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    Resolved: Issue with Age

    Good morning,

    I tried PMing Clawdia, but it's not letting me do so... I tried to edit to another theme but it's not letting me until I update an age. There's no field to edit though, although the default seems to think I must be some sort of eternal baby of a 1,000+ years old... (We could only wish, huh?) I know you're probably up to your eyeballs with reconfiguring everything still, but wanted to let you know I was having the issue. Best wishes with the upgrade!


    The option to fix your age should be on this page. If not, use the contact us link to email me your birthday and I'll update it.

    In all fairness though, there was a message up for 4 months, (during which time you were actively posting) when that requirement went into effect telling people to update their birthdays.


      Sorry about that... I e-mailed you. Thanks for your help!


        'You should be set


          If anyone else has this issue, please use the Contact Us link in the footer while logged into your account to send me your birthdate and I will fix it. However please try to edit it in your control panel first as it should be editable for most users if you haven't previously set it.