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    [Complete] Adult Baby ABC

    a is for amah

    Auspicious adults always avail adolescents avec an amah.

    b is for bottle

    Beautiful babies beyond breastfeeding, being babysat by burdened bedwetting babysitters, bereft bountiful breast, beg bottle balm, but blessed babysitter brings brilliant bacon baps berthed beside baked beans.

    c is for crib

    Crib or cot, childproof closures cleverly constrain coddled child.

    d is for diaper

    Distraughtly damp diapered David decries daycare, demanding Daddy does diaper duty domestically.

    e is for embrace

    Enjoying Eve's enthusiastic embrace Ellie embarrassingly exudes evil effluent.

    f is for fun

    Frank finds feeding fostered foundling Francis fun, friendly frolics further forming faithful fatherhood.

    g is for gag

    Grandmother Gertrude gagged Granddaughter Grace, gracefully garnishing Grace's gorgeous gag.

    h is for highchair

    Hoary hypnotherapist hypnotises hubby (hight Harold), helping heal his hunky horniness, handing him heaven: handily held here; humiliating highchair harness.

    i is for infant

    Incredulously I imagine immaturely imitating innocent infants in impertinent infantile idiocy, introducing intractable interim infant issues into intransigent intolerable incidents involving innumerable indifferent ideological interactions, incurring insufferable instability; ineffective insensibilities intermodulating innocuous illegitimate interventions.

    j is for jelly

    Jaunty juveniles jaywalk jubilantly, joyfully juggling jelly.

    k is for kiddy

    Karen, kickboxing kidnappers kinematically kiboshed, kneels, kindly kisses kindergarten kiddy.

    l is for little

    Lottie the little Little little loved her little life but loved her Little life not a little.

    m is for milk

    Mommy's munchkin mithers mama, might maybe manage mother's milk.

    n is for nanny

    Nanny nurses, Nancy not needing new nappy now; nutritious naughty nipple nurture necessary.

    o is for onesie

    Orphaned offspring Olive's onesie only outputs orifice odours.

    p is for potty

    Preschooler Peter's potty pooey, parents (plotting parkland play) produce pacifier, prepare puerile progeny's pushchair, plead poppet pees prior prospective perambulation proceeding.

    q is for quins

    Quiana the quiet Queen quickly quelled the quirky querulous quintuplets by quashing their qualms with qualified quantities of quoteworthy quips but left their quims quite quaintly quartered in quagmired qiviut cloth.

    r is for romper

    Removing Rupert's romper revealed radical reluctance regarding rectal retention.

    s is for stroller

    Skirted sensuous stepmother Samantha shoving stroller strongly, Susan, safely secured, sucking soother, socially skips sleep; surveying surroundings seems somewhat superior.

    t is for teething

    Teething tyke's terrible torment tranquilised through therapeutic tummy tickles.

    u is for urine

    Urchin's uncontrolled urethra unchecked, unwieldy underwear unavoidably undergoes urine union.

    v is for vernix

    Voyeuristic virgin Viscountess Viola vivaciously views vulgar vaginal vacation; versatile virescent vernix visibly vanquishing vexxing viruses.

    w is for waddles

    Weekend willpower weak, watertight wearables withstand womanhood waterfall within; wretched Wendy waddles wetly West, where worthy washroom waits.

    x is for xanthic

    Xavier's xiphoidic xanthic exodus expunges xerosis.

    y is for youthful

    Youthful yearning yielded yucky yellow yesternight.

    z is for zygote

    The zany zookeper's zipping zipper zipped zipped, a zinging zonal zeroing on his zillion zestful zygote sires. Zounds! Zafely zecuring that zone zeems zensible, zuggesting zuitable zoft abzorbenzy.
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    Amazing and admirable alphabet alliteration!
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      A comedian did a stand-up routine bemoaning all the books going 'a is for apple', so I decided to provide Adult Babies with their very own themed alternative. I assure you that all sentences form correct English.

      The challenge isn't writing alliterative sentences, it's writing ones thematically aligned to ABDLs. The trickiest ones were Q, X, Z and (surprisingly) E, so I did have to cheat a bit, sorry. Some of the other links (e.g. J) are also somewhat tenuous at best.

      This has however proved fun to write, and I hope it horrifies everybody that reads it.


        Also, thanks are due to:
        Gummybear, for demanding I include bacon and baked beans
        Vearynope, for suggesting exodus