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The "forgotten" homework

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    The "forgotten" homework

    Ok, here goes, my first attempt at a fictional story. I’ll be honest, I’ve no idea really where I’m going with this, but I love writing (usually boring, business reports and stuff!) and have always fancied having a go at something a bit more creative.

    To give some advanced warning, and a bit of context, this story will be based around underage children. There will not be any sexual content at all, as perhaps it’s a bit of a contradiction in terms, however this kink isn’t actually sexually motivated for me. I’ve always been fascinated by wetting, it really interests me, but not in an erotic kind of way.

    I’v always had dreams/daydreams around wetting scenarios and more often than not I only remember fragments, but this one seems to have stuck in my mind and Ive trend mentally roleplaying it so thought I’d see if I can construct something readable from it. I'll keep it brief to begin with, just to see whether it's "got legs" and also whether I've got a handle on the right writing style for it. Greatly appreciate any feedback. Some of you may have seen the first 5 chapters already posted on another community group over the past couple of days. I thought, as I've had so much enjoyment from so many stories here over the years too, it was only fair to return the favour by sharing it here as well.

    Anyway, onwards...

    Chapter 1

    Lucy was sat daydreaming at her place in class. Nothing new there, it’s how she spent many lessons - letting her teachers words wash over her, going in one ear and out of the other without actually taking anything in. She was bored with junior school now, and wanted to get on with the more exciting parts of growing up.

    Lucy Daniels is 11 years old, a typical pre-teen with just a hint of stroppy teenagerhood starting to creep in around the edges. She’s popular, very mature and “grown up” for her age, but so easily distracted. Image is fast becoming everything for her, and she simply has to be 'cool' at all times. She goes to great lengths to make sure she always dresses, looks and acts at least as old as she is, if not much older. The thought of being considered babyish is here deepest fear, and sometimes she expresses this through being a bit too cocky in an effort to hide her own insecurities. Typical teenager in the making.

    The tone of the hubbub around her changed, and this jolted her from her stupor. Maybe she should pay attention for a while, see what was going on in class and familiarise herself at least with the subject her teacher was boring on about, just in case she was unfairly picked on to answer a question!

    She turned to her best friend Becky, who as ever was sat next to her and responded to her glazed look with a giggle.

    “Have you listened to anything Miss Jenkins has been taking about Lucy? Hehe”

    “Erm no, not really, I was counting on you filling me in. It’s not like we need to know any of this stuff anyway, we’ve already done our SATs and we’ll be moving to high school soon” Lucy replied with a whispered giggle of her own.

    Just then, both girls attention was drawn back to the front of the class by the shrill tones of Mrs Moss, the strict deputy head who had popped in to have a quick word with Miss Jenkins. Moss always meant trouble, and they knew it! Bad enough that they had to put up with her for an English lesson after lunch, without her interrupting their gossip time with their favourite teacher too.

    “Don’t forget, boys and girls, the comprehension homework I set you all two weeks ago, and have already given you an extra week to work on because of your SATs revision, MUST be handed in at the start of our next lesson! No excuses, those of you who haven’t completed it will be spending your lunchtimes with me for a week until it’s done, and for any of you who have dared to miss a second piece of homework, I’ll be calling your parents in for a little chat”. This last sentence was said in a particularly sinister tone, and Lucy was sure that Mrs Moss had trained her eyes on her as she said it.

    Her stomach sank, and she turned again to Becky, all sense of silly giggliness now cone and a forlorn, worried expression across her features.

    “Oh no! I completely forgot, I’ve not even started it, and the worksheet is still at home somewhere in my room.” She cried to Becky in horror.

    “Didn’t you ‘forget’ the last one too Luce? You’re going to be in so much trouble. If she rings your Mum, you’ll probably be grounded and miss Emily’s big birthday sleepover at the weekend too.”

    This did nothing to quell Lucy’s fears, she knew that Becky was right. Her Mum and dad were quite strict, both being teachers themselves they really valued education, and she hadn’t even told them that she’d already been in trouble with the deputy head for not ding homework. If they got called in, she would be busted.

    “What am I going to do? They’ll kill me, and I can’t miss the sleepover, it’s probably the last one before we break up and I’ve been planning stuff for ages. It’s going to be the best, I’ve got to think of something to get me out of this.”

    Lucy’s head spun, filled with all kinds of bonkers schemes and plans, each one less likely than the previous to succeed. No excuse was going to wash, and she knew that. They’d all tried them over the past couple of years, and old Moss wasn’t going to be taken in by anything she said. No, it would take something a bit more drastic than that. But what?…

    She toyed with the idea of feigning illness, but she knew she was a rubbish actor and it would be seen right through straight away. Or what about making herself sick, so she could go to the nurse and then hopefully go home? Nope, she couldn’t stand being sick, there was no way on earth she was going to make herself do that on purpose! Besides, if she was off school sick then her Mum would make sure she couldn’t do anything fun outside of school, like sleepovers. The old ‘if you’re well enough to play, you’re well enough for school’ line would no doubt be trotted out.

    Her mind flashed full of crazy ideas she’d seen on TV, what about setting off the fire alarm? Flooding the school? Somehow making Mrs Moss sick or injured so that she couldn’t take their lesson? No, no, this was ridiculous! There had to be something, a way. If only she could get herself out of that lesson, sent home but without being in trouble or missing out on her friends birthday sleepover. Hmm…


    Chapter 2

    Lucy was aghast, she just couldn’t see a way out of this mess, and despite all of her maturity her sense of what was reasonable in the circumstances was beginning to desert her.

    “I don’t think there’s much you can do Luce.” Replied Becky “Unless you can find a way of getting out of Moss’s lesson, and that’s only going to happen if you can go home. You know she NEVER lets anybody skip her class, and I saw the way she looked at you then.”

    Lucy shuddered, yep she’d seen the look too. She was hoping she’d imagined it, but it seemed not. Becky was right, she HAD to find a way of getting to go home. What she needed was some time, some space to think. There was only about 20 minutes left of this class, then 40 minutes of lunch break, that wasn’t nearly enough time to come up with a masterplan, and besides she needed to eat and ‘hang out’ with the girls at lunch.

    Surprising even herself, Lucy put her hand up to attract Miss Jenkins attention.

    “Ah Lucy, I see you’ve decided to join us in the lesson again!” Remarked the teacher, with a hint of sternness which was countered by a friendly smile. “I’m sure whatever you’ve been daydreaming about all morning is far more important than my history discussion, perhaps I should give you a quick test just to make sure you really don’t need to listen?” Again, this was delivered with a twinkle in the eye, and Lucy relaxed a little.

    “I have been listening, honest miss” remarked Lucy, charming as ever. “I was just wondering, could I please be excused to go to the toilet?”

    There was almost an audible gasp around the classroom. Nobody ever asked to go to the toilet in class, they knew it wasn’t allowed and anyway, they were all in year 6 now and didn’t need to go during lessons, they were all old enough to wait until break and lunchtimes. They’d certainly never expect Lucy to ask!

    Becky turned to look at Lucy in shock, what on earth? In return, Lucy just smiled meekly but with a mischievous glint in her eye a she did so. What was she playing at?

    “I’m sorry Lucy, but you know the rules. It’s not me who decided them, the head and deputy told everybody at the beginning of the year that nobody was allowed to be outside of their classrooms during lesson time. I think we should be able to trust you to nip to the loo and back without causing any trouble, and I’m sure we can, but I’d get told off myself if you were seen. Anyway, there’s less than 20 minutes to go until lunchtime now, I’m sure you can wait until then, can’t you?”

    Lucy’s heart sank with those words. Whilst it’s the that she hadn’t been to the toilet since before school that morning, preferring to spend her break time gossiping with her friends on the playground, that wasn’t really the issue - she often didn’t use the school toilets at all, waiting until she got home. More of the being ‘cool and grownup’. No, this request had been more about getting out of the classroom for a few minutes whilst she tried to come up with a plan to go home.

    “I’ll try” Lucy answered, trying to find a balance between sounding sad that her request had been turned down and making out that she wasn’t sure she could ‘hold it’ whilst at the same time conscious that she really didn’t want to look like a baby in front of her classmates. Who knows, maybe miss would change her mind, it was a long shot but worth a try.

    Becky looked even more shocked as she nudged Lucy and asked in a low voice “What’s up Luce?”, with a worried undertone.

    “Shh, it’s nothing, just trying to get out of here for a bit to see whether I can come up with something to make sure I miss the next lesson. There’s got to be a way of getting sent home without being in trouble for it, and definitely without being ill”. She pulled a face, making it clear to Becky that she’d even considered making herself sick, but had quickly ruled that out.

    “Oh, right. I guess that makes sense. I thought you actually wanted to go and use the smelly toilets then, haha. But be careful, maybe its better just to get in trouble for the homework and miss this one sleepover if you have to? Don’t risk getting into even more bother, it’s not worth it.”

    Lucy considered this, but to her it really WAS worth it. Becky had no idea what kind of trouble she’d be in at home if her parents got called because she’d failed to do her homework twice. And this sleepover was going to be the social event of the year, everybody was going to be there, she just couldn’t miss it. Deep in thought, some strange ideas started to surface in her head. No, she couldn’t resort to that, could she? Was it really worth THAT??

    Chapter 3

    Lucy’s head was at odds with her heart, but in truth she didn’t quite know which was fighting in which corner. She was so confused, so conflicted. Something had to be done, but could she really go that far?

    Miss Jenkins had set them a short piece of written work to focus on until the end of the lesson, but Lucy had barely made a start on it, instead her thoughts whirring into a blur as she tried to come up with an alternative whilst at the same time seeking to justify to herself the frankly ludicrous steps she was about to take.

    “Just 10 minutes left now children, please make sure you’ve covered all of the main points we’ve talked about today. I’m expecting at least 2 pages in your exercise books from each of you.” came the teachers voice from the front of the class, jolting Lucy who glanced down at the meagre couple of sentences she’d managed.

    10 minutes, that’s all she had left to play with. After that, it would be too late. It really was now or never and she knew deep down that it was now. She was going to have to go for it, what she hoped was the lesser of two evils. She felt a strange sense of nervous excitement, coupled with real fear that she’d never experienced before in her life. This. Was. It.

    Mustering everything within her, Lucy began to release her bladder muscles. Oh how she hoped this worked out as she had planned. If not, she’d ruin everything. She couldn’t believe it, was actually doing it, the warm trickle in her underwear confirmed that she was actually sitting in class and wetting herself.

    Instinctively her hands both shot to her crotch, pushing her grey school skirt between her legs. This was probably the worst thing she could have done, as it meant that there would be no hiding now, her skirt was immediately wet and stained. But it was too late, there was nothing she could do to change it. Instead she now needed to focus all of her effort on stopping weeing - she’d done what she needed to, there was no sense in making it worse and humiliating herself completely.

    Only, there was a problem, a really really big problem…she couldn’t stop! Why hadn’t she thought of this? She’d only ever intended to let a bit out, just enough to be convincing when she had to tell her teacher what had happened, and hopefully enough to get her sent home for the rest of the day. The plan had been to talk to Miss Kenkins discreetly at the end of the lesson, with nobody else needing to know anything. But no, she couldn’t control it, she should have known that. She’d never been able to stop once she’d started, something that had never been a problem before but now threatened to ruin what was left of her life.

    There was nothing she could do, her bladder was intent on emptying itself completely, and she was going to be left to deal with the consequences. She chanced a brief glance at her skirt and her worst fears were confirmed, everything was absolutely soaked and she had wee running down her legs, puddling on her chair and on the floor beneath her.

    At this she let out a barely stifled, audible sob and dropped her head down into her hands. She was ruined, and she knew it. Why had she done this to herself, how could this ever be better than missing a sleepover?

    Hearing her friend’s sob, Becky turned quickly to look at her. “What on earth’s the matter Luce?” She prompted, leaning in close so that they could talk without getting the teacher’s attention.

    Lucy looked up, her eyes red and tears now streaming down her face. Ok, so she’d planned to use a few crocodile tears to help convince her teacher, but now she’d lost all control and was nothing but a blubbering wreck. This scared Becky, who hadn’t seen her friend cry like this for years - after all, who’s heard of a year 6 girl crying like a baby? It’s just not something they did, ever, no matter what.

    Lucy couldn’t speak through her tears, instead she just shuffled her chair backwards slightly and looked pointedly down into her lap. Becky’s eyes followed her gaze, and widened immediately as they caught sight of what had happened. She couldn’t help it, she gasped out loud “Oh Lucy!”

    She was in shock, what had her friend done? Never mind year 6 girls not crying, they certainly didn’t wet themselves. She didn’t know what to say or do, this was just unbelievable. And Lucy too, of all people. No, this couldn’t be happening, she just couldn’t believe it.

    “Shhhhh” Lucy managed between sobs. “Be quiet. Pleeeeeease”

    But it was too late for that, the rest of the class had heard Becky’s exclamation of surprise across the near silent classroom, and had turned around to try and find the source of the commotion. Now Lucy was the centre of attention, all eyes on her, as she sat crying with her face red and puffy. “No, no no” she thought inwardly, “this wasn’t how it was supposed to pan out at all”. Seeing everybody staring at her open-mouthed, she dropped her head back to her desk to hide her shame.

    Right now all the class knew was that one of the oldest, most mature and most popular girls in their year was sat bawling her eyes out in the middle of history. That was enough for them, far more interesting than anything Miss Jenkins had them writing about, but little did they know it was just the tip of the iceberg.

    Of course, 30 pupils all turning in their place to face one spot in the room, combined with Becky’s gasp and the silence being punctuated by Lucy’s sobs which were increasing in volume as the seconds passed could hardly have escaped their teacher’s notice, and Miss Jenkins was soon beside them, crouching next to Lucy and asking in her most caring and compassionate voice “What’s the matter Lucy? Is everything ok sweetheart?”

    Chapter 4

    Lucy hesitantly raised her head a little, but avoided making eye contact with her teacher or any of her classmates as she stuttered “M-m-m-iss, I’ve h-had an a-a-accident”, before breaking down completely. Her sobs, no longer stifled, rang out loudly around the room, she was inconsolable. Every trace of maturity and ‘coolness’ gone, here was a wet and weeping little girl who just wanted the ground to swallow her up.

    Upon hearing her words, the class broke out into mutterings and chatter, with more than an occasional giggle thrown in. Nobody could quite believe what they’d just heard, in fact none of them could believe it at all, not of Lucy, not the 'cool' kid. The last time somebody had an accident in class...well, it just didn't happen. They couldn't remember, it must have been years and years ago. 11 year old, mature girls who were starting secondary school in a few weeks just didn't do that.

    Miss Jenkins placed an arm around Lucy and talked softly to her, reassuring her that everything was going to be ok and calming her down so that she was able to breathe properly again, eventually offering her a tissue to dry her eyes. Now the young girl was a little more composed, she again spoke gently “How about you come with me Lucy, let’s get you out of here where it’s a bit more private and you can get sorted out.”, before addressing the class quite firmly “Everybody back to your places and tidy away please, the bell will be going soon and you don’t want to be late for your lunch I’m sure! Don’t worry, I’ll make sure Lucy is ok.”

    Lucy allowed herself to be guided out of her chair and across the classroom to the door, frantically trying to cover her shame with her hands, but achieving very little as her skirt was soaked both front and back. She cringed as she caught sight of the telltale wet patches, wishing at that moment that her school uniform wasn't a grey skirt. As they reached the door, she glanced at the clock and began to panic again, Miss was right the bell would be sounding very soon, she couldn’t be seen out in the corridor like this, all of the little kids would see. Her own little brother would see! Oh the shame, the mortification.

    As the stepped out of the door, Lucy spoke in a tiny, little girl’s voice which belied her usual bravado “Please, Miss, can I go home. I just want my mum, I don’t want anybody else to see me.” Miss Jenkins heart melted as she heard this, her heart was breaking for her pupil who was usually so confident and headstrong. She didn’t quite know what had happened to cause this, but her own maternal instincts kicked in and she just wanted to protect the young girl. She knew the rules, Lucy shouldn’t be out of class without a teacher, but she also knew she couldn’t leave the rest of the class without getting herself into trouble. And if the bell went and other classes came out whilst they were stood here, she didn’t know how the poor girl would cope.

    “Ok Lucy, I’m trusting you to go by yourself, straight to the school office. Please don’t go anywhere else, run straight there. If any other teachers ask, tell them I’ve said it’s ok” She knew that Dorothy, the secretary-cum-nurse would take care of things, and she only hoped that Lucy got her wish, that she was allowed to go home to spare her blushes and to have that much needed hug from her Mum. She knew what the head was like about rules though, and attendance in particular, so deep down she was worried that he wouldn’t allow it. She'd never heard of a child being allowed to go home early before after something like this - ok, she'd never known something like this to happen to a year 6 pupil, but the younger ones always had to change and then go back to class. Uh-oh, she really hoped for Lucy's sake that he made an exception.

    Lucy mustered a small, watery smile and a faint “Thanks, Miss.” Before taking off down the corridor. She didn’t need telling twice, she needed to get to the office right now, before anybody else saw her. She needed them to phone her Mum so she could go home and hide for the rest of her life. There’s no way she could come back to school now, not after this, not ever. She almost managed a wry smile as she realised that she’d be able to skip Mrs Moss’s class after all, although she’d never intended to ruin her reputation in the process. Only an hour ago she was one of the oldest, most mature, most respected and ‘coolest’ kids in her school, now all of that was gone. Now she was a wet, weeping little baby, and it really hurt.

    It can’t get any worse, or can it…

    Chapter 5

    Lucy literally ran all of the way to the school office, so great was her fear of the lunch bell sounding whilst she was still in the corridor, so exposed and open to further humiliation. Arriving at the office, she hesitated for a moment. What did she do now? Was Mrs Johnson, the secretary, really used to year 6 girls bursting in dripping with their own wee? She very much doubted that! But if she stayed where she was stood, more than a hundred other children would be coming past very shortly, and they’d all see her shame. That steeled her resolve, she grabbed the office door handle and let herself in, meekly announcing her arrival to the kind, older lady who was sat trying to make some sense of a small mountain of paperwork.

    “Erm, excuse me, Mrs Johnson.”

    “Ah, hello Lucy. What are you doing down here during class time, shouldn’t you be in a lesson?” the lady responded, a little distractedly, and without taking her eyes off the ledger she was working on.

    Lucy tried to answer with some composure “Mrs Jenkins s-s-sent me Miss. I’ve hadda aaaa” but the rest was lost in a further barrage of sobs as Lucy once again broke down, unable to speak.

    This most unexpected reaction to her question jolted the secretary from her work, causing her to spring to her feet and rush over to Lucy, dropping down so they were on a level, and putting her arms around her in a comforting embrace. It wasn’t unknown for one of the younger, infant children to burst in unexpectedly and break into tears, but very rarely did she see something like this from one of the oldest class, so she knew that something must be very wrong indeed.

    “There there, Lucy, whatever’s happened? Calm yourself down and tell me all about it, so that I can see what I can do to help.” As she said this, she took a half step back from the young girl and regarded her, noticing at once the wet stains on her grey skirt and even the smears on her legs and white sock.

    “Oh my darling, have you had an accident? Don’t cry, I’m sure we can sort it. Shh, dry those tears and let’s have a chat and see what we can do.” Even to an outsider, it would have been clear that Dorothy was herself a Mum and a Nanna, and she was very much used to calming down distressed children. She just had a way.

    Lucy snuffled and snorted, most undignified, but dignity didn’t really seem to matter right at that moment, she’d already lost all of that. Ok, so the hug from Mrs Johnson really had helped a bit, it’s amazing just how good a hug feels when you’re feeling so upset and at your very lowest ebb, but that wasn’t going to solve her immediate predicament – she was still standing there, at 11 years old, wearing a soaked school uniform and dripping all over the floor, having wet herself spectacularly in front of all of her class. She felt like her world was ending.

    “Can I just call my Mum to come and pick me up please, miss” she sniffled, “I just want to go home.”

    Unfortunately the secretary knew the rules normally meant that unless there was a real medical emergency, no pupils were allowed to leave early and they must all remain in school until 3pm – this had been set down by the head and deputy after they’d been given a grilling by the LEA over their attendance performance, and it wasn’t in her power to bend the rules, sorry though she did feel for Lucy. She didn’t want to deflate the young girl any further though, so did her best to cushion this news as she delivered it.

    “It’s not up to me I’m afraid sweetie, I can help you get sorted out and make a call to your Mum for you, but either Mr Davies or Mrs Moss will have to authorise you leaving early, if that’s what they think is best. Tell you what, why don’t you pop into my bathroom at the back of the office here and freshen yourself up a bit whilst I have a chat with them. I’ll see if I can’t find you some clean, dry clothes to put on too. How does that sound?”

    Lucy’s heart sank once more, what did Mrs Johnson mean, that after all this she still may not be able to go home? She didn’t know how to respond that, instead standing fixed in stunned silence. She couldn’t have put herself through all of this shame and embarrassment for nothing, could she?

    Realising that there was little she could do right now, and definitely wanting to get these cold, wet clothes off, she nodded slowly and made her way to the toilet door at the back of the office, closing it softly behind her before falling to her knees as silent sobs racked through her.

    Dorothy realised she probably needed a bit of space, so picked up the phone on her desk and dialled the extension for the head, Mr Davies, intending to plead Lucy's case as well as she possibly could.


      It's good you tried something new. You've used paragraphs and new lines for new speakers. Your punctuation and spelling are good.

      Watch your verb tenses- you skip between past and present tense. Examples: in the first paragraph you have "Lucy was sat". In the past tense, it would be "Lucy sat"; in the present tense, it would be "Lucy sits". In your first paragraph, you used the past tense yet in the second you switch to present.
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        Nice story.


          Nice, hope there's more coming


            Chapter 6

            Back in the classroom, Lucy’s classmates were in shock. None of them could quite believe what they’d just witnessed, and they were all quite glad that they had their lunch break next to talk about it. Not maliciously of course, well apart from a couple who were known to be bullies, but because it was just so unusual, so out of character. Her closest friends were worried, something must be really wrong for that to have happened, but they didn’t know what. Becky was beside herself, upset that she’d not been able to do anything to help her friend when she needed her the most. Even Miss Jenkins was left feeling rather out of sorts, she’d never known anything quite like that to happen in all of her years of teaching. Ok, so Lucy had asked to be excused, but only the once and only a couple of minutes before having her accident. The rules were the rules, but it didn’t stop her feeling guilty that she’d been the one to say no, and she was sure Lucy would blame her for her humiliation. What a horrible mess it all was.

            As Lucy forlornly made her way to the bathroom, head bowed and more tears now silently pouring down her cheeks, Dorothy listened to the constant ringing on the other end of the phone, with nobody picking up. Eventually the call diverted, and her heart sank – she may have had a distant chance of convincing the head to let Lucy go home for the afternoon, but she knew Mrs Moss as well as the children did, and there was absolutely no way she would authorise this!

            The phone was answered with a curt “Yes, Dorothy, what can I do for you?” leaving no doubt that she was busy and did not appreciate being disturbed. She was annoyed that the head had disappeared off to some LEA meeting, leaving her picking up all of his calls as well as her own.

            “Afternoon Hilary, I’ve got one of the Year 6 girls here in the office with me, she’s had a bit of an accident and has asked about being allowed to go home. I have explained the usual process to her, but she’s really quite upset so I thought I’d run it by you.”

            “Is she badly injured? Does she need to be seen by a doctor?” the deputy snapped back, dreading the paperwork that would no doubt be left for her to deal with if this was the case.

            “Erm, no, actually she didn’t make it to the toilet in time, that’s all. She’s just cleaning herself up now.”

            “In Year 6, really! Oh, in that case there’s no reason at all she can’t go back to her lessons once she’s changed, is there?” There was that condescending tone again, Dorothy thought, as she heard the phone click on the other end of the line, and she worried how Lucy was going to take this news.

            Standing from her desk and making her way to the store cupboard in the far corner of the office, Dorothy began searching for some clothes that would fit Lucy. They were well prepared for toilet accidents and messy play in the infants, and even had a stock of spares for the younger junior pupils which was called upon every few weeks, but accidents in the oldest class were so rare that, thinking hard, she honestly couldn’t remember the last time a change of clothes had been needed. Hilary had been quite clear though, going home wasn’t an option, so a change of clothes would have to be found.

            Having emptied out the spares box to no avail, finding they did at least have some underwear that would do (what Lucy would make of the rather juvenile style she didn’t like to think!) but nothing to cover her modesty, her next port of call was the lost property drawer. Hopefully there would be something in there that would do, anything really. After rummaging through the various discarded hats, gloves, odd shoes (??) and bits of PE kit, her hands fell on a piece of red gingham cloth, a school summer dress. Pulling it out from amongst the detritus, she quickly shook it and looked carefully at the size. Lucy was only a slight girl, although quite tall for her age, the dress should fit although it may be a bit shorter than the school usually encouraged. Ah well, beggars can’t be choosers she thought, and she was certain Lucy would prefer that to her wet skirt.

            After hurriedly stuffing the remaining lost items back into their filling cabinet home, Dorothy took the dress and underpants over to the bathroom, opening the first door which led to a sort of ante-space containing a sink and some medical supplies, and popping them down onto a chair in there. Knocking softly on the door to the toilet area beyond, she called out “Lucy, I’ve managed to find you a chage of clean, dry clothes to pop on, I’ll leave them here on the chair for you. Don’t worry, the undies are brand new!” She added this last comment, thinking that nobody would want to put on somebody else’s old pants, and hoping it may help to reassure the poor girl.

            Lucy managed a sniffled “Thank You” through the door, and then waited a few moments to be sure the secretary had left before retrieving the clothes that had been left for her.

            As she opened the door, her eyes fell on the bundle of clothes. What. Was. That?? Her head spun again, and her stomach lurched and churned. The school officially has a separate winter and summer uniform, but after the end of Year 2 when the children moved up to the juniors this was basically forgotten about, with all of the girls wearing the winter uniform, consisting of a grey skirt and white shirt, exclusively. Similarly the boys cast aside their grey school shorts at this point, opting instead for long trousers all year round.

            As a consequence of this, nobody Lucy’s age EVER wore a summer dress to school, they all considered them to be babyish and something only the little kids would wear. Heck it was bad enough having to wear a skirt to school, but a summer dress. No, no, no. Could her day get any worse than this? She was already going to be a laughing stock, this wearing this would cost her any remaining crumbs of her reputation and she knew it. She started welling up again, and all she could think was that she hoped nobody saw what she was wearing before her Mum got there to pick her up and take her home.

            Chapter 7

            After leaving the clothes for Lucy, Dorothy headed back over to her desk, knowing that she needed to call her Mum and let her know what had happened. Going home had been ruled out, but parents still needed to be notified, and given just how upset Lucy was she thought this may be best done quickly now, so as to save her the further embarrassment of hearing the call.

            She quickly found the number on her computer, and just as she began to dial the shrill sound of the school bell rang out. Perfect, she thought, Mrs Daniels who she knew worked as a teacher, should be able take a quick call now.

            “Hello, Jeannette Daniels speaking”

            “Good afternoon Mrs Daniels, it’s Dorothy Johnson here, calling from Victoria Primary School. Are you ok to speak briefly?”

            “Hi there Dorothy, yes I’m fine to talk. Is everything ok?” Jeannette sounded worried, he didn’t usually receive calls from her children’s school, so something must be the matter, she thought.

            “There’s nothing to worry about, but Lucy has had a little accident in school this morning, and I just wanted to let you know myself, straight away. Don’t worry, we’re taking care of it all here in school.” Dorothy had sensed the worry in Mrs Daniels’ voice, and wanted to put her at ease.

            “Oh my! Is she badly hurt?” The worry in her voice intensifying rapidly, and in her mind she’s already making plans to arrange cover for her own classes so that she can be there.

            “Ah, no, it’s nothing like that. Please don’t worry.” Dorothy then lowered her voice, aware that Lucy may be able to hear and also conscious that other pupils were now moving past her office on their way to lunch. “She didn’t quite make it to the toilet in time, I’m afraid, and got quite upset about it. We’ve found her some clothes to change into though, so she’s just getting herself sorted out now before heading out with her friends for the lunch break.”

            Jeannette Daniels was stunned at the other end of the phone. Lucy had wet herself? She was 11 years old! She’d have been shocked if they’d called to say that Jack had an accident, and he was still in the infants, but Lucy? Relief washed over her at the realisation nobody was hurt (except no doubt her daughter’s pride!), but at the same time a perhaps unreasonable sense of frustration that her daughter had done this, no doubt through laziness or this bizarre notion she seemed to have that it wasn’t ‘cool’ to use the school toilets. Nothing had been said, but she had noticed how she always made a mad dash for the loo when arriving home, and it looked like this had finally caught her out.

            “Thank you for helping her to get sorted Dorothy, and for letting me know. I won’t keep you now as I’m sure you’re busy, but could you please let Lucy know that I’ll come to pick her and Jack up this afternoon – if you need me for anything then, just let me know.

            “Not a problem at all, Mrs Daniels, I’ll pass on the message. Hope you enjoy the rest of your afternoon. Please try not to worry about Lucy, we will look after her.”

            In the bathroom, Lucy had finally gathered herself together a little. A little of her headstrong attitude returning, she realised that sitting blubbing on the floor wearing just her wet undies really wasn’t a good look! Finding some baby wipes amongst the bathroom supplies, she gave herself a good cleaning all over, and even sneaked a couple of sprays from a can of deodorant she had found on top of the cistern, no doubt belonging to Miss Johnson. There, at least she didn’t smell like a toilet any more.

            She tentatively unfolded the new underpants that had been left for her, pulling a face as she saw the childish cartoon patterns. She hadn’t worn pants like these for years, and all she could think was how glad she was that nobody else would see them – if it had been a PE day, she’d have been mortified. Although, on the other hand, she thought, at least she’d have had her PE shorts to put on instead of the dreaded dress!

            Pulling on the pants and cringing at just how childish they made her look and feel, Lucy turned her attention to the checked red dress. Her resolve started to crack, and she had to blink back tears again, but even this had to be better than walking around in just the baby pants, or her wet skirt showing her shame to everybody. She slipped it on and fastened the zip. Turning to look in the mirror, it was like she’d gone back 4 or 5 years, a much younger version of herself staring back with a puffy, blotchy and tear stained face and wearing exactly the same uniform she’d have been wearing at the end of the summer term back then.

            One thing she did pick up on was just how short the dress was! She’d had a bit of a growth spurt recently, so was one of the tallest in her class – the dress seemed to ‘fit’ around her, but ended half way between her waist and her knee. What she wouldn’t have given for a pair of tights to help her cover up a bit! She knew she’d have to be careful walking so that the dress didn’t move too much and give anybody a glimpse of the childish undies she had on underneath.

            Suddenly a thought flashed through her mind, and before she could stop herself, she laughed out loud! It was a pained, almost ironic laugh, as she processed the fact that she had just totally wet herself in front of all of her peers, the most humiliating thing that had ever happened in her short life, and here she was worrying about people making fun of how she was dressed. What a crazy situation. Hopefully Miss would have managed to speak to her Mum whilst she was getting changed, and she’d soon be on her way home.

            Chapter 8

            Lucy sheepishly made her way back out into the office, feeling more self conscious than she ever had in her life, and hoping that nobody was around to see her. Hearing the bathroom door open, Mrs Johnson looked up and gave the girl a reassuring smile, noticing as she did just how short the summer dress was on her.

            “Miss, what should I do with my…I mean, where shall I put my…” She spluttered, all flustered again, not quite finding it within herself to ask the older lady how to deal with her wet clothes.

            Fortunately Dorothy realised what she meant, and jumped up to sort out the mess. She grabbed a yellow plastic bag from the medical supplies area in the bathroom entrance, the type marked up for ‘bodily fluids’ and handed it to Lucy, who flushed furiously.

            “Here love, pop your things in this. Don’t worry, we’ll put it inside a normal carrier bag so nobody will know what it is.”

            Lucy, however, wasn’t reassured. She’d seen lots of the infants leaving clutching such carrier bags, with the bright yellow wrapping showing clearly through them, and as this usually coincided with them leaving school at home time wearing their PE kit or ill-fitting spare clothes, it was always obvious what had happened. She even vaguely remembered her little brother having such a mishap, although he was in probably year one at the time, so it was understandable. This time it would be her clutching the bag of wee soaked clothes, whilst wearing a dress that nobody could ever mistake for hers, and she was in year 6! Oh the shame.

            Bundling her wet skirt and pants together, she hurriedly shoved them into the bag and then held it, arms outstretched, to Dorothy as if it was infectious, whilst asking “Did you speak to Mr Davies, Miss? Is my Mum coming to get me?”

            “Mr Davies is out for the afternoon I’m afraid sweetheart” Dorothy responded, in a soothing voice, dreading breaking the news and half expecting Lucy to break down again when she did. “I’m spoken to Mrs Moss though, and also to your Mum. They both think it’s best that you stay in school for the rest of the afternoon, although your Mum is going to come and collect both you and Jack at the end of the day.”

            This hammer blow hit Lucy hard, and she immediately felt sick. Upon hearing these words she cried out “Nooooo” as the tears began splashing down her face once more. This really, really couldn’t be happening, she thought. All of this humiliation and shame, for nothing. She’d still have to go to her lesson, she’d still get into trouble for not doing her homework, she’d still miss the sleepover (although whether she was still invited she had no idea) and she’d wet herself in front of her entire class for no reason whatsoever. Right at that very moment, she just wanted it all to end. “It’s just not fair”.

            The secretary put her arms around Lucy once more, drawing her into a warm embrace and soothing her sobs. She felt the devastation, it was almost palpable, and she was sure that in the same shoes she’d just want to be as far away from school and anybody who’d seen her embarrass herself as she could be. It did all seemed so unfair, she agreed.

            “I know you’re upset sweetie, try not to cry. The afternoon will soon be over and you’ll be able to go home and put all of this behind you.”

            Lucy just shrugged, the sobs had subsided again but she was far from feeling positive about anything and much as she appreciated Mrs Johnson helping her, she felt betrayed that she was making her stay in school. Making her go back to her lessons after everything that had happened, and dressed like a baby. As if she wasn’t humiliated enough.

            “Why don’t you go and get some lunch, love. You’ll be hungry by the end of the day if you don’t eat anything. And I’m sure your friends will want to see you to make sure that you’re alright.”

            Lucy again shrugged dismissively, food was the last thing on her mind! And she really didn’t want to see anybody right now, they’d only laugh at her. Just as she was resigning herself to the fact that Miss Johnson probably wanted her own lunch, and that she’d have to leave and find somewhere to hide, there was a knock on the office door.

            Pushing the yellow waste bag out of view under her desk in order to spare Lucy’s blushes, and handing her a tissue so that she could dry her eyes, Dorothy called “Come in.”


              Another good chapter.


                Not bad. The narration is a bit repetitive and the dialogue borders on overly-posh but it has a charm to it. The pacing is a bit slow but multi-chapter uploads compensate for it. This has potential.
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                  Chapter 9

                  As the door slowly opened, Lucy grasped the hem of the dress she was now wearing and self-consciously tugged it downwards, not that it made any difference, but it made her feel a little better.

                  In through the open door walked Becky, clutching a rucksack in front of her, and Lucy quickly realised that it was her schoolbag, which she’d left behind in her hurry to get away from the classroom.

                  Becky’s eyes widened in shock as they fell on her friend, struggling to take in just what she looked like. If she hadn’t been so very worried about Lucy after what had happened at the end of their lesson, she may have laughed at the sight which befell her, but instead she understood from the pained expression across the girls face the deep shame that she was feeling at that moment, and she was not about to make her feel any worse.

                  Sensing that Lucy needed her, Becky dropped the bag and rushed across the office, putting her arms around her friend and pulling her into a tight hug.

                  “Oh Lucy, are you ok? We were all so worried about you.”

                  Feeling this warmth and hearing the non-judgemental words, Lucy again crumpled and allowed her tears to fall once more, but this time in relief more than devastation. Her friend hadn’t abandoned her, wasn’t repulsed by her, wasn’t even laughing at her. She returned the hug, burying her head in Becky’s hair and whispered “Thank you” so that only her friend could hear her.

                  As Dorothy looked on at this scene of friendship, she felt a lump rising in her own throat, and even had to blink back a couple of stray tears herself. No, it wouldn’t do to cry in front of the children, but she was incredibly moved by this simple act of kindness, and could see immediately the uplifting effect it was having on Lucy. Truly heartwarming.

                  Not wanting to break the spell, but feeling that the girls could maybe do with a few minutes to chat openly, and selfishly realising that her all too short lunch-cum-toilet-cum-cigarette break was ebbing away, she decided to go out on a bt of a limb.

                  “Girls, I know it’s been an incredibly difficult morning, and I’m sure you could do with being able to talk without me sitting here listening in. Can I trust you both to keep an eye on things here for a few minutes, whilst I nip down to the staffroom?”

                  Lucy and Becky looked at one another, and then to Mrs Johnson, amazement sparking behind their eyes. They weren’t even supposed to be in the classrooms or corridors on their own, never mind the school office! Wow, was this what it felt like to be grown up, trusted?

                  They answered in unison “Yes Miss, of course you can trust us”, smiling warmly at her and scarcely able to believe their good fortune.

                  “I know I can. Don’t worry girls, I won’t be more than a few minutes. If anybody comes in looking for me, please tell them I’ll be right back. And please, please don’t touch the telephone or computer, or we will all be in lots of trouble!”

                  Winking at the dumbstruck girls, Dorothy grabbed her handbag and coffee mug before sweeping deftly out of the door, pulling it closed behind her.

                  Looking at each other again, almost a little sheepishly, the girls let out a quick giggle, before Becky broke the ice by asking her friend “So, Luce, what the heck happened?! And what on earth are you wearing?”


                    Good stuff, keep it coming
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