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  • Advertising Information For Users

    Why are you accepting ads?

    Ads are a supplement to help offset costs that donations don't cover. While donations mostly cover the current costs we recently had to add some extra storage for the avatars, profile pics, and albums because those features do use up space.

    The ads bother me, and I don't like the message telling me to turn off my adblocker!

    If you legitimately need the ads turned off, there is a way to do that. You'll just have to contact me via a form I'll make available later or through the Paid Subscriptions options. Paid Subscriptions will always be exempt...
    02-10-2017, 11:20:59 PM
  • Advertising Information For Advertisers
    These are our advertising guidelines for advertisers. Please adhere to them or your ad will not be approved.
    • All ads that are submitted will have to be in PNG or JPG format. No scripts, no animation.
    • Unless you're a user in good standing on the board or your email address matches one for the domain of the site you're advertising? Yeah, your ad will not be approved without additional verification that you are authorized to act on the product/site's behalf.
    • If your company/site has bad reputation in the community
    02-10-2017, 11:10:04 PM
  • Donations
    01-16-2017, 12:07:18 PM
  • Discord Server Rules
    <p>What is Discord? It's a text chat and voice chat application. Think Teamspeak but without the licensing fees if you want to actually have a decent number of people on it.</p> <p>You
    01-15-2017, 09:53:36 PM