Let's get this out of the way.
What kind of shitty technological age do we live in where compatibility is universal, but a couple points of data say 'No?'

And these big companies wonder why people are using alternative methods to watch shit (some legit, some less so) I personally would like to have top quality physical copies of the movies I like. Most of what I've seen in the last several years has been through digital methods. (streaming, etc) But I really want to have physical copies so I can lend out a movie I would recommend to someone. I generally like to shove it in their face, and tell them they have no excuses not to see what I've been raving about.

So here's the problem; I have every capability to play any region movie, download it, stream it, whatever. But most people don't.

For example; I just got my copy of Red Road on Blu Ray.
It's a Scottish film from first-time director Andrea Arnold. I've you've never heard of any of that, I'm not surprised at all, this movie is wildly under the radar for some unknown reason.

Let me take a break from the rant to claim that I think Red Road may possibly be one of the most real feeling movies I've seen. I'd say it leans toward 'thriller' in genre, but forget classifying its genre; it's a good friggin' movie. What's amazing is that there's no random, shoehorned exposition, no info dumps, none of that. We see what the protagonist sees and that's it! I was deeply impressed upon watching it, and you will be too.

So anyway, with that said; I'm pissed that there is no American release of the film. I mean, it's already in English! But no, it got a limited release in the UK, nothing else. Well now I have it on disc, but that's basically useless. I can't lend it to anyone else. I can't even take it to a friends house to show them, unless I drag my whole Blu-Ray player along with me.

It's fucking stupid.

Even worse are foreign language films.
The Wave - German film - original title Die Welle. That was great too. It's a damn shame that they only released the DVD version with English subtitles. I have the Blu Ray version now, but it's useless to anyone who doesn't speak Deutsch.
Timecrimes has the same problem. Spanish film, original title Los Cronocrímenes. Again, no Blu ray release with anything English. But hey, there is a German version of a Spanish movie, but no, not English. And hell, it was even hard to not find a dubbed version of this. Fuck dubbing!

But you know what? Every time I go hunting and searching for more obscure movies, hundreds of illegitimate sources claim to have this stuff in easily watchable versions. I know, right? They can't possibly have HD quality movies with subtitles in nearly every language, all available instantly.

But they do.

So why is it so fucking hard to pay money for something. How can several sweaty dudes in basements scattered across the globe provide top quality services for free, when multi-billion dollar companies won't even do provide some of this stuff in the first place?

Anyway, I'm fucking sick of the service you get when trying to buy movies. Even if there is a version, you still get a shit ton of unskippable ads crammed in your face. Games and websites remove ads for buying the premium version, why not movies? We're customers, not cash-cows damnit!

With all that said, if you can find it, make sure you watch Red Road, it's phenomenal!