Two really quick updates here. Yes, this is the admin formally known as Renko Yanagi. I changed my username recently to more consistent with my username on IRC

Which now brings me to the missing Discord links. Although the Discord server is still there if you're currently a member (unlikely as I recently purged the inactive users), it is for all intents and purposes dead. I won't go into the specifics of what happened and why as it would just cause a lot of unnecessary drama.

That being said, if you want to join the IRC server, then for now you can find the rules here, and the link to the web interface here. If you want to use a normal IRC client there will eventually be instructions available for various clients on that site. For now though I assume if you're using a normal client you'll know how to make use of the info below.

Port: 6667 (non-ssl), 6697 (SSL)
Channel: #general

If you registered your nick with NickServ, you can set the server password to your nickserv password and it will auto-ident on connect. Also, if you know how to use SSL client certificates the services do have support for CERTFP (don't know what this means? you don't want to mess with it)

BIG BIG NOTE HERE: No one except Ally or myself (the server operators), can see your real IP address. Unless you get a custom hostname after registering your nickname your host appears as to everyone else. You cannot disable this hostmasking on this server.

Oh, and why did I say this server? Because despite the fact it's almost exclusively inhabited by regulars of this board it's not safe to assume that everyone is a member because it's not intended to be just for this board. If it was it would be using an address after all