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The Dollhouse by NeEKOlAh!

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    The Dollhouse by NeEKOlAh!

    After dinner, Pam looked at Jordan. "Jordan, are you still dry or do you need to go potty at all?"

    Jordan felt so childish being asked this question, "I'm dry, but can I use the bathroom?"

    Pam nodded and walked over, "Of course, here." She held her hand out.

    Jordan wanted to protest, but knew if she did she could spoil the attention she got back. As much as she wanted the baby treatment, she didn't realize it was as babyish as this.

    Pam took her upstairs and led her to the bathroom where she proceeded to unsnap the crotch of her onsie and slid the diaper down. Jordan sat down, embarrassed. It took awhile for her bladder to relax but it finally gave way. Pam remained on her knees in front of Jordan and waited for her to finish.

    Pam helped Jordan back into her diaper and onsie.

    "Why is it that now I have the diaper on, I have no accidents?" Jordan wondered to herself.

    Pam led her back downstairs, when they got to the kitchen the phone rang. Pam let Jordan's hand go and grabbed it.

    "Hello?" Pam answered.

    Jordan started to walk to the living room. She plopped down on the couch and stared at the ceiling. "I can't wait to go home, but then again I really don't want to leave here. I think I like Pam. She really is nice even if she does make me wear diapers." Jordan wriggled her bottom on the couch and smiled. She knew she liked them. "What would Mom say if she saw me like this? I would be in so much trouble." She thought.

    Just then Pam walked in, "Jordan, Kayla is staying over tonight ok? Susan said Kayla really likes you alot. So I invited her over."

    Jordan nodded, "Ok."

    Pam walked back out to the kitchen. Jordan continued to lay there, she looked around. She stopped when she looked at the mantle. There was a new picture up there. She got up and walked over, "Is that me?" She wondered. She grabbed it down, sure enough, there was Jordan all balled up in bed with her thumb in her mouth. She walked out to the kitchen with it to ask Pam. Pam was not here, she noticed the door to the laundry room was shut, "Maybe she is doing laundry." Jordan thought. She walked closer to the door and heard soft talking, she began to tiptoe closer.

    Yeah, I know. I think so too.

    I think you made a good decision.

    Not too much longer, one maybe two more nights.

    No problem Kat.

    See you soon.

    Yep… uh huh…. buh bye now.

    Jordan darted towards the table and sat down as Pam slid the door open.

    "Hi Jordan, honey, what are you doing?" Pam asked.

    "Umm… I was… umm… how come you got this picture?" Jordan said as she held up the picture.

    Pam chuckled, "Oh I checked on you one night and couldn't resist. You just looked too darn cute."

    Jordan's face began to redden, "Do I… really su-… do that in my sleep?"

    Pam nodded, "I've seen it a couple times, no worries sweetie. It's not something to be ashamed of."

    Jordan handed Pam the picture. "Ok."

    The doorbell rang as Pam was setting back on the mantle. "Oh I bet that's Kayla. Wanna answer that honey?"

    Jordan nodded and pranced to the door only to be tackled down by an excited Kayla. "Yay!! We gonna haff a sleepova!" Kayla squealed.

    Jordan giggled. "Come on! Let's go play!"

    The two girls tumbled up the steps giggling while Susan and Pam chuckled.

    "You are gonna have a great night tonight!" Susan said sarcastically.

    "Well I hope so!" Pam chuckled.

    "Kayla!" Susan yelled.

    Kayla darted down the steps and back into the living room. "Yes Mommy?"

    "Get over here and give me a hug and kiss before I go back home." She ordered playfully.

    Kayla giggle and ran to her mother and jumped into her arms for a big bear hug and a kiss. "Bye mommy, I love you!" And with that she was gone in the blink of an eye back upstairs.


    Upstairs, the girls were furiously emptying the contents of Kayla's bag of her toys.

    Disappointed, Jordan looked at all the toys, Big legos, flashcards, some blocks and barrel o monkeys. There were some toddler rattles and noise makers and so on.

    "Kayla… don't you got any fun toys?" Jordan asked.

    "These are fun toys!" Kayla replied as she started playing with a sesame street letter game.

    Where is the letter X

    Jordan sighed, "Kayla how come you have so many little kid toys?"

    "Cus I am just a little kid silly." Kayla giggled.

    "You are older than me though, I am not a little kid." Jordan corrected.

    "Then how comes you have a diaper on too?" Kayla mocked.

    Jordan quieted, Kayla was right. She looked no older than Kayla sitting there in a onsie and a diaper.

    "Here let's build with my blocks!" Kayla offered.

    Jordan sighed, she grabbed the blocks and together they began to build.

    It was no more than 10 min later, something began to smell funny.

    "Do you smell that Kayla? Ewww." Jordan said as she plugged her nose.

    "Yep I went poopies." She said and stood up and walked to the door. "Aunty Pammy!" Kayla called from the door.

    Jordan heard footsteps and then she watched Kayla walk out and close the door.

    "She just pooped in her pants!" Jordan thought to herself. "Gross."

    Jordan continued to build until Kayla came back into the room.

    "Wowwy! Jordan your good at building!" Kayla exclaimed as she sat down. This time she had no pants, just her tshirt and diaper. Jordan heard the crinkle of her diaper as she wriggled about on the floor.

    Just the sound alone gave Jordan a funny feeling in her tummy, that took her back to the first night she had one of her wierd dreams. "Oh yea, I was gonna tell Pam about those. Oh well, I will later." She thought as she continued to replay the dreams of her in the crib and grabbing a pacifier from a highchair. "I wonder where that pacifier is? I know I saw it in Pam's pocket." She thought to herself. She kept replaying the dreams all the way to the one where Kayla was in her dream.

    Thinking about the dreams made her tummy feel more and more funny. Almost empty. She needed something, she wasn't sure what. She needed to fill something, she couldn't figure out what this desire was inside.

    Just then, she felt her bladder about give way. "Whoa!" She thought as she stood up.

    "Where are you going?" Kayla asked.

    "I have to go to the bathroom." Jordan said.

    "Use your diaper silly. That's what it is for!" Kayla giggled.

    Jordan thought for a moment, "I can't pee in this. It's wrong." Bringing her back to this morning when Pam diapered her. She was so sweet and delicate. Jordan hated it but loved it. As much as she wanted to let go, she didn't think she could. She kept thinking about the yearning deep inside, that she couldn't explain. She relaxed and waited for a few moments, she felt the diaper become warm and expand. She could hear the soft hiss coming from her relaxation. She smiled and sighed.

    There was no way to explain the release that fell over her as she finished.

    Kayla giggled, "You went peepee in your diapee!"

    Jordan giggled back and sat down, admiring the squish sound and the feeling it gave her. It was about then she had an unexplainable desire for her thumb. She drifted off into a deep thought and her thumb made its way to her mouth.

    Kayla continued to play with blocks, oblivious to the fact Jordan was experiencing everything for the first time.

    "Jordan!" Kayla shouted. Startling her from her trance. She quickly pulled her thumb out of her mouth.

    "Earth to you! What are you doing?" Kayla giggled. "Look at my tower!"

    Jordan stared at the block tower that must have been 50 feet in height. She stood up, still admiring her newfound pleasure, to find the tower was not even as tall as her.

    "I'm bored, Jordan. What do you wanna do now?" Kayla asked.

    Jordan shrugged. "Guess we can watch a movie or TV or something. It's almost bathtime I think."

    The two girls walked downstairs to the living room where Pam was watching TV. Kayla crawled into her lap and laid her head in Pam's arms. Jordan took a seat on the opposite end. She looked back at Kayla all comfortable in Pam's arms, she felt a pang of jealousy at the sight.

    "Your mommy is right down the street!" She thought. "Mine is hundreds of miles away, I'm the one who is lonely." Jordan felt her eyes sting a bit. She wanted her mom to hold her right now, within moments, she was secretly trying to wipe the tears from her eyes. She tried not to sniffle but could not help it.

    Pam looked over and noticed the tears. "Jordan? What's the matter sweetie?" She said as Kayla slipped out of her lap. Pam moved near Jordan and put her arm around her. "Talk to me. Tell me what's making you sad right now."

    "I just want my mommy. I miss her and daddy too." Jordan whimpered.

    Pam pulled her into a hug and swayed slightly to calm her. "I know, it's hard to be away so long huh? Well I am here. I know I am not your mommy, but I will do what I can to make you feel better."

    Jordan nodded and pulled away. She leaned back against the couch again.

    Kayla crawled over, "Jordan when I miss my mommy, Aunty Pammy helps me not be sad. She lets me sit in her lap and she hugs me and she gives me a bottle too."

    Pam felt her face blush a bit when Kayla up and blurted that one out.

    Jordan smiled, "I saw your bottle today at your house." She giggled.

    "Yeah my mommy said you were sucking out of it too." Kayla piped.

    Jordan felt her face blush, "I was a… ummm.. er.. just.. you know… looking at it!"

    "Tell you what girls, you sit here and Aunty Pammy will get a snack and some juices." Pam said as she patted both girls' knees and stood up. "But first, Kayla, are you dry?"

    Kayla nodded.

    Pam looked at Jordan, "Do you have to go potty?"

    Kayla giggled, "She did already."

    Pam looked at Jordan's diaper, "Ahh.. I see you did, well let's get you changed then."

    Jordan felt her face blush, she forgot about that.

    Pam took Jordan's hand and led her upstairs into Pam's bedroom and helped her up onto the huge bed. She laid her down and began to change her as if she was still 2 years old.

    Jordan relaxed as Pam wiped her down with a cool wipe. She waited while Pam ran out of her bedroom to grab a diaper and the powder.

    Pam patted Jordan's bottom for her to lift up and Jordan did. She slid the diaper underneath and relaxed Jordan's legs back down. She sprinkled powder generously over her skin and rubbed it in. She finished by securing the diaper up tight and snapping her onsie back up.

    "Ooh sweetie, your legs are really cold. Why don't we get you in some pants." Pam said.

    Jordan shook her head, "I'll just cover up with a blanket."

    "Ok" Pam said and she helped her back down off the bed. The two walked back down the hall when Jordan noticed the door to the forbidden room was open a crack. She tried her hardest to peek in as they walked past but Pam rushed her past and back downstairs.
    Choronzon: I am Anti-Life, the Beast of Judgment. I am the dark at the end of everything. The end of universes, gods, worlds… of everything. Sss. And what will you be then, Dreamlord?

    Morpheus: I am hope.

    -Neil Gaiman’s Sandman Vol. 2 Issue 4


      The Dollhouse by NeEKOlAh!

      Jordan sat on the couch with Pam and Kayla. She couldn't get her mind off the door that was left open. "What could be in there?" She thought. She couldn't think of an excuse to go upstairs, obviously she didn't need to use the toilet, being she was sitting in a diaper.

      She looked over at Kayla who was almost asleep and curled up in the corner of the couch. Pam was in a trance-like state watching TV. Jordan decided to just go upstairs. She could say she was going to her room.

      She stood up and Pam smiled at her, "Where are you off to?"

      "Umm.. I am gonna go up to my room and play or something." Jordan replied.

      "Ok." Pam said and went back to watching the TV.

      Jordan scurried to the kitchen and up the stairs. There it was, the door to the forbidden room. She walked towards it and stopped occasionally to listen and make sure Pam was not coming up. She stood at the door and pushed it open. The room was dark, but she could see shadows of furniture and so on. As she reached for the light switch, she was startled by Pam.

      "Jordan! I told you that room was off limits!" Pam scolded as she closed the door and locked it and took Jordan's hand.

      "Sorry Pam, it's just… well.. the door was… what is in there?" Jordan stammered.

      Pam ignored the question as they made their way into the bathroom, "It's bathtime anyways, wait here, I am going to go get Kayla as well."

      Jordan sat there, feeling embarrassed and guilty that she disobeyed Pam, but the curiousity was growing immensely.

      After a few minutes Pam was upstairs carrying Kayla into the bathroom. She stopped the water and walked back out with Kayla.

      Pam came back in alone, "Where did Kayla go? Jordan asked.

      "She is in bed, she has her baths in the morning. Come here honey and lay down." Pam explained.

      Jordan nodded and walked to Pam and laid in front of her. Pam unsnapped the onesie and sat Jordan up to slip it off. She untaped Jordan's diaper, "Good girl, you are still dry, we can use this diaper again." Pam said as she folded it and set it on top of the crumpled onesie.

      "Ok, sweety, let me help you in here." Pam said as she stood Jordan up and helped her into the water.

      Jordan sat down and right away the warm water gave her the urge to pee. She decided to just hold it in instead of having to get back out of the water. Pam gently washed her hair and body. When they finished, Pam dried her off and laid her on her towel. She grabbed the diaper and slid it under Jordan's bottom.

      Right as Pam was going to fasten the tapes, Jordan saw a spider by the tub by her head and was startled. Her bladder released before Pam even taped the last tape.

      "Jordan. Why didn't you tell me you had to go potty." Pam said as she waited for Jordan to finish before taking the diaper back off.

      "There's a spider, it scared me." Jordan said shyly.

      Pam took a wipe and squished the spider with one hand still on the diaper, keeping it in place until it absorbed completely.

      Pam pulled the diaper back and slid it out from underneath her and wiped her down. She powdered her skin and slipped the fresh diaper on her.

      Pam stood up and flushed the dead spider in the toilet and helped Jordan up. She put the onsie back on Jordan and snapped it up. She took her back to her bedroom where there was a pair of pink footed pajamas on Pam's bed.

      "Where did you get those?" Jordan asked puzzled.

      "An extra pair from Kayla's bag, it's so cold, I don't want you sleeping almost naked." Pam said as she laid them on the floor and unzipped them. "Come lay down here."

      Jordan laid atop the sleeper while Pam put her feet in each hole and then her arms. She zipped up the sleeper and pulled Jordan's arms bringing her to a standing position. "There all comfy and warm." Pam crooned.

      Jordan smiled, "It is really warm." Jordan said as she rubbed her hands across her belly.

      "Well are you ready for bed then sweety?" Pam asked as she combed through Jordan's wet hair.

      Jordan nodded and yawned. Pam led her back to the spare room and scooted Kayla over, Jordan crawled in and Pam pulled the covers over both girls. She smiled at Jordan and tucked her in, "Good night darling, sweet dreams."

      "Night Pam." Jordan said as she rolled over on her tummy to go to sleep. Pam walked around to the other side of the bed and picked up Kayla's pacifier and popped it in her mouth, she adjusted Kayla's teddy bear and walked to the door and shut the light off.

      Jordan laid there, jealous for a moment that Kayla had a pacifier. "Why do I want one so bad? Maybe I am just a little kid, since all I want is little kid stuff." She thought.

      She put her thumb in her mouth and closed her eyes.

      "Mommmmyyyyyyy!" Kayla wailed. Jordan opened her eyes.

      "What's the matter Kayla?" Jordan asked as she rubbed her eyes.

      Kayla was sobbing next to her. Pam walked in with a bottle and picked her up. She quickly walked out. Jordan got out of bed and toddled her way out of the room. She noticed the bulk between her legs seemed much thicker. She went into the nursery where Pam was rocking the upset girl.

      Jordan walked over and watched Kayla suckling her bottle down.

      "You are next don't worry." Pam said. Susan walked in at that moment and took Kayla into her arms. She bounced her baby girl and tried to soothe her back to sleep. Pam picked Jordan up like she weighed a pound and not a hundred. She laid her in her lap and placed the nipple of a fresh bottle in her mouth and began to rock. Jordan drifted in and out of sleep for about 15 minutes while she nursed.

      Pam stood up and laid Jordan in her crib. Jordan stood up, "Where's my mommy? I want my mommy!" She complained

      "Sweety, she will be here soon, no worries. Just lay your head down and rest for awhile." Pam crooned.

      Jordan shook her head, "No I don't wanna be in the crib, I wanna get out."

      Pam lifted Jordan from the crib and Jordan ran. She ran down the hallway and up the steps to the attic.

      Pam ran after her, "Little girl, that is off limits!"

      Jordan ran up the stairs and into the back room to hide. Pam was right behind her. Jordan pushed the door open and stopped. Her mouth fell open when she saw the dollhouses all lit up. On top of each house was a white cloth. Each corner was dipped in a blueish colored liquid. She could hear music, lullaby like music eminating from the room. She ran back out and ran into Pam.

      Pam picked her up and brought her back downstairs to change her diaper. She cooed over Jordan as if she were an infant.

      Jordan couldn't find the words to speak, she was in complete confusion. Pam brought her downstairs and plopped her pacifier in her mouth. She heard the doorbell ring and Pam carried Jordan to the door.

      Jordan's face lit up when she saw her mom, Kathy embraced her baby girl for a few minutes.

      "Mommy, I missed you so much." Jordan said with the pacifier still in her mouth.

      "I know baby girl, I missed you too." Kathy said

      "Thank you Pam, thanks for giving me my baby girl back." Kathy said sympathetically.

      Jordan opened her eyes. "Where is Kayla?" She wondered.

      Jordan got out of bed and tiptoed to Pam's room, no Kayla. She tiptoed to the bathroom, still no Kayla. She went downstairs and it was completely dark and quiet.

      "Where would she have gone? Up in the attic?"" Jordan wondered as she tiptoed back up the stairs. She walked to the end of the hall and tried the attic door, but it was locked.

      "Darn, locked. Just like the door to th-" She stopped herself in thought and walked towards the forbidden room. She pressed her ear up to the door. She could hear a soft buzz, like a fan or humidifier.

      She reached for the knob and it came right open. She listened again and could hear breathing. She tiptoed in the darkness feeling around. She could feel an object that felt like a dresser drawer and kept walking. She bumped into a chair and turned around. She could still hear the breathing and she followed it.

      She came to another object. With long slotted holes in it. "Wait, is this a-" She thought.

      She felt around it and sure enough, it was similar to a crib. She was too freaked out to worry about lights. She walked towards the doorway and felt around for a light. When she found it she flipped it on.

      Her mouth dropped at the sight. "Well I found Kayla, but what th- She looked around, there were pictures of so many kids like her and Kayla on the wall."

      Jordan smiled, somehow this just hit home. She felt more comfortable right now than she had the entire time. Her body suddenly became really weak, there was something strangely inviting. She looked at Kayla, soundly sleeping in a crib.

      She walked over and climbed up on the raling and got inside. She noticed Kayla's pacifier fell out. She wiped it off and put it in her own mouth and closed her eyes.

      Pam walked out of the attic, she smiled at the light coming from the nursery. She walked in and shut the light off and closed the door.

      Jordan woke up to Kayla stirring. She opened her eyes and realized where she was. She was still puzzled about the room and decided to climb out and find out exactly what was going on. She found it a little more difficult from the inside but managed to get out. She walked to the door and into the the hallway. She went down to Pam's room where Pam was still sleeping.

      She went downstairs and sat on the couch to wait for everyone to wake up.

      Just then she heard a car outside. She walked to the window to see a familiar van pulling in.

      "They're here!" She sighed. She ran upstairs to wake Pam up.

      "Pam! Mom and Daddy are here! Pam!" She said as she gently shook Pam.

      Pam opened her eyes and rolled over, "Morning honey!"

      "My parents are here! I just saw them pull in!" Jordan said excitedly.

      Just then the doorbell rang. Jordan dashed out of the room and downstairs to the door.

      She opened it to see her mother standing there. "Mommy!!" Jordan squealed as her mother came inside. Jordan quickly hugged her and held on tightly.

      Kathy smiled and knelt down, "Hi baby! I missed you!" Kathy said as she hugged her daughter.

      "Hey kiddo!" Gary called out from behind Kathy.

      "Daddy!!" Jordan jumped in her father's arms.

      "Hi Kathy! Hi Gary!" Pam said as she walked downstairs.

      "Pam! Hi! How did it go? Everything good?" Kathy asked.

      "We had a great time!" Pam replied.

      "Good I am so glad." Kathy winked.

      "We definitely missed our baby girl." Gary added.

      Jordan went wide-eyed when she heard that, just then she realized she was wearing a wet diaper and a footed sleeper.

      She slid from her father's arms and ran by Pam. She pulled her arm down and whispered in Pam's ear. "My diaper."

      "Oh do you need a change sweety?" Pam said aloud.

      Jordan froze, she looked at her mom and dad staring at her.

      Kathy spoke up, "Well? Jordan are you wet sweety? Do you need a dry diaper?"

      Jordan looked at her mother.

      Kathy smiled and took her shoes off, "Come here let me see."

      Jordan was shocked, "How did you know?"

      "Well I talked to Pam who told me you were wearing protection because of accidents. It's ok honey." Kathy said lovingly.

      Jordan felt her face get hot and the shame set in and her bottom began to get warm. She was wetting without even trying.

      Kathy walked over to her daughter and uzipped the sleeper to reveal a very wet and sagging diaper.

      "Well let's get you changed so we can go home." Kathy said as she stood up and took her hand.

      "Right upstairs 2nd door on the right." Pam said.

      Just then the doorbell rang and Gary moved aside. Pam walked to the door and opened it.

      Jordan tried to see who was here but Kathy had her hand and was pulling her upstairs.

      Kathy laid Jordan down on the floor in the nursery where Kayla was still fast asleep. Kathy grabbed the wipes, powder and a clean diaper from the changing table.

      She sat down in front of Jordan and unzipped her sleeper and pulled her legs out. She unsnapped the onesie and pulled the flap up. She untaped the wet diaper and pulled it out from underneath her.

      As Kathy continued to diaper her daughter, Jordan could feel the embarrassment of her mother knowing and her father knowing and here she was being changed by her own mother.

      Kathy zipped the sleeper back up and helped her daughter back to her feet.

      Jordan looked at Kayla in the crib and wished she were still sleeping in there. She was really comfortable about Pam knowing, but now her parents knew and it was different.

      Jordan grabbed her bag of clothes and walked downstairs with Kathy.

      "Ok, we will see you in a week then Mrs. Brakke. Bye-bye." Pam said waving to a woman walking out the door.

      "Mom!" screamed a young girl, probably 12 or so. "Mom I am not staying here! I don't need a babysitter! Im almost a teenager!"

      "Caroline, sweetie, it's ok. We will have fun! I have lots of dollhouses, just like the one I made for you!" Pam crooned.

      Caroline crossed her arms and stuck her tongue out.

      "You ready kiddo? We gotta pick up Montana yet." Gary said as he picked up Jordan's bag.

      "Yea daddy, let's go home." Jordan said.

      "Yea, we have a lot to do tonight before school starts again tomorrow, if they have school. Storms all week! It's crazy!" Kathy exclaimed.

      "Bye Pam." Jordan said as she gave Pam a hug and followed her dad out the door.

      "Bye honey, it was nice spending time with you!" Pam replied.

      Kathy turned to Pam, "Thanks so much Pam! I really appreciate everything. I will see you in 2 weeks!"

      "Ahh yes, I will have both girls for a week right?" Pam winked.

      "Yes, Gary and I need some time for remodeling and that can be tough with two babies running around." Kathy chuckled.

      Pam nodded, "Two weeks it is, Bye dear!"

      Kathy handed Pam an envelope and walked out.

      Pam watched the van pull out of the driveway and looked over at Caroline who was still pouting on the couch. "Well, Caroline, how about some breakfast?"
      Choronzon: I am Anti-Life, the Beast of Judgment. I am the dark at the end of everything. The end of universes, gods, worlds… of everything. Sss. And what will you be then, Dreamlord?

      Morpheus: I am hope.

      -Neil Gaiman’s Sandman Vol. 2 Issue 4


        Re: The Dollhouse by NeEKOlAh!

        i wish this story could continue or have a sequel?


          Re: The Dollhouse by NeEKOlAh!

          Wow! Just got done reading and what a great story. I agree about a sequel.