to continue.
"Yes, yes, Rebecca, all right!" Her mother interrupted, seemingly uninterested as she went through her purse looking for money to pay Juanita what she owed her.
"You need to wear a diaper, John, that's what you need, because you're a big bayyyby!" Rebecca said as she and her siblings headed for the backyard giggling.

Part 61
While the woman went through her purse looking for money to pay Juanita, another woman showed up with her two boys, both around ten and her daughter about eight or nine. Juanita looked over at me sitting there in my diaper in the middle of the changing quilt with Rudy and said.
"John, you don’t want to sit in the house all day, honey, go on out and play." But I couldn’t get up. I sat there paralyzed, trying to hide my diaper with my arms folded in front of me as the parents came and dropped their kids off and left. I know I wasn’t fooling anyone. They all could see I was wearing a diaper but still it was easier to just sit there than get up and walk across the room in front of everyone and go outside in it.
"Come on, John, you're not going to have any fun with Rudy. Let’s go out back with the other kids," Juanita said as she came over and took my hand and pulled me to my feet. My knees felt weak as I was stood up in my thick diaper in front of the other people, and led toward the kitchen and the back porch.
"You go on out and play with the other kids baby it's to nice to be in the house all day," Juanita said as she turned me loose on the back porch and started back into the house.
"Oh, and John, you come and tell me or Pam when you need your diaper changed, okay? I don’t want you running around in a nasty diaper making that rash any worse," she added as she disappeared into the house to meet more arrivals.
I went and hid at the other end of the porch by the large galvanized sink after Juanita went back inside. I could see Naomi and Randy on the big see-saw laughing and having fun out in the yard. Rebecca asked Naomi if she could get on the see-saw for awhile so Naomi got off and sat on a swing and Rebecca got on the see-saw with Randy. As Randy and Rebecca began going up and down Rebecca looked at Naomi and said, "Too bad you missed it, Naomi."
"Missed what, Rebecca?" Naomi asked.
"Randy had to wear a diaper all day Friday because he messed in his pants,” Rebecca informed Naomi as she giggled.
"NO I DIDNT!" Randy quickly responded, sounding terribly embarrassed.
"Yes you did, you had to wear a diaper all day long, didn’t he, Lisa?" Rebecca said laughing as she and Randy slowly went up and down on the see-saw. Lisa didn’t say anything but giggled and shook her head yes!
Naomi sat there with her mouth open and eyebrows dropped as she looked at Randy in disbelief, looking as if she were trying to picture Randy in a diaper, too. Randy and that boy John were both wearing diapers all day long like a couple big babies!" Rebecca said laughing. I stood on the porch cringing in my thick cotton diaper as I overheard the conversation, Then Rebecca stopped the see-saw with Randy stuck up in the air and said, "I saw your pee-pee. I saw your pee-pee," Rebecca chanted teasing Randy. The other kids were giggling and laughing as Rebecca teased Randy.
"LET ME DOWN!" Randy ordered with his feet kicking as he was stranded in the air with everyone laughing.
Rebecca wasn’t a mean girl like Patricia, and her tone wasn’t that of a bully. She was just teasing Randy in the way any kid would tease another kid about having to wear diapers at eight years old.
"I guess John’s still in the house!" Naomi said as she hopped off the swing and came running to the screen door of the porch. I ducked down behind the big sink at the other end of the porch as Naomi entered the porch and went into the house looking for me.
"JOHNN!JOHNNNNN!" I heard her yell as she went inside. Then I heard her ask Juanita if she'd seen me. The next thing I knew Juanita was out on the porch with Naomi looking concerned about my absence. I ducked down again but Juanita got a glimpse of me and walked over to me.
"John, you go on out and play like I told you to, for goodness sake. You had me scared to death!" Juanita said as she took me by the wrist and walked me toward the screen door. She then opened the screen door and dragged me down the steps and out into the yard and said, "Now you go play and stop worrying me!" as she left me standing there in front of the other kids in nothing but my diaper. I ran back toward the sand box in my thick diaper to escape the laughs, giggles, and comments made by some of the kids who wanted to torment me about wearing diapers.
"JOHN! STOPPP! WHERE ARE YOU GOINGGG?!” Naomi shouted as she ran behind me. I stopped when I got to the sandbox it was a kind of secluded area surrounded by shrubbery on three sides and gave me a little privacy from the other kids who preferred the playground area.
Part 62
"John, don’t let them bother you, just ignore them and they'll stop teasing you. " Naomi said sympathetically.
"I don’t want everyone looking at me and seeing me in a diaper, they all think I’m stupid!" I replied.
"Well, I don’t think you're stupid and I don’t care about you wearing those diapers, it's only for a couple weeks," Naomi said trying to make me feel better.
Then I saw Rebecca slowly walking back toward Naomi and I as we stood talking by the sandbox. She was walking with her head down kind of and holding her long blonde hair away from her face with her hand.
"What're you guys doing back here?” Rebecca asked in a subdued tone.
"John ran back here because you guys were laughing at him and I don’t think it was very nice, either," Naomi told Rebecca.
"I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings, John. I didn’t mean to, I was just trying to have fun. I didn’t think you looked very upset about having to wear a diaper, so I didn’t think it would really bother you,” Rebecca said in her defense.
"Well, you wouldn’t think it was funny if your mom made YOU wear diapers?!" I told Rebecca as I stood there before her with my arms in front of me trying to hide my big thick diaper.
"No, John, I wouldn’t think it was funny if my mom made me wear diapers. But then I haven’t messed my pants since I was probably two years old, either!"
"Well, my mom said that when John's ready to stop messing his pants, he'll stop messing his pants and she doesn’t think his mom should have made him wear diapers!" Naomi said boldly.
"REBECCAAAA!REBECCAAAAA!" I heard some girl shouting and getting closer.
"She's back here talking to that boy in the diaper!" The little girl said. Then a couple more girls and boys began to gather around and gawk at me standing there in my diaper. I felt like a statue frozen to the spot where I was standing for a moment as the kids gathered around Rebecca, Naomi and I but then threw myself down behind the big sandbox on my knees to hide my diaper from everyone’s curious eyes.
"John, everyone's already seen you wearing a diaper, why do you feel you still need to hide like that?" Rebecca asked curiously, and to tell you the truth, making perfect sense.
"I don’t like everyone looking at me and seeing me like this!" I responded, feeling so ashamed about wearing a diaper. Just because they had all seen me in diapers already didn’t make it any easier.
"Go awayyy, please, just go away and leave me alone!" I told them as they stood around staring at me. All the younger kids ran off to play giggling and laughing as they left. Juanita’s daughter Cindy came back looking for Naomi.
"Naomi, Mom is getting ready to breastfeed Christina and said if you wanted to watch to come on into the house," Then Cindy turned and ran back to the house.
"I'll be back later John, okay?" Naomi said as she took off after Cindy.
Now just Rebecca was left there with me. There was an uncomfortable silence as Rebecca stood there alone watching me diddle in the sand.
"Rebecca, could you go ask Randy if he wants to play in the sandbox with me?" I asked her, feeling awkwardly alone. Rebecca said "Sure, I'll go ask him," and she left. She was gone for a few minutes and then returned to tell me, "John, Randy said he doesn’t want to play in the sandbox today."
"Ohhh, okay," I responded, feeling disappointed and abandoned.
"I'll set back here with you for awhile if you want me to," Rebecca said as she sat on the edge of the sandbox at the opposite end from me.
"Okay!" I responded, feeling relieved that I might have made another friend and wouldn’t have to be alone. I felt that damned Randy wanted nothing to do with me now that I was still wearing diapers and he wasn’t. When he was wearing a diaper, I couldn’t get rid of him. Now this gorgeous eleven year old blonde is sitting on the edge of the sand box across from me while I’m on my knees at the back side of the sandbox trying to hide my diaper. No ones saying anything as she watches me sitting there, dragging my finger through the sand.
"Do you wanna help me build some roads and stuff for the cars and trucks?" I asked her, trying to break the silence. Rebecca giggled as she gently pulled her long blonde hair away from her face saying, "Wellll... I don’t really care for playing with cars and trucks, but I'll sit here and watch you build roads for them if it's ok with you," she responded sounding so feminine and sweet as she smiled at me.
Part 63
"Naomi seems to like you a lot, doesn’t she?" Rebecca asked.
"Yeah, she's my girlfriend,” I answered quietly, beginning to feel Rebecca was genuine and someone I could talk to. Her whole presence had now seemed to become very calming and disarming.
"Ohhhh, she's your girlfriend, I seeee," Rebecca responded sounding curious but friendly.
"Well, it doesn’t seem to bother HER, that you have to wear diapers, does it?" Rebecca asked.
I paused for a moment and answered, "Well, we used to have a lot more fun before my mom started making me wear diapers, and Naomi says it's okay for now. But says she can’t wait until it's over and we can play like we used to."
"Yeah, I'll bet it's really hard to have fun when everyone's looking at you and laughing because you're wearing a diaper. And I'll bet it's hard for Naomi, too, being teased about having a boyfriend who has to wear diapers,” Rebecca responded as she began making hand impressions in the sand.
"I watched Mrs. Roberts change Randy’s diaper last Friday, I'll bet it's awful to have to lay there like a baby and let her change your diapers, isn’t it?"
"Yeah," is all I could say at that point, becoming more and more embarrassed with the whole conversation. And I couldn’t tell Rebecca I was actually beginning to like the babying I was getting from Juanita, somehow, I was ashamed that I liked it, but liked it anyway, and I didn’t understand these conflicting feelings that I had about the whole thing. But one thing I WAS sure of, is I hated everyone else watching me being changed or even seeing me in a diaper. But secretly I wanted to be Juanita’s baby. I just didn’t want anyone else to see it or know about it.
"May I ask you something, John?" Rebecca asked hesitantly.
"Sure," I answered.
"Are you going to hate me if I watch Mrs. Roberts change your diaper?"
I didn’t know how to answer her question. I didn’t want to say or make her think I'd hate her, but I definitely didn’t want her to see me having my diaper changed either. I could feel my face getting red and hot and my heart begin to beat harder as I became more and more embarrassed at her questions.
"I don’t like for any of the other kids to see that!" I answered softly.
Just then, Naomi came running back to the sandbox where Rebecca and I were having our conversation. Juanita must have finished breast feeding the little girl.
"Naomi, John tells me he's your boyfriend," Rebecca says as Naomi joins us.
"Yeppp. See? This is the ring he gave me!" Naomi says proudly with a big smile holding her hand right up in Rebecca’s face showing Rebecca her plastic ring and stone.
"Well. I can see why you'd want John to be your boyfriend. He's a very nice boy, "Rebecca assured Naomi, as she smiled and winked at me.
"Mrs. Roberts’ girls all seem to be very nice to you, don’t they, John?" Rebecca asked. I was hoping this conversation was over as Naomi returned.
"Yeah, except Michele. She's mad at me because I kinda got her grounded for two weeks,” I answered, trying to think of another topic to discuss.
"I know a secret about Michele, but you can’t tell anyone!" Rebecca said, looking like she couldn’t wait to tell us.
"What?! Tell us!" Naomi asked anxiously.
"Okay. Two summers ago Michele took her boyfriend into the playhouse. She showed him her wee-wee and he showed her his pee-pee, and then they touched them together," Rebecca said laughing and sounding excited, too.
"NUHH-UHHHHHH!GROSSSSS!" Naomi responded hearing this from Rebecca.
"Yes they did, I swear. Michele said that's what grownups do when they love each other— they touch their pee-pee and wee-wee together," Rebecca said, giggling.
"EEEEWWWWWW! I don’t know if I could EVERRRRRR do that! Even when I'm grown up!" Naomi said, laughing.
"That's where pee comes from!" Naomi added as she looked at me and laughed.
"I know, but all grownups do it!" Rebecca whispered loudly, giggling.
I think Naomi and I were both thinking the same thing as we looked at each other, wondering what it would be like. I thought the touching part sounded a little nasty, but wondered what it would be like to see Naomi’s wee-wee. I didn’t even get an erection thinking about it. I was only nine years old. It was just a curiosity thing, and I was learning more about the male and female anatomy this summer than ever before.

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