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An odd question for anyone to consider: How long have abdl people existed?

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    An odd question for anyone to consider: How long have abdl people existed?

    Or, to put it in other words: do you think that...let's say in the mid eighteen hundreds (or earlier) people have also existed that had these feelings? Though, if I had to guess, they would have probably have ignored them or they would have worn the diapers of the time in outmost secrecy. Because I think that in those days, the suggestion of an uninjured adult wearing diapers for no good reason other than his/her own enjoyment... Would it have been considered sin?

    Except that at the same time, arranged marriages and child-mothers were a thing weren't they? I mean, wasn't it considered 'normal' for women (girls?) to be pregnant as soon as possible after marriage which was very early right? perhaps as early as fourteen?

    Or was that a different era? Anyway, the question I'm asking remains the same: have 'we' always existed throughout the ages? It's a question I have never encountered before.

    Well, people have been people throughout history, so I'd say it depends upon what time frame + what location/ culture(s). Since you mentioned the mid-1800s specifically and made a reference to sin, it sounds like you're talking about the Victorian era. If abdls did exist (which they may have), admitting to liking it or wanting to be treated as a baby would probably have landed one in an insane asylum, especially if they were a woman. I base that off the fact that women could be admitted to asylums by their husbands for female hysteria, being committed for saying something as "abnormal" as a diaper fetish isn't much of a stretch.
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      I've seen this question once before, my answer hasn't changed since then.

      It depends on what you mean by “ABDL”. Diapers (or things that fulfill the same function) have existed in some form as far back in human history we can prove. We’ve observed fetish development in monkeys and other apes. So a proto-diaper fetish may long predate recorded history, perhaps even predating homo sapiens as a whole. Fetish/alternate-lifestyle communities, I suspect would have formed after agriculture, city development, or the industrial revolution due to being higher on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. When would depend on when the quality of life hit a point where sufficient leisure was possible and such things became taboo enough to be inappropriate in polite society.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if early ABDLs were around in the Victorian era, they were a very seedy and fetish friendly people behind closed doors. Secret adult baby clubs wouldn’t be a stretch of the imagination in that setting.

      Child brides/mothers weren’t as common in history as their reputation lets on. In the West, they were more often seen among the nobility, and even then childbirth rarely happened until years into the marriage as they knew from experience that getting girls pregnant too young could prevent them from getting pregnant again. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are proportionately more child brides today than there were in the past (as we see with slavery).
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