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The Castration

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    [Complete] The Castration

    The Castration

    Danny looked at his mother in horror. When you're eight barely an hour passes without someone telling you off but he'd never seen her looking this angry.

    Jane stomped up to the worried looking boy, grasped his wrist and pulled him roughly towards the house. "Come with me," she demanded, ignoring that the small boy couldn't do anything else, "you have some explaining to do."

    Danny wondered what he'd done wrong this time. He found himself in the house, backed up against the closed kitchen door, frightened of his mother who stood over him, looking down fiercely as she slapped the door by his ear.

    "Judith told me what you did," she said, as though that explained everything. The quizzical expression on Danny's face should have been a clue, but she was too outraged to notice, started shouting instead, "You DO NOT do that."

    Jane's voice switched to a barely perceptible low tone that Danny had learned to fear as she told him, "You wait until your father gets home."

    Bewildered he looked up at her, tears already streaming from his face, something Jane interpreted as guilt. She found her temper going again, livid that he could show signs of guilt and not consider apologising, started shouting once more, "Go to your room!"

    Glad to be able to flee Danny ran from the kitchen, went upstairs, sat on the edge of his bed crying. He still didn't know what he'd done or why his mother was so angry.


    The front door opened. The front door closed. Muted voices could be heard; Jane had contacted Toby while he was still at work, his job not giving him the luxury of the late afternoon finish that helped Jane keep the childcare costs down. The stairs creaked and Danny's bedroom door opened.

    "Well?" asked Toby, looking down at his son.

    "What have I done?" asked Danny, no longer frightened and instead aggrieved at the seeming injustice.

    Toby looked at his son, sat down on the bed beside him, calmly asked him, "You went to Judith's after school today?"

    "Yes," replied Danny.

    "Judith said you were playing with Tracey?"

    "Yes. She's my friend," said Danny, confused but reassured by his father's demeanour.

    "Did you pull down your shorts and underwear in front of her?" asked Toby.

    "Ummm. She said she hasn't even seen a willy," said Danny, "So I said she could see mine."

    "I see," said Toby, his tone that of a judge pulling on a black cap. "You must never do that again."

    They talked some more, discussing school, Judith, Tracey and the importance of keeping parts of the body hidden from others.


    "That's not enough," declared Jane, annoyed that Toby hadn't punished their child, "I'm going to do something about this."

    Toby sighed and signalled his retreat. "Ok dear, whatever you feel is best."

    "Don't you 'dear' me," yelled Jane, then giggled as Toby pulled her into a close embrace and whispered into her ear.

    "I trust you," she heard, and smiled. Toby was a good man, even if his genes had given her what seemed to be the devil's own spawn.


    "How did you manage to arrange this?" asked Judith, carefully guiding her large SUV down the narrow country lane.

    "He supplies the Institute," replied Jane, "I don't know him too well but we chat when he drops of deliveries so I just asked him if this might be possible."

    "Well, it's very brave of you," said Judith, "Not many mothers would do this."

    Jane expressed her thanks, and the pair switched to more general gossip that Danny found horribly boring. Instead he turned to Tracey, sat in the back of the car with him, and they played I spy. Cow or cloud, tree or tractor, hill or hedge; endless options available.


    Danny stood in a muddy puddle looking in amazement at the cow. He'd never been so close to one, hadn't realised how big they were. Tracey seemed less awed, already demanding that the cow was called Dairy and the bull should be called Harold.

    "Harold?" asked the farmer, "I wouldn't have thought of that. Now, do you think this one's a boy or a girl?"

    "That's a bull!" said Danny confidently.

    "That's right," said the farmer, "and this one?"

    "A cow! She's got udders," stated Tracey authoritatively.

    Judith and Jane smiled at each other. The school should've been giving their children this education but sometimes mothers have to step in. They stood gossiping as Danny played with the farmer's dogs and Tracey followed the farmer into a barn.

    "I heard why you're here," said the farmer to Tracey, "Let me show you what should happen to men that expose themselves to you. You see this bull?"

    Tracey nodded, now fully capable of identifying it for herself.

    "Well, we only need one bull on a farm," said the farmer, "So this youngster and his mates are going to become steers."

    Tracey watched with interest, then horror, then ran screaming from the barn.


    "I'm so sorry," said Jane, "Whatever possessed him to show her that?"

    "It's fine," said Judith, "She'll recover. Probably cost her a ton in counselling when she's in her 30s but that's growing up for you. At least Danny didn't see it, he might have taken it personally."

    Danny wondered what he hadn't seen, decided to ask Tracey later, when they were alone together. She was sat beside him again for the drive home, her thumb in her mouth, her doll Moppy clutched close to her.

    Danny did see something though, on the farm, that had seemed very strange. He asked his mother, "Umm. Why was that farmer in a diaper? Don't farms have toilets?"

    Judith laughed and looked across at Jane, interrupted with a gentle mocking comment, "I can't wait to see how you teach them this one!"

    Haha that was a good one. I got a chuckle out of it. I always enjoy the twists in your stories. Well done.
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