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I sort of worry this may be a little bit ghoulish…

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    I sort of worry this may be a little bit ghoulish…

    …but it was what started running through my mind while I was changing for the day this afternoon.

    The rest is a re-post of my Journal entry for my FurAffinity (Chrysicat, because that account isn't solely for babyfur work, and is honestly prolly slated more for hosting my webcomic where this me is able to look in on the adventures of, and talk back to, my 19-year-old biofem self in another reality…)

    …who thinks that it might be a good idea to try to discourage the use of public potties even after it's considered all right to socialise with non-family members again?

    I can see a path to where it gets a lot more acceptable--even encouraged--for everyone outside their own home to pad up ("Wet diapers save lives!" "Public potties are the #1 transfer medium between two bottom ends!"). Where it's even possible peek-a-band becomes a fashion trend.

    And yes, I'm currently in the head-stages of writing a story in the world that could create. Or more accurately, I already had a comic in mind, and now I have a backstory that might actually make it plausible.

    So now I just have to find a good app (the one I started with doesn't quite cut it) and see if my skills are already up for it, or if I need to stick with just the prose for now while I work up to illustrating it.
    If anybody wants to comment, I'd be fine seeing responses her or on the journal.
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    Toxic toilets requiring public padded protection sounds superb story fodder.


      I agree with both the alliteration and the OP


        I can see a story based on this working and being a fun read. As for the reality, well, reality intrudes on the fantasy. Toilet seats are often much cleaner than drinking fountains. I know someone who swabbed the surfaces and grew the cultures to demonstrate it.
        Take the buffets of life, work through them, and savor the buffets.
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          Ally, you're of course right that they're cleaner than drinking fountains.

          OTOH, I can also definitely see a future where those are also banned, because they were kind of already an obvious disease vector before this mess.

          And I'm not sure I know anyone who's used one in at least 15 years.

          The bigger issue with drinking is whether we'll ever be allowed to re-use cups on a soda or coffee dispenser again, or if it's considered too much of a risk that somehow splashback gets somewhere while filling one cup that it can be spread to the next one. I certainly hope it's allowed again, because I don't know too many people who hadn't gotten used to the concept of free refills as long as you remained in-store for most counter-service restaurants.