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    Hello. Below you will find all the information about how to donate to help keep this site online. If you have any questions please send an email to donations@abdlstoryforum.info or send a private message to Renko Yanagi.

    If you want to setup a recurring monthly donation through PayPal there are currently three ways of doing this. One is via your user profile. This option will show up as coming from this board in your PayPal account. The second method requires Renko to manually create a subscription for you. These will show up as coming from his normal PayPal email address and will not give any indicator that it is for this board. The third method is when you use the normal donation pages below there should be a box to check to make it a recurring donation. There have been reports that this method does not always show up even when you are logged into PayPal.

    One off donations via Credit/Debit Card, eCheck, or any payment method supported by PayPal or Square Cash.

    ServiceEmail Address/Link
    PayPal (email address)donations@abdlstoryforum.info
    PayPal (Link. Shows for this board)
    PayPal (Link. Generic Message)
    Square CashSquare Cash

    Please note that for credit/debit card donations the Square Cash method is preferred as sending with a debit card is free and the credit card fee is slightly less than PayPal if your donation is under $50.


    You can use any of the bitcoin addresses below to donate.

    • 134pEzwGNZPwMTeQVpXtmb8Mj1CPHUhvUB
    • 19NVBJ49pnm4anzXNMRNU6sLQfbSKiPdeo

    Please note that that using PayPal or Square Cash is preferred as I have immediate access to those funds whereas bitcoin donations can take up to a week depending on how long it takes my bank to process the payment from Coinbase when I cash them out


    The list below are referral links that benefit the site if you use them to sign-up for services

    • DigitalOcean VPS

      If you use the above the link you get a $10 credit on your account and once you spend $25 on your account, $25 is credited to Renko Yanagi's DigitalOcean account reducing the operating costs. At the current rate that $25 credit is equal to 1/4 of month of hosting.