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Breaking the Girl: A Novel

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    I registered for an account just to praise this story. Thank you for sharing it with us! <3<3<3


      Waow !
      I binge read this one, can't stop...
      I should have a look on the non ABDL version and maybe pass it to my wife who liked 50 shades of grey


        I signed up for this forum because I wanted to tell you how much I appreciated it.

        Stories can have all sorts of effect. They can be entertaining, or thrilling, or funny, or a thousand other things.

        But the best of all are stories that make my world larger. These stories are an invitation to broaden my horizon: to become more familiar with something that I’ve kept at a distance, because I found it strange or hard to understand. Maybe I have an ill-founded opinion about it, or even a prejudice. I guess nobody is immune to those.

        Stories like that shush my knee-jerk “that’s not for me”-reflex because I can relate to the people in them, to their feelings and thoughts. When that happens, uneasiness and prejudices don’t stand a chance. It’s an amazing and liberating feeling: reading these stories makes my world bigger. There’s more room to breathe afterwards.

        So, I wanted to thank you for making my world bigger. And I hope you’ll keep writing! It’s a gift to be able to help people connect and to create understanding.
        The world can surely use more of that.

        All the best!