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ClawdiaWolf has passed away.

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    ClawdiaWolf has passed away.

    The regulars in the chat already know this, and I really should have posted this here a lot sooner, but I wasn't really in a place where I was comfortable writing this message. Hell to be honest I'm still not but it is something I need to get out there.

    The description of the linked money pool gives an executive summary of what happened. There are some facts I can't discuss publicly at the moment due to possible litigation (very, very long story). The long and short of it though is that On May 31st, 2019 Clawdia had heart attack and seizure that pretty much left her braindead. While attempts were made at saving her it just wasn't possible and on June 2nd, 2019 I authorized them to take her off the ventilator. She passed within moments of it being disconnected of course.

    As the money pool says, I need help covering the costs of her cremation and getting the bills that were still in her name (mostly to prevent arguments with Social Security...) put into my name. I also need to pay for the death certificates I need to handle that, plus to get the funds from her life insurance policy. If you can help at all I would greatly appreciate it. While through the money pool is preferable to keep track of things you can use any of the normal donation methods as well if you want to help out.

    Clawdia did have prewritten message she wanted me to post on her death. Due to some of the content I can't post it at this time, but I am working on getting it to a point where it can be reasonably posted.

    And I want you to all be aware that the site is fine, the monthly recurring donations are more than sufficient to keep the site going, this is just a request for the help I need so I can honor Clawdia's final wishes and take care of what needs to be done.

    You may notice I'm online less than normal in the coming days. I've made a best effort to make the servers able to self-repair the most common issues they have. If you need assistance the best place to ask is in the Site Tech Help forum unless you need to provide private information, in which case the one on one support forum is the better choice as only yourself and staff can see your posts. If you can't post in either forum you can use the contact form, just be aware that there will be delays in getting responses via that method at this time.
    My wife died Sunday 6/2/2019 after having a heart attack and seizure on Friday 5/31/2019. I desperately need help covering her final expenses. The pool's goal is mostly the estimated cost of her funeral and burial. In the interests of full disclosure it also includes the cost needed for me to order the death certificates I need for the various agencies and billers so that I can take care of things like transferring bills into my name that currently aren't and to get the (very tiny) payout on her life insurance policy. EDIT: Updated goal to reflect actual costs now that I know what they are.

    I'm sorry. I still don't know what to say. After everything she's been through, she deserved better than to go like this.

    I'd hoped some members who knew her better would have been able to post something by now, so that people like me with less to say would get drowned out. I get that people have been busy, and it’s a lot to take in in less than 48 hours but seeing this without replies hurt and I didn't want to give you the impression we're brushing her off.

    I don't have any money to spare at the moment but I will in a week or two.
    Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn


      I'm Sorry, wish I had some comforting words but at times like this I have a hard time of thinking.