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The Worst Timing

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    [Incomplete] The Worst Timing

    Henry sat constantly distracted by an urge to look around the room, mainly at the front door. He was on the living room couch & knew very well no one would be home for a while. Jen didn't get off work until five pm & it was only three, John wouldn't be home for a few days he'd gone on a vacation to get away from the cold for a bit. So Henry sat on the comfy, tan, pleather couch wearing a very wet diaper, a xmen t-shirt & a pair of old sweatpants. He had a blanket close by to cover himself in case the need arose & a thin absorbing pad beneath him for when he leaked.

    With one hand on his phone & the other in his pants. Henry started to rub and grind against his squishy diaper. He'd gone to a favorite video turned his volume down & watched the blonde woman walk into frame & start giving him commands. Just as she got to the part were she tells him to get on all fours, Henry's rubbing speeds up then slows down to incremental bursts just as he starts to finish he hears the storm door open & keys enter the lock. Henry half reveling in his orgasm half trying to remain calm despite the panic & pleasure overtaking him quickly pulls the blanket around his stomach & bottom half. Then presses the home button on his phone.

    Henry with one hand still on his phone his other now under the blanket back on his diaper adjusting it, while simultaneously pulling up his pants. His hand appears back above the covers just before the door fully opens. He taps open spotify & looks up trying his best to act normal when he sees a person he doesn't know. A shortish girl maybe 5'3" from what he guessed Henry was a short guy at 5'4" himself & he thought they seemed about even. She had black hair a bit past her shoulders & a cute face with round features & bright green eyes. Henry had almost started to check out the rest of her when Jen burst into the open door way with a bunch of bags from the near by shopping center.

    Jen took a few big steps into the living room & outa the doorway before putting all her bags down while almost yelling "Hey Henry" like she tended to do when she was in a good mood. "This is Kate, she works at the bar with me, we went shopping today" Henry gave Jen a funny half look conveying his gut reaction of no shit. "Hey Kate good to meet you" Henry said while giving a small wave with his free hand. "What'd you guys get out early today?" he tried to add casually. Kate gave a similar wave back to Henry as Jen began "It was slow & Roger asked if anyone wanted to leave, I didn't really want to be there in the first place & normally I'd stay anyway but Kate was already there eating & we had plans later I left". "I just have the day off" Kate added in a short matter of fact way with unintentional comedic effect.

    Jen started to sort through the bags both announcing what she got & doing an inventory to make sure she didn't forget anything in Kate's Car. Henry on the far right side of the couch away from the door turned on the TV with the remote & moved everything he had on the middle cushion closer to him. The crinkling sound the diaper & pad made as he shifted was covered by the obnoxious commercial & narrated sorting. "You can sit if you want" Henry gestured at Kate to the open spot on the opposite side of the couch from him.

    Jen was bent over the bags her blonde/brown hair looking wild, "these are for the house" she declared pushing some of the bags in the general direction of the kitchen that began where the living room ended. "These are for me" she said throwing 2 bags of clothes to left of the tv stand across from Kate & "These are for tonight!" she finished off with a joyous & sorta victorious tone as she put a 30 rack of cheap beer, a decent sized bottle of some not so cheap whiskey & a pint of melon flavored vodka on the small coffee table, followed by lemonade & some off brand cola. She put the now empty bags from the booze into an empty bag that once had the soda & picked up the rest of the house hold stuff & walked the 15ft to the kitchen from the living room to put everything else away.

    Shit! Fuck! Fuuuuuckkk! is all that ran through Henry's head in the time Jen put the stuff away. He was lucky Kate didn't try to chat in those few minutes because he could barely think. "If get up & leave the blanket to cover the pad they'll notice my diaper or maybe it leaked already & I have those half circle wet spots" He thought to himself. "If I walk away wrapped in the blanket with the pad I'll crinkle like hell & something might show or stick out" he continued to worry. "So I guess I'm just gonna sit here, they'll have to go sometime right? Maybe Jen's room, maybe just out for the night, anything just give me a minute or two alone." His thoughts interrupted by Jen's voice "move your shit I want to sit down"

    Hey people, longtime lurker finally trying my hand at writing. So this my first story will ideally be 4 or so "parts" (could be 3 or it could be 5) & I will hopefully have it done by end of August the latest. I hope you enjoy the setup sorry theres not much here at the moment. The second part will be longer I just wanted to start now while I actually had the motivation.

    Feedback on the start of the story & the writing structure/grammar things I probably flubbed up on are welcomed & encouraged .

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    Really liked the way you write and now I want really want to know how he gonna resolve this impossible situation ! And I want to know more about him , like why he uses diapers e why he live with two roommates