Below you will find information on the various ways you can donate to help with the hosting costs of the site.

At the time this page is being updated it costs $90 per month to keep the servers that host the board online.

At this time, the monthly donations do not cover the costs of keeping the site online.

PayPal Donations


Click the button above, or you can use one of the email address

The button above cannot be tracked back to this site specifically. It is a generic button that is used on several sites Clawdia hosts for friends in addition to this site. It is also used on several of her own sites. Also, by using the button you can setup a donation that happens automatically each month.

Note: This came up recently due to one of the monthly donors asking about it. The name on the PayPal account is a Doing Business As name as it is a business account. If you are currently doing a monthly donation you do not need to change anything. If this should change in the future you will be notified in advance.

Square Cash


Using a debit card (or if you have a Square Cash account, a credit card or your existing Square Cash balance) you can donate by using the link below or using the cash tag $joeyteel

Square Cash

Note that this is the only method of using a debit card where we receive the full amount of your donation. Although we used to recommend this option for credit card donations if you have an account, this is not the best option for that. See the next section for a better alternative.

Square Payments


This is not the same as using Square Cash. They're the same company but very different options. This method is recommended for credit cards because it has the lowest fees for us.

Currently to use this method we need to manually generate an invoice and email it to you or send you a link to it. This method has several advantages however if you want to make a very anonymous donation via credit card or debit card.

  • The company name that appears on the invoice can be customized to say almost anything. A name that is an option is Moogles 'R' Not Us for example.
  • The invoice can list fake items so that if anyone sees it you can just say you paid for an ebook of bad poetry for the hell of it.
  • Unless you ask for the invoice to be emailed, we don't even need to know your email address. Invoices can be made for this option and sent as just a link that goes directly to Square's site. There is literally nothing that could tie it back to this site unless you ask us to use the company name mentioned above. :)
  • The fees for international donations are much lower than with PayPal, the only other international option, when using a debit/credit card.

There is one other major advantage to this option for us. Funds sent this way are usually available 2-8 hours faster than those sent via the Square Cash option.

US Postal Money Orders



We are offering this option only because people have asked about it in the past. You must send a PM to Clawdia to get the mailing address and other information that is necessary for us to be able to receive and legally cash these.

We do not recommend this option simply because it does require you to provide your legal name and your address. While it obviously means these can't traced back to the board directly, it's a privacy trade off. If you can use any other option, even if it means a smaller donation please use those. This should only be used if you really want to donate but don't have an alternative.



This is even less recommended than using a US Postal Service money order. However you can contact Clawida via PM to get her address for this if you want to use it.



In addition to the methods mentioned on this page there are a few other alternatives for one off donations that can be made very anonymous with a debit or credit card. Use the contact us link in the footer to contact ClawdiaWolf for more information. Alternately you can email directly and we will respond as quickly as possible. Direct emails are usually faster. Emails sent via the contact form can be delayed up to 12 hours during high traffic situations.