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    Ideas Thread Existence

    I have a question.

    Is there a thread for people who need ideas and people who have an idea or a jumping off point for a story to exchange them on? If not, can we create one?

    I know we have a story request thread but, as I understand it, it's for requesting that we add a story from another site to this site, not for people who have a jumping off point or plot idea and want to see a story written off it.

    The reason I'm asking is because I've been a person affected by the two things this thread could solve, being a writer who is unable to generate ideas for a story, and having a great story idea that I know won't get written by me, and thus maybe never exist.
    What the hell happened to me?

    The only issue I have with story ideas threads is that it's a back door for people who want a commission but don't want to pay for it.


      I see how that could become an issue, and I didn't think of that, but the idea was that writers who were unable to come up with an idea would be able to read suggestions on what to write.

      My vision would just essentially be a topic full of ideas contributed by various people that were stuck could look through.

      If the writer wants to do it as a commission, that's their choice, but the idea was that the writer would say, "oh, that's cool, let's write that." then proceed to write it and give credit to the person who came up with the idea in the first place.

      However, I think that the format could solve that problem to an extent on its own, because for every person who was looking for people to commission them, there would be someone else who was just looking for a plot idea or jumping off point to write a story for free.
      Then again, I have no experience whatsoever with this sort of thing, just thought it could be a cool idea.

      From the sound of it, you do have experience with this, and I would love to hear you elaborate on your point a bit.
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      What the hell happened to me?


        We had a guy here, a while back, who wanted people to pay him for his story ideas. He was mocked, and rightfully so, for trying to turn the entire concept of commissioned work on its head and make writers pay to write instead of getting paid.

        The story idea thread that sits over at DD is a mess.


          I'll check that out to see why this won't work.
          Are you talking about the Idea Adoption Form?

          Because if you are, it seems to me that the issue is that the ideas aren't particularly great or original, and only a few ideas were being 'adopted,' not that the setup wasn't working.

          It really didn't seem like that big of a mess to me.
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          What the hell happened to me?


            For me, it was a mess because of exactly what you're saying - the ideas weren't original, mostly just someone's fappy fantasies. Which should be under "commissions wanted", not "ideas for stories".


              Well, I think the first question is "what type of story are you wanting to write/do you want written?"
              In the vein of fappy fantasies, I think the scales will tip toward having a ton of people puke out an idea and then grumble and cry when no one else jumps to write it for them. That, and the ideas themselves are likely to be limited in variety, poorly detailed, and very shallow. This, of course, is a product of their origin, that being someone's horny mind running wild. Not that I'm completely dissing that, or those types of stories, but there's a bit of a trend with them and it's easy to spot.

              Now, for actual story ideas, I like the concept of a thread where people might post ideas for others to adopt or be inspired by, but I doubt it would do much good for me personally. Here's why. In stories, I like surprises. Whether I'm surprised by what I'm reading, or whether I'm writing something that will surprise the eventual reader, I don't like knowing full-well where the story is going. When I come up with ideas (and I have many) the thing I most often start with is the ending. At the very least, I have a good idea of where the story is going, and where it starts; I need those parts at a minimum before I can do much else. I'm not too good at starting something with no end goal in mind. My ideas are usually pretty detailed in terms of what I want to achieve with the tone. My shortcomings lie in being able to come up with a plot to connect all of it together. However, if I were to explain what I wanted in full--as if I were putting an idea up for adoption--I'd end up giving away much of the mystery and adventure in the piece. Unless the author who adopted it went wildly out of their way to overhaul my idea, then there wouldn't be much point in me reading it; and if they did, it really wouldn't be much of my idea any more. The ideas I write down are ones I think I'm capable of actually writing. That leaves plenty for everyone else to surprise me with.

              Thus, I really wouldn't want to post an idea for adoption because I really would rather do it myself and enjoy people's reactions. I'm sure there are others much like that.
              On the flip side, I really like seeing what other people come up with, so I'd be hesitant to adopt someone else's idea and would rather they complete it themselves. I'd likely feel either limited by what they've laid out, or I'd feel like I wouldn't be able to achieve what they wanted to see.

              For the record, the idea I posted in the other thread was entirely slapped together on the spot and was left intentionally vague, so as to give you some room for creativity.

              I like the idea of the contests we've had in the past, as a general theme, and a few guidelines are great for sparking creativity. Additionally, a publicly-set and non-negotiable deadline does wonders for kicking my ass into gear. But alas, it takes a lot of time and effort to host such contests, and I think the ones capable very much have their hands full already.

              TL;DR: I would like an idea thread too, but--like already stated in this thread--I don't think it'd work out well at all.
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              stop me.


                Originally posted by Vearynope View Post
                I would like an idea thread too, but--like already stated in this thread--I don't think it'd work out well at all.
                From the sound of his original post "thread" actually means forum, in which case I can kill that idea right now as one of only two people who can make new forums I'm sure as hell not doing it and the other person who can do it is usually reluctant to make new forums as well from what I've seen.


                  We actually tried something like this four years ago. It didn't go anywhere.

                  Edit: And please don't resurrect that thread.
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                  Whenever you're holding all the cards, why does everyone else turn out to be playing chess?


                    In short the answer is no, I see.

                    I will not resurrect the dead form.
                    What the hell happened to me?