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Dan's Fate by Sally KA

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    Dan's Fate by Sally KA

    Dan's Fate Ch I

    'Author's note'

    Here's a cautionary tale of a very unhappy woman. I know - I was one, although I left the
    relationship rather than take the drastic action Sue did. Plus, the miracle drugs Sue used
    were not available at the time (or now, sadly…).

    I have, however, on occasion fed my new boyfriend a combination of diuretics and
    sedatives if he drinks too much, and he has reacted to his subsequent childish bedwetting
    with predictable, and from my point of view, highly enjoyable embarrassment. Despite my
    best efforts, he still drinks too much sometimes, though, but tells me he won't wet.
    Somehow he always does, and he knows what that means - diapers and no option for the
    next weekend. I keep a supply under the bed to frighten him. Last time he had a few too
    many, which was at an afternoon wedding, the frightened little prat wet his pants on the
    way home when I told him that he would have to wear diapers for the rest of the day, after
    he sobered up, just in case. Naturally, I double diapered him as soon as we got home. He
    protested loudly, but wet himself thoroughly that night, sober and without the sedative.
    Men are so pathetic.

    Now read on…

    Sue looked at her lying, selfish, drunken husband as his workmate's car drove away. He
    hadn't even been able to get his key into the door, and she had sat for at least a minute,
    listening to his grunting attempts to do even that simple task, before she flung the door

    'I rang your office,' she said, glaring at him as he held on to the doorframe for support.

    'There was no problem with the software, and there was no 'all night effort' either, was
    there, you asshole??'

    She held her husband's chin in her hand. She could see his eyes trying to focus, first on
    her hand, then on her face. Dan tried to speak, but she held his lips in a painful pout.

    'Wwwnnnnnggghh,' was all he could manage.

    'Well??' she screamed, pushing his head away so violently that it hit the doorframe with a
    loud 'thunk'.

    'Do you think I'm an idiot, you stupid, boozing loser?? This is the third time this month
    that you have lied to me, isn't it, you alcoholic bastard?'

    Dan tried to rub the back of his head. She saw his eyes watering.

    'And then you expect me to help you with your weird, freaky fetish?' she yelled. 'Marriage
    is a two-way street, buster!'

    Dan cringed. He was compos enough to worry about the neighbours hearing their latest
    row. And this one was getting embarrassing.

    'Well, Danny boy, I've had enough,' Sue continued. 'If you want to stay and enjoy married
    life with the only woman this side of the moon that would put up with your behaviour, then
    you'd better get ready for a few changes around here.'

    She had him by one ear, and was pulling him inside.

    She dragged him into the bedroom, and pushed him onto the bed. He fell off immediately,
    and lay sprawled on the floor.

    'Sue…' he whined.

    Sue grabbed his ear again, hauling him back onto the bed.

    'Don't you try to argue, you little shit!' Sue replied, wrenching his ear as Dan stabilised
    himself on the bed, where he sat in silence while Sue pulled a suitcase from beneath the

    She opened the suitcase, and flung a folded white towel at her husband, who watched her
    with unblinking eyes.

    'What are these, Danny??' Sue asked as she threw more white towels at her husband.

    'D…d..diapers,' said Dan mechanically, his eyes glued to the white towelling on his lap.

    'That's right, Danny, and whose are they?' asked Sue, unfolding one of the squares and
    holding it up.

    'M..mine' said Dan.

    'And these??'

    Sue held up a large pair of elasticated plastic panties.

    Dan didn't reply, He was breathing heavily, staring at the plastic pants.

    'You love it, don't you, Danny, even when you're shitfaced, you love it!' Sue screamed,
    standing over Dan, then pushing him backwards. She knelt on the bed, and roughly undid
    Dan's belt. She pulled his damp pants down to reveal Dan's erect cock.

    She grabbed it and looked at Dan. He had shut his eyes and was leaning back.

    'Right, Danny,' said Sue in a quiet, businesslike voice. 'Do you need your diaper on?'

    'Yes please,' was the faint response from Dan.

    'Yes please what?'

    'Yes please Mommy.'

    'OK, Danny, here we go.'

    Sue expertly diapered her husband, as she had so often before. She pushed his enormous
    erection beneath the towelling, ignoring the sudden thrust of Dan's hips, and the quick
    pulsing of his stiff cock as he ejaculated into the diaper.

    Dan stopped heaving his hips, groaned, and laid back against the pillows as Sue finished
    her work. She let her drunkard husband lie, breathing heavily, as she unwrapped a parcel
    she had collected the day before from her sister, the only member of her family who knew
    of Dan's little fetish.

    Sue's sister Angela was a research chemist, working with the development of psychotropic
    drugs. Angela had always felt sorry for Sue, putting up with Dan's drinking, lying and his
    selfish pursuit of his fetish.

    'If he sort of included me,' Sue would tell Angela, 'It wouldn't be so bad. I sort of even like
    the way he turns himself into a baby when I diaper him, but after that it's worse than
    wham bam thank you ma'am. All he wants is his diaper, sex, then he goes to sleep and I
    have to listen to him happily talking baby talk in his sleep while he wets himself. Then a
    few hours later, he usually starts masturbating. He claims he doesn't know he's doing it.
    Same as when he calls me mommy and starts sucking my tits at three in the morning.
    Then when he wakes up, he never mentions any of it, just expects me to wash his wet
    diapers and off he goes to his office like Mr-Mature-With-A-Perfect-Marriage. How do you
    think I feel at his work shows, talking to the other wives who say how lucky I am to have
    such a hero as Dan for a husband. I wish they could see him asking, no, begging his
    mommy for his diaper every night.'

    Eventually, Angela found an answer. She called in one afternoon to give Sally something
    which she said would help resolve her problems with Dan's behaviour, together with
    explicit instructions.

    That evening, for the first time in months, Sally looked forward to the arrival home of her
    darling husband.
    Choronzon: I am Anti-Life, the Beast of Judgment. I am the dark at the end of everything. The end of universes, gods, worlds… of everything. Sss. And what will you be then, Dreamlord?

    Morpheus: I am hope.

    -Neil Gaiman’s Sandman Vol. 2 Issue 4

    Dan's Fate by Sally KA

    Dan's Fate Ch2

    Sue looked at the vials of coloured liquids that Angela had given her, then looked at Dan
    with disdain as she plunged the first needle into his padded backside, followed by two
    more. He didn't even flinch. She left him snoring noisily and made up a bed for herself in
    the spare room.

    Dan woke the next morning feeling terrible.

    Sue chided him for his drinking, as she always did, while Dan grumpily went through his
    morning routine. She was really put out this time, thought Dan.

    Dan went to work as usual, but felt too seedy to take up another invitation to go drinking
    afterwards. Instead, he was home at a normal hour for once. After putting up with another
    long lecture from Sue about his behaviour, and the need for him to change it, Dan was
    glad to have dinner over with and to head for bed.

    Sue diapered him as usual, but Dan said that he was too tired for sex, and was soon

    Effectively unconscious thanks to the sedative (from Angela of course) which Sue had put
    in his dinner, Dan's inert body endured another three injections of serum into his buttocks.
    After administering the chemicals, Sue turned Dan over, pulled down his diaper, and
    studied his genitals. She held Dan's testicles in one hand, and squeezed. A short grunt
    escaped Dan's lips, nothing like the yelp that such pressure usually provoked. Sue
    squeezed harder. No more than a sigh this time.

    Good, she thought. Angela had said that the first indication that the drugs were working
    would be loss of feeling in Dan's soon-to-be-redundant balls. Chemical castration was one
    of the three effects of the drug cocktail she would stuff into her dickhead husband every
    night for the next six weeks. The other fluids would ensure his physical regression, and the
    regression of the structure of his brain to a level matching his physical regression,
    provided the doses were kept equal.

    Sue rang Angela once she had finished her work with Dan. She was eager to know when he
    would start to experience some real changes.

    'Just hold your horses, Sis,' said Angela. 'Soon you'll have more than enough to cope with.'

    Sue couldn't wait.

    The embittered wife kept up the treatment, enjoying every plunge of the needle into Dan's
    fleshy ass. Dan was soon complaining of a sore behind, and Sue suggested that he get a
    bit fitter instead of sitting down all day like the slob he was. He hadn't asked for sex for
    three weeks, and while he was still wetting his diaper, Sue wasn't aware of any of Dan's
    midnight masturbation sessions either.

    Dan was annoyed at Sue's continuing anger towards him, but he just couldn't get riled up
    enough to answer back. For her part, Sue noticed that Dan's response to her blatant taunts
    was to sulk. Angela said that Dan's growing inability to hit back was a result of the
    cessation of testosterone production by his failing balls.

    One evening, a month after the treatment had begun, Dan was especially quiet at dinner.

    'What's the matter, Danny boy?' Sue asked, using Dan's hated nickname. Dan looked up,
    and Sue was shocked to see tears in his eyes.

    'They picked someone else for a sales trip at work,' he sobbed.

    'Never mind, Danny, you were probably too good to go,' said Sue. She knew better though.
    She had rung Dan's boss, warning him that Dan had been off-colour lately - laying the
    groundwork for Dan's inevitable resignation on health grounds, and was told that Dan's
    loss of 'killer instinct' had been noticed at work.

    Dan sat with tears pouring down his face, looking hopelessly at Sue.

    'And…and…' he said, his heaving shoulders making speech hard for him.

    'And what, Danny boy?' asked Sue, feeling a tingle radiate from her clitoris as she
    anticipated the next admission from her sad case of a husband.

    'I…I…can't…well…I can't….' Dan was staring at his empty dinner plate.

    Sue got up, walked around behind him and put her arms over his shoulders. She reached
    down and undid his belt and zipper in one smooth motion.

    'No…no…please,' sobbed Dan.

    'Come on, Danny boy,' cooed Sue, 'I know you like this Danny boy. Susie's little honey pot
    is just dripping wet, do you want to feel?'

    Sue quickly pulled her skin-tight jeans over her generous hips and dropped them to the
    floor. She took one of Dan's hands and rubbed his fingers over the front of her sodden
    stretch panties. At the same time she gently kneaded Dan's limp penis with her other

    'What's up, Danny boy, isn't Susie sexy enough for you?' she whispered in his ear.

    She pulled his chair out, and lifted his bowed head.

    'Look - look how wet Susie's panties are, Danny boy! They're wet for you, lover.' Sue held
    Dan's head so that he was looking directly at the wetness spreading over her crotch.

    Sue put one hand inside her pants, wiped her fingers in her juice and pulled her sweatshirt

    'Hey, Danny boy - look at my tits,' she said, rubbing her fingers over her large, braless
    breasts until they glistened.

    'Oh I'm so hot,' Sue moaned, pulling her panties up until her vulva was divided deeply by
    the tight, wet material.

    'Come on, Danny boy,' she said, pulling at his still-flaccid cock. 'You're not turning gay on
    me are Danny boy, are you?' she said, looking him in the eyes as she knelt in front of him
    and slid his cock into her mouth.

    Danny collapsed into convulsive sobbing.

    'Sue, it won't do anything,' he wailed. 'I can't even wank,' he sobbed, talking incoherently
    as Sue stood up, enjoying the feel of his limp little prick sliding out of her. Sue needed no
    further stimulation. She pushed herself against Dan's unhappy face and after a few
    moments came violently.

    'I love orgasms - oh I love it!' she said, looking with satisfaction at her shattered husband,
    tracing patterns with her fingers in the mixture of tears and her own juices which covered
    his miserable face.

    Dan slumped back in his chair.

    Sue pulled her jeans up tight and drew the zipper over the gentle bulge of her damp

    'Well, it's beddy byes for little, impotent baby Danny. Come on,' she said, pulling him
    upright. 'It's time for your diaper, isn't it baby?'

    'No..no diaper, I don't want one,' said Dan through his tears. Sue took his hand, and he
    followed her without resistance to the bedroom where she sat him on the end of the bed.
    Dan continued sobbing as he looked at her.

    'What if little Danny wets his bed? I think my little baby needs a diaper,' said Sue,
    undressing Dan as he lay on the bed.

    'No..I'm sorry Sue, I don't know what's wrong, no diaper, please, I don't want to do that
    any more, please,' he sobbed.

    'Well, you wet the bed every night like a little baby, don't you Danny boy?' asked Sue,
    sprinkling baby powder over his useless little cock and pulling a thick diaper up tight
    around his hips, followed by his plastic panties. Dan looked at her helplessly. He could feel
    his little penis leaking into the diaper already, and fresh floods of tears came to his
    reddened eyes.

    Sue pulled her husband to her breast. Dan offered no real resistance, and nestled his face
    close against her soft flesh. In a few seconds, he was half asleep, his protests reduced to

    Soon, he was receiving more jabs of the potent coloured fluids in his pink backside.
    Choronzon: I am Anti-Life, the Beast of Judgment. I am the dark at the end of everything. The end of universes, gods, worlds… of everything. Sss. And what will you be then, Dreamlord?

    Morpheus: I am hope.

    -Neil Gaiman’s Sandman Vol. 2 Issue 4


      Dan's Fate by Sally KA

      Dan's Fate Ch 3

      Poor Dan continues to reap what he has sown…

      The next morning, Dan was still groggy as Sue took off his sodden diaper and wiped him
      down. He didn't need a shave, so Sue helped him dress. She wondered about rediapering
      him, but decided to let nature take its course. She left him to put on his shoes while she
      got breakfast ready. A few minutes later Dan shuffled into the kitchen, looking at the floor,
      and stood near his wife.

      'What is it, Danny?' asked Sue, sensing that he wanted something. He's probably wet
      himself already, Sue thought.

      He mumbled, and she followed his downcast eyes to his shoes.

      'Oh Danny, I'm sorry,' she said when she saw the muddle he'd made of the laces on one
      shoe and the straggling laces on the other.

      'I tried…' mumbled Dan, close to tears.

      'It's alright baby,' Sue said soothingly, bending down to tie both his shoes, 'No-one expects
      you to be able to tie up your own shoes.'

      Dan stood silently, biting his lower lip in an effort to stop crying.

      'Still dry, baby?' Sue added, lightly stroking the front of Dan's pants with one hand as she

      'Yes', said Dan shortly, and sat at the table.

      'You know, Danny, I think we should see a doctor about your wetting. I'm not sure you can
      help it now. You probably should be wearing diapers during the day, just for safety, I think.
      Well, maybe not diapers, maybe just training pants, you know, waterproof pants with
      absorbent lining,' Sue said conversationally as she filled the bowl in front of her husband
      with milk and cereal. 'Most toddlers who wet…'

      'No, please Sue, please stop' said Dan, looking down at the table. 'It's just because of
      work, please don't talk about it, I'll get better,' Dan said miserably. His hand shook and a
      spoonful of cornflakes and milk spilled down his shirtfront.

      'Oh be careful Danny baby,' said Sue sternly.

      Dan looked at her with sudden fear in his eyes. Sue was loving this.

      As she wiped the mess off his shirt Dan felt a short warm spurt of pee escape into his
      underpants. He managed with some effort to stop the flow and hoped that what had
      happened wouldn't show. Maybe he could wad up some toilet paper and put it in his pants,
      just for safety, he thought.

      'That's clean enough for work,' Sue said, finishing her wiping, 'And try not to dribble your
      lunch on your nice clean clothes.'

      Dan looked at her and wiped his eyes.

      Sue finished breakfast as Dan got himself ready for work. Angela had said that the mental
      regression would probably present first as a fear of not being able to do his job with the
      reduced memories and abilities which Dan would be suffering, although he would not be
      specifically aware of what abilities he was losing. He would simply start to feel inadequate
      for the job, and be frightened of making a mistake to the point where he would probably
      be scared to go to work. Self-doubt was one of the hallmarks of adolescence, although it
      was usually overlaid by teenage bravado, which in turn was based on the strong awareness
      of growing sexual powers. In Dan's case however, Angela had warned Sue, Dan's growing
      sexual weakness would ensure that there was no bravado, only fear. Dan would probably
      start concocting any excuse he could to avoid going to work.

      'Get ready for a few toddler tantrums!' Angela had told Sue.

      Sue hurried Dan along, noting to herself that his clothes were looking about a size too
      large for him. She practically pushed him out the door, and he stood next to his car for a
      minute, then came back inside.

      'I thought you were going to work!' said Sue with surprise. Dan stood in the doorway

      'I..er..I don't have to go today…they said I didn't have to go,' he said swallowing hard. He
      hoped Sue would believe him. What if she rang his bass, Dan thought with a rush of fear.
      She would be so angry, and he would be in trouble at work too… Dan felt another warm
      spurt of urine in his groin. Again he managed to stop the flow, but could feel the pee
      trickling down his leg. Then a thought struck him. He suddenly felt very clever, as he had
      at school whenever he faked illness to stay home.

      'Now you listen to me, Danny boy,' said Sue, pushing him out of the door again. 'There is
      absolutely no reason you don't have to go to work today. Now go,' she said. Sue took his
      brief case from his hand, opened his car door, and threw the case onto the passenger seat.
      Dan stood in the carport, refusing to budge.

      'Danny boy,' said Sue threateningly.

      Dan stood very still. He looked at Sue oddly. He relaxed and flooded his pants.

      'Please, Sue, I've had an accident,' he said quietly.

      Sue stood back. As she watched, a huge wet spot was spread over the front of Dan's
      trousers and down the inside of the legs. A puddle of urine formed at his feet, with more
      running over and into his expensive shoes.

      'Are you wetting your pants, Danny baby??' demanded Sue.

      Dan nodded, and started crying.

      Sue shut the door of his car, and pulled him inside. Dan had just played his last card, she
      thought. Well, she would see him and raise him.

      'OK, Danny boy. You can't go to work if you are going to wet your pants like a little baby,
      can you? Who will change your didee at work, Danny boy? I'd better ring them and tell
      them that you need to wear a diaper all day like a little baby now and that you will need
      someone to change you. Maybe that secretary of yours will do it, she's got a two-year-old
      at home hasn't she?' Sue said with an edge in her voice.

      'No! Sue, please,' Dan implored her. 'It was an accident, I promise! I don't feel well,

      'Well, maybe you are sick, baby. I'll tell them that you won't be in today,' Sue said, putting
      her arm around her once virile, combative husband. He moved closer in her embrace.

      'Thank you, Sue', he said quietly. For the first time in years, she thought, he actually
      sounds like he means it.

      Sue pulled his wet pants down. He really was changing shape - she didn't even have to
      undo his belt. She pulled off his saturated underpants. She squeezed both his tiny balls,
      hard, for good measure, and looked at him. He still had a look of thankfulness on his face,
      and hadn't even noticed the sudden hard pressure on his once tender gonads.

      I think you'd better stay at home with Mommy today, baby', said Sue, 'And I think you
      need a good wash. A wipe down isn't enough for such a wet little boy.'

      Dan was too busy crying and burying his head in Sue's breasts to hear much of what she

      Sue stripped off as well, and showered with Dan, making sure to keep enough shampoo
      running down his face so that he wouldn't look at his naked body. She looked at the wide V
      of her own fully-fledged, adult crotch, with its luxuriant bush and soft folds of skin, then
      looked at her husband's tiny pink penis poking forward above his tight little scrotum. Then,
      steering him away from any mirrors, she dried him off and dressed him in a t-shirt and a
      new pair of white cotton girls' knickers she had bought a few days earlier. He offered no
      resistance whatever.

      She then turned him around to look at her, and she appeared to reconsider. She guided
      him into the bedroom.

      'Danny boy, I've decided that you need to be diapered full-time from now on,' she said,
      going to the bed to pull out the suitcase full of Dan's baby attire.

      'No, it was just an accident. I don't need one, please Sue,' Dan protested.

      'Well, if it was an accident, then you might have another one, mightn't you?' said Sue,
      folding a towelling diaper.

      'No, honestly, I don't need one, I won't wet,' pleaded Dan.

      Sue looked at him.

      'Danny baby,' she said, 'Was it really an accident just then, or were you trying to trick me
      because didn't want to go to work?'

      'No Mommy, it's just that I have to give a report, and I'm not sure about the figures, and
      they said I couldn't go on the trip, and…'

      Sue tried to look as angry as she could. Dan's calling her Mommy had given her a surge of
      maternal feelings towards her naughty little husband.

      'So you wet your pants on purpose, did you Danny? Is that what you are telling me?' she
      asked him slowly.

      Dan looked absolutely panic-stricken. He suddenly clutched his tiny privates through his
      schoolgirl briefs, and drips of wee trickled between his fingers, splashing silently onto the
      carpet. Sue looked annoyed, and dragged him back into the bathroom.

      'No, Sue, I mean. I didn't want to go because of the report, and I just started a little bit…'

      Sue put the still folded diaper down on the side of the bath.

      'I see,' she said. She felt a thrill as she realised that she could talk to him exactly the same
      way she spoke to the kids she used to baby-sit. She sat him on the closed toilet, where he
      continued to clutch his little penis through his schoolgirl knickers.

      'Did you lie to me, Danny?' she demanded.

      Dan looked at the window, then the floor.

      'Danny??' she continued, advancing a step towards him.

      Dan gulped, and avoided her steady gaze.

      'I'm sorry Sue, they want all these figures and I was thinking about them and I can't
      remember how to do them…'

      'Just tell me, you did a wee in your pants on purpose so you didn't have to go to work,
      didn't you?' Sue said quietly.

      Dan nodded slowly.

      'Danny, that is a sort of lying, isn't it?' asked Sue.

      Dan stared at the floor.

      'It is lying, isn't it?' Sure repeated.

      'Mm.' Dan mumbled.

      'Speak up, say yes or no, Danny,' Sue said.

      'Yes,' said Dan softly.

      'Yes what?'

      'Yes Mommy.'

      Sue yanked him upright, sat on the toilet lid herself and him, pulled him over her knee,
      tore down his wet panties and administered a full-blooded spanking. She didn't stop when
      his crying became sobbing, and his sobbing became a hearty bawling. Dan's buttocks were
      as red all over as the marks where his needles had been going in. Eventually Sue pushed
      him away to the floor, where he lay in a fetal position, holding his buttocks and wailing,
      with his wet knickers around his knees. Sue looked at her thighs, and was disgusted to see
      that he had wet all over her.

      Dan looked like a child, howling on the floor, and looking at his wife with reddened eyes.

      Sue actually felt sorry for him, and helped him dress. His jeans were definitely out, they
      were too big around the waist. Sue put him in one of her old pale blue tracksuits. The top
      had 'Go Girls Athletics Team' emblazoned in big white letters on the front.

      Dan didn't want a diaper, so she didn't give him one, and she dressed him in another pair
      of girls' full briefs. Danny calmed down, and soon they were both sitting in the kitchen.
      Dan was very quiet, and sat sipping at a hot milk drink generously laced with doses of the
      sedative, laxative and diuretic Angela had supplied. Sue thought she might give him
      another set of jabs later in the morning. He seemed to be regressing quite well, but she
      thought it wouldn't hurt to keep things kicking along.

      There was a knock at the door.
      Choronzon: I am Anti-Life, the Beast of Judgment. I am the dark at the end of everything. The end of universes, gods, worlds… of everything. Sss. And what will you be then, Dreamlord?

      Morpheus: I am hope.

      -Neil Gaiman’s Sandman Vol. 2 Issue 4


        Dan's Fate by Sally KA

        Dan's Fate Ch4

        Danny boy slides down the slippery slope, to land with a plop at the bottom….

        Fifty-something Alice stood at the door, demurely dressed as usual, and looking concerned.

        Alice was Sue and Dan's neighbour, a kindly woman who, being unmarried, spent a lot of
        her time in community groups and generally doing good. Sally sometimes wondered if
        Alice regretted not marrying, and had wondered occasionally if Alice had any sort fo sex
        life. She seemed such a prim and proper woman, with her sensible clothes and wholesome activities.

        Alice looked anxiously at Sue when she answered the chimes.

        'Is everything alright?' asked Alice. 'I heard some very strange noises - I'm sorry to be
        intrusive, but I was quite worried for you.'

        Sue smiled reassuringly at her neighbour.

        'Alice, thank you for being such a good neighbour. What you heard was poor Dan. He's
        been under a lot of pressure at work, and the doctors think that he may actually be
        breaking down. The poor thing actually had a bladder accident in his work pants this
        morning, and got very upset,' Sue said, with the best concerned look she could manage.

        'Oh, Sue, the poor thing. I had no idea.' said Alice, putting a friendly hand on Sue's
        forearm as Sue ushered her inside. 'My brother, you know, the one who worked for
        Microsoft, had the same thing. It was the pressure. He was such a wonderful man, but now
        he's just like a…well, he's…oh, I'm sorry, I mean, they really can fix people up who are
        sick like that nowadays, can't they?'

        Alice looked embarrassed. She had often looked after her brother following his illness, and
        lived with a guilty secret, about which she alternately felt deep shame and a compulsion to

        Sometimes, when no-one was around, Alice played out a harmless fantasy with her
        unknowing brother - that he really was a baby and she was his Mommy. Alice was
        childless, and didn't mean any harm by her little games, but she knew that such strange
        behaviour would shock Sue, who was a brave young woman coping with a difficult

        Alice was further embarrassed, and deeply ashamed, at the maternal, even sexual feelings,
        that Sue's description of her poor husband's bedwetting was giving her. She tried to
        consign these intrusive feelings to the very remotest part of her brain, but then felt a
        betraying slipperiness between her legs.

        'It's OK, Alice,' Sue said, sensing the older woman's discomfort at hearing such personal
        matters. 'We're actually coping quite well. It's been going on for a while - you know,
        diapers at bedtime, wetting every night, a lot of crying…we're hoping the doctor can help.'

        Sue looked suitably disconsolate, while Alice nodded and turned to go, deeply ashamed at
        her innermost response to her neighbours' desperate problem.

        'Look, if there's anything I can do…' said Alice awkwardly, 'Just call, really,' she added,
        'Anyway, I'd best leave you if things are not good at the moment.'

        'No, no Alice, he just had a little episode, he's quite cheerful now. In fact, I think he might
        like to say hello,' Sue said, taking Alice's arm and guiding her through to the kitchen.

        Dan looked up, about to ask his wife who was at the door. He was surprised to see Alice
        standing there, and automatically wiped his eyes.

        'Hello, dear,' said Alice kindly.

        Dan looked uncomfortable. He felt very tired, but not too tired to realise that he should
        tidy himself up in front of his neighbour, who had probably heard all the noise. Dan shifted
        in his seat, and winced as his red cheeks sent a new reminder of the recent pain to his

        'Hi Alice,' Dan said.

        Sue pulled a chair out for Alice.

        'Danny, why don't you get Alice a cup of coffee?' Sue asked her husband. 'One milk one
        sugar,' she added.

        Alice smiled at Dan. He looked so sweet in his tracksuit.

        'Off you go then, and I'll have one too,' said Sue.

        Dan got up to get the drinks.

        Alice looked at Dan as he walked to the kitchen bench. Poor dear, she thought, he looks so
        sweet and thin and little, just like Robert got when he got so sick. And wetting every night
        too, she thought. The poor boy must be feeling terrible. She watched as Dan steadied
        himself against the bench before carrying back the coffee.

        'Here you are, Alice,' Dan said, bending down with the cup. Alice noticed that he was
        wearing the pale blue 'Go Girls' tracksuit she had often seen Sue wearing around the
        house. She also noticed the outline and distinctive half-moon seam of a pair of ladies'
        briefs under the stretch track pants as Dan bent over to give Sue her coffee. Oh well, at
        least he looked comfortable, she thought, trying to darken the vision growing in her mind
        of changing Dan's diaper and feeding him baby food. What on earth would Sue think if she
        could read her mind, she thought.

        Alice moved forward to pick up her coffee and tried to ignore the way her panties seemed
        slide across her most sensitive parts.

        Dan was about to sit down.

        'Why don't you sit on the lounge, darling. You'll be more comfortable, and Alice and I can
        have a good old girl's talk.

        Dan thought of his sore buns, and gladly complied. He stretched back in the corner of the
        lounge as Alice and Sue began chattering away, and was soon asleep. He moved one hand
        up to rest his head, and Alice thought how calm and happy he looked, so different from the
        gruff, monosyllabic man she had so often met.

        A while later, Alice got up to help Sue clear the cups away, and looked over at Dan, who
        now lay in the corner of the lounge with his hand to his face. Alice saw with a slight shock
        that he was actually sucking his thumb. She felt an urge that she had utterly resisted when
        she looked after her brother - an urge to sit down and suckle the poor baby.

        She thought of her brother and his ever-present teddy bear, the one she had given to him
        'just as something to hold at night' but which gave her secret pangs of delight whenever
        she saw him carrying it, or sucking its one of its bedraggled paws.

        She felt nothing but compassion for poor Dan and Sue, and again tried to sublimate her
        thoughts. Then she noticed Dan's crotch.

        'Sue,' she said quietly. 'I think Dan's, well, he's wet himself, I think.'

        There was a large, dark blue patch growing from Dan's crotch and spreading down his
        thighs. Alice felt that she was at risk of wetting her own crotch.

        'Oh thanks, Alice, he was fussed about wearing a diaper today, but I'll really have to put
        him in one, I think.'

        Sue went over to Dan, and stroked his hair.

        'Poor Danny,' she said. 'Up we get, baby,' she said, helping Dan as he stood groggily to his
        feet. 'Time for your diaper, I think.'

        Dan blinked, and looked around. While Sue was attending to Dan, Alice took advantage of
        the moment to quietly put her hand between her legs, pressing the heel of her hand hard
        through the material of her skirt against her clitoris. She would have to leave very soon,
        she thought, before she moaned aloud. Before Sue noticed her unbalanced behaviour. It
        was hardly her fault, she thought, invoking the mantra of self-justification she had
        developed over the years, she was childless, and…

        Crap, she thought to herself. She knew what it really was. From the days of playing 'dress-
        ups' she had always tried to force strong males into infantile behaviour. She didn't have
        any idea why. Not least her boyfriends, before she learned something of morality, and
        decided that she would have to limit her strange behaviour to her brother, and even then
        would have to deal with the guilt. It would be different if any one else, even one other
        person in the world, shared whatever wrinkle of the brain it was that had made her so
        uniquely odd, strange and, ultimately, alone.

        'We can't leave you in these wet things, can we?' Sue was saying to Dan.

        'Say good bye to Alice, darling,' said Sue. Alice stood quickly, pulling her hand quickly from
        her crotch as Sue turned to her.

        Alice looked sympathetic.

        Dan looked confused, then put one hand to his wet pants.

        He looked at Alice, and began to cry. Alice felt the centre of the universe moving towards
        her groin .

        'Come on baby, you really do need to be in diapers, don't you?' Sue said, kissing Dan's wet

        Alice felt a trickle down her inner thigh.

        'It's OK Dan, even big boys have trouble sometimes,' Alice said haltingly, feeling the
        tremors radiating from her clitoris through her pelvis. Sue was treating him like a baby,
        she thought, then felt terrible for interpreting normal, loving care in the light of her own
        perverted behaviour.

        'At least you have your… Sue to look after you,' she said, feeling herself blushing like a
        beacon. She had almost said 'Mommy'.

        Sue mouthed her thanks to Alice as she helped Dan to the bedroom.

        'I'll let myself out,' said Alice, 'And call me if you need.'

        'Thanks so much Alice, see you tomorrow morning,' said Sue.

        Alice left as quickly as she could. She felt nothing but warm fulfilment reaching out like
        branches from her groin. If she wasn't evil, she was certainly strange. She took deep
        breaths as she walked quickly to her house. Oh God, she thought. She might never go
        back there, she decided. They were such a nice couple, and she had no right to indulge
        herself at their expense with her secret, dark thoughts, thoughts which she had to manage
        as best she could without hurting others.

        Dan had half-slumped in Sue's strong arms by the time she got him to the bedroom. She
        lay him on the bed, and he mumbled something and fell asleep. Sue laid out a new diaper
        next to him on the bed. She wiped him, then went to the window, where she had an angled
        view of Alice's front porch. She watched Alice hurry across her front lawn, reach the porch,
        and look furtively up and down the street before lifting her dress, lean back against the
        wall of the porch, and rub herself to orgasm.

        Sue smiled and watched as her neighbour gathered her breath and finally went inside. She
        had been watching Alice's reactions to the way she treated Dan, and could have sworn that
        she saw the older woman pull her hand from between her legs when she turned suddenly
        from giving Danny the mommy treatment. Alice had looked excited rather than disgusted
        as Sue had mothered her husband, so a little compulsive masturbation was a useful
        confirmation of a potential baby-sitter for her dear (departed, she almost thought) Danny.
        She suspected that Alice may have played baby-sitter to her poor, Microsoft-addled brother
        in more ways than one. Sue decided to hang a few more babyish items under the carport
        for Alice's next visit.

        Sue turned back to her sleeping husband. She turned Dan over and gave him a sharp slap
        on the butt. He didn't respond at all. She tried again, harder and still got no response. She
        went to the dresser, and prepared three more syringes of Angela's psychotropic potions.
        Before injecting Dan, she turned him on his back, and studied his shrinking genitalia.
        Angela said that the secondary sexual characteristics would begin to change quite rapidly.
        Dan's penis was now not even the size of Sue's thumb. Sue picked it up, and let it flop
        back onto Dan's hairless pubic area. She doubted if his little cock, even if erect, would now
        be even a loose fit in her vagina. Dan's balls looked as though they had shrunk as well.
        They were about the size of small olives, held tight up against his body by his little
        wrinkled scrotum.

        Oh, this is sooo good, thought Sue, looking across at a photograph on the dresser of Dan -
        getting drunk, she remembered, at her sister's party a few months before. Sue
        remembered that night, having to take Dan home after he pulled out his manhood in front
        of her sister as part of some stupid joke.

        She sat and played for a few minutes with her man's soft little cock. She squeezed her legs
        together as subtle waves of pleasure coursed through her body, and made a note to
        change her own panties before going out later.

        She turned Dan over on his stomach, and gave him the usual trio of hefty injections, then
        a single, hard spank for good measure. She wondered when he would lose the ability to
        speak. Angela said that soon his thought processes, for the most part, would become
        simplified and semi-instinctive.

        Turning him back again, she wiped and powdered his smooth skin, then pulled a double
        terry diaper around his hips. She was pleased to see that she had a good deal more fabric
        to pin up than previously. Then she pulled on his plastic pants, new ones with teddies and
        balloons printed all over them. Other than his size, he looked no older than two, with his
        plastic pants bulging over his diaper and his body so pink and smooth.

        She settled him in the bed and pulled the bedcover over him. He was resting his head on
        one hand again. Sue pulled his other hand from under the cover, and put his thumb to his
        mouth. Dan's lips closed around it, and she left him, grinning to herself as she closed the

        Dan woke the next morning and couldn't remember where he was. He heard the word
        'sleepyhead' and his first thought was that the tall woman speaking to him was his
        mommy. He tried to focus his eyes and his muddled mind, and remembered that he was
        married and he was looking up at his wife.

        He couldn't remember her getting up, and he squirmed out of bed in case she was cross
        with him, although he wasn't sure why she would be. He felt a thick weight between his
        legs and thought for a moment before remembering that he had a diaper on. It was very
        wet and the bulk of it sagged beneath him as he tried to stand up.

        Sue watched as he held onto the bedhead. He looked so pathetic in his pretty blue top and
        printed panties, which were starting to slide down his legs. She made a note to put him in
        a onesie for nighttime to keep his diaper in place.

        Dan pulled ineffectually at his diaper, then stood still and stared at Sue. His mouth opened
        and closed, then he whimpered as he simultaneously peed and emptied his bowels into the
        already saturated towelling.

        'Me accident…me…Sue….help me….can't…me…think…help…baba…' he cried helplessly,
        then his lips quivered and he began to bawl.

        Sue caught her husband as he staggered forwards and he clutched her waist.

        She bent over his back and hauled up his sagging plastic pants. His crying intensified as he
        felt the large wet mass spread across his butt as Sue pulled the heavy diaper to his waist.

        'Come on, baby,' she said gently, and took led him to the bathroom. It was obvious that he
        couldn't walk any more.

        After a thorough cleaning, Dan sat once more at the kitchen table in a clean double diaper
        and a pair of Sue's stretch shorts, and a pink t-shirt.

        He didn't want to eat, but Sue fed him his usual bowl of laxative and diuretic-laced oatmeal

        Dan felt completely exhausted mentally and physically. He made a huge effort to organise
        his thoughts, and decided to tell Sue that he must be terribly ill, and that they had to get
        him to a hospital, or at least a doctor, as soon as possible. It certainly wasn't normal for a
        grown man to suddenly start soiling himself in front of his wife, and to have such poor
        muscle control, or to be so confused mentally. This was far more and far deeper than just
        acting out a fetish, or part of any level of consensual role-play, or whatever. He carefully
        planned what he was going to say, then began to speak.

        'Bim ba bim baba ba,' he spluttered. He couldn't keep his mouth from forming the letter
        'B', or from dribbling as he spoke. His eyes widened in shock, and he looked desperately at
        Sue. He saw reassurance in her smile, then his eyes, and thoughts, focussed on her
        breasts. He wanted to suckle more than anything else.

        Scared he was going mad, Dan tried to clear his mind, and tried again to talk to Sue,
        trying to ignore her breasts and the dribble which ran down his chin onto his bib.

        'Bababa ba ba.'

        Dan stopped and thought. He realsied that he wasn't sure what he had just said. He wasn't
        even sure now just what he wanted to say.

        He tried to remember, and to force away the overlapping images of breasts and food that
        were crowding in his brain.

        He concentrated hard, and found that the effort to think and speak clearly was rewarded
        with more babbling and drooling, a flood of tears, and finally, a gushing flow of hot urine.

        'You really do need your diaper, don't you baby,' said Sue, putting her hand to the soft,
        warm mound of her husband's crotch.

        'Baba..bababa,' responded Dan, biting the knuckles of one hand. He was concentrating on
        the business of soiling himself.

        Sue gently removed his hand from his mouth, wiped the drool from it and led Dan to the
        plastic mat and rug she had set up in front of the TV.

        She settled him there, watching his thumb go to his mouth as he gaped at the coloured
        cartoon characters prancing on the screen. She would change him after she had had her
        shower, she decided.

        'I'm going to have a shower, Dan', she said. 'Will you be alright there?'

        Dan merely gurgled as he sat engrossed, then burped loudly.

        'Bababa' he giggled, pointing at the flickering screen with his free hand and nearly toppling

        Sue went to the bedroom, stripped and returned to the living room.

        As an experiment, she sat on the floor in front of Dan with her legs apart. Dan craned his
        torso around Sue's body to see the TV and fell over.

        Sue picked him up, licked her fingers and rubbed her thick bush, a few inches from Dan's

        'Baba,' he said, ignoring the erotic display in front of him and peering around Sue at the TV

        Sue masturbated to orgasm in front of him, but he showed no more interest in the process
        than he might show in yesterday's paper, and showed no concern at all in his own wet and
        messy condition.

        Sue moved forward, still in a sitting position, arched her back, pulled Dan's head down and
        his face in her wet sex.

        'Bababa' Dan blubbered, pushing at her to get air.

        She rose to a squat, gently laid Dan back on the rug and pulled his wet diaper off, leaving
        him lying half-naked on the waterproofed rug.

        'Alice is coming over in a minute, Dan,' she told him, looking into his blinking eyes. Let's
        get you cleaned up.'

        A short time later, Sue had Dan back to his sweet-smelling self. He lay on the change table
        in his blue top, playing happily with his fingers.

        'Do you want your diaper back on or do you want her to see your little baby wee wee?'

        'Bala…Balice…' Dan finally managed, with some spark returning to his eyes.

        'OK darling, I won't put your diaper back on, you can sit here in front of Alice like a naked
        little baby,' she told him.

        Sue put Dan down in front of the television, where he sat giggling at the cartoons, having
        forgotten all about Alice.

        Sue relented, and put yet another clean double diaper on Dan. She didn't want Alice to
        think she was a bad mommy. Sue got Dan into the yellow stretch terry shortall she had
        had made a few days before, snapping shut the studs at the bulging crotch with some
        satisfaction. Dan's diaper and plastic pants protruded here and there from the elasticated
        legs of the infantile garment, but Sue thought he'd hardly mind that.

        Angela had warned Sue that, in spite of the drugs, Dan would continue to have brief
        moments of self knowledge, probably daily at first, but that they would only last a few
        seconds at a time, just long enough for him to realise what had happened to him, if not

        Dan appeared to be having one of those lucid moments now, as he suddenly stared at the
        snaps and stretch material across his bulky crotch. He studied them for a second, gaped up
        at his wife in startled, wide-eyed surprise, looked her quite clearly in the eye and managed
        'Sue, for Chrissake, I'm not a baby, these are baby clothes! Why are you…', before a wave
        of horror and confusion flashed across his face. Then, clutching the puffy front of his diaper
        with both hands, he burst into tears.

        A moment later he was distracted by the 'meep-meep!' of the Roadrunner cartoon on the
        television and his tears subsided as quickly as they had begun. He began to giggle, strings
        of drool looping over the large appliqued teddy bear on his front. With a soft grunt, Dan
        peed in his diaper again, then continued his happy giggling.

        Sue wiped his drool and felt his warm diaper with a smile. She gently tied a plastic covered
        bib around his neck as he gurgled away.

        Sue dressed, then sat back to relish her victory.

        Promptly at ten-thirty, the doorbell rang. Alice waited patiently. She was going to stay
        away until Dan had got over his trouble, but she found herself drawn back in spite of
        herself. She looked down the side of the house, and caught sight of a pair of plastic pants
        drying under the carport. Dan must wear those at night, she thought, taking a deep
        breath. She hoped to God that Sue would never suspect that good neighbour Alice had
        such a bizarre secret to keep. She would never be allowed in the couple's home again.

        Sue carried the tray of coffee and cookies into the room where Dan sat contentedly
        babbling away in his baby clothes and wet diaper, She placed in front of Dan a pile of
        large, coloured alphabet blocks which she had bought at the toy store the day before. She
        watched Danny gurgle with happy surprise as he moved them around.

        Then Sue answered the door.

        Baby's change could wait until after Mommy and Aunty Alice had finished their coffee and
        Choronzon: I am Anti-Life, the Beast of Judgment. I am the dark at the end of everything. The end of universes, gods, worlds… of everything. Sss. And what will you be then, Dreamlord?

        Morpheus: I am hope.

        -Neil Gaiman’s Sandman Vol. 2 Issue 4