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    [Incomplete] From Shackles to Diapers


    “Case number 113498976, please approach gate 6,” a booming voice came over the speakers. I stood, my shackles shaking as i waddled towards the correct gate. A guard approached and did a quick pat down, then opened the door to the courtroom. It was just like in the tv shows, large and official looking, but dated. I was pushed towards a chair and was sat next to a sweaty man in his late fifties, wearing an old, ill fitting suit. ‘Looks like they went al out for my attourney’ I thought.

    The Judge walked up and and banged his gavel and the room fell silent, “Please be seated, Mr. Veroa vs The City of Houston, everybody seems to be here, lets begin,” he barked out. I sighed, looking around the room I was looking out at a bunch of official looking men and women giving me an angry look. I looked at the sodden carpet and zoned out for most of the time, I was in the wrong, I knew that, but I was hoping for a reduced sentence, or a sympathetic vote from the jury acquitting me.

    Several people took the stand, a security officer in a sling and a cop with a broken nose were there the longest. I didn’t need to listen, I knew what they were saying, that I was a dangerous, violent homeless man who posed a threat to society and should be made an example of. I started to think of prison. It was where I would inevitably be. The cel here would be luxury compared to what a state prison would be.

    I broke out of my thoughts when my lawyer elbowed me softly, “I’m sorry, what was the question?” I asked the Judge. “Do you want to give your side?” he asked with an annoyed look on his face.

    “Yes sir, I would,” I stood up and walked to the stand. The chair was heavy wood and uncomfortable. “On January 12th, I took food that was not mine from the store. I ran from their security, and pushed a cop at the exit leaving the unpaid merchandise outside the door. I then ran from the police and was caught later. I did try to resist arrest and I did state that I would make sure the arresting officer got what was coming for him, but it was in the heat of the moment, and I was not intending to follow up with the threat, I was just upset.” I finished looking around the room. There were a lot of shocked faces, angry faces, some I couldn’t read, but I hoped that since I gave an honest testimony, they’d be more forgiving.

    “Alright, please return to your seat sir,” he directed at me then turned towards the lawyers, “any other witnesses?” he asked. Both my lawyer and the opposing lawyer just shook their heads and the lawyer banged his gavel, “Jury will meet and decide the fate of Mr. Veroa and this case will resume when they’re ready” I was once again pushed around and back into the cell I was already acquainted with.

    It felt like a while before the officer returned, but definitely not enough time for the jury to be ready. “Up.” was all he said as I was once again pushed into the courtroom. My lawyer had ketchup on his suit and looked like he was already looking forward to his next meal, not even acknowledging my existence. “Jury have you made your decision?” the Judge queried. A lady in the closest seat to the Judge stood up with a paper in her hand. “Yes your Honor, we the Jury find the Defendant, George Veroa, guilty on all counts and recommend him to 25 years to life in prison.”

    The room was spinning. What had just happened? I pinched myself, ‘Ow’ i was unfortunately awake. I wasn’t listening to what was going on in the room, I was pushed back out and into my cell. I could spend my life in jail?

    “George!” I snapped my head to the voice. The Judge was standing there, his usual annoyed look spread on his face when he was dealing with me. “I’m sorry, it’s just a lot to take in,” I gave a half smile more for myself than him. “I’m able to give you an option, we’re doing a new program, and I feel you would be a good candidate for it. I gave you the option in the courtroom and you didn’t respond, so I figured you were thinking about it.” He signaled the guard over and he opened the cell. He walked in and the guard locked them in. “Listen,” he says as he sits on the bench next to me, “This program will get you out of a prison, but it is a prison of itself. I am not able to get you any details, as that’s a part of the program, the surprise element anyways.” He pauses and hands me a piece of gum.

    “You’re not a bad guy, you’ve had some bad luck, made some wrong decisions, but you’re smart, and that's why I’m not just throwing you in some jail to rot. This is the best of a bad situation. You’re 24, George, you shouldn’t be in a cement 10 foot by 10 foot room for eternity. Please let me help you.” His eyes were caring, ‘he doesn’t seem to be fibbing, but what does he mean, not a prison, but still a sort of prison’ I pondered for less than ten seconds before saying, “How is it not a prison?” I figured he would just ask for a yes or no, but he gave an actual response. “You won’t be in a prison, jail or anything like that, there’s no manual labor or prison guards.” He flashed a quick smile and stood up. “Well?” I looked at him, stood and offered my hand. “I’m in. Thank you sir.” I said as we shook on it.

    Interesting beginning! It’s good premise


      Originally posted by Pierry View Post
      Interesting beginning! It’s good premise
      Thanks, I wanted to try an original concept, and I think this is the one I came up with that had the most potential. <3


        - - Chapter 1 - -

        I woke with a daze in my head, and my eyes blinded by bright white fluorescent lights. I could hear what sounded like traffic in the near distance. A familiar, if not beloved sound. It not only meant I was near society, but that I was in the hum of the city, my city. But where? I sat up, only to find my hands and legs restrained to the bed posts. ‘Right, I’m still fucked.’ I thought to myself. My orange jumpsuit had been replaced with a white, long sleeve top, and white sweatpants.

        “Good morning,” said a sweet feminine voice. I jumped, not seeing or hearing her prior to this. “Sorry, didn’t mean to scare you. I’m Jeanne Claude, your case manager for the duration of your stay here. I’m going to unlock your hands, don’t try anything, okay?” she said as she sauntered over to the bed from above my headboard. “No problem,” I said with a dry throat, “I don’t want to go to jail, so trust me, I’ll be on my best behavior.” I said with a chuckle. She cracked a smile as the cuff clicked open and handed me a glass of water.

        I drank as she wandered back to her chair and came back producing a document and a pen. “I need you to fill these out and I trust you aren’t gonna use that pen for evil.” she said with a wink, exchanging the glass for the paper and pen. A few items were already filled out and I skipped ahead to the first available prompt:

        Name: George Paul Veroa

        DOB: 04/20/1995

        Reason for Departure: Refer to Case number 113498976 HPD

        Next of Kin: None

        Duration of Stay: Life

        Allergies: No known allergies

        Medical Conditions: Doctor will inspect upon boarding

        Height: 5 Foot 9 inches

        Weight: 190 Lbs.

        I signed the bottom of the form, along with 3 other blank forms and held the form up for Jeanne to take back, “is that it? It doesn’t seem like a lot of information.” She took the forms and smiled, “The rest of your forms are already filled out due to your… situation. I’m required to cuff you back until your exams are due. Arms up please.” I complied and made her job easy. No use in putting up a fight if I’m being given a favor. “Where is this place? Where am I going?” I asked looking forward. “I am unfortunately not able to say anything more than a better place than you would have been sent to. Trust me.” She added emphasis to the last words. ‘Why the mystery?’ Jeanne bustled out the door and I listened to the traffic, so distant, yet so close, pulsing like a heartbeat of the city.

        I laid in the bed for a few hours, mostly in my head, but trying to decipher the riddle these people were giving me. ‘Where the hell am I going!’ I was getting frustrated in my thoughts. Just then a different nurse opened the door and wheeled in a wheelchair. He assisted me in getting me in, and making chitchat all the while. I learned his name was Michael, but other than that it was just normal conversation. I mainly just listened as he navigated the blank white corridors. We finally ended our adventure in a room with normal dentistry materials. Michael and I again did the dance of securing me to the chair. I was looking at the posters when a sharp jab went into my arm. As I whipped my head to see what happened, Michael was disposing of a syringe in the hazmat bin. “You fucking as…” I started before my vision faded to darkness.

        “Mr. Veroa, you there?” a voice called out. My eyes were heavy and struggled to open. When they finally opened and adjusted to the brilliant white lights, I saw Michael standing next to me. “Hello! Sorry about that, you have had a violent past, and we needed to make sure you didn’t bite your dentist. You have a couple issues that we will need to get corrected enroute, but other than that you’re ready!” He said with a smile. “Whatever,” I replied, ‘how long is this goddamn trip that they’ll have all this done?!’ I pondered. “When do we leave?” I asked, hoping for a few days to rest, the bed was comfy, and not having to do menial tasks was nice. “In two hours, but we need to get you prepped to go.” He tossed a medical looking outfit at me, and continued, “put that on and knock twice on your door.” he stated as he waltzed out and slammed the door. “My cuffs…” I trailed off as I realized I had free motion again.

        I quickly stripped and redressed, then gave two solid braps on the steel door and waited back. A security officer swung it open and stood by the door. “Umm, where should I place the sweats?” I asked him. “Toss them on the bed and let’s go,” he said firmly. I followed orders and stood just outside the door. “All the way down the hall, last door on your left,” he pushed my back as he finished his sentence. I didn’t say anything, holding back my tongue in fear of what I might say. Instead I just moved at a swift pace and kept moving. The hallway seemed to stretch for over a mile, but took 5 minutes to traverse. The guard unlocked the door and ushered me through locking it once I crossed the threshold.

        The lights were once again brilliant, but the glossy white walls and scuffles white tiles amplified the rooms’ brilliance tenfold. The room was segregated by a thick curtain, leaving how big the actual room was to my imagination. There were several pieces of medical equipment and chairs, monitors that were turned off, and a couple people in average medical attire moving about. I had a million thoughts racing through my mind, but Michael and Jeanne were there to break my wonderous thoughts. “Lie here George, and we’ll get you hooked up to your IV and gurney,” Jeanne said softly. I did as I was told and was quickly secured to the gurney. Michael performed the medial side of the preparation, IV, catheter, charts, etc. were all good for the departure. “Alright, George. I need you to count down from 10 for me please.” Michael said with a smile. I saw another syringe in his hand. “Ten, nine, eight, seve…” and the world faded to black.


          That's a really harsh sentence for one count of robbery! But anyway, like the set up, can't wait to see where this goes.

          Why does the writing look like that? Was this copied and pasted from another site?
          I was so much older then, I'm younger then that now.


            Originally posted by ABAlex View Post
            Why does the writing look like that? Was this copied and pasted from another site?
            If I had to guess, I'd say it was written in Google Docs. That has a really bad habit of formatting everything as bold.


              Originally posted by Penguin View Post

              If I had to guess, I'd say it was written in Google Docs. That has a really bad habit of formatting everything as bold.
              makes sense
              I was so much older then, I'm younger then that now.


                It is brought over from google docs, I'll edit it when I post the next part soon!