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State Fair Weekend Chapters 1-4

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    State Fair Weekend Chapters 1-4

    Robbie is a little small for his age, at his recent 5-year-old physical, he weighed 38 lbs. and was 39 inches tall, this was slightly below the 50th percentile in both categories. Robbie is bright and well-spoken for his age, he can recite the alphabet and write his name, his preschool teachers say he was one of their fastest learners in his class. However, potty-training was one thing that did not happen at an early age. Robbie was four by the time he was able to stay dry consistently during the daytime, with some accidents.

    There were many factors which led to his late potty-training. It wasn’t his fault or his mother’s, as they tried many times to conquer potty-training, but something always interrupted their efforts. Nikki, Robbie’s mother, made her first attempt at potty-training right after his second birthday. Robbie had a very active imagination and was very involved in whatever he was doing and stopping to use the potty didn’t seem like a priority, so Nikki decide to wait a while.

    Robbie started to show some interest at two and a half, so Nikki made another attempt at potty-training over Christmas break. This was when Nikki discovered that Robbie was prone to urinary tract infections. For this reason, his pediatrician told Nikki to make sure that Robbie drinks lots of fluids and juices, this didn’t help. Winter clothes were cumbersome and there were way more accidents than successes. Nikki decided to wait for warmer weather when it would be easier to have Robbie in training pants.

    In May, just 2 months before Robbie’s third birthday, Nikki turned her focus back to getting Robbie out of diapers. After several weeks of limited success, Robbie’s father moved out and filed for divorce, so potty-training was once again put on hold. Diaper changes remained part of their daily routine that summer, as Nikki and Robbie settled into life on their own. Every time Nikki would make new plans to potty-train Robbie, something would interfere with her efforts. First, they moved into a new home, then Nikki started a new job, and then Robbie’s grandmother went through a prolonged illness over that winter.

    Life finally started to calm down in May of the following year. So, two months before Robbie’s fourth birthday, Nikki decided she must get her son out of diapers. Again, it was a slow process with many puddles and soaked training pants, but this time, they were making progress. Robbie knew when he needed to go potty but would often wait until it was too late. Many of his accidents occurred while scurrying to the bathroom. But by his fourth birthday in July, Robbie was finally out of diapers during the day. Well almost, Robbie was still having enough accidents that Nikki would occasionally put him in diapers if such an accident would be particularly inconvenient, or a bathroom wasn’t readily available. Last month, when they attended her best friend’s wedding, Nikki kept Robbie in diapers that day, knowing an accident was pretty much inevitable. Robbie is still diapered for naps and at night because he has yet to have a dry morning.

    This story begins in a small Northeastern Indiana town, in July of 1980, before pull-ups and when pampers were thick, fan-fold diapers that came in a purple box. Nikki and Robbie are preparing to go visit Nikki’s sister. Robbie has been having lots of accidents lately, wetting his pants three times at daycare and once on the ride home, just this past week alone. Nikki has had enough of Robbie’s messes and all the extra laundry which accompany them.

    Chapter 1 Saturday morning

    It was beautiful summer morning, and the sunlight was just starting to peak into my bedroom window as I heard mommy’s voice.

    "Wake up sleepy head, today is the day you have been waiting for. Let's get you out of that soggy diaper".
    We are going to my Aunt Linda’s house today and tomorrow we will visit the Indiana State Fair, where my cousin Marcy and I will be riding rides. We are also going to the zoo one day to see all the animals.

    I just turned five last month and was going to be starting kindergarten in a few weeks, but because I still wet the bed, I wear diapers at night. As she did every morning, mommy unfastened the tapes on my wet diaper, removed it and cleaned me up with a baby wipe. Next, instead of getting a pair of underpants from my drawer, she grabbed another Pampers Toddler size diaper out of the box on my dresser.

    Mommy could see the surprised look on my face, so she started to explain. “Do you remember wearing diapers the day we went to Angie’s wedding, so you wouldn’t have any accidents? Today is going to be a long day with an over three-hour car ride, and you have wet your pants quite a few times lately. If I keep you in diapers today, there will not be any accidents to slow us down. There will be long lines and not many bathrooms on the fairgrounds, so I think I want you in diapers tomorrow too. Besides, you really look so cute in your Pampers".

    “OK Mommy”. I replied as she leaned over and kissed my forehead. Then she unfolded a fresh diaper and slid it under my bum, applied some baby powder, and wrapped the front around my waist, taping the Pamper securely into place.

    “Let’s go eat breakfast” mommy told me as she gave me a playful swat on my diapered bottom as I slid off the bed.

    As I went down the stairs, I could hear my diapers crinkling loudly. I was happy that mommy diapered me today. I really wanted to be a big boy, but I also like the extra attention I get when mommy puts my diapers on at night. Aunt Cindy and Marcy were both very proud of me for wearing big-boy underwear during the day, I wondered what they would say when I showed up in diapers.

    Mommy deposited my wet night-time diaper into the kitchen trash can and helped me up into my booster chair. For breakfast, she brought me a bowl of Frosted Flakes and a big glass of orange juice.
    After breakfast, mommy ask me if I needed to potty and I did. That's one thing about being a boy, even with a diaper on, I can pull the front down and still pee in the potty. There were no Pull-Up diapers in 1980.

    We were going to be staying at my aunt's house in Indianapolis for a few days, so mommy packed our clothes and some of my toys into a suitcase. I didn’t notice at the time, but she only packed a couple pairs of my Super Friends underpants. Then she grabbed my old Winnie the Pooh diaper bag out of my closet.

    There were only five Pampers left in the box, so she put them into the diaper bag, along with baby powder and a package of wipes. "We will need to stop on the way to Aunt Cindy's house to pick up some more diapers” she said. Five diapers would normally have been enough for the next few nights, but she knew I would be using more than that, if I was going to be wearing them in the car today and at the fair tomorrow.

    Chapter 2 On the road

    We hadn't been in the car very long when I felt the need to pee. In our excitement to get on the road mommy hadn't asked me if I needed to potty before we left. It was only about an hour ride to Fort Wayne but after my big glass of juice this morning, I knew I couldn’t hold it. "Mommy, I gotta go". I hope its only number one because there isn't a bathroom for 45 minutes” she said with a smile. “I know I'll be changing your wet diapers this weekend, but I do not want to have to stop to change a messy one".

    "Mom, I just have to pee” I told her. Mommy told me to go ahead and use my diaper because there wasn’t a good place to stop and that’s why I had it on.

    “But mommy, I don't want a spanking for peeing in my diaper like I got last time”. I don’t usually pee in my diaper on purpose. Well. maybe a couple times when I would wake up at night and be scared to go to the bathroom. But a couple weeks ago, mommy and I were watching the Sunday night Disney movie together. I already had my bath and was diapered for bed, before the movie. During the movie, I had to go but didn't want to miss the movie, so I peed in my diaper. When the movie was over mommy told me, I needed to go potty before bed. But I didn’t have to because I had already gone.

    When mommy picked me up to carry me to bed, she felt the wet diaper. She told me I was in trouble for using my diaper on purpose and after taking off the wet diaper, she spanked me before replacing it with a new one. I remember crying myself to sleep, thinking I did not want that to happen again. But today, she quickly smiled and said, "oh sweetie, I will not spank you if I tell you it's alright to use your diaper because there isn't a bathroom." I felt a little strange, as I sat next to her in my car seat, wetting my diaper. There weren't any car seat laws in 1980 so it was OK to sit right up front.

    We stopped in Fort Wayne to buy extra diapers. Mommy parked the car at Kmart. “Let's take you inside, change your butt, and pick up an extra box of Pampers”, mommy told me as she grabbed a clean diaper from my diaper bag.

    Mommy lead me by the hand as we walked into the busy store, carrying her purse and a diaper. She took me to the ladies’ room and quickly exchanged my soggy Pamper for the fresh one. After five years of changing my diapers, mommy was fast but always kind and loving.

    Then we went to the diaper isle, the smell of Pampers filled the air. I loved the way the box of Pampers in my room smelled, and the smell of the one crinkling under the covers, when mommy would tuck me in at night. Mommy picked the familiar purple box of twelve diapers and handed it to me. “You carry these, and we will stop at the snack stand and get a couple cherry ICEEs for the road”.

    Chapter 3 Arriving at Aunt Cindy’s house

    The rest of the ride was uneventful but before we got to Aunt Cindy’s, I once again felt the need to pee. “I gotta go again,” I exclaimed.

    “Already” mommy replied, “I think you’ve had way too much to drink this morning. We are getting close; can you hold it a little longer? I don’t want you to get used to wetting your pants during the day”.

    “I think I can”, I told her.

    I really needed to go by the time we pulled into Aunt Cindy’s drive way. We hurried up and got out of our car leaving our bags and the box of Pampers in the back seat.

    Aunt Cindy and my 9-year-old niece Marcy were just opening the side door as we quickly scurried towards them. As quickly as a 5-year-old who’s trying not to pee his pants can go.

    Just as we arrived at the door, I froze in dismay, as my bladder let go right there in the driveway. My diaper caught all the wetness but the expression on my face gave my situation away.
    Aunt Cindy noticed and said, “I think I recognize that look but haven’t seen it since last summer when you were still potty-training; since there is not a giant wet spot on your shorts, it must be something else,” she followed up with.

    With this comment my niece Marcy let out a snicker, which wouldn’t be her only one for the weekend.

    “Oh, you have correctly identified that look, Cindy,” mommy answered her sibling. “As you know Robbie still wears diapers at night and has some accidents during the day, so with our long car ride and busy plans, I decided to leave him in diapers today”.

    “Oh, I think that was a good idea, alright,” replied Aunt Cindy, smiling sweetly and nodding with approval.

    “Hi Aunt Nikki and hello there, little squirt,” Marcy said as she rubbed my head. I knew she was referring to the fact that I had just wet my pants while standing in her driveway, even if I was wearing a diaper.
    Marcy and I were good friends, but that didn’t stop her from teasing me when she felt the need. Marcy was aware of my bed wetting and nighttime diapers. She even used to change my diapers before I was potty-trained. But my present situation was a bit embarrassing.

    My mom broke the silence by saying, “let’s go ahead and get our stuff out of the car, now that there’s no longer a need to hurry. I’ll change your diaper in a little bit”. Mommy and I then went back to her car to get our suitcase, my diaper bag, and the diapers we bought a Kmart. We took everything into Aunt Cindy’s house. “As always, you guys have your room ready upstairs. Take your stuff up there and we can go get some lunch. I am so excited you are staying with Marcy and I this weekend,” our happy hostess announced.

    Chapter 4 Settling in

    Aunt Cindy and Marcy had the same family situation as mommy and me. It was just the two of them in a house all by themselves. The kitchen, living room and Aunt Cindy’s bedroom were on the main floor and upstairs was Marcy’s room, our guest room, and the bathroom, which I obviously did not need right now.

    As we walked up the stairs, I really started to notice the now swollen diaper between my legs. “Mommy can I take this wet diaper off, I’m really soaked” I asked. “In a minute honey, unlike you, mommy must use Aunt Cindy’s bathroom first”.
    “OK” I replied, she had a good point.
    After coming out of the bathroom, mommy busied herself getting our room in order, putting our clothes away and placing my box of Pampers on top of the dresser in our room.

    “Now mommy?” I asked as she had obviously forgotten about my soggy situation. “OK baby let’s get you changed now” she replied. She called me sweetie and honey all the time, but I do not remember her calling me baby recently.

    Mommy walked toward the dresser where she had just put away or clothes, but instead of getting me a pair of underpants, she grabbed a new diaper and diaper supplies form my diaper bag.

    “Mom, you said I had to wear a diaper for the car ride and at the fair tomorrow, but it’s the middle of the day” I protested.

    “I know baby, but this is already your second wet diaper since you got up this morning. I know Cindy has a full day planned so I think staying in diapers today is a good idea. Besides we have plenty of them and Aunt Cindy and Marcy are both used to you being in diapers, I am sure they will understand”.

    After changing my diaper, mom pulled my shorts back up and customarily patted my diapered butt. “There you go, fresh as a daisy again, now go throw your wet diaper in the bathroom trash can and we will go down stairs to see what is for lunch” mommy said handing me the rolled up wet Pamper.

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    I really hope there more !!!! It’s such a good story


      Thank-you. I have two more posts to this story. Also, check out Tupperware party.


        These photos go with the story but I was unable to upload them into it.