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    Weight A Minute

    This is my first post of a story on this site, but i have written multiple stories in the past, looking to get back into writing so any advice is welcome!

    Weight A Minute

    Chapter 1

    It all started simply enough. James Stallings, a computer programmer from Accident, Maryland, was messing around with creating phone applications. The world had turned to the tiny computers in their pockets and James was trying to keep up with the times. It seemed nowadays that everyone was infatuated with taking pictures, of just about everything. Selfies were getting popular, and everyone was taking pictures of their food before they ate it, showing it off to anyone who cared to look. Social media was getting big, but there wasn’t much of anything social about it. Everyone was always staring at their phones. Entire conversations could be had without saying a word. Inside jokes could be shared amongst friends with the butt of the joke sitting in the room, completely unaware that he or she was the one being laughed at. Cyber bullying is what they called it. It was all the rage among the beautiful people, the flawless dregs of society who thought they were better than everyone else just because they looked the part. The less attractive, and even the average, as James himself was often referred to as, had to rely on photoshopping to look fabulous and compete in their world.

    And that was where James came up with his most brilliant idea to date. Why not create an app that could make even the most average of situations look magical? The many aspects were a bit daunting at first. He had to think about brush, gradient, color range, vignette, working with the brightness/contrast of a photo, the temperature, exposure and saturation as well as being able to crop the picture how people would like it. He finally came up with a specific aspect ratio for how people would like their final image to appear. He was trying to take the app to the next level. He figured just being as good as Instagram filters wasn’t enough, he needed to go further. So, after fine-tuning what he thought was his greatest creation to date, he got the app published through some of his connections as shareware on a small third-party site, mainly exposing it to people in the United States. He called it “Sunshine and Rainbows”, and all the reviews that he received called it revolutionary, a photo editing app for the future.

    However, after a year on the market, the app was essentially a dud. Yes, people were downloading it, but they just weren’t using the app to its full potential, so the results being shared were not as mind altering as James would have liked. So, he pulled the app from the site and started making it more user friendly. He had started this app not realizing that it would take a pretty sharp mind to fully grasp its true potential and use it like he imagined. What he didn’t think about at the time was that he was marketing it mainly in America, a country that had gotten lazy about technology, and even though the target demographic was in full force; for example, a fat and slovenly society filled with image conscious consumers always seeking public approval; the work ethic was severely lacking. James needed a marketing base that not only was image conscious but hardworking. So, James retuned his app and decided to market it solely in Japan, under the name “Weight-A-Minute”.

    And that was what made James’ photo editing app nearly an overnight success. Soon his app was being used for everything. It made ugly people pretty, it made fat people skinny, it made the most innocuous activities look fun and inviting. The app was a smash hit among children, millennials, adults and seniors. It caught every demographic, everyone found it easy and fun to use. Soon it was on every phone, and James was getting calls from every major phone company looking to buy the rights to the app. But James was holding out for the biggest fish of them all. And that was when Google called.
    Soon after, James sold all the rights to his app to Google, claiming only original publisher status, but guaranteeing that he would be paid comfortably for years to come. Which was fine with James, he did not seek the spotlight, nor did he want to be famous or rich, he just never wanted to work again, which is what Google ensured him after they brought his app.

    You see, James had a bit of a dark past. He was 20 years old when he was accused and found guilty of attempted statutory rape on a 16-year-old girl. James wasn’t aware of her age until he was arrested, however. He just thought he had struck out with a girl he had met online. It wasn’t until her parents found out about their little affair that he was arrested, booked and charged. The courts could only prove attempted rape as neither party would admit to the actual intercourse, even though both James and his victim knew it had happened. Neither of them wanted to admit their failure in open court, so James pleaded to a lesser charge, hoping to put the awkward and uninspiring situation behind him. However, James did not fully understand what he was pleading guilty to. He did not understand that while he was avoiding jail time, he would have to register as a sex offender. And he would have to attend voluntary counseling for sex offenders. And he would be put on probation for five years.

    All of this seemed daunting to James at first, but he was also a good computer programmer at this point. So even though he had to publish his name on a sex offender website, he made sure that was all the information they got. That way, until he identified himself, no one would know of his connection to his sordid past. At least until his first meeting at the counseling session for sex offenders.

    Now, James was always described as near genius, but average in every other aspect of his life. He wasn’t particularly good looking, but he wasn’t ugly. He wasn’t in perfect shape, but he wasn’t fat. He didn’t really have any distinguishing characteristics that would set him apart from the crowd. So, James was labelled average. And it was in that characterization, along with the stories he heard at sex offender counseling, that he decided to start taking what he thought was rightfully his, and that was any girl he decided he wanted to have sex with.

    Using his knowledge gained from his mandatory counseling sessions, where sex offenders would detail their crimes in what the government called therapeutic confession, he compiled a list of do’s and don’ts for the perfect sex crime, at least in his warped sense of reality. He started by targeting homeless women and drug addicts, those who were too crazy to believe or too strung out to fully divulge what happened to them. And, he was successful, multiple times.

    But then he got a little cocky. He was caught on camera and arrested for rape. However, his lawyer was able to get the conviction overturned as the victim in question could not clearly remember what happened. But James realized this was too close a call.

    So, he stopped for a while. And that was when his app was brought by Google and the whole world changed. Soon his app was being used in every piece of technology, including cameras. And James, being proficient in information technology, was able to gather a list of all devices currently using his program. Eventually, every situation caught by these cameras would look casual and inviting, even if it ended in sinister ways. James was able to use these cameras to commit his crimes and make them look consensual. It was a rapist’s paradise. Using his wealth and connections, James travelled the United States, coast to coast, committing multiple rapes and making them look like casual sexual encounters that even the victims couldn’t deny the seemingly willingness in their encounters. James was playing the game and winning. Even when a victim came forward, crying rape and forced intercourse, the video evidence would make the encounter seem overwhelmingly consensual. And, James made sure to always be caught on camera in some way. So even if he was later accused of a crime, he could have his lawyer, who didn’t have a sliver of conscience and whom he paid very well to ensure that, get the case thrown out on a basis on consensual sex.

    Because he was paid well and lived below his means, he could afford his attorney bills and still travel to satiate his ever-growing dark interests. James had all the time in the world to pursue those interests. But it was those interests that would ultimately lead to a fateful encounter and his sudden and uninspiring death.

    Chapter 2

    Sarah Chalke was a quiet and reserved young woman. Having only just reached the tender age of 24 years old, she was the youngest in her current profession, in the small town of Accident, Maryland. And her profession was librarian, so all her coworkers were in the late stages of their lives. But Sarah didn’t care, she loved books and caring for them. Books gave her a massive amount of joy, she loved to escape in a fantasy world for an afternoon or evening, and books were a way for her to fully indulge in that habit. Sarah could be described as timid and shy in person, but she was a force on social media. She had all her different accounts with followers in the thousands, including Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. She loved to share her ideas on books and how they influenced life, and while she wasn’t famous in any way as she did not show her face, everyone who knew her online persona would say she was a visionary. However, this did not show in her everyday life. She had very few close friends, live alone in a one-bedroom apartment and was not currently seeing anyone intimately.

    That would soon change for Sarah, as she started frequenting online dating apps and websites hoping to find that special someone. She tried all the normal sites, eHarmony, Plenty of Fish, Match, Zoosk, even tried her hand at Elite Singles, hoping that her slightly famous online persona would get her somewhere. But she failed in all those attempts. Even the ones she set up dates on, she would arrive and be unable to converse as well as she did online, and they would ultimately end in the person she met not calling her ever again. So, Sarah was a bit discouraged. But then she found the dating site that she felt would be the perfect match for her.

    You see, Sarah had a bit of a secret. Growing up she was just as timid and shy as she was currently. Maybe even more so in her formative younger years as she was still growing into her body and becoming the woman she would ultimately become. So, Sarah was a bit self-conscious of herself, and her body would fail her sometimes as it developed. This was especially true at night.

    Sarah would often wet the bed. It happened nearly nightly when she was a child, all the way until her she was 17 years old, when it finally started to taper off a bit. Her parents took her to multiple specialists, who all told her it was due to her small bladder, and that it would develop as she got older, and her accidents at night would soon stop. But that wasn’t necessarily true and over the years she saw more and more specialists for second and third and fourth opinions and tried multiple treatments. There were nasal sprays and pills and alarms and plastic sheets galore. Although they were treatments and were not touted as cures, Sarah did her best to follow them to the best of her ability and tried to be confident that they would work to cure her nightly habit. And sometimes they worked, for a little while, but eventually she would slip back into her old habits and the cycle of nightly wetting would continue.

    Her nightly issues were only further complicated by a daytime habit that she tried to control but occasionally, would cause her an inordinate amount of grief and shame. Being as timid and shy as she was, sometimes she would have accidents during the day if she waited too long to use the restroom or was scared or nervous, which she often was. This caused her to have accidents in multiple social situations, which only increased her inability to make friends. These situations would occur in multiple places, like the store when she was out shopping with her mother and was too scared to ask to use the restroom, the movies if she got too invested in what she was watching and thought she could hold on until the end, or even just being at home playing outside and not heeding her bladder when it told her it was time to stop playing and find a bathroom.

    But mostly, the increasingly isolating situations would happen when she was at school. The most embarrassing of which was when she was 15 years old and just starting high school.
    Sarah woke up that morning the same way she woke up every morning, sleeping through her alarm and finding her mother shaking her awake.

    “Sarah, honey, it is time to get up! School starts today, you don’t want to be late! You need to get up and change your sheets!” Her mother reminded her as she grasped her shoulder and slightly shook her awake.

    Sarah yawned as she rolled over, hearing the plastic sheet crinkle and feeling the increasingly cooling puddle soak in around her.

    “Sorry, mom, I’m up. Did I sleep through my alarm again?” Sarah checked the clock on her nightstand, noticing the time, and then checked the Chummie Bedwetting alarm that was attached to her night shirt. It’s eyes, that normally glowed when it was functioning properly, had grown dim.

    “I don’t know, Sarah, I didn’t hear it go off, but you are definitely wet! When was the last time you checked the batteries on that thing? You know it was very expensive to buy and if you don’t take good care, it won’t work like it’s supposed to!” Her mother chided her. Sarah was aware of the fact that she hadn’t replaced the batteries for a while, as she was no longer sure of the devices ability to help her overcome her nightly issue, as it had only woken her when her parents had heard the alarm going off and come to wake Sarah up to turn it off and get her cleaned up.

    “It must be dead then, sorry mom. I’ll try to take better care of it. You can go now; I’ll get myself cleaned up and ready for school.” Sarah said dejectedly as her mother moved from her bed and towards the door, and she got up carefully as to not spread the wetness around, trying to save the comforter that had not yet been dampened by her accident.

    Sarah’s mother left the room. Sarah could hear her mumbling a bit angrily about laundry and how much money she was wasting, and it was all a bit disheartening for Sarah. She knew her mother meant well and was only trying to help, but sometimes she wondered if it was all worth it. Sarah was already the laughingstock of her old school, as her accidents caused her to be a bit of a social outcast. But this was different, Sarah’s family had just moved to a new town, albeit, a small town, called Accident, Maryland. Sarah was aware of the irony in the name but felt like this would be the fresh start she needed to make some friends and try to alleviate the stigma associated with her wetting episodes that she was reminded of every day by her former schoolmates. All through middle school, Sarah had to be picked up from school on six separate occasions for wetting herself in class. Her old school had a zero-tolerance policy on incidents such as those and would require the parents to come get the child who committed the deed. There was no change into new clothes and go back to class, she had to bring a doctor note when she returned to school verifying awareness of the issue of that treatment was ongoing to find the root of the problem.

    All of this was, of course, very expensive for her parents, the constant medical bills and having to leave work to tend to their child, so Sarah’s parents decided a fresh start would be best, on both their wallets and Sarah’s psyche. So, they moved to a less expensive and more tolerant small town. And now, here she was on the first day of high school, already waking up in a soaked bed. Sarah hoped this wasn’t a sign of bad omens to come.

    Sarah stripped her sheets from her bed and carried them downstairs to the laundry room. Her mother did not allow her to do the laundry herself, so she set them by the washing machine and grabbed a pail and rag, which she filled at the sink in the kitchen with soapy water. She took said pail up to her room and cleaned the plastic sheet that adorned her bed where the fluid had met it. She then headed to the bathroom and stripped out of her wet nightclothes and took a shower.

    After a nice hot shower and brushing and blow drying her shoulder length brown hair, Sarah headed back to her room to get dressed, wearing only a towel. Sarah was thankful that she was an only child, so she didn’t have to share a bedroom or a bathroom, and her parents were both getting ready for work in their own bedroom, which had its own bathroom, so she could have walked naked to her room from her bathroom as it was just down the hall from her own room, but she was still mindful of her own body and shy about nakedness. Soon Sarah was dressed in the new school uniform her parents had brought from her new school. It consisted of Khaki pants and a white blouse and blue blazer and it did nothing for the imagination. Sarah mused this was probably on point as hormones for teenagers were always running rampant and it was also easier than trying to keep up with the fashion of today’s youth, which was always and forever changing. However, Sarah realized this uniform left everything to the imagination and was quite dull and drab. She hoped deep down that she could do one thing mainly, and that was keep it dry.

    Sarah put on her shoes and headed to the kitchen, made herself a bowl of cereal and ate it as her parents scurried through, making small talk and getting their own coffee and breakfast before wishing her a good first day at school and rushing off to their jobs. Sarah left soon after they did and walked to the bus stop, down the street from her house. She soon met a couple other kids from her neighborhood in the same uniforms as she, but being as shy as she was, all she could do was nod when they said hello and hang back, waiting for the bus to arrive. Soon, it did, and they were all off to school. Once they arrived, Sarah found the school map and figured out where her first class was. It was English and it was right down the all from the entrance. Sarah made her way there, noticing the location of the bathrooms as she passed them and hoped she wouldn’t need it anytime soon. She felt a small tinge of pressure in her bladder and thought about going to take care of a growing need to urinate, but then the bell rang, and students started running for class, so Sarah hurried with them.

    When Sarah reached her class, she noticed the teacher handing out seating assignments by last name. So she approached the teacher and nodded, to which, the teacher, a tired and angry looking man in his mid-thirties by the look of it, with 3 day old stubble and bags under his eyes to prove it, looked at her, sighed and looked down at his list, grumpily mumbled, “Name?”

    Sarah replied hesitantly and in a muted whisper, “Sarah, Sarah Chalke.” Her name was pronounced Chaw-Key, and when she said it, the teacher looked confused and said it like it was spelled.
    “You mean Chalke, like the writing utensil? Cause all I have is a Sarah Chalk.” The teacher murmured inquisitively.

    Sarah looked down at the list and realized they had her name spelled wrong but didn’t want to cause any trouble. “Yeah, that’s it.” She said quiet and dejectedly.

    The teacher used his pen to check her name off the list and said, “Third row seat 4.” And he shooed Sarah off with a wave of his hand. Sarah hurried to find her desk and sat down. She removed a notebook and pen from her bag and sat down, hoping to take notes.

    When everyone was finally seated, the teacher started speaking.

    “Welcome everyone to your first day of high school, I am your teacher, Mr. Brown, and for the next 15 minutes we will be going over the class rules. Rule number 1, no talking unless you raise your hand and I acknowledge you can speak by saying your name. This will help as this is an English class and there will be a lot of information to go over and a lot of class discussions on multiple topics, and I do not want everyone talking all at once. I plan to keep some semblance of control over this class, and all of you chattering may disrupt other students who have come here to learn,” Mr. Brown carried on for another five minutes on the fine points of staying quiet, to which it felt like the longest five minutes of Sarah’s life as she was growing ever aware of a desperate need to pee. She crossed her legs and raised her hand, and Mr. Brown sighed and looked down at his list of seating assignments and asked, “Yes Ms. Chalk?”

    Sarah thought about correcting him as he once again said her name incorrectly but was too nervous. She quietly asked, “Mr. Brown, can I please use the restroom?”

    “Ah, that brings me to rule number two, no bathroom breaks until the last 15 minutes of class, if you need to go, you can do it before class, or at the end, we have a lot of information to cover and I don’t want you missing any of it. Now, where was I? Oh, yes, rule number 3,” Mr. Brown droned on again about rules, and Sarah lowered her hand in disgrace, also lowering her head and moving both her hands to her crotch, as Mr. Brown’s refusal to let her use the restroom only made her have to go even more. She listed to the rules for the next 10 minutes watching the clock slowly tick away, as her need to go only intensified. Sarah thought about raising her hand again and was going to, but as soon as she lifted her hand from her crotch, she felt the familiar warm wetness spread in her crotch. Soon the puddle grew far too big for the chair to hold and the tinkling sound could be heard as her pee hit the floor and started to puddle beneath her chair. The students around her noticed and started whispering and pointing and laughing as Sarah looked down at her desk and started to cry silently.

    She was still peeing when a student behind her yelled, “Mr. Brown, this girl pissed her pants!” And soon the whole class, including the teacher turned their attention to Sarah’s predicament. The whole class erupted in laughter and chatter and Sarah even heard one girl say, “Awe, little Miss Pee Pants couldn’t hold it until the end of class? She should have worn her diapers to school!” and other kids chimed in with insults ranging from Baby pants, to Pee girl, all the way to Baby Diaper butt. This was all until Mr. Brown banged a ruler on his desk and told everyone to be quiet. He quickly walked over with a piece of paper and handed it to Sarah, and said, “Go see the nurse.” And Sarah quickly got out of her seat and trudged to the door, her pants leaking all the way out, little puddles forming behind her and didn’t look back.
    Sarah made her way to the nurse’s office and as soon as she entered the nurse, a kind looking overweight woman with rosy cheeks, was there to greet her. She had bandages in her hand.

    “Oh my, I had gotten a page about a student having an accident in class, I thought they meant you fell down sweetie! This must be even worse for you, what happened? Did you forget to go before class?” The nurse asked empathetically. Sarah just nodded and sniffled through tears.

    “Well these things happen, I guess. First time I’ve seen it at this level of school in a while though. Well I guess that’s what the rule I read about is for. Just go into the restroom to your right and I will get you a change of uniform.” The nurse pointed to a door marked restroom.

    Sarah was confused. “You mean you aren’t going to call my parents and make me go home?” She asked timidly, still very wet and embarrassed.

    The nurse shook her head, and answered, “No we don’t do that here, we find your schooling is too important to miss due to a minor situation like this, so we just give you a change of clothes and send you back to class. So, off you go, into the bathroom and get out of those wet clothes! I will knock when I have a change for you.” The nurse gave Sarah a slight push into the door of the restroom, and Sarah closed the door behind her. She quickly took off her shoes and socks, which had somehow avoided saturation, and removed her pants and underwear. Her shirt had gotten slightly damp, so she removed it as well. She covered herself with her blazer jacket as she heard the knock on the door. She opened it slowly, hiding behind it as the nurse handed her a pile of clothes.

    “Go ahead and get dressed and come see me and I will give you a bag for your wet clothes and a pass back to class.” The nurse said as she closed the door to the rest room. Sarah kicked her wet clothes into the corner of the restroom and placed her new clothes on the sink. She got her shoes and socks away from her damp clothing as well.

    The nurse had handed her a pair of pants and a new shirt much like her wet ones, but instead of underwear she got a package of some sort. It was gray and it wasn’t see through so Sarah wasn’t sure what was inside. She turned it over and there was a label, and when Sarah read it, she nearly dropped the package on the floor. It read, “Absorbent underpants, size small”. Sarah was oddly excited as she ripped open the package and pulled out what she knew was an adult diaper. It was plain white and pull on style, so there were no tapes, and the padding was significant. It went all the way from the front at the top of the waistband all the way to the top at the rear waistband, which had blue stripes to indicate it was the back of the undergarment. The waistband was stretchy, and Sarah opened it and gave it a shake to make it open completely. She was thoroughly confused. Did the school nurse expect her to wear this? And, as if right on cue, the nurse knocked and said through the door, “If you are wondering about the underwear, yes we do require you to wear them for the rest of the day, and if you do have another accident, you can come back here to get a new one. I should have explained, sorry. Just put that on and get dressed and we will talk more.”

    So, seeing no way out of it, Sarah set the undergarment down and cleaned herself with some toilet tissue to the best of her ability, and picked the absorbent underwear back up and stepped into it, pulling it on like a regular pair of underwear. Sarah immediately felt a difference in the garment she now had on compared to her normal underwear. It was thick and she had issues keeping her legs closed like she normally would. She touched the garment over her private area, and it gave off a slight crinkle, not unlike her plastic sheets at home on her bed. Sarah snapped back to reality and quickly pulled on her new shirt and pants and put her socks and shoes back on.

    Now fully dressed, Sarah emerged from the bathroom to the nurse who had a plastic bag for her wet clothes, which she bundled up and picked up from the bathroom floor and placed in the bag for Sarah. Sarah noticed the nurse now had on rubber gloves, so she didn’t have to touch the damp clothing directly. The nurse handed the bag to Sarah.

    “Ok, so now that you are in dry clothing again, let me tell you about this school’s policy on incontinence episodes.” The nurse said.

    Sarah chimed in quietly, “What’s incontinence?”

    The nurse smiled warmly, and explained, “Well it’s the involuntary loss of bladder or bowel control, basically it’s a fancy word for wetting or soiling your pants, dear. At this school we feel that learning should be placed higher than anything, so if one of there incidents were to occur, we just provide the affected student with a protective undergarment and a new uniform and send them back to learning. Now if you find that you need to use said protective undergarment for whatever reason, you can come back and I will provide you with another, however, this is not an invitation to use them on purpose. We still expect you to try to use the bathroom if needed. But if you feel like this will aid you daily, there is no rule stating how many I could give you each day. So, if you need these, but you don’t have access to them at home, I can provide you with them. However, I do have to inform your parents of this incident and this outcome, including any and all subsequent use of said undergarment. Do you understand?” the nurse waited patiently for Sarah’s answer.

    “So, I can use them, but its not encouraged, and you can give me more, but you have to tell my parents every time I get and use one?” Sarah asked incredulously, blushing furiously at the thought of it all.

    “Yes, I guess that is basically it. So, here is your pass back to class, and one for if you need to come see me again for a fresh pair. Now, hurry on back to class, and try to stay dry, kiddo.” The nurse smiled and winked at Sarah, which only made Sarah blush more fervently.

    Sarah finished her first day at school, dodging the name calling and trying not to call attention to her padded backside. She did end up needing to see the nurse again that day for a change, and when she got home, her mother was waiting for an explanation. That was the first time Sarah was introduced to adult diapers, and even though she would never tell her parents, she did not want it to be her last. The diaper made her feel more secure, even a bit braver, and she wondered if she played her cards right if she could get her parents to buy her some for the nighttime.

    However, this never came to fruition, as soon her accidents started wearing thin and she was mostly dry at night and during the day after she was 17 years old, except for a few random accidents. But Sarah never forgot about those diapers and made a promise to herself that she would wear them again one day.

    And that was when she found the internet and discovered a whole world of diapers and diaper accessories. Soon she was a full-fledged member of the fetish, and at 24 years of age wore daily and nightly, whenever her heart desired. And that was when she found the dating website for people like her. A website for people who wore diapers and wanted to meet others who also wore diapers. And she started talking to Jeff, someone who lived a couple towns over, but nearby. And they decided after 6 months of intense online correspondence that they would meet at a diner in Sarah’s hometown of Accident, Maryland.

    This all culminated into a situation that would haunt her for the rest of her life and cause her to delve into a life that she never thought possible.

    A good start. I would like to read more!