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State Fair Weekend Chapters 15, 16, and 17

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    State Fair Weekend Chapters 15, 16, and 17

    I decided to switch this story to third party in an effort to better illustrate the character's feeling and situations.

    State Fair Weekend Chapter 15

    Every good diaper has its limit

    Robbie was sleeping soundly as they arrived back at home, Nikki unbuckled him from his car seat, carried him upstairs and laid him on their bed. His diaper was only a little damp, so instead of taking a chance on waking him, Nikki undressed him and tucked him in for the night.
    Nikki walked to the bathroom where she washed her face and brushed her teeth. As she did she stared at her reflection in the mirror and contemplated the day's events. She loved spending time with her sister and niece, and although, Robbie and Marcy had been a little mischievous at times, she knew they were enjoying each other, as well.

    Nikki's thoughts then turned to Robbie's diaper use for the day. She was still comfortable with her decision to diaper Robbie for this trip to avoid his having accidents away from home. There had been enough pants wetting incidents already this summer to convince her it was a good plan. But getting Robbie out of diapers during the day, was a big achievement last summer and she did not want him to become reliant on them again. He was going to be starting kindergarten soon. Nikki was the school secretary and knew it wasn't uncommon for a kindergartners to have occasional accidents requiring a change of clothes, but she only knew of one special needs child who actually wore diapers, and Robbie was not in that category.

    Nikki exited the bathroom and slipped into bed. Robbie snuggled in next to her but did not wake up. Robbie's diaper felt a little wetter than it had when she put him to bed. I better get up and change him, she thought to herself. Nikki had already given in to the fact that Robbie would probably be wearing diapers at night for a few more years, after all, she had to wear diapers until the fifth grade due to her bed-wetting.

    Nikki was thinking about how close she was to her mom and the bond between them. She did not like wearing diapers as an older child, but it was better than waking up in a wet bed. She never could go to sleep over for fear of what might happen. But just like Robbie, Nikki loved the extra time she had with her mother before bed, when she would diaper her for the night.

    As Nikki drifted off to sleep the lines of reality and dreams quickly started to intertwine. Now Nikki was back in her room where she grew up. "OK, Miss Nichole", her mother said in a soft, pleasant voice. "Hop up here on your bed so we can get you ready to be tucked in", her mother said patting the bed. Nikki smiled and compliantly climbed onto the bed. As she did every night, her mother walked over carrying her night-time diaper supplies, consisting of two, thick prefold cloth diapers, baby powder, plastic pants and two diaper pins. Her mother sang a little lullaby as she pulled the diapers up between her legs and pinned them into place. Tomorrow was the first day of third grade but Nikki did not mind the childish lullaby, it had been their routine for as long as she could remember. Next, her mother slipped Nikki's "rubber pants", as she called them, over her ankles and slid them up around her waist, carefully tucking in any exposed edges of her diapers to ensure her bed stayed dry overnight.

    The next thing Nikki knew, she was awake and the sheets of her bed were wet. Oh no, she thought, my diapers did leak. But reality slowly started to sink in, Nikki wasn't a soon- to-be third grader in diapers herself, she was an adult and her little boy's diaper, which she had fallen asleep and not changed had leaked overnight.

    Hey buddy", she said to Robbie, your diaper leaked and I need to change you and the sheets". Nikki removed Robbie's t-shirt which was wet also, and preceded to change his diaper. She noticed his diaper area was a little red. I had better get some Desitin next time I buy diapers, she thought to herself, the prolonged exposure to tonight's wet diaper was causing a little diaper rash.

    Nikki then carried her freshly diapered son into Marcy's room so she could change the sheets, fortunately there has a mattress protector on the bed from previous accidents. It was just starting to get light out as Nikki whispered to her niece, "I'm going to let Robbie sleep with you a little while, if that is alright?" "Sure', she said in a groggy voice, as she wrapped Robbie in a bear hug before they both fell back to sleep. Nikki took a shower and started the unexpected load of laundry.

    Chapter 16 Saturday Morning

    "Good morning sis", Nikki said as Cindy entered the kitchen.

    "You are up early", Cindy replied. Cindy proceeded to tell her sister about Robbie's leaky diaper and the she already had the sheets in the washing machine.

    “Maybe you could get some Gerber plastic pants like mom used to put over your cloth diapers” Cindy said to Nikki.

    “Oh, I hated those”, Nikki responded, “they were so hot in the summer”.

    “I am so glad I have Pampers for Robbie” she replied.

    “Have you tried those fancy Luvs diapers; they are supposed to better on leaks?” Linda asked.

    “Yes, but they are more expensive and it’s probably my fault that Robbie’s diaper leaked so bad last night. His Pampers usually keep him dry, but I fell asleep and did not change him before bed” Nikki admitted.

    “I’ll bet you make sure he is in a dry diaper before he goes to bed tonight”, Linda added.

    "For sure", Nikki replied.

    “Do you think you doing the right thing by letting Robbie wear diapers during the day? Linda Asked.

    "Oh, I have been thinking about that", Nikki answered. "Potty-training was such a struggle and some days I wonder if I can actually call him potty-trained at this point.”

    “I know he wears diapers every night, but he normally wears regular underwear during the day, right?

    “Yes, I put I’m in underwear every morning, well, almost every morning", Nikki replied. Say it’s Saturday morning and we are going to be out most of the day, I will put a diaper on him, but he is usually pretty good about telling me he needs to go potty. If I take him to the bathroom, and he can pull the front of his diaper down and pee in the toilet. He makes it to the bathroom about fifty percent of the time, on those days. Two weekends ago when we went to my friend Peggy’s wedding. I knew he wouldn’t stay dry all day, between the car ride there, the wedding, and the reception, I would have need multiple changes of clothes. I kept him in diapers all day and I think he only used a potty once. I brought extra diapers with us but ended up borrowing one from a friend by the end of the night. He usually has one or two accidents a week at daycare, but last week he had three. He knows to use the potty but just gets so involved with playing, he waits too long."

    "I'm sure he will get better as he gets older", Cindy told her sister. "I think the diapers were a good idea yesterday. You would have needed several sets of clothes to get through yesterday had Robbie not been wearing diapers and it will be the same way at the fair today", Cindy added.

    "Yep, we will be sticking with diapers for this weekend, just for that reason", Nikki responded.

    “Now, let’s get these kids up and moving, today is fair day.” She added.

    Robbie and Marcy were asleep when the sisters entered Marcy’s room. “Wake up guys, you need to get dressed and go to the fair”, the Cindy told the sleeping children.

    Nikki carried Robbie into the bathroom where she already had his bath water running. “Your diaper leaked last night, and you soaked us both and your Aunt Linda’s spare bed”, Nikki informed her son, as she removed his diaper and placed him in the bath water.

    “I’m sorry mommy”, Robbie replied.

    “It’s OK buddy, mommy should have changed your diaper before I fell asleep”

    After a quick bath, Nikki dried Robbie off and carried him to their bedroom where she diapered him and got him dressed. As she pulled his shorts up over his Pampers, she noticed how snug fit over his diaper. She retrieved another pair of shorts from their suitcase, they fit a little better but were still too small, making the fact that Robbie had a diaper on that much more obvious. When she bought them recently, she thought Robbie would be wearing big boy underwear and trying to fit them over the thick Pampers would be wearing today.

    “These will have to do” Nikki told Robbie as she playfully swatted his diapered bottom. Then Nikki packed as many as diapers as possible into his diaper bag and they headed downstairs.

    Chapter 17 State Fair pricing

    Robbie's diaper rustled loudly beneath his shorts as he descended the stairs, but he didn't notice, he was super excited about going to the state fair. But Nikki heard it and thought about how yesterday, Robbie questioned her when she put him in diapers during the day but not today. Nor did he complain about the Winnie the Pooh diaper bag slung over her shoulder.

    Aunt Linda and Marcy were sitting at the kitchen table waiting for Robbie and his mom. "Do you have plenty of diapers today, sis?" Linda inquired.

    "Yep, Robbie's diaper bag is full, big sister", Nikki replied.

    "Then let's get this show on the road" Linda told the group, as the four of them headed out the door.

    Everyone was happy and in a good mood as Aunt Cindy pulled her car into the parking lot. Nikki helped Robbie from his car seat and bounded out of the car.

    "Hold up young man, you need to stay by my side", Nikki said grabbing Robbie by the shoulder.

    Yes, mom", replied the wide-eyed little boy starring at the main gate of state fairgrounds in front of him.

    The sign at the front gate read: Adults $4, children twelve and under $2, Children four and under free, so Aunt Cindy handed the cashier a twenty-dollar bill and received ten dollars back.

    “I am sorry, but I don’t think you charged us enough, we have two adults and two children” Aunt Cindy told the cashier.

    The lady behind the ticket window had noticed Robbie’s diaper peeking out above his shorts and Nikki carrying a diaper bag, so she assumed Robbie was under four.

    “Thank-you for being honest” the cashier responded; I just assumed the little one there was under four. I will go ahead and let him in for free today. Oh, and by the way, diapers are a really good idea, bathrooms are not readily available for the little tots. There is a family restroom with a diaper changing area in the Community Building, when you need to change him”, she added.

    "Thank you, mam" Nikki replied. Even if she thought Robbie was younger than four, the cashier's comments reassured her regarding having Robbie in diapers. Robbie was oblivious to the whole conversation; he was eyeing all the rides ahead of him.

    To be continued.......sorry this post was so brief, I will try to add more next time.
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    Good chapter now we can see why his mother is so calm about his potty training!! I hope you don’t take so long to post next chapter