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Lock and Key (Chp 1-9, updated 3/14)

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    Re: Lock and Key (Chp 1-6, updated 12/28)

    Chapter Seven

    Several seconds went by in utter silence, except for the sound of Jenny sniffling a bit and, of course, the sound of the washing machines running in the background.

    The mother was the first one to break the silence, clearing her throat and taking a breath, clearly about to say something. Before she got a chance to, Jenny turned and stumbled into the elevator, clambering to her feet, tears running down her face as she pounded the "Door close" button.

    "Wait-" The guy started to say, stepping after Jenny, but she didn't care to listen to whatever he had to say. The elevator shut before he could get a hand in, and with a little groan of effort started its way back up to her floor. The burn on her hand was already forming blisters, and the skin on her fingers and palm was red and stinging badly.

    She was able to waddle back to her apartment without any further difficulty, but unlocking the door and getting inside proved extremely difficult. One hand immobilized, the other badly burned, she had to fumble with her keys for half a minute before she finally got the door open, stumbling and slipping inside.

    Once she had the door slammed behind her, she crumpled to the floor, pulling her knees close to her chest and taking almost an entire minute just to cry. Her hands hurt, her bowels ached from the constant cramps, she smelled like shit, she felt gross from not showering for a day and a half. She was hungry, humiliated, and horny enough that she wanted to fuck the next half decent looking guy she saw, and the guy after him, and the guy after him. And, to cap it all off, every bit of the problem was her fault.

    "Fucking STUPID!" Jenny shouted, making a fist and pounding her unbroken hand against the wall to her side. She immediately regretted that, of course - It would have hurt even if she hadn't been burned - and instead of relieving some frustration, she just felt worse.

    Instead of punching something else she kicked a nearby can of soup that had scattered when she dropped her groceries, sending it skittering across the floor. In an annoyed tone, she said, "You won't go down on him 'cause you're worried it'll taste gross. You won't try anal 'cause you think it'd make a mess." She kicked another can, scowling, before doing a falsetto impression of her voice. "But, sure, honey, I'll dress up like a baby and shit myself at the mall! What's the big deal about that? DAMMIT!"

    She slammed her burned fist against the wall, this time not caring about the pain. It was something to focus on that wasn't her current state of affairs.

    Some time went by where Jenny simply pouted by the door, glowering and brooding over her predicament, but she finally sniffled, wiped her face off on a sleeve of the trenchcoat, and sighed.

    "Okay, Jenny, tantrum's over. You need to clean up this mess, figure out what you're having for dinner, then call Mike and find out how soon he's getting home." If he had gotten a rental car early enough, he might only be an hour away, or even less. Jenny realized she didn't know what time it was - She'd lost track at some point during her 'Incarceration' at the mall. Digging through the trenchcoat's pockets she found her phone and realized it was dead. Mike could have called, or texted, and she could have totally missed it.

    Crawling to her bedroom to get her charger proved even more annoying than before - With a full diaper, there was much more squishing and discomfort when she crawled, and with her hands both unavailable for use, she had to crawl on her elbows, meaning her thickly padded behind stuck up further in the air than ever.

    It would be a minute before the phone could turn back on, so Jenny took off her trenchcoat and returned to her living room, assessing the situation. Her groceries were scattered across the floor, and she had to gather them up before she did anything else - Some of them needed to go in the fridge, and even the rest were better off in a cupboard than on the hardwood.

    The process of cleaning up took far longer than it would have had it been any other day. With her hands out of commision for the most part, she had to vaguely herd the groceries back towards the kitchen area before carefully picking them up in such a way that she wouldn't put pressure on her broken hand or the tender parts of her burned hand. She figured out after a few cans that it was far quicker to carry the small items - Cans, fruit, smaller boxes - in her mouth and haul them that way, so the rest of the cleanup process was her crawling to a can or a package of mac'n'cheese or whatever, leaning forward to pick it up in her mouth (Careful not to bite through anything,) then crawling back to the pantry or fridge to store it.

    She was pretty desensitized to the odor by the time she was finished putting all her groceries away. It made sense; A girl could only smell so much stinky diaper before her brain just turned off her sense of smell entirely.

    Jenny was pondering the choice between canned pasta and canned soup when she heard a knock at the door. Freezing, she looked up from her vantage point on the floor by the fridge, wondering who it was.

    Mike? It had to be Mike. Heart leaping, she clambered over to the door, awkwardly used her wrists to grab the door handle and pull herself to her feet, and threw it open.

    It wasn't Mike.

    "Hi, I- Woah," the guy from the laundry room said, taking a step back and wrinkling up his nose. He was holding a basket of dry laundry under one arm, and thought he looked a tiny bit offput by the smell, he seemed otherwise cheerful and friendly. "I, uh, thought you'd have cleaned up by now…"

    Jenny almost slammed the door and ran to hide in her room, but she kept herself from doing he childish thing and instead nervously said, "Uh, long story… Is that my laundry? How'd you find my apartment?"

    Shrugging, the guy said, "I checked at the front, everyone's name is by their mail slot, and your apartment number's on your mail slot too."

    Jenny frowned, something about that didn't seem right. Realizing it, she frowned further, suspicious. "Uh… I never told you my name."

    "Oh, right!" The guy said, pointing at Jenny's neck. "Your scarf fell off when you tripped. I put it with the rest of the laundry."

    Jenny raised an eyebrow, until she remembered the metal tag with "Jenny" clearly stamped on it. She blushed, putting a hand over her neck as though he would forget about the pink leather collar if it was out of sight. "Right…" She said, finally taking a minute to size the guy up.

    He was young, about Jenny's age, maybe a little younger. Like most people he was taller than Jenny, though he wasn't some kind of towering NBA player either. Dark hair, dark eyes, and with a build and tan line which implied he worked outdoors somewhere.

    "What's your name?" Jenny asked, so she could stop thinking of him as 'The guy from the laundry room.'

    "Dave," Dave said, gesturing with his head to the laundry basket. "Where do you want this?"

    "Just, uh, by the couch," Jenny said, stepping back, though she kept an arm on the door handle so she wouldn't topple over.

    Dave walked in and set down the laundry, glancing around the apartment. "So… I'm sorry if this is rude or whatever, but I kind of have to ask. Did'ja lose a bet or something?"

    Jenny blushed again, shaking her head. "No, it's, well… Kind of a long story."

    "Well that's certainly vague," Dave chuckled. "Do I have to guess?"

    "No, it's just… Well, I was about to make dinner, and I'm sure you don't want to stick around here too long, 'cause, well…"

    Smirking again, Dave said, "The smell? I work on a ranch up north. Three hundred cows. Smell doesn't bother me." Nodding towards her hands, he commented, "I do wonder how you plan on making dinner with your hands like that, though. Sure you don't need a hand?"

    "I need two," Jenny said, jokingly. "But you don't have to-"

    "No problem," Dave assured her before she could even finish turning him down. "You just have a seat and tell me your long story, I'll do the cooking. Do you have anything in?"

    It took about fifteen minutes to tell the story. Jenny figured the truth was probably less embarrassing than anything he could guess at - It wasn't her weird kink, it was her boyfriend's, and everything else was bad luck - So she didn't try and sugarcoat or make anything up. In that time he assembled a frankensteinian soup of some kind from the ingredients he could find. Jenny hadn't gone shopping with the intention of actually cooking real food, canned crap was fine with her, but his thrown together concoction actually looked pretty good. (She couldn't tell if it smelled good, her nose had long since stopped reporting for duty.)

    "Sounds like you really care for this Mike," Dave commented, pouring two bowls full of the soup and looking through drawers for spoons.

    "That one," Jenny said, pointing to her silverware drawer. She was seated at the small kitchen table, since it wasn't easy or comfortable to stand while she talked and she wasn't about to talk to Dave from all fours. "And, yeah, he's great. As much as I hate all this crap, I'm glad it'll at least make him happy when he gets home this evening."

    Nodding, Dave said, "I'm actually a little disappointed. I had kind of hoped you were single when I first saw you."

    Jenny blushed, and this time it didn't have to with her state of dress or the state of her diaper. "Well, sorry to disappoint," she said, accepting the soup and picking up the spoon gingerly with both hands. It was difficult, but she managed to awkwardly guide the spoon into the bowl without putting too much pressure on either of her hand's injuries, and slowly lifted it up towards her mouth. She spilled the soup back into her bowl, but on her next try, she managed to get a little taste of it into her mouth before spilling the rest, this time on the table. It was surprisingly good, considering its humble origins.

    "It's not your fault," David replied with a shrug. "It's good you're with someone who you care about so much, though. Oh, for- Give me that." Grabbing the spoon front Jenny's hands, he scooped it into the bowl and held it up.

    Jenny looked at the spoon, then back up at Dave. "You're kidding me. You are fucking kidding me."

    "It's gonna take you a month to finish the bowl the way you were doing it," Dave countered. "That's assuming you could even get the food in your mouth. Unless you'd rather lap it up off the table, this is gonna be your best bet."

    Jenny scowled, but he had a point. "Okay, fine, but if you say 'here comes the airplane,' I'm kicking you in the balls."

    "Noted," David said, and Jenny opened her mouth to take in the spoonful of soup.

    It took some getting used to - Jenny was used to knowing right where her food would be when she put it in her mouth, and she had to practice at meeting the spoon in the air. The first bowl of soup had more than its fair share of dribbles down her chin, which Dave helpfully wiped off with his napkin, but she got most of the soup down. The second bowl went more quickly and without nearly so much of a mess, and Jenny declined to eat a third portion.

    Wiping off her mouth, Jenny said, "Uh, thanks for the help, by the way."

    "No problem," David replied, casually. "Just trying to be a good neighbor. Do you want me to see if I can find a pair of bolt cutters for that costume?"

    Jenny hesitated, considering it. The offer was tempting, but after a minute she shook her head. "I don't think that'd work," she explained. "They're not big padlocks, they're tiny and would be really hard to cut. And, before you ask, I tried cutting through the fabric itself too. It didn't help. Besides, Mike gets home pretty soon, he's got the key, I'll be fine."

    Shrugging, David nodded. "Sure, your call," he said. "You don't need anything else, then?"

    Thinking on the question, Jenny shook her head again. "No, I think I'm fine. Thank you, though, I really appreciate the help with food. Maybe once I'm… Better dressed, me and Mike could have you over for an actual dinner."

    David smiled. "Sure," he said, checking his phone to see the time. "Well, I should probably go get my own laundry, it's probably done by now. I'm a floor above you, apartment seventy three, if you need anything just come knock on my door."

    "Will do," Jenny agreed. "Eh… Excuse me if I don't see you to the door."

    Laughing, David saw himself out, leaving Jenny alone again in her smelly apartment.

    Lowering herself to the ground, Jenny crawled to her room, rubbing the side of her burned hand against the backside of her diaper to scratch an itch that was starting to develop. Her rubbing accomplished nothing, it was still almost impossible to feel anything through the thick layers of mess and padding, so the itch persisted as she grabbed her phone, holding down the power button to boot it up.

    "C'mon, Mike, be almost home," she muttered. He couldn't heal her hands, but he could fix just about all her other problems, and Jenny's only question was which issue she'd want him to address first.

    Her phone powered on, seeking briefly for a signal and finally connecting to the nearby cell tower, downloading all her texts. A second went by and then her phone started vibrating violently and beeping in rapid succession as a stream of notifications came in. Seven missed calls, eleven missed texts.

    Mike: (1:30 PM) Long line at the rental place, been waiting all day. Ugh. Missing you.

    Mike: (1:45 PM) They're understaffed, but I'm almost to the desk.

    Mike: (1:46 PM) They're checking what cars are left. Booored. How's your day been?

    Mike: (2:03 PM) Fuck. They don't have anything that'd be safe on these roads. > Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. I miss you.

    Mike: (3:05 PM) Why aren't you answering your texts? You okay?

    Mike: (3:30 PM) Pick up!

    Mike: (3:58 PM) Babe, you ok? I'm worried. You didn't get arrested or something, right?

    Mike: (4:21 PM) I hope you're not hurt or something. The car place just paged me, I think it's good news!

    Mike: (4:27 PM) Nope. They wanted to apologize for being unavailable. I got a gift certificate.

    Mike: (4:55 PM) Pick up! Pick up pick up pick up! I miss you! And this airport is boring!

    Mike: (5:57 PM) There's a flight leaving tomorrow morning. Gets in at around 10, can you pick me up?

    Mike: (6:15 PM) I'll give you a cookie if you answer your phone.

    Jenny looked at the time. It was 6:50, a little over half an hour past Mike's last text. And he wasn't getting in until tomorrow morning.

    Banging her head against the wall, she resisted the temptation to fling her phone across the room in frustration. She needed to let Mike know she was okay, after all.

    Jenny: (6:52 PM) Sorry, phone died. If you get delayed again I'm dumping you for the pool boy.

    Mike: (6:53 PM) She lives! And go ahead, the pool boy doesn't have my key ring.

    Jenny: (6:53 PM) Okay, the locksmith then. Seriously, you need to get home. I'm gonna go crazy if I have to wait another day.

    Mike: (6:55 PM) Ooh, maybe I should make you wait a little longer when I get home. This is a rare opportunity, no need to waste it.

    Jenny: (6:56 PM) The court finds the homicide of Mike Warner totally justified.

    Mike: (6:57 PM) Kill me, you'll never find where I hid the key.

    Jenny: (6:58 PM) Dammit, you're right. Guess I'll just have to use other means to pursuade you.

    Jenny: (6:58 PM) *Persuede

    Jenny: (6:59 PM) *Persuade. Fuck. I can't spell.

    Mike: (7:00 PM) BRB, they're calling my name on the intercom.

    Jenny sighed, setting down her phone and feeling herself relax a bit. Talking to Mike for a bit was exactly what she needed. Tomorrow morning - That bit wasn't ideal, but she could make it.

    "Augh, why does my butt itch so much?" She mused aloud, shifting her weight to try and relieve some of the discomfort. No matter. She'd be fine. Mike would be home tomorrow morning, then she'd be all good. What was the harm in wearing her dirty diaper for another night?


      Re: Lock and Key (Chp 1-7, updated 1/6)

      She is in the worst possible case for any person ever! ~@*π I would hate to be her but the pain and a little bit of torture is always good for the soul


        Re: Lock and Key (Chp 1-8, updated 3/11)

        Chapter 8 is finally done! It's not all too long, but it's certainly done! Yay!

        Seriously though, sorry for the huge delay, and sorry this isn't too long. I haven't had much motivation to write kinky stuff lately. (Also, there might not be another update for a while. I have a bunch of work this upcoming week.) I hope you enjoy this, though!

        Chapter 8

        "Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, OW!" Jenny groaned, rubbing the back of her heavily padded ass in an attempt to relieve some of the stinging she felt.

        She'd fallen asleep easily enough, which wasn't a surprise: After the day's events, and the crummy sleep the night before, she could have slept through a nuclear war. When she woke up, though, it had been to the feeling that her ass was on fire. She could only guess that it was from stewing in the diaper overnight, though she couldn't be sure why, all she knew was that, every time she shifted her weight or sloshed around the contents of the incredibly full layers of diapers, she felt like she was sloshing around battery acid. It made the ache in her hands almost totally negligible, a bit of a blessing in disguise that Jenny didn't much care for.

        And yet, in spite of it all, she was still. So. God. Damned. Horny. As much as her cheeks were burning with discomfort, between them she was just burning for a good lay. It had been way, way too long, and she was about to the point of buying a chainsaw to get off the chastity belt so she could end the week and a half of abstinence.

        Checking her phone, she saw a text from Mike.

        Mike: (8:44 AM) Plane leaving now. They're telling me to turn off my phone or we'll all crash and die. See you in a couple hours.

        Sighing, she looked at her clock. 9:47.

        "Shit!" She yelped, sitting up in bed, a little glad that, at the very least, she wouldn't need to use the bathroom or get dressed before rushing out to her car.

        Falling out of bed, she hurriedly crawled across the bedroom, making it nearly to the door before she realized she'd left her keys on her nightstand and, scowling, turned to crawl back across the floor.

        She couldn't remember where she'd tossed her coat, but as she glanced around for it, she had a thought. She was picking up Mike. All she had to do was drive, and hopefully not meet anyone on the walk to the parking garage. There was no reason to wear a disguise when she picked up Mike, after all, this was all for him.

        "Fuck it," Jenny mumbled, grabbing the handle of the door out into the hallway and using it to pull herself up to her feet. Keys in one hand, phone in the other, she briefly sent mike a text:

        Jenny: (9:55 AM) On my way. Meet you outside, I'll circle in my car till I see you.

        Peeking out the door, she looked up and down the hallway. Coast was clear. Perfect.

        Leaving her apartment, she slunk along the wall, partly because it felt stealthier, and partly because she had a much easier time staying on her feet if she had a wall to lean against. Every bit of skin inside her diaper chafed and stung as she waddled to the elevator, but she did her best to ignore it, focusing instead on how good it would feel once she finally got Mike back to her apartment, drug him into the shower, and had him strip her down to nothing so she could finally clean up and reenter the world of the sexually active.

        The elevator was not empty.

        "Hey, David," she said, blushing.

        David smirked, stepping aside and offering Jenny a hand stepping into the elevator. She declined, choosing to walk on her own, and so of course she immediately tripped and fell forward, flailing her arms to try and break her fall.

        David caught her as the elevator door shut, helping her back onto two feet. "What happened to Mike?" He asked.

        "Delayed. Going to pick him up now," Jenny explained, blushing and pushing a button to take them down to the carpark, even though it was already lit up from when David had pushed it.

        David whistled. "You never had any younger siblings, did you?"

        "No, why?" Jenny asked.

        "Well, I just think that if you had known what a bad diaper rash looks like, you might have come up to my place and begged me to borrow those bolt cutters once you found out Mike was going to be late."

        Jenny blushed. "How'd, uh, how'd you know?"

        "You wince every time the elevator hits a bump."

        "Oh…" The elevator door dinged and opened onto the car park.

        "Good luck," David added, walking off in a different direction to get to his car.

        Jenny managed to waddle over to her own car, slide into the seat, and get it running. She immediately rolled down all the windows to keep the smell from getting too intense, revved up the engine, and headed out to pick up Mike.

        Jenny was almost surprised that her twenty minute drive didn't have a half dozen detours and a few cops pulling her over for a strip search.
        Instead, she was at the airport with no delays, circling the pickup area, all without a hitch. It was a bit awkward driving without using her fingers or hands too much, sore as they were, but she managed.

        Her phone rang, and she grabbed it, hitting the 'Answer' icon as soon as she saw Mike's name.

        "I'm outside," he said.

        "You have no idea how glad I am to hear that," Jenny said. "I'm about a minute away, just gotta pull through one more time."

        "I am so looking forward to this."

        "Miss me that much?" Jenny asked, grinning in spite of everything.

        "Heck, I could jerk off whenever I wanted and I still feel like screwing just about anything that moves at the moment. It's going to be so much fun to get you home and unlock my little chastity girl."

        "About that," Jenny said, seeing Mike a few hundred yards away. She rolled up her windows, hoping that the tint and the bright reflection would keep him, or anyone else, from peeking in. "I got you a sort of surprise."

        "What's that?" Mike asked, and Jenny could just barely make out him tilting his head in confusion.

        "Well," Jenny explained. "Back when we first thought you were leaving, I thought you might enjoy if I… Well, you'll see in a moment. Point is, I kind of jumped the gun on the surprise and got it started before you left."

        "Well now I'm confused. Can't I get a hint, or- Oh, I think I see your car."

        "Toss your suitcase in the trunk, then hop in the passenger seat. Should be unlocked. See you in a sec." Jenny hung up and grinned, eager to see Mike's reaction.

        She stopped, watching through tinted glass as Mike circled the car, opened the trunk, and deposited his load of luggage, then turned to walk towards the passenger door.

        It swung open and Mike peered inside, immediately recoiling at the smell. His nose wrinkled up, and then he saw Jenny, and his jaw dropped as he took in what she was wearing. Lacy stockings, Mary Janes, pink onesie, pink skirt, nearly exploding-full diaper.

        "Hi," Jenny said, waving her braced hand in a greeting.

        Mike grinned.


          Re: Lock and Key (Chp 1-8, updated 3/11)

          So glad to see you update this, I was a bit worried it was left for dead.
          I'll put a line-break anywhere, and you can't

          stop me.


            Re: Lock and Key (Chp 1-8, updated 3/11)

            Originally posted by Vearynope link=topic=6668.msg67272#msg67272 date=1457753593
            So glad to see you update this, I was a bit worried it was left for dead.
            Want to know something funny? I was just running a script to list authors who hadn't posted/logged in for awhile so I could email them and I was literally just about to send the email to the author of this one when I got the notification it had been updated LOL!


              Re: Lock and Key (Chp 1-8, updated 3/11)

              Wow an excellent chapter it was a long time no see but it was very good and I can tell they are going to have some serious fun. Can't wait to read more so please keep it coming


                Re: Lock and Key (Chp 1-8, updated 3/11)

                Mike stood there, frozen for a moment, until a car behind Jenny slammed their horn.

                "Get in," Jenny said, grinning.

                "You, uh…" Mike said, staring.

                "Yes!" Jenny said. "Get in!"

                Mike got in, still staring, eyes moving up and down Jenny as his slack-jawed look of shock grew wider and wider.

                As Jenny got the car into drive and started rolling, she waited for a comment from Mike. When none came, she asked, "So… Do you like?" Mike didn't respond right away, and Jenny glanced to him nervously. "Uh… Mike?"

                "So, when I called-" he started. "When I said I was delayed, you-"

                "Yeah, I kinda thought you'd be home sooner," Jenny admitted.

                "And you're really wearing a diaper?" Mike asked.

                Smirking, Jenny pointed out, "If I wasn't, the rest of my clothes would be ruined. It's all locked on, you've got the only key."

                Mike reached over to Jenny, resting his hand on her leg, just at the hem of her lace stockings. "You are the best girlfriend in the world," He said, moving his hand slowly up until his fingers met plastic, bumping into the plastic pants. Jenny felt him feeling around until there was a soft jingle, his fingers closing around the small padlock keeping them in place. "It's too bad I lost the key."

                "What!?" Jenny asked, nearly swerving off the road in surprised. Once steady, she looked over to Mike with incredulity.

                Mike was grinning broadly. "Kidding, it's on my keyring," he said, reluctantly pulling his hand away, though his fingers lingered on the lock keeping her stockings in place for a moment. "Though I might just leave you locked up forever, my innocent little sex slave."

                "That's a bit of an oxy-moron, you know," Jenny pointed out. "And besides, I can't be your sex slave if all my fun orifices are covered by six inches of padding."

                "Oh, really?" Mike asked, leaning over the console, his expression admiring. Reaching his hand up from her leg to her face, he gently tugged at her lip. "I think I could come up with a solution for that."

                Jenny made a face, remembering the too-salty taste and the gagging feeling she'd had last time she and Mike had tried oral. He'd been disappointed, and she hadn't been able to eat hot dogs for a month. It wasn't that the idea didn't appeal in theory, she just had a sensitive palate and didn't much care to have his balls slapping against her chin.

                "Gross, that's-" Jenny started, but before she could finish her sentence, Mike had taken the pacifier dangling from the ribbon on her onesie and plopped it into her mouth.

                "Ah ah," Mike said. "No making a pouty face. I believe you promised that I could make you do anything you wanted?"

                Jenny glared, spitting out the pacifier. "I didn't mean-mmph!" Mike plopped it back in, this time holding the mouthguard in place with a couple of fingers.

                "I'm sure you didn't expect to be so desperate to be let out," Mike added, grinning devilishly. "But that's not my fault, and you'll just have to excuse me for taking advantage of the situation. Don't worry, though, I'll still be more than ready to try out those other orifices you mentioned." He pulled his fingers away from the pacifier, adding, "Now, dear, if you wouldn't mind keeping your pacifier in for the rest of the drive, I'd like to admire you for a little while. Feel free to spit it out, but keep in mind that I don't work until Tuesday, so I've got little take you out of that cute little costume unless you're a good girl."

                Jenny tried to glower, but it was difficult with the pacifier between her lips. She'd rarely seen Mike so controlling, but to her surprise it was only making her more desperate than ever to get out of her diaper and to get Mike into bed.

                No, she thought. I don't want to get Mike into bed, I want him to drag me there and make me earn my fun. Then she blushed, glad that there wasn't some audience that could read her thoughts.

                They rode in silence the rest of the way, except for Jenny occasionally making a little noise suckling on the pacifier. Mike sat turned towards her, inspecting her clothes in detail, seeming delighted with everything from the shoes to the hair clips. Jenny felt a little surge of pride at that, knowing that she'd done a great job, and that even with all the frustrating delays, Mike wasn't about to forget this birthday.

                The parking garage was empty of people, to Jenny's relief. Mike also was kind enough to pop the pacifier from her mouth, letting it dangle from the ribbon once more as she put the car into park.

                "Happy birthday," Jenny said, smiling at Mike as he got out of the car and circled to open her door with a gentlemanly flourish. She accepted his hand getting out of the car and stood, legs bowed outward, as Mike stood back to watch.

                Jenny looked over at her shoulder at him as she stood in her toddler-ish way, hesitant.

                "Go ahead," Mike said. "I want to watch. I'll be right behind you."

                Jenny blushed, but turned and toddled to the elevator, knees mostly straight, her sagging diaper squishing between her legs. Mike stopped her at the elevator, putting a hand on her shoulder and spinning her around.

                "What is-mph!" Jenny said, caught off guard as Mike pulled her close to him, his lips pressing to hers, one hand sliding to her back and the other squeezing against the seat of her diaper as he drew her as close to him as possible in a long, deep kiss. The pressure against her ass stung as it irritated her tender skin, but the kiss was otherwise pure bliss, making her melt in his arms and relax, enough that if he had let go she would have fallen backwards.

                Mike let go, and Jenny fell backwards, landing with a squishy thud. He helped her up, looking immensely pleased.

                "I want to check with you one last time," he said. "I can do anything I want? You won't turn me down or anything."

                Jenny pulled herself close to Mike again, partly for support but mostly just for the closeness. "That key belongs to you," she said. "I might protest something, I might flat-out say no, but I won't make you unlock me unless you decide. So if you want me to do something," she leaned in a little more, nearly whispering into his ear. "Make me."

                Mike beamed, and pressed the button to take them to her floor. "Promise?"



                  Re: Lock and Key (Chp 1-9, updated 3/14)

                  Oh man…

                  In my experience, there's no more blissful sexual experience than a beautiful woman in a diaper going down on you.


                  I imagine, with roles reversed, it's probably just as nice for a woman also into the softer side of dominance… :angel:


                    I found this via a google search and am so very impressed with the writing and creativity of thought. Sheepishly... I could also see myself in a similar state as Jenny through the process of acting out a role for a lover