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    Angel by Kenk7us

    Angel ch1

    Beverly Sutton could not believe what she was reading. The old bastard had finally died, good riddance she thought. Then she read that according to his will he had only one heir. A sixteen-year-old girl named Angel that was his Granddaughter.

    Beverly knew that George Walker's son and wife had been killed in and auto accident. What she did not know was that the girl had already had her baby.

    My god I am a grandmother thought Beverly. The woman smiled and my Granddaughter is a billionaire.

    Beverly picked up the phone and called John Perry her lawyer.

    "That's right John I want you to find my Granddaughter and get me guardianship."

    "Of course dear there will be a nice bonus for you once I get my hands on that estate. Now get to work, and keep me posted."

    A hairstylist by trade Beverly just sat there smiling. Her brat daughter had ran off at sixteen years old and married Walker's son.

    When Beverly had approached the old fart for some money. Since she had lost her only child, he told her to stuff it. The bastard never mentioned the baby. What had he done with her all these years?

    George Walker was very embarrassed by his sons marriage, to what he deemed was trailer trash. When he killed her and two other people in a drunk driving accident. George had simply decided to pretend the baby was never born. His son was the only thing on earth he cared about. He simply did not want a baby around daily to remind him of his son.

    George sent Angel to a small convent in the country. He made annual donations to the convent and never once checked to see how they were treating his Granddaughter.

    What the nun's had done over the years was basically ignore the girl. Most of the nun's were under a vow of silence. This was a very strict order.

    The girl they called Angel was never potty trained or educated. They simply never stopped treating her as a baby. She spent most of her days playing with her meager toys in a makeshift playpen. She was always dressed simply in a couple cloth diapers and pins.

    When she needed changing they changed her. When she cried they gave her a bottle. They had never even taught her to feed herself. The truth was Mother Superior had always feared that if they did she would want to leave. She felt keeping her a baby kept the checks coming.

    Angel had never seen anyone in her life except the seven nuns at the convent. Five of them never spoke; the exception was Mother Superior and Sister Theresa Angels primary caregiver.

    Just the same the girl could barely speak, and had no idea of the world outside the convent.

    Beverly called her lawyer two and three times a day over the next couple of weeks. Walker's lawyers admitted that the girl was the heir, but stated they had no idea where she was. In fact they were telling the truth.

    On a hunch John got a court order too look at Walker's personal checking account. Once he had the records he went over and over them. Nothing stood out he went back twenty years. Then it hit him a check once a year for the last fifteen years starting the same month his son and daughter in law died.

    A convent thought John what a perfect place to hide the girl. John then went to court to gain guardianship for his client. It was too easy as no one was fighting it. Walker's lawyers simply had no way too. There was no question that the woman was the girl Grandmother.

    Too be honest they were afraid if they put up a fight the woman would fire their firm when she got control. They simply would not take that chance.

    Once he had secured the court ordered custody, John headed to the convent to pick up Angel. Of course the nuns had no idea any of this was coming.

    John showed up at the convent waiving his court order and asking to see who was in charge. They refused to let him in. He came back later with the police. This time they opened the gate.

    A few short words with Mother Superior and she told one of the sisters to get the girl they called Angel.

    John Perry could not believe his eyes. What the hell were these Nuns's trying to pull? Standing in front of him holding the Sister's hand was a girl no taller than four feet five and maybe sixty pounds wearing simply a cloth diaper. Too make matters worse it was stained yellow and wet.

    John turned to the Mother Superior. "Ma'am the girl I am looking for is sixteen years old, what the hell are you trying to pull here."

    "The girl is small sir she always has been. I assure you Angel is the girl you are looking for. Now take her and be gone. You have disrupted my convent long enough."

    John was dumbfounded. "Ok I will but whets the deal is she retarded or something?"

    "Sir simply stated we kept the girl as we got her, we have no time for raising children here. We have God's work to do. "

    John shook his head and walked over to Angel. "Come on baby lets get you out of here your Grandmother is waiting to see you.

    Angel immediately began screaming having no idea what was going on.

    John placed a crying Angel in the back seat of his car and strapped her in. He then thanked the police for their help and drove off.

    Angel cried and cried then suddenly she realized for the first time in her life she was outside the convent. She then began to look around wide-eyed.

    John drove for about a half and hour before pulling into a convenience store. The smell in his car was terrible Angel had messed her diaper.

    John made sure the car was locked as were the child locks then told Angel to stay put he would be right back. John bought a package of large baby diapers some wipes. He also bought a pack of pacifiers and a sippy cup. Which he bought some juice too put in. He then bought a small t-shirt for the girl. Of course on her it would look like a dress.

    John had two daughters at home. It took no time at all for him to lay Angel down in the back seat, clean her up and change her. He then strapped her back in and poured some juice in the sippy cup. He then had to explain to her how to drink out of it. She had never drank a thing in her life not in a baby bottle.

    John started the car, when Angel spoke. "Where you take Angel?"

    "Home honey I am taking you home."
    Choronzon: I am Anti-Life, the Beast of Judgment. I am the dark at the end of everything. The end of universes, gods, worlds… of everything. Sss. And what will you be then, Dreamlord?

    Morpheus: I am hope.

    -Neil Gaiman’s Sandman Vol. 2 Issue 4

    Angel by Kenk7us

    Angel ch2

    Angel sat in the car and watched the road. She loved how the signs flew by her. When the man passed other cars she strained her neck to see who was in them. She was surprised to see other children for the first time.

    It was all so new to Angel; she had no idea what to think. She could hear the man talking to his hand. But she did not understand the conversation he was having. He then said see you soon and put his hand down.

    "Angel if you see the sign for Hwy 11, let me know sweetie."

    She knew she needed to answer the man. "Angel no read, what sign look like?"

    John was stunned "its ok honey I will see it."

    Angel's feelings were hurt a bit; she knew she could help if he would just tell her what it looked like. Soon she was back to sight seeing.

    Two hours later they pulled onto the dirt driveway that led to a ragged looking small house.

    As John carried Angel towards the house she asks.

    "Is this home Mr.?"

    John smiled "just for a little while baby until Uncle John makes some arrangements.

    Just then a woman came walking out the front door. Beverly Sutton was in her early fifties, she was about five nine and just slightly overweight. At one time she was quite attractive, now she looked road hard and put up wet.

    She immediately held out her hands to Angel.

    "Come to Grandma honey."

    Angel held on tight to Uncle John. He had to pull her arms from around his neck then Beverly took her from him.

    "She hugged and kissed Angel cooing over her."

    John walked back to the car and retrieved the rest of the diapers, wipes and the sippy cup. He sat them on the porch. Standing there holding her new baby Beverly then began to talk.

    "John the way I see it we are half way there, now how soon can I take over managing the girls assets and get out of this dump."

    "Right now the law firm is doing that, but they know you are coming. It takes ninety days to probate the will. Then again I don't see these guys putting up a fuss at all. Just like they did not over your guardianship rights. I think I can manage to have you in charge in a couple of days."

    Beverly smiled " that would be great John, you want some coffee?"

    "No thank you Beverly, I need to get home it will be nice to spend one night in my own bed and see the wife and kids before I go back to work."

    "Ok then keep me posted, Angel Hun give Uncle John some nice sugar goodbye."

    John leaned in and kissed Angel on the cheek. First the woman now the man. It felt nice but what were they doing. She looked in her Grandma's eyes lost as to what she was supposed to do.
    "I don't have no sugar Grandma."

    "No honey I meant give him a kiss like this." She then once again kissed Angel on the cheek.

    Angel smiled then leaned in and kissed the man on his cheek. She then giggled as the stubble from his beard tickled her lips.

    John smiled and headed for the car. Grandma told Angel to wave bye bye then showed her how.

    Angel waived all the way till John was on the road again.

    Her Grandmother then carried her in the house. It was quite clean and neat Beverly was poor but certainly not a slob. She took Angel into the bedroom and removed her wet diaper, and her t-shirt. The first thing she wanted to do was give this child a bath.

    Angel loved sitting in the bubbles in the tub. The nuns had always bathed her in a big laundry sink. Using very harsh soap that made her skin red. Angel through a fit every time they did. But in truth they only bothered every couple of months.

    Her Grandmother scrubbed her totally then washed her hair with Baby shampoo.
    Angel braced herself when some soap got in her eyes for the sting but it did not happen.

    "Is soap magic Grandma it no burn."

    "No honey its just baby shampoo, its made to be gentle for baby girls like you" Grandma smiled and Angel smiled back. Honestly Beverly had not expected to enjoy having the girl. She just new she had to be nice. Someday this child might grow up, Beverly did not want to be a casualty of that happening.

    Actually it was the one thing Beverly was determined to stop from happening. Angel was going to stay her baby for a long time. Some how the thought of this pleased Beverly as she toweled the baby off. She then put her in a fresh diaper using lots of powder.

    The powder was new to Angel and she loved the smell. What a marvelous place this was thought Angel I think I am going to like being Grandma's baby.
    Choronzon: I am Anti-Life, the Beast of Judgment. I am the dark at the end of everything. The end of universes, gods, worlds… of everything. Sss. And what will you be then, Dreamlord?

    Morpheus: I am hope.

    -Neil Gaiman’s Sandman Vol. 2 Issue 4


      Angel by Kenk7us

      Angel ch3

      Angel sat on the little chair facing the corner sniffling; a slight sting still remained on her behind. The thick towel she was sitting on helped but not much. Angel had just received her first spanking she now new what "it " meant.

      When Angel was punished at the convent they just stuck her in a closet and sometimes left her for hours. Angel thought over the events that had led to her sitting here sniffling.

      Her Grandma had put one of those dresses on her and some sandals. Angel took them off she honestly hated clothes and did not like wearing them.

      Grandma then repeated the process and told Angel not to do it again, or she would get "it". Now that Angel knew what "it " was she wished she had listened? When Grandma found her undressed again she had became angry and ripped off Angels diaper. She then pulled her over her lap and gave her six smacks on her tiny bottom, before placing her in the corner.

      Maybe Grandma hates me now thought Angel. Maybe she will leave me here forever. Angel had come a crossed many new wonders the couple days she had been here.

      Toys, cartoons, good tasting food, yet her favorite thing was Grandma. Grandma who took her out and bought her toys and clothes. Grandma who had just yesterday gave Angel her very first ice cream cone. Angel could not wait to have another.

      Fearing she had messed it all up Angel just sat there and began to bawl again. Grandma came walking in and picked her up. Angel put her little arms around the woman's neck as tight as she could.

      "Baby what's wrong your hinny can't hurt that bad?"

      "Angel makes Grandma mad, Grandma hate Angel Grandma leave."

      "Oh baby that's nonsense, Grandma was angry sure but she spanked you to teach you not because she hates you. That and Grandma is never going to leave you, at least not forever. Don't you know how much I love my baby?"

      Love was something else Angel did not clearly understand. Her Grandma barely knew Angel yet said she loved her. Angel had strong feelings for the woman as well. Was this what she meant by love.

      "Can Angel give Grandma sugar?"

      Grandma kissed the girl all over her face, "You mean like that."

      Angel giggled hysterically "yeth Grandma just like that."

      "Baby you can give Grandma sugar anytime you want and you never have to ask."

      That said Angel kissed her Grandma on both cheeks and once right on the lips. She then giggled some more.

      "Now lets get you in a nice fresh diaper before you pee all over Grandma like yesterday."

      The next couple of weeks Angel kept her clothes on and was very happy. Even thought Grandma often seemed too busy to play with her.

      The truth was she and John was putting the clamp on Angel's estate with out as much as a whimper from the law firm. It was agreed that they would continue to handle the affairs and the investments.

      At the same time Angels Grandma would have total access to the money and the three Holmes he owned. Part of the deal was that John be made a partner in the firm in charge of Angel's affairs. He was also paid a million-dollar bonus for what he had already done.

      It seemed the account paid the firm millions a year and there was no way they were taking a chance of loosing it. Once all this was handled Angels Grandma made arrangements to move in to the mansion in Palm Beach Florida. The first thing she did was instructing the housekeeper to have the nursery remodeled and ready for Angel.

      Angel could not believe it as she found herself in a first class airplane seat on the way to Palm Beach. Maybe she would have been scared, but Grandma did not seem to be and she was holding the girls hand. Actually Angel found it very exciting and yelled "weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" when the plane took off.

      The plane was in the air about and hour when Grandma insisted Angel take a nap. Even asking one of the stewardesses to warm a bottle for her.
      Angel complained vehemently but was soon promised by her Grandma that she would get "it" if she did not do as she was told. Angel took her bottle and was soon fast asleep.

      Any other sixteen-year-old girl in the world would have complained when she woke up and had her diaper changed right in her seat in first class. Angel just giggled and was grateful for the fresh diaper. None of the other passengers said or thought a thing about the small girl needing a fresh diaper. I guess they just thought small girl, and a bed wetter on a long trip.

      Before Angel knew it she was off the plane and riding in a White Rolls Royce Silver Cloud. Angel simply adored her new car seat. It was made of white leather and custom made to fit her. Not that Angel cared but it cost over ten thousand dollars.

      When they got to the mansion, Angel and her Grandmother were awestruck at the size of it, some thirty rooms all-together. After meeting Libby a woman about forty who was the head house keeper, Angels Grandmother informed Libby she wanted to see the Nursery first.

      Grandma carried Angel down the long hall way then put her down outside the room. She then told Angel to go in.

      Angel was awestruck at what she saw. It was the largest bedroom in the mansion. There was a beautiful crib and changing table. Yet everywhere she looked was toys. A rocking horse and electric car more stuffed animals than she had seen in the biggest toy store Grandma had taken her too.

      " Its all yours baby girl this is your room and these are your toys." Angel looked at her Grandma then fainted dead away.
      Choronzon: I am Anti-Life, the Beast of Judgment. I am the dark at the end of everything. The end of universes, gods, worlds… of everything. Sss. And what will you be then, Dreamlord?

      Morpheus: I am hope.

      -Neil Gaiman’s Sandman Vol. 2 Issue 4


        Angel by Kenk7us

        Angel ch4

        Angel ran down the hall with Libby close behind her. "Angel dear please stop I have to change that diaper or it's going to fall right off of you."

        Angel giggled then turned to run some more, she ran right into Grandma.

        "Angel did not Grandma tell you to mind Libby."

        Angel looked up at her Grandmother and batted her little eyes and smiled. "Me sorry Grandma me just pwaying with her."

        Grandma reached down and picked Angel up.

        'Does Grandma half to have a talk with her babies hinny or is she going to behave for Libby."

        "Angel behave Grammie me good girl just having fun."

        "I know my baby is a good girl, but sometimes I have to remind her." Grandma then kissed Angel and Angel kissed her back. She then handed the girl to Libby.
        "Thank You Mistress, I was and am at my wits end. Honestly ma'am I hired on as the head housekeeper here not the Nanny. I love this little munchkin but taking care of her is affecting my normal work. Something needs to change. Might I suggest a governess for the child?"

        Beverly thought about this a second. "That is a wonderful idea Libby. I still will need your help with my baby some of the time or your staffs help. I will phone up and employment agency immediately and look for a qualified Nanny. Now don't you think Angel needs a new diaper and a nap."

        "Yes Ma'am exactly and understand I did not mean to be forward. I just want to do my job right for you."

        "Dear Libby do not worry, I am not like the snobs you have been used to working for. You can speak your mind to me anytime you want. I think you and your staff do and incredible job here."

        "Thank you Ma'am now I better get Angel ready for her nap."

        Angel stuck out her tongue and giggled while rolling her eyes as Libby carried her to the nursery.

        Beverly called the employment agency. The very next day she cleared her calendar and had interviewed a dozen Nannies.

        None of them seemed good enough for her Granddaughter. This was about the money to Beverly the break she had never had. Just the same other than a few nice things for herself, she was not really stealing from Angel. The truth was the small girl had touched her heart and this had not happened for years.

        She told none of the prospective Nannies anything about Angel. She simply inquired about their experience with Toddlers. She was about to give up and go back to square one when the last applicant entered her office led by Libby.

        The girl was tall about six feet thought Beverly and young not more than thirty; she had a warm smile and for some reason Beverly liked her right away.

        Libby introduced the girl as Heidi Schmitt from Sweden, she then handed the girls resume to the Mistress.

        The girl had been born in Sweden but came to the states at sixteen to work as a Nanny for a US senator; she had done so for ten years. Till suddenly he and his wife had decided her children were too old for one.

        Heidi had worked a couple of jobs since then. One as a Nanny or nursery mom on a cruise ships the other again with a private family. She was a Nanny for a single Dad with two small girls. Beverly would later find out, she quit because the man was making advances towards her.

        After talking to Heidi for a while she decided she was perfect. She then spent about a half hour telling Heidi about Angel and what she had been through.

        Heidi quickly agreed to the salary and benefit package she was offered. She considered taking care of a sixteen-year-old baby quite a challenge for her chosen career. For this twenty eight year old Swedish girl, she considered this job a break.

        "Mistress I have a few questions if you do not mind?"

        "Of course dear asked me anything you want."

        "First Ma'am you say Angel is a mere toddler, is this what you want or do you want me to help her grow up?"

        The thought of Angel growing up and rejecting her terrified Beverly, she took a second to compose herself.

        "Heidi I want what is best for my Granddaughter this is all very new to her. I think treating her as a toddler for a while yet is important. Trust me she is a very happy child. "

        "Understood Ma'am then you won't want me to potty train, or educate her."

        Beverly thought for a moment before answering. "Heidi from what the Doctors I have spoken to tell me Angel may never be free of her diapers for bladder control. She has simply been in them too long. I don't want to put pressure on her. As for her bowel control the same rule applies, but I would allow some training in this area. I think it would be better for us all. As for education we will have to simply give Angel sometime and see what she wants."

        "That's fine Ma'am one last question, Angel will need to mind me, am I allowed to punish her even spank her."

        "Yes dear I think that is only right, but if I ever find a bruise on my baby there will be hell to pay for you."

        "Then we have agreement, I will move in tomorrow and get started. I am sorry Ma'am do I answer to anyone but you."

        "Well Libby is in charge of all staff, then again you are in charge of Angel. Libby and her staff will assist you when you need time off. I don't think we will have a problem there. I will deal with it if it comes up fair enough."

        "Sounds very fair Ma'am I can't wait to get started."

        Beverly smiled she had found the perfect Nanny for her baby. "Neither can I dear and neither can Libby I will assure you Angel is a handful."

        Heidi smiled, Beverly could not help but notice how beautiful she was. "I love it when they are a handful Ma'am and look forward to the challenge."

        Just then they heard a blood curdling scream and a baby girl bawling.

        "Trust me Heidi that's my baby girl. I think she is getting a bit spoiled. I am putting a lot of trust in you."

        "Understood Mistress believe me understood.
        Choronzon: I am Anti-Life, the Beast of Judgment. I am the dark at the end of everything. The end of universes, gods, worlds… of everything. Sss. And what will you be then, Dreamlord?

        Morpheus: I am hope.

        -Neil Gaiman’s Sandman Vol. 2 Issue 4


          Angel by Kenk7us

          Angel ch5

          Libby answered the door the next morning still in her housecoat and pajamas. She wondered who would be ringing the bell at six thirty in the morning. She was surprised to see Heidi standing there with her luggage.

          "Hi Libby I am sorry to roust you so early but I wanted to be here when are baby woke up. Am I on time?"

          "Its fine dear I am always up by six I was just finishing my morning coffee. The baby usually sleeps till seven or a little after if we let her stay up till at least ten. Let me help you with your luggage and I will show you to your room. We cleared out the room next to the nursery for you."

          Heidi dropped her luggage off in her beautiful room. Then accepted Libby's offer to join her for coffee and some breakfast if she liked.

          "When the baby wakes up Heidi the whole house will know it. Every room in the mansion is connected to her baby monitor."

          Heidi was surprised to see a buffet style breakfast sat up in the staff dining room. She fixed herself some scrambled eggs and bacon, along with some toast and coffee.

          She had just finished eating when Angel let her presence be known. She was awake and balling.

          Libby smiled "our little Princess must be messy this morning I will take care of it Heidi finish your coffee."

          "No please ma'am let me, I am so looking forward to meeting my new baby."

          Libby nodded and Heidi made her way to the nursery. She knew it was right next to her room, then again if she had no idea. She could have simply followed the noise.

          Angel was standing in her crib just about cried out when Heidi entered the room.

          "Who you where Libby, Angel needs a new diaper. Go get Libby now."

          Heidi smiled at the girl thinking how beautiful and adorable she was.
          "I am Heidi, love your new Nana. That means I am in charge not you but I will get you a new diaper."

          Angel was not sure what to think, Heidi was big but she looked nice. That and what was a Nana. Before she could think about it Heidi lifted her out of the crib. Then carried her to the changing table.

          Angel did not say a word as Heidi placed her paci in her mouth and began removing her footed sleeper. Once the baby was naked except for her diaper and plastic pants Heidi started removing them.

          "Wooooooooooo somebody made a poopie big time."

          Angel giggled, as Heidi removed her diaper.

          "What is a Nana, Angel is stupid she does not understand?"

          Heidi smiled "Honey my job is to take care of a certain baby named Angel. It is the only thing I have to do. I get to tend to her and play with her. I guess you could say your new Nana is your new best friend."

          Angel smiled, she still was not clear about any of this but she knew she liked Heidi. Heidi then cleaned her up and got her a nice fresh diaper. She then put a pair of the ill mermaid plastic pants on her and a matching blue t-shirt.

          "Is my baby hungry this morning?"

          Angel smiled, "Heidi Angel is always hungry" she then giggled as if she had told the best joke ever.

          Heidi picked her up and placed Angel on her hip. "Lets go get my baby some breakfast then."

          Before she knew it Angel was bibbed and sitting in her high chair. Heidi was feeding her a breakfast of scrambled eggs bacon and hash browns. She let Angel eat her toast and strawberry jelly by her self. Of course Angel managed to get the jelly all over her hands and face.

          After cleaning the baby girl up Heidi fixed her a bottle of milk Heidi style. It included a spoonful of nutmeg and another of honey. She then warmed it in the microwave before carrying her into the den.

          Angel smiled behind her bottle as Heidi held her in her arms and rocked her. While Angel nursed her delicious bottle. Just then Grandma walked in.

          She bent down and kissed Angel on the cheek, then smiled at Heidi.

          "So baby girl what do you think of Grandma's present to you?"

          It only took a moment, for Angel to realize the present was Heidi.

          "Heidi is very nice Grandma and makes great bottles. Angel giggled, can I keep her."

          Heidi rolled her eyes at Angel as Grandma answered her.

          "Yes baby you can keep her, but remember what it is?"

          Angel did not understand why Grandma was asking but she did no the answer.

          "Yeth Grandma I know what it is but I have been a good girl."

          "I know baby but I just want you to know that if you don't continue to behave. Heidi has my permission to give it to you."

          Angel first looked at Grandma, then at Heidi. She did not know what to say or think about what Grandma said.

          "Baby do you understand, this is very important?"

          Angel knew that Grandma was serious, yet she was not sure how to answer.

          "Grammies I think it means if Angel is not a good girl Heidi can give it to me."

          "That's right baby, my baby is not only cute but very smart. I think you and Heidi are going to have a lot of fun together."

          Heidi smiled at Angel, as did Grandma. Suddenly the girl was no longer worried about getting it.
          Choronzon: I am Anti-Life, the Beast of Judgment. I am the dark at the end of everything. The end of universes, gods, worlds… of everything. Sss. And what will you be then, Dreamlord?

          Morpheus: I am hope.

          -Neil Gaiman’s Sandman Vol. 2 Issue 4


            Angel by Kenk7us

            Angel ch6

            The next few days, Angel and Heidi began getting to know each other. Mostly they spent the days playing with each other. Angel loved the way Heidi would get right down on the floor and play with Angel's dollies with her.

            When they went to Angel's playground, Heidi would swing with her play in the sandbox with her and even climb the jungle gym with her. She joined in what ever Angel wanted to do.

            Angel pretty much to the limits she could push Heidi. So far Heidi had swatted her diapered butt a couple of times. Spanked her bare bottom once and given her about a half dozen time outs. With Heidi around Angel knew what she could and could not get away with.

            Then the strangest thing happened. The girls were running around the house-playing hide and go seek. It was raining outside and they needed to play inside.

            Libby had warned them both to be careful. There were lots of expensive things in the house. She also suggested to Heidi that it was time for Angels nap.

            Just then Libby heard the sound of breaking glass. By where the sound came from she was not surprised to find a very expensive antique vase lying on the floor broken. Both girls were standing there looking at it.

            "What have you two girls done?"

            "It was my fault Libby I will clean it up, and pay the Mistress for it."

            "No not Heidi's fault Angel break vase."

            "I should not have been chasing you in the house like that Angel I know better I will take the blame. Besides Libby warned me. I will pay your grandmother for the vase."

            "But Angel break not Heidi, she should not have to pay."

            Libby then spoke up "both of you naughty girls hush. I warned you both and I think you are equally responsible. Heidi it would take five years of your salary to pay for that vase. Then again it is insured. Now both you girls go to your rooms and wait for Libby. You will both pay for this one the old fashioned way."

            Without a word both Heidi and Angel walked to there rooms. Angel knew she was fixing to get it. She felt she deserved it and was already counting the moments till it was over with.

            Heidi was not at all sure what was going on. She realized that a very expensive vase had been broken. But Libby certainly did not expect to. No she would not dare and I will not allow it.

            Heidi stood nervously in her room, as she could hear in the nursery that her darling Angel was indeed getting spanked. Soon it was over and all she could hear was Angel crying. It was a quite a few minutes before Libby walked in her room. She had diapered Angel and gotten her a bottle as she put her in the crib for her nap.

            When Libby entered her room Heidi spoke first.
            "Libby I know you do not intend to spank me like a child. I simply will not take it."

            "Was it not like a child that you were acting. Playing with the girl is one thing Heidi but running inside the house after you have been warned and breaking a very expensive vase is another. I am responsible for everything in this house. I will be the one that ultimately answers to the Mistress for the Vase. Now I know you are taller and younger than me child but trust me you cannot stop what is about to happen. Now we can do this the easy way or the hard way. I suggest you drop your shorts and panties.

            Some how Heidi knew that if she did not do as she was told she would only make things worse. She pulled down her shorts and panties to her ankles.

            Libby took a seat and motioned to the girl to get a crossed her lap. Heidi felt like a toddler as she waddled across the floor and laid a crossed Libby's lap. She took a deep breath as Libby began to spank her bottom with her hand.

            Heidi had not been spanked since she was a young teen. After about ten sharp smacks she began to whimper by fifteen she was crying out loud and when Libby hit twenty-five she was balling like a baby.

            Libby gently rubbed her sore bottom then pulled some lotion out of her pocket and applied it, too Heidi's bright red behind. She then helped the still sobbing girl to her feet, and pulled up her panties.

            "Step out of your shorts dear."

            Heidi did as she was told; Libby then gave her a hug.
            Heidi feeling like a well-punished little girl hugged Libby back and said she was sorry.

            "Such behavior will not happen again Ma'am I forgot myself."

            "Its not a matter if it happens or it does not dear as long as you know the consequences. Now I want you to get in bed and join Angel so to speak for a nap. Do not get out of bed until I come and get you for any reason without asking." She then pointed to the baby monitor in Heidi's room.

            Heidi crawled quickly into bed as Libby fixed the monitor so that if Heidi said anything she could hear her. It was usually set only so Heidi could hear.

            Libby then tucked Heidi in and kissed her on the cheek sleep well dear. Libby then turned out the light and left the room. Moments later a well-spanked Heidi was sound a sleep.

            A little over and hour later, Heidi awoke to hear Angel crying. She started to get out of bed and go to her. Then her sore bottom reminded her that she could not. Just moments later Angel quit crying.

            A few minutes later a freshly diapered Angel came running into Heidi's room.

            "Heidi I am sorry I got you spanked, Libby said you could get up now you want to play some games on the puter."

            Heidi smiled "that would be great dear why don't you go turn it on. I will be right there." Angel was gone in a shot.

            Heidi got out of bed and rubbed her still very sore bottom. She then put her shorts and shoes back on, before pausing for a moment to fix her hair. She then went to find Angel.

            Later that evening at the dinner table, Angels Grandmother joined them. She had been gone all day. Heidi served Angel a plate of finger food then turned towards the Mistress.
            "Ma'am there is something I need to tell you."

            "Libby has already told me about the vase dear, I did not like it anyway. You took your punishment and I am proud of you for it. We will not have another word about it. Lets just eat our dinner."

            After dinner was over and desert had been served to Heidi and Angel while the girls Grandmother was drinking her coffee. She began to speak again.

            "Girls I am going to be gone for a few days. While I am Libby will be in charge of the house and everything in it do you both understand."

            Angel nodded .As did Heidi, she was not sure she liked it but after the session a crossed Libby's lap this afternoon she certainly understood.

            "Where Grandma going please?"

            "Well baby Grandma is going in the hospital. For a little plastic surgery. It is nothing for my baby to worry about."

            "What is pastic sugereeeeeee Grandma? They put pastic on you?"

            Both Heidi and the Mistress giggled.

            "No baby, its just a thing to make Grandma pretty again."

            "Grandma is pretty, she bootiful Grandma most pretty in the whole world."

            The woman smiled, what a wonderful child.

            Later that evening right after bathing, diapering and giving Angel her night bottle. Heidi was sitting in her room watching TV, when Libby walked in.

            "Ok young lady time for you to take a bath and get to bed. I will be back to tuck you in shortly."

            "Wait a second Libby, I took the punishment today, because I thought I deserved it. But I am not a child that gets sent to bed.

            "Young lady I see that you stay up till the wee hours of the night. You are barely awake in the morning as you tend to the baby, and I will not have it. You might drop her or something now do as your told."

            Suddenly it dawned on Heidi that she was on the verge of another spanking. She certainly did not want that. She moved quickly to turn off the TV then headed for the bathroom.

            Libby smiled, and went about her business. When she returned a short time later, Heidi was just stepping out of the shower. She found Libby standing there holding a towel.

            The woman dried her off, and then helped her get into her pajamas. She then sat there while she made Heidi kneel and say her prayers.

            Once she had Heidi tucked in the bed. Libby began to speak. "Honey I am not trying to treat you like a child. But I am not going to stand by and see you not take care of yourself. At least as well as you take care of that baby, now sleep well honey."

            Libby bent down and kissed Heidi on the cheek. Heidi managed a smile; she had mixed emotions about how she felt.
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            Morpheus: I am hope.

            -Neil Gaiman’s Sandman Vol. 2 Issue 4


              Angel by Kenk7us

              Angel ch7

              Beverly hung up the phone, and smiled she had so enjoyed talking with Heidi and Angel. Both girls were so adorable. She had been thinking about Angel a lot since she had been in the hospital.

              When Beverly first got the chance to take over her Granddaughters estate, her only worry was that the girl would grow up and kick her to the curb. It was never her intention to steal from the girl or do anything that would be considered stupid.

              Now she had a whole new set of things to consider. It seemed that Angel loved her as much as Beverly loved Angel. This certainly changed Beverly's responsibility.

              As she lay there in the hospital recovering from both major facial plastic surgery and lypo suction Beverly knew that her responsibility for the girl had changed.

              Simply put Beverly was considering letting Angel grow up. The problem was she knew that was and amazing responsibility. If it did not go well Angel could be lost. What she was thinking was that it was something that did not need to be pushed.

              She also was concerned about Heidi. Libby during another phone call had mentioned the girl was a bit of a discipline problem. She was not sure that she wanted Libby that much in charge of Angel's Nana.

              Then again just maybe Heidi needed the discipline. Beverly realized she had several days left in the hospital. She had no intention of leaving till her bruising was gone. She might scare the hell out of her baby.

              Meanwhile back at home Heidi found her well spanked behind standing in a corner. It seemed as of late she was getting more spankings than Angel was. Why did she feel so compelled to lip off to Libby.

              Almost every time she was punished it was for back talking. Libby did not tolerate it and Heidi was not getting the message.

              Angel thought it was funny. She teased Heidi every time she got spanked or a time out. Heidi had for her part became a rebellious little four years old as far as her behavior was concerned. She just simply faults the control Libby had over her.

              Both girls had a daily routine; Heidi still took care of Angel and most of her diaper changes. Then again she no longer thought of disciplining her. For most things that Angel would need discipline for Heidi was the instigator.

              Honestly Heidi had found herself, quite happy just being Angel's playmate. Libby had noticed this change but did not know what to do about it.

              Days later Beverly returned home both Angel and Heidi were thrilled to see her.

              "Grammie you look wunnerful pastic surgery is really good huh."

              "Mistress you do look nice, I am glad things went so well."

              Beverly who needed a new wardrobe, having suctioned away a lot of weight. Just smiled at the girls.

              After a lot of hugs and kisses for both girls. Beverly asked Angel to go to her nursery and play.
              "I want to talk with Heidi a bit sweetheart if you don't mind. I will come and spend sometime with my baby in a bit."

              Angel smiled and then gave Grandma some more sugar before heading to her nursery. Heidi figured she was in trouble. She more than anyone, was aware of how many times Libby had punished her of late. Heidi She stood there in front of Angel's Grandma expecting to be fired.

              "Mistress before you say a word, I want to apologize for not doing my job. I am more than aware that I have been more trouble than Angel has lately. I have no explanation for it. Please let me resign so you do not have to fire me."

              Beverly smiled " first love I am tired of you calling me Mistress, from now on please call me Grandma or Grammie like Angel does. I consider both of you my darlings. I did not ask to talk to you to fire you and I will not accept your resignation. What I want is your help?"

              Heidi was confused what could Grandma want from her. How could she help? Heidi thought hard before she said a word. She had no idea what Angels Grandmother wanted of her.
              "Ma'am anything I know I have screwed up but what can I do."

              "First off love you have not screwed up. You have been a godsend for my Granddaughter. The first friend she has ever had. I admit you have been a handful for Libby, then again which of us would not return to childhood if we could. Hey I just spent ten days in the hospital trying to find my youth."

              Heidi giggled she knew that Mistress was telling the truth. She had indeed enjoyed being Angel's little girl friend.

              "So what do you want from me uhhhhhhh Grandma?"

              Grandma smiled, "I am no longer afraid of Angel growing up and giving me the boot. I love her and she loves me. I am sure all will be fine. I want you to slowly begin to help her grow up. I want you to introduce her to education; I want you to home school her. Even though I am not sure it will work I want you to try and potty train her. The hard part is I do not want you to pressure her. I want these things to be her idea."

              Heidi heard and understood, what Grandma was saying. Then again hearing this she knew that what Grandma wanted to do would put her out of a job.

              "Grandma I will do it, if that is what you want?"

              "You do not seem excited love why the pouty face?"

              Heidi had no idea she was pouting but she did no why she was.

              "Grandma if Angel grows up, I am out of a job."

              Grandma smiled "silly girl, do you think that would matter. I have already adopted you in my mind. That and Angel already sees you as a playmate and a sister more than a Nana. Your future young lady is secure. "

              Heidi smiled " thank you Grandma that means a lot to me. I say operation, grow up Angel starts now. Honestly I hope I am up to the task at hand."

              Grandma smiled "well it will be a chore love for me you and Libby but I think we might just pull it off. Now come here and give your Grandma some sugar."

              Heidi did just that.
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              Morpheus: I am hope.

              -Neil Gaiman’s Sandman Vol. 2 Issue 4


                Angel by Kenk7us

                Angel ch8

                The next few days showed no immediate change in the relationship or activities of Angel and Heidi. Other than now Libby was having Heidi take a nap and go to bed at the same time as Angel.

                Mostly the girls just spent the day playing. That and or fighting which simply ended up with one or the other or both being spanked by either Grandma or Libby.

                Grandma was actually beginning to worry that Heidi was regressing so much she would be no help in helping Angel grow up.

                Not that Grandma was helping any, she had commissioned a new wardrobe for Heidi and mostly the girl was dressed like a four year old. It simply made her very happy.

                Heidi for her part was not sure how she was to do what she had to do. Getting Angel to grow up with out pushing her. When she was not playing it was the only thing she thought about. She just had not figured it out yet.

                Then freshly spanked and standing in the opposite corner of her little sis, who had also been spanked a plan came to her.

                When Libby came to let the girls out of the corners. Heidi put her plan in motion. First she hugged Angel and they made up. Then they returned to their nursery to play. Angel wanted to play on the play station, Heidi did not.

                Heidi simply went over and picked up a children's book and started reading. She had never bothered to read to Angel. Angel of course wondered what she was doing.

                "What you doing Heidi, why you not pway with me?"

                " I don't want to play now honey I am reading a book."

                "I cant play reading a book Heidi, Angel no wead."

                "Play game with me?"

                "No I would rather read right now honey. This is more fun than that stupid game."

                "How book more fun Heidi, will you wead to me."

                "Well I could baby but I promise you that it would be more fun if you read it yourself."

                "But Angel stupid Angel not know how to wead."

                "Angel you are anything but stupid, you beat me at most of the games on play station. Learning to read is just as simple as learning to play those games."

                "Then Heidi teach Angel to wead, so she not be stupid and have fun too. You the Nana now you be the teacher."

                Heidi smiled "Ok baby anything you want I guess I need to earn my paycheck. It all starts with something called the ABC's. Let me go get a pad and some paper."

                Heidi spent about two hours teaching Angel to both read and write her ABC's. Angel seemed to learn very quickly and of course Heidi bragged on her a lot.

                Suddenly Heidi stopped teaching.

                "Honey I have to go to the bathroom. I will be back in a minute or two."

                Heidi then got up and went to the bathroom. Just then Grandma walked in Angels nursery. She checked the girls diaper and found it wet. Heidi no longer seemed to pay attention to Angel's diapers.

                Grandma lifted Angel up and carried her to the changing table. As she changed her diaper Grandma began to speak.

                "Where is Heidi honey, did she run off and leave you?"

                "No Grammie Heidi just go bathroom."

                "So what have my girls been up too sweetie?"

                Angel smiled.

                "ABCDEFG, HIJKLMNOP, QRSTUV, WXY AND Z. Now I know my ABC"s " Angel sang it out so loud and clear.

                Her Grandma had tears in her eyes.

                "Heidi teach Angel to wead me wead real good soon Grammie just you wait and see."

                She finished diapering the girl and sat her down on the floor just as Heidi reentered the nursery.

                Grandma walked straight to Heidi and kissed her all over her face. "Good work sweetie I am very proud of you."

                She then walked out of the nursery. Heidi had no idea what she had done.

                "Honey what did you say to Grandma?"

                Angel smiled "I just sang her my ABC's Heidi. "

                Heidi smiled at least she knew what the praise was for.

                "Heidi please what's it like?"

                "Reading honey it's a lot of fun."

                "No Heidi not reading." Angel lowered her head and looked at the floor.

                "Going to the bathroom, like a big girl?"
                Heidi knew that how she answered was very important.

                "It's really cool honey, the best feeling in the world would you like to learn?"

                "You think Angel could learn to go potties like a big girl Heidi?"

                "Oh yes baby, but since Angel has been in diapers for a very long time. It will take a lot of work and patience. Maybe even a trip to a doctor, to learn how to strengthen some muscles. Do you want to try baby it's so very much up to you?"

                Angel had tears in her eyes, as she looked at Heidi.
                "I want that more than anything in the world Heidi. Angel knows she is not a real baby, and she does not want to be anymore."
                Choronzon: I am Anti-Life, the Beast of Judgment. I am the dark at the end of everything. The end of universes, gods, worlds… of everything. Sss. And what will you be then, Dreamlord?

                Morpheus: I am hope.

                -Neil Gaiman’s Sandman Vol. 2 Issue 4


                  Angel by Kenk7us

                  Angel ch9

                  Angels Grandmother was very happy with the progress Angel made over the next three weeks. At Heidi's suggestion they had indeed taken Angel to the Doctor. First the Urologist gave her a complete examination, checking to see if there was any medical reason for her incontinence. Finding none the Doctor taught Angel a series of exercises.

                  Grandma then bought a little potty chair with a bell on it. It was Heidi's idea when Angel indeed made it to the potty and finished she wrang the bell, so someone would come and wiper her.

                  With in the first week Angel had only had one bowel accident. This of course was a bit messy and Angel cried since she was wearing pull-ups and they leaked.

                  By the second week Angel was making it to the potty over half the time for her pee pee and all the time for her bowels. The third week was amazing Angel had not had a single daytime accident. She was now using the regular toilet. They had even taught her to clean herself.

                  Angel at breakfast one morning asked Grandma if she could have a regular bed. "Grandma Angel no needs no more it hamper my potty training."

                  "How is that love?"

                  "Last night Angel wake up and need to make pee pee but me can't get out of crib. Plus me want no more night bottles. Please Grandma pretty please?"

                  "Of course baby I will order your new bed immediately. Plus I am going to remodel the room next to Heidi's for you. A big girl needs a big girl bedroom, when you think your ready."

                  "Thank You Grandma I love you so much, what did I ever do without you?"

                  "That's not the question dear what did I ever do without you is the question you have completed my life. You and your darling sister Heidi."

                  "Grins she is my sister now Grandma, is there a way to make that legal. Maybe make her a Williams?"

                  "I will look into it baby I will look into it."

                  Angel hugged her Grandma. "Me go wead now Grandma.

                  Reading was all Angel thought about now her progress was amazing. She never wanted to put a book down. Heidi had to beg her sometimes to play with her.

                  Heidi was another thing. She had become very adult again with Angel most of the time when she was teaching her. She still liked to play but now that Angel was staying dry, she loved taking the girl shopping and things. Grandma had even bought her a car.

                  Over the next six months Angel's progress was beyond description. They had given her the Iowa silent reading test. She was reading at College level at over four hundred words a minute. At ninety percent comprehension.

                  That was when Angel's education started for real. They enrolled Angel in a home schooling program. That let her work at her own pace. Her pace was full speed ahead.

                  Heidi worked with her every minute; the girls were always side-by-side. Feeling her own education was lacking Heidi enrolled in the program. The girls were actually competing. Of course both were making straight A's.

                  One night Angel and Grandma were smiling at Heidi.

                  "Heidi you're my sister and I want you to read this." Angel then handed the papers to Heidi."

                  Heidi sat down and read them and about half way through she began to cry. Just the same she continued to read.

                  When she finished she wiped her eyes and looked straight at Angel.

                  "Honey if I sign this I will be legally your sister and Grandma's Granddaughter. Nothing would make me happier. But why do you want to give me half your fortune."

                  "I did not want too, I wanted Grandma to have a third. But she insisted I should just split it with you "

                  Heidi just grinned, "Like we would ever let her want for anything!"
                  Heidi then hugged the both of them.

                  After a year Angel had began the ninth grade home schooling. Heidi was doing tenth grade work and Angel was determined to catch her.

                  She no longer needed diapers and both girls were now typical teenagers. Which was fine except Angel were now twenty and Heidi had just turned twenty-six.

                  Angel had been taking driving lessons twice a week and Grandma took her to DMV for her driving test.

                  They showed and officer the certificate from her driving school and Angels learner permits. That was when Angel spoke up.

                  "Me take driving test me get wicencse. Me big girl now."

                  The officer looked right at Grandma. "Ma'am this child is obviously handicapped. I mean she talks like a baby."

                  Grandma flared up just as Angel was tearing up.

                  "Grandma Angel no gets wicience."
                  That's when Grandma started in on the officer.

                  "Listen to me bitch and listen to me good. My Granddaughter has been through enough with out having to listen to you judge her. Now you give her the test. If she fails will come back and try again. But anymore talk about her being handicapped and I will call my friend the Governor. I have his number right here on my speed dial."

                  Grandma held up the Cell phone and shook it at the woman.

                  Before Angel knew it she was taking her driving test. She passed with flying colors.

                  Angel drove Grandma home. "Grandma I did not know you knew the Governor?"

                  "I don't honey Grandma was bluffing."

                  Angel just giggled " you good bluffer Grandma you had me believing too. Giggle Giggle.

                  "Grandma I need to wearn to talk better. How do I do that?"

                  "If that is what you want dear I will hire you a speech therapist, or grammar coach I am not sure we will get you some help."

                  "Thank You Grandma I wuv you so much."

                  Nine months later Angel and Heidi graduated from high school. Grandma invited every student in the home schooling program to her house for a big party at Angels home.

                  Angel after all was Valedictorian and Heidi Salutorium. Angel beat her out by two tenths of a point.

                  Angel's speech was incredible as she talked about where she had come through and how if not for Grandma and her big sis Heidi she would have never had the chance to grow up.

                  "Now my sister and I start at Duke in the fall. Just the same I will remember this day and moment for the rest of my life. My name is Angelica Williams and I am not a baby anymore."

                  Her speech was perfect grammar way better than my writing.

                  Four years later Heidi and Angelica graduated in the top ten percent of their class at Duke. Heidi with a degree in child psychology. Angelica with a degree in Business and a minor in poly sci. Heidi was off to California in the fall for grad school. Angelica had been accepted at Harvard.

                  There was only one more thing Angel had to do.

                  It was a foggy dreary day when she showed up at the convent with the eviction notice, and the local Sheriff.

                  Angel just stood there smiling as the Sheriff told mother superior what was going on.

                  "Ma'am Miss Williams here has bought this property from the bank. You have twenty-four hours to get out. Please tell the other nuns then get your things you are under arrest for child neglect and abuse."

                  When it was all done Mother Superior and a couple other nuns got a couple years in jail. They did about six months with good behavior. They were also ex communicated from the church.

                  Just like Angel had told them. After Mother Superior had finally recognized her.

                  "Your going straight to hell sister and I am paying for the ticket."

                  Angel, Grandma and Heidi were there the day they tore the convent down. Angel just smiled.

                  The End
                  Choronzon: I am Anti-Life, the Beast of Judgment. I am the dark at the end of everything. The end of universes, gods, worlds… of everything. Sss. And what will you be then, Dreamlord?

                  Morpheus: I am hope.

                  -Neil Gaiman’s Sandman Vol. 2 Issue 4