So, I've been wearing diapers for eleven days now, and I feel I've completely adjusted to the lifestyle. They're completely unobtrusive at work, and they even make my job easier sometimes, such as when I have to deal with long lines of customers at the register and can't get away to use the bathroom. There have been a couple of somewhat embarrassing incidents of pooping while talking to someone, but I've also decided to keep things "open", whereby I don't clench my kegel muscle or my sphincter (sorry if that's a little TMI). I'm basically going to operate as if I'm completely incontinent for the next few weeks.

I've ordered more diapers as well, including Bambinos (Bellissimos, Biancos, and Teddys) and Rearz Safari (I love the animal prints!), and I may extend my time in them if I feel comfortable enough with it.

If anyone has advice/questions, I'd love some feedback.