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    Undercover Babies by Kenk7us

    UnderCover Babies ch16

    "Owe dam it, " shouted Katy as she pulled off her shoe and rubbed her sore toe. Why had she kicked her desk it had not done anything to her yet. Oh but it would thought Katy. She had just returned from the worst ass chewing of her life from Chief Masters. At least thought Katy Alysha got the same chewing she did.

    Basically the Chief had chewed Alyssa for not trusting her partner, and Katy for letting her pride get the better of her brain and going off on her own. He then rewarded them both with ninety days of desk duty. Promising them even a national emergency would not get them out of it.

    Katy had then walked into her office and kicked that very desk. From what she could see Alysha was none to happy either. Katy in and effort to cheer herself up reminded herself that ninety days on a desk was nothing next to the spanking Grandma had given her, when she heard the story. Katy had made a note to herself to be careful what she told Grandma about future cases.

    Katy realized both Grandma and the Chief were right for punishing her. It gave her chills to think about what she had done. More so how close she had came to getting herself killed. Katy had simply been so successful as and agent in the field. She felt she was invincible now she knew she was not. It scared Katy a bit to admit it.

    Katy also knew that she owed Alysha and apology. The truth was Alysha had saved her life and it was not Alysha fault that Katy went after Romero alone. The only thing Alysha had tried to do was keep a headstrong young girl safe.

    Katy was going to find Alysha and apologize and thank her for saving her life but first she needed to head to the ladies room and change her diaper. Katy grabbed her bag and headed for the rest room finding the door locked she waited her turn.

    Soon the door opened and out walked Alysha. She smiled at Katy "quite a butt chewing we got this morning huh cupcake." Katy grinned back at Alysha "It was nothing trust me with the talking too Grandma had with my butt when she found out what I had done. Aly I am sorry I am still mad that you did not trust me, but mostly at myself. I was reckless and would be dead if not for you." Katy then hugged Aly's neck. Aly grinned at Katy "need a little help with your change sweetie?" Katy blushed and nodded.

    Aly lifted Katy up on the changing table pulled up her skirt and began changing her diaper. When she lifted Katy's legs she remarked that Katy's butt did not look so blistered to her Katy told her she should have seen it last night. Aly finished the diaper change and then stared down at Katy. Suddenly not being able to help herself she bent over and kissed her tenderly.

    Aly then stopped herself and apologized. She helped Katy down and then quickly excused herself. Katy thought for a moment about what just happened. Katy knew that she enjoyed the kiss, and was not uncomfortable with it at all. She also knew that because of her hormonal problem she did not get the sexual feelings from a kiss other girls her age would.

    Katy spent most of the rest of the day filing, then went home. After telling Grandma about the butt chewing and her punishment at work, she told her that she apologized to Aly. Grandma told Katy she was proud of her then changed her diaper and gave Katy her pacifier. Katy slipped quickly into baby mode and spent the rest of the evening playing with her toys. Stopping only to eat, and again when Grandma stopped her to give her a bath before bed.

    Katy lay in her bed nursing her bottle and was thinking of only one thing. Even though she was half asleep. She had done some reading on hormone treatments for girls suffering with turners, treatments that could turn Katy into a real woman and maybe even a real agent. Katy decided to call Dr. Ronnie at work tomorrow and then drifted off to sleep.
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    Morpheus: I am hope.

    -Neil Gaiman’s Sandman Vol. 2 Issue 4


      Undercover Babies by Kenk7us

      Under Cover Babies ch17

      " Hello Dr Ronnie this is Katy. I really need to talk with you about hormonal treatments for girls like me that have turners." Ronnie told Katy that she would be in town tomorrow and maybe they could meet for lunch Ronnie promised to tell Katy everything she knew. Katy thanked her and assured Dr. Ronnie that she looked forward to the lunch.

      Ronnie thought about what Katy had asked her. She knew that Katy was a very valuable agent in her Under Cover Baby program. In fact the best agent she had. Then again Ronnie owed Katy a lot, after all it was Katy that had made the program work. Ronnie then picked up the phone and called her colleague.

      Jane Phillips was and expert in hormonal research and turners syndrome. She was working on a treatment that would not only develop the ovaries of the patient but also start the growth process again. Ronnie talked with her for and hour and ask if her program was ready for a subject. If, Jane assured Ronnie it was safe she was certain Katy would volunteer.

      Jane told Ronnie that every test she had done assured her that her program was safe. She also told Ronnie that the program would require at least a year of hospitalization for the patient. Jane estimated that she had a potential for success of at least eighty percent. First however she would have to see Katy's medical files.

      Ronnie faxed the complete medical files to Jane and then sat by the phone and waited for two hours. Jane called her back and told her that in her professional opinion Katy was the perfect candidate for her project. She also explained that it would cost Katy nothing.

      Jane also explained that Katy would have everything she needed to fulfill her baby side until at least she did not need it anymore. Jane then told Ronnie that Katy was exactly the girl she had been looking for and that she hoped Ronnie could work out the details.

      Katy listened attentively to Dr. Ronnie the next day at lunch. She then told Dr Ronnie that she needed to work out some details. First she had to clear a leave of absence with Chief Masters. Then she had to make sure Grandma would be ok with out Katy's income and secure her permission. Katy told Dr Ronnie if she could work these details out she would be grateful to try the treatment.

      Katy asked to see Chief Masters that very afternoon. At first she just asked for a leave of absence to take care of some personal issues, but he did not buy it. Chief Master's told Katy she had to come up with something better than that to get out of desk duty.
      Katy then told the Chief the truth. He thought for a while and then called Dr Ronnie to his office. He told her what Katy was asking and then asked only one question." Ronnie can you guarantee me that Katy will be safe?" Ronnie explained that her friend Jane had been working on this research for ten years. She then simply said, " I trust Jane Chief and if this is what Katy wants I think it is her best chance. I told Katy nothing in life is without chance, I will tell you the same thing. Then again this is the best chance Katy is ever going to have to grow up."

      Chief Masters sat there for full five minutes with out saying a word. Then suddenly he spoke. "Katy I am denying your request for a leave of absence." Katy slummed in her chair almost in tears. " How ever I am putting you on medical leave with full pay. You can start anytime you want. Sweetie you are the bravest agent I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I can't wait to see you full sized. "

      Katy in tears hugged his neck and kissed the old Chief right on the lips." Thanks Chief Katy will do her very best not to let you down."

      Katy now had all the pieces of the puzzle, Now she needed to convince Grandma Katy asked for the afternoon off to do just that .

      Grandma was surprised to see Katy home in the middle of the day. Katy told Grandma she wanted to talk, then resisted when Grandma offered her a spot on her lap. "Grandma I am tired of being little and a wannabe FBI agent. Dr Ronnie has found a clinic that thinks they can cure me of turners and even make me grow. I want this more than I want life itself. Even if it kills me I want to try and see if it works. Please Grandma I have thought about this a lot, Chief Masters is even giving me medical leave to try it with full pay. That makes me happy because I know you will be ok. Please Grandma the only piece I need in the puzzle is your permission.

      Grandma became very quiet for a few minutes not saying a word. She understood why her baby wanted to be a real woman. Actually she had always wondered when it would hit Katy how important this was. She was more than a little scared for her Grand Daughter but she knew if she refused Katy might never forgive her.

      Grandma finally looked at Katy and smiled, then she patted her lap. Katy crawled in Grandma's lap and snuggled close. Wondering when Grandma was finally going to speak. Katy did not have to wait long.

      "Sweetheart I will talk to Dr Ronnie and to this Dr. Jane I know this is very important to you. I just have to know the safety issue's involved. "

      Katy accepted her Grandma's answer knowing that Grandma always thought of Katy's safety first. She then slipped in to baby Katy and told Grandma she needed a fresh diaper.

      Three days past Katy knew that Grandma was doing her research and had not only talked to Dr's Ronnie and Jane, but to every specialist in the field she could get a hold of.

      Katy in the mean time went to work and did her filing. She wondered if Grandma gave her permission if she would have to continue her punishment when she got back.

      Three days later Katy stood in the corner rubbing her very sore behind. Katy was getting anxious for Grandma's decision. This made her cranky and she had back talked Grandma on a entirely different matter something involving Katy taking a nap.

      After a docile Katy was allowed out of her corner and rediapered she suddenly looked at her Grandma with pathetic eyes. Katy knew that she was going to have the treatment with or without Grandma's permission. At that moment Grandma did too.

      "Katy I understand you have made your decision, I can see it in your eyes. Grandma is smart enough to know that she cannot stop you; she never could when you made up your mind. In this case the only thing I can do is support and pray for you. I hope you have made the right decision.

      Two days later Katy was on and airplane headed for Dr Jane's clinic.
      Choronzon: I am Anti-Life, the Beast of Judgment. I am the dark at the end of everything. The end of universes, gods, worlds… of everything. Sss. And what will you be then, Dreamlord?

      Morpheus: I am hope.

      -Neil Gaiman’s Sandman Vol. 2 Issue 4


        Undercover Babies by Kenk7us

        Under Cover Babies ch18

        Katy's plane landed and the only thing on her mind was changing her diaper. Katy did that in the ladies room. Then hopped a cab to Dr. Jane's clinic, suddenly she was nervous she was not at all sure what she should expect.

        Katy found Dr. Jane's office she was surprised by the size of the clinic it was really pretty small. Mainly dedicated to research, Katy was to be their first full time patient or guinea pig if you will.

        Dr Jane greeted Katy warmly and invited her into her office. Katy took a seat and then ask the question that had been on her mind for two thousand miles. "Dr Jane just exactly what is expected of me here?"

        Dr. Jane smiled at Katy "sweetheart the true question is what is expected of us. I have been working on this treatment program for three years and I believe it will work but let me be honest it will take some time. Our biggest job is to keep you happy, please be sure to ask for anything you need. After the first few days, which will be your physical, our biggest job will be to keep you from being bored to death. I want you to know that we are sparing no expense, in your care. Your meals will be catered from the finest restaurants. Mainly after your physical your main job is just to enjoy your self and try not to be to bore. The only hard part for you is that you will be given three injections a week. How do you feel about shots Katy/"?

        "Honestly I hate them but I will try my best to be brave I know this is my big chance to actually grow up. I don't know much about your program Dr. Jane but I trust Dr Ronnie and she trust you, that's good enough for me."

        Dr. Jane smiled " sweetie I want you to know for your own safety and welfare I expect you to mind me and your nurses. Are you prepared to do this, because I want you to know if you agree you will be punished if you do not? We will have spent well over a million dollars on you before this program is finished its imperative that you understand my rules"

        Katy thought about what Dr Jane was saying, once again she would be treated as a child. " Dr. Jane I will assume you have your reasons for treating me as a child, I will do whatever I have to do to make this program successful."

        Jane then took Katy by the hand telling her it was time for Katy to see her room. The moment Katy saw it she realized that Dr. Jane should have said nursery. The room was incredibly large. Like maybe three thousand square feet. In one corner was a crib and changing table, along with a closet and a dresser. The rest of the room was nothing but toys. Katy grinned as she saw the computer, the rocking horse and the big screen TV. There was a large dollhouse in the other corner with lots and lots of Barbi dolls. To be honest Katy could not wait to be left alone to play.
        Dr Jane then took Katy to a window and pulled back the curtain. Outside she had a complete playground. It included a swing set. Jungle Jim. Teeter totter, slide and a sandbox. Over to the left Katy had a thirty by thirty swimming pool that was three and a half feet deep. Katy thought to herself, what a wonderful surprise she could not wait until Dr. Jane left and she could play with all of her toys.

        Katy spent the next three days being examined, making several trips to a local hospital for tests that the clinic could not do. During this time Katy was a bit upset that she had little time to play with her toys. Finally the test was over and Ann one of her nurses took her to see Dr. Jane.

        Katy was sort of getting used to being treated like a toddler by her three nurses. Ann, Hilda and Ryan. Katy thought it was funny that all of her nurses were so big. Ann was six two or three and about twenty-five years old. She had peroxide blonde hair and boobs the size of melons. Hilda was another large woman about five nine and well over two hundred pounds, Katy guessed that she was well over forty years old. The nurse that bothered Katy the most was Ryan; he was a male nurse about thirty maybe six foot tall and about one hundred and ninety pounds. The truth was that Katy was not very comfortable having this man diaper and bathe her.

        "Katy you have passed the physical with flying colors. Tomorrow we start your treatments I want you to know I am very proud of the way you have behaved yourself here. I also want you to know that I think you are the perfect candidate for this program."

        The next morning Katy was terrified, not just because she hated shots but honestly she was scared what the treatments really might do to her. Ryan helped her out of her crib and changed her wet night diaper. He then placed Katy in her high chair and fed her a breakfast of pancakes and bacon, Katy's favorite. Even though Ryan tried Katy did not eat much. She was very nervous as Ryan let her to the exam room.
        Suddenly Katy squatted and filled her diaper. When she finished she begged Ryan to take her back to the room and change her. Ryan told her the treatment would only take a moment and taking her hand led her forward to the exam room.

        Katy was taken straight to Dr. Jane who instantly curled her nose. " A little nervous this morning sweet heart?" Katy just blushed then watched as Dr. Jane swabbed her arm with alcohol. Katy looked away" now baby this might sting a bit"

        "Owieeeeeeeeeee Katy screamed and started to cry" Katy felt like her arm was on fire. Dr Jane picked her up and held her Katy placed her head on her shoulders and finished her crying. When she finished Dr. Jane handed Katy to Ryan "lets get our baby in a clean diaper Ryan, Katy I will drop by and see you later."

        Ryan carried Katy back to the nursery and took her in the bathroom removed her diaper and washed her butt. He then put her thru the routine that she had to bare twice a day. First he took her temperature rectally then her blood pressure and pulse. After he had recorded them he diapered Katy and told her to go play.

        Katy walked to her game boy and began playing a game. She was not doing well at all. Katy's thoughts were muddled; she realized how important this program was to her. What she did not like was being treated like a baby twenty-four hours a day. Katy missed her Grandmother her office and mostly Alysha.

        She hated the power that Ryan Hilda and Ann had over her she had already been spanked by both Ryan and Ann for what she considered silly reasons.
        Katy wanted in her heart to quit and go home but somehow she knew she could not. The truth was Katy just did not have any quit in her.
        Choronzon: I am Anti-Life, the Beast of Judgment. I am the dark at the end of everything. The end of universes, gods, worlds… of everything. Sss. And what will you be then, Dreamlord?

        Morpheus: I am hope.

        -Neil Gaiman’s Sandman Vol. 2 Issue 4


          Undercover Babies by Kenk7us

          Under Cover Babies ch19

          Three months of treatment had passed. Dr Jane was more than just a bit worried. There had been no change in Katy except for her behavior. She glanced over at the corner of her office. Katy was standing there with her diaper around her ankles. She was whimpering and rubbing her sore behind. It had been Dr. Jane's turn to spank Katy this time. It seemed she was getting as many as two a day lately just to make her behave.

          Jane was concerned that it was the drugs that were affecting Katy's behavior. Then again she knew that it could just as well be physiological. Dr Jane was mainly concerned that the drugs did not seem to be working. She buzzed Katy's nurse Hilda and told her to come and get the girl.

          Hilda returned Katy to the nursery changed her diaper and put her down for her afternoon nap. Katy nursed her bottle deep in thought. She hated it here, and knew nothing was happening to her body. A very pissed off young lady who had just turned nineteen years old, fell into a restless sleep.

          Katy continued her treatments and tried hard to behave for the next few days. Then suddenly one morning she awoke in her crib, and knew what she had to do. The treatment was not working and Katy knew it, she also knew that she was behaving like a brat having received a record three spankings the day before. She was well aware that she deserved them, but she was also suspicious that Ryan enjoyed them.

          Katy simply had made up her mind that she did not need this shit. Katy was telling Dr Jane this morning that she wanted to go home, the deal was off. Just then Ann Katy's favorite of the Nurse's walked into the room. "Ann I would like to go and see Dr Jane as soon as you get me in a fresh diaper."

          "Sweetheart its six thirty in the morning Dr Jane will not even be here till nine, you know that. I will let her know that you want to see her as soon as she arrives."

          Ann then lifted Katy out of her crib and carried her to the changing table. She removed Katy's diaper and cleaned up her diaper area with a couple baby wipes. She then rolled Katy on her tummy for her morning temperature check. Katy turned right back over.

          "Ann the temperature and other stats will not be necessary anymore. As soon as I talk to Dr Jane I am going home I am sick to death of this bullshit?"

          Ann quickly picked Katy up and carried her to the nearest chair. She placed her across her lap and began spanking her rapidly. Katy kicked and screamed as once again her ass was on fire. Katy was crying and balling but she could hear Ann saying something about baby girls not using that filthy language. Finally Ann quit spanking her and carried a still crying Katy back to the changing table. She laid the girl down on her belly, swabbed her rectum with some jelly and inserted the thermometer. Katy had just finished crying when Ann finally took the thermometer out and read it.

          Finding Katy's temperature elevated she repeated the process and got the same results. Katy did not appreciate this but her butt was in no condition for her to argue. Ann took Katy's other vital signs and they were normal she then took her to the scale to weigh and measure her. Ann did this three times and Katy was beginning to wonder what was going on.

          Ann then diapered Katy and placed her on her time out chair leaving her for thirty minutes to continue her punishment. Ann then went to the phone and called Dr Jane.

          " Yes Ma'am I am positive I double checked her temperature and weighed and measured her three times."

          "Ann thank you so much for calling I will be there in thirty minutes or less. Please say nothing to Katy I really want to give her the news."

          Twenty-five minutes later Dr Jane entered her office and reviews the notes Ann had made that morning. She then called Ann and told her to bring Katy to her office. Ann asked if Katy could finish her breakfast " I am just now getting her to eat ma'am she has been one pissed off little girl this morning." Dr Jane of course said sure but told Ann as soon as possible please dear.

          Twenty minutes later Ann brought a visibly pissed off Katy to her office. "Dr Jane I want out of here out of this program now I just cant take it anymore. I quit."

          Dr Jane looked straight at Katy and then she spoke. " Ok Katy that's fine with me I just want you to let me do one thing before I let you go. I want to take your temperature and weigh and measure you one more time for the record."

          Katy crawled with out help up on the exam table. Dr Jane pulled the back of her diaper down and inserted the thermometer. Katy lay there for the prescribed five minutes until the Dr. pulled it out. Dr Jane read the thermometer and smiled "your temperature is a little elevated Katy just like Ann told me."

          She then pulled up Katy's diaper and walked her to the scales. She weighed and measured Katy then told Katy to step back and take a look.

          Katy looked at the measurement and the weight. That can't be right thought Katy according to the scale I have grown and inch and gained ten pounds. Katy turned to Dr Jane and saw the big smile on her face. Katy broke down in tears and ran to Dr Jane's waiting arms. "Its working its working Dr Jane Katy is growing. " Katy was sobbing happy happy tears. She could hear Dr Jane speaking "that's right baby it's working any time your temp elevates on these hormones you are growing. Baby you are growing right now can you feel it?

          Katy was not sure she could but she knew one thing for certain she was not quitting.

          " Katy is sorry for not believing in you Dr Jane and being such a brat. I promise to be a good girl if you will please let me stay?"

          Dr Jane once again hugged Katy " baby I was beginning to have doubts in me too. Don't worry we are going to finish this one together.

          Over the next week Katy grew three more inches and gained another ten pounds. Her temp dropped for a few days then elevated again Katy was once again growing.
          Choronzon: I am Anti-Life, the Beast of Judgment. I am the dark at the end of everything. The end of universes, gods, worlds… of everything. Sss. And what will you be then, Dreamlord?

          Morpheus: I am hope.

          -Neil Gaiman’s Sandman Vol. 2 Issue 4


            Undercover Babies by Kenk7us

            Under Cover Babies ch20

            Katy smiled as she looked in the mirror, it had been seven months sense she had first started growing. Three months in to her growing she had her first period and had been regular since. Katy was still pretty petite; she was now five ft four inches tall and just over one hundred pounds. She had developed some curves in the right places and the cutest little breast you ever saw.

            Katy was riding her rocking horse and hour or so later when Dr Jane entered the nursery. Katy giggled at Dr Jane " Hi Doc want to go for a ride with me? I thing there is some Indians down in that gulch." Katy giggled some more at her little joke.

            Dr Jane helped Katy off of her horsie and taking her hand walked her to the couch. She sat down then pulled Katy on her lap. It was not as easy as it used to be but Jane knew Katy liked it and to be honest she did too.

            "Katy I want to talk to you seriously for a moment sweetie. I am discontinuing your drugs. Based on my research you are now about the size you were intended to be in the first place. Then again Hun the program is not over for you. I have made arrangements for you to have a karate instructor to work with you two hours a day.

            The reason I am doing this is you have been growing so much I don't think your coordination is anywhere near what it was before. I think the karate will be a way to fix this. How does that sound to you."

            Katy hugged Dr. Jane "wonderful when do I start."

            "Tomorrow sweetie first thing in the morning." Katy was very happy the rest of the day. Even happier after she met Lee her trainer and started her lessons. To be honest though Katy really did not have any idea how uncoordinated she had become.

            Katy not only trained hard with her Karate but she started and exercise program all on her own. She was even allowed to leave the clinic to go jogging every morning.
            Within about a month Katy's Karate was better than it had ever been. Lee was a marvelous instructor and told Katy she was the best pupil he had ever had.

            Katy was also stronger and faster than she ever imagined she could be. Katy was thinking about just that when Ryan entered the nursery. He walked over to Katy and checked her diaper. Finding it wet Ryan took her by the hand and walked her to the changing table. He helped her up on the table and began removing her disposable diaper.

            Once Ryan had it off he took way longer than usual cleaning her vagina and her butt crack. Then Ryan got a big bottle of lotion and started rubbing it all over Katy's diaper area. Katy complained that she wished Ryan would hurry up. He simply lifted her legs and gave her three sharp swats on her behind.

            A sniffling Katy became quiet and Ryan continued massaging her pubic area and leaned down over her. Suddenly Ryan slipped a finger into Katy's vagina and leaned over and kissed her sticking his tongue in her mouth. Katy reached for the only thing she could grab and found Ryan's left hand. She grabbed his thumb and using a move Lee taught her twisted her hand sharply and broke Ryan's thumb.

            Ryan screamed and got off of Katy for a split second, and then infuriated he slapped her across the face knocking her off the changing table. Katy rolled as she hit the floor then kipped up to her feet "Your ass is mine now Ryan and there is not a damn thing you can do about it.

            Less than two minutes later Nurses security guards and Dr Jane came running in the room. Ryan was curled up in the corner in the fetal position moaning and crying.
            His nose and jaw were broke and he was missing several teeth. His testicles were swollen the size of baseballs. Katy was standing there naked and smiling even though her right cheek was swollen and red.

            Dr Jane looked at Katy " sweetheart do you want to explain to me what the hell is going on here?"

            "Ask Chester the molester when he quits crying, but I am warning you Ryan if you lie I am going on that ass again?"

            Katy then began to cry. Ann went Katy to try and comfort her. Dr Jane began to question a still crying Ryan he confessed exactly what happened between sobs. Please he begged" just keep her away from me."

            Dr Jane then went to Katy; she was sucking her pacifier and beginning to calm down. "Baby I am so sorry I will have his behind in jail for a long time for this."

            "No please no Dr. Jane it was embarrassing enough with out having to do the court thing. Besides I already pressed my charges. I honestly want to just forget about the whole thing."

            Dr Jane smiled at Katy " ok just promise me one thing baby, don't ever get that pissed at me. " Katy and Dr Jane giggled and hugged. Then Ann diapered Katy and insisted she have a nap.

            The next day Dr Jane called to have Katy brought to her office. Katy took a seat and Dr Jane began to speak. "Katy I think your time here at the clinic is finished I am sad to say. Your treatments are over I think you proved your coordination was way above average yesterday. I hate to see you go Hun but there is nothing more we can do for you here." Katy thought about what Dr Jane had just said before she spoke.

            "Dr Jane you have changed my body from the body of a little girls to one of a young woman. For that I will be grateful to you for the rest of my life. I know at times I did not make things easy for you. But there is one more thing you can do for Katy before you send her away." Katy then whispered in Dr. Jane's ear. Dr Jane hugged Katy holding her very tight. " You bet baby that's a wonderful idea and we will be glad to help?"

            Three weeks later Katy stepped off the airplane in Chicago. She was wearing a blue business suit high heels and was fully made up. She spotted her Grandmother looking past her for her little Katy. No one had been told a word about the results of Katy's treatment. " Katy walked straight to her Grandmother and saw the exact moment when she realized the woman standing in front of her was her little girl.

            " Oh baby you look incredible." Grandma hugged Katy and started to cry. "I am so happy for you my darling this is indeed a miracle and the happiest day of my life."
            Katy then walked to the restroom with Grandma so she could fix her face. When she finished Grandma slid her hand under Katy's skirt expecting she would need a change. When she felt only Katy's silk panties she just stared at Katy.

            Katy giggled 'I decided it was time to try potty training and Dr. Jane helped me. I am dry daytimes now but I still need my diapers at night. I probably always will.
            Grandma just smiled "your just one surprise after another aren't you little one?"

            Katy asked if they could stop at the Bureau office on her way home. Grandma told Katy she would drop her off and then go home and fix there dinner. Katy said thanks and told Grandma and told her she hoped to bring a guest.

            About a half hour later Katy walked into the bureau and straight to Chief Masters office.

            The Chief glanced up from his desk" may I help you young lady?"

            Katy smiled "The new and improved Katy Matthews reporting for duty Chief" The Chief looked up and covered his mouth with surprise. " Katy you are a vision, you have no idea how you have been missed around here. Hey everybody look are little Katy's back but she's not so little anymore."

            The whole office buzzed around Katy for the next half hour, asking her questions about her treatment and this miracle they were witnessing. Katy did not see a sign of Alysha and was about to ask, when Alysha walked in the front door. Katy excused herself and walked straight to Alysha.

            "Katy oh my god I can't believe it you look wonderful" Katy took Alysha by the hand with out saying a word led her into a nearby empty office and closed the door. She then pushed Alysha up against the wall and kissed her with all the passion that had been welling up inside her. Katy had tears in her eyes because at that very moment she truly new what it felt like to be a grown woman.

            Two weeks later Alysha moved in with Katy and Grandma. Grandma was not so sure of the lesbian thing but she was grateful to see Katy so happy. It was also obvious that they were very much in love.

            Katy and Alysha over the next few years became the most decorated agents in the bureau. They simply worked better as a team than most people could.

            Katy never did get over her bedwetting and Alysha diapered her every night. On occasion when they had time Katy still liked to have a baby weekend. Alysha would join her as her big sister the four-year-old Aly. Grandma would take care of both girls, and their little behinds if they did not behave.

            The End
            Choronzon: I am Anti-Life, the Beast of Judgment. I am the dark at the end of everything. The end of universes, gods, worlds… of everything. Sss. And what will you be then, Dreamlord?

            Morpheus: I am hope.

            -Neil Gaiman’s Sandman Vol. 2 Issue 4


              That was AWESOME!

              OMG! That was sooo good! AS I was reading, I became like this -> :shock: It just kept getting better and better. And the ending was really great. I can't think of a better ending.


                Re: Undercover Babies by Kenk7us

                great story i really loved it


                  Re: Undercover Babies by Kenk7us

                  thankyou both thats nice to hear for and old retired author

                  check the sequels out

                  Lord its hard to be humble when your perfect in everyway I love to just look in the mirror I get better looking each day.


                    Re: Undercover Babies by Kenk7us

                    what is the order that would make the most sense after reading undercover babies


                      Re: Undercover Babies by Kenk7us

                      lol I do not even know anymore sorry
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                        Re: Undercover Babies by Kenk7us

                        as far as i can tell nutmeg
                        you should read katy mathews pi first after that no idea except read outfor blood last
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                          Re: Undercover Babies by Kenk7us

                          i need them alll by now i think it
                          undercover babies
                          katy mathew pi
                          shaigheld or another adventure
                          katty mathews returns
                          out for blood


                            Re: Undercover Babies by Kenk7us

                            Spelling punctuation and grammar appalling. Story OK I suppose.


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                              Originally posted by foaly1 link=topic=39.msg61506#msg61506 date=1419986127
                              Spelling punctuation and grammar appalling. Story OK I suppose.
                              Ken wasn't known for his stellar spelling and grammar. His stories were decent reads, though.


                                know its way late and this is dead but does anyone know where All of Out for Blood is?