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Protocol 301 Redirect Chapters 1-6 (1st part of ch 6)

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    [Incomplete] Protocol 301 Redirect Chapters 1-6 (1st part of ch 6)

    This is the first story I have written in a while so I am taking it slow. It is a science fiction story about a young diaper lover as he explores more about who he is and what it is that he desires in life. I hope you enjoy.
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    Chapter 1

    Steven glanced out through the window of the space elevator. Elevator is what they called it but the transportation vehicle had little in common with its more terrestrial counterparts. The seven story cylinder with two domed ends was constructed for the vertical delivery of several tons of equipment and personnel per trip. Out the window, the beautiful city of Bogata Colombia rapidly shrank from view. Its’ buildings and people quickly became obscured by patches of lush green vegetation as the pace of the elevator continued to accelerate.

    The earthport in Bogota had been the first of its kind. The United Nations selected the site due to its ideal situation on the equator. Bogata’s 8,660 foot elevation reduced the length and corresponding strength of the guide cable for the first space elevator. The project cost a then astronomical amount, but was deemed necessary to prevent continued environmental damage. Continuous launching of rocket propels space vehicles was tearing holes in the ultraviolet layer and unleashing pollutants throughout their journey. Progress into space was a forgone conclusion, private industries and governments alike had increased their space activities. The elevator seemed like the best and only sustainable way forward and so the United Nations pushed for an international effort to make space accessible for everyone.

    The elevators rapid acceleration was to be expected, Steven reminded himself. He had studied the elevator during his years at the academy and marveled at the wondrous feet of engineering. The 22,250ish mile journey originally took seven days to arrive at Spaceport Everest; the first geostationary spaceport named for the highest location above sea level on planet Earth. Steven recalled from his report that the construction of the spaceport and elevator had dropped the cost of lifting cargo to space from nearly $23,000 US currency per ton to a mere $500 dollars. The elevators completion marked the beginning of what is now called the solar age. Technological enhancements over the elevator’s fifty years of operation had shortened that trip to only three hours. A small sliver of blue entered Steven’s view as he continued to look out the window. Within a few moments the strip had expanded into the large ocean bringing the nation of Panama and with it the southern portion of North America into view. As he glanced out Steven was able to recognize Cuba, Puerto Rico and eventually his home nation of the United States.

    Moving from the window Seven began to scan the elevator itself. The first wonder of the solar age, the elevator he rode in now was far more luxurious than the original. A small jostling rolled through the floor as turbulence rocked the cabin ever so slightly. The cables connecting the elevator to the spaceport never moved, but space elevator engineers learned long ago that allowing small vibrations within the elevator carriages absorbed turbulence and decreased the tensions on the guide cables.

    The top level of the carriage, where Steven now stood was a large spherical reinforced dome window. A view from all sides and up into space could be seen at various points throughout the trip. The glass reacted to the levels of light automatically tinting to protect the riders from any vision impairments. When docked at the Earth port in Bogata, the dome offered the best view within the city.

    The elevator level below Steven housed a state of the art movie theater. Passengers could sit in luxury watching the movie of their choice through state of the art four dimensional immersion glasses. Environmental simulators connected to the seats provided a sense of feeling to the images within the movies. The glasses themselves contained small replicators of common scents and perfumes. These fragrances would be sprayed throughout the movie adding a sense of smell to the scenes and combining with the movements and feeling provided by the chairs.

    On any other occasion the theater would have been a strong temptation for Steven, but today it only seemed like a waste of valuable real estate. It is true that for some individuals space travel had become routine, but this was Steven’s first trip. Having just graduated from the United Nations Space Administration Academy as a stellar engineer, Steven was on his way to his first duty assignment. His specialty, organic and inorganic replicator systems constituted a relatively a new field and was greatly needed within the fleet. Just out of the academy, he already had been ordered to a posting on the flagship. The UNSA Gargarin, named for the first human in space. For seven years Steven waited for this day, and it was his intention to absorb every moment of his trip and not waste it watching another movie.

    Replicator technology had the potential to further speed space exploration. The ability to reproduce any organic or inorganic material quickly from base components directly in space. With only a template and a short period of time anything could be produced directly on site. The need for large production facilities and transports from earth would soon be non existent. Replicators were already being utilized on a smaller scale. The small devices built into the four dimensional viewing glasses being one example. The large scale organic/metallic replicators, however, capable of building both organic and metallic items were new. Only a few existed within the fleet it was his job to construct and maintain those systems.

    A sense of pride welled up within Steven as he looked around. A mirror on the side of the room caught his reflection and for a moment he stood transfixed at his new look. The sleek silver uniform of the UNSA looked dashing on the newly appointed lieutenant. The dark black bars on the shoulder epaulets signifying his rank. The collar on his long sleeve shirt top being the only significant variation in collar, a few shades darker than the rest of the uniform. On the right collar a small golden disk about an inch in diameter is affixed. The disk is embossed with an image of the international space station. A symbol of engineering seen as one of the monumental steps in the creation of the UNSA. Now the international space stations image is the symbol for the engineering corps within the UNSA. Directly across from his engineering insignia, on his left lapel, is another disk of identical shape and color. Embossed on this disk is an image of the planet earth, the United States on display in the center. All UNSA personnel wore similar disks with their country of origin always displayed prominently as the focal point of the symbol.

    The long sleeve shirt was matched by an pair of pants in the same color. Both pieces of clothing were form fitted, but not overly tight. The clothing was constructed of a solar age material which was lightweight but could adapt to provide adequate heating and cooling for a variety of temperatures. A jacket could be worn over the shirt, but as the material adjusted automatically for temperature, the jacket was mostly an aesthetic choice. Frequently the jacket would be worn to more formal events. Two additional patches could be seen on either the jacket or the shirt. One over the right breast pocket bearing the last name of the wearer and another over the left breast stating “United Nationals Space Administration”.

    Lieutenant Jinete, as Steven was formerly known, continued to review his image in the mirror. His sense of pride shifting slightly to trepidation as his gaze lowered towards his pants line. The faintest outline could be seen around Steven’s mid section. Though in his mind it was a giant sign indicating to the world that he was wearing non standard underwear. Turning quickly from the mirror Steven could swear he heard a crinkling sound echo throughout the cabin. He glanced nervously at those around him, but no one seemed to notice the incriminating noise.

    For as long as he could remember Steven had an unexplained desire to wear diapers. The desire was suppressed through most of his childhood, but when he reached the academy seven years ago he took advantage of the new found privacy. Not that living in an academy afforded much privacy, but it was light years ahead of what he had living at home. At first he just purchased a bag of pharmacy grade diapers and wore them a few time. By the end of his seventh year, however, he had graduated to ABDL diapers purchased from specialty online stores. He never wore them frequently, once a week or so only, but loved the sense of comfort the diapers brought. The thought of having his secret exposed simultaneously thrilled and scared Steven more than anything else. It was this thought of discovery that echoed through Steven’s head in the moments before turning from the mirror.

    The crinkling of his diaper still echoing through his ears, Steven began to regret his decision to wear on this particular day. In retrospect though, the decision had been irresistible. His newest bag of adult diapers is decorated with a space theme. Cartoon rockets, satellites, and planets dot the entire surface of the infantile garment. Small stars that fade away when wet line the background providing a adorable appearance. The chance to wear one of these diapers on his first trip into space was irresistible. Besides the convenience factor played a huge role in his decision also. Public restrooms even in such a prestigious location, were grody at best. Steven preferred to avoid them except in dire emergencies.

    A beam of red light passed through the room snapping Steven out of his revelry. The laser he knew was an automated DNA tracking system verifying the identities of those on the elevator. Automated security systems like this had become a way of life in high security areas and they were hardly noticed anymore. Looking for the first time in front of him since turning from the mirror, Steven realizes he is facing a blank wall. To any outsiders his appearance must have seemed strange. Fortunately, there was one small change to normalize his appearance. Just to the side of him was a copy of the menu for the Fifth Floor Cafe.

    The Fifth Floor Cafe, took up the entirely to the third passenger compartment. Located two floors below where Steven now stood, the cafe provides variety of items for sale to passengers. The lady at the counter when Steven got his boarding pass said that the cafe did reasonable business on its way to the spaceport, but the real revenue came during the decent trips. Passengers eager to return to the feeling of life on earth flock in for a chance to have an authentic earth mean. Steven held his finger up to the menu for a few minutes pretending to scan his options.

    After waiting what seemed to be a reasonable amount of time Steven shook his head in a slight negative motion and dropped his hand. Moving back over to the window, he could see most of the earth at this point. Deep blue oceans inter spaced with bright white clouds and various land masses. The elevator should be arriving at its destination shortly. As if on cue, a gentle declaration could be heard throughout the elevator over a broadcast system. A few more minutes and they would be pulling into Spaceport Everest.
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    Chapter 2: Spaceport Everest

    The elevator continued to decelerate slowly. Steven took the opportunity to look above him at the impressive space port. A large oval cavity was situated in the middle of the space port allowing docking to the elevator carriages. From what he understood his own carriage would nestle into one side and be transferred to the adjacent cable for descent. Past the oval could be seen long sections of space station moving outwards forming various terminals for docking. Several spacecraft had already docked with the arms, both picking up and dropping off passengers and cargo. At least that is what Steven assumed the various ships were doing. Steven recalled from his research that the spaceport had received frequent additions. The various style designs and competing ideas created a hodgepodge of components and structures giving the spaceport a sort of abstract feel. Looking through the oval section Steven could see the guide cable continue upwards. The cables final destination not in sight. Steven knew the cable continued onwards to approximately 60,000 miles above sea level providing a steady anchor for the entire system. Another station or two stood existed further along the cable, but they were utilized primarily for research and communications operations.

    “All passengers prepare for disembarkation, through the Fifth Floor Cafe. We will be arriving at our destination in ten minutes.” Typical, Steven thought to himself. They force you to enter and exit through the cafe in an attempt to get you to spend even more money. The crowd had already begun moving towards the stairwells and down towards the exit. Steven fell in line, in no real hurry. His connecting shuttle was not scheduled to leave for another six hours. More than enough time to pass through UNSA security and explore the station.

    A true wonder of the solar age, the governments of nearly every nation on earth have come together to explore the universe and they still don’t trust each other. Having already passed through security in Bogota, the prospect of another screening was annoying to say the least. Facial recognition, DNA scanning, Identification and ticketing verification hadn’t been enough in Columbia. He would have to go through the hole process again once onboard the spaceport.

    The crowd continued making its way down the stairs, forming into an orderly line. When the fifteen minutes had passed a sudden, if slight change in pressure could be felt as the exterior doors to the spaceport were opened. The line began pushing forward, rather quickly at first. The sudden pace gave Seven hope that security wouldn't take long to process at all. The exit to the elevator now in sight, Steven eyeballed the line of candy bars near the exit. A teller worked a register and checkout line adjacent to the exiting passengers allowing for last minute purchase.

    Get a grip of yourself Steven thought, you don’t need any junk right now. Stepping through the airlocks into the spaceport brought with it increased feelings of excitement. Finally Steven was going to see this wonderful marval with his own eyes. Multiple lines of passengers were forming in front of him, guided by roped and poles forming long winding lines. The ends of the lines could be seen forming just inside the station in front of a few security checkpoints. Steven’s hope of passing quickly through security vanished quickly at the sight of nearly 300 passengers filling in the various lines and backing up nearly the whole way to the airlock.

    Steven wasn’t sure if it was the slight change in air pressure or simply the wait in the line, but a firm pressure began to assert itself within his blatter. Given his current undergarments that would not normally be an issue, however the scanners he saw in the distance appeared to be of an older model that might notice an anomaly with his clothing, especially a wet diaper. Several minutes passed as the line began to move slowly.

    Deciding that his best option was to try and distract himself, Steven extracted his service glasses from his carryon case. All UNSA personnel were provided a set of service glasses, in addition to providing corrective vision for those who required it, the glasses acted as a portable personal computing device. Steven, was one of the fortunate ones who did not require corrective eyewear as such he wore the glasses only occasionally. The glasses reading the subtle eye motions Steven made, quickly allowed him to navigate to his vast collection of technical manuals. Finding the manual for the organic/inorganic replicator in use aboard the UNSA Gargain he began to review its functions, setup and maintenance requirements. With so few people trained in his field, he would be expected to know pretty much everything about the device as soon as he arrived. The transparent text in front of his face scrolled as he read, but still allowed him to keep a peripheral view of the line’s movements.

    Steven opened the technical manual on to the section on organic and inorganic combining within the replicator system. Few replicators had this new ability, either being relegated to replicating entirely metallic or entirely organic materials. Some features as the ability to create water were inherent in both, but to truly integrate the two was a modern breakthrough. Machine components with both plastics and metallics could now be generated as well as electrical wires encased in rubber insulation. The uses were numerous and advantageous to any space born vessel.

    As Steven approached the end of the chapter and begin reading about simultaneous recycling protocols the pressure building within his bladder called his attention back to reality. At first, Steven was confused thinking he read much faster than normal as security seemed to have only processed about fifty people. A moment latter, Steven realized what was actually happening; some sort of glitch or error caused security to shut down one of the processing stations. Those in his line had been interwoven with the other two, effectively placing him further back than when he started.

    - Realizing now that he had been doing a subconscious potty dance for an undetermined amount of time, Steven decided it was time to use his diaper. It was nothing he hadn't done before, but for some reason with all the passengers and security around Steven found it difficult to release. Closing his eyes and attempting to blockout the noise, Steven concentrated on releasing his bladder muscles. A slow trickle started to come out which rapidly expanded into a strong stream. Steven could feel the urine flooding into the front of his diaper pooling slightly around his crotch. For a moment he thought the diaper would begin to leak. The absorbent padding quickly went to work, however, and he could feel the urine being absorbed into the protective garment leaving only a slightly damp and warm feeling behind.

    “The line is moving buddy.” A voice from behind him called out. Opening his eyes, Steven could see that the line had indeed begun moving again with several feet now between him and the next person. Apologizing quickly Steven moved forward. He could see UNSA personnel removing the out of order signs and reopening the closed security lane. In addition, a fourth security lane appears to be opening speeding the rate of processing. That is just my luck he thought to himself. Though If i hadn’t used the diaper, they would have never opened the line.

    Stepping forward, the diaper between Steven’s legs felt considerably more bulky than before. The absorbent padding had done its job, swelling to absorb its new contents. Silently Steven wondered about the bulge he had seen earlier in the mirror wondering how anyone could miss the ever expanding sign of his infantile undergarments. A slight redness started to fill Stevens cheeks as he continued moving forward in the line. He motioned quickly with his eyes returning to this technical manual and looking to escape the thoughts of people watching him.

    More pretending to read the manual than actually reading, Steven waits patiently as the line progress. Nearing the entrance he verifies that they are utilizing an older type of scanner. This device would require him to stand in the center while it performed an DNA scan, hazardous material scan, and checked his person for any contraband. His carry on case was to be placed on a conveyor belt adjacent to the unit where it was moved automatically through a baggage inspection unit.

    Removing his glasses, Steven places them within his carryon and sets the bag onto the conveyor belt. He watches as the individual in front of him passes through the security. They stand in the center of the scanning unit while the security personnel instruct them to spread their legs and hold their hands in the air. A mechanism can be seen swaying past the individual as the scan progresses. A few seconds latter, Steven is being waved through and it is Steven’s turn to enter.

    The security guard waves Steven inside providing him instructions on how to stand. As Steven takes position he can see the conveyor belt of the baggage scanner stop moving and backup slightly. This occurs a few more times before the guard tells him it is time to move out of the scanner.

    “Lieutenant Jinete. Is this your bag, Sir?” The security guard providing instructions inquires as steven’s bag comes through the baggage scanner. “Yes that is my bag sergeant.” The lieutenant replies, noticing the enlisted rank on the security officers uniform. The sergeant nods towards another security officer who grabs the bag off of the conveyor belt. “Sir, I need you to accompany me.” The sergeant says as he leads Steven towards a door clearly marked restricted access.


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        Chapter 3: Protocol 301 Redirect.

        Steven followed the sergeant through the restricted access door. On the other side was a small plain room about five feet on a side. A single small table stood on the wall near the back, a box of disposable gloves and a dispensing bottle of hand sanitizer sat atop. The room was obviously used for more ‘personal’ inspections that the units outside.

        Steven’s heart was racing within his chest, pounding so loud he could barely think. How was he going to explain this to the two security officers who accompanied him into the room. Deciding that compliance was the order of the day, Steven waited for the guards to speak thinking of possible excuses he could provide. A normal medical diaper could have been explained away as a medical issue, but one decorated in space designs was much more difficult to explain. I will just have to be honest with them, Steven thought to himself. He hoped they would be professional and drop the conversation once they knew what he was wearing.

        “I am sorry to pull you aside like this, Sir.” The Sergeant says turning back to face the lieutenant from his position further in the room. “When we processed you through the scanners an unusual event happened.” The sergeant continued. Steven’s cheeks felt like they were on fire as the blood rushed to his head, obviously embarrassed. It was all he could do to keep from interrupting the sergeant, but decided it was best to learn how much they knew before speaking.

        “Your DNA scan triggered an alert message. A priority 301 redirect has been issued changing your orders.” the sergeant continued. Steven relaxed a little at the sergeants announcement but switched from embarrassment to confusion. What was a priority 301 redirect, he tried to recall. Anything with a priority beginning with a three was unique to a specific individual and code 01 would be the highest level of redirect. Sensing the lieutenants confusion the Sergeant continued; “A priority 301 redirect is an immediate transfer or redirection of personnel for mission critical reasons. I do not know the details of the redirect yet. Your new orders and instructions are on this datapad. The redirect protocol requires biometric verification and password authentication from yourself and a senior security member to access.” The sergeant lifts the datapad in front of himself and places his thumbprint on the screen. A moment passes and he types something using a keyboard which had appeared onscreen.

        “Simply, use your thumbprint to verify your identity then enter your service passcode. That will unlock the redirects instructions, sir.” the sergeant says as he passes over the datapad. Following instructions, Steven accesses the datapad. A new set of orders appears sending him to Space Station 109 within the Saturn Construction Zone. A brief explanation on the reason for the redirect indicates that the replicator engineer aboard the spaceport was in an accident and being returned to Earth for treatment. All replicators are either offline or not yet installed and the station is scheduled for warp jump to its intended solar system at the end of the month. Steven’s new flight plan had him catching a shuttle to the space station departing within the hour. At the end of his orders and instructions a biometric verification icon appears requesting his thumb print. Upon scanning, instructions to return the pad to security appears and Steven returned the pad to the sergeant.

        Another biometric verification from the sergeant and the new orders and flight plans were released to security. The sergeant immediately flicked the screen throwing the data towards the wall of the room. The wall flashed to life and Steven’s orders and instructions appeared over the wall allowing the sergeant to quickly scan them. A section specifically for security provided the location and security details of the shuttle Steven was to catch. The shuttle 456 was designated as a cargo shuttle and had a complement of two pilots and one other passenger.

        Steven’s face went pale as he continued to read the security instructions. The shuttle’s contents were to undergo full quarantine inspection with a list of prohibited items. The protocol was standard, from what he remembered on all vessels under construction until all security and environmental features were fully implemented. Stevens fears were confirmed as the Sergeant asked the other security officer to place Steven’s bag on the table for inspection and to go retrieve a medical scanner. The second person left through door directly opposite of the one they entered. Turning towards Steven, the sergeant spoke as he began to open the bag. “Quarantine protocol requires I search your bag and perform a medical scan prior to allowing you access to the shuttle. Environmental and security systems are not yet fully operational and these checks help ensure the safety of the crew. Do you have any fruits, vegetables, weapons, or explosive materials in your bag, Sir?”

        The thumping sound within Steven’s chest threats to burst his ear drums. He barely manages to whisper out a weak “no” as the sergeant pulls the first items out of his bag. The sergeant places the spare uniform taken from Steven’s bag neatly on the table doing the same with a few pairs and socks as he continues to speak. “Have you had the flu or any flu like symptoms in the past week?” A toiletry kit and Steven’s service glass are pulled out and placed neatly on the table each item on full display. “No” Steven responds knowing that the sergeant is moments away from revealing his secret. “Have you had any off planet travels or been in any outbreak areas within the last three months?” the sergeant continues. He pulls out a pair of civilian clothing wrapped around Steven’s ABDL space diapers. Steven can hear himself gasp slightly as the sergeant places the clothes on the table and begins to unroll them to reveal the four remaining ABDL space diapers. Reaching for the diapers and moving them to their own pile the sergeant looks up at Steven. A look of horror was on Steven’s face as he attempted to think of something to say.

        “Sir?” the sergeant says as he folds the civilian clothes and places them neatly on the table. “Sir?” he says again a little more impatiently “Have you had any off planet travels or been any any outbreak areas within the last three months?” Steven looked towards the floor as the question was repeated. “No, this is my first trip off planet” he manages to say with a quite trembling voice. “There is no need to be worried Sir. There is a first time for everybody” the sergeant says as he pulls the last items; a personal datapad, a few photos, and some other miscellaneous items out of the bag placing them neatly on the table.

        “Are you on any medications or medical profiles?” the sergeant asks as he lifts his datapad and begins marking some information. “No” Steven responds, before realizing that any need for diapers would be listed on a medical profile. The Sergeant glances over the datapad waving his fingers in the air at the items on the table and mumbling to himself. He quickly looks back at the tablet making a few more marks.

        The sound of a the door handle moving and the sight of the second door opening announced the return of the second security officer. Handing a small device to the sergeant the officer glanced at the table, a small smirk quickly appearing and then disappearing from his face as he moved in front of the first door behind Steven and remained quiet. The Sergeant took the scanner and ran it over each of the piles on the table. Pausing to make a few notes on the datapad he then stepped towards Steven running the scanner from head to toe, first front and then back.

        “The scan is clear. Would you like help re-packing your bag, Sir?” the Sergeant asked. Steven responded with a clear “no thank you” as he reached for his exposed diapers placing them quickly into the bag before repeating the process for the other items on the table. “I have to return to my station, Sir. Corporal Cummings will escort you to your shuttle. You will need to leave immediately as the shuttles departure has been delayed pending your arrival.” As soon as the sergeant mentioned the Corporal he stepped forward opening the rear door.“Right this way Sir” the Corporal said after the Sergeant was finished speaking.
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          Chapter 4: The shuttle

          The trip to the shuttle was quiet. The Corporal lead Steven to a starwell and down to the lower cargo levels of the space port. The long empty stairwell seemed to echo the crinkling sound of Steven’s diaper, but the Corporal did not give any indication of noticing. Descending to the lowest level the Corporal opened a door revealing a large hanger bay full of cargo, cargo transports, and overhead cranes. The artificial gravity in the station required the use of some more primitive forms of cargo transport to counteract its effects. A large gray boxy shuttle sat in the loading area. A section butting up against the external doors covered on most sides by transparent walls. A rear airlock was still open allowing for easy loading of the vessel. No cargo or station personnel seems to be moving near the ship.

          “That ship is your ride, Sir. They are ready for departure and only waiting on you.” The Corporal says as the duo approach the back airlock. The Corporal motions with his hand for Steven to continue into the ship, but waits outside of the loading area. The rear cargo door of the shuttle was open forming a ramp. Ascending, Steven could see the shuttle nearly packed to capacity with cargo. A small walkway through the center guided him to the front of the craft. Nearly reaching the cabin doors before the makeshift wall formed by the cargo fell a way.

          The cabin door remind shut directly in front of Steven’s current path. The wall to the side falling away revealing that two removable chairs had been installed. Basic metallic looking things with five point harness to keep their occupants in place during transport. Had Steven, been focused upon the chairs or cramped space, he would have been truly annoyed. His attention, however, had fixated on the occupant of the second chair.

          The chair was occupied, by a woman close to Steven’s own age. Her long brown hair cascading down partially covering her face as she looked down reading an old fashioned paper book. The woman places a piece of paper and closes the book as he looks up toward Steven. Her deep blue eyes, highlighted by the auburn complexion of her skin, seem to gaze into his very soul. “Ah good you have arrived.” She spoke in a soft gentle voice. Reaching her hand up she knocked on the cabin door.

          The cabin door swung open as the co-pilot reaches from his seat to open the door. Leaning as far as possible to see out, he can see Steven standing in the cargo hold. “Take your seat, the Captain is speaking with the tower and we will be cleared to leave in a few minutes. I’ll take your bag we have a section to hold them in front here, Lieutenant.” The co-pilot reaches for Steven’s bag allowing the door to shut as he pulls it back into the cabin and resumes his duties.

          “Please have a seat, you don’t look like you are feeling well.” The woman speaks motioning to the open seat adjacent to her. Steven sits in the chair bringing the two straps in front of him and connecting them at his chest. Two additional clips locked between his legs forming a secure harness, not unlike a child safety seat.

          “Thank you. I am feeling fine. Do I really look unwell? A slight bit of confusion can be heard in Stevens voice as he asks the question. The last thirty minutes or so had been a blur, but he was feeling well.

          “Your cheeks are slightly red and you have a bit of sweat forming on your brow. Since I didn’t hear you running, I just thought you might be feeling I’ll. I apologize, for the assumption but working in nurseries you learn to look for these types of signs. My students don’t usually tell me when they aren’t feeling well.” As Emily speaks she waves her hand towards the open seat indicating that Steven should sit down.

          “You run the nursery. I didn’t think that would be open this early in construction.” Steven responded as he took the open seat. “I’m Steven Jinete, by the way, it is a pleasure to meet you.” He said reaching his hand to the side to shake hers.

          “Emily Ferrol.” She responded shaking Steven’s hand. “I requested early boarding so I could get the Nursery and Preschool areas ready. There is a bad habit of not preparing those facilities correctly before the stations are sent through hyperspace. Leaving valuable supplies behind which cannot be easily acquired. This station is going further out than any of the others I’ve been aboard, resupply will take several years which is unacceptable.”

          “A smile forms on Steven’s face as he listens to Emily’s worries. She is obviously familiar with the older space stations which have not been retrofitted with replicator technology. He is not surprised as the technology was only recently revealed to the civilian population and has only been in use by the government for a few years. “I admire your dedication. I’m here to make sure that long waits for resupply are a thing of the past. I’ll be installing replicators throughout the station which will be able to reproduce any organic item. A few organic/inorganic combination replicators will also be installed for items which require metals. Of course those systems aren’t online yet.”

          Emily looks at Steven dumbfounded for a moment, she blinks a few times before opening her mouth. “Sounds like exceptional technology, I look forward to trying it out. From what I have been told the Nursery and Pre-schools are still mostly vacant without even the bare necessities.”

          Emily continued to ask Steven about the technology for awhile finding his work to be fascinating. As the flight progressed, Steven felt Emily would know almost as much about his job as himself by the time they arrived. Nearly an hour into the flight Emily changed the topic. “So where are you from, Steven?”

          “Tacoma, in the State of Washington. Though I haven’t been there in many years. Not since before I joined the academy nearly seven years ago. Where are you from, Emily?”

          “That sounds like a beautiful place. I have moved around a lot, though I’ve mostly lived within the United States. If I had to pick a place, I would say I’m from Phoenix, Arizona. I lived longer there than anywhere else and it is where I realized my love of working with children.”

          The anxiety and stress Steven felt early had entirely dissipated during his conversation with Emily. Talking about his work was old hat to him now and allowed for an easy distraction. Emily’s work on the other hand had him really intrigued. Steven liked playing with his nieces and nephews, but had stayed away from working around children. A fear that people would associate his interest in diapers and regression as an interest in the children themselves, kept Steven at arms bay from the childcare field. He couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like to spend some time in Emily’s nursery playing in a carefree environment. “How did you decide to work in child care, Emily?”

          The smile that crossed Emily’s face revealed not only how much she loved her job, but how much she was enjoying this conversation. Her past assignments had kept her from meeting anyone as kind and interesting as Steven seemed. Normally the men were either so pent up from being in space that they were overly aggressive, or they were stationed there with their spouses. More and more women were entering the space but with so few people overall the demographics lead to loads of overeager suitors. “I attended Arizona State University for their nursing program. Two years into it I performed a rotation through a pediatric hospital as part of my education. The children were full of hope and light, even though some were facing horrible diseases and injuries. Their positivity and hope was wonderful compared to the frequently bitter nature of the adults in similar facilities. Even the environment was different, bright colors, cartoon characters and stuffed animals filled the buildings. It was hard to not feel wonderful working with such wonderful children. When I graduated, the Space Corps contacted me, they needed nursing staff on the space stations and would pay off all my student loans. I considered the offer for a while, but eventually told them I wanted to work with children and would have to pass on their offer. It turns out that the nursery, pre-school, and other child care workers are all medically trained staff on the space stations. I was offered a position working in the nursery and jumped on the opportunity. A few years, and stations later, and I’m now managing those programs onboard a new space station.”

          Emily and Steven continued making small talk as the flight progressed. The hours passed by quickly and before they realized how much time had passed the cockpit door opened and the co-pilot poked his head back. “We will be arriving at the station in a few minutes. There will be someone waiting there to inprocess you into the facility when we arrive.” He called back.

          Steven felt a tremendous sense of loss. Back in the stairwell at the other station he had been dying for the journey to be through allowing him a chance to change out of his wet diaper. The pleasant conversation with emily had distracted him from the earlier embarrassment, however, even making him forget about the status of the wet fabric between his legs. Now that it was ending he could feel himself starting to become uncomfortable. Sitting in the wet diaper for this long was starting to have an effect as Steven could feel a slight diaper rash setting in. Emily must have noticed a change in Stevens demeanor.

          “I can’t believe we are already arriving. I’ve really enjoyed talking with you. Would you mind keeping me company through this inprocessing?” She looked hopeful at Steven thinking that his company would make the insufferable mundanities of inprocessing that much more interesting. Steven for his part was more than happy to oblige, he had enjoyed spending time with Emily and knew the rest of the day would be quite boring as he was introduced to the station. He would just need to slip away for a few minutes to change before the process started.


            Good story !!! I hope there more to come


              Chapter 5: Inprocessing

              Steven and Emily’s plans were interrupted almost as soon as they were formalized. The loading ramp to their shuttle began to lower and two uniformed individuals stepped onto the platform. A woman bearing the insignia of human resources and a man bearing an engineering insignia. “Lieutenant Jinete, I am sergeant Llave. I have orders from the chief of engineering and the Captain to escort you directly to engineering. Your in processing will need to wait.” The newcomer from the engineering department stated.

              The copilot, emerging from the front of the ship at that moment, holds a duffel bag forward. “You won’t want to forget this Lieutenant.” holding it out the bag.

              Steven grabs his duffel bag and gives Emily a disappointed look. “Thank you for the company Emily. Hopefully I can catch up to you once, I get through with this issue.” Normally Steven would have given her his communicator frequency or another method of finding him, but being new to the ship, he had not yet been issued those items.

              Sergeant Llave, moved quickly through the station weaving in and out of corridors and passing through coded entry ways. Within mere minutes Steven was completely lost, any hope of finding his way back to the docking bay now lay with his designated guide. The signs and maps which typically dot the walls of Space stations had apparently not been yet been crafted. As the journey continued Steven could see some flashing red lights in the distance and as they moved closer hear the repetition of an alarm blaring. The sergeant took a sharp turn through a doorway to the right of the hall at the point where the alarm seemed to be originating. The door opened to reveal a large engineering compartment. Computer banks dotted the sides while the main engine and other mechanical components filling a large area at the back of the engineering section. Personnel scurried about their duties, many frantically typing away at computer terminals. The sergeant rushed Steven to an individual working near the main engine. “Captain Trollcrest, Lieutenant Jinete has arrived.”

              Captain, Steven repeated the title in his head. It is extremely unusual for the captain of a space station to be in engineering at all, let alone working. Things must be really bad. His thoughts were quickly interrupted however as the Captain begins to speak.

              “Lieutenant”, the Captain begin without even turning from his station. “Our life support systems are failing. We are attempting to cut off non-essential systems and maximize the effectiveness of backup systems and scrubbers now. We are missing key components and need them constructed. The organometallic synthesizer is partially installed and we have technicians working on it bringing it online, but they are unfamiliar with the system. We need your expertise. They have an inventory of the required parts. Get the system up and running immediately, I need those parts!”

              The escort lead Lieutenant Jinente through the unfamiliar space station to the location of the organometallic synthesizer. The device was located within what would have been a secure cargo bay. The large size accommodated not only the synthesizer itself, but also provided room for large items to be created. Shortly before reaching the bay, a loud crash can be heard echoing through the hallways. The source of the sound was unclear, but its origin was undoubtedly from the synthesizer bay.

              The view within the synthesizer bay as the lieutenant entered could only be described as chaotic. A large leather couch laid in pieces on the production floor. Several technicians were moving in, clearing the space of the debris. Only a few individuals looked up as the duo entered the bay.

              “Listen up! The captain needs his parts immediately. This is a priority situation. Whomever was in charge, I need to be briefed now! And, for the love of all things holy, why is there a couch on the production floor?”

              A tall older man wearing a technicians uniform approaches. The rank insignia indicating he was a First Sergeant with the name tag stating his name was McNealy. Walking quickly and wiping his hands of some grease he beings to call out. “Sir, the couch is a result of the last test. It should have been one of the carbon scrubbers for the life support system. The couch materialized several feat in the air and crashed down causing the debris field. We are examining the test results now.”

              “Understood sergeant. Lieutenant Jinete says moving towards a main control station. Pressing several commands he quickly identifies the couch in question as coming from a low priority request in the housing section. “Their is a presidence index error leading to the creation of the couch. Sergeant have one of your men establish the precedence order of the incoming requests.” Moving through the logs of the event Steven notices the geospatial coordinates for the bay are incorrect. “Sergeant a spatial orientation anomaly is causing the product to appear at elevation, we need to recalibrate the spatial orientation system so point 0, 0, 0 is on the bay floor. We can worry about exact orientation later, have someone do a quick adjustment. These resource gauges are all over the place and fluctuating, have all other synthesizing operations shut down immediately, we need those resources!”

              The sergeant looks puzzled “Sir, there are no other synthesizers online at the moment. There is nothing to shut down. It must be an error with the automatic resource inventory tracker. Private Estrella, go to the resource and recycling bay and call back with the exact quantities of materials currently at our disposal. Corporal O’Connel adjust the spatial alignment. I’ll correct the prioritization. Call out as your task is complete.”

              A prompt “Yes sir is heard from two individuals as the Private Estrella rushes out the doorway. Another individual rushes to an open console and begins to work frantically. Several minutes pass as Steven continues searching through the record logs. He notices that the library containing vital ships components is causing an error and begins troubleshooting.

              A few more minutes pass before the Corporal calls out that the alignment is complete, A radio call comes in at the same minute waiting for confirmation before calling out resource levels. Steven quickly jots the information down on a spare piece of paper next to his control console. “Precedence reestablished, Sir.” The first sergeant called out a moment later.

              “Great work men, Steven called out. I’m correcting a library reference error. Prepare the next test to go on my mark. A bed of sweat began rolling down Steven’s brow as he continued to look for the cause of the error. The error code seemed to suggest that the library did not exist and defaulted to an older antiquated library as a result. Traversing the directories Steven was perplexed as the correct library did in fact exist. A few more minutes passed as Steven looked back and forth at the error and file directories. Eventually Steven noticed that the error code referenced a library with the same name, but capitalized differently. Quickly changing the capitalization on the file he called out. “Now, proceed with the test!”

              A loud hum could be heard as the system buzzed to life. A few moments later a carbon scrubber appeared an inch or so above the synthesizer bay floor crashing to the ground. “ Corporal re-configure the geospatial alignment with the new data. First Sergeant, I need updated resource levels and that scrubber transported to testing now! Corporal call out when you are ready for the next item!”.

              The First Sergeant’s voice could be heard ordering another technician to transport the carbon scrubber then speaking to Private through the radio. Writing down resource levels the sergeant approached Steven and handed him an updated list.

              “Ready Sir” the Corporals voice called out. Steven ordered all personnel to stand clear and begin the next test. The hum of the machine coming to life before spitting out another carbon scrubber.

              “First Sergeant, you know the drill. Updated resources and testing now. Take over here at my control panel, I need to review the requisition list.” Moving from the panel Steven could hear the background noises of his operations moving forward. At an open console he pulled up the critical parts list and begin marking the items which had been produced. Pulling up an internal communications screen he selected the testing department of engineering. As the screen lit up the private who transported the first unit appeared. “Status of the first carbon scrubber, private?”

              “Sir, engineering has identified several flaws with the performance of the scrubber, but it meets emergency installation guidelines.”

              “We will work on the defects later, have the scrubber transported to main engineering now and return for the next as soon as it is cleared.” Pressing the red disconnect button, Steven moves to call up main engineering. A new face appears quickly on the screen and seems to recognize Steven from his momentary visit.

              “Captain the new lieutenant is calling!” The voice can be heard calling out as the image looks away from the screen, presumably towards the Captain. Within mere moments the image on the screen is replaced by the Captain who orders an immediate report.

              “Sir the synthesizer is now functional. The frist parts have slight defects, but meet emergency standards. The first is on its way to you now. Once the situation is stabilized I will diagnose and identify the deficiencies.”

              “Keep me informed Lieutenant, Captain out.” can be heard through the system as the captain’s images flashes to darkness. An agvited look could be clearly screen on the screen, but Steven was unsure if the look was due to the low quality parts or the ongoing emergency. Only time would tell, as the next part settled on to the bay floor and was ushered out.

              “Sergeant McNealy, is this all the personnel assigned to our department?” Steven inquired.

              “Yes, Sir. Everyone was called in to help with the crisis.”

              “Ok Sergeant, This is going to be a long process. We are not through until all the parts have been made and new parts are made that meet quality tests for ongoing operations. Break our men into two groups and send the ones we can spare to get some rest with orders to be back at a time you designate. Our men will rotate through until the job is done. No rest for you or I, I’m afraid. I need you to run operations here while I investigate the quality errors. I am headed to the testing lab with this next item to get a detailed look at the errors and start troubleshooting our quality problems. Any questions.”

              “None Sir.” The Sergeant replies as the next object appears on the replicator floor. One of the runners enters the room just as the object appears and Steven informs them that he will be accompanying them to the testing lab. Following the private through the walkways was not difficult. The testing department was down a long straight hallway but was clearly marked. Just outside the lab Steven notices a common restroom and informs the private that he will be right in and to continue about his business.”

              Finally, a chance to change out of this wet diaper. Steven thinks to himself. The swelling had continued ad a small dampness could be felt around Steven’s legs. The diaper would not hold up to much more wear, and certainly could not hold another wetting. The restoom was a unisex bathroom with a single toliet and sink. Locking the door behind him, Steven dropped his duffelbag onto the floor. Steven had nearly forgotten about the duffel bag in the rush of excitement and urgency of the situation, but now that it sat on the floor he could feel a sense of relief from no longer carrying it. Perhaps I should put on another diaper. He thought to himself. There would not be much time for bathroom breaks. The feeling of a slight rash setting made up Steven’s mind for him. Another diaper would only aggravate the rash and he could not afford to be distracted at this point.

              Pulling the soggy space themed diaper off. Steven quickly rolled it into a ball. Looking around he realized there was only a single trash can. The can had an open lid and was currently empty. Anyone entering the bathroom could easily see the diaper if he tossed it into there. This was not the first time this had happened so Steven knew what to do. He quickly washed his hands and reached for the paper towel dispenser. He would simply throw several paper towels over the diaper to disguise its presence. “Damb” Steven cursed aloud. There were no more paper towels in the dispenser. Wiping his hands on his clothing Steven decided it was best to just take the diaper with him and dispose of it later.

              Reaching down he grabbed his discarded duffel bag and set in on the counter. Pulling the zippers open Steven was shocked to see the contents. Several books were the first thing to catch Stevens eye followed by a few folded pairs of panties and a purple dildo. Blushing Steven quickly realized that his duffel bag must have been swapped with Emily’s. He tossed the used diaper into the bag and resealing the zipper. Steven was grateful he always rolled his diapers into his clothing when he packed, hoping that would keep Emily from seeing them. Not remembering at this time that his bag had been searched at security and in his haste he simply threw all the items back into the bag.

              Steven moved from the bathroom his duffel over his shoulder and entered the quality testing lab. Introducing himself quickly he set to work attempting to diagnose the quality issues with the parts being generated. Line after line of code passed before him as the passage of time began to shift away from his consciousness. This was only the next step in what promised to be a long process.


                Another enjoyable chapter, this one setting up both personal and professional conflicts: well done! You do have a tendency to shift back and forth between present and past tenses, though; you should try to remain in one or the other. Looking fwd to the next installment.


                  Originally posted by Pierry View Post
                  Good story !!! I hope there more to come
                  Thanks for the reply. It is nice knowing someone else is enjoying this story too.

                  Originally posted by kerry View Post
                  Another enjoyable chapter, this one setting up both personal and professional conflicts: well done! You do have a tendency to shift back and forth between present and past tenses, though; you should try to remain in one or the other. Looking fwd to the next installment.
                  Thanks. The ABDL content is slow coming in these early chapters. It is nice having some feedback that this is adding to the story instead of detracting from it. In the future I anticipate focusing less on the details of his work, but felt it important to give an idea of what his role on the station was. Thank you for the comment about switching tenses. I will take another look at that. There are times it is intentional, but mostly, I think it has to do with my changing thoughts as I write.

                  I hope to get a chapter up about once a week, but have a lot going on in my personal life right now. Knowing people are enjoying the story helps motivate me to keep the story going and keep the pace up. So thank you for commenting.


                    Chapter 6: Rest and Inprocessing.

                    Thirty earth standard hours later. Steven could barely keep his eyes open from exhaustion. Including the travel it had been nearly two full days since he last slept. His men had worked admirably and the organometalic replicator was working at full capacity. All critical parts had been completed. Unfortunately, the supply of raw materials is now almost non-existant and Steven would have to begin work immediately on the material recycler. Well, not immediately. Sleep would have to occur first along with some mundane red tape associated with a new duty station.

                    “Sir.” First Sergeant McNealy said as he approached. “I just got off with the quartermaster. You have been assigned temporary living quarters and have been ordered by the Captain to resume in processing during second shift. That is approximately ten hours sir. I’m headed that way myself and will show you where you will be staying. Sergeant Tergunu will have the men clean up and begin staging for the work on the recycler and the other installs. We should be ready by the day after next when you return to our department. This way, sir.”

                    Steven followed the first sergeant through the hallways. The dim lights in the hall nearly causing him to fall to the ground in exhaustion. Dimming the lights was common during the “night” shifts as it assisted station personnel in maintaining a sense of temporal movement. The sergeant offered a brief explanation of the stations features, but Steven was too exhausted to pay any attention. A formal tour should occur as part of in processing and at this moment he only cared about sleep.

                    A fifteen minute walk later and Steven entered an elevator to the residential section of the ship. The elevator opened to a long hallway with doors along both sides. The effect similar to any apartment complex back at earth. Moving off to the left Steven could tell that a large section of the wall was unobstructed by doorways. As the approached the entrance to this long section the First Sergeant begin to explain that it housed the Nursery and preschool section of the stations.

                    “Steven!” Emily’s voice called out as the First Sergeant and Steven passed by the open door to the nursery. “I was hoping to run into you again. No one had any idea when you would be available and I couldn’t get any information on how to contact you.” She continued to speak in a bubbly fashion as she came rushing through the door. The look of exhaustion on the two men's faces causing her to step back slightly. “You look exhausted! We can talk later, but before you run off I have your duffel bag in here. The pilots switched them on us.” Emily disappeared back into the nursery returning moments later with a standard issued duffel bag over her shoulder. “I assume that is mine?” she asked as she handed over Steven’s duffel.

                    Steven nodded sleapily pulling the bag off his shoulder and exchanging it with Emily. “I’m too exhausted to talk right now Emily. Can we meet up later.”

                    “That is fine Steven, you get some rest. I will be here during first and second shifts and possibly into the night. I look forward to seeing you. Now get some rest sleepyhead.” She said that last part with a giggle and with a slight variation in tone. Reminiscent of that Steven expected she would use on a child she was putting down for a nap.” Unintentionally, Steven smiled at the comment.

                    “Good night Emily. Sergeant If you would be so kind as to show me where I can rest for a bit.” Steven said turning to the First Sergeant.
                    --Emily’s Perspective--

                    The duo moved down the hallway the Sergeant pointing out a door to one of the guest quarters a short distance away from the nursery. Emily watched as Steven disappeared through the door and the first sergeant passed further down the hallway.

                    I hope he isn’t too embarrassed when he is awake enough to realize I had his bag for nearly two days. Emily thought back to when she realized the mistake herself. In processing, or what should have been in processing, was delayed for her, also, after Steven was taken from the room. Something big was happening on the station and most of the departments were swamped dealing with the issue. Whatever the issue was, since they were keeping it hush hush. The only real in processing she had gone through was being assigned living quarters. A small one bedroom setup not too much further down from the nursery.

                    Emily walked to her quarters her newly returned duffel over her shoulder much like Steven’s duffel had been her first time going to the quarters. The human resources officer who shown Emily to her room the first time and helped carry Emily’s bags had departed at the entrance Emily to explore by herself. Emily had already been warned that the room was spartan, with only a cot and standard issued bedding. Personalized furniture, bedding, and decor could be requested through the replicator system and each person was given a decent sized resource ration to use on those items outside of their normal rations. Unfortunately the replicator system was not yet functioning and requisitions for private quarters were low on the priority list for when they were brought online.

                    The living room was still vacant, as Emily entered with her duffel over her shoulder, except for the large monitor adorning one wall. The touch screen device came standard and acted as a source of entertainment and access to the stations computers and network. Passing into the bedroom Emily saw her numerous suitcases and luggage spread across the ground. Little had been unpacked, since there was no place to put anything until furniture had been ordered. Just as Emily had done before she pulled the duffel bag off of her shoulder. Unzipping the enclosure she dumped the bag onto the waiting cot. While normally a bit of a neat freak, Emily found it a bit cathartic to simply dump the contents of a bag onto a waiting bed. It made the process of finding a specific item easy. Also, having the items piled on to the bed would ensure they were put away before Emily went to sleep. At least it would ensure that had she had dressers in which to store the items.

                    Emily had performed this same process when she first arrived in her room. Dumping Steven’s duffel bag out in the hopes of finding some clothes to change into after a shower and another book to read, still believing the bag to be hers. The contents of Steven’s bag fell out across her bed causing her a momentary shock. The male clothing, personal items and space themed diapers were obviously not what she had been expecting. Lifting up of the diapers up and inspecting it Emily was quickly able to identify it. The design was reminiscent of diapers she had used in the nursery in her previous station. The poor man must be incontinent. Emily thought to herself at that time. She quickly packed the bag back up placing all the items inside. Hopefully he wouldn’t be too upset that she knew his secret.

                    As the contents of her duffel bag fell onto the cot, Emily was once again surprised. One of Steven’s space diapers fell out of the bag. Its balled up form rolling to the side as the other contents fell to the ground. Steven must have noticed the switch earlier. Emlys cheeks when flush as her purple dildo fell onto the bed next to the diaper. She had forgotten that the dildo was packed in her carry on. Steven must have seen it she thought to herself. She quickly dumped the remaining contents and began searching through them carefully. The dildo is easy to explain, doesn’t everyone have one? Just tell me I didn’t pack the harness in this bag. Emily could feel the stress rise as she pushed through the contents looking for the strap on harness. After several minutes she relaxed. Good, Emily thought, had he seen that he might of though I was a lesbian and lost interest. A Smile crossed Emily’s face as she pictured Steven on his knees before her the dildo only inches from his mouth. Your not even dating yet Emily, get a grip girl!

                    Emily picked up the rolled diaper feeling how clammy and cold it had become. Moving to the living room she found the trash can and tossed the diaper into it. I wonder where he found a new diaper to change into. Didn’t they say they lost his luggage on the transport. Emily continued to wonder for a few moments as she moved to the monitor in the living room. Touching the screen she navigated to the communications system. “Call Mom.” Emily said as the system began ringing.


                      Enjoying this. Hope to see more.