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    I'm happy to be able to confirm that this story will be finished: I completed the first draft earlier today. I'll continue to post it in serial form, for the readers that prefer that approach and so that I have time to review and if needed update the final chapters.

    If you're like me and want to read a whole story in one go, the last chapter should be posted on Sunday, so check back then



      Chapter 7

      "Day three feels very easy," said Miriam, "our babies have already grown accustomed to wearing a diaper, most of them no longer bothered by it. They've worn and used enough for it to start to feel normal for them, no shame in just letting it happen when the need arrives, no benefit in waiting in discomfort."

      Thinking of that day, Julie found herself nodding in agreement. Even waking up wet, remembering briefly rousing from her slumbers to relieve her bladder a few hours before, hadn't been unpleasant. It was just how life had become, all her colleagues waddling through for a change and demonstrating a comparable lack of concern that their diapers had been needed.

      They'd played around in the showers again, any shyness overwhelmed by thick sponges assuring they were all properly washed, before making their way to find what they'd be wearing that day. Julie hadn't been able to avoid some excitement about that.

      "Can't wait to find out today's outfit," she'd declared, "and you all look sooo cute as toddlers."

      Alice had laughed, hearing that comment as they entered the room. "That wont be happening today," she said, enjoying the surprise shown by the girls, "we thought you'd like to try the full baby look."

      The surprise was replaced by apprehension but that soon dissipated as Alice matched the girls into pairs and invited them to choose their own diaper. Julie looked at the selection offered and laughed, poking at one for a closer look. Thin crinkling plastic, a bright primary colour printed on the sides and a band across the front showing a colourful cartoon character smiling happily in its own diaper, a similar design.

      "We have these manufactured for us," revealed Alice, "they're based on a design for 3-9 month old babies, suitable for sitting up and crawling. We have had to make some adjustments to suit the adult form but you'll look and feel very little in them."

      Jane drew the conversation back a few seconds. "We're going to have to crawl?" she asked incredulously, "on these floors that's going to hurt."

      Julie looked down at the polished wooden floor and remembered the soreness she'd suffered from just kneeling on one yesterday.

      Alice reassured them. "We could force that," she said, "a former member of our team designed restraints that stop our babies from standing and walking."

      "We don't like to use those in the first week though," she explained, "so you all get to escape that part of the process." She looked towards Julie and added, "Unless you want to try them?"

      Julie blushed and wondered why she was always the one being offered the additional regressive treatments. "Not for me," she stated firmly, then looked at the woman she'd been paired with, "But I'm sure Sandy would love to try."

      Sandy stepped backwards in surprise and glared at Julie. "Really? You have things to learn girl," she said, her words harsher than her tone, "like who the baby here is."

      She thrust the diaper she was holding at Julie, who instinctively took it from her, both hands blocking the thrust at chest height. Sandy continued her movement and pressed Julie back, making her sit on the table behind her. "Let's get this on you," said Sandy, "it's so your style."

      Julie accepted Sandy's authority, glad to see her showing some self-confidence and not wanting to interrupt it. She lay back, turning her head sideways to find Jane and Ellie grinning at her, and stuck out her tongue. They changed expression, both giving her an immediate look of censure, making Julie laugh. Jane laughed back but Ellie just closed her eyes and shook her head, an adult response to an intentionally naughty child.

      Julie looked away, oddly chastened, then turned her head and looked the other way as she heard someone enter the room. Daphne had brought the wicker basket back in and set it down on the next table.

      "Here, you'll need this," she told Sandy, who had just finished sealing the leg tapes on Julie's diaper. Handing something to Sandy she offered, "I'll help you with Julie."

      Julie sat up and let them pull a soft white top over her arms. As her head poked through its neck she realised it had a t-shirt style collar and sleeves, but in a delicate lace, lacking the scratchiness of cotton. A hand on her shoulder encouraged her to lie back and Sandy asked her to lift her hips, suggesting that this was merely a pretty diaper shirt, fumbling between her legs confirming she was being fastened in.

      Daphne had reached back into the basket and pulled out another piece of clothing, wide straps dangling in a colourful print. This was pulled up Julie's legs then, her hips high again, up over her diaper. Even before she could lower her bottom to the table she heard Sandy laugh.

      Julie sat up and looked down. The colourful pattern was pretty, white unicorns prancing on a pink backdrop, but it looked like a diaper shirt in design, small ruffles around her legs and buttons instead of snappers not explaining Sandy's amusement. Sandy saw her confusion and shook her head, declining to explain. Instead she pulled the bib part of the garment up Julie's front, its square shape leaving her diaper shirt visible at the sides, straps on the top corners soon tied in a neat bow behind her neck.

      It was as she stood and instinctively ran her hands down her hips to smooth her new outfit that Julie discovered why Sandy had been so amused. She reached behind and felt the cloth covering her, validating her initial assumption: there were ruffles across her bottom!

      The other two hadn't noticed, instead giggling at Jane's yellow and green romper, the same design.

      "Even if you're not crawling yet," said Alice, "these little romper dresses give your legs plenty of freedom." She looked at Jane and Julie, leaned her head to one side and added, "and you're such darling little babies in them."

      Julie found herself feeling cross at that characterisation, even if its description of how she looked was accurate, and decided to play the adult instead. "Sandy," she said, intentionally lowering the tone of the second syllable, making the name a command, "On this table." She patted the surface, indicating where she wanted the still naked girl.

      A minute later Sandy was also in a diaper, Julie finishing the bow that held her romper on her, its colour a faded pink, the unicorn pattern in a rich purple. "I love that fabric," Julie said, "I could wear that normally!"

      Sandy jumped down from the table, turned and placed her hands on it, bending at the waist and looked coyly over her shoulder at the others. "I'm sorry," she said, "But I just have to do this." She started gyrating her bottom, the ruffles never getting to settle as her diaper juddered beneath, moderating but not eliminating the remarkable jiggle she was managing.

      Three young woman burst into laughter and looked at each other, shrugged, and ran over to where Sandy stood. They lined up alongside her, leaning against the table and suddenly four bottoms were shaking in the air, ruffles flying, breathless giggles as the girls threw their energy into the moment.

      Daphne looked shocked and glanced at Alice, who shook her head and stood there smiling, letting her charges enjoy an interlude of levity. She knew it would boost their mood and morale, the endorphin rush easily supplemented by breakfast and preparing the group for a long day of training. All that aside, she was looking forward to telling Miriam she'd missed seeing the four girls twerking, knowing the austere woman would be disappointed by the adult behaviour but distraught that she hadn't witnessed it.

      That day had begun in earnest straight after breakfast, the girls being shown straight into the lecture room and briefed on their agenda for the day. Supply chains, purchase or manufacture, key supplier relationships, margins and cost control. The material was well presented, Alice demonstrating her broad experience with support from Daphne, occasional comments or anecdotes to help the trainees relate to the things they learned.

      Training had been interrupted mid morning when an unmistakeable odour permeated through the room. Alice smiled kindly at Ellie and asked, "You need a change hon?"

      Ellie nodded, then noticed the shocked looks from her three new friends. She frowned, gestured at the padding around her hips then eloquently shrugged, palms upwards.

      "Yeah, fair point," said Jane with a chuckle, "Can't promise I wont be joining you before lunch."

      "Daphne, Miriam's told me you're on dirty diaper duty today," said Alice, "could you..?"

      Daphne didn't reply, but beckoned Ellie and they left the room together, Ellie returning a short time later looking happier, her romper hanging loosely on her hips.

      An hour later Julie had found out why. She'd already wet her diaper, knowing it was unavoidable and letting it happen as she listened to Alice speak, giving her focus to the class and not her dampening diaper. This time though she'd felt a different need for relief and taking heart from Ellie's nonchalance and subsequent quick change, had forced herself to relax, allow her body's natural functions as she leaned back in her chair, bottom slightly raised.

      It hadn't felt any better than the day before; if anything worse, the lack of active effort to expel drawing the process out, making her more conscious of the sensitive nerves being roused and stimulated as soft solids passed them. Frightened by the resultant intensity of feeling she tensed then squeezed her muscles, eager to finish, then relaxed down into her seat, grimacing as her diaper squashed up around her.

      She scanned the room in mild embarrassment and saw Daphne standing up, looking towards her. Daphne didn't speak or interrupt Alice, just used a gentle motion with her hand to suggest Julie join her in leaving the room.

      The walk to the changing room wasn't pleasant, an enforced waddle from the diaper not heavy enough to hang loose, instead rubbing against Julie as she walked. Daphne saw her expression and showed sympathy, but said nothing until Julie was pulling herself onto the table.

      "Lie back," Daphne instructed, "and if you're good I have a little treat for you."

      Julie wasn't sure that a treat would be a good thing, but was glad to be getting out of her messy diaper. She felt Daphne's cold hands at the buttons between her legs, undoing her romper, and spread her knees further apart to make it easier.

      "I'm finding it very difficult," she admitted, feeling less inhibited about sharing her feelings with just the two of them in the room. "This isn't what I expected. I'm trying to fit in, but.." She paused, drew her elbows back and levered her shoulders off the table, looking at Daphne.

      "This is just so weird. Everybody's nice and everyone's treating it as something that's so normal and it's really interesting learning about the company and I've had some fun but it's weird."

      Daphne continued with the undressing and cleaning as she listened, giving Julie the chance to vent. Sensing Julie needed a response she gave a reassuring smile and agreed, "It is weird, don't feel bad about thinking that."

      "I've been here for three years now," she revealed, "and I still find it strange at times. Like this, helping someone your age get clean and comfortable."

      As Julie blushed Daphne continued, "But you're doing very well. I think all of you are, and it's interesting for us to see how you all respond, what you bring to the group."

      "I don't think I've been able to do anything yet," admitted Julie, "I couldn't even change Jane's diaper yesterday."

      Daphne laughed as she finished wiping Julie clean. "Don't let that worry you," she said, "some people never get around to changing a dirty diaper. But you do contribute," she assured, "you help everybody have fun."

      "In circumstances like this," Daphne indicated with a sweep of her arm the changing room, its tables and shelves of diapers, "your sense of humour is very valuable to us."

      "Now," said Daphne, "your treat." She started to fasten the poppers of Julie's diaper shirt, explaining, "You have been cooperative and well mannered and you're paying attention to the training, so you get a couple of hours out of diapers."

      Julie's eyes widened. "Oh!" she exclaimed, "That's awesome!" She paused then asked, "You're doing up the shirt? I don't get underwear?"

      Daphne shook her head, by now doing up the buttons on the romper. "The shirt is clean and soft enough, and it's only for a couple of hours." She tickled Julie, a brief tease to soften her next statement, "We don't want you feel too adult, after all."

      Julie rolled her eyes. "True," she said, deadpan, "I'd hate to feel like a grown woman in a romper and pink ruffles. But.. what if I need to use the loo?"

      Daphne gave her a measured look before replying. "Let's hope you can hold it," she said, "We'll have you back in a diaper before long."


      By lunch that day all of the girls had been for a change, and as they walked through to the dining room it was obvious they'd all been been given the same treat, rompers hanging loose at the hips and bottom, all of them walking normally.

      They'd found Miriam waiting for them there, and included her in their quiet chatter, the meal more of a break from training than a feast. After they'd eaten she'd given them another twenty minutes to relax then called for their attention.

      "I see that Daphne's been nice to you all," she said, "that tells me that everybody's engaging well in the process. Congratulations, and thank you."

      "We do find it helps to give our babies some time out of diapers," she told them, "it helps the skin recover, breathe a little. I'm afraid though that you've had your break, and it's time to give each other some protection again." Miriam left a silent gap to give the group time to understand the protection they'd be getting. "So if you can all follow Daphne, and I'll see you all at dinner."

      The girls shrugged, none of them having expected to be out of diapers for long, and went with Daphne to the changing room, soon emerging ready for the afternoon's training, their rompers bulging once more.



        Chapter 8

        The early afternoon had gone quickly, a lecture style transfer of information, too much detail for the new employees to absorb. Alice assured them that was intentional, that they were being introduced to concepts and terminology, so that they'd be better able to engage with the individual topics on future days. They stopped for a break, the girls no longer afraid of the drinks trolley, knowing that using their diapers would happen whether they enjoyed a coffee or not.

        Sandy had somehow found orange juice again, the others choosing hot drinks, Alice asking, "Shall I play mother," and pouring the tea for Daphne and Jane. Julie held her mug of coffee in both hands, letting it warm her fingers, watched the others from a distance while they mingled and chatted.

        She saw Sandy stiffen, bend her knees slightly and glaze over, guessed what was going on and looked away, not wanting to watch, not wanting to be seen watching. She looked back when she heard an exclamation, Sandy proving again she couldn't avoid turning surprise into an audible "Oh!"

        Sandy was stood upright again, now prodding at her romper, a look of distaste on her face. "I don't think I can sit down," she said, "I think I would leak."

        Alice motioned to Julie, who was stood nearest to Sandy. "Could you check please Julie," she asked, "and if Sandy's right then go and get her changed."

        Julie walked across to Sandy, stood facing her and smiled in mild embarrassment, an expression mirrored by the pretty face looking back at her. Avoiding eye contact but looking straight at Sandy, focussing on the nose of the slightly taller woman, Julie reached down and pushed her arms out to the side, a physical discouragement from interference.

        Julie reached down, felt a smooth leg, ran her hand around and up it, brought her second hand in too, palms now against the insides of Sandy's thighs. She pushed gently, a demand for greater access, and Sandy obliged, a gentle flush reaching her face. Julie could feel herself blushing slightly also, the moment strangely intimate even before she gently pulled at the elasticated leg of the romper and the diaper shirt beneath it. Using her other hand she wriggled her fingers underneath, found the diaper, reached into it, her fingers immediately sensing the wetness. Now she blushed outright, Sandy going even redder, finally looking down and away.

        "Come on," she said, stepping back a little and taking Sandy's hand, "Let's get that sorted."

        She turned, found that they'd had an audience, everybody in the room watching. Alice and Daphne had understanding smiles, Ellie had obviously enjoyed the spectacle and for some reason Jane was frowning, a curious expression on her face. Julie opted not to say anything, instead stepping firmly towards the door, pulling Sandy behind.

        "Meet us in the lounge when you're done," said Alice, "We're heading through in a moment."

        "I'm only wet," promised Sandy as they reached the changing room, then stopped and looked in surprise at Julie. "Oh! This is so wrong," she said, "'only wet', as though that's normal."

        Julie grinned at her. "I know, I was telling Daphne earlier how weird this is," she admitted.

        "What did she say?" asked Sandy, immediately curious.

        The girls chatted as Julie removed Sandy's sodden diaper, wiped her down and fitted a new clean one. Sandy seemed reassured that she wasn't alone in finding the whole situation strange, and that Julie was finding it difficult. Julie finished buttoning Sandy's romper and said something that further helped put Sandy at ease.

        "Since we're already in here," suggested Julie, "Perhaps you could give me a quick change too?"

        Sandy soon found that Julie could have easily survived without a change, but it did make sense to take advantage of the opportunity and she did enjoy babying her new friend.

        They walked quietly back to find the others, entering the lounge to the sight of Ellie and Jane sat opposite each other, Alice off to one side, Daphne apparently absent. Two other other chairs had been set a few feet apart, also facing, and Julie guessed she and Sandy should sit on those.

        "Welcome back," said Alice as the two girls sat down, "It's been a busy couple of days for you all so we have something different for you."

        "You'll recall that just before dinner on the first day young Sandy here needed some support, nearly failed induction."

        Sandy glared at Alice, but said nothing. Alice continued, "With our babies but also in your business career there are times a good intimidating glare will get you better results than words or actions."

        "There are two types. The first is what we call The Look." Alice stopped for effect, looking at her small audience, curious faces interested in the lesson.

        "The Look is natural to most women, and works primarily on men - of any age. I suspect you've all already used it many times. The Look doesn't require anything from the person giving it; the entire effect on a miscreant comes from their realisation that their actions haven't gone unnoticed, the reminder that it's not the expected behaviour, and that consequences can easily follow. Those consequences could be legal, managerial, financial or emotional; The Look works across all of those domains, uses their own sense of guilt and shame to correct behaviour without the need for words or further actions."

        They discussed the technique as a group, each girl invited to remember an occasion on which she'd used it and, harder to admit, an occasion on which it had been used on them. Alice offered some suggestions, how to make it more effective, when it was best employed and cautioned against overuse.

        Alice then introduced a further concept. "The Look only works when there's an implied authority," she explained, "Sometimes you need to impose your own authority on someone, use your force of will on them. This is much harder to master as it's a raw interpersonal dominance play, setting two minds against each other and establishing a strict hierarchy between you."

        She elaborated on the core concept, offered examples of how it could be used then covered basic techniques, ways of exerting control through non-verbal and non-violent means. The girls found it interesting, asking questions, teasingly testing what they'd learned on each other.

        Alice soon gave them free rein to do just that. "You're sat facing each other so that you can practice Force of Will," she told them, "I'll be here if you have questions, but look at your partner opposite, see if you can impose your will on them."

        Julie and Sandy looked at each other, caught each others' eyes and immediately started giggling.

        "Interesting approach," commented Alice, "but I'm not sure it'll be effective." The giggles subsided and the girls looked at each other again, intense staring, trying not to blink.

        Julie found it hard, not least because she was unsure what she was trying to achieve. She decided to start by making Sandy look away, see if she could at least force the other girl to break eye contact. Initially she got nowhere, both of them stopping with a smile every couple of minutes, the technique proving hard to learn.

        By the time dinner arrived Julie was feeling more confident. She could now stare down Sandy, a small but tangible advance, and a good baseline for further practice. She walked through to the dining room with the others, finding Miriam already there, stood at the near end of the table waiting for them.

        "I hear you've been practicing your Force of Will," said Miriam, "it's a tremendously useful skill for you to learn. I think we should test your progress."

        She smiled nastily, and gestured to the chair beside her. It was the same as the one at the head of the table, high arms, a built-in table on a hinge, straps hanging from the sides. "Force of Will is meaningless without consequences," said Miriam, "so you can pair up and seek to force your partner to accept being sat one of these seats, and restrained for the evening."

        The girls looked surprised but shrugged and accepted the challenge. Ellie walked briskly to the chair at the far end of the table and Sandy started to follow. Jane reached out, caught Sandy's arm and shook her head. "No, stay here with me," she suggested, Sandy's obeisance revealing before they'd even begun who would win that battle of wills.

        Julie sighed on Sandy's behalf and went to stand with Ellie. Although they'd known each other just a couple of days, already Julie considered Ellie a friend and didn't want to hurt her. Nonetheless she steeled herself, determined to win this contest. Julie made a mental commitment to be kind to Ellie after she won, show her the same care and support she'd already received so many times.

        As they turned to face each other Julie leaned forward a little and stared into Ellie's eyes. She focussed on projecting herself, demanding acquiescence, but immediately found herself recoiling, intimidated by the strength of Ellie's gaze. She renewed her focus, trying not to blink, not daring to look away. Ellie waited a moment, tilted her head just slightly and took a small step towards Julie. Without realising it Julie gave way, conceding the physical contest, stepping backwards in retreat.

        Ellie allowed a half smile onto her face, a confirmation that she was in control. Julie stumbled against the chair, knees buckling, her padded bottom landing squarely on the seat and she found herself looking up at Ellie, unable to break the gaze, knowing she had already lost. Ellie reached down and without looking away fastened Julie's wrists to the leather restraints they'd seen at the sides, then brought up a restraining strap between her legs, threaded a belt through and pulled it taut, holding Julie's waist to the back of the chair. Julie tensed her arms, testing her muscles against the bands on her wrists, found them unyielding, holding her in place.

        "My word," said Alice, breaking the mesmerising spell Ellie had somehow cast on Julie, "remind me not to go head to head with you Ellie. That was quite stunning!"

        Miriam nodded thoughtfully in agreement. "I think it's clear who the baby is in that pairing," she said, almost to herself, "no question at all."

        The truth of the statement compounded Julie's humiliation and, already distressed by the ease with which Ellie had dominated her, she found herself overcome with emotion. As she started to cry Ellie immediately leaned over her, drew Julie's head to her chest and gave a tight hug, holding Julie close. Her arms held by the restraints, Julie was unable to return the hug and could only sit there, feeling helpless as the tears flowed, not seeing Ellie exchange a motherly look of concern with Alice.

        It seemed much longer but only took a few seconds, gentle caresses on her head and back, before Julie regained her composure and pulled back a little, looking up to see a compassionate face smiling down at her. Ellie tousled her hair, turned and pulled up a normal chair alongside, ready for dinner.

        Through dinner Julie had found herself wondering why the winner ended up with all of the work, Ellie having to cut all her food into bite sized pieces, lift it on a fork or spoon to her mouth, wait for her to accept it and prepare the next mouthful. It must have reduced Ellie's enjoyment of her own meal, unable to feed them both while the food was warm. Ellie hadn't mentioned needing to finish her own meal after it went cold, hadn't even hurried Julie, her patience and obvious care welcome after the earlier trauma.

        It was only after dinner, the restraints still in place, Ellie and Jane enjoying the freedom to move around, stand up, play cards with Miriam and Alice, that Julie realised what she'd lost. She could only sit there, now fastened into a recliner, watching the more adult activity around her, suckling on the bottle of warm milk Ellie had chosen for her instead of the offered wine.

        Julie knew she could easily escape, her hands had been left free and the straps holding her down could be easily undone. She also knew that would be a terrible thing to do, a betrayal of Ellie but also of her own integrity. Instead she turned to Sandy, similarly bound, and asked how she was doing.

        "I'm bored," Sandy complained, "I need to get up. I want to move." She called out louder, across the room, "I want to move! We've had long enough, haven't we?"

        Miriam looked annoyed and spoke sharply, "Jane! Can you please keep your child quiet."

        Jane stifled a smile, and asked in response, "Of course, do you have a pacifier I could borrow?"

        Alice did smile at this and briefly left the room, returning with something in her hands. She handed it to Jane who examined it, laughed quietly to herself and walked to where Sandy sat. Sandy struggled against her restraints, now trying to escape, frightened into silence even before Jane reached down and pressed a large rubber nipple against her lips.

        Sandy resisted, unwilling to accept her new gift, until Jane placed a hand on her cheek and gently turned her face upwards so their eyes could meet. "Open your mouth," she instructed, and, having lost the battle of wills before, Sandy found herself obeying, blushing as her mouth was filled.

        Julie barely registered Jane squeezing the front of the pacifier, inflating the nipple inside Sandy's mouth, making it impossible to remove, quenching any sound louder than the squeaks of surprise Sandy now made. Instead she realised that she too had forever ceded control to another, looked across at Ellie in consternation and received scant comfort from the quiet answering nod, subtle and understated, affirming their new relationship.

        Hiding her inner turmoil Julie looked back to Sandy, seeing her cheeks slightly distended as she looked up at Jane, tears starting to form.

        "I'm sorry," said Jane, looking down at her captive charge, "but you'll be OK." She used her thumbs to wipe below Sandy's eyes, smearing moisture across her cheeks. "Unfortunately," she continued, "since you just tried to unfasten these straps we'd better help you stay safe."

        Before Sandy could react Jane knelt beside her, took one of her hands and attached a padded cuff to the wrist, holding it to the side of the chair. Sandy sagged further into the chair, offering no resistance as her other arm was similarly secured. Jane stayed kneeling there and spoke with her, subdued tones offering verbal comfort alongside the harsh physical confinement.

        Miriam nodded in approval and Alice leaned towards Ellie with a quiet suggestion. Ellie smiled and indicated agreement, got up from her seat and walked towards Julie.

        Trying hard to hide her sudden fear Julie shook her head quickly at Ellie, a barely perceptible movement conveying strong emotion. Ellie's brow wrinkled as her expression asked whether Julie was challenging her, and Julie immediately looked down, heat entering her cheeks as they turned red from the humiliating submission. She felt Ellie's hand on her wrist and looked up, saw a new amused question in her eyes but didn't dare say anything in response. Instead she forced herself to relax, accept what Ellie would do to her.

        Ellie looked back at Miriam and Alice, sharing her amusement with them. Miriam's smile was outdone by Alice's broad grin, but Julie missed this, having dropped her eyes again, knowing she no longer controlled her fate. Ellie lifted the wrist she held then with her other hand took the now empty bottle Julie hadn't realised she was still holding. She looked up at Ellie who finally dispensed with the subtlety and gave her an expansive smile, then bent, taking Julie's head between her hands, and touched her lips to Julie's forehead, a mother's kiss, reassurance and love.

        Julie looked up in wonder, emotionally confused, no chance of understanding what was happening. She watched Ellie refill the bottle, bring it back and put it gently to her lips, and allowed the nipple to enter, let Ellie feed her. Ellie waited patiently, seemed to sense when Julie's emotions were back under control and brought one of Julie's hands up so that she could hold the bottle herself.

        Seeing that Julie was now feeding herself Ellie stood up, tousled Julie's hair again and walked back to Alice, who with Jane was watching in rapt fascination. Julie watched her go, glad she could still move her arms but deeply confused, her gratitude for the tenderness of her treatment clashing with an inner disgust that she'd allowed it to happen.

        "Bravo," said Miriam softly, "Bravo."
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          You don't seem to be getting a lot of comments, which I know from experience can be frustrating, but I do want you to know that we're out her enjoying the story. It's a quite interesting and unusual variation on a couple of different tropes and manages to break some new ground along the way. This chapter, for example: watching Ellie dominate Julie, so gently, so motherly, and watching Julie's responses, I was surprised that it all made such emotional sense. At first I thought: well, who would allow herself to be put into that chair if she didn't need to be, but the way you described it rang true, and Julie is now one step closer to being one of the babies when the week is up. What's truly great, though, is that this could yet end up in so many different ways. The fact that I expect at least Julie and Sandy to end up babied doesn't mean I'm right; you could have something totally different in mind. It's a sign of good writing: whether you want us to know or are misleading us, you are doing a wonderful job of leading the reader in the direction you want them to go. Keep it up!


            Very interesting, the four seem to be getting the idea of being babies so that they can help incoming people transition smoothly. I eagerly anticipate your next chapter.
            True friendship is found within the faces of those who truly care.


              Originally posted by kerry View Post
              it all made such emotional sense
              Happy dance

              Thank you. And it's fine, I know people read without responding; I've had fun writing and now reading the story myself, so it's pure bonus that others are enjoying it too.


                I really love this story, i hope there is a twist that send ellie and jane into diapers.


                  Chapter 9

                  "Day Four," reiterated Miriam, "is when things get real. This is the day that mental fortitude is needed. The babies experience internal conflict, they're bored of being treated as babies and experience a sense of rejection, a desire to return to their adult lives."

                  "We don't worry about that," she said, "they're still committed to the process, force themselves through their own uncertainty. We just need to support them in this, give them subtle encouragement."

                  Julie thought back to how that day had started. She had slept well, albeit with what was becoming a customary break in the early hours, the evening's drinks forcing her awake as her body demanded relief. Helping change the others had assured her that this was something they had all endured, Jane and Ellie no drier than she was, a lovely confirmation of Miriam's reassurance just before they'd changed for the night.

                  Alice and Daphne had taken the other two through to the changing room, the excuse a poor joke that Julie and Sandy wouldn't be able to help get them ready for bed, as they were a little tied up right now. After they'd left Miriam had walked over to Sandy and freed her hands, telling her, "See if you can remove that pacifier," before glancing across to Julie and adding, "You can both stand when you're ready too."

                  As both girls released themselves Miriam had continued speaking. "Alice will be telling the girls that they did well tonight, but that you're still their colleagues, and we expect them to treat you with respect," she informed them, "You've both done well too. I know this has been a very difficult evening for you but you've participated in good spirit and it's helped the whole group gain some valuable experience that I can assure you will be needed in the weeks ahead.

                  "Take a moment to stretch your legs and then I'll take you through and we'll get you ready for bed. The other two will already be in their cribs; we want to remind them they're not adults yet."

                  True to her word, the next time Sandy and Julie saw their colleagues they were already closed in their cribs, locked in the same footed sleepers as the previous nights, no pretence of control possible.

                  That message of equality was repeated the next morning. They were being dressed for the day, thick grey cable knit tights covering their diapers, a short corduroy skirt and a knitted cardigan, fuzzy wool in a bright colour, each girl's different, covering the inevitable diaper shirt.

                  As they stood and admired each other Alice spoke to them all, "Remember, last night was a one-off. You're all back on even terms now, and don't expect us to play favourites."

                  Julie welcomed the repeated message, reassured by it, but then caught Ellie looking at her, a quick smile making it clear that where the two of them were concerned any equality was at best tenuous. She quickly looked away, unwilling to find out for sure.

                  After breakfast they'd expected more lectures so it was a surprise when Alice had handed them over to Daphne. She'd taken them to a new part of the house, stone floors and dirty windows, and invited them to try on Wellington boots. Julie found a pair that almost matched her jumper, a royal blue in rubber reaching almost to her knees.

                  "You've been stuck indoors for days," explained Daphne, "so this morning you get a break from the training. This estate has some lovely grounds so we'll all go out for a walk, and if you promise to behave we wont make you wear reins."

                  "Reins?" asked Julie in confusion. Ellie turned to face her wearing a wide wicked grin as she held up some straps that Julie realised were part of a chest harness, something you'd use to control an unruly toddler and stop it wandering off. Julie went pale, worried she'd be put in the device, unsure she could resist if Ellie insisted.

                  "No Ellie," said Daphne, "I think Julie's going to behave for us today."

                  Julie nodded in agreement and promised, "Yes. Please, don't make me wear that." Ellie cocked an eye at her, causing Julie to change tone and beg directly to her, "Please?"

                  With a gentle smile Ellie turned and put down the strapping, then perked her head up and moved into a side room Julie hadn't explored. She returned pushing an oversized stroller, clearly able to seat an adult but following a classic stroller design, restraining bar, five point harness and a hood. She tilted her head and looked at Julie quizzically, an invitation Julie didn't want to accept.

                  Daphne laughed but also chastised Ellie. "Stop teasing the poor girl," she said, "or maybe we should put you in there?"

                  Ellie sniffed contemptuously at the idea, making sure not to look at Daphne as she did so, avoiding the personal challenge. She wheeled the chair back into the side room and rejoined the group looking unashamed with her antics, finding Julie arm in arm with Sandy as they left the house through a large door.

                  They crunched their way down a gravel path, wellies unnecessary in the warm autumn day, the ground dry and weak sunlight filtering through the canopies of trees lining their way. Julie hadn't seen much of the grounds as she'd arrived, the main drive passing through short cut pastures, the odd tree sheltering sheep and cattle as they grazed, uncaring of the passing taxi that had dropped her at the door. Now they were at the rear of the house and she found herself enchanted by the extensive gardens, their formal design supported with obvious care, neat borders and pruned hedges interspersed with stone statues and small decorative ponds.

                  "Oh, this is lovely," said Jane, "come here Ellie, look at these flowers." They left the main group, admiring a crocus bed, large dahlias flowering behind, a symphony of colour. Alice had joined them and stood speaking with Daphne, watching the two girls, content to let them wander.

                  This left Julie and Sandy in relative peace, and Sandy took the opportunity to share some misgivings. "Oh Julie," she said, "I'm worried."

                  Julie looked at her in concern, took a hand and walked through the garden with her. "Are you OK?" she asked, cursing the stupidity of the question even as she spoke. Sandy didn't seem to notice.

                  "I don't think this is right," said Sandy, "I mean, the whole process."

                  Julie tried to reassure her, as she had the day before. "We had this chat yesterday," she reminded Sandy, "I agree, it's really weird. But it's only for a week."

                  "No," said Sandy, "That's what I mean. I don't think it's going to end. Last night, they.. I.." She stopped walking, turned and faced Julie and took her other hand. "I don't think we'll be allowed to become adults again," she said fearfully.

                  Julie laughed, caught herself, forced an expression of sympathy and understanding. "Sorry, I shouldn't laugh," she said, "it's just that.." She thought quickly, admitting to herself that at times the previous night she'd been a bit unsure herself. This wasn't the time to share that with Sandy. "We're back on an equal footing with the other two," she said, "Miriam told us last night and Alice said it again this morning."

                  Sandy nodded, but still looked unconvinced. "But.. they turn adults into babies," she said, "and we're making it easy for them."

                  "This wont help," said Julie, intending it to help, "but you're being paranoid." She offered some evidence, "They can't just kidnap us, turn us into babies, sell us to some rich foreigner. People would notice, your family would miss you."

                  "I haven't got a family," said Sandy, "but I guess they don't know that."

                  Julie was shocked, and pulled Sandy close, giving her a hug, "Oh Sandy, I'm sorry." she said, "but you do have friends."

                  She decided to concentrate on Sandy's immediate concern. "Daphne's quite new, she must have been through this process." Julie had forgotten to ask when she had the chance but made a mental note to follow up with her.

                  "Anyway," she continued, "they wouldn't tell babies so much about the business. Think about all the things they've shared with us, none of that makes sense unless we're going to work with them. This is just a week long induction, and we'll have to go to work in a boring business suit next week."

                  Sandy drew clear of the embrace and looked at her friend. "You're right," she said, "I'm just being silly." She brightened up a bit, letting Julie's reassurance clear her concerns, wanting to believe what she'd just heard.

                  "Anyway," she said, then in her more normal loud happy voice, "It's such a gorgeous day!" She skipped away from Julie, leaving the formal garden and heading up a grass slope behind.

                  Julie laughed, saw the others also chuckling at the now happy girl. In a way, she thought, it was almost a shame. Sandy did seem to be very good at being a toddler. As a group they left the garden, following the merrily skipping girl.

                  As she reached the crest of the hillock Sandy turned, her face filled with delight, the sun behind her lighting her red hair aflame. She opened her mouth to tell them something but was interrupted by a surprised Jane, "Oh! You look beautiful!"

                  Sandy's words didn't reach her lips but her mouth stayed wide as a deep blush on her cheeks tried to match the glow of her hair. She recovered and deflected the praise, "Oh. No," she said sadly, "I have freckles." She brightened a little, "But thank you. And come and look!"

                  Ellie and Julie shared a quick look. Sandy must be a late bloomer, entirely unaware how she could now outshine other women, command the attention of every man in the room with just a simple smile. Clearly they'd have to take her out after the induction was over, find some male company with which to demonstrate this. For the moment Ellie and Julie walked up to join Sandy and saw the source of her excitement.

                  In front of them stretched a reed lined pond, fed by a stream at one end, overflowing a small dam at the other. Geese and ducks were already swimming over to greet them, a cacophony of excited honks and quacks, expectations apparent.

                  "Oh, if only we had some bread," said Julie then turned at a tap on her shoulder. Alice stood there, her big smile at Julie's words explained as she invited Julie to look into the bag she held.

                  "We do have bread!" exclaimed Julie, taking two slices from the bag and, breaking them into small pieces, throwing them to the eager birds.

                  All six women stood there for a while, happily feeding the birds, an ageless activity they could all enjoy.

                  Half an hour later they had found a stone gazebo, the main house looking small in the distance and, on the other side, a view over a valley, green grass and yellow trees, a muddy river by a grey road winding into the distance. Alice and Daphne made excuses, left the girls there. "We'll trust you not to wander and get lost," said Alice, "and please come back in time for lunch."

                  The other three had sat on the grass, enjoying the warm sunshine but Julie sat on a bench in the small structure, a chance to think through things. She was glad she'd been able to reassure Sandy, but also looked forward to the induction week reaching its end. It wasn't even whether she was enjoying it, Julie just knew she didn't want to use her diaper, was already starting to feel uncomfortable but holding back, keen to avoid walking back to the house needing a change.

                  Despite that she felt strangely embarrassed by her reluctance, worried that she wasn't conforming to the spirit of the induction, embracing the chance to learn how the adults her new employer turned into babies really felt. It didn't occur to Julie to discuss this with the others, find out that they had similar feelings of guilt and uncertainty. Instead it was only hearing Miriam's words the next day that finally helped her realise that she'd been experiencing precisely the feelings and fears that the company's babies would.

                  However, at the time her mind had turned to other matters. Julie recalled how Ellie made her feel, the loving care, decided she needed to learn from that, understand how to give the babies she looked after that same comfort. She allowed herself the luxury of thinking about that, what she could change, what she should look out for; even if she couldn't match Ellie's instinctive response she could look to mimic it, still play that motherly role.

                  Eventually Julie joined the others, idle chatter and lazily bathing in the warmth of the sun. With no way to tell the time Julie wasn't sure how long they'd been sat there but after a while it seemed time to head back and get some lunch. "Can we head back?" she asked, "it's lunchtime."

                  Ellie and Jane shared an amused glance, confusing Julie. "Yes, we can," said Jane, "Come on Sandy, lets go and get you fed."

                  Sandy said nothing in reply to that, but as she shot daggers at Jane she nonetheless stood and brushed leaves off her clothes, ready for the walk back to the main house.

                  That walk took only a few minutes, a more direct route than their meander to the viewpoint, and they arrived back early for lunch, Alice thanking them for not being late. She gave all four girls a quick diaper check, found they were all dry and clean, and frowned at them without comment. Julie found herself blushing in response, then blushing deeper, embarrassed at being ashamed for not wetting herself.

                  After eating they were met by Miriam, who gave them a stern warning. "You did so well yesterday," she said, "but you're holding back today."

                  "We have a treatment that assures incontinence in our babies, avoids this problem," she told them, "be glad we don't want incontinent staff members."

                  Miriam then looked at Julie, who shrank back a little at the attention. "Julie. You're clenching," she said, brow furrowed, her expression that of a teacher sharing an uncomfortable truth. Demeaning as Julie found that, she couldn't deny that Miriam was right. She hadn't even realised her body was enforcing the years of toilet training, straining to avoid what just three days before had been unthinkable.

                  Miriam looked around the room and spoke again, "I'm going to take you all to the dormitory, you can enjoy a nice post-lunch nap and when we come to collect you I expect to need to change four diapers."

                  The modesty screens were back up in the dormitory, a visible reminder of their last daytime sojourn there and, in turn, what they had done at that time. This time though Miriam did ask the girls to climb into their cribs and closed the sides after them.

                  "All snug," she said, "Now I'll close the curtains so that you can have a snooze. But before you do, I suggest let your bodies relax and allow nature to take its course."

                  Julie heard the curtains being drawn, the room not going completely dark but losing its glare. As she heard Miriam walk away, another fading clack of heels on wood, she decided she'd better following Miriam's advice and stop trying to deny her body.

                  Arching her back Julie found her muscles contracting in an unhelpful way, the stress position preventing her relaxing. She sighed, rolled onto her side, found the stuffed sheep toy she'd been sleeping with and looked at it. "How do I do this?" she asked it quietly, then found her answer, her body welcoming the relaxed position she'd unconsciously adopted.

                  As with the day before, Julie found herself pushing hard to finish, unable to bear her body's slow gentle release, hating the feel of her diaper pushing back. Her bladder also responded to her muscles' demands, adding to the heat beneath her tights and making her fear another leak. She rolled quickly onto her back and felt the warmth spread higher up her bottom, wondered if she'd flood the diaper so much it would leak at the waist.

                  Not that she could do much about it, she reflected. Even if she managed to undo the clasp, lower the side of the crib, stand up, it would be too late, her body enjoying the chance to achieve comfort at least on the inside. Instead Julie lay there, shaking her head slightly, found her eyes closing as she relaxed, her mind calming in response to the physical repose.


                    It seems Ellie and Jane are up to something...
                    Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn



                      Chapter 10

                      A loud rattle as the side of her crib was lowered woke Julie with a start. She looked up in surprise to see Daphne smiling at her, squeezed her eyes tightly closed to try and clear them and looked again as Daphne spoke, "Nap time is over baby girl, time to get up."

                      Julie glared in response but said nothing until she sat up and swung her legs out of the crib. "Ewwww!" she exclaimed, "That's awful!"

                      She'd forgotten the state of her diaper, waking for the first time in one fully used, not expecting the icky feeling as she moved within it. Sighing quietly she forced herself to stand and walked slowly after Daphne, finding herself again adopting the wide gait that revealed too obviously the state of her diaper.

                      "Hello sleepy head," said Alice, greeting Julie as she came into view from behind the screen, her modesty no longer protected.

                      The other three were stood waiting, Julie glad to find none of them with their knees together, suggesting she wasn't alone in needing a change. "Who's first for a change?" asked Alice, confirming that at least one other would be joining her.

                      Before anybody else could answer Jane looked over at Julie, smiled warmly and suggested, "I'll get this little fusspot changed first. She's clearly not happy in that messy diaper."

                      Julie sighed internally, not happy to be described as a fusspot. However after the previous evening she didn't feel ready to really cause a fuss so opted to deflect the slur with humour. "If being a fusspot gets me a quicker change I might need to complain a little more," she declared.

                      Before Alice or Jane could reply Sandy responded. "Yeah, right," she said, a sad note of bitterness in her voice, "That's working so well for me."

                      Julie threw a look of sympathy at Sandy, but didn't want to lose the chance to escape the sticky foulness being held tight against her. Movement caught her eye and she turned, saw Ellie giving a quick shake of her head, an unspoken suggestion to Sandy that going further might not be wise.

                      Julie nearly laughed at that, glad that it wasn't her being rebuked by Ellie, confirmation that she wasn't the only person considered in need of support and guidance. With a sad glance at the miserable girl Julie tamely followed Jane through to the changing room and hopped up onto one of the tables, a horrid squelch from her diaper making her immediately regret her enthusiastic cooperation. "Thank you Jane," she said, "Sorry for the mess."

                      "That's fine," reassured Jane, "we'll get you clean and cosy in no time."

                      Julie had seen how carefully Jane had walked through, and knew she too needed a change. "That'll be nice," she said, "and I can make you comfy afterwards too."

                      That had been a fruitless promise, broken not by choice but by the revelation that she'd leaked again. Julie had been asked to lay there while Daphne fetched clean tights, thankful for her clean diaper but mortified at another leak, a second day in a row.

                      Alice had changed Jane, getting her clean and into a new fresh diaper before Daphne returned and dressed Julie again, finally allowing her to sit up and get off the table, restored to her toddler look. Julie had stood up, found Ellie and Sandy sat on a changing table watching her, while Jane was having her skirt tugged back into place by the efficient Alice.

                      "You didn't need a change?" she asked the two observers, surprised that they'd been so long without one.

                      Sandy grinned in reply. "We've had one," she said, clearly happier as a result, "it's quicker if you haven't leaked."

                      Julie blushed and wished she hadn't asked, especially when she saw Ellie give her a forgiving smile.

                      The rest of the day had progressed without incident, wet diapers getting changed with barely a comment, the girls seeing to their colleagues' needs with a professional manner. Late afternoon training had been followed by an early dinner, the girls allowed time to themselves in the evening, nobody restrained, bottles of wine offered and accepted.

                      Julie wasn't surprised when she woke up that night, again finding herself lying in the dark, needing relief, unable to remove her sleeper. She sighed, forced herself to relax, accepted she'd be waking yet again in a wet diaper. She clutched her sheep close, not caring that it was a childish act, finding comfort anyway as she fell asleep once more.


                      The morning followed a standard routine, but the shower was more muted, less horseplay and splashing mess, and the girls were quiet as they emerged to be diapered for the day. Julie accepted this indignity with grace and found herself looking forward to finding out what was in the wicker basket, the daily outfits something she still found fun.

                      They turned out to be simple, a vest topped diaper shirt under a skater skirt, the wide elasticated waistband tight above their diapers, flowing material flaring out over the padding, a pretty layer of lace stitched just inside the hem to peek out, a final feminine flourish.

                      The morning was spent in the lecture room, this time Miriam presenting to them, Julie finding herself losing concentration; financial analysis of the company not drawing her interest.

                      She was also distracted by her diaper, or more accurately her need to use it. She resisted, fed up with the infantilisation, wanting to strip away the uncomfortable cushioned plastic and sit on a toilet, relieve herself without causing a different discomfort, damp and clammy.

                      Shuffling in her seat she saw that Sandy was also fidgeting, guessed that she was also trying to avoid being wet at lunch. They both succeeded, Alice returning to give them diaper checks before they ate, only Ellie needing a change. Alice took her away and returned before the rest went through for a simple meal.

                      After lunch Miriam called them into the lounge, four recliners set out around a chair on which she sat. This time she didn't remonstrate with them, instead giving them the verbal description of their induction so far. Julie forced herself to focus on Miriam's words instead of remembering those challenging days.

                      "Our babies make it through day four," said Miriam, "but day five is often just too much for them. They experience a strong desire to use a toilet, return to adulthood. They hold back, not wanting to use their diaper, preferring the discomfort until it becomes too great to bear."

                      Julie stared in shock. Had Miriam read her mind, or was she really going through the same experience that everybody her new employer processed, right down to her private inner feelings?

                      She didn't dare ask the question that would expose the depth of her desire for this treatment to end: Was their induction week a standard business week, this their final day, that escape from infantilisation soon at hand, or were there two days to go? Julie knew the answer to that question was important to her, but also felt she had to trust Miriam and the induction process.

                      Perhaps they had a way to make this easy? Julie decided to ask and find out, "How do you manage that situation?"

                      Miriam gave a contemptuous smile. "Oh Julie," she said sweetly, "You've seen how we use restraints to assure cooperation."

                      As Julie's stomach turned at the thought she saw movement to her side. Sandy was getting out of her recliner, an angry expression on her face. "No." she said resolutely, "I'm not taking that any more."

                      She continued as she started to walk towards the door, "I'm going to find a toilet, and then I'm.."

                      Julie never found out what she was going to do next. Jane had left her own recliner, intercepted Sandy and blocked her, stopping her from leaving the room. Alice stepped in behind Sandy who went limp, her angry statements reduced to a horrified, "No!" repeated as she was pulled back to a recliner, firmly sat down and held there by Alice.

                      Julie watched aghast as Jane fastened straps and wrist restraints on Sandy, wanting to intervene, knowing it wouldn't help, scared to compromise her own chances of completing induction.

                      "Don't worry," Jane said to Sandy, "I'll look after you, my beautiful baby girl."

                      This didn't comfort Sandy who burst into tears, unable to respond after Alice had placed a pacifier in her mouth.

                      "The other thing about day five," Miriam said, her obvious amusement a chilling worry, "is that it really confirms who can cope with being an employee here, and who wont make it through induction."

                      "We always open recruitment to five people, but we only ever have two vacancies. Experience tells us that even with careful assessment beforehand, we'll end up with candidates that just aren't suited to working for us. Mia withdrew right at the start, so we'll monitor her social media, make sure she obeys that non-disclosure, but she's harmless.

                      "It's clear though that Jane just claimed one of the vacancies, and at the same time poor Sandy's been eliminated."

                      Miriam looked at Julie. "Sadly Sandy knows too much about our business now. We'll find her a loving owner, but in the meantime, Jane can work with her to learn the full transition process. Which leaves us with two girls and one position."

                      "But that's illegal!" protested Julie, "You can't do that."

                      Miriam ignored her, looked at Ellie and sternly demanded, "Ellie. Stand up."

                      It was impossible to elegantly stand up from a seated position in those recliners, even when a short skirt wasn't constantly threatening to reveal well padded underwear, but Ellie retained an inner dignity as she came to her feet and stood there, a calm look of interest on her face.

                      "You were the only baby to wet in her diaper this morning," said Miriam, then asked in a matter of fact tone, "Do you like being a baby?"

                      Ellie was giving another of her gestures that indicated that she had no real choice, dressed as she was, but at Miriam's question she caught Miriam's gaze directly and giving a firm shake of her head.

                      "I thought as much," said Miriam, "It's very rare that someone uses their diaper voluntarily on day five. Either they really want to be a baby or they're showing tremendous strength of character. Thank you Ellie, I think that along with Jane you'll make an excellent member of our team."

                      Miriam looked at Julie sadly, observed the poor girl's confused expression and spoke softly to her. "Yes, it's illegal. This business is successful because it treats national and international laws as.. optional."

                      "Ellie and Jane have understood and come to terms with that, and they'll be back in business suits later today," she said, paused briefly and added, "but you?"

                      Miriam smiled, reached behind her and turned back with something in her hand. "You have a different future," she said, revealing a baby's bottle, oversized, full of milk.

                      Julie collapsed down in her seat, replaying the words she'd just heard. Only two jobs available, and Jane and Ellie had them? Leaving her, where? She looked up at Miriam. "But.. my job?" she asked plaintively.

                      "Silly baby," cooed Miriam, "This business needs leaders, strong women that can impose their will on others. That's not you, you're too timid, too subservient. Ellie proved that a couple of days ago. No, you don't have a job sweetheart. Babies don't work."

                      Julie felt hands on her arms, realised Ellie and Daphne had come around behind her while Miriam was speaking, and found herself being fastened soundly to her seat, straps over her shoulders, thick leather pulled up between her legs, a buckle at her waist bringing the restraints together. As she reached instinctively to undo it the women around her gently pulled her arms away, slid her hands into stiff mittens and locked them closed. Julie opened her mouth to protest her treatment and had it filled, one of the inflatable pacifiers rapidly pumped up to silence her complaints.

                      Julie wriggled free from the her captors but couldn't lean away from her chair, held securely in its comfortable embrace, her arms loose but helpless, unable to use her hands or fingers. She found she couldn't even smooth her lace hem down past the wide strap that pulled her skirt up, revealing the thick diaper now held snugly against her. She felt someone stroking her head softly, knew it would be Ellie, for once couldn't find any comfort in the warm contact.

                      Instead she gazed across to Sandy, eyes wide, and shared a look of trepidation, understanding that day five was going to be everything they'd dreaded, no escape from their padded prisons. As Miriam had so insightfully understood, Julie had been holding back all day and now that she had no other options her mind couldn't escape the feeling of pressure in her bladder and bowels, the knowledge of what that would cause. Four days' experience had taught her the inevitable, and she knew that for her and Sandy it was going to be an unpleasant and distressing afternoon, relief only available when their former colleagues returned from their rooms, adults once more.

                      Unlike her. Julie for the first time all week felt real fear and her face went pale as her mind accelerated into overdrive, exploring the consequences of Miriam's words.

                      Miriam saw the look between the two girls, smiled at them both and cruelly added, "It's OK darlings. You've both been such well behaved babies. We wont let one of the breeders buy you. You're both too valuable for that."

                      Julie sobbed as she realised the full import of Miriam's phoney reassurance. All of their lessons, detailing the process, now a grim foreshadowing of her new life: electrolysis, incontinence, high chairs and bottles, no autonomy or decisions to be made, just a never ending succession of diapers and pretty dresses, auction to a foreign buyer, perpetual humiliation. She and Sandy were no longer employees but they had indeed become a core part of the business; new babies being prepped for sale, truly Stork Supplies.





                        This story came from the need and desire to share the scale and intensity of emotion actually caused by Day Five, a mental impact far greater than anticipated at the start of the week. It's hard to convey that strength of emotion in story form; Sandy's reaction at the end was too muted and Julie was far too passive in response.

                        It does though mean that Miriam's description of the five days is more truth than fiction. The initial premise of the story was very much 'What if you reach day five, experience that emotion and somebody doesn't let you use a toilet' but the short three chapter story grew in an attempt to capture and explore the transition from fun and fluffy to a dark and intense mix of emotions.

                        You don't have to believe the truth of that journey: Ask someone to put you in diapers 24/7 for a week, and see for yourself. Just hope you can trust them, as Day Five is when you'll want it all to end, want to take off your diapers and use a toilet. Maybe they'll let you. Maybe.


                          Author's note: If you haven't read the end, jump back up to where you left off, before you encounter spoilers.
                          This note isn't part of the story, but if you're making an offline copy do please retain the addendum.

                          Thank you everybody for the feedback. I think I telegraphed the ending a little too much but sometimes it's nice for the reader to feel they'd guessed right, so I wasn't worried about trying to mislead further. I know some people wanted different endings so sorry to all of you.

                          This is my first writing of this length and it became quite an intense and draining process, Chapter 8 was one of the first I wrote and almost defined the characters and their relationships, with much of the mid-story basically set up for that scene. The ending was written on day one and has been changed a dozen times, but only ever in how it played out, the exact words spoken, the addition of a caress from Ellie. I've read every chapter 3-4 times, and the whole story in one sitting another 2-3 times.

                          So I'm kind of aware of various flaws in the story, some less than ideal pacing (including a slightly rushed last 24 hours of the week), fairly poor character development, too much flitting between incidents (and over emphasis on diaper use, while at the same time skipping what must have been a number of wet diapers), no exploration of motivations for anybody but the primary character and some very dodgy uses of tense.

                          I'm sure there are other flaws I don't even know to look for or prevent, so critique from people more experienced and informed in writing fiction is very welcome.

                          At the same time, I do actually just like this story; I'm proud of some of the writing, and I've grown to respect and love some of the characters. For that reason there may be a sequel. Just not any time soon.

                          Hope everybody else enjoyed it as much as I have


                            I really liked this story (apparently enough to register to say so). A lot of things in particular - the beautiful descriptions of the outfits (colors, specific materials) - but especially this part sticks with me:

                            Originally posted by BabyAnna View Post
                            "Anyway," she said, then in her more normal loud happy voice, "It's such a gorgeous day!" She skipped away from Julie, leaving the formal garden and heading up a grass slope behind.

                            Julie laughed, saw the others also chuckling at the now happy girl. In a way, she thought, it was almost a shame. Sandy did seem to be very good at being a toddler. As a group they left the garden, following the merrily skipping girl.

                            As she reached the crest of the hillock Sandy turned, her face filled with delight, the sun behind her lighting her red hair aflame. She opened her mouth to tell them something but was interrupted by a surprised Jane, "Oh! You look beautiful!"

                            Sandy's words didn't reach her lips but her mouth stayed wide as a deep blush on her cheeks tried to match the glow of her hair. She recovered and deflected the praise, "Oh. No," she said sadly, "I have freckles." She brightened a little, "But thank you. And come and look!"

                            Ellie and Julie shared a quick look. Sandy must be a late bloomer, entirely unaware how she could now outshine other women, command the attention of every man in the room with just a simple smile. Clearly they'd have to take her out after the induction was over, find some male company with which to demonstrate this.
                            It makes me wonder what happens to a "late bloomer, entirely unaware how she could now outshine other women, command the attention of every man in the room with just a simple smile." It sounds like you're ready to be done with the story, but for whatever it's worth, I feel like there's still a story left to be told here.
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                              That twist ending is freaking BRILLIANT!!!!
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                                I read this story in one shot earlier this week, but I've been mulling about how to give adequate feedback since then. Here goes.

                                Firstly, I hate this story, it's probably one of the worst ones I can think of. I hate the story, I hate the characters, I hate it all. I knew I hated it from the first chapter, but I kept reading because it's like watching a train wreck happen in slow motion: you just can't look away. At no point was I uncertain of where this was headed, and the ending was not surprising to me at all; but again: train wreck.

                                It hurt to read through this, and if this story was any more of what it is, it would be literal, rather than figurative. The whole thing was rather sickening.

                                That said...

                                None of the above is in any way a criticism of the writing, instead; high praise.
                                Let's start with the fact that I can actually remember the names of all the characters, save for the girl that left initially. There isn't much to go on in terms of visual description (and, being me, I love me some visuals,) but each one is very powerfully defined through their actions.

                                Now, maybe it's because I'm a bit of a cynic, (as some of you may know) but I did catch wind of the intentions very early on. That said, the sense of dread continued to build throughout, reaching its gut-wrenching peak in the final moments.

                                When I say I hated this, I in no way think it's bad writing, I can't stress that enough. I didn't see anything wrong with the pacing, or the density and type of certain scenes: I thought each one accomplished what it intended, each one added something. When I say I hated the characters, I mean I hated them, not how they were written. Miriam, Daphne, and Alice, while seemingly the antagonists, weren't too significant. They should have been the evil in the story (and would have been in the hands of a lesser author) but they're not. They're as much a part of the environment or circumstances as the cribs or diapers.

                                Sandy and Julie. I hated them because despite being smart enough to see the truth, they refused to accept it until it was too late. Julie, as the protagonist, had enough insight to see and learn many of the subtle exchanges going on here, but when it came down to it, all she did was see. She did nothing in response. It might be debated that she didn't see what was up, but I think that the depth of her observations (specifically as she crumpled under Ellie's dominance) were enough to show that she's not naive. So to watch her and Sandy keep blindly walking into the trap was... difficult.

                                Ellie and Jane, wow. Not since The Mist (the story by Stephen King, and specifically the 2008 film adaptation) have I found an antagonist(s) that I hated as much as them. These two are the true monsters of this story, and they are terrifying. Bravo for so quickly introducing them as believable people, coworkers, even friends; and then showing them to be truly evil. The ease with which they damn their newly met associates to their fate is disgusting. Whether they realize the consequences of their actions is irrelevant; naivety--in this instance--is just as terrifying as malice. Without straying too much from the actual story, Ellie and Jane serve as a great example of just how vicious "business" can be.

                                For clarity, I see Miriam, Daphne, and Alice as wicked by nature; no more than animals hunt by nature. But Ellie and Jane, appearing so innocent, even friendly, and to so easily betray their peers; that is truly monstrous. I see this story as entirely plausible. While the actual circumstances might seem a bit extreme to a "normal" reader--or even to "us"-- the characters are entirely believable, more so because of their flaws.

                                Bottom line: this is good writing, great even; great enough to make me hate the story it tells.
                                The voices in my head got weirded-out and left long ago.