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What Happens to Naughty Girls by Sally KA

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    What Happens to Naughty Girls by Sally KA

    What Happens To Naughty Little Girls Part 16 (final)

    By SallyKA

    Hilda was first to wake. She felt a little dizzy, and realised that she wasn't sure where she
    was. She sat up in bed, staring out of the window, thinking hard. It slowly dawned on her
    that had wet her bed, and she pushed back the bedclothes to look down on the wet, clingy
    mass of her nightdress. She spent some time stripping the wet sheets from the mattress,
    then went to find Mary. She would know what was going on.

    Greta stretched languorously and looked around her palatial bedroom. She got up,
    showered in her marble bathroom and looked for her underwear. A moment after slipping
    on a pair of sheer black knickers, she remembered that she had forgotten something.

    In a top drawer of the big chest near her dressing table she found what she needed. Taking
    off her panties, she dusted her groin with the expensive talc she used, and pulled on a
    bulky pull-up diaper, snugged the garment up to her satisfaction, and selected a black bra.
    She smoothed the sheer black fabric of her long dress as best she could over the diaper,
    and went to find Mary.

    Jane was pleased to find that Hilda, or someone, had put out for her a really nice looking
    pair of pants, and a halter top. The pants, in hot pink, were very tight, but she loved the
    way they accentuated her hips and belly. Mmm, she thought as she ran her hands over her
    tummy and thighs. She needed to go to the bathroom, but that could wait. She wanted to
    show Mary how nice she looked.

    Julie woke wet and messy as usual, and began to cry for Hilda.

    Mary responded to Julie's wailing, and changed her. It was unlikely that Hilda would feel
    any further responsibility for Julie after her tape.

    After changing Julie and settling the girl in her walker on the patio, Mary sat at the outdoor
    dining table and waited for the rest of the household to arrive.

    Greta came down the stairs first. Her diaper was quite obvious under her sleek gown, but
    the woman seemed at first oblivious to her appearance as she sat for breakfast.

    'There you are,' she said, smiling at Mary. 'I've got my diaper on.'

    'Good girl,' said Mary, impressed with the success of her taped instructions.

    Jane trotted up a moment later.

    'Look at my new pants,' she said proudly, swivelling around in front of Mary and Greta.

    Jane ran her fingers over the tight fabric. There was a large, dark wet spot growing in her
    crotch, and casually Jane wiped her fingers dry on her thigh after touching it.

    'I'm a bit wet,' she giggled, and sat down.

    Hilda arrived with no clothes on at all. Whoops, thought Mary.

    The middle-aged woman was crying.

    'I wet my bed, Mary,' she said between sobs, one hand across her large breasts and the
    other trying unsuccessfully to cover the thick black mass of pubic hair beneath her
    overhanging tummy.

    Greta and Jane regarded Hilda with mild interest.

    'Did you, darling?' replied Mary. 'Hilda, go back to your room, and put on a diaper please.
    They're in the top drawer of your chest. Then you can come back and make us breakfast,

    'I didn't mean to wet,' mumbled Hilda as she went back into the house.

    Julie sucked her thumb as she watched Hilda walk away.

    'Jane,' asked Mary, 'Would you get us all a drink, please? Hilda will be a few minutes, and I
    think some orange juice would be refreshing.'

    Mary watched Jane as she got up. Her pants were now saturated, crotch, thighs and bottom.

    'Do you need a diaper, Jane?' Mary asked as the woman returned with a tray of drinks.

    'No,' Jane replied with an enquiring look at Mary, and set down the tray.

    You're very wet, Jane. I think you'd better go and ask Hilda for a diaper and some plastic
    pants. You'd better ask her for something else to wear over them, too. There are some
    light blue stretchy shorts in your room. Ask Hilda to get those for you and put them on
    you, please. There's a good girl.'

    Jane got up immediately, turned in her soaked pants to Greta and said that she was sorry
    she wet her pants, and went inside.

    Mary smiled.

    Julie burped loudly.

    Some time later, Hilda returned, wearing a thick diaper, plastic pants and a large, pink t-
    shirt and leading Jane in her top and bulging shorts.

    Hilda left Jane with Greta and Mary and went to the kitchen. She made breakfast for the
    group, and set out on the table a selection of fruit, cereal and scrambled eggs. Mary
    glanced at Greta, who had a distant look in her eyes.

    'Are you wet, Greta?' she asked.

    'Yes,' replied Greta, 'But I've got my diaper on,' she added, standing to show the others
    the bulge beneath her dress.

    'Good girl,' Mary told her.

    Mary left, for good, soon after breakfast, in her sports car.

    Hilda continued to manage the household well enough. The intricate trust, which Mary had
    set up, but which bore no traceable link to her, allowed a well-paid and rather low-key law
    firm halfway across the country to manage the financial side of things.

    Almost all gods were received by mail order, and received by 'the old lady with the fat
    bum' in the lodge near the gate at the head of the long drive. Hilda would take Greta or
    Jane to the lodge to help load the car and drive back to the main house.

    Greta and Jane were happy souls. For all Greta's sophisticated taste in clothes, and Jane's
    perpetual confidence in her maturity, Greta remained permanently diapered, while Jane
    was forever convincing Hilda that she no longer needed 'baby pants' then to her ever fresh
    embarrassment, having to apologise to Hilda and Greta for once again wetting her pants
    like an infant.

    Unlike her mother, who saw the world as an over-confidant eight year old, or Greta who
    tried to ignore the fact that she needed diapers as she acted out a ten year old's fantasy of
    a lady of the world, Julie remained a happy five year old.

    Julie knew she could really walk, although she did fall over a bit because of her thick
    diaper, but she preferred her walker. She knew she needed diapers too, and although she
    was aware she was five, she secretly liked sucking her thumb, her dollies and her layers of
    frilly clothes as well. But she knew it was all secret, because neither her mommy, Auntie
    Greta or Hilda ever said anything.

    Julie missed Mary. Mary had been a bit older than her, but Julie missed her all the same.
    Not too much though, because in the back of Mary's mind she thought that had been
    something funny about Mary. If Julie had been any more grown up, she would have
    thought that Mary was 'up to something'.

    The end.
    Choronzon: I am Anti-Life, the Beast of Judgment. I am the dark at the end of everything. The end of universes, gods, worlds… of everything. Sss. And what will you be then, Dreamlord?

    Morpheus: I am hope.

    -Neil Gaiman’s Sandman Vol. 2 Issue 4


      Re: What Happens to Naughty Girls by Sally KA

      Not bad good story you could probably do a sequel with these people if you wanted to