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Lizzy: | February 23, 2008, 02:03:22 pm

Potty Problems: Chapter Seventeen

Linda gave Timmy another hug and gently coaxed him onto the floor.  Timmy was shaking like a leaf, his mind was racing.  Linda was about to see him naked, and put a diaper on him.  His embarrassing enlargement was wide awake Timmy wondered what Linda would say about this.

Linda saw that Timmy was shaking; she smiled at him and gently rubbed his stomach.  “Shhhhh…it’s going to be fine baby” she said.  Timmy blushed.  Linda gently grasped the waistband of Timmy’s pajama bottoms and slid them down; Timmy instinctively lifted his bottom so that she could bring them down his legs and off.  She smiled at Timmy’s arousal, Timmy blushed a deep red.

Linda took the Pamper and opened the bottom half, she gently rubbed Timmy’s thigh indicating that he should lift his bottom again.  As he did so, Linda slid the bottom half of the diaper under him, Timmy lowered his bottom down onto the diaper and spread his legs.  Lind opened the front half, pulled it up between Timmy’s legs and smiled as she placed it over his arousal.

Timmy squirmed with excitement as he felt the soft lining of the diaper come into contact with his privates. This was a new feeling; it sent a tingle down his spine and gave him an urge to touch the front of his diaper.  He slowly reached towards his groin but Linda brushed his hand away as she closed the tapes and smiled.

Linda then bent over and gave Timmy a kiss on the forehead and a gentle pat on the front of his diaper, giggling as he squirmed again.  She new what he was experiencing, but knew well enough to let Timmy figure it out on his own.  She stood him up and helped him step into his pajama bottoms, which she then pulled up over the diaper.

“There you go baby…all better?” Linda asked.

Timmy stood before her blushing; he didn’t know what to say.

Linda smiled and gave him another hug.  “It’s ok Timmy…this will be our little secret…just you and me.  I won’t tell anyone you like diapers” she whispered in his ear.

Timmy smiled at her, and blushed again.  “They feel good” he said nervously.  “I don’t know why I like them, they just feel good and I like the way they smell too” He said.

Linda nodded.  “Its ok baby…there’s nothing wrong with it” she said.  “But it’s best to keep it a secret” she added. “Other people will think you’re crazy” she said.

Timmy looked at her and nodded.  “Do you think I’m crazy?” he asked.

“Of course not sweetie” Linda answered.

“Do you like diapers too?” Timmy asked.

Linda was surprised by the question, she blushed.  “Well I like putting you in them” she said with a smile as she grabbed him and began to tickle him. She had no intention of telling Timmy about her own diaper interests.  Doing so would lead to an uncomfortable discussion about feelings that Linda certainly did not want to discuss with Timmy.  Linda smiled as Timmy squirmed and giggled, trying desperately to outmaneuver her tickle attack.  His diaper crinkled loudly as he moved.

After a few moments Linda broke off her attack.  “Ok baby…it’s twenty after nine on a school night, you can’t stay in that diaper all night unless you want your parents to catch you” Linda said.

Timmy blushed again.  “I don’t want to take it off yet” he said.

“It’s ok baby, you can wear it for another half hour, I’ll let you stay up until ten fifteen” Linda said.

Timmy smiled.  “Yay!” he shouted.

Linda and Timmy went back downstairs to the TV room.  Linda giggled as Timmy’s diaper crinkled; she thought he looked adorable with the diaper bulge beneath his pj’s and the top edge of the Pamper sticking out at the waist band.  They sat on the couch, Simon and Simon was halfway over.  After a while Linda coaxed Timmy to sit closer to her, to her surprise he snuggled up next to her and let her put an arm around him.

Timmy felt happy and free, as if a weight had been lifted off of his shoulders. He felt safe with Linda, she seemed to understand him.  When Linda patted the seat cushion beside her and smiled at him, Timmy moved beside her and snuggled himself into her side.  He smiled as she put her arm around him.

“Timmy, do you want to play baby again the next time I sit for you?” Linda asked.

Timmy looked up at her and giggled.  “Can we?” he asked.

“Of course we can…remember baby, it’s our secret.” Linda said.

Timmy blushed again.

“Linda?” Timmy asked.

“Yes baby” she replied.

“How come my…ummm you know my….ummm…well…it gets bigger when I think about diapers and wear them” Timmy asked blushing nervously and pointing at his crotch.

Linda wanted to avoid this conversation, although she had a feeling Timmy would eventually ask.
“Well kiddo….there’s nothing wrong with it…I promise you that” Linda answered.  “But you’ll learn all about that in health education in a few years…for now I think it’s best if you keep those questions to yourself and don’t ask me about it” she added.

Timmy frowned, he really wanted answers…but his attention quickly turned to another sensation, he had to pee.  Simon and Simon had ended and Knots Landing had begun.  It was ten o’clock and Timmy would have to take his diaper off soon and go to bed, he didn’t want to but knew he had no choice.  He began to fidget nervously.

Linda felt Timmy fidgeting beside her.  “What’s the matter baby?” she said with a smile.

“umm….I gotta…I have to….I gotta pee”  Timmy said with an embarrassed smile.

Linda giggled.  “It’s ok baby…go tinkle in your diapee” she said with an enormous smile.  “You’ll have to take it off soon anyway…you don’t want to waste it do you?” she asked.

Timmy blushed yet again.  “No” he giggled.  Timmy broke away from his snuggle with Linda and got off the couch.  He ran down the hall to the bathroom out of instinct.

“Where are you going?” Linda shouted after him.  She got up and followed him.

Timmy ran into the downstairs bathroom, he closed and locked the door behind him.

“Timmy no!” Linda shouted as she reached the bathroom door.  She knocked on the door and shouted again.  “Timmy baby, it’s ok to wet your diaper, that’s what it’s for…you can do it!” she said.

On the other side of the door Timmy stood in front of the toilet, he pulled down his pajama bottoms and looked at himself in the mirror.  He stood there for what seemed like an eternity.

“Timmy?” Linda said through the door.  “Is everything ok?” she asked.

Timmy heard Linda, but was busy concentrating, trying to relax.  His seven and a half years of toilet use didn’t want to let go so easily.  Last weekend when he had wet the diaper at Oliver’s house, he had waited until he could not hold it anymore.  This time he had to go…but not urgently, Timmy was trying to purposely wet the diaper.

“Shhh….I’m ok” Timmy said… “just be quiet for a minute….please” he replied to Linda.

Linda stepped back from the door with a worried look on her face and waited.

Timmy relaxed, he stared into the toilet bowl and tried to imagine that he was going to the bathroom as he normally would…after about three minutes…the pressure finally built up…Timmy relaxed and released his bladder.  He smiled as he felt the warm flow fill his diaper.  He stood with his eyes closed and a grin on his face enjoying the sensation until the flow subsided.  He opened his eyes and looked at himself in the mirror; the front of his diaper now had a yellowish tinge to it.  Timmy smiled and pulled up his pajama bottoms.

After a several minutes the bathroom door opened and a blushing Timmy emerged.  Linda believed that Timmy had taken off his diaper and peed into the toilet…but to her surprise, the top edge of his Pamper still stuck out around his waist.

“Did you?” Linda asked.

“Uh huh” Timmy said with a giggle.

“Aaawwwww good baby!” Linda said with a smile.  She walked over and gave him a hug.  “Ok sweetie, get upstairs we’ll have to clean you up before you go to bed.  The two went upstairs, once again Linda giggled as Timmy’s diaper crinkled while he walked.  When they reached Timmy’s room, Linda made quick work of removing his wet diaper. She then sent Timmy off to the bathroom to clean himself up with a damp wash cloth.

When Timmy returned Linda gave him a sniff to confirm that he didn’t smell of urine.  “Good boy” she said with a giggle and handed him his pajama bottoms.

“Climb into bed” Linda instructed, pulling back Timmy’s covers for him.

Timmy jumped into bed and let Linda tuck him in.  She gave him a kiss on the forehead and smiled at him.

“So we really can play baby again?” Timmy asked.

Linda smiled.  “Yes cutie, as long as you promise to keep this our secret” She said.

“I promise” Timmy said, crossing his heart with his finger.

“Good boy…I’m going to bring you some supplies so you’ll really have fun next time” Linda said.

“What?” Timmy asked.

“Oh you’ll just have to wait and see silly” Linda replied.  “Now go to sleep…sweet dreams” she said as she walked to the door and turned out the light.

“Thank you Linda” Timmy said as she slowly closed the door.

“You’re welcome baby” Linda whispered, she shut the door and smiled.  “This is going to be fun” she thought to herself.  She made her way downstairs and disposed of the wet diaper in the outside trash, making sure to burry it well out of sight before returning to the TV room.

To Be Continued…

Potty Problems: Chapter Eighteen

Two weeks had gone by since Linda had babysat for Timmy.  She had sat for Oliver and Melissa the following weekend and was able to replenish her own diaper supply by sneaking two of Melissa’s Pampers.  Yet Linda knew that if she was going to have fun with Timmy, she would need more than just the two diapers she had been able to steal, she would need to buy her own supply of diapers and hide them in her room.

The thought of having a larger supply of diapers had been on her mind for months.  Linda often dreamed of how nice it would be to be able to put on a diaper after school before her parents came home from work.  Stealing two diapers at a time from the Winters’ house would not be enough to allow Linda to truly indulge herself, she wanted a regular supply and she was determined to get it.

It was Friday afternoon, Linda would not be baby sitting this evening; instead she would have the house to herself until midnight or later as her parents were visiting some friends.  Linda had hatched her plan over the course of the week; she would ride her bike into town at about 4:30, visit the local market and make her purchase.  She had been saving her babysitting money and certainly had more than enough to purchase her supplies.

Linda rode her bike into town, it was a busy Friday afternoon however the market was not too crowded.  She parked her bike outside the store, locked it to a stand and headed inside, grabbing a small shopping cart on her way. Looking around the store Linda didn’t see anyone that she recognized.  She had worried about running into a friend or neighbor while buying diapers.  To be safe, she had prepared a cover story.  If she was spotted and questioned about her purchase, she would say that she was being paid to run errands for a neighbor.  It wasn’t the best cover story but Linda figured it would be good enough.

Linda’s excitement was building as she approached the diaper isle.  She pushed her cart around a corner and made her way down the isle, looking at the various diaper boxes, Luvs, Huggies….and her favorite…Pampers.  She found a 16 diaper convenience package in the largest size and placed it in her cart.  She also picked up 2 Playtex baby bottles; some wipes, and baby powder.

As Linda made her way to the check out counter, she looked around every so often to see if she recognized anyone.  Luck was with her, this being a Friday before five in the afternoon, most people were busy finishing up work and getting ready for the weekend, the store wouldn’t be very busy until at least five thirty.  Linda didn’t even recognize the cashier, an older woman in her late fifties.  Linda emptied her cart onto the checkout counter and waited while the woman rang up her items.  The woman hardly even looked at Linda as she bagged the items.  Linda paid the cashier, accepted her change and left the store without incident.  She loaded her purchases into the basket on her bike and headed home.  She arrived home just after five O’clock, both of her parents were still at work, they wouldn’t be home for at least another half hour.  

Linda took her supplies upstairs and excitedly opened the package of Pampers.  She pulled out a diaper and smelled it; the talcum scent caused her to shiver with anticipation. Linda wanted to strip out of her clothing right then and diaper herself, yet she knew she must wait until her parents were home from work and then gone for the evening.  She held the diaper to her face and inhaled again, her excitement building.  Just then, the phone rang, bringing Linda out of her diaper induced day dream.  She quickly stuffed the Pamper under her pillow, stashed the rest of her items in the back of her closet and answered the phone.

“Hello?” Linda said.

“Linda?” came a female voice from the other end of the phone.

“Yes this is she” Linda replied.

“Hi Linda it’s Mrs. Johnson” said the voice on the other end of the phone.

“Hi Mrs. Johnson” Linda said with a smile.  She knew what must be coming…Timmy needed a babysitter.

“Linda can you baby-sit next Friday evening for Timmy?  Mr. Johnson and I will be at a dinner party until midnight.”  Mrs. Johnson said.

“Yeah I’d be happy to Mrs. Johnson” Linda answered.

“Oh that’s great, thanks so much Linda” Mrs. Johnson said.

“You’re welcome” Linda replied. “I’ll see you next week, bye for now” she said.

“Bye Linda” Mrs. Johnson said, and the receiver clicked.

Linda smiled, she was finally going to get to see Timmy in a diaper again…and this time she would have an entire evening to baby him.  Later that evening after her parents left, Linda ran upstairs, stripped, powdered, and pampered herself.  She remained in a diaper all evening…wetting twice before changing herself into a dry one.  When her parents returned home, Linda lay in bed and pretended to be asleep beneath her covers.  Linda’s mother poked her head in to see her daughter in bed, and then quietly closed the door.

Linda wore a diaper all night, wetting herself once, and satisfying herself twice before drifting off to sleep.  She dreamed of babysitting for Melissa and Timmy both children wore a Pamper and tee shirt and drank from baby bottles as Linda sat between them on the sofa.

To Be Continued…

Potty Problems: Chapter Nineteen

The next week went by quickly for Linda, she was scheduled to baby-sit Friday evening for Timmy and then again on Saturday evening for Oliver and Melissa.  She was excited that she would be making some good money over the weekend, but what excited her more were her plans for Timmy.

This week Linda had made one more trip to the store, she had purchase several items to camouflage her real purchase from questioning eyes.  Linda had purchase a small package of Ex-Lax pills.  Her intention was to make Timmy learn what it was like for little Melissa to have a messy accident in her diaper.  Linda crushed one of the pills into powder and put it into one of the baby bottles that she had bought.  Since Timmy wanted to play baby, Linda figured he would have no problems drinking out of a baby bottle while they played.

Friday night arrived; Linda loaded her supplies into her backpack, four diapers, the baby bottle, and a bottle of baby powder.  She said goodbye to her parents and head off to the Johnson’s house, smiling to herself, knowing that she was in for an amusing evening.

“Hi Linda, thanks for coming over” Mrs. Johnson said as she greeted Linda at the door and led her into the kitchen where Timmy was sitting and eating his dinner.

“Hi Timmy” Linda said with a smile.

Timmy blushed, chewing a mouth full of McDonald’s Cheeseburger and fries.  Mrs. Johnson didn’t notice that her son was blushing.

“Linda you’ll be able to reach us at this number if there are any problems…you’re sure midnight isn’t too late for you?” Mrs. Johnson asked handing Linda a slip of paper with the phone number on it.

“No problem at all” Linda said with a smile.

Twenty minutes later Mr. and Mrs. Johnson had said their goodbyes to Timmy and Linda and left for the evening.  Linda and Timmy sat in the TV room watching TV as they listened to the car pulling out of the driveway.

Neither Timmy nor Linda spoke for several minutes.  Timmy was anxious, he thought about the last time Linda sat for him and how excited he had been to be allowed to wear the diaper.  He had kept his secret safe just as Linda had told him too, hoping that she would allow him to play baby again, just as she said she would.  Still, he was slightly embarrassed by his love of diapers and felt shy about asking Linda out right if he could wear them again.
Linda was anxious too.  She had her supplies ready and hoped that Timmy would ask about her promise soon.  She didn’t want to be the person to bring it up first; she wanted Timmy to ask so she would be sure that this was his choice.  Linda didn’t want to make Timmy wear diapers if he didn’t really want to.  She wanted to be sure that he really did like them and that he knew that wearing them at his age was not considered acceptable social behavior…and that he really needed to keep his interests a secret.  If he asked to play baby, she would lecture him on this again before they began.

What seemed like an eternity went by before Timmy finally caved in and said anything.  He was fidgeting nervously on the sofa while watching TV and his excitement finally got the better of him.

“Linda?” Timmy said shyly.

“Yeah kiddo?” Linda replied.

“ummm…remember last time”  Timmy asked.

“Last Time?” Linda said, she knew exactly what he was talking about but wanted to drag it out of him.

“Yeah last time when you babysat for me…” Timmy said.

“Ohhhh last time…” Linda said with a smile.

Timmy blushed and smiled, burying his chin in his chest.

“What about last time?”  Linda said with a sly tone.

“Umm…you know…when you let me wear a diaper…”  Timmy whispered softly.

“Yeah I remember that.” Linda said with a smile.

“Well…you said I could do it again” Timmy whispered again.

“Oh…right” Linda said, she was teasing him at this point.

“Well?”  Timmy said.

“Well what?” Linda asked.

“Well….ummm….can…can I?”  Timmy stammered.

“Can you….?” Linda asked, leading him.  She knew exactly what Timmy was asking but she needed to hear it for herself.

“Can….can I…umm….can I wear a diaper again?”  Timmy asked in a mousey whisper.

Linda smiled.  “Do you really want to wear a diaper again?” She asked.

Timmy nodded.

“Are you sure?”  Linda asked.

Timmy blushed,  “Yeah”.  He said.  “Please?” he added.

“Timmy you know that it’s not normal for big boys to wear diapers right?”  Linda asked.

Timmy hung his head again.  “I know” he said softly.

“And you know that you should keep your interests to yourself because other people won’t understand” Linda said.

“Yes” Timmy whispered with a tone of embarrassment.

Linda slid over on the sofa and gave him a hug. Timmy turned and looked into her eyes.

“Timmy its ok, I won’t tell anyone about it” She told him.  “Someday when you’re older you’ll understand more about why you like them, but until than, you should be very quiet about your interests” Linda said looking into Timmy’s eyes.  “You understand?” she asked.

Timmy nodded.

“And you still want to wear them and play baby?” Linda asked.

“Yes” Timmy whispered.

Linda smiled and hugged him.  “Ok baby, this is our secret forever” she whispered in his ear.  “Lets go upstairs” she said.

Timmy hopped off the sofa and headed for the stairs, Linda grabbed her back pack and followed.  They reached Timmy’s bedroom and Linda closed the door behind them as they entered.  Timmy fidgeted nervously, not sure if he should lay down on the floor or take his clothes off first.

“Timmy, before we play, I have some rules.”  Linda said.

Timmy looked sad for a second, he knew rules were important, but most of the time they were a limit on fun.  “Oh ok…” Timmy said.

“First…since we are playing baby, and I’m going to let you wear a diaper…you will not be allowed to use the bathroom, or even go into the bathroom.” Linda said.

Timmy blushed.  “Ok” he said.

“Are you sure about that point?” Linda asked.  “You understand what that means right?” she added.

“Uh huh…no bathroom, only diapees” Timmy said with a shy embarrassed tone.

“Right” Linda said.  “This is your last chance Timmy, are you sure you still want to play baby?”  She asked.

“Uh huh” Timmy replied.

“Ok then…and the last rule is, when I say it’s time to stop playing the game and get cleaned up and ready for bed…the game is over and you will be a big boy again” Linda said.  “Is that clear?” she asked.

“Yes” Timmy said.

“Good boy” Linda said with a grin.  She smiled at him for a moment, and then opened her back pack, reached in and pulled out a Pamper.  Linda held it in front of her and waved it in the air at Timmy.  “Ok baby…take off your pants….it’s diapee diaper time” she said with a big smile.

Timmy blushed and did as he was told.  He instinctively lay on the floor and assumed the diapering position, his arousal had returned with a vengeance but he did not try to hide it.  Linda had seen it before and had told him that he would understand it all someday soon.

Linda smiled and forced back a giggle at the sight of Timmy’s arousal.  She wondered how long it would be before Timmy learned about its purpose.  She made quick work of diapering him, Timmy squirmed and giggled as she sprinkled baby powder on his behind and rubbed it in.  She sprinkled powder in the front of the diaper and rubbed it into the lining; she didn’t want to touch Timmy’s front side…worried about what might happen or how he would react.  Timmy reached for his private area and Linda brushed his hand away before quickly bringing the front of the Pamper up between his legs and securing it snugly in place.  Timmy squirmed again as the front of the diaper made contact with his arousal.

Linda giggled and smiled.  “There you go baby” she patted him very gently on the front of his diaper.  “Now I have surprise for you” she said as she brought the baby bottle out of her back pack.

Timmy blushed as he saw the baby bottle. “Do I get to drink out of that?” he asked shyly.

“Of course you do silly” Linda said.  “Now lets get your PJs on and we’ll go back downstairs” She said.

Linda helped Timmy get into his PJs and they headed downstairs.  Linda went to the kitchen and filled the baby bottle with Milk and chocolate syrup; she mixed it well to insure that the powdered Ex Lax at the bottom was blended in before putting the top on the bottle.  She figured that an adult dosage was one pill…so the effect on Timmy should be exactly what she wanted.

Linda brought the bottle into the TV room and handed it to Timmy who was once again sitting on the sofa, this time dressed in his PJs with an obvious diaper bulge beneath.

“Yay!” Timmy giggled as he took the bottle.

Linda was surprised at how easily he had accepted the idea of drinking from a baby bottle, but then again, it was Timmy’s idea to play “baby” she thought.

“Chocolate milk…just for my little baby boy” Linda said with a giggle.  “Drink up” she added.

Timmy put the nipple in his mouth and began to suck; he smiled at Linda as the chocolate taste hit his tongue.  Linda smiled maliciously to herself, she intended for him to know how little Melissa felt after his and Oliver’s peanut butter prank.  

Timmy drank the chocolate milk from the bottle, he sat on the sofa in a euphoric trance, staring at the TV but not really watching, he was too comfortable.  Every now and then he would wiggle his bottom into the sofa just to hear his diaper crinkle.  He had drunk down almost the entire bottle now and he smiled at Linda with the nipple in his mouth as he finished the last bit.

“Good boy!” Linda exclaimed.  She patted the seat cushion next to her.

Timmy giggled, slid himself beside Linda and snuggled up against her.  She put her arm around him and stroked his hair as they watched TV.  Linda wondered how long it would be before Timmy would feel the effects of the Ex Lax.  She smiled again and waited patiently.  Every now and then Timmy would wiggle around beside her, his Pamper would crinkle loudly and he would giggle.  Linda was amused by this and she would give him a playful tickle every so often just to see his reaction.

Timmy was in heaven, he felt happy and safe with Linda and the diaper was very comfortable.  His embarrassing enlargement would occasionally create a small tent in the front of his diaper; if he paid attention to the TV it would eventually go away.  Timmy was fascinated by this and he enjoyed the feeling of the diaper against him, he would wiggle himself against the front of the diaper every so often to explore the sensation.

Linda watched Timmy out of the corner of her eye, he couldn’t sit still.  Every so often he would wiggle his waist, clearly exploring his boyish curiosity.  Linda controlled her giggles as she watched him do this.

It was almost an hour after Timmy had finished his bottle of chocolate milk before he began to feel the effects of the Ex Lax which had been hidden the beverage.  He felt a strange spasm in his gut and then a slight pressure building in his behind.  He was nervous, he felt like he needed to fart and didn’t want Linda to hear it…or smell it.  He had eaten two MacDonald’s Cheeseburgers and a large fries for dinner.  This was a meal any 10 year old boy would love…but it was not without its side effects Timmy knew.

The pressure continued to build and Timmy began to fidget on the seat.  He felt another spasm.  “Oh no!” Timmy thought.  He knew that he needed to go to the bathroom now…and it wasn’t just to pee.  He hadn’t thought this through.  The last time he wore a diaper when Linda was babysitting he had allowed himself to wet it, however he didn’t think about going poop in it.  “What would Linda think?” He wondered.  Then he remembered Linda’s words “you will not be allowed to go to the bathroom or to even go into the bathroom” she had said.   Timmy wondered if she would really make him use the diaper for his current problem...

Linda noticed Timmy was squirming on the sofa beside her.  “What’s wrong baby Timmy?” she asked.

Timmy squirmed a bit before answering “umm….I….I gotta go!” he said.

“Oh…well baby, it’s ok…you have your diapee on, you can go whenever you need to”  Linda said with a big smile.

“But I….umm I have to…..”  Timmy stammered.

“You have to what?” Linda asked.

“Ummm…I gotta go number 2” Timmy whispered in embarrassment.

Linda smiled.

“Well baby Timmy, you know the rules…and you agreed to them” She said with a smile.  “You’re going to have to go in your diapee” she added.

Timmy had a look of worry on his face.  He jumped off the couch and headed towards the hallway.  Linda jumped up and blocked his escape.

“Oh no you don’t baby” She said as she closed the door to the TV room and stood in front of it blocking the exit.  “You agreed to the rules…babies use their diapers!” she said.

“but Linda…please” Timmy begged.  “I didn’t think about it…I don’t want to go poo poo in it!” He said.

“Sorry baby” Linda said with a giggle  “We’re not changing the rules…and remember, I still have a Polaroid of you” she said.

“Please Linda…please!” Timmy was desperate now, the pressure was immense and he didn’t think he could hold it much longer.

Linda smiled, Timmy had begun to do a potty dance and was hold his hands over his bottom, bending his knees slightly and shift his weight from side to side.  It was only a matter of time now.

“Please Linda…I don’t want to make a poo poo in my diaper…please!”

“Don’t worry baby Timmy…that’s what diapers are for...you’ll be ok sweetie” she said softly smiling at him as she guarded the door.

Timmy was in a panic now, tears were forming in his eyes, he continued to beg but Linda would have none of it.  One more spasm from his gut forced some gas into the seat of his diaper, and what followed was a warm solid mass which Timmy felt expanding around his bottom.  He burst into tears as he felt the load fill his diaper, and as he did, his bladder gave way and flooded the diaper as well.

Linda watched as Timmy burst into tears and clearly lost the battle with his bowels.  The boy dropped to his knees and cried.  After a moment the smell of a messy diaper hit Linda’s nose.  She smiled with satisfaction knowing that she had given Timmy a taste of his own prank.  Now she would help him deal with the situation.

Linda got down on her knees and hugged Timmy.  “Shhhhhh there there” she said as she held the boy.  “Good boy” she whispered in his ear.  “I’m proud of you for obeying the rules” she whispered.

Timmy slowed his sobs and rested his head on Linda’s shoulder as she held him.  He noticed that his enlargement had begun to return.  He blushed.

“Shhhhh….it’s ok baby” Linda continued to whisper in Timmy’s ear and she rubbed his back with her arm.  She place one hand on the seat of his PJs and felt the lump in the seat of his diaper.  Linda smiled at this “Now he knows what Melissa felt like” she thought.

“Are you ok sweetie?” Linda whispered in Timmy’s ear.

Timmy nodded his head and sniffled.  He was embarrassed, he could feel the warm solid mass in his diaper pressing against him, he realized now that he had wet the diaper too.

“Timmy….now you understand how Melissa felt after you and Oliver made her eat Reece’s Pieces” Linda said.

Timmy thought about this, she was right.  Timmy now knew what it felt like to have a messy accident…he was embarrassed, and he had cried just like Melissa did.

“It doesn’t feel very nice does it?” Linda asked.

Timmy shook his head.

“You wouldn’t like it if Melissa was here making fun of you right now would you?” Linda asked.

Timmy shook his head again.

“Are you ever going to make fun of Melissa again?” Linda asked.

“No” Timmy said softly.

“Good boy” Linda said.  “I’m not upset with you for having an accident in your diaper…after all, we’re still playing baby…and that’s what babies do, they wet and mess their diapers”  She said.

Timmy nodded.

“Do you still want to play baby?” Linda asked.

Timmy felt the enlargement in the front of his diaper, and the mess in the seat.  He was too embarrassed to answer.

“hmmm?” Linda mumbled, trying to coax an answer.

Timmy nodded.

“Ok sweetie, lets get you upstairs and clean you up…we’ve got a few more hours to play before your parents come home” Linda said with a smile.

To be continued…

Potty Problems: Chapter Twenty

Linda followed Timmy as he pamped upstairs.  She giggled as he waddled his way slowly up the stairs, trying hard not to move the mess in his diaper around any more than it already had.  He smelled pretty bad, Linda was not looking forward to cleaning up the mess, but she was happy that she had made her point with Timmy.

Linda decided that it was best to clean Timmy in the bathroom, even though she had made it off limits to him under the rules.  She led Timmy into the bathroom and filled the tub with warm water before instructing Timmy to remove his PJs and lay down on the floor.

Timmy lay on the floor dressed only in his dirty diaper; Linda knelt beside him on the floor, leaned over and unfastened his diaper.  She prepared herself for the smell and opened the wet and messy diaper as Timmy blushed a deep red.

“peeeewwwwww!” Linda said as she opened the diaper.  “You sure did make a mess little baby” she added with a giggle.

Timmy didn’t say a word, he just lay there blushing hiding his face behind his hands.  His arousal was present again, Linda smiled at it, she thought it was cute how Timmy got excited by diapers…and while Timmy didn’t know it, she understood completely.

Linda used toilet paper to clean up Timmy’s bottom as best she could.  She regretted that she had forgotten to pack baby wipes.  Once Timmy was clean enough she pulled the dirty diaper out from beneath him, emptied its contents into the toilet and flushed.  She then wrapped up the dirty diaper, left it on the floor near the toilet and instructed Timmy to get into the tub.

Linda stood by while Timmy washed himself.  When he was finished, she toweled him dry and diapered him again.  Timmy smiled as Linda powdered him, pulled the diaper up between his legs and taped it shut.  His embarrassing enlargement stood tall throughout the process.  It had become extremely sensitive and Timmy giggled with excitement as the soft lining of the diaper rubbed against him.

As the evening grew late, Linda allowed Timmy to snuggle close to her on the sofa as they watched TV.  She rinsed out his baby bottle and filled it with water.  Timmy drank two full bottles in an hour, and just before 11, he allowed himself to wet his diaper.  Timmy smiled as he felt the warm wetness spread from his groin to between his legs and eventually his bottom.

Once again Linda took Timmy upstairs, after removing his wet diaper she had him rinse off in the shower and clean himself again.  It was now bedtime for Timmy.

“Ok silly baby” Linda said, “Time for bed”

“Awwwww, do I have too?” Timmy asked.

“Yes baby” Linda replied.  “Your parents will be home soon…remember the rules, when I say the game is over, it’s over.” She added.  They went down the hall to Timmy’s bedroom, Linda helped him back into his PJs and tucked him into bed.

“Can we play again….next time you come over?” Timmy asked.

“We can if you want to” Linda said.

Timmy smiled and giggled.  Linda smiled at him and gave him a hug.

“Timmy I have a surprise for you” Linda said.  “I’ll be right back” she added.  Linda left the room, went downstairs and retrieved her back pack.  A moment later she returned to Timmy’s bedroom.  Timmy stared at her with anticipation as she entered the room.

“Is my surprise in there?” Timmy asked pointing at the back pack.

“Yes it is cutie” Linda said with a smile.  She reached into her back pack and pulled out the remaining two Pampers.

Timmy’s eyes went wide with excitement as Linda held the diapers in front of him.

“These are for you” Linda said with a smile.  “Keep them hidden and only play with them when you know your parents won’t catch you” Linda advised.

Timmy told Linda to bury the diapers in his Cub Scout chest, a small wooden box that he kept in the back of his closet.  His Mother never opened it and Timmy decided it was the safest place to hide the diapers for now.  Linda hid the diapers under some toys that Timmy had in the chest.  Even if Mrs. Johnson opened the chest, she would have to go digging through it to find the diapers.

“Did you have fun baby Timmy?” Linda asked with a giggle as she gave him one last goodnight hug.

Timmy blushed.  “Yes” he whispered.

“Good boy” Linda said, giving his hair a tussle before getting up to turn out the light and leave the room.

Timmy lay awake in bed for about 20 minutes before falling asleep.  He had wanted desperately to go to the closet and retrieve one of the diapers Linda had left for him, but he didn’t want to risk getting caught if his parents came home and walked in to check on him.  He knew he would have time to use the diapers soon…for now he would wait.

Eventually the Johnson’s returned from their evening out.  Linda had been paid, and on her walk home she smiled with excitement as she knew there were more Pampers waiting for her at home.  Her evening of diapering Timmy had filled her with a strong urge to put her own diaper on.

Across the Street, Melissa lay in her bed dreaming of waterfalls and streams…a warm wetness expanded throughout her diaper as she slept.

To Be Continued….

Potty Problems: Chapter Twenty One

Saturday arrived and Linda awoke early in a wet diaper.  She stretched and smiled at the warm damp sensation between her legs.  Her parents were still asleep; Linda rolled over and wiggled her bottom, listening to the soft crinkle of her Pamper beneath the covers.  She glanced at the clock on her night stand; it read 7:38 AM.  Ten minutes later Linda was lying on her back again staring at her ceiling with a very satisfied grin on her face.


Down the street at the Winters house, Melissa played quietly in bed with a dolly.  She had felt the urge to pee growing in her bladder, but she was diapered, so she ignored it and remained in bed. The rest of her family was still asleep.  When she could hold it no longer Melissa wet her already soaked diaper.  The clock on her bedside table ready 7:48 AM.  Melissa smiled as she felt the warmth spreading around her bottom.  

It had been almost a month since Melissa had messed in her diaper in front of Oliver and Timmy.  She still had her secret crush on Timmy and had decided that the quick smile she had seen on his face after Oliver teased her was just an accident.  Her interest in her own diapers had been growing over the last few weeks.  Her secret enjoyment of the warm damp sensation between her legs was on her mind more often than it had been before she noticed Timmy’s interest in her diapers.  Melissa hugged her doll and smiled, tonight Linda would be babysitting, she wondered if Timmy would be spending the night.


Linda changed out of her wet Pamper, wrapped up the diaper inside two plastic shopping bags, and stuffed it in the bottom of her trash can.  She would get it out of the house later that morning after her parents had left the house.  She showered, and dressed for the day.  Linda was excited to be babysitting this evening, she too wondered if Timmy would be spending the night at the Winters house.  She imagined what it would be like to have both Timmy and Melissa in diapers at the same time.  Her intuition told her that little Melissa had a crush on Timmy.  Linda wondered how surprised Melissa would be to learn about Timmy’s love of diapers, but Linda knew with Oliver around, there would be very little chance to get Timmy in a diaper at the Winters house.  She thought of threatening the boys with the Polaroid picture, again, but Linda didn’t want to use this as a means for indulging her own curiosity any more than she already had.

Evening arrived; Linda said good night to her parents and headed over to the Winters house.  When she arrived she found Mrs. Winters in the kitchen.

“Hi Linda, come on in” Mrs. Winters said.

Linda opened the screen door and entered the kitchen.  “How is everyone doing tonight?” Linda asked.

“Oh everyone is fine Linda.”  Mrs. Winters replied. “You’re in for a treat tonight” she added.

“A treat?” Linda asked.

“Yes indeed” Mrs. Winters responded.  “Oliver is spending the night at the Johnson’s house with Timmy, so you’ll only have to watch Melissa tonight.” She added.

“Oh…That is a treat” Linda said.  She was disappointed by this news.  She knew that she would have had little hope of getting a diaper on Timmy with Oliver around, but now it was out of the question.

“We’ll still pay you the standard rate of course” Mrs. Winters said.  “You and Melissa can order whatever you want for dinner and have it delivered.”

“Thanks, that sounds great…we’ll have a girls night” Linda said with a smile. Just then Melissa came bounding into the kitchen with her doll in hand.

“Linda!”  Melissa shouted with excitement as she ran over to her sitter and gave her a hug.

Linda scooped Melissa up and hugged her back.

“Hi there Lis, how ya doing kiddo?” Linda asked.  She gave the girl’s bottom a gentle pat and quickly realized that Melissa was not wearing a diaper.  She was not ready for bed yet.

“I’m good” Melissa replied.  “Did mommy tell you?  No boys tonight, just us!” Melissa said excitedly.  Melissa had hoped to see Timmy tonight, but was also thrilled at having a whole night to spend with Linda.  Melissa wanted to talk to Linda about her secret crush on Timmy.

Mrs. Winters smiled, she was glad that her daughter had an older girl like Linda to spend time with.  “Melissa sweetie, why don’t you come upstairs with me so I can get you ready for bed?” she asked her daughter.

“Oh mommy, do I have to go now…I want to show Linda my new doll house” Melissa said.

“I can get her ready for bed if you want Mrs. Winters…?”  Linda asked.

“You don’t mind Linda?”  Mrs. Winters asked in reply.  “You know where all of her…supplies are”

Melissa blushed at this; she knew that her mother was talking about her diapers.

“Yup, I can take care of it…then you can show me your doll house” Linda said, smiling at Melissa and giving her hair another tussle.

“Sweetie is that ok with you?” Mrs. Winters asked her daughter.

Melissa smiled and nodded.

“Ok sweetie, be a good girl for Linda and come down and say good night to your father and I before we leave” Mrs. Winters said.

Linda carried Melissa upstairs; at least she would get to diaper one person tonight she thought to herself.

To Be Continued…

Potty Problems: Chapter Twenty Two

Linda carried Melissa into the upstairs bathroom and sat the girl down on the floor.

“Ok Sweetie, let’s get you undressed.”  Linda said softly.

Melissa pulled off her shirt, removed her shoes and socks and then dropped her pants and panties to the floor.

“Good girl” Linda said, smiling at the nude Melissa as she turned and opened the linen closet to retrieve her supplies.  She noticed a bottle of baby powder on the closet shelf next to the box of Pampers and smiled.  She grabbed the baby powder and a fresh Pamper and turned her attention back to Melissa.

“Ok sweetie, lay down on the floor for me.” Linda commanded softly.

Melissa did as she was told.  Linda opened the bottom half of the Pamper, raised Melissa’s legs and bottom off the floor with her free hand and slid the Pamper beneath Melissa’s bottom.  She lowered the girl onto the waiting diaper and then opened the bottle of baby powder, Linda lifted Melissa’s legs and bottom again and sprinkled a good amount of baby powder on the girls bottom.

Melissa smiled as she felt Linda gently rub the baby powder around her bottom.  Linda again lowered Melissa’s bottom back down onto the waiting diaper and then sprinkled baby powder on Melissa’s front diaper area.  She rubbed it in gently which caused Melissa to giggle and squirm a bit.

“Hold still silly!” Linda said with a smile.  She used some Kleenex to wipe the excess baby powder off of her hands, then opened the front half of the Pamper and pulled it up between Melissa’s legs.  Linda smiled as she closed the tapes, securing the Pamper around Melissa’s waist.  After checking the diaper to make sure it was snug, Linda was satisfied with her work.  She lifted Melissa up off the floor and cleaned up the bathroom.

“Ok sweetie, lets go get your jammies on and you can show me your doll house.” Linda said.

“Yay!” Melissa said, clapping her hands with excitement.  Linda opened the bath room door and followed the diapered girl down the hall to her bedroom.  She smiled, Melissa’s diaper crinkled loudly as the girl walked.  Linda thought Melissa looked adorable wearing nothing but a Pamper, she wished she could keep her that way all night but knew that would be uncomfortable for Melissa.

Melissa ran into her bedroom.  “Look Linda!  See my new doll house!” she said excitedly, not seeming to care that she was wearing nothing but a diaper.

“Oh wow….isn’t that nice!” Linda said, trying to show interest.

“See, it’s got everything!” Melissa said, “A kitchen, dinning room, TV room, four bedrooms and 3 bathrooms…and even an attic!” she told Linda.

Linda held a hand to her mouth to hide a giggle; Melissa was so excited about her doll house she didn’t care that she was practically nude.  Linda let the girl go on as long as she could, listening to the diaper crinkle as Melissa moved around the doll house.  Linda imagined for a moment that she was Melissa, wearing a soft thick Pamper and playing with dolls.  

Suddenly Linda remembered her friend Emily, and how they had dressed in diapers at Emily’s house when she was young.  Linda fantasized that Emily was there now, as a teenager, and that she was taking care of Linda. Linda’s eyes glazed over a bit as she day dreamed, imagining being diapered by her friend Emily and dressed for bed.

“…and I can put the dolls in any room I want, and I can move the furniture around and…”  Melissa continued talking about the doll house not realizing that Linda was in her own world.

Linda broke out of her day dream and looked at Melissa; the girl was still going on about the doll house.  She knew that she had to get her dressed and downstairs to say goodbye to Mr. and Mrs. Winters for the evening.

“Wow Lis, that’s a great doll house sweetie…” Linda said, interrupting the girl.  “Let’s get your jammies on and say goodbye to your parents and then maybe we can play with the doll house later ok?”  Linda said.

Melissa looked down at herself and blushed, she realized that she was only dressed in her diaper and knew Linda was right.  “Ok yeah” she said softly.

Linda opened Melissa’s dresser drawers and found the girls PJ’s.   “Ok sweetie here we go…lets get these on you.” She said to Melissa, holding out the pajama bottoms for Melissa to step into.

Moments later the two girls were making their way into the kitchen to say good night to Mr.  & Mrs. Winters.  Once the goodbyes had been exchanged, Linda phoned in a Pizza order and she and Melissa headed down to the basement play room to watch TV.  Linda smiled as Melissa leapt onto the couch beside her and snuggled close.

Both girls felt that this was going to be a fun evening.

To Be Continued…

Potty Problems: Chapter Twenty Three

About a half hour had gone by since Mr. and Mrs. Winters had left.  Linda and Melissa were sitting snuggled together on the couch watching TV in the basement playroom when the doorbell rang.

“Pizza!” Melissa shouted with excitement.  She leaped off the couch and pamped to the stairs.

“Wait for me sweetie!” Linda shouted after her as she got herself off the couch and headed upstairs to answer the door.

Upstairs Melissa was jumping up and down with excitement in front of the door, waiting for Linda to open it and pay the delivery boy.

“Calm down silly” Linda said as she walked into the Kitchen, retrieved the money that Mrs. Winters had left on the counter and opened the door.

The delivery boy was a bit older than Linda, probably a high school student Linda thought.  He smiled at her as she opened the door. Melissa was standing beside Linda, still bouncing up and down with excitement.

“Pizza for Winters?” the boy asked.

“Hi, yes, that’s us” Linda replied.

“HI!” Melissa shouted.

The pizza boy looked down at Melissa and smiled.  “Hello there” he replied.

Linda noticed that the pizza boy was staring at Melissa; she followed his gaze to her waist.  The top edge of Melissa’s diaper was clearly sticking out of her pajama bottoms and the diaper bulge beneath was obvious.  The pizza boy seemed a bit surprised to see an older girl wearing a diaper.

Linda drew his attention back by handing him money for the pizza.  “Here you are” she said as she held it out.

“Oh…thanks” replied the pizza boy with an embarrassed smile.  He handed Linda the pizza and began to count the money.

“Keep the change” Linda said with a smile.  She could tell that he was embarrassed for staring at Melissa’s diaper.

“Thanks…Enjoy the pizza” He said.

“Thanks!” Melissa shouted excitedly.

The pizza boy turned back for a last look at Melissa and smiled and waved.  He looked at Linda with a slightly confused and embarrassed look.  “Thanks again…have a good night” he said.  He then returned to his car and drove off.

Linda put the pizza on the counter and retrieved plates and napkins for herself and Melissa.  She served Melissa two slices of pizza as well as two for herself.

“What do you want to drink Lis?” Linda asked.

“Coke!” Melissa said excitedly.

“Oh Lis, you know your mom doesn’t want you to drink soda before bedtime…how about some juice instead?” Linda asked.

“Pleeeeeeeeeeese!” Melissa begged.  “I won’t tell mom if you let me!” she added.

Linda thought about this for a moment, the worst that could happen is that she would have to change Melissa again before the Winters returned home. She didn’t mind doing so, it was like having her own baby doll to play with.  

Linda smiled down at Melissa, “Ok sweetie, but this is our secret, you can have two glasses of soda but anything after that is juice or water only”  She said.  Linda knew that two glasses of anything was too much for the girl to be drinking in the evening, but she liked spoiling Melissa when she could.

“Yay!” Melissa shouted, jumping and clapping her hands.

The two girls ate their dinner in front of the TV.  After they had finished and the night went on, Melissa seemed to be fidgeting on the couch.

“Are you ok sweetie?” Linda asked.

“Uh huh” Melissa replied.

“Sure?” Linda asked.

“Yeah” Melissa replied, she stopped her fidgeting and concentrated on the TV.

Linda smiled, she guessed that the soda, and whatever else Melissa had had to drink earlier that evening was catching up with the girl.  Linda wondered how long it would be before Melissa would be wet.

“Linda…do you have a boyfriend?” Melissa asked.

Linda was startled by the question.  She blushed and smiled at the girl.  “Umm no, not right now…” Linda answered.  Linda didn’t really have too much interest in boys her age; she enjoyed spending time with some of her closer girlfriends, but hadn’t had any real boyfriends yet.

“Do you like any boys?” Melissa asked nervously.

“Well, I haven’t really met any boys that I like enough to go out with” Linda answered.

“Oh” Melissa said, sounding slightly disappointed.

Linda looked at Melissa with a curious smile.  “Do you like any boys?” She asked.

Melissa blushed a deep red and lowered her chin to her chest.  Linda smiled; she knew she had hit the mark with her question.

“Ohhhhhh…..someone’s got a boyfriend…”  Linda teased Melissa in a sing song voice and gave the girl a tickle.

Melissa giggled and squirmed.  “No I don’t!” She said through her giggles. “Stop please!” she said as she leaned away from Linda trying to fight off the tickle assault.

“Tell me who he is and I’ll stop…” Linda said as she continued her attack.

Melissa was squirming and giggling “Please Please stop…” she begged between giggles.  Her full bladder was getting close to critically full.  She begged Linda to stop.

“Oh no…you’re not getting off that easy kiddo!” Linda said.  “Tell me who you like or I’ll tickle you all night long!” she said with a malicious grin.

Melissa squirmed and giggled, the pressure was getting too hard to hold back.  “Ok…Ok, I’ll tell you, please please stop!” she gasped through her laughter.

“Tell me, Tell me!” Linda laughed as she continued to tickle the girl.

“Timmy!” Melissa shouted, and just as she got the word out she felt her bladder give way.  She couldn’t stop it; the warmth of her release began to fill her diaper and pool around her bottom.  She stopped her giggles and blushed as she felt her body relaxing; the flow seemed to go on forever.

Linda stopped tickling Melissa as soon as she heard the name.  “Timmy hey?” she said with a smile.  “Timmy and Melissa sitting in a tree….K I S S I N G…”  Linda sang playfully.  “First comes love…then comes marriage…then comes Lissa in the baby carriage…” Linda continued, not yet noticing Melissa’s blushing, embarrassed and relaxed state.  “Sucking her thumb, wetting her pants…doing the hoola hoola dance!”  Linda finished her teasing and looked at Melissa.  She just now realized there was a problem.

Melissa had her chin tucked to her chest again and was blushing. A slight frown grew on the girls face.

“Oh Lis…sweetie…are you ok?” Linda asked.  “I’m sorry sweetie, I didn’t mean to make fun of you…it’s ok to like boys…I won’t tell anyone your secret…Timmy is cute, it’s good that you like him” she said, hoping to cheer the girl up quickly.

Melissa’s frown halted and she smiled briefly at hearing Linda’s words, but she still blushed and hung her head.  Her diaper was wet and it was still early in the evening.

“Sweetie?” Linda said, putting her hand gently on Melissa’s shoulder.  “You ok?” she asked.

Melissa looked up at her babysitter.  “I….umm…I had an accident” she said shyly.

“Oh sweetie…I’m sorry…I shouldn’t have tickled you so hard” Linda said.  She pulled Melissa onto her lap and gave her a big hug.  “Are you soaked sweetie?” She said, “Do you need a change?” She asked.

Melissa rested her head on Linda’s shoulder and nodded.  Linda lifted the girl off the couch and carried her towards the stairs, gently patting Melissa’s diapered bottom as she walked.  “It’s ok sweetie, I’m sorry…no more tickle fights I promise…this will be another secret…I won’t tell anyone about the accident” she said as she carried the girl upstairs.

Melissa hugged Linda tightly as she was carried upstairs to the bathroom.  She loved her babysitter and felt safe with her.  As the reached the second floor bathroom, Linda placed Melissa on the floor and helped the girl out of her PJ bottoms, revealing a soggy diaper.

Linda gave the seat of the diaper a gentle squeeze, it was still warm.  “Wow kiddo, you did a good job on that one” she said with a smile.  Melissa blushed.

“Linda?” Melissa said.

“Yeah Lis?” Linda replied while retrieving wipes, powder, and a fresh Pamper from the closet.

“Thanks for taking care of me” Melissa said.

Linda put the supplies down beside Melissa and gave the girl a big hug.  “Oh Lis…I love taking care of you” she answered.  Both girls smiled.

“I like having you change my diaper Linda…you don’t make me feel stupid for having to wear it” Melissa told Linda.

“Who makes you feel stupid about your diapers?” Linda asked.  “Not your mom I hope?” she said.

“No, not mommy” Melissa said.  “But Oliver still teases me sometimes” Melissa said.

“Oh he does, does he?” Linda said.  “Well don’t you worry about that sweetie, I’ll have a little chat with your brother the next time I see him” She said.  “I’ll make sure he behaves himself from now on.” She added.

Melissa smiled and hugged Linda again.

“Now, lay down on the floor and let’s get you cleaned up.” Linda said, motioning for Melissa to lie down.  “Then you can tell me everything you like about Timmy and it will be our secret.”

Melissa lay down and Linda unfastened the wet diaper, she cleaned Melissa up with baby wipes, slid the wet diaper out from beneath the girl and replaced it with a clean diaper.  Moments later Melissa was powdered, re-diapered, and wearing a happy smile.  Linda helped Melissa back into her PJ bottoms and the two girls returned to the downstairs playroom.  The rest of the night was spent watching TV and talking about how cute Melissa thought Timmy was.  Linda wondered if the two kids would ever get together some day when they were both older.

To Be Continued…

Potty Problems: Chapter Twenty Four

The Winter’s returned around 11:30, Melissa had fallen asleep an hour before and Linda had carried her upstairs to bed.  Linda had checked Melissa’s diaper after she put the girl down to make sure she was not wet.  The diaper was slightly damp but not soaked.  Linda decided not to change Melissa because she didn’t want the girl to wake up.

After collecting her pay and saying goodnight to Mr. and Mrs. Winters, Linda hurried home.  Her evening with Melissa and the multiple diaper changes had filled her with excitement.  She desperately wanted to get home to the privacy of her bedroom where she could put on her own diaper and satisfy her urges.


Just down the street at the Johnson’s house, Timmy and Oliver were having a sleepover.  The boys were in sleeping bags in the Johnson’s TV room.  Mrs. Johnson had made them turn the TV off and go to bed at eleven.  After about 20 minutes of chatter, Oliver fell asleep, Timmy was still awake however.  His mind was on the diapers in his closet upstairs.  Linda had left him two diapers to play with the last time she sat for him.  

Timmy had tried on one of the Pampers one evening after his parents had gone to sleep.  The feel of the soft thick diaper between his legs had filled him with excitement; his embarrassing enlargement throbbed inside the diaper.  Timmy didn’t know why it felt so good but he couldn’t stop himself from rubbing the front of his diaper.  The pleasure was building and he was extremely excited by it…he wondered if it could ever stop.  Suddenly his enjoyment was interrupted by a noise in the hallway.  

Timmy stopped rubbing his diaper immediately and froze.  His mother was awake and moving about on the second floor.  Timmy had no idea what she was doing, maybe going to the bathroom or putting away some laundry, but he didn’t want to get caught.  Timmy very carefully removed his diaper and stuffed it under the bed.  His embarrassing enlargement was still throbbing but eventually it went away.  Timmy listened intently for signs that his mother was no longer up and about…he eventually fell asleep.

This evening Timmy had been thinking about the diapers all night.  He was happy that his friend Oliver was sleeping over and the two had had fun playing Atari and watching TV, but Timmy now wished he was alone so that he could wear a diaper again and explore his strange new feelings even more.  Just thinking about the diapers made his embarrassing enlargement return.  Timmy wanted to touch it beneath his covers but feared that Oliver might wake up and see him.  Eventually he fell asleep.  The diapers and Timmy’s exploration would have to wait.


Linda arrived home and headed directly to her bedroom, both of her parents were already in bed, she could hear the TV from their bedroom as she passed by.  They would not bother her until tomorrow after they returned from church.  Linda closed her bedroom door behind her and quickly stripped out of her cloths.  She retrieved a diaper and baby powder from her secret stash, made quick work of diapering herself and put on her pajamas.  Her bladder was quite full as she had been holding it for over an hour…waiting for just this moment.  Linda turned out her lights, squatted beside her bed, relaxed and wet her diaper.  The warm wetness quickly spread between her legs and pooled around her bottom before being soaked into the absorbent lining of her diaper.  Linda smiled at the sensation of relieving her bladder, she continued to wet for quite some time before the flow stopped.

Linda climbed into bed, rolled onto her stomach and began her ritual of rubbing her wet diaper and satisfying herself. “ummmmmm ohhhhh yes…daddy!...my diapee….my diapee…I wet my diapee diapee diaper! Ummmmm!”  Linda moaned.

A short while later she lay on her back smiling at the ceiling with her eyes cl

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Potty Problems: Chapter Twenty Five

All day Sunday Timmy Johnson worried about what he had done during the night.  Had he wet his bed? He wondered. “That can’t be it” he thought to himself.  His sleeping bag was dry, his pajama bottoms were dry too, it was just one small wet spot in the front of his PJs…and the strange thing was, it was kind of sticky.

Timmy had no idea what this could mean, he was worried that maybe he was sick, or perhaps Oliver had played some disgusting weird joke on him during the night.  Timmy ruled that thought out.  Oliver had said nothing in the morning, and hadn’t even noticed that Timmy had changed before he woke up.  If it were some sort of joke, Timmy expected that Oliver would want to gloat and tease him about it.  That hadn’t happened. “This has to have come from me” Timmy thought.  “But what is it?” he wondered.

That evening when bedtime arrived, after saying goodnight to his parents Timmy lay awake in bed for over an hour, thinking about the wet spot he had discovered that morning.  He thought of the dream he had had last night…about the giant grown up version of Melissa who had put a diaper on him in the playhouse. She was grown up, and beautiful.  The thought of being diapered by the grown up version of Melissa caused Timmy’s embarrassing enlargement to return.

Timmy smiled, he was starting to enjoy the sensations he felt when the enlargement arose.  He thought of the strange sensation he had in his dream, it reminded him of how he felt when the enlargement appeared…only better.  He couldn’t resist exploring this sensation further…Timmy wanted to relive the dream, only he wanted it to be real. He listened closely for noise from the hallway beyond his bedroom door.  He could see that the hallway light was out; his parents had gone to bed.

Timmy quietly crept out of bed and walked to his closet.  He dug through his Cub Scout chest and retrieved one of the two Pampers that Linda had given him.  One of them he had already worn once, but had not wet.  This diaper was still clean and he was able to put it back on without any problems.  

The soft thick feeling of the diaper between his legs and up against the embarrassing enlargement sent him into ecstasy. Timmy walked back to his bed, smiling as he heard the diaper crinkle with every move he made.  He climbed into bed and rolled onto his stomach. Timmy was lost in his own private paradise, he fantasized of being diapered by the grown up Melissa, and as he did, he began to grind his hips into his mattress, pressing the front of his diaper hard into the bed.  The enlargement throbbed and Timmy couldn’t stop himself, the feeling was too good…he wanted more and more and with every push the feeling grew more intense. Suddenly, a powerful sensation washed over his body. It began from his groin and the base of his spine, and then ran out to every part of him.  He felt several spasms from the enlargement as if he were peeing in his diaper but not getting wet.  His eyes rolled back into his head and his mouth was open, buried deep into his pillow.  The spasms continued for a moment then slowly subsided.  The wonderful sensation washed throughout his body and slowly faded.  His alarm clock read 10:37 PM.

Timmy lay on his stomach with his face buried in his pillow, for almost a minute he lay there with a dumb grin on his face.  Reality slowly returned and Timmy thought of his diaper, he suddenly had a very strange feeling of embarrassment and shame for having put the diaper on.  He felt a strong need to take it off and hide it…possibly even get it out of the house.  He shifted his weight, the enlargement was still present but it felt extremely sensitive to the touch.  As Timmy moved the diaper pressed back against the enlargement and sent a slight chill down his spine.  He rolled over and quickly unfastened the diaper tapes.  As he opened the front of the diaper he now realized that there was a warm wet sticky spot near the top front of the diaper…it had happened again.  Timmy didn’t know exactly what had happened but it defiantly had something to do with his new feelings and the embarrassing enlargement. Timmy realized that the enlargement was now returning to normal size…slowly but surely it went away.

He slid the diaper out from underneath him and folded it up.  As he got out of bed again he noticed that he was also a bit sticky in his private area.  Timmy used some Kleenex to wipe himself clean and dropped them in the trash.  He then returned the diaper to its hiding place.  Tomorrow he would need to find a way to get it into the trash and out of the house.  He pulled his pajama bottoms back up and climbed back into bed.  He still felt sensitive down below so he lay on his back and stared at the ceiling, wondering about what had just happened.

After a while his feeling of shame started to turn to curiosity…he thought about what had just happened, and how wonderful it felt.  Eventually his thoughts even turned back to the fantasy he had been having about the grown up Melissa putting him in a diaper.  The embarrassing enlargement began to return and Timmy smiled.  He wanted to do it all over again. After a moment of thought, some strange form of common sense came over him and he realized he only had one clean diaper left.  He didn’t want to waste both of the diapers in one night.

Timmy debated with himself about repeating the whole process over again…he eventually fell asleep.  Tonight he did not dream of Melissa, he dreamed of being naked in front of his entire class at school…the girls were pointing at him and laughing.  Timmy looked down at his dream self and realized he was not naked and in fact wearing one of the diapers from his closet.  His embarrassing enlargement poked out like a tent from the front of the diaper.  Timmy tossed and turned in his sleep, the dream eventually faded into a different dream.


Across the street Melissa Winters lay in bed sleeping.   She dreamt of Timmy again, this time the two children were playing in the basement playroom of her house.  They were having a water balloon fight.  Melissa giggled as Timmy hit her square in the front of her pants with a large water balloon.  The water spread all down the front of her pants, it felt warm.  Beneath her covers, Melissa’s diaper grew warm wet and thick as her bladder emptied itself.  Her bedside clock read 10:37.


Linda lay in bed smiling at her ceiling again.  She had just finished enjoying herself only moments before.  Her diaper was soaked as usual and she would soon be lost in her own dreams.  She wondered about Timmy and Melissa…wondered if they would ever experience the pleasure she found from wearing diapers.  Her clock read 10:38.

Late that night Linda dreamed of babysitting for Timmy and Melissa.  She had both children in a well decorated nursery, each lay on giant changing tables.  Both Timmy and Melissa were older, fully matured.  There was another girl in the room, helping Linda with her charges, but Linda could not identify the girl.  Both Timmy and Melissa smiled at Linda as she prepared to diaper them.  Eventually the dream faded away.

End of Part One….

Melissa, Timmy, Linda, Oliver…and others will return in “Part Two”  Coming soon.

thequeen24lb: | July 29, 2009, 03:04:06 pm

omg great story i loved every part

diaperboy8: | October 02, 2009, 07:39:45 pm

very good but the next time ur gonna make a story that long give it pages not just 1 :)

Removed Member: | October 02, 2009, 09:18:18 pm

Quote from: diaperboy8 on October 02, 2009, 07:39:45 pm
very good but the next time ur gonna make a story that long give it pages not just 1 :)

Are you serious?

This is the completed story archive. The whole point is for the entire, completed story to be featured all at once, so people don't have to go searching for the chapters.

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