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    This next bit started off by me just teasing a reader on another site, but I got all hot and bothered by it myself, so I turned a teasing paragraph into a small bonus chapter. Feel free to skip it, there's no plot - it's just smut. This takes place after Chapter 20's bratting by Jess.


    "Please Daddy," I begged as he pushed me over the mattress of the crib by the back of my head, clipping something to my collar. My hands were pressed flat against the bed on either side of me as I whined and squirmed, but his hand was firm. The second he released my head, I tried standing - even as he grabbed my arms and pulled them toward my bottom - but I couldn't stand up. He had tethered me to the back bars of the crib, and he was clipping my mittens to the lowered bars on either side of me.

    "You were a naughty girl, Cupcake," his voice was silky smooth and sent shivers down my spine. I could feel the hairs on my arms stand upright, his control over me was so complete. "I counted and you... what? What did you do?"

    "I ran," I squeaked. I felt the impact of his hand against the seat of my diaper.

    "You ran," he confirmed. "And now you're going to be punished." He patted my rear again as I thrashed against my bonds, but I was stuck. My wrists were stuck, my neck was stuck.. I wasn't going anywhere. I heard him leave the room, followed by the sound of the water in the bathroom running.

    "No Daddy!" I pleaded. "I don't want an enema!"

    "Oh you do," he laughed as he came back in. "You know you do."

    "I don't!" I fussed, stomping my feet. "I don't want one!"

    I felt his fingers trace softly against my arms, and then on the backs of my thighs. I shivered again... I felt the heat between my legs... he had just finished with the wand, but I felt insatiable. I wanted more, I wanted him. Honestly, I wanted him inside me. I wanted to straddle him and sit on his lap on the couch and lower myself onto him, feeling him fill me over and over...

    But this was going to be good too.

    My thoughts snapped back to reality as I felt him tug the diaper down slightly, exposing my bottom.

    This was it.

    "No!" I squealed, thrashing again. He answered only with a finger, cold and wet with lube as he ran it around my hole. My breath came short as I felt the head of the nozzle pressed against me. "Please Daddy," I begged, frantic. "Please no. Please please please! I'll be a good girl, I'll be good, I swear. Please Daddy... NO!" The last no was barely a breath as I felt the nozzle penetrate me.

    I bore down, accepting the nozzle into me, helpless do do anything else. If I resisted it would hurt, but if I accepted it... He lifted the hem of my shirt up and stroked my back as he opened the valve and I felt warm water rushing into me. I could barely breathe, my heart pounded in my chest like a frantic, caged rabbit.

    "Good girl," he soothed. "You are being a good girl. You're my good girl, Cupcake."

    The water filled me for what seemed like an eternity until my belly felt bloated and strange.

    I knew what was coming next.

    "Hold it, Cupcake," I could hear the grin on his face. "Don't you dare let that go. Not yet. If you do... if you let go before I say it's okay, you're just going to get another one."

    He'd do it too, I'd called his bluff on this once before. I'd expelled the second my diaper had been up and as promised, he'd filled me again the moment I was done. It was ironic - the nozzle being removed wasn't a relief, it was a new torment - now I had to hold it without that invader's help. He tugged the diaper back up, making sure it was nice and snug... he'd taped me into one of the Simple Ultras just before we began... the squishiest diaper we owned, the thing swelled up like something out of diaper fiction when it was full. If they were pink, they'd be all I ever wore.

    And then he made it worse. He unclipped my mittens and the collar and helped me into the crib, putting me on my hands and knees. Holding it in was taking everything I had, and I could feel sweat breaking out on my brow. He stroked my cheek as I rested on all fours, my tummy feeling like it was quivering and cramping inside me.

    "Now," he commanded, and my bowels obeyed, emptying mushy liquid into the waiting diaper for what felt like an eternity. My cheeks burned with shame - I never messed in the diaper, I always found some way to sneak to the toilet to take care of that, and there was nothing in the world that made me feel so small and helpless than him watching me as I uncontrollably messed. It seemed to go on forever... and then I was on my back, blushing and panting, feeling the warmth of it all as the diaper swelled, ballooning out...

    And then the vibrator sprang to life, and he wasn't taking it easy.

    "What a dirty girl," he teased, bringing a fresh gasp to my lips. "What a helpless, dirty girl. This is why we keep you in diapers, Cupcake. You just can't be trusted."

    His words ignited a new fire in me and a long moan tore from my lips - all the best orgasms came while he talked, while he tormented and teased, while he told me how helpless I was, how I was his. The diaper squished around me as he turned up the power to the Hitachi and my moan stretched for what felt like an hour.

    "Tell me you need your diapers, Cupcake," he demanded.

    "I need my diapers," I repeated, panting and pawing at my diaper, helpless in the mittens. I writhed in my shame and pleasure as I repeated him, whatever words he wanted me to say, I'd say. "I love my diapers. I'm a dirty girl. I'm Daddy's... ohhhh... oh Daddy... I'm Daddy's dirty girl."

    "You'll be in diapers forever," he promised.

    The first climax came with the word forever as he dug the wand in - a vibe felt a million times better through a wet diaper.

    But he didn't stop there - he lowered the power until I could breathe again, and started it all over, telling me how helpless I was, how he couldn't trust me, how I'd always end up in a messy diaper eventually...

    I lost count of the orgasms, my brain just stopped working at some point.
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      Chapter Twenty-Six

      I had blueberry pancakes waiting for Dani when she finally woke on Sunday morning. I had kept her awake long into the night, exploring her body while she "struggled" against her cuffs. By the end she was begging me to stop, her shirt rolled up around her shoulders and her shorts discarded on the floor.

      I had brought her to orgasm at least three times, myself twice. We had eaten ice cream after that and cuddled - she hadn't wanted to talk much, and honestly neither had I. She had worn the cuffs all night, touching them from time to time while we snuggled.

      She had enjoyed dipping a toe into my world. Just as much as I had hoped. Lauren had wanted so much pain, and had resented that I didn't want to do blood play or hot wax. Kailee had bratted and begged and dove so far into the Little world so quickly that there had been no exploration, no curiosity. She had been so greedy that there was no enjoyment for me.

      So far, Dani was as perfect as I had dreamed. As perfect as my research had predicted.

      "Good morning, princess," I called softly as she stepped into the kitchen, hair mussed and rubbing her eye with the back of one had, a big yawn issuing forth from her gaping mouth. Soft pink cuffs were still buckled around her wrists.

      "If you're not careful," she teased, "I'm going to get used to you spoiling me."

      "Sounds great," I smiled, dropping a plate of pancakes in front of her and drenching them in a Little-appropriate amount of syrup - entirely too much. She laughed with delight and picked up her fork as I washed the pan.

      "So is this the way that Seth and Jessica just live?" she asked, mouth half-full of chewed breakfast. "She's like what, his slave?"

      "No," I replied as I sat down beside her with my coffee, "their dynamic isn't as master and slave, though there are some people who live that way. Jess is more like a spoiled brat - I say that with love, she'd call herself the same - and Seth is her loving but stern Daddy."

      "He treats her like a kid, like all the time?" Dani asked, syrup on her cheek as she stared at me, D-rings dangling on her cuffs. Watching her eat was delightful - watching her do most anything where she just got to be herself was enjoyable, she had this sense of wonder about her, like she took nothing at all for granted. It showed in her eyes and her smile, no 'adult' could enjoy a simple pancake the way she did. "And he likes that?"

      "They both love it," I smiled. "She gets ample opportunity to enjoy cute things, and he has someone cute to snuggle." I hoped that Dani could see the parallels between Jess and herself, but that seemed unlikely - she had just dipped a toe into the pool of alternative love, she had just had her very first dominance and submission encounter. Even though she was very clever, I didn't expect her to have the self-awareness to realize that she could enjoy that same freedom that Jess did, if she could just surrender her adult self.

      But we'd get there.

      "That does sound pretty great," she admitted. My heart soared - maybe I was wrong, maybe she was already closer than I thought. She wasn't diving in, she wasn't greedily throwing away herself to change for me, but the idea of stretching her limits and learning new joys... "But doesn't that make sex kind of skeevy? Is he a pe- "

      "Absolutely not," I cut her off gently but firmly, not even wanting to entertain the question. My elation evaporated in an instant, I hated that question even though it was understandable why vanillas made that erroneous connection. "They are both consenting adults and there's nothing wrong with their lifestyle. He cares for her, she cares for him, and they have a relatively healthy relationship... she just needs more friends, that's the biggest problem."

      "Well, I think I'd like to be her friend," Dani smiled, "She's nice. So... he wants someone who likes cute things, huh? That sounds familiar." She leaned over toward me with a grin, and I couldn't help but wipe her face with a damp cloth I already had at the ready.

      "Does it?" I feigned obliviousness, not wanting to hope.

      "Are you hoping I'll be Jessica to your Seth?" she asked with a grin.

      "Perhaps," I took her hand gently, holding it between both of mine. "But I'm more hoping you'll be Dani to my Vanessa." She blushed deeply, looking down and letting her hair fall around her face. I gently lifted her chin with a finger, smiling at her. "You like being my princess, don't you?"

      "I do," her blush was still strong as she tried - barely - to look away. "But princesses don't get tied up, do they?"

      Her question was barely a whisper. My answer was pushing her plate aside and hooking a finger through each of the D-rings on her cuffs, pulling her hands toward me and kissing her deeply.

      "They do if they want it," I whispered in response.

      "Okay yeah," Dani squirmed in place, the same little happy-dance she did with good food. "I think I understand why Jessica likes this sort of thing. Does she like these?" She wiggled her wrists, obviously not knowing the word.

      "Cuffs," I offered, "And yes, she wears them quite a lot. Seth also asked me to help him pick out her collar, which she adores."

      "Collar?" Dani echoed, her eyes widening slightly. "You mean like a dog?"

      "Well," I smirked, "Jess' collar says 'Daddy's Girl' on it, so not quite the same... "

      "If you had told me this stuff when we first met," Dani laughed, "I would have run for the hills."

      "I know," I said, trying hard to keep the sadness from my voice.

      "Do you want me to wear a collar? I don't know how I feel about that."

      "No," I released the rings on her cuffs and held her hands gently between mine instead. "I'm honestly not that interested in the owner/pet sort of dynamic."

      "What do you want?" Dani asked expectantly, staring directly into my eyes. She was open, this could be the moment. I could tell her everything, lay all the cards on the table - she was a Little at heart, it was so obvious. She was submissive in ways she didn't understand, she craved the attention a Little got.

      "I want a princess," I said, chickening out - I couldn't afford to reveal my true desires, not yet. I didn't want her to bolt. "I want a girl who will let me dote on her, who gets everything she wants and gives everything she has in return. I don't want someone to struggle against me, I'm not looking for a girl to break. I want a princess who loves as much as I love."

      "Wow," Dani exhaled, "That's... that's a lot."

      "Yeah, I suppose it is," I sighed. "Well, we're on the subject... what do you want out of a relationship?"

      "What?" Dani asked, seeming surprised. "What do you mean?"

      "What are your goals? Your expectations? Your desires?" I asked, feeling nervous. This could be it - infatuation was nice, I adored Dani and to me the chase wasn't over yet, but I wasn't going to pursue her if I wasn't what she wanted... or at least close. It was extremely rare to find someone that matched you perfectly - there would always be little idiosyncrasies.

      "I want... " she hesitated, looking uncertain. Her eyes wandered to the cuffs around her wrists. "I guess I've never really thought about it. You date people to find 'the one', right? I just want to find my special someone... "

      "So tell me about your special someone then?" I prodded. It was quite possible that she was unused to setting real goals and expectations - in my experience, most people shied away from honest talk.

      "Well, I want someone active who can keep up with me," she pondered aloud. It was much easier to think about likes and dislikes than compatibility and goals. "I like to go jogging and I love nature walks... and I need someone who likes games and knows how to have fun. Someone who isn't too serious."

      "Someone who encourages you to feel cute, rather than serious and mature?" I prompted.

      "Yes!" her eyes widened and she straightened in her seat. "Honestly, I didn't know how important that was until you showed me. I.. I was going to throw away Forrest!"

      "Well we can't have that," I smiled, standing up. "My sweet princess, we're running low on pancake supplies. I'm going to go to the grocery store, do you need anything?"

      "Um," Dani looked guilty, uncertain as I took the plate from in front of her. "Do you want some money to cover groceries? I feel guilty that you're doing so much for me."

      "You're a friend," the word tasted like ash in my mouth, "who is in trouble - save your money, you have to replace a lot of stuff and we're in a period of inflated rent... just keep an eye out for specials, find a spot, and use some of the money you've been saving to get back on your feet. I promise you, I don't mind springing for a few extra groceries."

      "Okay," she sounded uncertain. I stepped over to her after putting the plates in the sink, lifting her chin gently and kissing her on the forehead.

      "Would my sweet princess be willing to do the dishes while I'm gone?" I smiled.

      "Of course - it's the least I can do," she perked up a bit - she just needed to feel like she was contributing.

      "Thank you. I'll be back soon, and then maybe we'll play some more?" I stroked her hair softly before stepping to the door, slipping on my shoes, grabbing my purse, and heading out. Out of habit, I checked my phone on the way down to the car.

      There was a voicemail waiting, and a missed call from the number Aubrey had been texting from.

      I slipped the phone back in my purse - there was no way I was dealing with that drama today, I had a princess to seduce.

      * * *

      I turned the music up a little louder as I danced around the living room - Mr. Blue Sky always made my heart sing and chased away the pouts. Daddy had kicked me out of the bathroom because I kept playing with his daddy-parts while he was trying to take a bath. His baths on Sunday were always too long, I much preferred his quick showers of the weekdays... although I tended to interrupt those too. I just couldn't keep my hands off of him - I had a habit of slipping into the shower and pressing myself to him, teasing him and taunting him until he pinned me against the wall.

      But now the bathroom was locked and he was irritated because he got the floor all wet chasing me out... but that also meant I'd probably get a spanking when he was done, so it was still a win.

      As the solo really got into swing, I shook my diapered butt around - I was just a little damp, the padding only slightly swollen around my nethers. I didn't want to be too wet - that would just make a spanking hurt more. I slipped on my cuffs as I danced around in nothing but my Daddy's Girl t-shirt, buckling them with a grin. Me putting on the cuffs was our very very overt signal that I was feeling frisky. He could still say no, he might be actually mad about the whole water-on-the-floor thing, he got really particular about things like that... but I was hoping it wouldn't be too big a deal.

      I was in such a great, fun mood that when the TV started ringing the video call, I hit accept without even thinking about it, turning down the music. The remote to the TV was in my right hand, my phone controlling the music was in my left hand, and I was beyond happy.

      "Hi Nessa!" I greeted the TV cheerily... only to see Dani staring wide-eyed and open-mouthed at me.
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        Chapter Twenty-Seven

        I froze for a long moment, a small eternity as I felt my bladder empty into my diaper while Dani just stared at me.

        "Oh shit!" I screamed, dropping both remotes diving for the couch and pulling a blanket over me. My heart crashed into my feet as I realized what I had done. The remote was on the floor and I had begun crying, I couldn't help it.

        I ruin everything!

        The world went white around the edges as I felt my heart break in my chest.

        "Jessica?" Dani asked, her eyes wide. "Are you... wearing a diaper?"

        "Oh no," I cried, sobbing hard. "I ruined it all! I ruin everything! Nessa's gonna hate me now!"

        "What?" Dani asked, concerned. "Why would Vanessa hate you?"

        "Because you think I'm a freak and she really likes you and now you're going to break up with her and... "

        "Wait wait wait," Dani held up her hands, "Jess, I don't think you're a freak. And why would I break up with Vanessa over... "

        I have no idea why the next words came out of my mouth.

        "Because she wants you in diapers too!" I blurted, completely out of control. Dani's face took on a look of confused shock... I couldn't take it any more. I almost fell off the couch as I grabbed for the remote on the floor and hung up on her.

        * * *

        I was deeply confused by the sounds I was hearing from the living room and I let out a deep sigh as I rose from the bath prematurely - I was clean, but I liked to soak and relax for a bit on a Sunday, just to unwind. I had chased Jess from the room a little harshly, she was a sensitive creature and I felt I might have been too hard on her... but I was confused. Yes, she had gotten scolded but I had heard ELO on the sound system, and she only listened to Mr. Blue Sky when she was happy... if she was trying to get happy, she'd start with something else and play Mr. Blue Sky when she was ready.

        So why was she crying now?

        When I got to the living room, wrapped only in a towel, I realized that it was worse than I thought. She was sobbing uncontrollably on the floor and my heart broke for her.

        "Oh Cupcake," I said softly, sitting on the couch and pulling her into my lap. "Sweetie, I'm not mad. What's wrong?"

        "I'm stupid and I ruin everything," she wailed, barely intelligible. "Nessa's gonna be so mad at me... "

        "Why would Vanessa be- " I was interrupted by the chime of the incoming video call. I wasn't used to the sound, we had only turned off the auto-answer recently but my hand still reached for the remote to confirm it automatically, just as I'd had a million times with Vanessa before.

        "I told Dani," she sobbed as the TV rang. "She called and I answered and she saw me and I told her Nessa wanted her diapered too and I'm so stupid. Why am I so stupid!?" She began wailing again as the call timed out... and began ringing again.

        My heart pounded in my chest as I tried to decide what to do - this was a damage control situation. Systems were going haywire and I had to resolve the problem quickly. That call was probably Vanessa wanting answers... Jess would be okay, she needed a moment to herself. I needed to do damage control with my best friend. I lifted Jess easily in my arms and carried her to the nursery, laying her in the crib and raising the bars.

        "Wait here, sweetie. Daddy will fix it," I said softly as I left her there, pulling the door closed behind me and stepping quickly to my room for a robe before settling back on the couch and answering the call.

        It was Dani. Alone.

        "Seth!" she looked visibly upset, on the verge of tears herself. Shit. "Is Jessica okay? I think I messed up... "

        "Jess is laying down - she'll be fine. She's really worried that she upset you. Are you okay?"

        "I'm fine," Dani nodded. "I don't fully understand what's going on... "

        "Well," I began - it was important to determine exactly what she had seen and what information she was working on first before volunteering anything. This had gone from a friendly relationship to a very cautious one, very quickly. "What is it that you don't understand?"

        "Why is Jess wearing a diaper?" she asked bluntly. She still looked anxious, unsure. Shit.

        "Because she wants to," I answered simply. My eyes wandered down... and I spied soft pink cuffs around her wrists. Vanessa had at least started the game.

        "But why?" she insisted. "She's not a baby. Does she need them?"

        "We both like them," I replied calmly. I could see the wheels in her head turning, trying to decide how to react to this. "They make her feel - as she says - 'Little'."

        "But isn't it weird?" she pressed.

        "No weirder than the pink wrist cuffs she is wearing," I said gently. She blushed - that had been a risky play, if I scared her off... Vanessa might never forgive me. "A diaper is just clothing, just a kind of underwear - nothing more."

        "I suppose that's true," she mused. "Jessica said that Vanessa wanted me to wear them, is that true?"


        "I'm afraid that's between you and Vanessa," I answered a little too quickly. "It's not my place to talk about her private desires one way or the other, I cannot in good conscience confirm or deny it. I wouldn't be a very good friend if I did."

        "If I did... would it make her happy?"

        Shit. That was equally as bad.

        "Dani," I said softly, "Vanessa likes to lead. She doesn't like it when people do things just to please her. I don't know her innermost desires," I lied, "but I do know that if you want to make her happy... let her be the conqueror. Don't bend yourself, don't contort your desires to please her - it will only drive her away."

        "You're right," she said, seeming to absorb the lesson. "Should I... should I tell her that I know?"

        "I wouldn't," I smiled. "But now, if you get to the subject of her deepest fantasies... you are prepared if she does like what Jess and I enjoy. She's had other girls leave her over her wants... "

        "That Lauren woman," Dani frowned.

        Well hell, I thought to myself, did I overstep?

        "Be gentle with my friend, please," I requested with a slight waver to my voice. "She's had a hard go of it... and she really likes you."

        "Thanks, Seth," she smiled at me, seemingly calmer. "Will you tell Jessica that I don't hate her? I'm sorry I made her cry."

        "She'll forgive you," I smiled in return. "She likes you."

        "I like her too - I want to be her friend."

        "I'll pass that along," I offered. "I should go console her now though. Dani? Thanks for being open minded."

        "Of course," she shrugged. "It's like you said, right? It's just clothes."

        * * *

        I had just finished the checkout procedure at the store and was about to head back home to Dani when my phone chimed - Seth's chime.

        SETH: Cat's out of the bag. Proceed with cautious optimism.

        What the hell, Seth? Did you guys call her?

        I didn't take the time to hide my irritation. Things were at a very delicate stage, the wrong nudge and she would run... and I would lose my princess.

        SETH: She called Jess, apparently. Jess answered without thinking, D saw everything.

        Well fuck.

        He did say cautious optimism though. I felt sick as I drove home - I could be walking into anything.

        I had no idea what I expected, but when I opened the door to the apartment and carried in the groceries, I found Dani simply sitting on the couch and playing a video game. And still wearing the pink cuffs. The dishes were done, and she was happily engrossed. It was... perfect.

        "How was the store?" she asked without looking up.

        "Just fine," I answered. "Thanks for doing the dishes."

        "You asked me to," she smiled... but there was a tension there. She was uneasy. But she hadn't left, she could have - she had very little to pack and all the resources she needed now, she could have gotten a hotel room if she wanted to be away from me immediately. But there was some unpleasant emotion lurking beneath the surface - resentment, fear, anxiety, pain? It was impossible to tell.

        My instincts screamed at me to set in on her, to trap her verbally and dissect her responses, to treat her like any target in my professional life. People could be an open book if you knew how to crack the cover. But I knew in my heart that if I went down that road, I would get my answer... but there would be a cost. With my heart in my throat, I sat down on the couch next to her.

        "Hi," I said, my pulse pounding - the sound of my own fear, the blood rushing in my ears, was deafening. "I feel really scared because I feel like there's a tension between us that wasn't there when I left this morning." Vulnerability - it was something I could talk about at length, but it was so incredibly hard to do myself. I held my feelings out, my true feelings, in my palms for Dani to see... it wasn't easy. "Did something happen?" And yet I couldn't seem to be fully truthful, even now. I held on to the card that was Seth's text, held it close to my chest even as I showed my hand.

        "Is this sexy to you?" Dani asked, shutting down her game and revealing a photo of a woman, bound in rope suspended from a hook in the ceiling and dangling on her toes, barely touching the ground while her domme tilted her head back, holding a handful of the blonde sub's hair tightly, as she kissed her deeply. The domme was dressed in a black halter top, her breasts bulging - the sub wore nothing but the ropes that bound her. It was a sexy image, but it was too hardcore play for me to enjoy in reality - that was more Seth's thing than mine.

        "I can appreciate the dominance of it," I admitted. "But that's too much for me, too heavy. I'm willing to play that domme if that's what you want... but it's not what fulfills me."

        "What does fulfill you?" she asked bluntly, turning toward me, the bondage photo still on her screen.

        "Dani," I sighed a small sigh, "What's wrong?"

        Her face was lost in thought for a moment - she was considering angles, making a tactical move. It made me sad. I wanted trust, I wanted vulnerability, not calculations.

        "I'm thinking about how to break up with Julian," she said, slumping a bit. The truth? "But I'm really worried about this new kind of relationship with you - I've been with women before, in committed relationships, but it was never... Vanessa, I don't know what the subject of your deepest fantasy is," I heard Seth's words on her lips, plain as day, "I've only seen the very surface, I think. What if I can't make you happy? What if you want something I can't give?" The pain was written plain on her face.

        She didn't want to end up like Jess.

        I was going to lose her before we'd truly begun.

        "I want a princess," I said, leaning forward and stroking her cheek gently. "I want someone who trusts me completely, who will let me care for them."

        She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, closing her laptop and sliding it off her lap, letting it slip carefully to the floor... and she leaned into me. Dani rested her head on my chest. Without thinking, I pressed my lips to her forehead.

        "I trust you," she whispered. "Show me the ropes."
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          Awe!!! Dani is so cute!!! I love how intelligent she is protrayed in her interactions. She thinks things through and has an open mind about everything. I really hope that Nessa and her grow into a cute couple.

          I'm not gonna lie though, this ignoring Kailee's and Audrey's texts is driving me nuts. You definitely created a feeling desperation and fear, there. I'm confused as to why Kailee doesn't just leave her place. Pack a bag and go. She can call Audrey when she's safe and tell her just how she feels. That's what my brain keeps screaming at me when I'm reading Kailees scenes.

          Thankies for posting!!!


            Originally posted by LilPeaches View Post
            Awe!!! Dani is so cute!!! I love how intelligent she is protrayed in her interactions. She thinks things through and has an open mind about everything. I really hope that Nessa and her grow into a cute couple.

            I'm not gonna lie though, this ignoring Kailee's and Audrey's texts is driving me nuts. You definitely created a feeling desperation and fear, there. I'm confused as to why Kailee doesn't just leave her place. Pack a bag and go. She can call Audrey when she's safe and tell her just how she feels. That's what my brain keeps screaming at me when I'm reading Kailees scenes.

            Thankies for posting!!!
            Dramatic tension! We're not done with Kailee, we'll see more of her - promise <3
            Please, if you like my writing - leave a comment, they really do mean the world to me.

            Here's a list of my other stories!


              Chapter Twenty-Eight

              "Are you comfortable?" I asked, half teasing. She seemed so obsessed with the shibari lesbians on her computer that I couldn't help myself. Dani was hogtied on the crib mattress, her ankles bound to her wrists - each in cuffs - with a pair of double-ended snap hooks joining them. This sort of tie wasn't my favorite thing, it was less cuddly and warm than I liked my play, but this was what she was expecting. She had seen Jess in all her diapered glory if my understanding of Seth's message was correct and her reactions were telling me that she wasn't interested in Little play, she wanted more of what I had shown her last night. I should probably just let her go, say my goodbyes and be done... but I liked her a lot. One more night of BDSM play wouldn't kill me.

              "Comfortable?" she echoed, squirming. "How could this be comfortable?"

              "There are those who find how inescapable that is comforting," I smirked. I unbuttoned my black jeans and slid them down my legs. "Knowing that you're completely safe - and you are completely safe, if you safeword now we'll end it this instant - but also knowing that you're... " I paused for dramatic effect, my pants discarded next to the daybed, "Absolutely. Helpless." I punctuated each word by laying my hands on her shoulders one at a time as I turned her body toward me before discarding my panties.

              I crouched slightly as I drew her toward me, burying her face between my legs.

              "Show me what a good girl you are," I commanded. I felt her tongue find my button quickly - she was practiced - and I legitimately had to lean my weight on her slightly as my knees went weak. I hadn't expected her to be able to please me this quickly - oral was far from my favorite thing and even the bondage I had her in at the moment wasn't my preferred kink.

              But her lapping tongue, teasing and flicking, separating my lips and ever so quick... she was really, really good. A soft moan escaped me, which only energized her - her attack redoubled. I dropped to my knees and kissed her, taking her face between my hands and driving my tongue between her lips, tasting my own juices on her. I felt a need for her that was far more powerful than I expected.

              This scene was supposed to be me teasing her, not her driving me wild.

              When the kiss broke, after what felt like several lifetimes, we were both panting furiously.

              "Am I a good girl?" she asked, her eyes shining.

              "Your tongue is magic, my princess," I breathed.

              "Fuck me," she growled, taking me completely by surprise. Her intensity was shocking, how she went from submissive and pleasing to feral in a split second... I could see the hunger in her eyes.

              I kissed her again, grabbing her by the hair and running my tongue along the back of her teeth before I pulled her head back.

              "Don't. Move," I commanded and ran for my room to get my strapless.

              She was getting fucked.

              * * *

              An hour later we were both naked and sweaty, her cuffed but unbound form laying on top of mine as I breathed heavily, the feeldoe discarded on a pile of clothes next to the bed. We had certainly put the crib's bed frame to the test.

              "I want cookies," she informed me between panting breaths, her hand cupping my naked breast.

              "Is that just a thing with you?" I teased. It took some willpower not to correct her I want, there would be time for that later.

              "Yes," she laughed. "I always want cookies after good sex."

              "Oh so it was good then?" I prodded, giving her a squeeze.

              "Um, yeah - all that screaming? That was a good thing."

              "Hopefully my neighbors don't think I was trying to kill you," I mused. "I'll have to invest in some white noise machines and a better stereo like Seth."

              I wasn't sure what my misstep was at first, I felt Dani stiffen in my arms, felt her freeze... but before I could ask what was wrong, she asked me a question first.

              "What's your deepest fantasy?" her voice was soft, cautious. She was asking a lot of me and she didn't realize it... but at the same time, if I ignored her question, if I brushed it aside or made an excuse, it would be detrimental to the budding relationship. She had said she was trying to think up how to break up with Julian, it was a foregone conclusion - she was all but mine if I wanted her. And now, unexpectedly, after amazing sex... she was asking me to be more vulnerable than I had been in years.

              "I want my princess to need me," I admitted obliquely, "I want her to prove how helpless she is, how she needs to be cared for. I want to guide her and protect her."

              I was saying it all, telling her my secret wants, but without saying anything. Nothing concrete. There were too many ways to interpret that statement.

              "Will you get me cookies then?" she grinned. "I'm far too helpless to go get them myself, I need you to care for me."

              "Of course," I laughed, kissing her forehead and sliding out from under her. I shook my head at her silliness as I walked for the kitchen, but before I could step out of the nursery, her voice came from behind me.

              "And milk?" she added, batting her eyelashes at me. She was turning on the cute... and it was working. She was adorable, her hair mussed and messy with sweat, her neck and shoulders and thighs covered with bite marks that had yet to fade. Our session had been intense, but she had kept up with my energy at every turn, she had given as well as she had gotten.

              "Of course," I said again, savoring that image, my princess sprawled on the bed.

              I didn't bother putting on any clothes, the apartment windows were closed with the shades drawn, no one would see anything. I fetched her cookies and milk... and returned to a new surprise.

              Dani was on her knees on the mattress, her cheeks flushed and red for some reason, her eyes downcast.

              "What's wrong?" I asked, not understanding what could have happened in the few moments I had been away.

              "I had an accident," she whimpered. My eyes shot to the puddle that was spreading beneath her... and my knees went weak again. "I'm sorry. I didn't make it to the potty."

              I almost dropped the glass of milk. I had no idea how to respond, my brain spun in circles as I processed what I was seeing, this vision from my fantasies, this perfectly deciphered image - she had read my meaning flawlessly, had seen through my subterfuge and given me exactly what I wanted.

              "Are you mad at me?" her voice quavered as she looked up at me with watery eyes. I thought for a moment that her sadness was genuine... but her eyes flicked to the cookies in my hand for the briefest moment and I knew.

              She knew. She had seen Jess. She knew what I wanted.

              But she had let me lead her to it.

              She wasn't rejecting it.

              I had hope. Real hope.

              "It's okay, princess. I'm not mad at you," I soothed, putting the cookies and milk on the dresser and standing her up, pulling her to her feet off of the bed where her urine was spreading on the sheets. I could smell it now, she had actually debased herself for my enjoyment... and she was quivering. "But I think you should probably wear a diaper for a while, okay?"

              There. I took the plunge. I threw the card on the table and hoped against hope that I was right.

              She nodded, biting her lip.

              My heart soared - this was it, the moment that I had dreamed of, that I had fantasized about for so long. I took her by the wrist and led her across the hall, snagging a towel from the bathroom on the way which I spread out on my bed before laying her down. She was trembling as she lay there, exposed, in my room. I reached under the bed and pulled the bag Seth had stashed there a little closer and pulled out a bottle of powder and a DC Amor. My hands were trembling as I began to unfold it. My mouth felt dry as I spread it out, tapping Dani lightly on the hip.

              Sure enough, she raised her bottom so I could slide the crinkly plastic-backed garment underneath her. I moved slowly, lowering her hips onto the waiting diaper, watching as she sank into the padding every so slightly before I wiped her down with the tenderest of care I could imagine. I began sprinkling the powder over her, taking a moment to rub it in, lingering a bit to make sure she felt my attention. And then, as the moment of truth neared, my breath caught in my throat.

              I pulled the front of the diaper up, pulling it over her sex and smoothing the wings to either side before taping it snugly. When it was done, I rubbed my hand across the smooth padding, admiring the soft pink color that matched her wrist and ankle cuffs so well. I pulled her to a sitting position before joining her on the bed, guiding her into my lap and wrapping my arms around her.

              I held her tightly, my heart beating in my naked chest, my skin pressed against hers as I breathed in the scent of her - our sex, our sweat, her natural perfume, her shampoo... she was a symphony, every note perfect.

              "I'll never be mad about an accident, my precious princess," I whispered in her ear, my hand sliding downward to caress her padding, to reinforce these positive feelings. We stayed there for a few long moments before I carried her back to the nursery. I sat her on the floor before grabbing her cookies and milk and sitting with her, pulling her into my lap again. I held the glass in one hand and the cookies in the other, my arms around her. She took one with a shaky hand, dunking it in the milk with her trembling grasp before guiding the soggy cookie between her lips.

              "I'm wearing a diaper," she whispered. Fear rose in me, an irrational fear that even now she would reject me, that she would tear it off and berate me as Lauren had, but her free hand snaked down between her legs and I heard the crinkle of the padding as she caressed the diaper, feeling it while she munched on cookies.

              "Yes you are," I agreed. "A princess who has accidents needs to wear a diaper." I felt scared as I added to our blossoming shared fiction.

              "It's... soft," she breathed, the exploratory crinkles still coming as she consumed another cookie. "It's really soft and warm."

              "And adorable," I added. "You... you look amazing in it." I realized how weird this must seem to her, to be wearing such an infantile garment, but she had no idea how many nights fantasizing about this very moment had gotten me through.

              "This is stupid," she laughed a small laugh as she munched another cookie. My heart sank at the words, I felt so fragile - I felt like I might break at the slightest blow. "But I kind of want to show Jessica." My mood lightened again as she finished the thought. I was surprised at my own volatility. "I saw her in one just like this today," she continued, "that's how I knew. I had no idea they even made diapers this big."

              "Princesses come in all sizes," I offered, resting my chin on her shoulder as she sat in my lap, munching her treat in both hands now, like the squirrels she loved so much.

              "Is Jessica a princess?" she asked.

              "Jess is a brat," I laughed softly, "And we call her Jess when she's Little, she's only Jessica when she's pretending to be an adult. But a brat is exactly what Seth wants and it's what Jess loves."

              "But I'm a princess," I liked hearing the word from her lips. It felt right.

              "You are absolutely my precious, perfect princess, Dani," I cooed softly at her, holding the glass of milk with both hands as she took the last cookie from my grasp, dunking it and munching it.

              "Are you comfortable?" I asked.

              "More comfortable than I ever imagined," she answered, leaning back into me, melting in my arms.
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                Chapter Twenty-Nine

                The rest of the night was entirely devoted to cuddles and love. We had snuggled on the couch, we had kissed tenderly and caressed each other. I made it absolutely clear that as long as she was wearing the diaper, she would get everything she wanted - in deed if not in word. I helped her pull a shirt on, silently wishing I had kept more of the simpler Little clothing that I had amassed over the years on hand... but it hadn't been worth the risk. If it turned out not to be a fluke, if she really was submitting to me in this way and not just dipping her toes in, it would all be back soon enough.

                I led her to the kitchen, setting her in a chair and preparing an ice cream sundae.

                "You were such a good girl in telling me the truth," I cooed at her, stroking her hair. "You enjoy your treat, okay?"

                Dani nodded while I slipped out of the room, collecting her bedding - she had laid several towels down and hidden them underneath the sheets... my devious princess had thought ahead - the towels hadn't been there during our bondage game, so she must have slipped to the closet just before her "accident" to grab them. I carried the bundle of bedding and towels to the floor's laundry room - I only had to share the washer in this building with two other apartments, it was one of the major draws of this particular spot, so I didn't have to wait to get the cleanup started. With the machine churning, I returned to the apartment absently wondering in an amused sort of way if more laundry like this was in my future.

                I pulled a pair of cute sheets that I had stashed at the bottom of the closet of my bedroom, where I kept the spare linens, and re-made the crib with pink princess sheets and returning the plastic sheet to it once again, wishing that I hadn't pulled it off in the first place. Pink gowns and crowns, dancing unicorns and magic wands. Maybe it was a bit too much - if it was, I would claim they were the only ones clean.

                "It's like wearing a pillow," Dani giggled as I sat down at the table next to her. "Like, I'm constantly aware of it."

                "Jess has said it's like wearing a hug," I chuckled. "Like she can feel Seth's hands on her bottom all day."

                "She wears them all day?" Dani asked, sounding a little surprised.

                "It's not my place to discuss their preferences," I shrugged, dodging the subject. I had already said too much.

                "I uh," she paused for a moment. "I think I really hurt Jess' feelings." She pushed the emptied bowl of ice cream forward. I swooped in with a napkin to wipe the remaining bits of chocolate from her face. "Is there any way we can visit them this week? I want her to know that no matter what happens, I don't think she's a freak."

                "I'll ask Seth," I promised, amused that my slow training had gotten her to the point that she didn't even stop speaking when I cleaned her face after she ate.

                "What's the draw for you?" she asked, the soft crinkle was music to my ears as she shifted.

                "The draw of what?" I asked, as though I didn't know.

                "Of your partner wearing a diaper," she said. "I understand somewhat why Jess would like it - it's like the cuffs, you feel helpless and cared for at the same time... but what's in it for you?"

                "It a fetish," I explained, stroking her cheek. "They don't always make sense. Lots of people have them, some people wish they didn't... I at least have one that's achievable. There are some people who fetishize the idea of being eaten alive." I grinned at her wide-eyed reaction. "Me? I just want a cute girl to look adorable in a diaper and just... be happy."

                "I don't think I have a fetish," Dani leaned her head down, resting on my arm. "But I don't mind this. There's something... freeing about not being able to move. Like," she paused, measuring her words. "I don't feel the need to perform in bed. I'm free to just enjoy the sensations."

                "You take direction very well," I smiled, kissing her temple. "And your tongue is magical. It's definitely going to get a workout."

                "So you just what... want to ogle my butt in a diaper? What is it you want me to do?"

                "Be happy," I said simply. "It really is that easy. I don't want you to be another person, I don't want you to lose yourself in any role - although I'll tell you right now that the little act you put on made me deeply happy. The fact is, I like you for you. You were asking if I found those women sexy... yes, sexy to look at. I find you sexy to hold, and that tiny bit of pretend you did in the bedroom," I caught myself, I had very nearly said 'nursery', "that is what my fantasies are made of. But life isn't fantasy - that sort of play is just a tiny fraction of what I truly want."

                "What do you want?" she asked, running a finger along my arm.

                "To be understood," I said quietly. It was rare for me to be this open, but I felt incredibly close to her. "To be indulged. To enjoy and be enjoyed. To play, as we played, but also to forge a real, lasting connection. You're really special, Dani," I stroked her hair as I spoke, "I'm glad you came into my life."

                "It's so funny," Dani laughed a small laugh, "none of this would be happening if I hadn't run into you at that coffee shop. I honestly didn't think I'd ever see you again after you left the nightclub that evening."

                "Well I'm glad it worked out that way," I said. I was, but I had also made sure it worked out that way, and the results were pleasing.

                "Me too."

                * * *

                When Dani went to work the next day, I was sad to see her go. We had taken her diaper off before she had gone back to bed, laughing a little at the princess sheets but ultimately unperturbed. She left for work energized and confident - exactly the woman I wanted. Strong and confident in the professional world, but my precious princess at home. Everything was going beautifully.

                It seemed a shame to spoil it by finally listening to Aubrey's voicemail... and I didn't like what I heard - I was dialing Kailee's phone the moment the message was done playing.

                "Vanessa?" she answered cautiously.

                "Hello Kailee," I greeted her. "Where are you right now?"

                "I'm at home," she said softly - she was subdued, she wasn't her usual boistrous self.

                "Is Aubrey there?"

                "No," her voice quavered a bit. "She left for work. Vanessa... I don't know how to make her stop, I don't want to play with her any more."

                "Have you tried just telling her that? Telling her that you're done?" Aubrey had been disturbed by the spanking scene she had witnessed, it seemed really strange that she'd dive in and lose herself this way, but Kailee was clearly being abused.

                "I tried," Kailee said sadly, "She won't listen. Can I... can I come stay with you?"

                "No," I denied her without a second thought. Things were going well with Dani, the last thing I needed was Kailee's damage - new and old - muddying the waters. "But I'll do what I can to help you. Do you have any friends you could stay with?"

                "No," she answered softly, a hint of shame in her voice. "I don't have many friends any more. They all stopped hanging out with me."

                "Then you need to go to the police," I replied. "You said she's hitting you, right?"

                "She is... but I can't go to the cops, Vanessa. She's my roommate, I need her. Please, just let me come stay with you for a few days?"

                "No Kailee," I said firmly. I wasn't going to let her ruin the relationship with Dani that was just starting to blossom. "Do you have any information that she wouldn't want other people to know?"

                "You want me to blackmail her?" Kailee sounded surprised. "I don't know anything, Vanessa - she's just a normal girl."

                "Whose name is the power bill under?" I asked.

                "What?" Kailee was confused. "Why?"

                "I have an idea," I told her as I stepped to my room and grabbed my laptop, before settling down on the bed.. "Is it under her name or your name?"

                "It's in her name," Kailee said, shuffling some papers. "I found the bill."

                "Give me the account number."

                I jotted down the information, Aubrey's full name, the account number to their power company account, the kind of phone Aubrey carried. Everything I needed.

                "I'll call you back."

                I hung up on Kailee and queued up a video that I had used for this sort of thing before. I hopped onto the power company's website and tried their login system - they were a great entry point because everyone in the area used them and they relied on the account number as the login name. I tried some random stupid passwords like 'aubrey' and 'password' and soon I was locked out. I dialed up the support line and got everything ready. After a minute or two of navigating menus and holding, I got to a human that I hoped would give me what I was after.

                "Hi," I began, sounding a little frantic as I tapped the play button on the video. The sound of a baby crying unconsolably filled the room. "Shh, shh, sweetie. Mommy will be right there. Hello? I'm sorry, I'm having a really hard time right now and my husband keeps calling me, he needs me to get some information for the accountant and I just- Kailee sweetie, stop crying. Shhh. I'm so sorry. I'm Aubrey Villanova. I'm locked out of my account and I just... please, can you help me?" I rattled off the account number for her, sounding like I was completely stressed out and at my limit.

                "Sure thing, ma'am," she sounded distressed as the 'baby' kept crying on my side of the line. I made shushing sounds, but naturally it did nothing to soothe the fictional child. "I see you're locked out, you tried the password reset?"

                "I did," I lied. "But it keeps telling me that I don't know my own mother's maiden name and I'm going crazy. Is there anything you can do to help?"


                "Yes ma'am, I think so," the young lady working the desk really wanted to help. Perfect. "I just reset your password to match your account number. Can you try it?"

                I typed in the account number in the login and password on the screen and just like that, I was in.

                "Oh thank god," I breathed. "Thank you so, so much."

                "You're welcome ma'am, have a good day."

                I hung up and ended the video, sifting around in Aubrey's account. Her mother's maiden name was Tuscano, apparently, and the payment history on the account gave me the last tidbit I needed.

                I dialed up the provider that was in charge of her phone. I wouldn't need this video this time. After another few minutes of holding, I connected with a human.

                "Hello, how may I help you?"

                "Um, hello," I tried to sound nervous, a little vapid. "Oh, you sound cute. I can't seem to get my cloud thingy to work. It says I have the wrong password but I'm using the same one I use everywhere and I don't get it."

                "Can I get your name and phone number?"

                "Are you asking me out?" I laughed a stupid little laugh.

                "No ma'am," I could hear the guy on the other end smiling. "I need it to access your account."

                "Oh right," I laughed again. "I'm Aubrey Villanova and my number is 408-555-8239."

                "Okay Aubrey," he continued. "What's your mother's maiden name, and the last four digits of the credit card on your account?"

                "Tuscano and 4428," I answered with confidence.

                "Okay Aubrey, I'm going to reset your password, it's going to go to your email address."

                "Oh that sucks," I whined. "My dad has me blocked out of that right now. Can you just like, change it for me?"

                "Um, I really- "

                "Oh please," I begged. "I have these really cute photos that I have to get before he sees them, you know... "

                "Oh," now I could practically hear his blush. "Okay, I'm going to change it to your phone number and your last name."

                "Perfect," I giggled, feeling a little sick to my stomach. "Thank you so so so much. It's Princess Aubrey for the account name, right?"

                "I have A Villanova twelve here," he answered.

                "Oh right," I stammered, "um... I forgot about that. I probably didn't need it reset after all. Thank you a million though, cutie!"

                "Absolutely, is there anything else- "

                I hung up on him before he could even finish the thought, logging onto Aubrey's cloud storage, I started searching around and sure enough... there were some lewd photos of her and Benny... and a text conversation that had gotten backed up automatically.

                Benjamin Harris was married and Aubrey knew it.

                I sent the photos and the information to Kailee with a note:

                Here's the information you need to get Aubrey off your back. Kailee, if you mention to her that I helped you with this, we're done. Forever. I don't think that this is the correct course of action, but this is your next best bet.

                And with that done, I went back to my jigsaw puzzle.
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                  These chapters were a nice way to start my day. I really enjoyed the "accident" scene. It was adorable.

                  I have my suspicions of what reaction Audrey will give Kailee when she confronts her. I'm very anxious to find out. You've definitely given me a good reason to stayed tuned for the following chapters.

                  Thankies for posting!!!


                    Originally posted by LilPeaches View Post
                    These chapters were a nice way to start my day. I really enjoyed the "accident" scene. It was adorable.

                    I have my suspicions of what reaction Audrey will give Kailee when she confronts her. I'm very anxious to find out. You've definitely given me a good reason to stayed tuned for the following chapters.

                    Thankies for posting!!!
                    I'm glad you have something to look forward to - you'll have another 2 chapters to read tomorrow and then everything will be caught up. I've actually finished the book, but I'm going to continue to post it 1 chapter at a time so this site doesn't get ahead of the other place I post it

                    Surely Aubrey will repent her wrongdoings and they'll go out for ice cream when she's confronted, right?
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                      Chapter Thirty

                      Monday and Tuesday had both been pretty wonderful - once Dani had gotten off work, we explored our emerging dynamic. She was my perfect princess, I was her adoring authority figure. She hadn't said the word, but I was hoping for it. I might guide her to it a little harder the next time we were in the throes of passion.

                      But that seemed unlikely on Wednesday night. We had chosen that night to go visit Seth and Jess at their apartment. I had warned Dani that it was stepping into the deep end, but she was insistent. She wanted to show Jess that she understood, that she accepted her no matter what and that she wanted to be friends.

                      A week prior I would have declared it a disaster in the making, but now it seemed like it might actually be a positive event. I was curious what lengths they would go to in hiding their lifestyle, although I had given them carte blanche. I wasn't entirely sure it was the best idea, but after three nights of exploring our ageplay dynamic, after feeling her relax into me, hearing the crinkle of her diaper as we played games, as we cuddled... it was a "no time like the present" situation.

                      But that didn't stop my heart from racing as we stood outside of Seth's apartment.

                      Dani had been in diapers in the evening for three days, but she'd never worn out in public and she wasn't wearing now. I didn't blame her and I wasn't going to push her - that was a huge step, and certainly not one I wanted her to take after just a few days. Just being around other ageplayers would be a huge step, even unpadded. Dani was dressed in her usual, casual style - a cream-colored top with floral patterns embroidered around the boatneck and the edges of the loose, flowing sleeves, atop a pair of faded - they came that way, they were new - blue jeans. Dani stood beside me, her arms wrapped around one of mine as I knocked on the door. She had certainly slipped gracefully into the submissive role.

                      She was my princess - loving, giving, caring, but mine. She wasn't a brat, she didn't crave the thrill of punishment. She wasn't demanding, she wasn't a whiner. She was perfect. I was finally living my dream.

                      "Well hello there," Seth greeted us with a smile, "come on in."

                      I gave him a quick hug as we entered, but Dani gave him a great big one, lingering for long moments in his arms. I blinked, a little surprised. I knew she was a hugger, but that seemed more than a casual greeting.

                      "Cupcake," he called - the game was clearly on, "we have company."

                      "I'm embarrassed," Jess called from the other room. I smirked, wrapping an arm around Dani and pulling her close to me, kissing her on the temple. I wasn't threatened by Seth, I was more interested in comforting her if Jess' antics were too much.

                      "Come out of your room, sweetie," he called again. "Unless we should ask Dani to come get you?"

                      "No Daddy," she called quickly, stepping out. Her cheeks were bright red as she walked toward us in just a onesie. It was pink and was adorned with fancy lettering declaring her Daddy's Girl and she was obviously padded underneath it, the diaper poking out on either side of the fabric. Her hair was up in pigtails, she had on her cuffs and collar - to me, that was everyday Jess, but she seemed to be embarrassed at Dani seeing her.

                      "Oh my goodness," Dani's eyes went wide and she covered her mouth with her hands. "I didn't know they made those diaper shirts in adult sizes!"

                      "They make practically everything in adult sizes," I smiled. "Hi Jess."

                      "Hi Nessa," she squeaked, waddling quickly over to Seth and pulling him toward the couch. "Hi Dani."

                      "Oh my god," Dani squealed, "Look at your butt! Is my butt that adorable in one of those?"

                      "No offense to Jess," I grinned, "but your butt is MORE adorable."

                      Jess turned seven shades of red and buried her face in Seth's chest, climbing into his lap as he sat down on the couch.

                      "Stooooooop," she whined, her voice muffled by his shirt.

                      "Oh you love it," Seth teased, "My little Cupcake loves being the center of attention."

                      "Is that your nickname?" Dani asked, "Cupcake? Do I call you Cupcake?"

                      "Noooo," Jess fussed, turning around in Seth's lap. "Daddy calls me Cupcake, I'm his Cupcake. Nessa just calls me Jess, so you should call me Jess."

                      I sat down on the other end of the leather couch, patting the spot next to me. I wondered desperately what was going through Dani's head in that moment. She sat, her hand slipping into mine and our fingers threading effortlessly. I apparently found the touch more comforting than she did. I could tell by her body language and the cool feel of her skin that Dani was completely unperturbed.

                      "So was Jess wearing a diaper that night at dinner?" she directed the question to Seth - she caught on fast - while Jess blushed and buried her face again.

                      "She was," Seth admitted. "My Little girl is pretty much always diapered. Have you tried it yourself yet?"

                      "I have," Dani admitted as well, and Jess shot bolt upright and glared at me, her mouth hanging open somewhat. "I've been reading some on your... what do you call it, dynamic? I guess I'm kind of a Little too."

                      "Are you padded right now?" Jess asked, staring at Dani. My guess was that Seth's brat felt betrayed that I hadn't already spilled the beans about our diaper adventures.

                      "Seth," I interjected, squeezing her hand as she blushed. "I believe your Little is asking Dani about her underwear. That doesn't seem especially ladylike."

                      "Eep," the noises Jess made when startled were adorable and she somehow managed to sit even straighter as Seth's hands landed on her hips. Her eyes were comically wide as she realized her mistake. "I was just curious... and Dani just asked you about mine like a minute ago!"

                      "But Dani is a big girl right now," Seth pointed out, "and you're just a baby."

                      "I'm not a baby," she countered automatically, going immediately into a pout. "Dani, I was hoping to get some Little solidarity here! Aren't you a Little too!?"

                      "What's the best part about being a Little?" Dani asked abruptly, her gaze leveled on Jess.

                      Jess cocked her head to one side, pondering on the question. Adorable was the only word for her, in her pigtails and onesie, her diaper peeking out as she sat on Seth's lap. I wanted desperately to have Dani in the same situation. We could put on a Disney movie, the two Littles sitting together and watching from the floor while Seth and I shared a couple of beers. It was the stuff of my deepest fantasies, and we were very nearly there. Those were the moments I really wanted, not some intense scene but rather a casual moment of absolute trust, my Little just being little while I simply enjoyed it.

                      "Probably... " Jess hesitated, leaning forward slightly and propping herself up with both hands on Seth's knees between her own spread legs. Her diaper crinkled with every shift, and it only renewed my desire to have Dani in the same. "The freedom to enjoy it."

                      "What do you mean?" Dani asked, watching Jess very intently.

                      "Well," Jess shrugged. "I didn't choose to wear a onesie that showed off my diaper tonight, Daddy decided. I didn't choose to wear pigtails, Daddy decided. Because he knows I... " she blushed and I could see Seth's fingers grip her hips tighter, ever so slightly, a reassuring presence, "He knows that I want it. I have the freedom to enjoy what I want even though I think it's stupid, because he takes the choice away from me. I.. I had a big problem with that before I moved in with Daddy. I would deny what I wanted all the time, because it was a burden, because it was dumb... and I would just be unhappy. Now, I don't get a choice. I don't want a choice. I was embarrassed to wear this in front of you, especially because you're dressed like a Big... but I'm happier this way."

                      Dani pondered that for a long moment before squeezing my hand, a long squeeze similar to the reassurance that I had just tried to give to her.

                      "Do you have an outfit I could borrow?" she asked casually.

                      "Really!?" Jess screeched, bouncing up and down on Seth's lap. "Really really? You'll be Little with me?"

                      "Yeah," Dani smiled, even as I gave her an, 'Are you sure?' look. "Vanessa... will you help me get dressed?"

                      "If that's what you want," I smiled - Jess wanted her choice taken away, Dani might not. I wasn't going to push her into anything, the situation was too delicate. I was honestly a little afraid at the way she was pressing forward, but we did have two days of private play and she liked Jess. It felt like we were moving too fast, but I wasn't going to deny her.

                      "Oh tonight is going to be the best," Jess giggled as I led Dani back toward the nursery.

                      "I want you to be prepared for Jess' furniture," I said softly as I guided her, gently leading her by the hand. "Seth and Jess have been living this way for years, I'm not going to ask you to do anything that makes you uncomfortable."

                      "Holy shit," Dani breathed as we stepped into Jess' room. "She has a giant crib."

                      The walls were a soft pink, the crib a gleaming white. Her vanity was something out of a Disney film, white wood and gold trim, looping and swirling decorations. I opened the closet to reveal Jess' wardrobe - all of her adult clothing was in one corner of Seth's closet, as his style of dress was monochrome - he basically had ten copies of the same outfit, they varied only slightly in style. Jess' Little closet was nearly equally monochrome, though her clothes were a riot of pink rather than Seth's array of black.

                      "Holy shit," she said again, "that's a lot of pink."

                      "She has some blue outfits toward the back," I offered, explaining, "Seth uses those as punishment."

                      Dani burst out laughing but covered her mouth quickly, not wanting Jess to think that she was mocking their lifestyle. She was so precious, so considerate.

                      "What do you think I should wear?" she asked.

                      I walked her over to the crib and lifted her up, setting her on the mattress - the bars were already down, so I didn't have to do anything to open it. The plastic sheet rustled as she shifted, looking at the bars and the tall headboard and footboard, which were decorated with cupcakes. I walked back over to the closet and picked out two outfits from Jess' punishment section - a schoolgirl outfit with a scandalously short skirt, the blouse was actually a onesie that had the sailor tie sewn onto it, and a puff-sleeved empire-waisted shimmery blue dress with a similarly short skirt. Either one would show off a diaper nicely.

                      "That one," she said, pointing at the shimmery dress.

                      "Ah ah, princess," I smiled. "Manners." If we were going to play, it was important to set these expectations early.

                      "May I wear that one please?" she blushed.

                      "Of course," I said, hanging the dress on the footboard of the crib before taking the other back to the closet and returning with a diaper in each hand. A Simple Ultra - plain white - in one, and an ABU Space in the other. "And which diaper would my princess prefer?"

                      "How many different kinds of adult-sized diapers are there?" she marveled. "Are those aliens?"

                      "There are dozens," I chuckled, "but Jess' choices are limited unless you want pink. She has three different kinds of pink diapers, but only one blue. She does a pink one with princesses all over it, if you'd prefer."

                      "Well, I have a feeling that this skirt isn't going to hide whatever I pick, so let's stay color coordinated and go with the aliens."

                      I smiled as I began by removing her shoes, then her jewelry, the chunky bracelets and the heavy earrings, the necklace made of polished stones - though I left the simpler rings on her fingers. I removed her blouse, then her jeans and finally the soft purple panties she wore underneath. There she lay, in Jess' crib, naked and beautiful, waiting to be diapered. I slowly, lovingly rubbed baby oil into her skin, lingering on her hips, and squeezing her bottom before unfolding the blue diaper and slipping it beneath her. I traced my fingers up her thigh, dragging a nail in the sensitive spot where her thigh met her hip, that lovely V. She shivered and blushed, drawing her hands up to her chest unconsciously. I sprinkled a delicate layer of powder over her before drawing the diaper closed, taping the top tapes tightly around her hips before doing the bottom ones as well.

                      I took a moment to rub the fresh padding between her legs and the soft moan that came from her took me by surprise. I pressed a little harder, digging my fingers into the padding, drawing rapid breaths from her before I leaned down and kissed her.

                      If we hadn't been in Seth's apartment, we would have ended up having a late dinner.

                      But we were, so when the kiss broke I sat her up, pulling the blue dress over her head and guiding her arms through the sleeves. I raided Jess' vanity for a pair of ponytail holders and raised Dani's luscious black hair into twin high pigtails.

                      "All you need is a pacifier," I smiled, guiding her to the mirror that hung on the back of Jess' bedroom door.

                      "I look like a giant toddler," she gasped, lifting the hem of the dress the barest amount to expose her thick diaper. "I'm... really cute." She turned around and bent over ever so slightly, poking her bottom out. The skirt rode up immediately and it took everything I had not to grab her and throw her back on the mattress. "Wow, my butt really does look good in one of these."

                      "You are the most adorable princess I have ever seen in my entire life," I swore to her. It was the truth.
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                        Chapter Thirty-One

                        I couldn't stop wiggling in Daddy's lap as Nessa led Dani back to my nursery. I had played with other Littles before - mostly at the club but since Daddy didn't like most of the other Doms there, it was often uncomfortable. The idea of having a playmate, one that would always be welcome in our home... it was intoxicating. And Dani was new to being Little, unlike a lot of the brats at the club, so she'd want to try new things and I'd be able to show her things.

                        "I'd be like a big sister," I whispered aloud without even realizing it.

                        "What was that, Cupcake?" Daddy asked, snapping me back to reality.

                        "Nothing, Daddy," I blushed, squirming and turning around on his lap so I was facing him, straddling him.

                        "If it was worth saying once," he began in his Daddy-voice.

                        "Then it's worth repeating," I sighed. If I didn't tell him now, I'd be in trouble and the last thing I wanted was for my evening with Nessa and Dani to get cut short. "I was saying that Dani is a new Little, all of this is new to her... so that would make me the big sister."

                        "Oh really?" he laughed, that laugh that said I was wrong. I narrowed my eyes at him.

                        "I am! I'm the big sister, I've been a Little for a lot lot longer than she has," I insisted. My logic was flawless.

                        "But you're a tiny helpless baby," he teased. "And she's Vanessa's big girl, I think she would be the big sister."

                        "No," I protested, "I've got the experience, I'm the big sister."

                        "Does someone need her mittens to remind her how little she is? Do we need to make sure you can only crawl?"

                        "No Daddy," I whined, but I had already fallen into the trap. Telling him no was pointless, he'd just say I was being fussy.. but if I agreed with him, then he'd make sure I was the little sister. There was only one move. "Please can I be the big sister? Please?"

                        "We'll see, Cupcake." That was as good as I was going to get, I just had to assert my bigness at Dani. I looked back to the nursery door, wondering what outfit she'd wear. It would be so much fun if Nessa put her in some of the locking clothes!

                        The knock at the door meant that dinner was there. I sat down on the floor at the coffee table and waited patiently.

                        "Ah ah," Daddy chided as he walked toward the door. "High chair."

                        "But Daddy!" I fussed. "We have company!"

                        "High chair," he said again, more sternly. I huffed and moved to the kitchen as he answered the door and paid the delivery person. Normally I'd put up more of a fight, but I really didn't want to get in trouble while Dani was there, I wanted as much time with her as possible.

                        Daddy carried the bags of food into the kitchen and set them on the counter before walking over to me, where I sat in the high chair. He grabbed my wrist and began binding it to the chair with the cuff. I panicked.

                        "No Daddy!" I complained, "Please, please can I feed myself?" If he fed me, there was no way I'd be the big sister! "Please Daddy... I'll... " I searched for a bargain that he might go for, I didn't have much to offer, everything was done his way anyway. "I'll... I won't sneak to the bathroom tomorrow while you're at work for any reason."

                        He stopped - that got his attention. I grimaced, wishing I hadn't offered that one. He knew I hated the feeling of being messy even though I loved the act of messing. But he loved it when I humiliated myself that way. If he was late coming home tomorrow, I'd be pissed. Part of me knew that I could have called the 'yellow' safeword and talked about my feelings and how important is was to me, but I was so deep in Littlespace, I was so amped up, I didn't want to bring either of us out of it.

                        "Oh really?" he smiled. He moved to the cabinet and pulled out the fiber powder.

                        "Daddyyyyyy," I whined. "Please!"

                        "One glass and no sneaking tomorrow, and you've got a deal," he was serious. If I backed down now, I'd be bound for dinner for sure.

                        "Fine," I pouted as he mixed the powder into a glass of water. I wanted it gone before Dani came out.

                        I drained it quickly, chugging the water and handing it back to Daddy. I was in for a gross day tomorrow.

                        I'd better get to be the big sister, I pouted to myself. My head whipped around as the door to the nursery opened, and Nessa led Dani by the wrist toward the kitchen. Daddy snapped my tray in place with my arms above the tray for once, but I wasn't even paying attention. My eyes were fixed on Dani, her beautiful black hair up in pigtails as she walked my way in my very least favorite blue princess dress. It looked amazing on her.

                        And then she turned around and flashed me! She was wearing one of the hated Space diapers, and it absolutely looked like it belonged there.

                        I squealed and clapped.

                        "You actually have a high chair," Dani mused. "That's... wow. A crib, a high chair, a closet full of baby clothes... this really is your jam, huh?"

                        "Yeah," I blushed, feeling embarrassed at it all being laid out like that. "It really wasn't originally, my kink was being tied up. Suspension, shibari, anything that bound me so I couldn't escape... until I met Daddy. He was so different, and he helped me realize that... the binding was just part of it. I had no idea I'd like this until Daddy introduced me to it."

                        "I know what you mean," she smiled. She bobbed her head back and forth her pigtails swishing. "That feels so weird, I haven't worn pigtails since I was a kid!"

                        "Well you look like a Little now," I beamed, laying my arms down on the high chair tray. Daddy dropped a bowl of butter chicken in front of me. "Yay!" I grinned... when I realized he hadn't given me a fork. "Daddy, can I- " Nessa cleared her throat and I blushed. She was so adamant about how I said things! "May I please," I tried again, "have a fork?"

                        "Aren't you too little for a fork?" Dani teased. "Maybe he should just feed you."

                        "Dani!" I gasped, "Betrayer! Little solidarity!" Daddy dropped the fork on my tray and I snatched it quickly, holding it close to my chest before anyone tried to grab it from me. Dani laughed at me as Vanessa prepared her plate.

                        Daddy tied a bib around my neck as Vanessa and Dani went for the living room, there just wasn't enough space in the kitchen for all four of us. Daddy sat in his usual spot at the tiny card table that served as our kitchen table - we didn't need much of one since I always sat in the high chair. I smirked as Vanessa grabbed a bib from the drawer as well.

                        I was going to be the big sister.

                        * * *

                        It took me two days to work up the courage, but as I disposed of what I intended to be my last ever messy diaper, tossing it in the apartment complex dumpster, I decided that it was finally time.

                        Part of me had hoped that Aubrey would get bored, that she would let up. I had given up begging for mercy and just went along with whatever she wanted. We ate what she wanted, we watched what she wanted, I cleaned what she wanted, and I wore what she wanted.

                        You'd think she would be happy.

                        But she wasn't.

                        It was like she looked for the tiniest mistake, like she demanded absolute perfection from me at all times and I was stressed out to the point that I didn't want to eat any more. Which only got me in trouble for "not finishing my plate", which got me a spanking. Any reason was a good reason to give me a spanking. The bruises no longer surprised me when I bathed.

                        As I stood at the door, ready to re-enter the apartment, I took a deep breath. Aubrey was on the couch, watching her show, one of those medical dramas that I hated. I zoned out or played on my phone most of the time when we watched.

                        This was it.

                        I pushed the door open and walked over, pouring a glass of water from the fridge. My hands were shaking. The ice rattled in the cup as I took a drink, my hands were shaking so badly I couldn't drink quietly.

                        The show ended and Aubrey stretched on the couch, reaching for the remote.

                        "I can't do this anymore, Aubrey," I said a little too loudly, trying to find my confidence. Her head whipped around at her name and her eyes narrowed. I straightened my shoulders. "I don't want to wear the diapers any more, and I need this to stop."

                        "You don't get to decide that," she snapped. "I do."

                        "Please listen," I begged. I didn't want to blackmail her, I had no idea what she would do, I had no idea if she'd be my friend when it was done. I had no idea if she'd hit me. "I can't do this any more. You're my friend and I love you, but you're hurting me."

                        "So you're moving out then?" Aubrey stood and crossed her arms, walking toward me slowly. My heart immediately started beating faster. "Because I'm pretty sure you have nowhere else to go, babygirl."

                        "Aubrey, please!" I begged, backing away from the counter. She was standing at the entrance to the kitchen area now, I was cornered. I felt stupid for starting this conversation from the kitchen - the counter was too tall and she was blocking the only exit. I was trapped. "Please, you're my friend! Please stop hurting me!"

                        "You like it," she spat, sneering at me. It was at that moment that I realized Aubrey didn't like me. She hated me. "You beg for it. You misbehave on purpose so I'll spank you, so you can go play with yourself while you think about it."

                        "No," I shook my head. "It's not fun anymore. Diapers aren't fun anymore. I want to stop. I want things to go back to normal."

                        "Normal?" she laughed, a harsh sound, a mean sound. "You've been moping around, longing for your perfect, mean, dominant mommy for years, ever since that bitch dumped you. You finally have it. You should be happy."

                        "I miss my friend!" I blurted, on the verge of tears. "I miss my best friend, the person I would cry to - not the person who makes me cry!"

                        Aubrey's face clouded up, she didn't like that one. She was mad. She strode toward me, fury in her eyes. I raised my hands instinctively.

                        "If you touch me, I'm sending the video of you fucking Benny to his wife!" I screeched, my butt pressed against the cabinets, leaning backward over the counter.

                        "You'll what?" she stopped cold, shocked.

                        "I'll tell Benny's wife that you're fucking him," I repeated, my voice shaky.

                        "You copied those off my phone?" she asked, hurt. My heart broke and I felt beyond guilty, even though I hadn't actually done that. Vanessa said that I wasn't allowed to tell Aubrey where the files had come from, she'd never speak to me again if I did.

                        "I want my friend back," I pleaded.

                        "You're blackmailing me?" she stepped back, bracing herself against the wall. "I've been doing all this stuff for you! I've been the perfect mean mommy for you."

                        "I don't want it anymore. I want my friend back."

                        "I can't believe you," Aubrey turned around, walking away. "I fulfilled your every fantasy, I gave you everything you wanted even though it made me feel like a shitty person, and you're blackmailing me so I'll stop? I've bent over backwards for you, Kailee!"

                        "I'm sorry," I stepped toward her, reaching toward her. I laid my hand gently on her shoulder. I never expected her to react the way she did.

                        Aubrey whipped around and suddenly her hand was on my throat. My eyes widened and both of my hands went to her wrist instinctively. She was squeezing, her fingers digging into my flesh. I felt more frightened in that moment than I had in my entire life.

                        "You are so selfish," she growled. "I did all of this for you."

                        "I'm sorry, please don't kill me," I begged, tears streaming down my face. She let go of me like I was on fire, stepping back and looking deeply hurt.

                        "What?" she asked, stunned. "I would never... I... " She looked down at her hands. Tears were streaming down her face. "I love you."

                        "Then please," I whispered. "Please stop hurting me."

                        I flinched as she moved toward me, but Aubrey, my best friend, pulled me into a tight hug. We cried for a long time. We cried until our legs gave out and we slid to the ground, just hugging and crying.

                        I cried from relief, I cried from fear, I cried from pain, I cried from exhaustion.

                        I cried.
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                          Wow. Simply wow! I love this story! Full disclosure: my gig is almost exclusively explicit deliberate pants-pooping, scat, and some diaper pooping in a strictly adult DL context. I've never enjoyed the AB or DDlg/MDlg dynamic. This story is a stunning exception. You write beautifully, concisely, and poignantly. I love the various relationship dynamics between each couple, and the character development in this story is frankly better than in many bestsellers I've paid money for. Your characters are not only relatable, but feel like living, breathing people to me rather than fetishistic devices, or literary vehicles for your fantasies. The fact that you're able to churn out such high-quality content as quickly as you do speaks volumes to your ability as a writer. I don't know what you do for work, but if it doesn't involve a computer keyboard and your imagination then the world is missing out.


                            Originally posted by PoopyPants82 View Post
                            Wow. Simply wow! I love this story! Full disclosure: my gig is almost exclusively explicit deliberate pants-pooping, scat, and some diaper pooping in a strictly adult DL context. I've never enjoyed the AB or DDlg/MDlg dynamic. This story is a stunning exception. You write beautifully, concisely, and poignantly. I love the various relationship dynamics between each couple, and the character development in this story is frankly better than in many bestsellers I've paid money for. Your characters are not only relatable, but feel like living, breathing people to me rather than fetishistic devices, or literary vehicles for your fantasies. The fact that you're able to churn out such high-quality content as quickly as you do speaks volumes to your ability as a writer. I don't know what you do for work, but if it doesn't involve a computer keyboard and your imagination then the world is missing out.
                            I'm a computer programmer - it definitely involves a keyboard and my imagination but in a very different way. I had literally never written a story before April of last year when I wrote my first novel-length story called "Making the Best of It". It's a Diaper Dimension tale that is pretty different from the usual fare, I've heard over and over: "I don't like Dimension stories but this is really good"... so I'd love it if you gave it a shot.

                            I deeply appreciate the praise. I actually have a novel pitch out to some agents at the moment, it started out as ABDL porn but the plot was just so good that I toned down the ABDL content and turned it into age regression (to an older age) and I'm in love with it. No idea if it'll ever see the light of day, but I've got several vanilla beta readers who have deeply enjoyed the story. So wish me luck?

                            I try to always write a deeper meaning, a deeper lesson, a story that's as much about the reader as it is the characters. The goal of this story is to help people understand both the dominant and submissive sides of a power exchange dynamic, and to a lesser extent show the ways it can go right and wrong. It's been a very interesting journey for me and I thank you very much for going on it with me <3

                            This book (and I feel confident in calling it that now) is 82,000 words that I wrote in about 6 weeks
                            Please, if you like my writing - leave a comment, they really do mean the world to me.

                            Here's a list of my other stories!


                              Loved these chapters!! I am super curious about what's going on in Dani's head. I like that even though you do a section for each charcters experience, you leave Dani open for interpretation. She's the biggest mystery in this story.

                              Also, it caught me by surprise when Audrey and Kailie came to a somewhat resolve. I really expected Audrey to lose it and continue down the path she was on when faced with the blackmail. Your great at keeping me astonished.

                              Thankies for posting!!!


                                Originally posted by LilPeaches View Post
                                Loved these chapters!! I am super curious about what's going on in Dani's head. I like that even though you do a section for each charcters experience, you leave Dani open for interpretation. She's the biggest mystery in this story.

                                Also, it caught me by surprise when Audrey and Kailie came to a somewhat resolve. I really expected Audrey to lose it and continue down the path she was on when faced with the blackmail. Your great at keeping me astonished.

                                Thankies for posting!!!
                                You're 100% correct. Dani's perspective hasn't been shown because the reader is supposed to wonder what she's thinking - we see Dani from several angles: Vanessa's, Seth's, Jess', but we never see Dani's own view of anything. If we did, there would be no mystique and no dramatic tension.

                                I promise that we get to see the world from Dani's perspective before "THE END" appears on the screen.

                                As for Aubrey/Kailee - I try to never be predictable, or never *too* predictable. Sometimes I worry that my overt striving for unpredictability becomes predictable itself. But that's overthinking

                                Thanks for reading <3
                                Please, if you like my writing - leave a comment, they really do mean the world to me.

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