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The board, my wife and I can use your help

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    The board, my wife and I can use your help

    Well my entire family actually, although considering two of them are why I'm having to ask this...

    So, short version. I have until 5:00pm on the 16th to come up with the $180 for the monthly payment on my stove and fridge. And this is them already working with me and having pushed out the payment date once. Why the rush though? My sister was supposed to pay it on Friday, and didn't. She instead spent the money on something she didn't need. On top of that she also lost my food stamp card (not that it matters, see previous stove/fridge payment issue).

    So we could really use some help. I wouldn't even care if it was just my sister, Penny, and myself. Well I would in Penny's case because she's on U-500 insulin and has to keep a very strict meal schedule, but I can cover enough stuff to deal with that until the replacement food stamp card gets here on Friday. My main concern is my nieces and nephew. If you can donate at all and help out, please do.

    The donations info page has information on how you donate to help out. It goes without saying that not having food or a way to prep it and store it will affect the ability to manage to the site. That and the kids are the only reason I'm asking.

    If you do donate and the email address you use isn't the same as your board account let me know the confirmation # via the contact form and I'll add you to to the active donor's group for an equivalent amount of time of your donation amount which will disable the ads for you.

    If for some reason neither of the paypal links work, PM me and I'll send you an alternate email address to use if you don't want to use the one on the donations info page for privacy reasons.

    Update. As of the time I’m posting this I’ve received $50 so far. To those who have donated I really appreciate it


      Well some sort of good news. I've received $70 now, and I was just informed by the manager of the place we're getting the stove an fridge through that if I can get at least another $40 of it by tomorrow at noon I can have until Friday to come up with the rest of it. Still not a good situation, but better than it was. And again to everyone who has donated so far, THANK YOU!

      Oh, almost forgot this. I was asked privately why my bitcoin addresses are no longer listed on the Donations Info page. The simple truth is that it's more hassle than it's worth to deal with it these days, especially consider how expensive the transaction fees are getting. So sorry, but no more bitcoin donations. And yes it sucks because that was the method some of the biggest donors used for one off donations.