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Easter Bedwetting (part 2 completed)

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    [Incomplete] Easter Bedwetting (part 2 completed)

    Easter Bedwetting

    Part 1

    The sun was shining on a Thursday morning. Allison was having a pleasant dream about a fantasy world as a princess. She and her younger sister were wearing long dresses as they played with dolls. Unlike normal dolls, these dolls were fancy and most likely way out of budget for a normal person with a day job. Allison adored her younger sister's dress that was light blue and worked well for her light blonde hair. It built her adorable essence as a six-year-old girl would. She looked at her own dress which was light pink with some curves that were developing for a twelve-year-old girl with light blonde hair.

    Allison soon felt a need to pee, “I need to use the little princess room,” Allison states to her sister. She smiles back as Allison finds the toilet. Once sitting on the throne, Allison began to relieve herself.

    A slight noise of a door creaking open caused Allison to groggily open her eyes. There stood in front of the waking girl a younger girl with the same hair color. Allison knew her sister had come to greet her in the morning.

    “Someone’s bed is wet,” stated the young girl. They stood there for a few seconds without speaking as Allison was scared to confirm if that was true or not. “April fools!” the young girl answers back.

    Allison sighs at her sister, “I really shouldn’t have taught you that, Claire.” It was Thursday only a few days before Easter, yet Allison’s sister Claire still made April fools joke when Allison taught her about them. However, moving her legs Allison found that it wasn’t a joke. “Well, ummm, it actually wasn’t a joke though…” Allison began to sob.

    Claire goes up to Allison and hugs her, “Aw, it’s okay Ally.” She lets go and gives a concerned look that grows into a smile. “It's okay that you wet the bed, let's go and get some breakfast!” Allison still felt down but felt a little better seeing the smile on her younger sister. She got up and removed her sheets—a process she’s done the last few days. According to her sister, breakfast was probably ready so Allison stripped of her soaked pajama clothing and put on a set of clean clothes. She’d like to take a bath soon, but if she was going to go eat breakfast it’d be wiser to change her clothes first then stay in the wet stained ones. Then she put the dirty clothes in the dirty clothes basket.

    Walking out of her room and down the short set of stairs around the corner, to a dining hall to the right. Allison found her sister smiling at her seat with pancakes on her plate, and a middle-aged blonde-haired woman smiling directly at her. This woman still looked pretty young for her age and adored both Allison and Claire as a mother should.

    Allison’s mother looks over at her, “Oh hun, did you get ready already?”

    Despite wanting to say that she did, Allison knew the reality wasn’t that. “Not yet…” was the only thing she could respond to.

    The smile from her mother turned to a look of concern, “Oh…did you have another accident last night?” Allison felt rather embarrassed that she didn’t feel like responding and only nodded. “That’s okay sweetie, it’ll be fine I’m sure. Just hand me the wet sheets and I’ll take care of them all alright. So just eat up and try and forget about it.” After hearing her mother finish, Allison sat in her seat next to Claire and began to eat buttered pancakes.

    After taking a few bites, Allison’s mother spoke up again, “Allison, your father and I talked about it, we know you’ll probably hate this, but we think it’d be smart if we got you some protection at night.”

    Allison was ashamed to hear the thought, “You mean like diapers?” Once she mentioned “diapers,” she heard her sister Claire giggling.

    “Well, it would be better than waking up to a wet bed wouldn’t it?” Allison’s mother suggested.

    “And I’d bet you’d be cute,” Claire added.

    Allison tried to ignore Claire’s comment, “Yeah, I suppose you are right mom.”

    “Okay good, plus we do have the trip tomorrow to Grandma’s for Easter. I think it’d be a wise decision to go get them after you get ready then. Also, I’m proud of you to accept it, hun!” With the declaration made, they enjoyed their meal and Allison made her way to take a bath after handing her wet sheets and clothes to her mother.

    During Allison’s bath, Allison couldn’t help but think about the predicament she was in. So I’ll have to get diapers, well just for night time. I suppose things could be worse, but I guess I just have to accept that I’m a bedwetter now. It’ll definitely help us not have to clean as much after making a mess. Allison smiled to herself accepting the decision that was made. Plus, maybe Claire could be right and they’d look cute on me. She giggled at the thought. Though I doubt that, but it might actually not be that bad. Sure they are for babies, but some of the designs are cute…well for babies. Now that I’m thinking about it, it really doesn’t sound that bad at all now. Allison smiled to herself as she continued to enjoy her bath.

    Once her soothing bath finished, Allison put the clothes she had back on and told her mother that she was ready to go. They rounded Claire up to join them as they went to the store to get some items for the trip to their Grandma’s—which included “protection.”

    At the nearby Walmart, they found all the items on the list except for one—Allison’s “protection.” Allison blushed with embarrassment at the idea aisle they were heading to. She almost wished they could keep walking forever or turn around for how nervous she felt. Unfortunately, the walk to the diaper aisle was only a short jaunt.

    There Allison eyed several brands of diapers lined on the shelves. The one that really caught her eye was the Pampers brand diapers. They had all the different sizes ranging from one to seven. Each package had a different design for each size. She scanned the designs and sizes to see if she could find the one that would fit her. Many of the smaller sizes were made for babies, but the size seven seemed like it would fit her best. Even for a slowly developing girl, Allison was still more on the small size. So even a size seven Pampers diaper should easily fit her. Looking at the packages, an Elmo design came to Allison’s mind. Allison remembers she enjoyed watching Sesame Street when she was younger, so maybe it’d be rather fitting then. However, Allison thought to herself that these were baby diapers and she wasn’t a baby. So Allison did her best to keep her attention away from the packages.

    She did a good job until she heard Claire speak up. “Mommy, wouldn’t this work for Ally?” Claire spoke holding up a package of Pampers size 7. Allison wanted to speak up and suggest a different idea, but she decided to wait and see how it played out.

    “Oh, I bet this would be cute on Ally huh?” Their mother responded taking the package. Allison blushed and felt frozen stiff even if she wanted to speak up. “But she doesn’t need actual diapers, just something to hold her for the night like Goodnites.” Allison’s mother then put the package back on the shelf and walked to get a package of Goodnites for girls. The design for the goodnite showcased hearts and flowers and other patterns.

    “These will be cute too!” Claire spoke up. Allison was frozen stiff due to the mass embarrassment she had to endure. “Don’t you think?” Claire turned her attention to Allison asking her opinion on the design.

    Allison couldn’t deny that it was still pretty cute. “Yeah, they’re cute,” was all Allison could muster.

    “I’m glad to hear that,” their mother stated. “Sorry hun if you are feeling a little embarrassed, we’ll try and get out of here shortly alright?” After hearing her mother, Allison just followed behind silently.

    At the cash register, Allison wanted to look away as all the items were scanned including her Goodnites package. However, no specific comments were made than the usual routine. The cashier looked to be a girl in her twenties, probably having a day job being in college. With red-hair tied in a pony-tail, her emerald eyes looked at Allison with a bright smile. Allison didn’t want to look too into it so she just walked behind her mother as they left the store.

    Once they returned home, Allison was given her package of goodnites to hold in her room to make sure she puts one on each night. Allison also began to pack her things for the trip. Starting with her clothes, some cute things like a few dresses and a plain shirt and several skirts. Knowing that the location was just her grandma’s, Allison didn’t think to bring anything special for clothing than what she found comfy or cute.

    Next, Allison began to pack her bathroom stuff only leaving the bare minimum of a toothbrush and toothpaste she’d use that night before packing. Then she found herself back in her room at night fully packed and ready. However, Allison realized she did forget one item—her Goodnites. She decided to ask her mother how she should pack them as she didn’t leave much room for them.

    In the kitchen once again, she found her mother cooking and getting dinner ready for when the father would arrive after a good day at work. “Um, Mom?” Allison got her mother's attention.

    Turning to face the young girl, Allison’s mother smiled. “Yes, dear?”

    “Umm well,” Allison felt slightly shy to mention the problem. “I’m all packed.”

    “Well, that’s good. Dinner should be done shortly as should your father gets home.”

    “Okay…well you see…” Allison blushed as her mother tilted her head. “I did finish packing, but I forgot to pack my…” Her voice lowered a bit. “My Goodnites and I don’t have any room left.” Allison turned an even brighter tomato.

    “Oh,” Her mother replied. “That’s okay, I’ll pack them with my stuff then. Just make sure to take two out for tonight and you can hand the rest to me alright?”

    “Okay,” Allison nodded. “That sounds good mommy. But can I ask, why two?”

    Her mother smiled, “One for tonight and the second one is just in case you wake up in the night and need it. Probably should be prepared just in case and can’t get access to the rest of them.”

    “Oh, that makes sense. I’ll go do that now then, where do you want the package?”

    “You can leave it on my bed.”

    “Alright, I’ll go do it now then.” Allison walked out of the kitchen and up the stairs finding her room. There she found the package of Goodnites with the young girl on the cover. She wasn’t sure if there was a specific way to open it but ignorantly tore the package open.

    Now with the package open, Allison shyly grabbed two of the paddings out setting them on her bed. She then walked over to her mother's master bedroom placing the package on the large blue comforter covering the bed. Allison walked back to her own room to find the two Goodnites left behind. Curious, Allison picked one up to see how it felt.

    The pink and purple garment had a rather odd soft touch at first. Allison imagined that it wouldn’t feel soft, but figures the padding must give it that texture. She wondered how it’d feel to actually wear given the odd inviting softness.

    A sound of the front door of the house echoed through the house which told Allison her father was home. More than likely dinner was ready as well. Allison put the soft padding of the Goodnite on her bed once again before heading down. Despite wanting to see how it felt while wearing, she knew she’d be testing one later that night anyway.

    Once downstairs, she found her family was already sitting at the dinner table. Allison found her seat next to Claire. Allison was happy to see that they were having steak for that night. With a fork and knife in her hand, Allison began to cut the meat for herself. She had always been allowed to cut her own food when she was about Claire’s age as she looks over to see Claire was awkwardly cutting her food.

    “Did you do it, hun?” Voiced a question from her mother. Allison knew that it was about the Goodnites.

    “Yup,” Allison nodded.

    “Did what?” Allison’s father questioned which Claire also piqued with the same thought.

    “Did what I ask to do with her Goodnites,” Allison’s mother stated. Just hearing it caused Allison to blush.

    “Oh, you did get her some protection then,” Her father stated. “Well that’s good, now you won’t have to worry about a wet bed again.” Allison’s father smiled at her, which she couldn’t help smile back. Even though she felt slightly embarrassed by the problem, everyone else didn’t seem to mind. So, Allison continued to eat her food.

    After dinner was finished, Allison helped Claire do the dishes and load them into the dishwasher. A process Allison wasn’t very fond of but it was something to help around the house. Though she understands Claire’s point of view is more of just a trivial chore at her age. But once she grew up, she’d probably understand, at least that’s what Allison hoped.

    Once the dishes were finished, Claire tugged on Allison’s shirt. “Ally, can we watch a movie?” Claire asked.

    “Sure, I’d love to watch something with you,” Allison answered back. “Go pick something and I’ll join you okay.”

    “Okay!” Claire beamed and trotted off.

    Allison was happy to have her younger sister, as it did give her an excuse for watching younger kid movies and shows. Even though she wasn’t that old herself, she knew she should be growing up regardless.

    Before going to her sister's room, Allison decided to answer her earlier curiosity. Its almost bedtime, it’ll be fine if I do this now. She walked into her room and picked up one of her Goodnites feeling the softness in her clutches again. Then she began to remove the light blue underwear tossing them into her dirty clothes basket. There she took the Goodnite and pulled it open and slid it on like a regular pair of underwear.

    The odd soft-touch remained, but a new wave emanated as the padding hit Allison’s rear. It wasn’t like regular underwear, but it did feel secure and oddly comforting. Allison couldn’t quite comprehend it but didn’t really mind wearing it for the time being.

    With her new padding equipped, she walked over to her sister's bedroom. Once she entered, she saw the room with pink walls and stuffed animals placed around. It was almost as if a magical unicorn dashed in with its rainbows turning everything cute. This was definitely fit for a little girl like her sister Claire who sat on her bed before a television screen clutching a stuffed rabbit.

    “What did you pick for us this time?” Allison asked the adorable Claire.

    “Oh, I picked Sleeping Beauty for us!” Claire smiled.

    Allison smiled back, “Oh good I love that one.” She quietly took her seat next to Claire as they started the film. Allison could only wonder if her sister could notice if she was wearing a Goodnite.

    Partway through the film near the end, Allison felt a need to urinate. It didn’t seem like she’d have to go right away so she probably could hold till the rest of the film, but it did make her think about the garment she currently wore. No, I don’t plan on using my Goodnite just to be lazy. Plus, I’d probably have to get another Goodnite and Mom most likely packed everything already. So, I’d better save this one.

    Once the film ended, Allison made her way to the bathroom making use of it. She then got ready for bed changing into her pajama shirt and pants that were both light blue with white dots. There she found at her door a young curious girl—her sister Claire.

    “Ally did you put it on?” Claire asked. It was clear she was interested in the Goodnite Allison was wearing. So, Allison nodded in response. “Can I see? Please?”

    Giving in to her younger sister’s pleads, Allison lowered her pajama pants exposing to her sister and the purple garment. “I was sort of embarrassed at first, but it's not that bad,” Allison stated.

    “Oh, you are cute!” Claire beamed. “Hehe, my diapered sister!” Allison blushed but was embraced by her younger sister. “It’ll be fine, I know it! I love you sis, goodnight!”

    “Aw, I love you too! Goodnight my sweet Claire,” Allison smiled back. She felt rather happy to have her sister’s support at the least. So following Claire out, she turned the lights off and crawled into her bed.

    Well, here I am wearing a Goodnite diaper. The day before we go to Grandma’s when I’d have hoped my bedwetting was going to stop before. But now I have to wear these at night. Though it is pretty soft so maybe I shouldn’t complain. At least I’ll be able to wake up in the morning without a wet bed! Allison reassured herself and felt contented enough and soon fell asleep.

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    I like this.


    But one critique, the paragraphs should be separated from each other a bit more, but that's somewhat my opinion.


      I'm happy you have enjoyed the story thus far. And I do agree that the paragraph spacing could be a little better. The interface of the site doesn't make it easy to do a straight forward copy paste. I'll have to try playing around with some of the tools then to see if I can get it fitted.
      -Never give up; Takumi


        This seems like a nice bit of candy fluff... Keep up the good work


          Well, first, I suggest you space your paragraphs out. Every line of dialogue should be its own paragraph. That would make it a lot cleaner and easier to read.


            I think grandma's going to be a traditional cloth diaper type of grandparent who insists on them to protect her bed and just so happens to still have some stored away from when Allison’s mum was a teen bedwetter.
            just a thought 😁


              The story has a good start and I am curious to see where you are taking it aside from commenters suggestions as it is your story.

              For line breaks there is a tip in the pinned posts about setting space after return to 0 or something like that or double spacing for it to look correct on here. I do not remember the details so you will have to look.

              I like how Claire is supportive as well and likes to include Allison even though she is twice Claire’s age.


                For line breaks, what is being referred to is that many modern word processors insert visual space between paragraphs with a single line break. Changing the document settings to remove this space sets the visual to match what the board does will make it easier to see what the forum will do with the formatting when you copy and paste. IIRC, in at least one word processor this is called "Space before paragraph" and/or "Space after paragraph."
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                  Part 2:

                  Allison was having pleasant dreams about playing hide and seek with her sister when the sound of her alarm went off. She quickly shut it off and was reminded of a few days ago when she got ready for school. Thankfully she had a good long break having the previous day off for Easter break. But her break was going to be spent going to her Grandma’s which they had to travel for. So she will have to miss a few days the next week for coming back, but it wasn’t that big of a deal as the school was already notified.

                  Once Allison began to crawl out of bed, she reminded herself to check the bed if she ended up having another accident during the night. Feeling the bed, she perceived that it was dry and clean. However, Allison was reminded by what she wore when she began to make her way out of bed. The Goodnite she wore began to sag, and with a quick touch, it was clear the Goodnite was soaked to being full. Allison was slightly embarrassed that she had wet herself in what was basically a diaper, but felt rather happy her bed was dry. Plus the current Goodnite, although being wet and sort of cold, didn’t feel bad at all. Allison felt like she could easily go through with wearing them from then on.

                  Eager to tell the news to her mother, Allison found her mother downstairs in the living room getting some last things packed up.

                  “Mom, my bed was dry!” Allison stated.

                  “Oh, that’s great!” Allison’s mother responded. “So did your protection work out then?”

                  “Yup,” Allison blushed. “It definitely worked well.” Allison finished her statement and patted her padded rear. This also notified her mother that she still did have an accident during the night.

                  “Oh, sweetie do you still have it on?”

                  “Uh yeah?” Allison questioned confused.

                  “Well that’s good that it works, but you should probably change out soon hun. Don’t want you to get a rash.”

                  “Oh, okay I’ll go get ready then,” Allison answered going back upstairs. She proceeded to strip herself down before taking a bath. Before taking the Goodnite off, she noticed that the color faded throughout the entirety of the garment.

                  Well, it is a little strange, but it is not that bad to wear. It is a little different but not too different. Not to mention it was a little comfy. So far, wearing Goodnites isn’t a bad thing like I thought it would. Allison then proceeded to take her bath contended on her thought.

                  Once her soothing bath ended, Allison finished changing into a set of comfy clothes—being a hooded sweatshirt and a pair of shorts. Then she took her suitcase down so they could get the car loaded before heading off to the airport. Her mother then looked at her with a smile like she had an idea.

                  “Oh sweetie, I had a thought for this trip,” Allison’s mother spoke. “Would you like to hear it?”

                  “Yes, and what would that be mom?” Allison wondered.

                  “Well, it’ll be about an hour's drive to the airport so I was thinking about what happens if you took a nap during the ride there.”

                  After hearing the proposal, Allison gathered what the pieces of this puzzle were going to be placed into. “Oh I see, should I wear a Goodnite?”

                  “Yeah, that was the idea I had,” her mother responded. “Only if your fine with that, but I think it’d be wise since it’ll be several hours before we get to your Grandma’s.”

                  Before the prior night, Allison would have flatly rejected the concept but at this point, she didn’t mind the thought. “Okay mom, I’ll wear one.”

                  “Oh you will, okay good,” Her mother sounded surprised. “I have a set in this backpack so let me get you one.” The backpack she referred to was the one at her feet. Just a normal-sized black bag ready to carry many items that currently contained some Goodnites.

                  Allison shook her head, “No I still have the extra one from last night.”

                  “Okay good.” After hearing her mother, Allison left her suitcase and went upstairs again to find the leftover Goodnite still sitting on her dresser. Without hesitating, Allison stripped her shorts and her underwear. Then she slipped the Goodnite on followed by her shorts once again. Placing the pair of underwear to the dirty hamper as she left to go down the stairs once again.

                  Once she saw her mother, she gave her to rear a good patting, “Got my Goodnite on.”

                  Her mother smiled, “Good, I think that’ll be wise for the trip there.”

                  Allison then felt a pat on her butt that didn’t come from her. Looking at her mother who’s hands did not reach over told her the only likely culprit was Claire.

                  “Hehe, my sisters diapered,” Claire exclaimed. She probably overheard Allison that she put a Goodnite on since it was rather well concealed under her shorts.

                  “It's only for the trip there,” Allison explained.

                  “Diapers or no diapers, my sisters still my sister,” Claire stated giving Allison a hug.

                  “Aw thanks,” Allison smiled back at the young girl.

                  It didn’t take long to get the car loaded once they brought the luggage out. The seating arrangement had Allison sitting on the left side in the middle of the SUV next to her sister to her right. Her mother in the passenger seat with their father driving. They took off stopping at McDonald's for a quick breakfast to go as they drove their way to the airport.

                  Once Allison finished her meal, she felt a little drowsy and decided it wouldn’t hurt to take a small nap. Plus she was wearing a Goodnite so even if she did have an accident it should be well taken care of.


                  Soon Allison awoke to the sound of her mother who was waking both her and Claire. They arrived at the airport as they parked the car in the parking garage. Allison began to shuffle out of her seat when she felt her Goodnite wasn’t as dry as it was before. This told Allison she did indeed have another accident in her sleep.

                  “Mommy,” Allison stated to her mother outside the car. “I umm, had an accident in my sleep.”

                  “Oh, I guess it’s a good thing you were wearing a Goodnite huh?” Her mother smiled. “Once we get inside I’ll help you change alright?”

                  “Okay, thanks,” Allison replied.

                  “Ally, you had an accident?” Claire asked. Allison only nodded in reply. “Aw, I guess it was good you were diapered.” Claire then hugged Allison with a smile. Allison couldn’t deny that it was probably a good idea that she did indeed wear one.

                  Once they got into the main part of the airport at the check-in counter, Allison’s mother shuffled to her backpack. Allison’s mother then turned over to Allison as she began unzipping the backpack. “Um sweetie, I was thinking maybe it’d be a good idea to wear another Goodnite for the flight.”

                  Allison panicked to quiet her mother down because she didn’t want anyone to listen in to the conversation. “Uh sure okay,” she quickly took a Goodnite that her mother handed her and went to the restrooms to the right.

                  In the restroom, Allison quickly found the nearest unopened stall and pulled her shorts off as well as her swollen Goodnite. It definitely did its job and Allison couldn’t be any happier not waking up in wet clothes beside the Goodnite. However, she only accepted the new Goodnite in panic and wonders if she should actually go back to her mother to state she changed her mind about wearing another. But coming this far, Allison decided she might as well go through with it. Plus she might fall asleep on the plane, so having one of these on might actually be beneficial. With that thought, Allison pulled the new Goodnite on along with her shorts. She left the restroom with a smile as she disposed of the old Goodnite into the trash.

                  After leaving, she joined up with her family who was waiting for her. “We finished checking in, so we can go up now,” Allison’s father stated. Allison nodded as she walked right next to Claire.

                  “Did you get changed?” Claire asked. Allison blushed with embarrassment as anyone in the area could easily have heard that.

                  “I did,” Allison answered back.

                  “Okay good,” Claire smiled. Looking about in the area, it didn’t seem like the few people there really paid them any attention. So Allison gave a smile back.

                  Soon they arrived in the line-up to get checked by the TSA to let them through the gate. Allison could only hope that neither the backpack with her Goodnite’s nor herself would have to be searched. Thankfully, Allison wasn’t wearing any metal on her that would require a search.

                  They put in their bags, shoes, wallets all into the bins before proceeding through the scanner. One by one, her family members had made it through with no troubles. However, it was now Allison’s turn to pose the position shown. As the device spun around and did its job, Allison couldn’t help but feel worried as if the secrets under her shorts were going to be found out.

                  It didn’t take long for the device to finish which had Allison step forward. “Um, excuse me I’ll need to pat this spot real fast,” Spoke one of the TSA male guards. Allison instantly turned red and panicked as her shorts were probably bulkier because of the Goodnites.

                  “Um, miss your good to go,” Stated a TSA female. When Allison looked, what she heard was for the man who was in the other section. With a sigh of relief, Allison proceeded forward to retrieve her stuff.

                  They found their flight gate and took a seat to begin waiting for the plane to get ready to board. The flight wasn’t going to happen for another thirty minutes, so they pulled out different gadgets or books to keep them by for the time being. Allison mostly scrolled through her phone for the different games she had to play. Some of them being childish, but she enjoyed them regardless.

                  After the anticipated time went by, the plane was ready to load up on the passengers. All of the different passengers began to load on depending on the ticket they had. Allison knew they would most likely board last given the ticket they had. However, Allison noticed several other girls her age or younger boarding and couldn’t help but think they probably weren’t wearing what she wore.

                  Once they boarded on the plane, they shuffled down the middle to locate their seats. Allison had a window seat, Claire next to her, and their mother on the aisle seat. Their father was across from them sitting next to another man whom they began making conversation.

                  “When we take off it’ll be alright if you do take a nap,” Allison’s mother stated. Allison could only nod. “And if either of you gets hungry, let me know and I can get you something.”

                  “Okay mommy,” Claire stated. “Do you want anything Ally?”

                  “Umm, not right now,” Allison replied. “Maybe in a little bit.”

                  “Okay,” Claire smiled. Allison smiled back before looking out the window.

                  Soon the plane was all loaded and began to take off. Allison didn’t mind the take-offs or landings from her other experiences from flying. But she was mostly happy Claire wasn’t an annoying child anymore. Claire’s first flight seemed to have been rough for her as she cried rivers down the aisle. However, after that flight, Claire had gotten far much better.

                  Now in the air, Allison decided it wouldn’t hurt to try and continue her nap from earlier and slowly began to drift off to sleep.


                  The light in the room was dim, and a warm blanket covered her. Looking around, Allison could see the walls belonged to Claire’s. However, above her had multiple shapes spinning around. These shapes were in that of objects in the night sky. It almost seemed like something you’d find in a baby's crib. Looking next to her was her sister Clair laying in the same bedding she was in. But Claire’s attire looked more infantile than she remembered. Looking at herself, Allison found she also had rather infantile clothes.

                  A sounding of the doorway opening showed her mother appearing with two rounded objects in her hands. She first looked at Allison before walking over to Claire and propping her up. Allison then recognized the objects in her mother’s hands as bottles made for babies. However, Claire opened her mouth for their mother who put the bottle up to her mouth. Allison watched as her sister was being fed from a bottle.

                  Once her sisters' bottle was depleted, Allison’s mother looked at her with a smile and walked over to her side. Like Claire, she was propped up and saw a bottle in front of her. Allison didn’t decline it but opened her mouth like her sister and the bottle was quickly inserted into her mouth. She began to suck on the bottle’s nipple and quickly found her mouth drenched in the slightly warmed up milk. Despite the oddity, Allison kept drinking from the bottle with content. Even though her sister was a different age, they were at least receiving the same treatment—being babies.

                  In what seemed like mere moments, Allison groggily opened her eyes when she heard her mother's voice.

                  “Sweetie, we’ve landed and were here,” Spoke Allison’s mother. However, Allison still felt affected by her deep slumber and couldn’t quite comprehend her mother’s speech.

                  “Okay,” was all Allison could muster.

                  “Oh my dear, you must’ve had an accident,” stated the shocked mother. Allison wasn’t sure what she referred to as she’s always had accidents during her sleep for the past week so it should be almost expected at that point. “You’ll have to go and change real fast before we do leave the airport.”

                  Allison still feeling a bit tired and remembering her odd dream could only ask for help, “Will you change me, mommy?”

                  Her mother couldn’t speak for a second, “Sure hun, but let's get off the plane okay?” Allison’s mother held her hand as she led her out of the plane and walked into the airport. There Allison saw her sister and father waiting for them with all their stuff except for the backpack on her mother’s shoulders. “We're going to the restroom real fast, go on ahead without us.” With a nod from their father, Allison’s mother looked at her again and began walking her to the restroom.

                  Once in the restroom, Allison was continued to be led into the farthest stall. Her mother walked up to the drop-down table on the wall and pulled it down. Leading Allison by her hand, she helped Allison sit up on the table which appeared to hold her weight. Allison’s mother helped her lay back and Allison began to feel confused about what actually was happening then. She began to feel her body awaken as her shorts were unbuttoned by her mother which caused her to instantly blush. Allison realized her Goodnites were definitely soaked at this point so they needed a change, but didn’t realize she was getting one from her mother.

                  “Mom,” Allison began to speak.

                  “Yes dear,” Allison’s mother replied as she took the young girl’s shorts off.

                  Allison knew she could do the change herself so there was no need for her mother to do this. But at the same time, she was already on the table and her mother took her shorts off already. Most of a standard change was already done, so Allison decided to just let it happen this time. “Um, thanks.”

                  “Yup, no problem sweetie,” Her mother replied with a smile. Allison’s mother began to make her way to pulling her Goodnite off which revealed her underside secrets to her mother who only thought of being a mother. Her mother got into her backpack and pulled out a new Goodnite and a few baby wipes. After being wiped down from the wipes, Allison’s mother pulled the new Goodnite up her legs. Once it was secured in place, she held Allison’s hand once more and helped her off the table. “All nice and clean now sweetie! But it's been quite some time since I last had to change someone, especially you.” She started to laugh which caused Allison to blush. But Allison couldn’t deny it was interesting to have been changed by her mother just this once.

                  Before asking for her shorts again, her mother put them into the backpack. “Um sweetie, you do know you really soaked them don’t you?” Her mother asked.

                  “I-I did?” Allison replied confused.

                  “You did honey, probably went a lot during your nap. So it's no big deal, we can just wash them at your Grandmas.”

                  “Okay, so I have something to wear then?”

                  “I’m afraid not sweetie, all your clothes are packed in your suitcase it seems.” She stopped to think to herself. “Hmm, one-second sweetie.” Opening up the backpack once more, she pried out a hooded sweatshirt. “I think we could wrap this around you and it’ll cover it.”

                  “Okay,” Allison replied.

                  “Now just keep still for a second.” After giving her instruction, Allison’s mother proceeded to wrap the sweatshirt around her daughter’s waist. Within seconds, the clean Goodnite was completely covered. “There!” It wasn’t the usual look for a waist equipped sweatshirt, but it did the job. “See, all covered! Now let us return to Claire and your father.”

                  “Okay mommy,” Allison stated as she gave her hand.

                  “That’s my girl,” Allison’s mother replied grasping her hand. They proceeded to walk out of the restroom tossing out the soaked Goodnite into the trash.

                  They walked over to the baggage collection area, to find Allison’s father and sister. Once they approached them, they had a rather surprised look taking notice of Allison’s new attire.

                  “What happened?” Their father questioned.

                  “Oh, she just had a bit larger accident then usual during her nap,” Allison’s mother whispered to him.

                  “I see, well at least we’ll be going soon,” He replied.

                  “Hehe, that’s a cute diaper!” Claire giggled quietly to Allison. The sweatshirt may had covered Allison’s Goodnite, but it didn’t stop Claire from looking at the direct source.

                  Allison blushed but smiled back, “Thanks.” Claire went up to hug her.

                  They walked outside with Allison in the middle who still felt rather embarrassed. There they found a silver van parked at the sidewalk.

                  “That must be her,” Stated Allison’s father. Once they approached the van, the back trunk was opened up and they put all the suitcases in there before getting into the van themselves.

                  “Oh my two darlings, it’s been ages since I’ve last seen you both,” Stated their Grandmother. Their Grandmother didn’t have many wrinkles for her age but had short white hair. However, her attention turned towards Allison. “Oh dear, what happened?”

                  Allison began to blush realizing the sweatshirt didn’t do an efficient job while she sat down.

                  “Oh about that,” Allison’s mother replied to her. She began to whisper into their Grandmother’s ear who appeared to be getting a gist of what happened.

                  “I see, well dear it’s a good thing you were wearing some protection huh,” stated Allison’s Grandma. “It could have been a lot worse otherwise. But accidents do happen, I even have them sometimes.” She began to laugh which caused Allison to smile shortly. But Allison only felt embarrassed about the exposing situation she was in. “Well, tell me about your trip while we get home then.”

                  Allison had to sit in the van next to her sister for about twenty minutes before they pulled into the driveway of a two-story light blue house. This wasn’t Allison’s first time being at her grandma’s house, so she was familiar with the large front entrance that had a set of stairs to the left. Taking the suitcase she had carried, her mother stepped up behind her.

                  “Hun, do you need help changing?” Asked Allison’s mother. Allison understood her mother must have meant changing into a new set of clothes from the current Goodnite.

                  “No mom, I can change myself this time,” Allison replied. She then took the suitcase she carried up the stairs to find a guest bedroom she’d be sharing with Claire and set the suitcase down. Opening it up, Allison grabbed a pair of shorts and proceeded to pull them up while undoing the hooded sweatshirt. Once they were over her knees, Allison realized a simple mistake she just made. “Oh, I forgot to change out of the Goodnite, hehe.” She pulled the shorts back down and found a pink pair of underwear before proceeding to exchange out of the comfy Goodnite.

                  After having changed, Allison made her way back downstairs to find her mother sitting on the couch.

                  “Oh good, you are changed now,” Her mother stated. “We have your shorts in the wash right now so they should be clean soon.”

                  “Thanks,” Allison replied. “Funny about my change, I almost left the Goodnite on when I put the shorts on. I guess it was pleasantly comfy.”

                  Allison’s mother gave a slight chuckle, “Well that would’ve been fine if you did. With today’s accidents, it’d have made sense. So your mother understands.”

                  Allison wasn’t sure if her mother was being serious or joking back at her. It didn’t seem like a joke since she reasoned with her, but it begged the question if her mother actually was alright with her wearing a Goodnite during the day. The idea had Allison curious to go back upstairs and change back into that Goodnite she already changed out of. However, she shrugged the idea off.

                  Their Grandmother came out of the kitchen, “Well it looks like I have some things to get at the store.”

                  “The girls and I could go with,” Allison’s mother replied. The girls meaning Allison and Claire would tag along with their mother and grandmother.

                  “Oh that would be splendid,” their grandmother smiled. Claire was following behind their grandmother as they made their way to the front door. Allison followed behind their mother then as they left their father to catch up with the grandpa.

                  The store appeared busier than most of Target’s did. Even though this was a simple grocery shop, it appeared many people were making last-minute Easter shopping. They began making their way past the baby products and Allison couldn’t help glance at the pampers diapers. Even though she didn’t get them the previous time, they did appear cute and had Allison curious since she has been having a decent time with her current Goodnites.

                  It was only a few minutes passing the diapers when Allison felt an urge to pee. “Mommy, I have to pee.”

                  “Okay sweetie, there are restrooms in the back,” her mother replied. Allison nodded and began to walk to the back to find a set of restrooms. However, when Allison made it into the little girls' room, she found that all the current stalls were taken with a couple of other girls waiting. Despite having to go, Allison decided to not keep her family waiting for very long so she left.

                  “That was quick,” Claire mentioned.

                  “Oh um, there was a line and I didn’t want to keep you waiting so I can hold on for a little longer,” Allison replied.

                  “Alright hun, just get to the restroom before you do have an accident okay?” Her mother stated. Allison nodded not wanting that to happen.

                  “Hehe, Ally had an accident,” Claire giggled to herself. Allison couldn’t help but blush at her comment.

                  They managed to find all the items on the list their Grandmother prepared and began to head to the front counter. Allison couldn’t help trying to hold onto herself as her urge grew quite a lot. Her desperation made her hoping to find a restroom rather soon especially for the check-out line to not take forever. But from the looks of all the check-out counters, each one had at least two people ready to check out waiting in line. Once they pulled the cart into line counter fifteen, Allison couldn’t help but wiggle in place.

                  Being very transparent as her mother turned to look at her, “Hun we can purchase this while you go to the restroom.”

                  Allison nodded, “Okay, thanks, mommy.” She made her way past the counter and towards the restroom at the front. Once in the restroom, Allison was glad to find a few stalls open. Sighing with relief, Allison made her way into one of the stalls. Well, that was a really close call. I may have almost had an actual accident if I waited any longer. I wear protection for night time and almost could have used one just now. Maybe I should have forgotten to change out of that Goodnite. It would have made things a lot easier as well. But I guess I did make it at least. Though if I did wear the Goodnite, I could have had an accident and it’d have been okay. At least I think it would have been.

                  After leaving the restroom, she was joined by her younger sister. “Did you have an accident?” Claire asked. Although it was clear given Allison’s shorts that she didn’t have any kind of accident. “Hehe, of course, you didn’t since you’re a big girl. Even though you have to wear diapers at night.” Allison couldn’t help but blush after hearing her comment.

                  “Well, it is good that you did make it,” Allison’s mother stated. “Let us get back to the house then.”

                  “I’ll get dinner started when we get back, would you girls like to help me?” asked their Grandmother.

                  “Yes,” Allison and Claire said in unison.

                  “Okay, we should get back then before your father and grandpa have played their twentieth game of cards.” Once they nodded and giggled at the thought, they left the store.

                  Dinner was a joyful experience Allison enjoyed. Being able to help her grandmother out with the different ingredients and getting praised for doing a good job bringing a smile to her face. Once all the food was placed on the table and compliments from her family to their grandmother and assistance brought a smile to Claire and her face.

                  “Are you enjoying your Easter break dear?” Allison’s Grandmother asked her.

                  “Yup, so far it’s been rather great,” Allison smirked.

                  “That’s great, I hope you’ll find yourself at home then.”

                  After dinner, Allison attempted to assist her Grandma for cleaning up the dishes but was turned away.

                  “Thanks, dear for offering, but I think you should enjoy your time here,” Allison’s grandmother stated.

                  “Okay,” Allison replied. She then left the kitchen to find her room she was sharing with Claire and saw the television was turned on and children’s books were scattered across the room. “Um Claire, what you up to?”

                  Upon the question, Claire turned her attention away from a book and towards her sister. “Oh, I saw she had a bunch of books here so I wanted to see what kinds there were.”

                  “Alright, what kind of book you reading now?”

                  Claire held the book up, “Go dogs go.” It was obviously a Dr. Seus book by the way it rhymed and cartoon pictures are drawn.

                  “Oh, I remember that when I was younger!” Allison excitedly mentioned.

                  Allison and Claire began going through all the different books that they remembered seeing when they were younger and reminiscing those days. Eventually, they settled on an old classic Disney movie Aladdin to pass the time.

                  Once it was getting late, Allison noticed her sister slumping into her shoulder having a difficult time staying up. So Allison told her sister it was time to go to bed which Claire reluctantly agreed to.

                  Getting her nightgown from her suitcase, Allison also grabbed a Goodnite from the pack that was near her suitcase. Going to the restroom, Claire followed her in and they both brushed their teeth together and changed into their pajamas. Allison looked for the Goodnite she brought in and noticed it in the hands of her sister.

                  “Hehe, time for your diaper!” Claire beamed a smile.

                  “W-well…I do need them for the night,” Allison stuttered with a red expression.

                  “It’s okay, diapers or none, I love my sister,” Claire hugged Allison

                  “Aw, I love you too!” Allison embraced her sister back.

                  Claire then let go and handed her the Goodnite back, “Here you go!”

                  “Hehe,” Allison laughed at a thought in mind. “Just you wait, soon I’ll be handing you a diaper for nighttime.” Given Claire’s age, Allison was certain it wouldn’t have been uncommon if she ended up in the same situation.

                  “Hehe,” Claire giggled turning red. “I’ll be happy for you to change me.”

                  “Yup, I’d be glad to,” Allison stood proud with her Goodnite in hand. Looking at the Goodnite and her sister, the comment she made rang through her ears. Perhaps if Claire is willing to let me change her into a diaper or well a Goodnite, she would be wanting to do the same for me? I mean it is a Goodnite, so it’d basically be having her putting a new pair of underwear on me.

                  After having the idea, Allison handed the Goodnite back to her sister. “Umm, since I’ll be changing you…you can change me.”

                  Claire took the Goodnite with beaming stars in her eyes, “I’d love to!” However, Claire looked up to her sister with a clueless look as she unfolded the Goodnite.

                  Allison understood her sister possibly didn’t understand that this kind of diaper was a pull-on type versus a tape-on kind. So Allison held up the skirt of her nightgown showing her underwear and began to move her instructions. “First you’d want to remove my underwear.”

                  Nodding her head, Claire began pulling Allison’s underwear down her legs. Allison wasn’t nervous about being naked in front of her sister as they often took bath’s together. Once finished, Claire looked up to her sister once again.

                  “Then you’ll want me to step into it and pull it on me like a pair of underwear,” Allison motioned.

                  Claire followed her instructions and easily identified the front side and put it low enough for Allison to step into. Once she finished stepping into it, Claire began to pull it up her. With a smile, Claire finished changing Allison into her Goodnite.

                  “Yay, I did it,” Claire clapped.

                  “Hehe, yup,” Allison replied. “Thanks for changing me, I know this will do me well for tonight.”

                  Smiling together, both girls left the bathroom. Claire was treading off ahead of Allison who was unmistakably happy for helping. However, each step Allison could feel the Goodnite between her legs. Comparing the garment she wore minutes before, Allison couldn’t help but find herself enjoying this new padding. At first, she definitely thought it was strange, but after almost spending a day in it, she grew a sense of acceptance. It wasn’t bad but rather good. I don’t need to worry about wetting my bed now. And it gave me something else to bond with Claire. To be honest, they are cuter than the pink undies I was just wearing.

                  At her thought, Allison walked in the clouds back to her room. But on her way back, she ran into her mother.

                  “Oh, I see you are going to bed,” Allison’s mother stated. “Are you wearing you know what?”

                  Allison smiled at the question, “Yup, I’m wearing a Goodnite.”

                  “Okay good,” Allison’s mother responded. “Alright hun, goodnight!”

                  “Goodnight,” Allison giggled to herself.

                  Once in the room, she found Claire already under the covers of her bed which were closest to the door. Allison began crawling under the covers of her bed near a window and began to feel how comfortable the new bed was. It had an odd sense about the blankets given it wasn’t something she was used to. But the mattress itself was rather comfortable. And so was her Goodnite.

                  With a smile, Allison covered herself under the blanket and wished her sister goodnight. Hearing a soft reply back, Allison trusted she could sleep well and not worry.

                  -Never give up; Takumi


                    Keep up the good work. I’m enjoying your story.


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