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    Anna shuffled around the piles of books lining the walls and shelves. "Introduction to Wicca," "Witchcraft", "Malleus Maleficarum,"- all themed to match the odd little shop, full of incense and stones, skulls and bones. A lot of nonsense, as far as Anna was concerned.

    "Can I help you find something," the clerk asked. She had long, ragged dark hair that blended into her black clothes, and wore dozens of metal pendants.

    Anna looked at her. "Yes, its said online you sold journals here?"

    The woman smiled. "Yes, of a type. Here, let me show you."

    She bent over and opened up a drawer. Inside were leather bound books with brightly coloured titles. "Travel," "New Worlds", "Karma," "Spirit." Anna tried not to roll her eyes at the hipster names the journals always had. She had picked up the hobby of writing daily a few months ago, and had since gone through a few such books, though they were ususally from more normal book stores.

    "Thanks, I'll take er... Karma," she said.

    The woman smiled again. "Good choice. But be warned, with great power, comes great responsibility. Karma strikes both ways."

    "Thanks uncle Ben. Now how do I pay?"

    Anna was outside the store a moment later.

    "Hey there sweetheart," a deep voice said.

    Anna stopped and turned around to see a blond haired and a medium build. She shuddered. "Ugg, I told you to leave me alone Ryan."

    "Awww sweetie why so upset? I'm just wanna be friends with my little girl." He put a hand on her shoulder.

    She knocked it off. "No, your a pervert. Leave me alone or I'll call the cops?"

    "And what? I'll deny it. 'Sides, you sure loved it when we were dating."

    "We went on two dates then I found out you were already sleeping with someone." That had been one of the worst episodes of her life. He seemed so friendly when they first met, then got worse once they were out. At the second date another woman came in screaming wanting to know why she was out with her boyfriend.

    "You still loved it." He grabbed her by the waist and leaned in close. "Awww, whats wrong? Need a kiss?" He began to make kissy faces at her.

    "LET ME GO!" she screamed, and slapped him.

    He laughed. "Fiesty. Alright, I can see its your time of the month. I'll come back next week."


    He winked, and as he passed by her, he reached around her and spanked her hard.

    "Hey! How dare you... What are you..." He only laughed as she screamed after him.

    Anna stopped her foot. The horrible, awful man! She had just gotten over him too.

    She breathed heavily to calm herself. This is why she started writing in the first place. She got out the journal and began writing.

    "Today, Ryan grabbed me. I wish someone would do the same to him. I want someone bigger to him to come up and call him a little girl. Grab him, call him demeaning names, kiss him and spank him and make him feel as awful as he makes others feel."

    She felt better having just written it. She began to walk back down the sidewalk toward her home. It was a cool day, but the sun was out, and she was enjoying the weather while it lasted.

    She heard a yelp coming from across the street. She looked across it to see Ryan, with his eyes wide open, staring at a man a head taller then him.

    "Whats the matter sweetheart? I just want to be friends with my little girl," the man said in a gruff voice.

    "What? I'm, not... LET ME GO! Hey!"

    The giant man picked Ryan up and kissed him on the cheek. "Wow, feisty," he said. "Must be your time of the month. I'll come back next week." He spanked Ryan hard enough to make him shout, then walked away, leaving a stunned Ryan staring after him.

    Anna couldn't believe her eyes. Had she made that happen? It couldn't be.

    But... could that just be a coincidence? She had never seen a man that size before, and she had never seen Ryan mistaken for a girl. The entire scenario was weird... aside from Ryan, who would behave like that to a random stranger in public? They weren't even at a bar or anything.

    She had to test it. Ryan was walking quickly. She opened the book.

    "Ryan will trip... now."

    As she wrote it, a rock appeared under Ryan's foot, and he stumbled to the ground. He kicked the rock angrily, and began to get back up. How far could she push it?

    "He will trip again, and his pants will tear and fall. Underneath he will have pink underwear. He won't be able to hold his pants up."

    As he was getting up, he stumbled again. His pants opened and fell to his knees.

    "God dammit!" he said. His anger turned to shock when he saw his underwear- pink, small, and lacy, they so clashed with what he normally wore that he seemed unable to beleive they were there. From the distance, Anna wasn't certain if they were just briefs or actual female panties. "Where did these come from?" He said, and reached down to cover them.

    "Ryan will step on a rake and it will fly up and hit him."

    A rake, seemingly out of no where, smacked into his face.

    "He will turn around and there will be another one there, then another, and another," she wrote, taking a line from the Simpsons.

    She burst out laughing as Ryan repeatedly hit himself in the head and stumbled backwards. "This is impossible," she said, looking at the book. However, she saw it in front of her. It had to be true.

    She noticed another woman behind Ryan giggling, and Ryan turned to her red faced and tried to rush down the road, but stumbled with his pants around his legs and fell to the ground. That gave Anna another idea.

    "A crowd of people notice, including Ryan's friends, and begin laughing and commenting on his underwear."

    Ryan attracted a crowd as he walked down the street, struggling to hold his pants up. "Ryan will fall, end up stuck with his butt in the air, and get spanked."

    She burst out laughing harder as she saw exactly that unfold. She looked down at the book.

    "This is going to be fun," she said to herself.

    Anna was soon in her apartment alternating between pacing and dancing. She had found a magic book somehow. She was able to control... what, exactly? Almost anything, it seemed. What should she do? How did the magic work? It said Karma, so it made sense she could get revenge... wait, was that what karma was? Could she give herself things.

    She thought for a moment. "I might as well try," she told herself.

    "I want a million dollars," she wrote, and waited. She looked around, expecting to see money somewhere, but nothing happened. She had a thought. She sat at her computer, turned it on, and checked her bank account. Her eyes went wide.

    There, in plain black and white, was the number "$1,000,000," written exactly like that.

    "I want another million." Before her eyes, the number doubled. She screamed in delight. She stood up and fell to her bed, clutching the book to her chest and laughing.

    How could this be real? Should she check back at the store? No, she thought. If they found out it was real, they might want it back. She studied the book. It was hers.

    "I don't want to have to go to work for the next month."

    Her phone buzzed. She picked it up. "Hello Anna. The product you created at work the other day paid of well, and we decided to give you the next month off. I know it seems an odd decision, but for some reason it feels right. -Albert Herald."

    She leaned back in her chair laughing. Her mind swarmed with thoughts of what she was going to do. A new house? A pool?

    She looked at the title. "Karma." What did that mean? Was it just a random title? The first thing made sense, Ryan had it coming, but the others?

    She smiled to herself. The primary motivation must be to give people their comeuppance, she decided. But it wouldn't hurt to give herself some things along the way. After all, how could she have enough time to do her new job unless she had money?

    She opened the book and began to write. "Tomorrow, Ryan will..."


    Ryan woke up the next day shaking. He had a rough night full of humiliating dreams. He had been repeatedly mistaken for a girl, left naked in public, grabbed and harassed... It was all from that odd incident on the sidewalk. What could it mean?

    He got up, showered, and began to get ready for work. He dried off, looked in the mirror, and gasped.

    Had his hair gotten longer? It was touching his shoulders! He had never grown it out that far before but there it was. Some kind of bizarre hair only growth spurt?

    Confused, he shook his head, went to his closet and began to get dressed. He made sure he had normal underwear this time, along with his regular jeans and shirt. He packed a bag with the shirt he had to wear in the cafe he worked at, ate breakfast quickly, and left. As he exited the door he noticed something. He hadn't shaved that morning, but his face was smoother then it ever had been.


    Anna was standing across the street from his door. She saw him walking out, and confirmed to herself that everything had worked. Longer hair, clean shaven, and ready for a new game.

    She began to write.


    A woman was walking toward Ryan. She was one of a few people he had passed, but she definitely stood out. He had to do a double take when he saw her.

    She was tall, well built, and with long blond hair. However, it wasn't her appearance that caught Ryan's attention, but her clothes.

    She was dressed head to two in in one of the most eye catching outfits he had seen. Her dress was a vibrant pink, with frilled bands going over her shoulders and a skirt that flared out to the sides, ending half way down her thighs. A white shit was under her dress, but rather then just cover her up more, it drew more attention, with ruffled shoulder cuffs and a heard shaped hole over her chest. Below her skirt long white stockings that were tied at her knees with red bows and shinning, healed shoes. Finally, her hair was tied into pigtails with heart shaped bows.

    Ryan tried to place the dress. Was she cosplaying as an anime character? Was this a lolita dress? Had she come from a comic con?

    His thoughts were interrupted as she stopped close in front of him, noticed a coin on the ground, and bent to pick it up. Her skirt flared up, exposing ruffled lacy underwear. Ryan couldn't control himself, he took his phone out and, while she was looking away, took a picture.

    She stood up when the flash went off. Ryan cursed himself for forgetting.

    "What was that? she said.

    Ryan decided to keep going, hoping confidence would win. "Just admiring your underwear, sweetheart. Almost pretty enough to touch."

    "Excuse me?" she said.

    "Well you were bending over and your pretty ass was out, so i figured I'd snap a picture. Such a cute little girl like you needs to be remembered." He reached out to hold her shoulder, and she knocked his hand away.

    "I'm taller then you, shrimp. Don't test me," she said.

    "Ok ok, don't get feisty. I'm sorry sweetheart." He began walking passed her.

    She rolled her eyes and continued on. Ryan kept watching as she passed, and saw her skirt bouncing, exposing more of her thighs with each step, stopping just short of her underwear. Almost instinctively, he reached over and pinched her beneath her skirt, then started walking as quickly as he cloud.

    He stopped walking as he was pulled backward. With speed that shocked Ryan, she grabbed his wrist and yanked him back. "That does it!" she shouted. "I am dressed for a display of the costumes at the store I design at. Its my JOB, not permission to grab me." She began twisting his wrist backward until he shouted.

    "I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" he screamed, tears forming.

    "Oh no you are not, not yet. Lets she how you like it," she turned his wrist again, this time leaving him bent over a wooden bench with his hand behind his back. She reached foward and undid his belt.

    "What are you doing?"

    "First I'm going to show you how it feels to have your underwear exposed and grabbed in public. Then I am going to do what someone should have done to you years ago."

    She pulled down his pants. Ryan saw a flash and noticed as crowd of people taking pictures of his underwear.

    "Nice panties bro!" someone shouted, and Ryan looked back to once again see his underwear replaced, this time with silken white panties decorated with little red hearts.

    "How!? Those aren't mine!" he said.

    "Yeah right," said the woman who had grabbed him. "Almost pretty enough to touch, eh?" She reached down and pinched both cheeks until he yelped.

    "Now, to make sure you've learned you're lesson..." She reached her hand up into the hair, palm down.

    Ryan's eyes went wide. She was about to deliver a spanking, and not a light one. Here? Now? How could this be happening to him? He struggled but couldn't break her grasp. "No, please don't," he begged.

    "Don't what?" she asked, savouring the moment.

    "Don't spank me," he replied.

    "Awww does the the little boy not want spankings? Too bad," she brought her hand down with immense force on Ryan's exposed underwear, and he shouted. She began spanking him again and again as the crowd watching grew and laughed. The loud smacks echoed down the street, and Ryan noticed more and more people coming to see.

    Why would no one step in? Ryan thought. It felt so wrong.

    Soon tears were forming in his eyes, and he began to sob from both the humiliation and pain. She kept spanking him as he shouted.

    "Please, enough, I'm sorry," he said.

    She stopped. Ryan thought he was free, then he groaned as he felt her take his belt out of its loops.

    "No, not that."

    "Yes, that." She lifted the belt up and hit him hard. He screamed and would have fallen if she didn't put her knee under him to hold him up. She began to talk as she spanked, punctuating each word with a loud, hard whack. "WHAT. PEOPLE. WEAR. ISN"T. PERMISSION. TO. GRAB. THEM. YOU. WILL. NOT. DO. THAT. AGAIN. UNDERSTOOD?"

    "Yes!" he shouted.

    "Now what do you say?"

    "I'm sorry," he whined.

    "Good," she helped him stand up. She pointed down the street in the direction he had been heading. "Now, you are going to keep walking that direction with your pants around your knees so everyone can see what happens to naughty little boys in panties who can't keep their hands to themselves." She handed him his belt. "You may put this on when you are passed the corner and out of my sight. If you don't listen, you'll get another round. Understood?"

    "But... but..."

    She spanked him hard again. "UNDERSTOOD?"

    "OW! Yes!"

    "Then go!"

    Ryan began to waddle, pants around his knees keeping him from running. He sobbed and tried to ignore the jeers and cat calls from the people who he passed. He felt more then one reach out and grab him as he want.

    Finally he rounded the corner, pulled his pants up, and started running as he pulled his belt on. He ran as fast as he could, trying to stop crying, until he was sure he was passed anyone who had seen, then kept running.

    He stumbled. Got up, and started running again. He wobbled. He felt as if he was walking on a rope.

    He looked down, and he shouted in shock.

    The reason he was having trouble running was easy to see. Why it had happened was impossible for him to figure out.

    He was wearing a dress. Not just any dress, but the one the girl had been wearing. Same skirt, same socks, even had his now bizarrely long hair tied in the same pigtails. He had stumbled due to the heels now on his feet.

    There was a store beside him with a display window, and he looked at his reflection in it. With his outfit, his hair, and apparently a bra under the dress, he might have mistaken himself for a girl. It even seemed like his legs had been shaven, and he was wearing make up.

    He yelped. Someone had just grabbed him under his skirt. "Nice underwear, sweetie."

    He whined. "How is this happening?" he asked.


    Anna broke out laughing at Ryan's appearance. She couldn't have designed a better outfit if she tried. It really looked more like a costume then actual clothes. He could pass as someone cosplaying an anime character.

    Ryan walked along the side walk, head down, and stumbling slightly in his heels. His face was blushing as red as the bows in his hair- and, Anna thought to herself, as red as his recently spanked bottom in its pretty panties.

    Anna wasn't quite down yet. She began writing and watching.

    Ryan attracted a crowed for the second time in two days. This time, however, instead of it just being people pointing and laughing- and there was plenty of that- she mixed in a crowd of men who suddenly decided Ryan was the prettiest girl they had ever seen.


    "I love your dress! Its so pretty" the giant man said as he reached out.

    "Let me go!" Ryan squealed, then yelped and covered his mouth, frighted by how high his voice had suddenly gotten.

    "Aww sweetie, why? I'm sure a cute girl like you could use a hug."

    Ryan began to run, but the heels made him stumble and he fell... right over the lap of another man sitting at a bus stop. He felt his skirts fly up, and reached down to cover his panties as people cheered and laughed behind him. He felt hands grab his now exposed cheeks, and someone commented that 'she' must have gotten a spanking.

    "Hellos sweetheart," the man whose lap he was now over said. "What pretty undies! Thanks for showing them to me! You want to hang out later?" He patted Ryans bottom.

    "No!" Ryan said. He pushed himself up, straitened, and tried to turn over until he was sitting. He paused a moment, and realized he had just sat down in the stranger's lap.

    "Aww honey," the man said, and wrapped an arm around Ryan.

    "No!" he said, and began to push up. He finally made it, and began running.

    He did his best to ignore the crowds as he did. Most seemed to think he was a girl with a flamboyant sense of style, which he guessed was for the best. He could do without the catcalling, however.

    He made it to the cafe. He breathed, straitened his skirt, and looked at his watch. His eyes went wide. 10:30 it read, he was two and a half hours late. "How..." he said.

    THe door opened. It was Mr. McLaughlin, his boss. He sighed.

    "Ryan, what are you doing?"

    "I uhh..." Ryan hadn't stopped to think of an explanation, and was surprised that Mr. McLaughlin recognized him.

    "Look, what you do in your private time is your own business, I don't mind, no matter how... strange. However, you have been late far too many times, and I can't have you working like that."

    "What?! But!"

    "No butts. Did you even bring your work clothes?"

    Ryan gulped. "I'm sorry. Is there anything I can do? Anyway I can make up for it?"

    He sighed and rolled his eyes. He put a hand on his chin and thought. Suddenly he smiled. "Give me a second."

    He went back into the store and returned a minute later he returned followed by two people. One was carrying a tray of samples, the other a stand.


    "We are going to start a new program. People your age like this sort of thing, right? Cosplay, anime characters, cute outfits."

    "I mean, some do..." Ryan tried to think if he actually knew someone who talked about it.

    He handed Ryan a teddy bear. "You are going to be our new mascot to appeal to a new group! You are going to stand here in your cute outfits... and I'm sure we'll find more... flirt with anyone going by and offer free samples of our newest teas."

    "What!? I can't do that! You want me here in public dressed like this?!"

    "Yes. Cute cross dressed boys are thing online for some reason. You are going to be ours. Think of it- "The Sissy Cafe!" Its new branding we've been considering, and you will be our first server! With any luck, people might think your a girl, or won't care. Now, be sure to smile!" He waved his arms around as the two people who came with him set up the stand. It was a small stage with a banner reading "sissy service."

    He went in, then stopped. "Oh, another thing. People will flirt with you, some might want kisses or get handsy... are you alright with that?"

    Ryan was far from alright with it. However, he felt he didn't have a choice, and inwardly he felt compelled to say yes. There weren't many other jobs he could do inside the cafe, dressed as he was, and he couldn't afford not to get paid. "I... I guess so..."

    "Good. It will be part of our marketing. Be sure to offer kisses!"

    He went back in, leaving a dumbfounded Ryan outside. He wanted to run, or to hide. However, with the wide windows and cameras, he knew his mangers would see if he wasn't doing his job.

    He had begun to attract a crowd again. He always seemed to do that now. He turned to face them. "Uh... do you want some tea... or a kiss?"


    Anna savored every moment of the discussion. Ryan had bragged before about taking from the till, and now was being punished at his job. That was DEFINITELY karma.

    But she wasn't done yet. Ryan had always said she was a LITTLE girl, not just a girl. She'd show him how 'little' he could feel. The teddy bear was just a beginning, she had her own ideas of what he might look good in.

    She began to write. "As he's heading home, Ryan will get lost, and feel his bladder beginning to ache..."
    I was so much older then, I'm younger then that now.

    (This story currently only contains sissy and spanking kinks, but will later focus on ABDL, with a heavy focus on messy diapers. I just wanted to let you know so that it didn't seem it was on this site by mistake, and in case people don't like use of messy diapers as embarrassment in stories.)
    I was so much older then, I'm younger then that now.


      I really like this so far, thank you.


        Originally posted by looklook2 View Post
        I really like this so far, thank you.
        Thanks for saying so ! Glad you do!
        I was so much older then, I'm younger then that now.