So, some people have recently discovered we no longer allow connections to IRC from certain VPN providers. This is because of bots that were abusing those particular providers. And let's be honest, there's really not a reason to use a VPN to access the chat here. Literally only two people can see your IP address on the server, and seeing as how we can both see your IP on the board anyway it makes no sense to go out of your way to hide it on IRC from us.

As I mentioned in the previous entry where I talked about the IRC server, your IP address is permanently cloaked to anyone except Ally or myself. You can't turn it off. It's not enabled by a specific user mode being turned on. Repeat after me: YOU CANNOT TURN OFF THE HIDING OF YOUR IP ADDRESS FROM OTHER USERS!

Seriously I cannot emphasize that enough. We did this protect your privacy. To be blunt if Ally was not another IRCop, she wouldn't be able to see your IP address on there either. As an IRCop she needs to have access to do her job just as I do. Even then it's rare that we need them. IP based bans are used as a last resort, and if you've done something to banned from IRC to the point we're using an IP ban you're probably going to be banned a little lower in the networking stack anyway

Other recent changes:

In #general you now get set to +K if you're using the web interface to join. This is a convenience thing mostly for Ally and myself because if you join and don't register with NickServ you have a - in front of your nick. It doesn't do anything beyond giving a visual indicator you're using the web interface and thus might have more connection issues than others. It's rare, but it happens.

In no way does it indicate anything bad, despite what some people seem to think

Also, if you look in your profile settings on the board you'll notice a place you and enter your IRC nick. If you fill that in (if you don't have one filled in, it will pre-populate with an IRC friendly version of your username soon) when it goes live here soon the page with the direct link to the web interface will auto-fill in the nickname field with the contents of that profile field. For guest users the nickname will still be a randomly generated guest_##### type nick.

Last but not least: Please be aware that Draculaura is a services bot and there are scripts that make her do or say things randomly and based on what I'm currently listening to on my computer. Sometimes they're silly, sometimes they're references to random Monster High things, and sometimes they're slightly inappropriate. It's all just for good fun, so don't get your diapers in a bunch

And seriously, I will warn you now, I will make fun of you if you complain about the random bits of inappropriate silliness where she makes comments about Clawdeen or Howleen because they are meant to be just silly and inappropriate. If you take them seriously you probably need to have your sense of humor checked out to make sure it hasn't been disabled