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The Diaper Dimension: What are the Consequences the amazons would face if the Littles decided they had enough?

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    The Diaper Dimension: What are the Consequences the amazons would face if the Littles decided they had enough?

    Ok so, the Diaper dimension, we all know it, many of us love it, I certainly am categorized in both parties. But what always, ALWAYS bugged me about this specific type of adbl story is that the characters act pretty unrealistically. I'm not talking about the Amazons, I consider them an inhuman race of giants, and besides, their behavior as the antagonists is essential by the nature of the stories. Everyone knows that the Amazons certainly don't act like real people, I'm talking about the 'Littles,' specifically, the Littles as a whole, as a nation, and finally, those foolish, foolish people who chose not to stay on the island, and those unlucky guys and girls who were kidnapped from their homes. Looking at the Diaper Dimension universe as a whole, what we've seen of how the Littles on the 'mainland' are treated is by-the-by NOT an isolated phenomenon by ANY stretch of the imagination, in most stories it's almost institutionalized. The problem I'm seeing here is that the Amazons, despite clearly doing this for a really REALLY long time, aren't suffering ANY consequences for their actions, I swear, collectively the Amazons are the biggest applicants of Karma Houdini I've EVER seen in ANY medium, no, really! Kyubey, for all of his wrongdoing, got ENSLAVED for his asshatery. Give me ANY DD story where the amazons as a collective whole, suffer at least negative consequences for what they've done besides "A Little Legal Issue." What we see is that there aren't ANY consequences for the Amazon's clearly evil actions, here's what I've seen of all the DD stories I've encountered (please tell me if I've missed any, I KNOW I am).

    Enslavement of the Littles on a massive scale.

    Human Trafficking.


    Institutionalized Humiliation and degradation.

    What would the political consequences of this be if the Littles decided that they had enough, with how inflexible the amazons are in their belief that Littles are nothing more than babies, especially thos ein power, what kind of consequences would happen if the little son the island began proactively trying to end the amazon's reign of terror?
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    Little genocide. Multiple well-written DD fictions place one Little Island surrounded by more Amazon islands. If the Littles tried anything, the Amazons would rain unholy hell down upon them. It's simple, really. As for the "human rights violations"- well, again, it is simple. Hell, you answered it yourself. It's institutionalized. Aka it is acceptable by most of Amazon society. How did the Romans get away with the brutalities of the Colosseum? How did China get away with binding the feet of females and essentially crippling them for over 1000 years? Hell, even today, some cultures and religion(s) practice female genital mutilation. Society accepts it.

    Many DD stories have addressed this issue. WB Daddy's "A Little Legal Issue" addresses it directly- the Little there was sold by her parents to the Amazons. So, conjecture indicates Littles could use the Amazons as a way to control their own society. Anyone who disagrees gets sold off to the Amazons.
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      It would depend on the story but the Amazons are almost always depicted as a highly technologically advanced society while the Little islands -if they appear at all- are at our tech level at best. Combined that with their physical strength and there isn’t much incentive to play nice. Bullets for Little-sized guns might not even have enough penetration power to pierce Amazon muscles. I don't see Little nations holding a lot of clout in the world stage. If they had militaries at all they'd have to depend on Amazon-made drones in order to stand a chance against non-Little aggressors. Generally not a good idea to declare war on your suppliers.

      I’m not sure what the populations are but considering Littles are usually described as hailing from “islands” as opposed to the “mainland” they’re probably the minority because of the isolation and resource scarcity (perhaps the cause of their ancestors’ small size). I wouldn’t be surprised if there are more designer Littles bred in captivity on the mainland than there are immigrants from the islands.

      A Little rebellion would probably be more lopsided and short-lived than any of our historical colonial uprisings.

      The Middles might fare a bit better (assuming the story even includes them) but there isn’t much canon to work with for them. Considering how rarely they turn up one can assume they aren’t many of them, either.

      The only hope for Littles I can see would be if they convince enough Amazons that Littles deserve better. Historically, revolutions and social changes were hard to pull off without support from a sizeable faction of the privileged class.
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        I am obviously to stupid for this!
        you are pretending that the Amazons are real.
        That's just fantasy!

        I fought my way through Exchanged.
        God is that a boring story.

        Very well written with many information (to much information, to much sissi boys and to much Travel guide).
        The Story self is verry thin.
        The Story "exchanged" serves in my opinion only to lure the people on their side, where it is likely to continue boring.
        They only suggest BDSM but do not do anything for it.

        And if someone goes into BDSM more intensively, he usually loses the courage or the ideas for it, then he quickly cope with his submissive wife and then makes her a rebel, or does not write continue the story.

        I'll try WBDaddy his story even though I'm fed up with the Amazons.

        I only wish there were a few more users here, who would have the courage to consistently continue a BDSM oriented story and not stop in the middle of it.
        The fantasy here anyway more than 75%.
        remember, It's just a story ...

        I like Rihanna ... Love on the brain ... fuck my brain, that is what a story must to do.
        not more!
        And than is it care, what it is, real or fantasie.

        In general, I find the amazons a nice idea and I got some good inspirations, but the most guys write it so half Fish half meat.
        Anyway, I got some ideas when reading the Amazons.
        I thinking i want write too a amazonas story, but much more tougher.
        and of german, sorry my english ist to bad to write in english.
        As you can now unequivocally ascertain my bad grammar.

        a littel thanks for the amazonas
        greeting Nicole


          Well, if you want grade A rough stuff, you'll get it out of my story, but I'm not sure if the tone will suit you.


            To directly answer the topic's question, as stated in the thread title: probably a few bruised shins.

            The voices in my head got weirded-out and left long ago.


              Originally posted by Vearynope View Post
              To directly answer the topic's question, as stated in the thread title: probably a few bruised shins.

              LOL!! Succinct and amusing answer. Surely there might be a few bitten Amazon ankles, too?

              Grammar: the difference between knowing your shit and knowing you're shit.