Hello, all,

I’ve played the Perpetual Change and I’m thinking of developing another ABDL-themed game. At this moment it is a very raw idea and I’m not sure about the final form.

My idea is basically an escape game. The main hero falls asleep and she appears in a dream world. The world is an ABDL one and all people wear diapers. Our hero has to find an exit. The game is split into episodes; every night an episode. If the hero wakes up in the morning, she is in the same condition as in her last dream.

In the dream world there are several obstacles, mysteries to be solved and age-changing chambers. Our hero can turn into a toddler or small child. In the end she has to be changed to her adult form and find the exit.

It is a quite large project and I’d welcome help and support. The simplest way is a text adventure game, but RPG maker could be an option as well. I can provide plot ideas, map layouts, coding and game logic. Anyway I’d welcome some artwork like illustrations and good textual descriptions and dialogues by native speakers.

The entire project is planned as a freeware.