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  • ABAlex
    Reply to Tested
    by ABAlex
    "Wow." A familiar voice said.

    "YOU!" Jessica shouted.

    "WOOW," he said again.



    Jessica folded her arms angrily. "How dar..."


    "THat wasn't a..."

    "Don't make me say 'wow' again."

    "UGG!" Jessica shouted.

    "Well well well, what...
    03-29-2020, 05:32:59 PM
  • Ubba
    Reply to The Weird Scholarship
    by Ubba
    I am really liking this story and the relationship that has emerged between Cassie and Nora. The last few chapters have been great seeing Cassie interact with Nora's old life.

    I was really glad that Nora and Cassie got to room together, from the beginning when Cassie was introduced I have found her to be the most interesting and the little windows we see into her past are great. I hope she ditches Milton though cos I think he is a bit of a wang, however we haven't really seen how or...
    03-29-2020, 04:09:23 PM
  • ElfenLied
    Reply to Amelia's trip to the Diaper Dimension. Chapter 1
    by ElfenLied
    Chapter 2

    Amelia had just come though the portal and the doctors waiting were stumped at her.

    "Ummm what? Any idea what happened?" asked one of the doctors.

    "I have no clue, but we need to hurry before she dies forget everything else understand?"

    All the doctors say in unison "Yes Sir."

    As the doctor’s wheel in Amelia...
    03-28-2020, 11:30:47 AM
  • ElfenLied
    Reply to Emily's Journey to Happiness
    by ElfenLied
    Chapter 2 Her health

    " Oh god I hurt, I can barely move, where am I? Why am I in a bed? and what am I wearing? it feels so warm but weird. "

    Elizabeth hears that Emily is awake and hurry to her side.
    "Good morning Emily dear, I'm sorry about how your dressed but I did not think you would be able to move much after last night, you almost froze to death if I did not see you, how I'm going to help you get up ok? I really am sorry about the clothes...
    03-28-2020, 11:28:11 AM
  • Cute-Kitten
    Reply to Magic Master Emily.
    by Cute-Kitten
    You've got a plot with a protagonist and an antagonist, so that's a good start. There's potential here. You could have some fun fight scenes. You've got an excellent use of space- it makes the story very easy to read.

    Adding some description of the setting and characters helps immerse readers in the story.
    03-27-2020, 08:55:43 PM
  • ElfenLied
    Magic Master Emily.
    by ElfenLied

    A howl was heard in the distance as a demon was cut down dead.

    Emily held her hand up in the air waiting for her sword to come back to her after cutting off the demon’s head.

    “Well that’s number 200 today so far. They said it was a group of over 500 demons, but I don’t see anymore. I wonder if they got the intel wrong again like last time, they said over 2,000 I came out here and found barely 700.”

    Emily doesn’t get...
    03-27-2020, 04:57:00 PM
  • ElfenLied
    Emily's Journey to Happiness
    by ElfenLied

    "Elizabeth I cant do this anymore, at first I loved the idea of being your sub and doing stuff together but I just cant, you refuse to even try age-play with me. I'm done were done I've tried time and time again to work everything out with you and you don't want to do it so I'm done Bye."

    "SARAH WAIT! PLEASE DON'T GO SARAH I'LL CHANGE, I'LL BE A BETTER PERSON PLEASE I'M BEGGING YOU, what have I done the only person I've ever cared for and shes gone,...
    03-27-2020, 04:55:59 PM
  • ElfenLied
    Amelia's trip to the Diaper Dimension. Chapter 1
    by ElfenLied

    19 Years earlier.

    "Sarah, I know you don't want me to leave but I want a better life for my child, I don't want her to grow up thinking bad about little's."

    "Liam little's have it better now then when we were kids, I know you still don't like how some are treated but there is not much we can do."

    03-27-2020, 04:54:16 PM
  • ABAlex
    Reply to Tested
    by ABAlex
    Jessica sat, strapped safely in her stroller, gleefully playing with her stuffed rabbit, Mr. Bun. She held it in front of her face, twisting its arms and ears back and forth, then pulled it into her chest to hug it.

    A man and a woman, both in what Mary called "grown up weekend clothes", were walking down the path in front of her. They were covering their mouths and giggling as they pointed at her. Jessica smiled and waved at them. She would have called out, but she had her...
    03-25-2020, 12:27:09 PM
  • Szeretlek
    Reply to Sheltered [03/12/2020] CH28 (1 Chapter, and it's NOT EARLY!)
    by Szeretlek
    Loved this chapter! I was honestly expecting things to take a turn for the worse, but I find myself pleasantly surprised with the way you managed it. Something I really liked from this chapter was seeing Emily showing some support to Joyce, it just felt very... natural, I guess? To see Joyce upset and see Emily trying to make her feel better, I liked that touch.

    I spent a full minute looking for the supposed easter egg before noticing I had seen it from the start u.u I prefer the dark...
    03-24-2020, 02:13:03 PM



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