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How I became an Executive Toy Part 1 - 9 final

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    Re: How I became an Executive Toy Part 1 - 9 final

    Part 9

    A call home to his mother in Poland had only confirmed what he already suspected, Amadei was still in diapers. His mother told him that his brother seemed happy enough but since his 'breakdown' had never really got his potty training back. She added brightly that although at times it seemed a burden, she at least had a son who loved her, even if he only had the mental age of a small child.

    As he spoke to her, for the first time Bronislav felt a shiver of guilt run down his spine. This was something he'd done and even without his influence, his younger brother was unable to grow up or even learn to use the toilet. No doubt the diaper manufacturers were grateful to him for the increase in sales and, as he looked at the piles and piles of disposables and other stuff mounting high in the nursery, he wondered for how much longer he could… or should continue.


    Of course Charlie was as pleasurable as ever. There was no denying the fact that the adorable baby teenager was an absolute darling to have around. He enjoyed everything, had the sweetest nature, loved his Daddy and looked brilliant in whatever he was dressed in. Kevvy was a different matter. He was aggressive, tightly wound, demanding, destructive, a total nightmare to feed and dress. Unless he was fastened into something he couldn't undo, he would often strip off and run around naked, frequently peeing and shitting where he played. Spanking only worked for a short time so lockable plastic pants were the only solution to keep him in clothes and the nursery from becoming one giant toilet.

    Lockable rubber pants were just one of the items he was now kept in; a lockable romper suit, lockable onesies and lockable coverall were all added to his wardrobe. Once he was in he was fine but he fought his Daddy at almost every turn, which became very tiresome. His teenage bottom often glowed from the chastisement his Daddy had to mete out to get him to settle down or comply to his wishes. The only time he looked as cute as he had in those first couple of weeks was when he was asleep and cuddling his brother in their big new crib. His huge babyfying plastic pants rustling noisily as he ground ineffectually up against Charlie's equally thick and slippery protection.


    Despite Kevin being something of a nightmare there were times when he was still a little kid desperate for his Daddy's love and protection. On a recent visit to a secluded beach both toddlers had loved being at the seaside and were excited to run around in the fresh sunny air in their tight shiny colourful plastic pants, which covered a thinner than normal disposable. They built sandcastles and splashed at the water's edge. After they'd enjoyed a mushy but fun picnic, sucked juice from their bottles and generally behaved like the three year-olds they were, they eventually lay in the sun on their favourite blankies.

    Later, as Charlie built a huge building out of sand with arches and roads for his toy cars, Kevvy ran off to explore some rock pools further along the beach. He hadn't waited for his Daddy to go with him and, as such, clambered over the rocks without supervision. As he'd been warned might happen if he ran off, he slipped on some seaweed and grazed his legs as he fell over the hard and jagged boulders. Despite being a toughie he cried because he was hurt and bleeding. Daddy, alarmed by the sudden cry from his boy, found him sobbing pathetically and clutching his slightly blood-streaked leg.

    "Doggie scared me," his weeping toddler cried and gulped for air as another huge bawl of emotional distress escaped his body.

    A look around didn't immediately identify the snarling, biting culprit but a small Jack Russell suddenly appeared from behind a rock, yelping playfully and wagging its tail with a bit of seaweed stuck in its mouth.

    It looked funny but the expression of fear on Kevvy's face and the screech of absolute terror that he somehow emitted was no joking matter. He curled himself into a ball and shook not able to look the dog in the eye and appeared desperate for his Daddy to take action.

    Far off a woman's voice called "Here Benny" and the small dog's ears pricked up and on the second call, appeared to get its bearings and ran off to its mistress. At the same time Bronislav realised he had a moment so, at the same time the dog turned and scampered off, he shouted after it.

    "Don't you scare my little boy like that again you naughty hound. Kevvy's a good boy and you must never scare him again."

    He hugged the boy, who sulked and blubbered in his Daddy's embrace

    "There, there, you're safe now. Daddy's taken care of that naughty dog."


    He shooed the retreating animal before bending down and picking up the terrified toddler, carrying him back to their private picnic area and setting him down on the blanket. Charlie had no idea what had just happened but as always was empathetic to his brother's distress and tried to soothe him with kind baby-talk.

    Kevvy's crying got to quite a hysterical pitch as Daddy cleaned up his scraped leg, applied ointment and a bandage. The little fellow whimpered and continued to shake from his intimidating encounter. He looked completely beaten. Bronislav had never seen him so needy and was surprised that a small dog had sent him into such an alarming state. It looked like for the first time since he'd been regressed that Kevvy required Daddy's protection and was thankful for it. His strong Daddy had banished the frightening animal and carried him to safety; he was very, very grateful.

    Kevvy's disposable was soaked and Daddy was sure it was from peeing rather than the pool of sea water he'd fallen in, so, on a blanket on the beach, in the summer air, he wiped, powdered and slipped him into a fresh but thicker disposable. The huge sobs had been replaced by small whiney gulps of self-pity. His eyes were glassy and puffy with so many tears and he was now so dependent on Daddy he was like putty in his hands.


    The scare had activated something in Kevvy's mind that made him completely docile. There was no fight left in the boy just total acquiescence. So, seizing the opportunity Daddy pulled out another pair of plastic pants only this time they were pink and frilly and eased them up his little boy's still trembling hairless legs.

    Normally Kevvy would create and squirm in protest but this time he just hugged tightly onto his Daddy's neck allowing him to pull them over his diaper. The poor boy was so subdued and traumatized by his accident; he made no attempt to stop what was happening. Soon his Daddy had also put him in a lovely matching pink smock and sunhat, before settling him down to rest on his pink and blue bunny rabbit blankie.

    He looked so innocent and sweet so, smoothing out the huge pink bulge at the front, whilst patting his baby boy's frilly padded bottom, his Daddy whispered soothing and loving encouragement for him go to sleep. His boy relaxed and yawned then rolled onto his side, his well-padded pink frilly plastic pants glistened in the sun. To complete the overall look, and help mollify his troubled brain, a pink paci was slipped between his lips making him the very picture of the sweet little baby his Daddy always wished him to be.

    As his brother dozed, Charlie whooped and laughed as he continued rushing to the water's edge, scooping up some of the sea in his Winnie the Pooh bucket and rushing back to his wonderful sand construction. His Winnie the Pooh plastic pants shimmering in the sun and making him appear the happiest of all toddlers.


    The incident of the dog had a major effect on Kevvy's attitude. He no longer strayed far from either Daddy or his brother and, when in the crib together, it was Charlie who now snuggled to protect his scared and nervy little baby brother. There were also no arguments or disruption whilst being fed, what he was dressed in or where to play, what Daddy said or did was almost immediately done.

    If for any reason Kevvy started to act up, though it was a rare occurrence now, the sound of a dog barking fed through the nursery speakers would have an immediate effect. He'd come rushing to find Daddy and hide behind him until he was sure he'd shoo the deadly animal away or comfort him in his arms. Kevvy got more and more compliant but not in the joyous way Charlie was, he was far more terrified by the world around him.

    Daddy took complete advantage of his shy little baby boy and dressed him to reflect his new status. Diapers so thick he could only crawl around, babyish thick rubber covers or plastic pants that emphasised the mass of protection he was wearing. Rattles and the simplest of toys were given to him to play with, whilst his attachment to a certain stuffed giraffe, Charlie's giraffe, seemed to become obsessive, he ventured nowhere without it, often with its ear firmly shoved in his mouth.

    His wardrobe had changed for a younger, more babyish look, so he was rarely out of his smocks. A whole host of more cute and childish designs were quickly installed into his daily apparel. The frilly coloured pants were regularly matched with an equally feminine frilly or lacy smock. Kevvy now looked, and was made to act, more like a one year-old, which surprisingly he slipped into with ease. Crawling around the nursery, his bulbous diaper wiggling as he moved was a joy for his Daddy to behold, especially as he appeared to be in no rush to get up and walk.

    Meanwhile, Charlie was dressed as a happy-go-lucky three, going on four, year-old wearing coveralls, shorts and onesies appropriate to his age. He looked after his baby brother who had grown over the months they'd been together to be slightly taller than him but, seeing as he was only allowed to crawl, it didn't appear that much of a problem.


    Another thing that Bronislav wanted to try was to see if he could get Charlie, who was now the more dominant one (if indeed Charlie could ever be described as such) to call his baby brother, his sister. His Daddy started calling Kevvy she and because he was now always dressed in more feminine clothes (even though he didn't particularly look like a girl), he wondered if, through repetition and word enforcement, he could get Charlie to change the way he thought about him/her.

    To begin with the toddler was a bit confused by what his Daddy said but within days he'd begun to call him his sister, she and a little girl. Even though nothing had changed except the clothes, he readily adopted the idea that Kevvy was now his baby sister and as such needed special treatment because Daddy said little girls needed loads of hugs and love. Charlie had never skimped in this department so would spend hours playing dolls with his new baby sister and treating her to special imaginary teas, surrounding her with her favourite stuffed animals, setting up house, kissing and cuddling her if she looked pouty or had wet herself. Charlie seemed to like having baby sister to look after.


    Life at 'Evergreen' became easier and less fraught for all concerned. Daddy was enjoying his time with his 'toys' and the pleasure both little sweethearts delivered on a daily basis. He'd even found an out of town club, Iuvenili, where he could take them to mix with other 'children'. Once there they were allowed to play with loads of other boys and girls of all 'ages', the one thing they all had in common was their loving Mommies or Daddies who doted on them kept them safe and snug in their diapers.

    Charlie loved playing with all these new friends and was an immediate hit with everyone. Kevvy was scared and much preferred to sit in her playpen with her dollies, animals, rattles and other baby toys sucking on her pacifier. All the member of the club referred to Kevvy as female and thought how cute she looked in her thick diaper, which hung down thickly from under her pretty lacy smock. So huge was her silky protection that even standing was a problem and her only means of movement was from a slow waddling crawl when Daddy called or Charlie enticed her into some game or other.


    Bronislav had no idea why the dramatic change should have occurred in Kevvy. He went through each stage of the regression process trying to pinpoint where and why it had happened. When he introduced the sound of a dog barking to the sound system in the nursery, it was only Kevvy that reacted, Charlie didn't even seem to notice it. Only on one occasion had he heard the barking and smiled at his Daddy and said "Doggeee!" Yet that same sound would have a panic-stricken Kevvy weeping, hiding, shaking and often messing himself - it just didn't make sense.

    However, as things had never been better Bronislav was keen to take full advantage of the situation and paraded his two regressed toys proudly in front of the new club members at Iuvenili. Most of those there were either DLs or ABs but only a couple had been regressed forcefully and totally. This small, and it has to be said, very rich band of 'parents' had an air of superiority about them but even so, knew that their 'babies' needed the company of others.


    Although Kevvy was reluctant to join in, she had no shortage of grown up admirers who loved how babyish and docile she was. There would always be a small crowd when her Daddy changed her and there would be a discussion between them on what clothes and even what diaper colour she should wear. Some even volunteered to clean up and change her themselves because of how sweet it appeared to have a seventeen year old boy in such a regressed state. They were always picking her up, bouncing her on their knee and even when she cried there would always be a bottle or paci offered by someone. Like her Daddy, everyone loved to see her crawling around with her huge padded and frilly, shiny bottom waddling with each cautious attempt at forward propulsion. Kevvy was completely unaware of her effect on the others and some of the other AB and DLs were getting a bit fractious because of all the attention being shown towards her.

    Tantrums and tears, wettings and more were the order of the day as each child tried to get their mommy's or daddy's devotion focused back on them. At one point Iuvenili sounded like a nursery full of wailing out of control kids but there was no denying it was Kevvy who was the star of the little group.

    Everyone wanted to know how Bronislav had achieved such a spectacular result, indeed, two such spectacular examples, as Charlie was also adored for his wonderful pleasing ability to be joyful in any situation. Bronislav didn't reveal his secrets despite the fact that others wanted their kids to be regressed to such a stage as Kevvy. He was even asked if he wanted to let Kevvy go to another home, where a mommy, who was incredibly rich but desperately lonely wanted a baby of her own. Kevvy, she said, would make her life complete because she was such a cutie-pie.


    Bronislav gave this some serious thought. He wasn't sure if he could trust anyone else to look after them properly but he had let others go without so much as a second thought. Baby Kevvy was giving him pleasure but it had taken some time getting there. The problem was, because he had no idea why s/he should have regressed so far so quickly, the chances were that his/her temper, his/her destructive side and his/her hyper activity might just return… unannounced.

    The lady who wanted to adopt him was happy to pay for the privilege. She was well aware of Kevvy being a regressed seventeen year-old boy but loved the idea of bringing him up as a sweet baby girl. She had plans for all the clothes she would have made for her growing child, although he'd never mentally be more than a baby, she wanted to look after him and her desperate pleading eventually won Bronislav over.


    He'd painted Charlie on the nursery wall and had changed Kevin's image to be more like he was now - Kevvy as a little baby girl crawling around in her super-thick shiny panties. He slowly introduced Kevvy to his new Mommy and despite the tears and tantrums that only a small child could produce was eventually strapped into her limo and driven off to a new life. There was a promise made that both would still see each other at the Iuvenili club, but the truth was, the woman never returned.


    Charlie was a little perplexed at losing his little sister and kept asking his Daddy where she was but a few extra toys and Daddy's undivided attention, plus more time out of the nursery and living in a villa by the sea seemed to fix that. The change of location also had another unforeseen development. As time went on there were some signs that the happy, loving toddler was acquiring a new awareness.

    There were times when Charlie would look at his Daddy but his Daddy noticed that the smile wasn't there. He'd be staring intently for a few seconds as if trying to weigh up a situation, something Bronislav knew he wasn't able to do, but then suddenly return to his joyous, playful self as if nothing had occurred. In the nursery this wasn't as obvious because of all the electronic gizmos and sound-systems that had been introduced to keep Charlie in his happy and docile state. However, at the villa there were no such appliances, because Bronislav was confident that he really no longer needed them all the time.

    It was a walk along the cliffs that proved fatal. The wind was blowing fresh clean air into their lungs as they giggled and ran little races between various points. Charlie was too scared to go near the edge and backed away but his Daddy, enjoying the bracing power of the fresh breeze stretched out his arms as if embracing the elements. As he did so the smiling face of Charlie gave way to one of deep concern.


    Not unlike the dog with Kevin, something enormous happened as Charlie's mind suddenly lit up with knowledge, a new awareness, a feeling of, of, something. For the first time he looked at himself and became conscious of the thick diaper, the childish shirt, the colourful shorts for a boy of three and again, his mind clicked. As his Daddy was still enjoying deep lungful's of fresh clean air, Charlie stepped up behind him and with one huge effort, pushed Bronislav with all his might.

    His Daddy never knew what hit him because his footing slipped and he was instantly plummeting the eighty feet onto the jagged rocks below. His body splattered over several spiky boulders but the sea rushed in and wiped the red sludge away, as if cleaning up the mess. Charlie still didn't dare look down because he was back to being a scared little toddler who was alone. All he could do was cry and hope that someone would find him soon but this was a desolate area and night was closing in.

    Charlie had wet himself and curled up in a ball to try and keep warm. He hugged himself and whimpered miserably as the minutes of anxiety mounted to hours of abject fear. After quite some time lying despondently on the cliff top he thought he heard in the distance a voice calling their dog but he couldn't see anyone. A few minutes later he felt a wet tongue licking his sleepy face and another voice, this time of a woman, asking if he was alright. Charlie didn't know what to do, he was very distressed, scared and wet and the only response he knew was to cry even more.

    "Daddy fell," Charlie gulped in air as he pointed to the cliff edge. "Daddy gone."

    The lady, her husband and the dog all looked at this sweet but pathetic crying teenager, dressed as a toddler, obviously padded, crying his eyes out and made a decision.



      Re: How I became an Executive Toy Part 1 - 9 final

      Realy like this story !! I wish you could write a epylogue for us to see what happened whith charlie


        Re: How I became an Executive Toy Part 1 - 9 final

        Hi Pierry

        Glad you enjoyed the story and although I've never thought about writing anything further regarding Charlie, there was a possibility I might take up Kevvy's story.

        I'm afraid other stories have crammed into my head and forced that into the dark recesses for the time being. However, it might happen at some point...

        Thanks again for reading this one and hope you enjoy many others that are here.

        All the best


          Re: How I became an Executive Toy Part 1 - 9 final

          thanks and I really hope that someday you come back to here , but in the meantime continue your awesome work because I realy like all of your stories !!


            Wow, that ending came out of nowhere, completely unexpected. Well done!


              I'm amazed that after a couple of years this is being discovered. So, many thanks and I'm so very happy you enjoyed it and hadn't anticipated the final chapter.