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    I loved the first part, there are many inspired decisions. Especially when it comes to the family relations. Her second accident is fantastic!!! the forgetting to pull all the underwear its such a little kid thing. Thats just great. However i HATED the sleepover subplot and the "boyfriend" i skipped ahead and it took me out of the story. I think you could totally get rid of that and focus on the family and school relations with authority.
    Thats my opinion, take it or leave it.
    good luck


      I don't think it i a boyfriend. 11 isn't quite there yet. He started showing friendship when she wet herself. I bet he does too. Maybe still in diapers at night for bedwetting. That would explain the cousins weird reaction to him coming to the sleep over.

      I like the story so far. Several sub-plots and it has some character development beyond just the wetting. I am worried that the story is dead however, since I just saw the date of the last post.


        Wow, Teekabell , am I allowed to be a little starstruck that you like my story? 😍 🤩 I've read and enjoyed so much of your work over the years!

        Don't worry it's far from dead. We are roughly 130 chapters in so far, it has its own home over at - I'm slowly sharing it chapter by chapter across a few different forums, will get a few more on here shortly

        Babywolf94 As Teekabell said it's not really a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship, more a mutual crush. Stay with it, the sleepover storyline fills in lots of blanks, and leads on to further sub-plots as the story progresses too. You really do need to follow it through though, as otherwise later chapters won't make sense.
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          Part 1 - Chapter 33

          Soon engrossed in her TV show, Lucy didn’t notice that Jack had disappeared. It’s not like they usually sat together anyway, normally she’d have dashed upstairs when they got home, and he’d have been the one hogging the TV, so it made a nice change to sit and chill for a bit before worrying about homework and the like. Half an hour or so passed, with the TV show ending and another which didn’t really interest her taking its place. Realising she’d finished her juice, she was just thinking about getting up to refill her glass when her phone tinged.

          It was a text from her Mum, reminding her that she’d be home late that evening as she had a late meeting to attend. Lucy had forgotten, but thinking about it that explained why she’d not been dressed for work when she’d dropped them off that morning, she must have been going in late. Yeah, that made sense, she knew that the high school where her Mum worked had an inset day, so she’d probably gone in for the afternoon if she was working late. A few seconds later, another text popped up, again from her Mum, this time reminding her to get changed out of her school uniform, and to get her brother to do the same. Rolling her eyes, she heaved herself from the comfort of the sofa and began making her way upstairs, calling into the kitchen for a refill as she passed.

          “Oi, Jack, Mum said get changed!” Lucy bellowed as she walked along the hallway. As she shouted, she realised she hadn’t seen him since they got home. “Where are you anyway? You’d best not be getting into anything, or Mum will blame me!”

          Worn out from his long day at school, and bored waiting for Lucy, Jack had dozed off behind the bathroom door, with his reading book open in his lap. Hearing his sister shouting so loudly, he jolted awake with a start, wondering for a moment why he was slumped on the bathroom floor, before remembering his cunning plan as he came around. Damn, he thought to himself, it hadn’t worked, and he knew he couldn’t hide in the bathroom all night. Resigned to defeat, he jumped to his feet and opened the door, making his way to his bedroom to get changed before Mum got home and he got told off, again.

          Entering his bedroom, Jack was surprised to see that the curtains were open, letting bright sunlight steam in. He knew he’d not opened them that morning, even though he’d been told too. More surprising, however, was the fact his bed had been changed and he now had his favourite Turtles bedding on it. He knew that Mum usually changed it every couple of weeks (unless he’d had an accident, but he didn’t do that anymore, so there was never any need any other time), but not realising ask Lucy had that she’d had the morning off work, he was perplexed as to when she’d had time to come home and do all of this. As he took the scene in, he also noticed a pile of clean laundry at the foot of the bed, waiting to be put away. And on top of the pile? His school trousers and undies from yesterday! How had they gotten there?

          Next door, Lucy had a similar shock to find her curtains open. She’d deliberately left them closed, because it helped to hide some of the mess…and also because she didn’t want the sunlight highlighting her bed, which had been stripped bare when she’d left for school that morning. But she now realised that it was no longer stripped, but had been made back up in some of her favourite purple teddy bedding. She must have been right about Mum coming home again that morning after all, and she wasn’t sorry that her shame had been so quickly covered up. A quick glance around also told her that most of her laundry had been taken, and with a little skip of her heart she also realised that Jack’s clothes that had been found and left near the door were gone too. In a way it was a relief, as she hoped it would now be forgotten about without any need for awkward explanations, but at the same time she really hoped their Mum hadn’t noticed anything amiss.

          At almost the same moment, both Lucy and Jack sat down on their beds with a bounce, ready get changed as their Mum had asked. And at that precise moment there came a shout from each of their bedrooms…a shout of joy from Jack, and a cry of despair from Lucy.

          Part 1 - Chapter 34

          Jack couldn’t contain his excitement, and bounced up and down on his bed whilst whooping with joy. He’d nagged his Mum for months, but she’d never taken him seriously. Now, all of a sudden, it seemed she’d given in, and he had no idea why. Not that he was going to complain of course, in fact he couldn’t wait to share the news of his good fortune.

          Lucy meanwhile sat and sobbed, hardly believing this was happening. She was devastated. The spare clothes for school were bad enough, but how could her Mum do this to her? Didn’t she realise that last night was a one off, it was NEVER EVER going to happen again. It had never happened before, and she still couldn’t quite believe it had happened even once, but there was no way it could possibly happen again. Never. As she sat and cried, she could hear Jack practically wetting himself with excitement in the next room, and was wondering what on earth had gotten into him. The last thing she needed was to hear him laughing and whooping, didn’t he realise her world was ending? Actually, no, he didn’t, and she fully intended to keep it that way!

          “Jack, keep it down will you? And hurry up and get changed, Mum will be home soon.”

          There was no answer, but the bouncing did stop, so she presumed he’d heard her and was getting himself sorted. Taking the opportunity, she slid off her bed and pulled back the corner of the sheets, just to make sure she was right. She immediately wished she hadn’t, as she was right, and seeing it for herself just made her feel even worse.

          Without warning, there was a shout from behind her “Did’ya call me sis?”

          Jumping almost out of her skin, and in a panic trying to cover up her bed but only succeeding in drawing more attention to it, Lucy bellowed “Out! Get out!” As she spun around to face the bedroom door, but it was too late.

          “Hahahahahaha!! Why have you got a plastic sheet on your bed Lucy, are you a baby now? Hahahaha! Guess what, Mum has taken mine off because I don’t wet the bed anymore. Why’ve you got one, you don’t…”

          Lucy blushed furiously, her entire face turning scarlet, and the tears which seemed to be ever-present over the past couple of days began to fall once more. She just knew she was never, ever going to hear the end of this. And if what Jack had said was true, and his had been taken off, then that really did make her the baby in the house, didn’t it? She just couldn’t bare to think about it, everything had gone wrong, and it all just kept getting worse.

          “Wait a minute.” Jack was grinning mischievously now. “It’s all starting to make sense. The screaming, the bath running in the middle of the night, your bed being stripped and you sleeping in with Mum. You did, you wet the bed didn’t you Luce? Wow! Even I’m not a little baby that does that any more…and you’re 11!”

          He may only be 7, but Jack knew exactly which buttons to press and exactly what to say. Lucy was crushed. She was such a proud girl, and being seen as ‘grown up’ was everything to her. Now even her own baby brother was more grown up than she was, and both of them knew it.

          “I said GET OUT NOW!” This time the bellow was tinged with a menacing scream, and even fearless Jack didn’t dare stick around to find out what she’d do to him if he didn’t comply. Turning tail and running for the safety of his bedroom, he left behind an inconsolable Lucy, who could no nothing more than lie on her bed and cry, tears of anger, tears of frustration, tears of absolute mortification.

          When she eventually calmed down and her sobs subsided, Lucy realised that she was still lying in her school uniform. Pulling herself up to her feet, she quickly undressed and, heading for her wardrobe, made a point of selecting the most ‘grown up’ outfit she owned, determined to make a point that she wasn’t a baby, whatever Jack and even her Mum thought. Tightening her belt, she glanced in the mirror. Perfect, she easily looked a year or two older than her real age, exactly what she was after. Not that she was going anywhere, but she had a point to prove.

          The next couple of hours passed without further incident, with Jack playing in his bedroom, beaming from ear to ear and genuinely feeling that all of his Christmas’s had come at one, and Lucy moping about in her room, totally downcast and struggling even to engage with her friends as they gossiped by text. Her heart just wasn’t in it. Before long she heard her Mum’s car sweeping into the driveway outside their house, and steeled herself for a particularly awkward conversation.

          “Hi Lucy, Hi Jack. I’m home, sorry I’m so late.”

          Part 1 - Chapter 35

          Hearing his Mum arrive home, and excited to thank her, Jack leapt to his feet and sprinted down the stairs to greet her in the hallway, throwing his arms around her and almost knocking her off balance as he did so.

          “Wow, somebody’s excited to see me! Did you have a good day in school today buddy?” Lesley laughed as she hugged her excited son.

          “Yes Mummy it was great, we did painting and music, and miss said my painting was the best in the whole class and has put it up on the wall next to her desk.”

          “That’s great, well done Jack!”

          “Better than that though, I got home and found somebody had changed my bed, and taken the horrible crinkly plastic sheet away! Was it you Mummy? Is it because I’m a big boy now and I don’t need it because I don’t wee in my bed anymore?”

          Lesley chuckled again at this. She knew Jack would be pleased, he’d been nagging her about it for weeks now, but she’d always thought it best to keep it there ‘just in case’. As last night proved, anything could happen.

          “Yes sweetie, I had the morning off work so caught up with a few chores around the house. I thought you’d be pleased, but don’t you let me down now, I can’t afford to buy any new mattresses, so don’t be drinking too much before you go to bed and let’s not have any more accidents ok?”

          “Muuuuum, you know I don’t wet the bed anymore, I’m not a baby! But are you going to have to buy Lucy a new mattress now? Is that why she’s got my plastic sheet?”

          Lesley groaned to herself, she was really hoping that Jack wouldn’t find out about his sister’s little mishap, but it sounded like it was too late for that, and if Jack knew then that meant Lucy probably knew about the sheet.

          “Come on now love, let’s not talk about that. I’m sure Lucy’s feeling bad enough about what happened. Accidents happen, you know that, and Lucy’s never made fun of you any time you’ve had one, so let’s leave that conversation right there, ok?”

          “Sorry Mum.” Jack felt suitably chastened, and realised he shouldn’t push his luck any further. His Mum had at least confirmed what he’d suspected though, blimey that meant Lucy had wet herself in school yesterday AND wet her bed last night too. No wonder she was so upset.

          Upstairs, Lucy had heard her Mum arriving home, but really didn’t want to speak to her right now. She was so upset, and so angry both about the clothes and also the bed, and she knew she’d get herself into trouble if she started shouting at her Mum about it. After all, although she really didn’t want to admit it even to herself, she had wet herself twice yesterday, so her Mum was probably only taking reasonable precautions. But she wasn’t a baby, and she didn’t like being treated like one either!

          Sitting on her bed, every time she moved she heard the crinkle of the plastic sheet, and it upset her even more. It just wasn’t fair, and she wasn’t going to stand for it. Eventually she worked herself up so much that she jumped up, threw her duvet and sheet on the floor, and scrunched offending protector up into a ball, throwing it out of her door and onto the landing. There, she thought to herself, that was that! She wasn’t a baby, she wasn’t a bedwetter she wasn’t sleeping on a stupid plastic bedwetter sheet, and she didn’t care what her Mum thought or said about it.

          Having settled Jack at the kitchen table with a snack to keep him going until dinner was ready, Lesley steeled herself to talk to Lucy. She knew it was going to be a difficult chat, and no doubt a pre-teen tantrum was in the offing, but it had to be dealt with, and she knew that she was being fair and reasonable given the circumstances, she just needed to convince her young daughter of that. Not an easy task, she was sure, but she meant what she’d said to Jack, she really couldn’t afford to replace any mattresses that got ruined.

          Trudging up the stairs, she turned onto the landing and the first thing she saw was the waterproof plastic sheet, screwed up onto a ball and sat right outside Lucy’s door.

          “Lucy Melissa Daniels! What on earth do you think you are playing at? Come out here right now and explain yourself, young lady.” Lesley had seen red, and she bellowed through to the bedroom. A bit of pre-teen attitude was one thing, but this. No, this she wouldn’t stand for.

          Part 1 - Chapter 36

          Downstairs, Jack had heard his mum’s shouts, and scampered to the foot of the stairs to find out what the commotion was all about. He knew mum never shouted, so Lucy must have done something really bad.

          Lucy too had heard, and cringed as she did. She knew she was for it, and she couldn’t remember a time when her Mum had sounded more angry than she did right now. But she was still angry too, so instead of going out to see her on the landing, Lucy just bellowed back.

          “LEAVE ME ALONE! I don’t want to talk to YOU!”

          At the foot of the stairs, Jack gasped in shock and horror. He couldn’t believe Lucy had dared to speak to their mum like that, and he was dreading what was going to happen next.

          Lesley too was in shock, neither of her kids had ever spoken to her like that. It took her a few moments to compose herself so that she didn’t fly off the handle and do something she would probably regret later, but eventually she walked calmly into Lucy’s bedroom, picking up the mattress protector as she passed, and closed the door to behind her.

          Approaching the bed where Lucy lay, she very calmly but firmly placed the plastic sheet down next to her daughter.

          “Lucy, I will not allow you to speak to me like that, do you understand? Whether you like it or not, I am our mother and deserve to be treated with respect. For all you are growing up, you are a child and whilst you are living in my house you will follow my rules.”

          This was delivered in a low, slow whisper, leaving absolutely no doubt whatsoever that she meant every word. She didn’t need to raise her voice, it was clear that she was furious.

          “Now, I suggest you get up, remove your bedding and put this protector back where you found it. Then, when you’ve remade your bed, perhaps we can have a sensible talk about why you are behaving in this way?”

          Lucy began to tremble, she’d never known her Mum to be so angry, and it frightened her. She’d almost rather have her shouting at her than this, at least she knew where she stood with that. As she turned to face Lesley, her resolve crumbled and pent up tears of frustration fell.

          “Oh Mum, I’m so so sorry. I didn’t mean to, I didn’t…”

          And with that, she threw her arms around her Mum and sobbed into her shoulder, all of the anger, upset, humiliation and worry she’d felt over the past couple of days pouring out of her.

          Lesley’s heart melted, how could she be angry with her young daughter when she was clearly so upset and going through so much turmoil? It must be bad enough to be 11, nearly a teenager, without everything that had happened the past couple of days on top. The poor love, now she felt bad about shouting and making her so upset. She knew she’d had every right to be annoyed, but now she just felt like she’d made everything worse.

          “Why has all this happened mummy? I’m not a baby, why did I have to wet myself? Now everybody makes fun of me. And then I wet the bed too, an even Jack thinks I’m a baby.” All of this was choked out between sobs which showed no signs of abating.

          “Sssshhh B…” Lesley had to stop herself, her natural reaction to say baby just didn’t seem appropriate. “Come on sweetheart, try to calm down, you’re going to make yourself sick if you carry on crying like that.

          “, why did you send that bag of clothes into school with me? Do you not trust me not to have another accident? Even Jack doesn’t have to have a change of clothes. And then when I came home and you’d put Jack’s bedwetting sheet on my bed, I couldn’t believe it. It’s never happened before Mum, it was just an accident, I promise. I don’t need to be treated like a baby, I’m a big girl, I’m going to high school soon!”

          “Oh love, dry your eyes and let’s sit and have a proper talk, shall we?” Lesley grabbed the box of tissues from Lucy’s bedside table and passed them over to her.

          “Look ,sweetie, I didn’t want to embarrass you, but I know it’s not happened just that once. Well, in bed maybe. But, and please don’t get upset again, I know you’ve had a few more accidents. Sometimes when I’ve come into your room to collect your laundry I’ve found some clothes under your bed which were wet. Please don’t worry about it lovely, accidents happen and I understand that, which is why I hadn’t said anything to you. I’d be lying if I said it had never happened to me. But with it happening in school too, I thought it was best that you had some clothes there ‘just in case’, as I know you were ashamed of having to wear that dress yesterday.”

          Lucy felt her whole world collapse around her. Her mum KNEW! Oh, if she thought she’d felt mortified before, that was nothing to this. She just sat in abject shock, wide eyed and unable to look at her Mum. She couldn’t believe this, it just couldn’t be real. How could she talk her way out of this, how could she explain this away?

          “Now then Lucy, do you want to talk to me about what’s been happening? If you’re not ready yet, that’s fine, I can go and sort dinner and we can have a chat again later. But it may help to talk to me, and I may be able to help you if you do.

          Lucy still couldn’t take all of this in, and the very last thing she wanted to do was to talk about any of it. What 11 year old girl would want to talk to her mum about wetting herself like a little baby? Even if it was her own fault, she knew that, she didn’t have a ‘problem’ that made her wet herself, she just seemed to end up doing it because she hadn’t gone to the toilet when she’d had the chance at school. But there was no way she could ever talk to her mum about that. She’d die of embarrassment, even more than she already was doing now.

          Slowly she just shook her head and then turned back away from her Mum, lying back down facing the bedroom wall, hoping this made it clear she didn’t want to talk.

          Lesley realised that she needed to give her daughter some space, so she gave her a gentle kiss on the top of the head before making her way slowly out of the room. “I’ll be downstairs if you want me, love, come and find me when you’re ready to talk. Try not to worry, it will all be ok, I promise.”

          Part 1 - Chapter 37

          Hearing his mum leaving Lucy’s room and beginning to descend the stairs, Jack made a quick dash back to the kitchen. As it happens, he’d not heard much after the shouts they’d exchanged, so he was still left wondering, but no way would he be brave enough to ask mum what had happened.

          Lesley was shaken, she knew she’d needed to broach the subject with Lucy, but had hoped it would go much better than it had. She’d meant what she’d said, accidents really didn’t matter, and they could be dealt with. Chances are it was just a combination of her recent growth spurt and the stress of her SATs at school, and would soon pass. She’d thought the spare clothes and the plastic sheet had been reasonable precautions, and had hoped Lucy would have seen that and dealt with it like a grown up, but at the end of the day she was still an 11 year old girl, maybe the practicalities were all just a bit too much for her.

          In something of a daze, she headed back into the kitchen and began to prepare pasta for dinner, knowing that both Jack and Lucy would enjoy this without any fuss. It was only as she turned to the fridge to grab some ingredients that she noticed the open washing machine, and realised she’d forgotten to gather the school uniforms to wash.

          “Jack, love, if you’ve finished your drink could you do me a big favour please?”

          Jack smiled at his mum, happy to help. “What is it mummy, what do you need?”

          “Could you run upstairs and grab yours and Lucy’s school clothes for me to wash please? And try not to disturb Lucy, she’s a bit upset and just needs some time on her own. Thanks love.”

          Jack took his mum literally, sprinting from the table and sliding the length of the hallway in his socked feet.

          “Jack! Slow down before you break something…probably yourself! Honestly, I didn’t mean literally run you know.” Lesley chuckled, she should have expected that really.

          Climbing the stairs at a slightly more sedate pace, Jack reached his own bedroom first, and bundled together the shirt, trousers and sweater he’d scattered across his floor earlier. As he did, he was pleased that there hadn’t been a repeat of yesterday’s incident, as that could have been difficult to hide, and he was quite enjoying being the ‘grown up’ sibling at the moment, the one who could keep his pants and bed dry. Satisfied that he had everything, and unable to resist temptation any longer, Jack then made his way next door to Lucy’s bedroom and knocked smartly on the door.

          There was no reply, but Jack knew better than to walk in without being invited, he’d made that mistake in the past and it inevitably resulted either in him being chased by a furious Lucy, or even worse him seeing far more than he wanted to if she was in the middle of getting changed.

          “Lucy, mum wants me to take your stuff down to wash.”

          He listened intently with his ear at the door, but again there was no answering call. Instead, he thought he could hear the sound of gentle sobbing, and against his better judgement he tentatively turned the door handle and slowly opened the door just slightly, calling through in a more gentle voice “Luce, are you ok? What’s the matter?”

          “Please leave me alone! You’ll only make fun of me again. It’s just not fair!” came Lucy’s watery, muffled response, her face buried in her pillow.

          Now it was Jack’s turn to feel sorry, he realised Lucy was having a really bad time and he probably hadn’t helped with his silliness earlier. Lucy had always been there for him, even if she was an annoying big sister most of the time, she’d been there when he was sad and he needed her. She’d never laughed at him when he was hurt or even, in the past, when he’d had little accidents of his own.

          Dropping his bundle of clothes, he snuck in through the partially open door and crept over to her bed, kneeling down next to it.

          “I’m sorry Luce, I didn’t mean to be mean to you. Please don’t be mad at me, I won’t tell anybody what’s happened, promise.”

          Lucy listened to this little speech. She wasn’t used to her little brother showing a sensitive side, not because he was horrible, but because after all he’s only 7 and doesn’t usually think about other people’s feelings before he speaks, but his words really touched her. She lifted her face out of the pillow and turned to look at him, all link and puffy from crying.

          “You won’t tell anybody? Pinky swear?” She knew it was childish, but somehow she thought it would help, so she help out her little finger and Jack wrapped his around it.

          “Pinky swear sis. Come on, don’t cry anymore, it’s really not that bad. Guess what? Mum’s making meatballs and pasta for dinner! Come on, race you downstairs.”

          Lucy’s eyes welled up again, but it was a different type of tears this time. Tears of gratitude to her younger brother who, despite being so annoying sometimes, had just proven what a lovely young man he really was. Taking his outstretched hand, Lucy uncurled herself from her bed and allowed him to lead her out of the bedroom, stopping to collect their respective bundles of laundry as they did so. She wasn’t quite up to racing and Jack realised that, but they walked down to the kitchen together, causing Lesley to do quite a double take as they walked in, hand in hand. Honestly, kids, she’d worked with them all her life and had her own for nearly 12 years, but she still didn’t understand them!