Most of you probably won't have noticed this but I've been very busy recently working on things.

The biggest thing I've been working on is trying to fix that f***ing issue with profiles looking like shit on mobile devices. Still not sure why that is happening, but on my test install I did finally get it so the text doesn't overlap on iOS devices.

Other things you'll probably not notice much include updating several places that reference one of my old usernames. The biggest changes were in the help documents. I finally removed all references to the defunct Discord server. I also updated the Site FAQ section to remove all references to my old username.

Basically, I have a lot of plates spinning, and I'm trying to keep them doing so while trying not to get killed by the napalm being thrown at me by my own body. Now, before anyone panics, yes I've had a few major medical scares, but I'm currently on the mend, and keeping busy working on this site and the chat has done wonders for keeping me sane.

I've also been working on fixing the issue that the emergency update to vB5 caused with the last contest. That's also why we haven't had another one yet this year. Assuming I can get things straightened out in time there will be one in a few months. I will only give one hint as to what the theme will be: Dolls.

As a final note, I strongly encourage you to subscribe to updates from this blog specifically as I will be using it more to post updates on what is being worked on as a change log. Major changes will be announced via announcements at the top of the page and will link to a blog entry on this blog.

Oh, almost forgot. I added a link to the old style Activity Stream that a lot of you liked from vBulletin 4. It was actually always available on the home page as the Latest Activity tab, but now it's on a dedicated page that includes a sidebar showing the trending discussions from the past 30 days.