A funny sort of coincidence happened yesterday that I just sort of realized. In the evening hours, I was reading Because of Morgan, which if you haven't read is in my opinion an excellent piece that is very much worth your time.

This morning my cousin calls me to say his baby girl was delivered last night. They named the kid Morgan.

Now, I suppose this isn't a "wow omg amazing" sort of thing. I knew that was one of the few names they were considering and I knew the due date. But still, it's that sort of little thing that makes you double take and wonder if somewhere up above someone or something is just kind of winking at you.

If any of you have experienced some sort of similar (or dissimilar) little interesting situations, please feel free to share. Sometimes it's nice to feel a sense of, um, I don't know, perhaps you'd call it magic? Yeah, I guess that could work.