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Donations and the Long Term Viability of the Site and other issues.

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    Originally posted by ClawdiaWolf View Post
    Sorry it took me a bit longer than I intended to get back to this. The donations here and from a few friends were just barely enough to get everything covered, but it was covered.

    Now, as for the recurring donations and how much they cover. I very much need to update the donations page to reflect this but the current level of recurring donations works out to $87.48 assuming everyone's donations are taken from a credit/debit card rather than their PayPal balances/Instant ACH transfers. Assuming it comes out of PayPal balances and/or instant ACH transfers? It's $95, so $5 extra each month So generally speaking the board is self-sufficient now, and even if all the donations come off cards, I can easily eat the small difference. The cash back each month from using my PayPal debit card will cover the difference.
    Good. I know it's not fun for you having to stress out about this every month or post about it every month. I'll keep that up as long as I can, right now it's a pretty minor thing, and since it's coming from my PP credit line, it's easy to cycle through it when I get paid every month.


      A bit late for this, got side tracked by other issues, some of them involving Clawdia's health (I'll post about that later. Staff already know some of it) but I have an update for those interested.

      Thanks to the level of recurring donations + one off donations we've made some progress in the area of trying to reduce hosting costs. As of this morning we are back down to 2 web front ends behind the load balancer. A few extras were needed during the upgrade a couple months ago. I also began the process of merging the image hosts. Currently uploaded signature images and avatars are now on the same storage. Other uploaded images are in the progress of migrating now and should be finished by the 15th. it's taking awhile due to the fact the images have to be manually moved and then all references in the database have to be updated to point to the new physical locations. The database part is semi-automatic, but I still have to manually provide the new paths to the database update script.