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    Undercover Babies by Kenk7us

    Undercover Babies ch1

    Katy Matthews was hurrying to get home. She had stood around talking to long after her shift at the theatre. She did not want her grandmother angry with her, nor did she want another trip over Grandmothers lap.

    Katy thought how ridiculous that thought should be. The truth was her Grandmother did still spank her even though she was eighteen years old. Grandmother had always sort of babied her maybe it was because of her condition maybe not.

    Katy had Turners Syndrome a chromosomal problem. It affected different girls in different ways. In Katy's case her ovaries never develop causing her not to have breast or pubic hair. She would never have a period or children for that matter. Katy had quit growing at four ft five inches and weighed about sixty pounds.

    Katy was running now she had five minutes two do three blocks and climb three flights of stairs. With her short legs she would be lucky to make it. Katy used her key to unlock the door of the apartment and walked in.

    "Hi Grandma I am home" moments later Katy's Grandma a woman nearing sixty walked into the living room. " I see that Katy running a little late tonight were we?" Katy decided the truth was her best option "running my mouth with my coworkers is more like it Grandma I am sorry for being late I know you worry." Katy's Grandma walked over and picked Katy up in her Arms kissing her tenderly on the cheek. "Its ok sweetie your not that late, now are you hungry or thirsty would you like anything before you head to bed" Katy shook her head no and her Grandmother sat her down on the floor. With a pat on the butt "then off to bed with you Grandma will be in to say goodnight in just a little bit.

    Katy ran to the bedroom she shared with her Grandma. Katy slept in a small day bed while her Grandmother slept in a twin size bed. The apartment was very small just this tiny bedroom a small living room and kitchen and of course a bathroom.

    Katy stripped down to her cotton panties and paused just a moment to stare at herself in the mirror. Yep she thought still and eight year old. Katy had always had a great attitude about her condition. She was small and that was it Katy simply did not let it bug her.

    Katy brushed and flossed her teeth, then used the potty before stepping into her blue-footed pajamas and zipping them up. The pajama's like most of her clothes were purchased at a second hand store in the children's department. Katy hopped in to bed just as Grandma entered the room. "Did you say your prayers dear" Katy crawled back out of bed and kneeled down beside it. She then said her prayers out loud for Grandma to here the same way she had her entire life.

    Once back in bed Grandma tucked her in and told her to get some sleep. Then kissed her on the cheek goodnight

    Katy hated going to bed this early, but new it was necessary she had to be up again at four Am. Katy ran a newsstand three days a week from five am in till eleven.
    Then she worked three nights at the theatre selling tickets. Katy looked all the time for a better job. She wanted so much to help Grandma out and get a bigger place.

    Grandma worked at a local drugstore and had for fifteen years she was the assistant manager but the money was not all that. Katy new that she owed everything to Grandma her mom had died giving birth to Katy and her father Grandma's son consumed with grief just took off.

    Katy's dream was to go to school at the local community college. She wanted to get a degree in something related to her only talent Katy was and artist. She saved every dime she could get her hands on but it seemed something always came up. Grandma had just had surgery on her eyes Katy had given Grandma all her savings to keep them a float while she was out of work. Grandma fought her over taking her money but she really had no choice.

    Katy tossed and turned a bit; it was silly she thought there was no way in the world she would ever make it to college.
    Sure there were student loans but Grandma forbid it. She felt debt was going to be the destruction of America and would not let her Granddaughter be involved with it. But Katy could still dream and with that she drifted off to sleep.
    Choronzon: I am Anti-Life, the Beast of Judgment. I am the dark at the end of everything. The end of universes, gods, worlds… of everything. Sss. And what will you be then, Dreamlord?

    Morpheus: I am hope.

    -Neil Gaiman’s Sandman Vol. 2 Issue 4

    Undercover Babies by Kenk7us

    Undercover Babies ch2

    Grandma got Katy up at four o'clock sharp. The small girl took a shower got dressed and ate some cereal then she kissed Grandma goodbye.

    Katy got thru her early morning rush between six and eight it always amazed her how many people just could not do without their morning paper. Most of Katy's customers were regulars and many even tipped well.

    When things settled down Katy asked Joe the old man that ran the shine stand next to her to watch her stand for a minute. Then she ran next door to grab a Danish and a coke. Hurrying back she settled in to the rest of her morning routine, reading want ads.

    Katy was on about her third paper when she spotted it.
    Wanted young girls between the ages of 18 and 21 must be less than four ft eight inches tall and extremely petite. The candidates selected will be trained for and exciting new career. Starting pay $60000 a year High School Diploma required. (This is not a porn add we assure you) please apply in person.

    Katy ripped the add from the paper and stared at it. She would need to take the bus into the city to apply. Going to the city was strictly against Grandma's rules. Then again how could she pass up this opportunity? Katy could not wait for her shift to end.
    Katy called Grandma and left a message on the machine. She told Grandma she was going to hang with her friend Abby after work, and that she would be home around five.

    The moment her shift was over Katy made her way to the nearest ATM and with drew One Hundred dollars. Something else she would have to explain to Grandma when her statement came in. She then walked the three blocks to the bus terminal and caught the next bus.

    Once in the city she hopped a cab and gave the driver the address on the ad. Ten minutes later she paid the driver and stood outside a large brick government building. Katy went inside and looked at the directory, she knew she needed room 318 and wanted to find out where she was going. Katy was shocked when she saw what the room was Federal Bureau of Investigation.

    Katy went to the room and was given and application by the receptionist. Katy filled it out and handed it back to her. Katy was about to leave when the receptionist asked that she take a seat. Ten minutes later Katy was sitting in and office being interview by a female agent named Joan Walters.

    First the agent just asked lots of questions, which Katy answered the best she could. Then the agent began to speak "Young lady I won't beat around the bush you are exactly what we are looking for, if you can pass the physical and physiological test you will join four other girls in the most intense training program you can imagine. You will be training to become and FBI agent and even more important and undercover agent. This can and will be very dangerous work. Do you think you are up to it?"

    Katy hesitated for a second just to gather her thoughts " let me think here a second, you want me to give up my boring dead end life for and exciting career in the FBI I have never in my life been more ready for anything.

    Agent Walters told Katy to report back to her office tomorrow morning at nine o'clock. She told Katy all she needed was the clothes on her back. Everything else would be taken care of.

    Katy wondered all the way back how she would explain all this to Grandma. Grandma was waiting at the door when Katy entered the apartment. "Young lady where in the hell have you been I called Abby?" Katy told Grandma the truth about the trip to the city the new job she told her everything but the dangerous part.

    She watched as Grandma became more and more upset. "Young lady you are not going anywhere but across my lap." She then grabbed Katy and pulled the struggling girl into position. Pulling her cotton panties down she spanked Katy harder than she ever had before. Even harder than the time she caught her smoking cigarettes.

    Katy did what any young girl in her position would she cried and screamed and begged promising never to disobey her Grandmother again. When it was over Grandma sent Katy straight to bed.

    Katy walked in the bedroom and quickly changed into her pajamas her butt felt like it was on fire. She was still sniffling she pulled the covers over her head how could I have thought I could have a future then she cried and cried until she fell asleep.

    Grandma did not leave for work the next morning till almost eight thirty, not before explaining to Katy that she was grounded for two weeks.

    Katy sat there scared and pissed she was watching TV around ten thirty when she heard a knock on the door. Katy was forbidden to answer the door when Grandma was not home but then again no one ever knocked on the door. Katy had just gotten off the phone with Grandma so she knew it could not be her.

    Katy got up and opened the door leaving the safety chain on Agent Walters was standing outside looking in. Katy quickly unhooked the chain and invited her in.

    "Young lady you missed our appointment this morning is this going to be a habit with you?" Katy looked at the agent and told her about how upset her Grandmother had been with her. She did not mention the spanking but did tell her that Grandma had forbid her from taking the job.
    "Katy dear do you have your birth certificate handy" Katy went and got it out of the drawer Grandma kept it in. She then handed it to the agent.

    "Katy reading this paper it till's me your over eighteen years old. Young lady you do need your Grandmothers permission to take this job."

    Katy knew what she was saying was true "Ma'am its complicated Grandma has always taken care of me she is all I have. She may never speak to me again if I do this. Even worse what happens if I fail. Where do I go then what if she won't take me back?"

    "Ok Katy this is Joan speaking not Agent Walters I want to talk to you girl to girl. My parents were not thrilled at all when I chose this career. I was already out of college and they still forbid me to do it. I had the exact same fears you do about failing. To tell you the truth if three of the five girls get through this training we will be surprised.

    "They are after all girls from all over the country. We know just about as much about them as we do about you. You're all small and extremely intelligent. But I will tell you one thing if you pass on this opportunity you will regret it the rest of your life."

    " Where in the world did you get the idea I am extremely intelligent?" laughed Katy " I was a B student in school nothing special.

    "Katy you have been measured to have a one forty IQ You also did extremely well on your SAT's considering your GPA. All though school your teachers made the same comments lacks focus and has a low attention span constantly off in a daydream world."

    "Katy where does becoming and FBI agent fit in to your dreams?"

    Katy new that very moment exactly what she needed to do? She packed a few things in her book bag then turned and faced Agent Walters. With tears in her eyes she smiled at Agent Walters "Let's go please before I change my mind. I think it's time Katy followed one of her dreams.
    Choronzon: I am Anti-Life, the Beast of Judgment. I am the dark at the end of everything. The end of universes, gods, worlds… of everything. Sss. And what will you be then, Dreamlord?

    Morpheus: I am hope.

    -Neil Gaiman’s Sandman Vol. 2 Issue 4


      Undercover Babies by Kenk7us

      Undercover Babies ch3

      Katy's Grandmother was beside herself. She had called several times and receiving no answer had hurried home.

      She could see the signs where her Granddaughter had quickly packed. She called the FBI but they only gave her stock answers. They told her that she would receive a letter once a week from her Granddaughter during training. She would also be able to send one a week if she wanted.

      Resolved to the fact that she had lost her little girl. Katy's Grandmother just sat down and cried.

      Katy had been flown that very day to southern California.
      She spent the next two days undergoing every medical and psychological test know to modern medicine.

      Katy was terrified that she would fail and be sent home. She had no idea if her Grandmother would take her back. Then again if she did the spanking Katy was sure to get would not be pleasant either. Not to mention being grounded the rest of her life.

      Katy was thrilled when she passed all with flying colors. She was then taken to a hotel where she met the other four girls. Then they were herded on a large bus and driven to training camp.
      Katy spent the ride talking with Misha a Korean American about her size. Actually all the girls were about her size or one or two inches taller. Misha was very sweet and Katy and her became quick friends

      Katy wondered about the similarities between the girls. They were all small and very pretty. Actually the other girl's beauty made Katy feel like a dog. Nothing could have been farther from the truth but it was what she thought.

      Suddenly it dawned on Katy what in the world would the FBI want with them. She suddenly found herself giggling how could these little girls be FBI agents. She looked at the other girls and wondered if they were thinking the same thing.

      It was eight o'clock at night when they finally arrived at the camp. There was no other way to describe the place it was simply three buildings enclosed in a barbed wire fence. It even had armed guards at the gate.

      The girls were tired and hungry. They were told they would be fed as soon as Indoctrination was finished, then walked single file to one of the buildings.

      They would later learn that this was the building they would be using for a classroom. They each took a seat and waited to see what happened next.

      A tall red headed woman wearing a Doctor's lab coat walked to the front of the room. "Hello girls I am Dr. Veronica Ravenstone. Sense it was I that came up with the idea for this program; the bureau has put me in charge of your training. You girls can simply call me Dr. Ronnie.

      "You girls are about to embark on three months of the most extensive training you can imagine. We will put to the test your minds as well as your physical endurance. For the next three months you will be worked between ten and twelve hours a day.

      You will be trained exactly as all agents are trained. With classes in law enforcement, hand to hand combat and the use of firearms. You will also be trained in the latest detective and undercover techniques."

      All the girls were smiling for the first time they realized that they really were here to become FBI agents.

      "You may be wondering why you five were chosen for this training. You are to become part of a special unit within the bureau. The unit we call undercover babies. You are going to be trained to go undercover as little girls. We think that you will be able to go places unnoticed that no other agents in the bureau can.

      Part of your training the one I am most responsible for will be what I call regression training. While you are here although you will be trained as agents you will be treated as babies. After dinner tonight you will be diapered and gotten ready for bed. You will remain diapered and use them for their intents and purposes until the end of your training. When you screw up here you will be spanked just exactly like the little girls we intend to treat you like.

      This is a very important part of your training girls now if know one has any questions lets get you some dinner."

      No questions was this woman crazy or what. She did not really expect us to wear diapers much less use them did she. As they were being led out of the room Katy turned to speak. "Dr owwwwww"

      The woman closest to Katy had smacked her behind sharply twice "you had your chance for questions young lady now its dinner time.

      The girls were taken to the middle building. This was obviously there dorm and dining room. Sitting at one end of the room was five high chairs. They were each placed in a high chair by one of the two attendants.

      They were then bibbed and served a delicious meal and a glass of milk in a sippy cup.

      Katy studied the two attendants who had not even bothered to introduce them self's. Both were large women probably in there early thirties. Both were wearing their hair up and wore white all most nurse like dresses.

      Soon all the girls had finished there food except Carrie she had eaten everything but her green beans. "Now Carrie we need you to finish those beans then we can get all the babies bathed and put to bed."

      "Carrie trying to sound as adult as she could while sitting in a high chair. "Ma'am I hate beans and simply don't eat them thank you anyway."

      "Young lady here Mommy Karen expects you to clean your plate .If you don't then I will have to spank you and let you try again. That will continue till all the beans are gone." Carrie picked up her fork and ate her beans gagging a bit but she ate them.

      Before we new it Mommy Karen and Mommy Quinn had undressed us down to our birthday suits. They helped us put our personal things in some large bags and told us we would get them back when training was over.

      They then placed all five us in a large circular tub and began bathing I had never felt so humiliated in my life but soon it was over. Soon we were waiting our turn on the changing tables for our diapers.

      Once diapered and placed in nightshirts we were each placed in cribs with our names on it and given warm baby bottles of milk.

      I could not help but notice the crib was filled with stuffed animals and dolls. I sucked on my bottle and thought about where I was and why. I wondered about what the other girls were thinking. Then I slowly drifted off to sleep.
      Choronzon: I am Anti-Life, the Beast of Judgment. I am the dark at the end of everything. The end of universes, gods, worlds… of everything. Sss. And what will you be then, Dreamlord?

      Morpheus: I am hope.

      -Neil Gaiman’s Sandman Vol. 2 Issue 4


        Undercover Babies by Kenk7us

        Undercover Babies ch4

        Katy awoke the next morning too the sound of two of the girls crying. She stood up to see Mommy Karen carrying Misha to the changing table she was balling her eyes out.

        Mommy Quinn was lifting Carrie out of her crib she was also in tears. Lana and Josie the other two girls were standing in their cribs watching like Katy. That's when Katy noticed her diaper was soaked, how in the world did that happen she wondered.

        Katy then noticed Lana clutching her stomach and squatting down. Katy knew immediately she was filling her diaper and Carrie and Misha already had. To Katy's ever lasting horror she was next. Katy felt her stomach cramp and then contract and then filled her diaper almost past the breaking point.

        Katy started to cry while she was still pooping and notice Josie joining her. She had no doubt in her mind that they had all been given a pretty strong laxative.

        The girl's diapers were removed and they were rinsed off in a standing shower and once again placed in the circular tub. After their baths the Mommies diapered them and put them in matching t-shirts with their names on them. White socks and tennis shoes completed there training out fits.

        After a nice breakfast of hot cereal fruit and juice each girl was handed a bottle of milk and a book bag and taken to the classroom building.

        Once in their seats Dr Ronnie walked in. "Good morning girls I realize that you are all pretty angry at me. Yes we spiked your food last night with a strong laxative and a diuretic. We will continue to do this backing off the dosage until you lose control on your own. It is a necessary part of your training. It should be no problem to potty train yourselves once the training is complete.

        She then introduced the class to a tall male figure named Agent Johnson. He was in charge of their classroom training. "Girls because of the accelerated pace of this training program there is no time for studying, outside the classroom. You have to give us your complete attention at all time. We give regular pop quizzes and if you fail you will be immediately spanked.

        He then began teaching a class on federal laws. Thirty minutes later he gave his first pop quiz. Katy cringed as she watched Carrie crying her eyes out and Agent Johnson was pulling Lana a crossed his lap and her diaper down. They each received ten smacks on their bare behinds for flunking the quiz.

        They went two hours with Agent Johnson and were given three more quizzes. None of the girls missed another question. After the spankings he had everyone's complete attention.
        They were then taken to their physical fitness training, after stopping for a quick diaper change.

        There they met Agent Lee he was and Oriental man in perfect physical condition. He told the girls that failure was not and alternative in his class either. If you did not keep up and complete the exercises as instructed you will pay with your behinds.

        They started the class with a mile and a half run. The little girls all thought they were going to die by the time it was finished but they all did keep up and did finish. Then the real work began. For the next hour and a half he taught them how to do several different exercises. Each one was done in sets of tens.

        The girls all seemed to manage ok Katy thought she was doing ok but prayed they would do know more pushups she almost could not complete the last set. It seemed she lacked a bit in upper body strength.

        Agent Lee then told them that it was a pretty good job for the day lets do twenty pushups and call it a day. The other girls made it ok but Katy failed to get back up for number eighteen. Katy hated it as Agent Lee pulled her across his lap and pulled her diaper down. First off her diaper was wet and second she knew all about spankings. Never the less she felt ten sharp smacks on her butt and began to cry.

        The girls were changed then given a nice lunch of fish pasta salad and broccoli, with chocolate pudding for desert. As soon as they were done they were put in their cribs given a bottle and told to take a nap.

        After their nap they had another class with Agent Johnson then hand-to-hand training with Agent Lee. Each of the girls got at least two more spankings before dinnertime. Then they were taken to regression training with Dr. Ronnie.

        They were taken to the building they had not been in before. It was like a child's dream day care. It was full of toys and things to climb and jump on. It had swing sets and a trampoline even a kiddie's pool for the girls to play in.

        Dr Ronnie spoke to them before they got started " my babies I am very proud of how you have done your first day. Now this is playtime, and I expect you to play and have fun. This is the only time of the day you girls are allowed to talk and get to know each other. The only condition is you talk in baby talk at all times. Now have fun girls."

        Katy looked around and found Misha. "Hi Misha what you want to pway on." Misha was glad Katy messed up the word play as she could see the Mommies Karen and Quinn lurking about. Misha was dead tired. "Lets go pway with the pretty dowwies."

        It seemed all the girls chose quite things to do for playtime. Lana was playing with a hand held video game. Carrie and Josie were playing with some racecars on the racetrack. They played quietly for and hour and a half and must have done ok cause none of them were spanked.

        After their baths and night diapers Katy lay in the crib nursing her bottle. She wondered if the other girls were thinking the same thing she was. Simply calling it quits and going home.

        The next morning Josie requested to see Dr Ronnie. She returned to the group about a half hour later rubbing her butt and she had obviously been crying. That night at playtime Katy and the other girls found out what happened.

        It seemed Josie had indeed tried to quit, and had been given twenty across her butt with a paddle. It seemed quitting was another option they were not allowed.

        Over the next two weeks the girls worked harder and harder. They had made a secret vow to each other to finish this training and become the best agents they could.
        They looked forward to getting even by reporting Agent Ronnie to the bureau.
        Choronzon: I am Anti-Life, the Beast of Judgment. I am the dark at the end of everything. The end of universes, gods, worlds… of everything. Sss. And what will you be then, Dreamlord?

        Morpheus: I am hope.

        -Neil Gaiman’s Sandman Vol. 2 Issue 4


          Undercover Babies by Kenk7us

          Under Cover Babies ch5

          What started out, as a vow to get Dr Ronnie was the best thing that could happen to the girls? They somehow became very competitive. Not that it was not friendly the girls had all grown to love each other and considered themselves a team.

          As they entered there last week of training they had even started to love and respect their Mommies and their instructors. They did so well they were seldom spanked or disciplined for that matter.

          Katy was only concerned about two things. One she knew that Dr Ronnie had long since quit spiking their food. She knew when she needed a bowel movement and was certain she could control that. Every time she did it she was still totally embarrassed. Her bladder control was a whole different thing. Half the time she wet without even knowing it. At least until she realized her diaper was soaked.

          The second thing that bothered her was she had not heard a word from Grandma. She feared that when she did get out of here she had no home to go too.

          The girls were given the last few days of training to prepare for finals. They were allowed to talk normally and work together as much as they wanted. The girls worked out their own study and training schedule. They worked hard together on their weakness'. The Mommies were of course around to see that they behaved themselves. Agent Johnson and Agent Lee were there to help anyway they could. But never the less the girls were now training themselves Dr. Ronny could not have been more thrilled.

          The final written exam was the exact same one the regular agents took. Each of the girls scored in the upper ninety percentile. Yet they had less than half the time to learn this stuff regular agents had.

          The girls had been trained in judo karate and good old fashion street fighting. For the final exam they fought round robin matches against each other. It seemed no girl could really get and upper hand. Agent Lee called it a draw and gave them all and A.

          They were then tested on semi automatic rifles and handguns. Katy turned out to be the best marksman, but it was close between her Misha and Josie.

          Finally they had to take the first test they had never tried before. They had ten minutes to complete a one-mile obstacle course. It includes pipes to crawl under walls to scale on knotted ropes actual water to swing over. A large tree to climb followed by a rope swing to the finish line.

          Katy reached the top of the tree exhausted she had never pushed herself so hard before. She new she was ahead of the other girls. She grabbed one of the ropes secured herself to it and screamed " Graduation time girls" then she pushed off the limb and swung the eighty feet to the ground. Agent Lee caught her as she hit the ground running, and hugged her neck, as agent Johnson called out her time six minutes and forty-five seconds.

          The four other girls all finished in less than eight minutes.
          As the girls walked back towards the camp Johnson and Lee stood with amazed looks on their faces. They had set up this obstacle course and both men had run it. They both knew that their times were comparable to the girls maybe a bit faster. Neither of them had come close to Katy's time.

          That night the girls were bathed and dressed in party dresses.

          They had dinner at a large dining table with Agent Lee and Johnson Dr. Ronnie and their Mommies Karen and Quinn.

          After dinner they were introduced to a gray haired agent named Dawson Nobles. He was the top assistant to the head of the bureau.

          They all took their seats as he made his speech. "You young ladies have far exceeded every expectation the bureau had for this program. Frankly I had it doomed for failure. I have never been more pleased to be wrong.
          Veronica you the agents and the Mommies have done and outstanding job.
          But in the end you girls made the difference. I don't know what your driving force was but I am proud to welcome five new outstanding young agents to the FBI.

          He then called the girls up to him one at a time. He handed them their diploma's their badges and their guns.
          Katy was the one he called last.

          Now for the most outstanding student of the first undercover babies class I give you Katy Matthews"

          He handed Katy her badge gun and diploma as her fellow classmates chanted" speech speech speech"

          Agent Nobles then turned to Katy and asked that she say a few words.

          Katy smiled at him then turned to her teachers and classmates.

          "Three months ago we girls came here not having and idea in the world what to expect. Let me tell you the first few days we did not like it much. We actually formed a pact of hate for Dr Ronnie. Vowing as a group to complete this course just so we could report her.
          That was our driving force. Today we talked a bit and realized she was the one person in the world that believed we could do this. So all we want to do now is dedicate this moment this very special moment to Dr Ronny the day her baby girls became FBI agents."

          Afterwards there were lots of hugs laughter and congratulations. The girls were given their assignments and two weeks vacation before they needed to report. They were also given first class plane tickets home and three months back pay. After taxes it was just over ten thousand dollars. The most money Katy had ever seen. The final present was a two-compartment travel suitcase on wheels .One of the compartments was filled with diapers and supplies.

          Katy thought how she might miss her crib as she packed her stuff up the next morning. She asked a Mommy if she might have her favorite stuffed animal and of course they gave it to her telling all the girls to take theirs.

          Katy and the other girls were given lovely business suits to wear on the airplanes and allowed to put some make up on. Katy thought how she looked pretty good in her suit and padded bra. They were each also given a hundred dollars cash for their trips. Ronny knew that there would not be time for them to cash their checks.

          Each girl had been given the opportunity to call home and tell their parents when to pick them up. Katy passed on her turn with the phone call.

          Katy sat back in her seat and thought about how much crying had gone on when the girls had to say goodbye. They of course had exchanged numbers except for Katy who told them she would get back to them when she got settled.
          As Katy's plane roared towards Chicago she wondered exactly how Grandma would deal with her. Katy could not believe her bad luck. She had been assigned to the Chicago office just twenty miles from her home in the suburbs.

          The seatbelt came on and reality hit Katy that she would soon be home. But not as soon as she had originally planned.
          Choronzon: I am Anti-Life, the Beast of Judgment. I am the dark at the end of everything. The end of universes, gods, worlds… of everything. Sss. And what will you be then, Dreamlord?

          Morpheus: I am hope.

          -Neil Gaiman’s Sandman Vol. 2 Issue 4


            Undercover Babies by Kenk7us

            Under Cover Babies ch6

            Katy awoke the next morning in her hotel room. She popped her pacifier in her mouth and removed her diaper. Before doing anything else Katy decided to try a bowel movement she was more than just a bit happy when she was successful Katy then hopped in the shower after which she put on a fresh diaper to begin her day. Katy was slowly getting the hang of changing herself. Something she hoped would not be a long-term thing.

            Katy put her jeans on and a shirt thinking to herself she would need to get a jacket. It was March and still pretty cool in the windy city. Katy started to go over her plans. She needed and apartment and a complete new wardrobe. Katy was not sure if she had enough money but she still respected Grandma's rule against credit.

            She intended to go to the bank and open and account this very morning. She also intended to get a credit card for traveling. Katy promised herself she would pay the balance each and every month. Just then she heard a knock at her door. Katy wondered whom it could be the only people that knew where she was were the bureau.

            It was required that the bureau had a current address on all agents even when they were on vacation. Katy walked to the door and opened it thinking it was a bit early for house keeping. Katy jumped back when she saw who was there.
            Gulp "Hello Grandma" Katy then braced herself for a frontal assault like she had been trained. "Well child are you going to invite your Grandmother in or leave me standing in the hall. " oh yes please do come in."

            Grandma came in sat down in a chair then she began to speak to her Granddaughter. "Young lady I was not happy with your decision to join the bureau. Honestly I thought the whole thing was a big hoax. Then I was so proud of you when Dr. Ronnie called and said that you had completed the program at the top of your class.'

            "What I do not understand is why you did not come home when your training finished?" Katy thought long and hard about her answer. "Grandma how long have you been talking to Dr. Ronnie?" "Let's see child since about your second week. That's when I threatened to take what was going on to the press if they did not put me in contact with you. I found Ronnie to be a sweetheart and she told me all that was going on. We talked as often as twice a week."

            "But Grandma I wrote to you every week, yet I did not get one letter in response. I was not sure you ever wanted to see me again."

            "Katy you have always been such a silly girl. Grandma did not write you because Ronnie ask her not too. She wanted to keep you focused from the beginning she expected that you would be her best agent just to prove something to me.'
            Katy did not know what to think or what to say. "None of this excuses your behavior young lady, you ran away against my will then you did not come home to me when you were suppose too. Even after Dr Ronnie kept her promise and got you assigned to Chicago Now come here young lady.'

            Katy knew what was about to happen as she walked to her Grandmother some how she knew she deserved it. Grandmother unfastened her jeans and pulled them to her ankles. She then pulled Katy across her lap, and pulled her diaper down. The spanking that followed was by no means the worst one Katy had ever received from Grandma never the less it stung and after a while Katy began to cry.

            When Grandma finished she repositioned the diaper and pulled up Katy's jeans. She then pulled the small girl in to her arms. "Baby Grandma did not spank you for any of the things that you did. She spanked you for being stupid enough to think anything in the world could make Grandma stop loving you."

            They kissed and hugged for about ten minutes. Katy was sure in her mind that she deserved the spanking and being reunited with Grandma was worth it.

            Katy told Grandma she had planed to rent a two-bedroom apartment in the city then come and tell Grandma she was back. She also needed a new wardrobe. She then showed Grandma the check for her first three months work.

            Grandma stopped her "Honey I have already gotten us a new apartment about four blocks from here furnished and ready to go. You and I are going to split the rent and utilities. Across the street is a gym so you can keep up your training. I want you sharp it may save your life. Also the apartment is less than three blocks from the bureau office. When it warms up you can walk to work it will save money on cabs."

            Katy giggled "but what about your job Grandma?" Grandma smiled at her "Dr Ronny got me a job less than two blocks from the apartment, managing a brand new store its more money and five days a week nine to five thirty."

            Grandma then looked at Katy "we got lots to do little girl do you need a diaper change before we go?" Katy shook her head no even though she was a bit damp. Grandma handed her the Jacket she brought for her." Grab your things baby girl and lets get the heck out of here.

            Katy loved the new apartment it was wonderful. She was a bit disturbed to find a changing table in her room. The apartment was four rooms and two bathrooms and just about right down town.

            Once at the new apartment after Katy had a look around Grandma insisted on checking her diaper. During the middle of this much needed diaper change Katy decided it was as good a time as any to ask. "Grandma what are the rules now. Am I still just your little girl or do you consider me and adult now." Grandma thought about this before she spoke.

            She taped Katy's fresh diaper shut then she spoke" You are and adult and you are and FBI agent. But you will always be a little girl. I expect to know where you are and what you are doing. Of course I don't want you breaking any bureau rules. Most of all don't think for a second that I wont go after your hinny if I think you need it. You are now and always will be my little girl. Now lets go to the bank and get that check of yours deposited"
            Choronzon: I am Anti-Life, the Beast of Judgment. I am the dark at the end of everything. The end of universes, gods, worlds… of everything. Sss. And what will you be then, Dreamlord?

            Morpheus: I am hope.

            -Neil Gaiman’s Sandman Vol. 2 Issue 4


              Undercover Babies by Kenk7us

              Undercover Babies ch7

              Over the next three days Katy's Grandmother tried potty training her. Katy was having no problem with her bowels but did not make it to the bathroom once to go pee pee.

              Katy was beginning to be concerned. She asked Grandma if she could call the other girls. Grandma told her she could call them anytime she wanted as long Katy could pay her own long distance bill.

              Katy called Misha first and they talked for thirty minutes. Misha sounded like she was having a wonderful time home on her visit. She was also doing great with her potty training down to about one accident a day. She had even had her first dry night the night before.

              Katy then called Lana and Josie finding them to be doing about as well as Misha with their training.

              Katy was distraught as she dialed the number to Carrie. Carrie was glad to hear from her and told Katy that she was already back in panties. She even joked that potty training had been much easier this time than when she was three.

              Katy hung up the phone in tears, and called Dr Ronnie. Dr Ronnie was thrilled to hear from her favorite student. At least until Katy told her why she had called. Dr Ronnie knew that Katy should not be having these problems retraining. Dr Ronnie told Katy not to worry and that she would call Katy back.

              Grandma, saw how upset Katy was and suggested she take a nap. When Katy argued Grandma insisted. Grandma diapered her and told her to get into bed. Katy did as she was told and hopped in the bed. Grandma left the room for a few minutes and returned with a baby bottle full of warm milk.

              "I don't want that Grandma I am not a baby." " No one said you were a baby so don't act like one this is just some warm milk to help you relax.' Katy took the bottle and began to nurse it. She new disobeying Grandma would be a foolish thing to do. Besides the milk tasted wonderful and soon put her fast asleep.

              Dr Ronnie called back and spoke with Grandma while Katy was sleeping. "Ruth something has to be wrong Katy should have been further along with her training. I want you to check her into Memorial Hospital tomorrow morning at seven am. I will meet you there. Make sure she has nothing to eat or drink after midnight tonight. Don't worry the bureau is picking up the bill.

              Grandma told Ronnie she would have her there, then hung up the phone. Now she had to figure out how to tell Katy without scaring her to death.

              Actually Katy took the news surprisingly well. "Good Grandma I need to find out what's going on. But the rest of the day she was very quiet. Katy for the first time realized that she may never potty train if something was indeed wrong. She also assumed it would be the end of her job on the bureau.

              The next morning Katy and Grandma took a cab to the hospital and checked into a private room. Katy wearing only a diaper and hospital gown was run all over the hospital the next two days for test.

              The hardest part of the test were of course the urine samples Katy had to sit naked in the room then when she started peeing run to a sterilized pot and then sit down.
              Katy found it absolutely the most embarrassing thing she had ever had happen. To make it worse she had to give them several of these samples.

              Finally it was over Dr Ronnie had come to Katy's room to give Grandma and her the results. Dr Ronnie sat on Katy's bed and looked her square in the eyes. "Sweetheart I don't have good news, it seems you developed a low grade infection that damaged your bladder permanently."

              Katy started to cry, first she was destined to never really grow up and now she would be in diapers the rest of her life. "Why Dr. Ronnie why what caused the infection?'

              Dr. Ronnie stared at the floor, took a deep breath and then answered Katy. " It seems you had and allergic reaction to the diuretics we gave you at the camp."

              Katy stared bullets at Dr. Ronnie, "your special training did this to me. What kind of Dr. .are you that you would do this to some one who's safety and care was your responsibility. Get out of my room you quack get Out Get Out Get Out" Katy screamed.

              Dr Ronnie said she was sorry and ran crying from the room. Grandma gave Katy a dirty look and followed her.
              "Stop Ronnie I am too old too chase you" Ronnie stopped dead in her tracks. Grandma took her in her arms and held her while she cried,

              When she finished crying Grandma asked the question that needed to be asked. "What were the odds of this allergic reaction taking place?" Ronnie still distraught told her that neither the hospital nor the drug manufacturer could find a case of it happening before. She also told her that the drug had been on the market for twenty years.

              Grandma hugged Ronnie again and they chatted for a moment. Then Ronnie went to take care of something. Grandma headed back to Katy.

              Katy was no longer crying, she was just staring at the wall. When Grandma reentered the room. "Young lady I have never been more disappointed in you in my life. I should take your diaper down right now and blister your behind. "

              "What me, she did this to me Grandma." Grandma grabbed Katy and shook her. "Katy you are the first case ever of this kind of reaction. Something about your body and that drug just did not work. Dr. Ronnie is not to blame."

              Katy started to cry again " but but its over Grandma all my dreams of being something are over. They wont let me be and FBI agent like this. It's all overrrrrrrrrr!!"

              Grandma took Katy in her arms and held her for thirty minutes. Finally Katy calmed down. "Grandma can we go home now? Please"

              Grandma changed Katy's diaper helped her dress then checked her out of the hospital and took her home. The next couple of days Katy moped around the house a lot sucking on her pacifier. She had tried to call Dr Ronnie a few times to apologize but could not find her anywhere.

              Grandma was at work the third day after Katy had checked out of the hospital. Katy wearing nothing but a t-shirt and a diaper was sucking her pacifier and watching Dawson's Creek rerun's on television. When she heard the doorbell ring.

              Not even thinking about how she was dressed Katy went to answer the door leaving the chain on of course like Grandma had taught her. Standing outside was Dr Ronnie. Katy quickly undid the chain and invited her in.

              "Dr Ronnie I have been trying to call you for days" Katy lisped thru her pacifier, realizing this she removed it and spoke again. "I am so sorry for the mean things I said in the hospital." Dr Ronnie put her hand over Katy's mouth and shushed her.

              "It's ok Katy you had every right to be angry. Now will you let me tell you my news? Katy grinned and nodded her head. "Well how about we do it while I change that wet diaper?" Katy blushed, as she had not even noticed Grandma usually came home at lunch and changed her it was eleven am now.

              Katy giggled and took Ronnie by the hand and led her to her bedroom. Ronnie helped Katy up on the changing table and began removing her diaper.

              Once she had begun cleaning her Ronnie began to speak. "I guess you know Hun that according to Bureau rules wearing a diaper would make you medically unfit to be and agent." Katy smiled as Ronnie slid a new diaper under her and began to powder her. " Yes Ma'am but again don't blame yourself because I don't blame you."

              Ronnie taped the diaper shut and sat Katy up on the table.
              "Well that very problem is the why you could not reach me the last few days. I made a little trip to FBI headquarters to see the Director. It took me three days to get into see him. He is a very busy man. Anyway I told him all about you and got him to sign a little piece of paper."
              Dr. Ronnie left Katy sitting on the changing table. Then walked into the living room to get something from her briefcase. Katy thought this was strange but just sat there and waited.

              Dr Ronnie came back in carrying a piece of paper, then handed it to Katy. Katy read it over then she began to cry elephant tears it was a medical waiver concerning Katy's urinary incontinence. Signed by Robert Mueller The Director of the FBI. "I iii Immm still and agent Dr. Ronnie?" Ronnie smiled and nodded her head "You never stopped being and agent Katy."

              Katy jumped from the table hugging Dr. Ronnie's neck. She ended up sitting on her hip. "Dr. Ronnie you are the best friend I have ever had I will never ever forget you did this for me."

              Ronnie carried Katy over and sat down on the bed with Katy still in her lap. She just held the girl while she had a nice cry. When she sat back from Ronnie's shoulder. Ronnie put her pacifier in her mouth and watched as the small girl sucked it. She thought to herself Katy was so much like a baby; yet at the same time a wonderful young woman. Ronnie knew that she was going to do a wonderful job as and agent for the FBI.

              "Katy why don't we call Ruth and see if it would be ok if I took you shopping. I think its time you got some new clothes. Agents are expected to look sharp at all times you know."
              Katy hopped off Ronnie's lap and ran to the phone.
              Choronzon: I am Anti-Life, the Beast of Judgment. I am the dark at the end of everything. The end of universes, gods, worlds… of everything. Sss. And what will you be then, Dreamlord?

              Morpheus: I am hope.

              -Neil Gaiman’s Sandman Vol. 2 Issue 4


                Undercover Babies by Kenk7us

                Undercover Babies ch8

                Katy had been working in the Chicago office for three months now. She got along with everyone in the office but still had no real defined job. She was more like the office mascot than a fellow agent.

                Robert Masters the division chief did not believe in the Under Cover baby program all though he was very fond of Katy. He had no intention what so ever of putting her in any danger.

                Katy was embarrassed when she found out that everyone in the office knew that she wore diapers. Katy often wondered how long it had been since she had actually changed her own diaper. At home Grandma took care of it and at work several female agents and secretaries did.

                They had even put a changing table in the ladies rest room just for Katy. Katy spent her day fetching coffee, filing and running errands. She was just now being taught how to do minor research for her fellow agents.

                She also was in charge of setting up the conference room for meetings and making sure they had plenty of coffee bottled water and doughnuts.

                Katy was disappointed that she was not and active agent. Actually Lana was the only one of the girls that had been. She had been used on a stake out. She even got to draw her gun but never used it.

                The rest of the girls spent there time doing the same things Katy did.

                Katy was happy though for the most part. Grandma had broke her credit rule and allowed Katy to buy Grandma and her a car. Katy took driving lessons every Saturday with a local agency. In a couple of more weeks she was scheduled to take the test.

                Katy had also purchased herself a computer and had security access to all FBI files. She loved reading about the old cases. Katy worked out hard across the street at the gym three mornings a week before work. Then two nights a week she was taking a Karate class.

                Katy thought that things could be worse. She had car money in the bank lots of nice clothes. She even had a shooting range she could use during work anytime she wanted. Katy practiced with her handgun at least and hour everyday. The truth was the instructor had told Katy she was the best shot in the agency.

                John Masters was angry, why could these idiots not understand. It simply was stupid and not safe to put Katy in this sort of danger.

                It seems the home office had gotten a tip that the Mafia was considering kid napping a senator's daughter. They intended to use her to convince the senator to give up on some anti crime legislation. John thought the whole idea to put Katy undercover, as the senator's daughter's roommate was just too dangerous.

                He had however at least gotten himself put in charge of this particular stake out. John was glad that there was only three weeks left in the school year. He then began putting together his team to back up Katy.

                Katy could not believe her ears as the chief laid out her assignment. Alyssa McKnight was already at the private girls school as a substitute teacher. Hector Gomez would take the place of one of the janitor's. There would be a van just off campus with four agents in it working twelve-hour shifts.

                "Katy your role in this is to keep your eyes open. I don't want any heroics from you. You see anything strange you tell the other agents understand?" Katy nodded "Yes Sir"

                "You are Katy Roberts you are ten years old. Your father works for American Brands as a top-level executive and just returned from and overseas assignment. The rest of your biography you have to memorize it. Details are what keeps agents alive." John Masters walked over and hugged Katy " baby girl you stay safe or I will tan your hide."

                That was nothing next to what he told the agents in charge of protecting her.
                Agent Natalie Power's posing as Katy's mother dropped her off at the school the next morning. It had been a two-hour drive and Katy had spent the time going over her notes. Which she would have to leave with Natalie when they got to the school?

                Katy was checked in and issued her school uniforms then taken to her room. The attendant used the changing table in the room to change Katy's diaper then dressed her in the school uniform and took her to her first class.

                After she was introduced to the fifth grade teacher. Katy took her seat and Miss Crumb resumed the classes spelling lesson. She gave the girls a word to spell and a young girl raised her hand. "Ok Abigail give it a try"

                "C o r r e s p o n d e n c e Correspondence now Ma'am could I please be changed please." " Yes dear but would someone like to try and spell the word correctly. How about you Katy ummmmm Katy we don't like calling on our girls twice here."

                Katy had been watching as Betty Miss Crumb's assistant had taken Abigail to the back of the room to the changing table. When Katy turned around Miss Crumb was standing in front of her desk. She grabbed Katy by the arm and pulled her to the front of the room. Miss Crumb sat down in a chair and pulled Katy across her lap.

                Katy's skirt was raised and her diaper exposed then pulled down baring her naked butt for all to see. " Young lady its never to soon to learn in this school students pay attention. She then smacked Katy's butt hard ten times.
                Katy tried hard not to cry but it hurt badly and she broke down. The next thing she knew she was standing in the corner her skirt pinned up and her diapers around her ankles.

                To make it worse Katy peed while standing in the corner. All the little girls giggled. Katy was totally humiliated but it got her out of the corner. She was taken to the changing table and put in a nice fresh diaper. Just as she returned to her seat the bell rang for lunch.

                Abigail walked up to Katy " sorry you got spanked your first day it happens to everyone sooner or later' Katy smiled " the spanking was not as bad as everyone finding out about my diapers."

                Abby laughed " five other girls in this class wear diapers and six more do at bedtime. Diapers are no big deal in this school. Come on now or we will be late for lunch today's piazza day."

                The next two weeks Katy got into the routine. Class with Ms Crumb the occasional visiting teacher to do art and music classes. The last hour of the day the girls had supervised play period. They played soccer softball or dodge ball mostly.

                They studied until dinnertime then had free time in the game room until eight thirty when they were bathed and diapered for the night.

                Katy spent a lot of time helping Abby with her studies sense the fifth grade work was not a real stretch for her. She paid so little attention to it she forgot her math assignment and found herself across Ms Crumbs lap again.

                They were in the mist of end of school exams with just three days till the assignment was over when the Mob made its hit. Alyssa and Hector along with everyone else were sound asleep. The agents in the Van were tired and scheduled for a shift change in just one hour.

                Exactly at three am there was and explosion blowing the van to smithereens. Katy and Abby set up in their beds only to realize strange men were standing next to them.

                "Ok which one of you little bitches is the senators daughter. Katy looked at Abby " don't tell him Katy tell him nothing please. Just then there mouths were covered with white clothes and the men carried and unconscious Katy out the window to a waiting helicopter.

                " Hello John this is Agent McKnight we just lost two agents and they got Katy". John Masters could not believe his ears. He calmed himself and then asked for a full report.

                Masters told his agents he would be there soon with a whole detail of investigators" don't let anyone touch a thing."

                He then called the office and told the agent on duty to call out the team and to inform the Washington office of what had happened. John knew it was brave of Katy to give herself up for the senator's daughter. But he was still more worried than he had ever been in his life.

                John then picked up the phone and called Veronica. He filled her in on what happened and how Katy had given herself up to save the senators daughter. "Well Ronnie what do you think of your undercover baby program now, when they find out they got the wrong girl she's dead."

                "Listen to me John you old son of a bitch. I know you never believed in this program. But Katy just proved it works the senator's daughter is safe. You put out a press release that they got the senator's daughter. Trust me when I tell you that Katy will never leave that role. She's too smart for that. I know you love that little girl just like I do, but there is one difference. I trust her I trust her as and FBI agent if you don't John you're the one that's going to get her killed."

                John thought for a second about what Ronnie was saying. It had always been a standing order to trust the agent in the field. After all it was usually the prisoner who tripped the perpetrators up. "John thanked Ronnie for the advice. Now I need to be going I've got and agent to rescue."
                "John I will meet you at the school. I know how my girl thinks maybe I can help?"

                Katy woke up lying in a bed in a dark room. Her head was hurting. This was probably a side effect of the either. Katy almost giggled when she heard the men outside arguing.

                "How was I to know that the Senators daughter wore diapers?" They went on to argue about who was going to change her. Then Katy heard a door slam one of the men was going to buy diapers and supplies.

                Katy then heard one of the men talking on the phone. "Yeah boss we got her, nah she's not hurt just sleeping off the either. Boss I think we can handle one little girl for a few days. No Sir I am not trying to get smart. Yes Sir she aint going no place. Ok boss we will wait for your instructions bye now.

                Katy thought to herself right now might be her best chance ever for escape. She only thought there was one man watching her. Katy could just kick the door in take him out and be off.

                Then Katy thought about her training. Never make a move until you know exactly how many adversaries you have and where they are. Katy thought there was only two but she had no idea if she was right.

                Katy decided the more baby like she acted the more off guard she could keep them. She then heard the other man return and tell his partner he had gotten the diapers.

                Katy lay there five more minutes then she started to cry.
                One of the men entered the room carrying the diaper supplies. Katy squirmed and kicked playfully the whole time the man changed her. Earning her a smack on the butt from him.

                Once she was fresh diapered Katy started crying for her pacifier and her teddy. She did not stop until a half hour later when the man came back with a pack of pacifiers and a brand new teddy bear.

                Then the idiot offered Katy her choice of some jars of baby food and later gave her a bottle of milk. Katy could tell these stooges were under strict orders to take could care of her. The baby food was nasty but it helped with her plan. Katy believed the more she acted like a baby the safer they would feel.
                Choronzon: I am Anti-Life, the Beast of Judgment. I am the dark at the end of everything. The end of universes, gods, worlds… of everything. Sss. And what will you be then, Dreamlord?

                Morpheus: I am hope.

                -Neil Gaiman’s Sandman Vol. 2 Issue 4


                  Undercover Babies by Kenk7us

                  Undercover Babies ch9

                  It was seven am in the morning John Master was in a very bad mood. He had been up all night arguing with the senator. The mob had promised the senator that if he did not kill his bill and resign his daughter would be dead by sun down.

                  The problem was they did not have the senator's daughter. He had no intention of killing his bill or resigning. He intended to on TV at eleven o'clock that morning and simply tell the mob they snatched the wrong girl.

                  He in his feeble mind reasoned the mob would just release Katy and it would be over. John Masters knew that by going on TV the senator was signing Katy's death warrant. John Masters was yelling at all his people they still had not come up with one clue where Katy was. John Masters had twenty-five years with the bureau he had never been this scared for another agent.

                  He was not the only one that knew this was the big day. Katy had overheard her kidnappers talking saying the senator had until today to make his move.

                  She had not yet cried for her morning diaper change. She heard the two men talking in the other room. "We have to move her today at noon." "Yeah but we still don't have anything to feed her this morning." Does that really matter?" You want to listen to her cry all morning?"
                  "Ok ok I will go get her some food, I am kind of hungry myself."

                  Katy heard the door slam then waited a few minutes. She then waited about five minutes then began her morning cry. Her captor entered the room and started unfastening her diaper. Katy new she would only have one chance at this and she better make it a good one. She had it all planned out in her mind. After he had cleaned her he lifted her legs to slide another diaper under her.

                  That's when Katy made her move. She kicked him as hard as she could right on the end of his nose shattering it. She then leaped from the bed grabbed a lamp and busted it across his head. Seeing he was unconscious she quickly hog tied him with his own belt and gagged him with her dirty diaper.

                  Katy searched him finding two guns on him. One was a nine millimeter the other was a thirty-eight snub nose. Katy quickly diapered herself and stuffed the extra two extra clips in the back of her diaper. Her last thought as she ran out the front door was stay low and expect the unexpected.

                  Someone was just parking a car he was not wearing a mask but Katy was sure it was the other man. Just then Katy heard a gun shot and felt a sting in her shoulders.
                  The third man Katy was not sure about was firing at her from across the parking lot. Katy popped up and put a nine-millimeter right between his eyes. The shot was over sixty feet. Katy then turned her attention to the other car. She blew out the two front tires then emptied her clip in the vehicle.

                  Panicked the other gangster jumped out of the car and ran across the parking lot while Katy reloaded. She shot him first in the left leg, and he went down. Then got up and tried to run again Katy shot him in the right leg and he went down for good.

                  Katy unarmed him and then ran to the motel office. The clerk was trying to explain what was happening to 911 seeing Katy in a diaper and carrying two guns he dropped the phone.

                  Katy picked it up," where the hell am I" when the clerk did not answer Katy pointed her gun at him. He answered her then. "Listen Lady I am only going to say this once this is Agent Katy Matthews of the FBI I am at the Lake rd Motel outside of Galena Illinois. I have one man wounded and another injured. I am wounded and I got another man dead. I need help and I need it five minutes ago. "

                  The lady told Katy to stay on the line and Katy could hear as she dispatched the ambulances and police cars. Then Katy spoke Lady I also need you to contact John Masters of the Chicago Bureau of the FBI and tell him where I am. The number is 555 88 99 I would do it myself but I think I am going to pass out now. Katy then collapsed.

                  "The phone rang in John Masters office but he was on the other line still pleading with the senator not to go on TV. "Chief Masters office Dr Ravenstone speaking can I help you?" "Uh I guess I am a 911 operator in Galena Ill. A girl who had just been in a shoot out asked that I call she said she was one of your Agents a Katy Matthews" " You damn right she's and agent what hospital is she being taken too." The operator told her and then said she had to go and hung up.

                  "John tell the senator to kiss your ass Katy is on her way to a hospital in Galena Ill." John hung up the phone immediately not even saying goodbye to the senator. Ten minutes later he and Ronnie were in a helicopter on the way to Galena. It was a forty-five minute ride the longest forty-five minutes of their life,

                  Ronnie and John hit the ground running the moment the helicopter touched down on the hospital heliport. Once in the emergency room John pushed his way to the front of the reception desk.

                  "Sir you need to wait your turn" "The hell with waiting my turn I am John Masters of the FBI and I want to know how my agent Katy Matthews is doing."

                  A police officer pushed his way through the crowd and told John he would like to talk to him. Moments later the police officer took John and Ronnie into a private room.

                  "I'm Chief Rogers of the Galena police department. The little girl excuse me your agent was wounded in the shoulder but she lost a great deal of blood. She has been in surgery for about and hour. That's all I know."

                  He then told them the story as best he could put it together of her escape, and capture of the kidnappers.
                  That little girl kicked the shit out of a man over six ft tall and two hundred pounds. Then killed the one that shot her and wounded the other one as he was taken away. Using marksmanship that's unheard of I might add with a side arm. When we got her to the hospital, she woke up for a moment. She asked if the man she shot was going to be all right and if anyone had contacted you. People are worried about me she said tell them I am going to be just fine."

                  Chief Rodgers then took John and Ronnie to the surgical floor waiting room. John Masters paced the whole time it was at least and hour before the doctor, showed up.

                  "Folks she may be little but that's the strongest little girl I have ever seen. We thought we lost her a couple of times. But I assure you she is going to be just fine. She is going to sleep for a while now probably a couple of days. I suspect you folks should get some rest too."

                  John wanted to interview the kidnappers while it was fresh. Ronnie needed to call Ruth Katy's grandmother. John told Ronnie to send the copter for her. Then he went with Chief Rodgers.

                  Three days passed before Katy came out of the coma. When she woke up three people were sitting in her room Dr Ronnie Chief Masters and Katy's Grandmother Katy was the first one too speak.

                  "Hey gang did you miss me." Ronnie and Grandma hugged and kissed the girl, knowing now for the first time that she would indeed be ok.

                  John Masters then made his way to the edge of the bed. Again Katy was the first one to speak. " Sorry about the heroics Chief I just could not let them take that little girl."

                  The chief put his index finger to Katy's lips. " You listen to me Katy I told you that when I though of you as a little girl. A mistake I never intend to make again. Your and FBI agent the bravest one I have ever known, and I am so proud to have you as part of my office Agent Matthews."

                  Tears flowed from Katy's cheek, but they were happy tears the same ones flowing from her crusty old Chiefs eyes.

                  The two men Katy captured dropped big dimes on their bosses after making a deal with the FBI. Many big time Mobsters faced the rest of their life in prison.

                  Once Katy was healthy enough she was flown to Washington and in a huge ceremony given the FBI's highest medal for bravery.

                  The senator was even on hand to make a speech about what a wonderful and brave girl Katy was and how she saved Abigail's life.

                  Then it was Katy's turn to speak she started out thanking everyone for coming and for the great honor she had received then she got down to the good stuff.

                  "Honestly I don't like to think of what I did as anything special. I think I get way to much credit because of my size and my age. I was simply and agent doing her job. Let there be no doubt that I would do it again. As for you senator, Let me simply say I am glad I saved your daughters life. I am also glad that I did not leave mine in the hands of yours.
                  Choronzon: I am Anti-Life, the Beast of Judgment. I am the dark at the end of everything. The end of universes, gods, worlds… of everything. Sss. And what will you be then, Dreamlord?

                  Morpheus: I am hope.

                  -Neil Gaiman’s Sandman Vol. 2 Issue 4


                    Undercover Babies by Kenk7us

                    Undercover Babies ch10

                    Katy was on medical leave for three months before she could even start therapy on her shoulder. She spent most of the time sitting on the living room floor sucking on a pacifier playing with some dolls and watching cartoons. She did talk on the phone some to Misha and the other girls. Because of what Katy had done they were all getting a chance to be real agents. Although none of them had been in shootouts like Katy.

                    Grandma enjoyed babying Katy changing her diapers bathing her she even took her to the park several times. Then again she was worried about Katy, Grandma had no idea where the regressed state had come from. Had she enjoyed it so much when she was in training or what? Grandma only hoped it was Katy's way of coping with the down time and staying in contact with her childish side. Grandma knew that Katy's ability to convince people she was a child had already saved her life once.

                    The next day Katy was examined by her Doctor and given permission to start therapy and training again.

                    Suddenly several hours a day Katy was in adult mode. When she was asked to do and hours therapy she did two. Most of the time the therapist just tried to slow Katy down. She was also back in the gym working on her physical fitness, and once again taking karate lessons. Katy also went to the range twice a week.

                    With in a month Katy was in better shape than she ever had been in her life. Her arm was at ninety five percent, which was stronger than the doctors had ever expected it too be. The range instructor told Katy she was the best handgun shot he had ever seen woman or man. Katy also earned her black belt.

                    Katy had put away baby things while she trained Grandma had never seen such a transformation. That's when Katy made her announcement, Grandma I have medical clearance I return to work Monday.

                    Katy was one of the first people in the office Monday morning she was dying to get back to work. Everyone was so glad to see the little office hero most of all Chief Masters he actually picked her up off the floor.

                    Katy was no longer the office flunky that was sure. She was assigned to be Alyssa's partner. Then they were assigned a caseload to work on. It was mostly investigative stuff. They did track down a couple illegals suspected of criminal activities.

                    Katy was thirsty for some action but then again she was and agent of special skills. Then and FBI memo flashed on her computer screen. A town in Ohio for some help had asked the FBI. Young girls had been kidnapped off the school grounds of six different schools in the area. All were elementary schools and the girls were between the ages of eight and ten. There were no ransom demands and no sign of any of the girls a total of ten were now missing.

                    Katy picked up the phone and dialed Dr Ronnie she knew that Ronnie had just graduated her second class of undercover babies and even bigger class than Katy's.
                    Katy figured there would be enough girls to put two undercover at each school. She figured if she convinced Dr Ronnie of her plan together they could convince Chief Masters.

                    Ronnie loved the plan and told Katy she would fly into Chicago tomorrow morning and they could meet with the Chief together. "Don't worry Katy it's a wonderful idea and the Chief does not stand a chance against the two of us."

                    The Chief listened carefully as Ronnie and Katy explained their plan. When they had finished he picked up the phone and called the director of the FBI

                    Katy's plan was approved with some added provisions. The director of the FBI made this a big budget operation assigning ten agents to each school along with the undercover babies. Some were substitute teachers others were janitors. At two schools they were set up as painters redoing the school. At two others they were set up construction crews redoing a section of the playgrounds.

                    Each undercover baby was assigned a mommy Katy naturally chose Alyssa the other girl assigned to her school was her good friend Misha

                    Katy was placed in fourth grade in the small school and Misha in the third grade class. It seemed strange to Katy to once again be in a classroom talking like a nine year old. Plus the fact that she had to have a strange nurse at school change her diapers Actually the nurse was and FBI agent. Katy had suggested this so a real nurse would not see the thirty-eight snub nose she had strapped to her thigh.

                    At the apartment the agency had rented Alyssa and Katy Alyssa took care of Katy's diaper changes actually she treated Katy like a baby. This came to a head when Alyssa spanked Katy because she did not want to go to bed one night. Katy was angry about the spanking for two days barely speaking to her pretend Mommy but after the spanking Katy did learn to mind.

                    Katy was standing on the playground pretty much bored with this whole assignment when it happened. She saw a small girl from her class being drug toward a wooded area of the playground. Wanting to notify the other agents Katy grabbed her gun from under her dress and took off running as she did she fired a shot in the air.

                    Every agent heard it and started running towards Katy. The man froze as he saw this small girl running towards him with a gun in her hand. He then grabbed a knife from his boot and was on his way to putting it to his captives throat.

                    Katy never hesitated she took dead aim and blew his little toe plum off his foot. He screamed in agony dropped the knife and released the girl as he fell to the ground.

                    He looked back up at Katy who had the gun in both hands and aimed it right between his eyes. "Your just a little girl who gave you a gun?" "Shut up I am going to kill you now you took my thister now you got to die. " Katy then cocked the hammer on the thirty-eight. "She's fine she's fine they are all locked in a shed at the old Cutler farm please don't shoot please don't shoot" The man then covered his eyes with his hands and began to cry.

                    Katy looked at the other agents "did you get that gang, by the way stupid let me introduce myself I am Agent Katy Matthews of the FBI and your ass is busted.

                    Thirty minutes later the all the agents in full swat gear raided the Cutler farmhouse. Arresting three more people, at the scene. Katy herself kicked the door in on the shed and rescued the girls. They were dirty scared and malnourished but none of them had been harmed or molested-.

                    The girls were being so into a mid east slave ring it was all mobbed backed. For shorter sentences the goons that were captured on the scene agreed to testify. Eventually twenty mob king pins would get prison time over it.

                    Then again Katy was in trouble. One of the senior agents at the scene reported that Katy had discharged her firearm in and unsafe manner. Endangering the girl she was trying to rescue, Katy was devastated by the charges.
                    Choronzon: I am Anti-Life, the Beast of Judgment. I am the dark at the end of everything. The end of universes, gods, worlds… of everything. Sss. And what will you be then, Dreamlord?

                    Morpheus: I am hope.

                    -Neil Gaiman’s Sandman Vol. 2 Issue 4


                      Undercover Babies by Kenk7us

                      Undercover Babies ch11

                      Katy was devastated by the charges; to be honest she tried to quit the bureau on the spot. Chief Masters of course refused her but he did have to suspend her until her hearing, or until he got these stupid charges dropped.

                      Katy just fell into a deep depression. She became like a helpless two year old. Grandma had no choice but to feed her bathe her and take care of her. Katy refused to take any phone calls or see any visitors.

                      The Chief and Dr. Ronnie tried there very best to get the charges dropped. But it was sort of like hitting their heads against a brick wall. The bureau Director himself told the Chief the charges were bullshit. But once a charge like that was made it had to go to hearing. He also told the Chief that he would do all he could for the girl.

                      Dr Ronnie talked to Ruth Katy's Grandmother on a regular basis. She was worried about Katy's mental state. If she did not come to the hearing clear headed and ready to fight for her badge she would surely loose it.

                      Ruth herself was also worried, she considered Dr. Ronnie's suggestion that Katy be hospitalized but if that got out her career might even be in more jeopardy. Ruth finally decided to sit down and have a talk with Katy she had to snap the girl into reality.

                      "Katy come here baby Grandma wants to talk to you." Katy walked to her Grandma and sat down on the floor in front of her, not saying a word. "Katy you know Grandma does not mind babying you sweetheart but lately it's out of control. I know you are upset about this hearing. But that's no excuse for the way you have been acting Grandma has decided it ends now."

                      Katy looked up at her Grandmother angrier than she had ever been in her life.
                      "That's just fine you turn on me too. Every God Damn body else did. I was the hero of that F____ing rescue and now the bureau wants to treat me like a f______ing criminal. Well F---k them and F—k you. I don't need them or their stupid badge anymore. I quit screw their stupid God Damn hearing"

                      Katy got up to walk away, as Grandma grabbed her fully intending to tear up Katy's behind. Katy grabbed her Grandmothers thumb and bent it back using a disabling move she had learned in karate. The move brought Grandma to her knees.

                      "Grandma you just said you did not want to baby me I then suggest you keep your hands off me then." Katy then turned and walked into her bedroom locking the door. Still angry and feeling sorry for herself Katy changed her diaper and got dressed in some jeans a sweatshirt and some tennis shoes. She then walked right out the front door not saying a word to her Grandmother where she was going or when she was coming back.

                      Ruth spent the next three hours first crying then thinking and mostly worrying where did that little girl go. It was eleven thirty pm when the phone rang.

                      "Mrs. Matthews this is City Hospital your granddaughter has been hurt. I assure you that she will be fine, she ask me to call so you would not worry"

                      Ruth told the woman that she would be right there, then quickly dressed and headed to the hospital.

                      When she passed the waiting room she saw Chief Masters talking to a police officer. "That's one hell of and agent you got their Sir. Three gang members were mugging and old lady. The lady said the girl simply said let her go boys or I will have to hurt you a bit. They then turned their attention to your agent. Two of them are here in this hospital with broken bones, the other one is in jail trust me he had the crap beat out of him too. She got cut during the scuffle but it was the only mark on her. From what the doctor told me if not for the loss of blood he would not have even hospitalized her. What kind of steroids are you feeding your agents this day that girls no bigger than my ten year old niece."

                      Chief Masters just smiled " well officer with Katy it has nothing to do with muscles that little girl is just pure guts" Hearing some one laughing the Chief turned to see Ruth standing there. Chief Master took Ruth in his arms and hugged her "Our little girl is going to be just fine."

                      Ruth then made it to her Grand Daughters room. Katy smiled at her as she entered. "Grandma I know I got a really good spanking coming, and I am sorry if I hurt you. I promise it will never happen again."

                      Grandma hugged her gently "baby we are going to pretend tonight never happened right now I just want you to get some rest Grandma will be here when you wake up Grandma is going no where" she then bent and kissed the girl again.

                      Chief Masters then walked in the door" Agent Matthews attacking those three hoodlums with out back up and unarmed was the stupidest thing any of my agents has ever done. It probably saved that old ladies life and I am as usual damn proud of you." The Chief then hugged her neck and kissed her on the cheek.

                      "Chief when is my hearing going to be. I am finally ready to fight this cause its wrong. I fired my weapon to assure that girls safety not to endanger it. I knew exactly what I was doing, and I would do it again."

                      The Chief told Katy the hearing was scheduled in two weeks. Then he told her not to worry about it." Katy right now I just want you to get some rest consider it and order. He then leaned and kissed Katy said goodnight and left the room.

                      Katy then whispered something to her Grandma. Grandma smiled and left the room returning a few moments later with a baby bottle of warm milk.

                      Katy nursed her bottle and drifted off to sleep.

                      Two weeks later she was on the way to her hearing.

                      Once the hearing was brought to order Agent David Potter the senior agent that had brought charges against Katy was asked to speak his peace.

                      "First I want to state for the record that I think Agents Matthews actions on the day in question were indeed very heroic. But the situation was well in hand over ten agents were on there way to the scene, and would have arrived in moments. Even though in firing her weapon Agent Matthews did disarm the suspect. My question is simply what would have happened to the girl if she had missed?"

                      Katy could not help herself she broke out laughing. The head of the hearing panel asked for order. Then asked the agent if he had anymore to say. The agent new his stance on this matter was not a popular one and he refrained from speaking further. He was already certain that Katy would lose the hearing and had already put in for his transfer to another office. In his mind he was just doing all he could to do away with the undercover baby program before one of these girls got hurt.

                      After he stepped down Katy raised her hand and was told to speak. Sir I know there are a lot of other people here to speak for me and against me. Honestly I think if you let me testify next I can clear this up."

                      Katy was given the opportunity and began to speak her piece. "Agent Potter has based his whole complaint against me on very point. What if Katy missed? Well I don't mean to brag but from fifteen feet Katy don't miss heck I could have made that shot ten out of ten times from twice that distance. If you don't believe me come to the pistol range and I will be glad to demonstrate. As much as it takes until everyone here is convinced."

                      Agent Potter stood up again. "I suggest she show us her skill on the gauntlet range six shots at pop up targets. But all her targets will be a red dot the size of a toe"

                      Chief Masters stood up "that's not fair if she had hit him anywhere in the foot the results would have been the same " Katy stood up and interrupted no Chief the toe size targets are fine with me, lets just get this over with."

                      They moved the hearing to the gauntlet range. The targets were marked and Katy loaded her weapon. Chief Masters and her friends all told Katy to relax and take her time. Katy was not nervous in the first place. She had sixty seconds to run one hundred feet. She would be accosted by nine pop up targets three of them were pedestrians the other six had the red marks somewhere on them. Katy had mere seconds to look at the target find the mark and hit it. Katy put her ear protectors and safety glasses on then assumed her position to start.

                      The whistle blew and fifty-two seconds later Katy had completed the run. To everyone's amazement she hit every red mark dead center.

                      The charges against Katy were summarily dismissed.
                      Choronzon: I am Anti-Life, the Beast of Judgment. I am the dark at the end of everything. The end of universes, gods, worlds… of everything. Sss. And what will you be then, Dreamlord?

                      Morpheus: I am hope.

                      -Neil Gaiman’s Sandman Vol. 2 Issue 4


                        Undercover Babies by Kenk7us

                        Undercover Babies ch12

                        Katy was very happy to be off suspension and back to work. Grandma was just as happy to see Katy back to normal. She still spent too much time at home playing with her toys and acting like a baby to please Ruth, but at work she was a strict professional.

                        Katy was not at all happy with the assignment she had just been given. It was not the assignment that bothered her; it was that once again Alysha would be playing her mom. She had still not forgotten the time Alyssa had spanked her, now she was in a position where something like that could happen again.

                        The assignment was for two weeks at a western dude ranch. Once a year the ranch had a program strictly for mothers and their young daughters between the ages of eight and thirteen. Katy and Alysha's job was to keep and eye on a particular young mother and her nine-year-old daughter. Her husband was a former mob kingpin and was on the FBI's top ten most wanted list. The agency thought there was a chance That Vinny Romero might try and get in touch with his wife and daughter while they were at the ranch.

                        Three other agents would be on sight as employees of the ranch. One as a life guard another as a stable hand, and finally one as a riding instructor. Katy of course would be playing the part of Alysha's nine-year-old daughter.

                        Katy felt that the whole detail was stupid. The FBI was searching everywhere for Vinny Romero could he really be stupid enough to think they would not be watching his wife and daughter. In the meantime Katy had to deal with Alysha she decided not to put that off any longer.

                        Katy walked down the hall to Alysha's office. She walked right in without bothering to knock.

                        "Where I come from little girls knock and ask permission before entering you want to go out and try it again young lady?"

                        This infuriated Katy more than every "listen bitch before we go on another assignment together you and I need to get a few things straight. One I am not a little girl and although I have to assume the role of your daughter in public, behind closed doors I expect you to show me the respect I have earned and deserve"

                        Alysha just stared at Katy she did not have a happy look on her face. "You listen to me you little brat working with you as my partner is not all that its cracked up to be either. Not only do I have the responsibility of the case we are on as the senior agent. I also have the additional responsibility of looking out for you the little office mascot. Can you imagine the heat I would get if something bad happened to their little super hero? Then again I am still the senior agent and you will do exactly as you are told to do. Starting with if you ever call me a bitch again you will find you're self-unable to sit for a week. Now go back outside knock and wait for permission to come in again."

                        Katy's face was red with anger, but she knew what Alysha had said was the truth. She lowered her eyes and turned and walked outside closing the door behind her. Katy fought hard to compose herself and then knocked on the door. "Come in please" Katy heard Alysha say with a sarcastic hint in her voice.

                        Katy opened the door and walked in the office. Alyssa was sitting in a chair in the middle of the office. " Drop your pants little girl and get across my lap we need to talk a little more".

                        Katy walked slowly towards Alysha knowing full well her show of power had backfired and now she was going to pay the price. Katy lowered her trousers and crawled across Alysha's lap. At that moment she was only praying that Alysha would leave her diaper up. Katy's prayer went unanswered.

                        Katy spent about twenty minutes standing in the corner of the office. Her trousers were still around her ankles but Alysha had pulled her diaper back up. It was now about drenched. Alysha had lit her butt up worse than Katy had ever been spanked in her life. If the rest of the office did not hear her crying they would have to be deaf.

                        Alysha had left the office about ten minutes ago. Gratefully Katy heard her lock the door. Some how Katy could still not bring herself to move from the corner. Hearing the key in the lock Katy stood even straighter in the corner once again burying her nose.

                        Alysha walked in the room and straight to Katy taking her by the hand over to the sofa and helping her lay down on it. She then removed Katy's soggy diaper and began cleaning her diaper area. Katy noticed that she was very very gentle when she was cleaning her butt. She then began applying cool lotion to the same areas it felt incredibly cooling on Katy's sore behind. After washing her hands Alysha slid a fresh diaper under Katy liberally sprinkled her with powder then taped it shut.

                        She then sat down on the couch and looked at Katy smiling. "Little one we are partners and honestly even though you are a pain in the butt I love having you as my partner. The reason I want you to mind me is simple. It's partly to keep you safe and partly to keep you in character it might save both of our lives sometime. So understand I will tell you what to do and I will spank your hinny when you need it, just like any other good mommy would. But I don't do it to be mean; I do it because being older and more experienced I have to believe that I know what is best. I just really need you to trust me baby."
                        Katy was confused she should be furious, but as Alysha brushed the hair from her face for the first time she realized Alysha really cared about her. Katy knew that she was giving up some of her adult rights when she said "otay mommy Katy twust you and be good girl." Alysha bent down and kissed her gently on the cheek.

                        "Ok baby why don't we pull your pants up and you and I can go spend our clothing allowance for the trip."

                        As Katy and Alyssa walked from the office and into the main offices of the bureau. Katy looked for a sign that her fellow workers had heard her crying, if they had they certainly did not let on . Mostly they just teased Katy and Alysha about calling it and early day. Alysha assured them all that they were on official FBI business and would probably be on it until late tonight.

                        Of course the office had indeed heard Katy get her spanking even Chief Masters was they're listening. They just had too much respect for Alysha to question her methods, and way to much respect for Katy to tease her about them.

                        Katy later called Grandma and asked permission to have dinner with Alysha and then finish her shopping. Ruth of course gave her permission it sounded to her that Katy was having fun.
                        Choronzon: I am Anti-Life, the Beast of Judgment. I am the dark at the end of everything. The end of universes, gods, worlds… of everything. Sss. And what will you be then, Dreamlord?

                        Morpheus: I am hope.

                        -Neil Gaiman’s Sandman Vol. 2 Issue 4


                          Undercover Babies by Kenk7us

                          Under Cover Babies ch13

                          Alysha had gone over and over the whole plane ride to the dude ranch. Katy was a nine-year-old girl who it just so happened still needed diapers. The latter being a fact Alysha did not want to keep secret from anyone. She had it on good knowledge that Romero's daughter also nine was still in diapers 24/7 Alysha considered this her in with Romero's wife and daughter.

                          Katy of course was not happy about this, that being her diapers being exposed to the world. Katy had also been instructed to call Alysha Mommy and had been made to practice for days before they left. This cause for know undo amount of teasing from Katy's fellow agents.

                          Katy and Mommy checked in at the dude ranch and then went to their room. Mommy changed Katy's diaper after removing her dress. It was about one thirty in the afternoon and Mommy insisted that Katy take a nap. Katy nursed her bottle in Mommy's lap not wanting a spanking this soon into the assignment. Mommy had checked when they checked in Mrs. Romero and her daughter had not yet arrived. Mommy was safe to ask this sense it was a fellow agent working the check in desk.

                          Katy drifted off to sleep and Mommy carried her to the crib, that Mommy had requested for their one bedroom suite. About ninety minutes later Katy awoke and found herself in a baby crib although it was a lot larger than any she had ever seen.
                          Katy looked around the room, first she spotted Mommies bed then she saw the make shift changing table that had been set up next to the crib.

                          Katy looked around and spotted her pacifier lying on her pillow. Katy popped it in her mouth and then stood up in the crib and peered over the railing. Katy was a bit irritated as her head bumped a Mobil in the process. Katy stood there cursing her situation to herself. Katy did not mind playing the baby on her own. She however was not sure about how she felt about her fellow agent treating her as one when it was not necessary.

                          Katy finally yelled for her Mommy her diaper was wet and itching and she wanted to be changed. Mommy entered the room and smiling lifted Katy from the crib. She carried her to the changing table and quickly changed her diaper. She then carried Katy into the living room and set her on the floor, giving her lots of toys to play with. Katy having nothing else better to do began playing with her toys and sucking her pacifier.

                          Katy new Mommy was waiting for a call from the agent at the front desk. The call that would tell her the Romero's were here and it was time to go to work Just about five o'clock the phone in the suite rang.

                          After hanging up the phone Mommy told Katy the Romero's were here and that as was planned they had been assigned to Mommy and Katy's table in the dinning room. Mommy was more than happy to tell Katy that the table only set four.

                          Mommy then undressed Katy and to save time took her in the shower with her. Katy and Mommy were both wearing shower caps.
                          As Mommy first washed Katy then washed herself. Katy could not help but notice how beautiful Mommies body was even more so with the soap and water glistening off of it.

                          Katy giggled as Mommy tickled her while toweling her dry. She also thought it was funny as Mommy diapered her standing buck-naked. After Katy had a fresh diaper Mommy put her make up on and got dressed in a beautiful purple cocktail dress. She then put a purple diaper cover on Katy and a purple party dresses the same color as hers. It was meant to make a statement. Mommy was after all playing the part of a rich heiress from back east. Katy was not happy of course as her diaper cover showed clearly under her dress.

                          Mommy then pinned a purple pacifier to Katy's dress and put a purple ribbon in her hair. She then took Katy by the hand and led her to the dinning room.

                          Katy was pleased as she met Lisa Romero she was a cute little nine year old with dark hair she also had just as much of her diaper cover exposed as Katy did.

                          Rose Romero was a beautiful woman, who Katy thought wore a lot of jewelry. Katy noted what incredible breast the woman had and just for a moment envied Lisa if she was breast-fed.

                          Mommy did a beautiful job of hitting it off with Rose, and of course sensing that they had a lot in common Katy and Lisa were soon best friends. Katy did cringe a little as Mommy bibbed her, but was fine with it as soon as Rose did the same for Lisa.

                          They had a wonderful dinner of grilled lamb chops and all the trimmings. Then Mommy and Rose took the girls to the main room for the floorshow. It was karaoke night and several people got up to sing. Just for fun Katy talked Lisa into getting up and singing a duet with her.

                          Lisa protested all the way to the stage that she could not sing. Katy assured her that neither could she. Katy then picked out a song with a big giggle. The lady that was running the show asks if Katy was sure and she smiled and said she was.

                          Katy had never sung in her life except in the shower but some how tonight she was simply in the mood. Lisa on the other hand was scared to death.

                          The music started and Katy let it go "Pour me Pour me Pour me another shot of whiskey bartender hit me one more time" Lisa did not sing much but Katy sang her heart out. Was she good well know even showing off she never left the mode of a nine year old. Just the same Katy and Lisa one the competition hands down. Mommy and Rose could not have been more proud.

                          Both Aly and Rose decided it was time for there girls to go to bed. After agreeing to meet in the morning to take the girls for riding lessons they said goodnight.

                          As Mommy changed Katy's diaper and got her ready for bed she went on and on at what a wonderful job Katy had done endearing both Lisa and her Mother to them. "It was a stroke of brilliance love absolute brilliance." Katy thanked her Mommy but in truth she was just having fun and was glad it worked out. The one thing Ally had not yet realized about Katy was how much she loved to win.

                          Katy nursed and honestly enjoyed her bottle lying in Mommies lap. Katy did not really understand her baby side, but she knew it was growing stronger. She also knew that her feelings for Alyisha were also.

                          Katy could not help but wonder what tomorrow offered as she drifted off to sleep.
                          Choronzon: I am Anti-Life, the Beast of Judgment. I am the dark at the end of everything. The end of universes, gods, worlds… of everything. Sss. And what will you be then, Dreamlord?

                          Morpheus: I am hope.

                          -Neil Gaiman’s Sandman Vol. 2 Issue 4


                            Undercover Babies by Kenk7us

                            Undercover Babies ch14

                            Katy was very excited about her horseback-riding lesson the next morning as Mommy dressed her. When finished she was wearing jeans and a cowgirl shirt cowgirl boots and the cutest cowgirl hat you ever saw. Mommy used a blue ribbon to attach her pacifier to her shirt.

                            Katy and Mommy joined Lisa and Rose and began their riding lessons. Katy felt strange, as she knew she was both in baby mode and watching everything she could as the FBI agent that she truly was. Katy was very angry that Mommy had not allowed her to wear a gun.

                            It was funny how Katy and Lisa seemed to be naturals at riding their mounts and Mommy and Rose were having such a hard time. Katy in no time at all was very comfortable on her horse and Mommy told her several times to be careful and slow down.

                            Lisa followed Katy in everything she did but thought Katy was being a little crazy when she decided to try and jump the water troff . Katy galloped her pony straight at it with total confidence. The only problem was that the horse was not as confident as Katy. The horse pulled up just short of the jump and threw Katy across to the other side of the troff.

                            Katy using her karate skills did a front flip and landed on her feet. She was giggling at Lisa when she turned and saw a very angry Mommy. Mommy grabbed Katy by the hand and drug her to a near by bench.

                            Before Katy knew it Mommy had pulled her jeans to her ankles and was doing the same with her diaper. At first Katy was struggling and kicking at least until Mommy delivered the first smack to her bare behind. Katy then realizing that she was bare assed naked and outside just resolved herself to the fate in store for her.

                            Mommy did not let her down as she spanked Katy's behind until it was a bright red and Katy was balling like the baby she was supposed to be.

                            Once Mommy had pulled both Katy's diaper and jeans back up Katy realized she had no right to be mad. Jumping the troff was a stupid stunt and in truth she got what she deserved.

                            Katy turned with her tear-stained eyes and assured her Mommy she was truly sorry.

                            Rose and Ally decided that was enough of the riding lessons for the morning and the four of them returned to Mommy and Katy's room after diaper changes for both girls. The girls played with some dolls on the floor as Mommy and Rose chatted over coffee and got to know each other.

                            Katy sucked on her pacifier and listened humorously at the lies Ally was forced to tell.

                            Soon after they went to lunch and then both girls were put down for their afternoon naps.

                            After their naps both Lisa and Katy were dressed in swim diapers and bikini tops and taken to the swimming pool. Katy was a little embarrassed by her apparel but Lisa did not seem to be at all. Katy could not help but notice how good Mommy looked in her bikini.

                            Katy after getting over her initial embarrassment had a wonderful time playing with Lisa in the pool.

                            Later the four girls had another nice dinner and made plans for the next day. They were to go for a trail ride in the morning, then planned a bit of shopping for souvenirs in the local town in the afternoon.

                            Mommy and Katy said goodnight to Rose and Lisa and headed back to their room

                            Later as Mommy was giving Katy a bath all the girl could think about was how boring this assignment was becoming. She found herself more and more believing that Vinny Romero was simply not going to show.

                            Later nursing her night bottle in her crib for the first time Katy ask herself if this was truly what she wanted in her life. Katy knew that although she accepted being a baby being and undercover baby was beginning to be a strain.

                            The truth was that Katy had realized some time ago that even though she had turners sooner or later she would simply grow and look older. She wondered what future she would have in the FBI when this came to be. Katy was not worried about being fired but dreaded the thought of ending up sitting at a desk.

                            Suddenly Katy drifted off to sleep dreading the next day as she dreaded her future she simply thought it was all dead end.
                            Choronzon: I am Anti-Life, the Beast of Judgment. I am the dark at the end of everything. The end of universes, gods, worlds… of everything. Sss. And what will you be then, Dreamlord?

                            Morpheus: I am hope.

                            -Neil Gaiman’s Sandman Vol. 2 Issue 4


                              Undercover Babies by Kenk7us

                              Undercover Babies ch15

                              The next morning after breakfast Mommy and Katy joined Rose and Lisa and some other mother daughters for a trail ride. Mommy warned Katy there was to be no shenanigans on the ride. Katy's butt was simply still too sore to argue. She could barely even ride.

                              They rode to the top of a mountain, where they rested and had a pic nic lunch. Katy and Lisa were also changed into fresh diapers. Katy could feel the eyes of the other girls watching while Mommy changed her on the grass, but she knew Mommy had no choice and there was simply no place for privacy.

                              The girls that did not where diapers and their Mommies just simply had to cop a squat. Katy as usual was keeping and eye on everything after all she was here to work not have fun. Even though she had to admit she was having a blast. Katy noticed as Rose wondered away from the crowd. Leaving Lisa to play with some other girls Katy followed as closely as she could without Rose noticing.

                              Just then she heard Mommy calling her, angry that she was being stopped from doing her job, but not wanting another spanking Katy returned to the group. Mommy gave her a dirty look but did not say a word. Moments later Rose returned to the group and the guide told everyone to mount up it was time to head back.

                              It rained that afternoon Rose and Aly played cards while the girls had a nap and then played with there toys it was after dinner before Katy was finally alone with Mommy.

                              "Allysha what the heck were you doing calling me back I was doing my job following Rose, you should not have interfered she may have already met with him."

                              "Katy calm down before your mouth writes a check your butt is not willing to cash. I figured Rose was just looking for a message from her husband and I did not want you to ruin her finding it."

                              Katy thought about what Mommy was saying and it did make sense. "So what now do you think a meeting has been set up?" Mommy smiled at Katy " well I think it is possible actually I think it is for tomorrow." Mommy then changed Katy's diaper and put her to bed giving her a nice warm bottle.

                              Katy was a little upset at Mommy she felt they should be making plans for Romero's capture instead here Katy was again at nine thirty in her crib. Having no other choice Katy sucked her bottle and drifted off to sleep.

                              The next morning Mommy again refused to discuss any plans with Katy telling her not to worry about it, everything was under control. At breakfast Katy found out that Rose and Lisa were missing. Suddenly there were several armed agents on the scene.

                              They quickly split up the area for the search, and took off in several directions in four-wheel drives and on horseback. Mommy quickly took Katy back to their room changed her diaper and told her to stay put. Katy finally figured out what was going on when Mommy locked the door from the outside locking Katy in.

                              Katy ran to the door and tried to open it, damn her what does that bitch think she is doing we have a job to do here.

                              Aly felt bad about locking Katy in the room. With Rose and Lisa gone the undercover part of this detail was over and she saw no reason to put Katy in danger.

                              Katy looked around the room for and exit then went and looked out the window. It too was locked and Katy was on the second floor. Katy quickly dressed in her black swat like outfit and armed herself. She had a nine-millimeter on her hip and a thirty-eight snub nose in her boot. She also grabbed one of the throwing knifes she had been practicing with and stuck it in the other boot.

                              Katy then walked to the door and knocked on it. "Sorry Katy the agent told me to keep you in there " Katy recognized the voice of Mike the pool guard. Obviously Allysha had asked him to play guard. This was going to be to easy thought Katy.

                              She then picked up a lamp and threw it through the window. Mike thinking Katy was escaping came running in the room. Katy simply walked out the door and relocked it. She could hear Mike yelling as she headed to the stables.

                              Katy found one of the stable hands and told him to saddle the horse she had been riding. He refused until Katy waved her gun around a bit. Once saddled Katy mounted the horse and thanked the stable hand she then rode off knowing exactly where she was going.

                              Katy galloped to the spot where they had stopped for lunch on the trail ride. She did not see one agent anywhere in sight. How stupid could Aly be she figured out that this was where Rose got the message why then would it not be the meeting place?

                              Katy slowed the horse to a walk as she approached the area. She then tied her horse to a tree and continued on foot. Then she spotted them about fifty feet away. The man was screaming at Rose and suddenly slapped her across the face knocking her to the ground. Then Lisa ran at her father her fist balled up and started hitting him he kicked her to the ground.

                              Katy stood up and aimed the nine-millimeter between his eyes. "This is agent Katy Matthews of the FBI you Mr.. Romero are under arrest." Just then Lisa stood up and ran at her father again. He quickly picked the girl up and used her for a shield " back off or I will hurt the girl put your gun down now or I will break her neck"

                              All the time he was talking he was moving towards his horse. Katy tossed the nine millimeter in front of her." Don't hurt the girl I got rid of the gun Katy yelled."
                              Suddenly Romero produced a gun and fired it at Katy who dove for cover. When she looked up Romero tossed his daughter aside and jumped on the horse and took off. Katy picked up her gun and ran to see if Lisa was ok Rose was already there and holding her daughter. "You to going to be ok he is getting away?"

                              Rose looked at Katy "get that bastard Agent Matthews" Katy was gone in a flash she ran jumped on her horse and took after Romero in a dead Gallop.

                              Meanwhile having heard the shot agents led by Alysha were converging on the scene. The idiot Romero fired his gun at Katy until it was empty then threw it away. How stupid can you get thought Katy nobody could hit anything on a galloping horse at this distance. What did that idiot think this was and episode of the Lone Ranger.

                              Katy urged her horse forward then taking a guess as to where Romero was headed Katy decided to take a short cut over a hill. It was hard riding but the moment Katy made it to the top she knew she had him. "Come on baby just give me a little more we got him now." The horse galloped down ward and Romero and Katy met at the bottom.

                              Katy never hesitated as she stood up in the saddle and dove for Romero knocking him from the saddle and using him to cushion her fall. Katy rolled to her feet and reached for her gun. Romero also got up and kicked it from Katy's hand; he then caught Katy off guard with a left hook. Katy hit the ground hard and once again Romero tried to run away, quickly to her feet Katy tackled him from behind.

                              Even with Katy using her best Karate it was obvious Romero was much stronger and he also knew how to fight. He hit Katy hard on her jaw and she collapsed to the ground semi unconscious. Romero then scrambled for Katy's nine millimeter. Grabbing it he stood over the girl and aimed it at her head. Katy was reaching for her thirty-eight when she saw the bullet rip through his left shoulder. It gave Katy the moment she needed to save her life she fired the thirty-eight and shot him right through the throat. He fell to the ground dead and Katy passed out.

                              Katy woke up later in the hospital. The nurse told her to stay quite she had several bruised ribs and a slight concussion, other than that she would be fine. The nurse then finished changing Katy's wet and messy diaper.

                              Katy was lying there resting when Alysha entered the room. Katy could tell she was really upset. "Young lady your actions today broke every rule in the FBI rule book, plus endangered your very life what do you have to say for yourself?"

                              "Just where in the rule book does it say lock your fellow agent in a room and leave her, Alysha where does it say that? Once again you did not trust me I can work as part of a team but today you gave me no choice but to work alone. I don't know what rules I broke but I do know it was me that got the bad guy."

                              "Yes it was Katy but if I had not put that slug in his shoulder we would be planning your funeral right now."

                              Katy thought about this for a second "your right but again if you had not locked me in the room I would not have been in that position in the first place. You are supposed to be my partner Alysha not my guardian. You know me well enough to know I will do my job what ever it takes. Why else do you think I would put up with the humiliation this job often brings with it. So think about it Alysha in truth you almost got me killed today live with that bitch. Now get the hell out of my room."

                              Alyssa turned and left the room in tears. She knew everything Katy had said was true. She had let her feelings for Katy interfere with her judgment in trying to protect Katy she had almost gotten her killed. Alysha sat down and buried her hands in her face how did she let this happen at what point did she fall in love with Katy.
                              Choronzon: I am Anti-Life, the Beast of Judgment. I am the dark at the end of everything. The end of universes, gods, worlds… of everything. Sss. And what will you be then, Dreamlord?

                              Morpheus: I am hope.

                              -Neil Gaiman’s Sandman Vol. 2 Issue 4