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  • Nether Void
    Agent Dark (A diaper Dimension Story) ~ Prologue posted on 08/21/2019
    Nether Void
    Hello guys, it's me. I've decided to post this, a story that I doubt very strongly that any of you had ever seen before! This is a Diaper Dimension Story with a little bit of world building added into it, not sure how much yet, but it's not LotR level, no one could out-Tolkien J.R.R. Tolkien. So without further ado, let's get down to it! My first story in years.


    It was a starlit night on the beach, this beach was part of an archipelago of islands, this particular...
    08-21-2019, 01:04:12 AM
  • DeVille
    Reply to Many Padded Occasions
    Bailey heaved a great sigh, though all of her classmates did as well, so no one noticed the extra note of relief to hers as she let a stream of urine into her diaper. It was the end of the final day of exams, the last few minutes of the school year were finally drawing to a close, and with the final bell came a chorus of exhausted noises followed by ecstatic cheer as the students burst from their seats. The well-wishings of a great summer from old Mrs. Friedman were drowned out as the hallways were...
    08-20-2019, 06:04:39 PM
  • wanderer
    Reply to Protocol 301 Redirect Chapters 1-5
    Chapter 6: Rest and Inprocessing.

    Thirty earth standard hours later. Steven could barely keep his eyes open from exhaustion. Including the travel it had been nearly two full days since he last slept. His men had worked admirably and the organometalic replicator was working at full capacity. All critical parts had been completed. Unfortunately, the supply of raw materials is now almost non-existant and Steven would have to begin work immediately on the material recycler. Well, not immediately....
    08-20-2019, 02:46:37 PM
  • PoopyPants82
    Reply to Many Padded Occasions
    I'm loving it so far! Thanks for sharing with us!
    08-20-2019, 12:42:49 AM
  • Lilly85
    Reply to Critical Information Regarding the Future of the site!
    As much as I want to donate I can’t because my bank doesn’t allow automatic withdrawals from out of state entities but if this site lasts until the end of the month my fiancé is willing to help aid me in donating to this cause when he gets his next check. This site gave me my start in writing and it would kill me if it ever went down....
    08-19-2019, 11:37:50 PM
  • ABAlex
    Reply to Tested
    "Open wide!"

    Jessica obeyed, and another fork of vegetables was pushed into her mouth. She chewed, and swallowed.

    They were sitting in the lunch room. Separate from the main hall and fall smaller, it consisted of rows of high chairs, a scant few toys for people who had finished eating, and a mural of cartoon food on the wall. Most of the students were being fed in the high chairs, while some who had advanced were either sitting in chairs or their caretakers' laps...
    08-19-2019, 09:27:07 PM
  • Sheadoll
    Reply to (INCOMPLETE) When all else fails. A diaper dimension tale (CH 6 8/19/2019)
    Chapter 6

    When we arrived at the diner, we find our normal booth empty even with a small crowd. As we sit the waitress comes over with two cups of coffee as she is the normal waitress we see. “Its great to see you two again how have you been?”

    “We have been good thank you” I respond

    “Would you both like your normal for this evening?” She asks.

    “Yes please” I simply state.

    “So what is it that you where...
    08-19-2019, 04:21:24 PM
  • Scootamunk
    Reply to Kimmy's return to infancy
    I think your fine as far as the English and grammar, a few missing apostrophes and capital letters but nothing too major.

    The actual story is a good start but it’s a bit too short in my opinion, also I think you should stick to writing from one perspective.

    What I mean is, you started writing it in the 1st person perspective (as if you're Kim telling her story) EG

    My aunt arrived early Saturday morning as my dad ushered my half asleep self out of the house...
    08-19-2019, 03:24:06 PM
  • Jul
    Reply to Keeping secrets
    Really enjoyed this one too. I got quite impressed at the way the technology seems natural during reading although it's something alien to us. We'll written...
    08-17-2019, 01:25:04 PM
  • babyboypat
    Reply to Dwarf Diaper Diaries
    Well the story was pretty good.
    some of the problems have been mentioned,
    there isn't any reason to go over them,
    my problem is, how come it took the grandparents over 2 month to meet the new baby.
    that isn't right. if I were the meet my new grand daughter , I wouldn't wait that long to meet her.
    other than that, the story is good.
    Keep up the good works.
    08-17-2019, 10:35:32 AM



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