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    Sorry about the long wait we had my birthday and Thanksgiving with the turkey we nambed Bob.

    Anyway, I am still amazed at how well you are able to tell emtions in this story through actions more then words. I also like the role reversal where Cameron played the role of the brave and fearless person instead of Lili. This will all help him in the encounter that I know is coming where Cameron will have to face his father.

    Also, I have a pretty good idea of how Cameron's father got out of jail. I think to help his son get back at Cameron for costing his son his football scholarship he will use his influence as the mayor to get his father out of jail

    Also I hope they succeed in their plan to make Asha Cameron's new legal guardian. At least I think that is her plan.

    Anyway I look forward to reading more. Keep up the good work.
    Your Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman


      “But first, we gotta drop in on the old battle axe. The Ladies’ Society is having afternoon tea. She won’t refuse in front of all those biddies.” Lili smiled her Cheshire cat smile.

      Cameron stared at the upscale cafe, The Queen’s Corner, as Lili led him inside. The logo had a crown on top of a teacup. Inside, vases with fresh roses sat on each table and false chandeliers hung from the ceiling. Flameless candles provided ambient lighting. It was the sort of place the upper crust of Mapleton, like Beatrice and her ilk, flocked to. He looked around and wrinkled his nose at the ornamental gaudiness of it all.

      Catching the gaze of some of Grandma Beatrice’s acquaintances, he immediately dropped his gaze to the tiled floor. Lili led him through the cafe to the indoor rose garden inside the greenhouse. Flowers bloomed all around, carefully tended roses of all varieties. The small cafe tables had been pushed together to form one long one for the Society’s meeting. The ladies, chic in their casual-rich attire, chatted over steaming cups of tea and dainty finger sandwiches. All hushed voices stopped at Lili and Cameron’s appearance.

      Lili never broke her stride. Cameron could feel their scandalized disdain; he looked up and winced at all the shocked faces. How dare anyone interrupt them, especially these two sideshow freaks! Grandma Beatrice’s smile was just as false as Lili’s, her eyes narrowed ever so slightly when she caught her grandson’s eye.

      Cameron shuddered, cheeks turning pink and dropping his eyes. Grandma was SO pissed.His heart trembled in fear, drowning out his determination. He fought the urge to cringe and blubber how sorry he was for being such a bad, disobedient boy. His diaper grew warm and his hold on Lili’s hand tightened. He peeked back up at his grandma. At the cold disapproval in Beatrice’s eyes, he stumbled. Lili caught him then urged him forward with a gentle tug. He hid behind her, the crinkle of his diaper filling his ears.

      “Good afternoon, ladies. I see tea is going ever so well.” Lili dipped her head in a regal nod to Jill and Beatrice’s cronies and sycophants. A few women nodded; most just gawked, put at ease by Lili’s appropriate, normal appearance. In those preppy clothes, she was a dead ringer for Priscilla. Only the spiked piercings under her lower lip and the trembling, overgrown baby behind her ruined the illusion of her being a proper young upper crust woman.

      “Liliana.” Jill sat poker straight at the head of the table like a queen ruling over her court. Beatrice sat at her right hand like a loyal retainer. Jill’s voice was ice cold. A wardrobe change wasn’t enough to thaw her heart. Her hard eyes silently demanded ‘what the hell are you doing here? Why are you trespassing on my territory? What are you up to?’

      Lili strolled right up to Grandma Jill and kissed her cheek. Jill stiffened, barely suppressing the urge to cringe away. “So, Grandmother dear. Miss Beatrice.” Lili’s eyes flicked to each old woman in turn. “One of the students in Cameron’s class is having a sleepover. Cameron here wasn’t invited. He feels left out. We can’t have that, yeah? So, I figured he could have a sleep over at my place. And we’ll have more fun than those mean babies. Whaddya say?”

      Cameron’s eyes widened. Did she make that up on the spot? Her lie was so smooth, so earnest, he almost fell for it. One of the rules of the Regression Therapy Room at school was everyone got invited to parties, or the invites were not allowed to be handed out at school. Most of Cameron’s out of school social life before Lili had consisted of childish birthday parties for his regressed peers. Beatrice threw him a birthday party each year only so she’d look good to the rest of Mapleton society; she just hired a party planner to take care of it all.

      Jill and Beatrice appeared stunned at the request. Beatrice automatically looked to Jill, deferring to her. In private, she surely would have said no then berated Lili for taking Cameron out of his nursery. Jill pursed her lips, deciding upon the most socially tactful way of voicing her disapproval.

      Lili’s smile stretched into a picture of angelic innocence. “You know what a good job I do helping out with dear Prissy. Cameron and I are just gonna watch some Sesame Street, play some board games. Maybe Candy Land, it’s his favorite. You won’t even know we’re there.”

      Jill glanced at the ladies around her. She had an image to keep up, so she returned Lili’s smile. “Of course, sweetheart. What a splendid idea. What do you think, Beatrice dear?”

      “Of course, of course. Splendid idea, indeed.” Beatrice echoed.

      Cameron cringed at that syrupy sweet tone. His diaper crinkled loudly as he shuffled behind Lili. Grandma was so very angry at him; he’d be paying for this later.

      “Wonderful! Thank you ever so much.” Lili gushed with false enthusiasm. She darted in, quickly pecking Jill’s cheek with another kiss then did the same to Beatrice. Both old women jumped and scowled their displeasure before remembering they were in polite company and had appearances to keep up. They stretched their lips into strained smiles.

      Lili’s responding smile was genuine; she took pleasure in their discomfort. Cameron bit his lip, smiling softly. He’d always admired her ability to get under the skin of authority figures.

      With that, Lili turned and strolled out with Cameron waddling and crinkling along behind her. As he toddled along, he felt his diaper grow warm as he peed himself. The relatively dry padding whisked the wetness away.


      “A sleepover? Lili, what are we doing?” Cameron sat on Lili’s bed, looking around her bedroom. All the pink frills and pastel lace was more Prissy’s spoiled princess style than Liliana’s gothic purple and black. With Lili, he expected her bedroom to be dark, with skulls everywhere. Maybe some candles that dripped blood-red wax. Posters of bands with crazy hair, gothic makeup, tattoos and piercings instead of cheerful, peppy boy bands.

      “We’re getting you out of Beatrice’s clutches and buying some time.” Lili’s voice floated out of her huge, walk-in closet.

      “Oh. Okay.” Cameron popped a yellow pacifier into his mouth. He knew he needed to be a big boy, but he still felt like such a baby inside. It was easier to act like a big boy when he wasn’t cowering in fear of his grandma. Sucking a pacifier was a deeply ingrained habit; he wasn’t sure he’d ever be able to break it. The sucking motion soothed him as much as the thick padding around his privates did. While he waited for Lili, he glanced around the room.

      A sparkly rhinestone encrusted photo frame sat on the bedside table; a picture of Max and Prissy in their football and cheerleading uniforms. Someone had vandalized the photo with a Sharpie, drawing devil horns and a goatee on Prissy’s smiling face while Max had a Hitler moustache and a penis hanging off his chin.

      Cameron giggled at the immature graffiti. He almost reached for the photo but checked himself just in time. Good boys didn’t touch things that didn’t belong to them. Not that Lili would care; she was most likely the culprit who defaced it. He flopped onto his belly with a crinkle. Warm pee flowed over his crotch as he stared at the closet, waiting for Lili to emerge.

      Thinking of Prissy made him shudder in old fear, but that paled in comparison to the terror he felt about grandma sending him away and his father returning home. In face of that bleak future, he didn’t fear Prissy as much as he used to. If he was going to succeed at being a big boy again, he’d have to face his normal peers at school once more. He shivered at the thought. But this time would be different; he had Lili. He knew she’d protect him.

      Lili soon emerged from the closet, pushing a big cardboard box. Cameron scrunched his face up in silent question; Lili just grinned. “Come here, Cam-Cam. We’re gonna make you a big boy, yeah? We’re gonna show ‘em you’re ready to ditch babyhood. So you need big boy clothes. Time to ditch the baby duds.” She opened the box, revealing dark clothing. Her old clothes.

      Her cheshire cat grin stretched from ear to ear as she tore through the box while Cameron watched her with wide eyes. She played dress up with him. He was soft and pliant, a living baby doll as she put outfit after outfit on him. He eyed the closed bedroom door, worried someone would come in as her hands stripped away protective layers of clothing. Stripped away his babyhood. He stood naked except for his gargantuan diaper. He sucked his paci and poked the happy teddy bears on his diaper’s front panel, doing his best to ignore, to block out the fact that his burn scars were exposed for all the world to see. Anyone who walked in that door would see his ugly scars. He felt so vulnerable.

      Lili assured him she’d locked the door, but he was still terrified of being seen. She placated him with little kisses to his cheeks, to the tip of his nose, his forehead. Once she selected the first outfit, she hooked her finger through his pacifier ring.

      Panic flashed. He wasn’t ready for this. He was still just a baby. But if he didn’t do this, he’d be sent all the way back to babyhood. Permanently. No more big boy thoughts. No more Lili. he shuddered and bit back a whimper when the nipple popped out of his mouth.

      “Ah!” He jumped, giggling, as Lili blew a raspberry on his scarred belly, just above his diaper. She cupped his face. Their eyes met, her gaze soft and warm with just a touch of mischief. He shivered, feeling all tingly inside. Her forehead touched his, her nose rubbing his in an Eskimo kiss.

      Just when he started to relax, she playfully nipped at his nose. Startled, he jerked his head back. She buried her face in his exposed neck then blew a raspberry on his soft skin. He laughed, squirming helplessly in her embrace.

      “C’mon, baby.” Lili stumbled, realizing that calling him baby was not the best move at the moment. He needed to be a big boy, not her soft, giggly baby. “Cam-cam. Cameron. My big boy with the noisy butt.”

      He giggled at her confusion. Moments later, he found himself transformed into a gothic baby doll as Lili tried outfit after outfit on him. As a baby, he never had any say in what he wore. He had some clothes he liked better than others, but he’d learned early on his preferences did not matter. Even back when he’d tried being a big boy, being mainstreamed in school the first time, Beatrice still had maids choosing appropriate outfits for him.

      But he was a big boy now. He didn’t need grandma’s approval. He knew now he was never going to get it no matter what he did. Maybe he could , picking out his own clothes? At least offer his opinion….but he just stood there passively as Lili dressed him. He didn’t want to disappoint her.

      His baby wardrobe was a rainbow of bright colors. Lili’s wardrobe was black, black, and more black. Most of her clothes were scary. Or too revealing. He shook his head at a particularly gory skull with a bleeding heart in its mouth. He stepped back with a rustle of plastic.

      “What’s wrong, Cam?” Lili’s brow wrinkled in concern.

      “I...I…” Polite refusal lodged in his throat. In the end, he couldn’t do it. Couldn’t voice his opinion.

      “You don’t like it? It’s one of my favorites.”

      He winced. “S-Sowwies.” He mumbled softly.

      “Baby. Cameron. You don’t have to like everything I do. You’re allowed to say no. It’s okay. We’ll work on that.” She kissed his forehead then hugged him close. He was comfortable with her seeing his horrid scars. She rubbed his back, fingers ghosting over the swirls, bumps, and ditches of his pink and white, boiled flesh.

      Her hand drifted down to the smooth plastic of his diaper, rubbing his heavily padded bottom. Instead of flat padding slightly swollen with pee, her palm passed over mushy lumps. She stilled. “Cameron. Baby. How’s your diapee?”

      Cameron frowned at her sugary-sweet, talking to a toddler tone. He was supposed to be a big boy. He shifted, focusing on how inside his diaper felt. It was a feeling he was used to ignoring. “Um…” He scrunched his nose up as he concentrated. His crotch was warm and dmap. He’d peed and his diaper was wet, but not wet enough to the point where he normally noticed he was wet. The back of his diaper clung to his cheeks, which slid together like they were covered in mushy mud. He’d pooped himself. When? He’d never even felt the seat of his diaper filling up. “I poopied?”

      “Good boy!” Lili rewarded him with a sunny, proud smile. “I’ll change your diapee. Diaper. Change your diaper after we get you changed.”

      He nodded his head, then let Lili finish dressing him.

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        He ended up in a plain black sweater and faded gray jeans with rips in the knees. He was thin. Where he was just skin and bones, Lili was womanly curves. Her clothes hung loose, except for the crotch. The pants clung tight to his diaper, showing off every lump and bulge. The pant waist only came up to his hips; his diaper flowed out the top. The top of his diaper came well up over his belly button. The loose sweater helped hide it, a little, but his diapered state was still visible to anyone who looked.

        Cameron poked at the noticeable diaper bulge in his pants. His diaper crinkled; he felt like an overgrown baby playing dress up as a big boy. He scrunched his nose and took his pacifier out, handing it to Lili. He had to leave babyhood behind, unless he wanted to be stuck here permanently. Time for him to become a big boy. A big boy who needed diapers, but they would be big boy diapers. No more paci and no more fun prints on his diapers.

        “Well? Whaddya think? It’s the least scary outfit I own.” Lili came up behind him. Her arms slid around his padded waist and her chin rested on his shoulders.

        “I...look like a big boy.” He said softly. His slender hands covered hers. “Now I just need to feel like one.” His voice was barely an audible whisper.

        A corner of her lips quirked up in a half smile. “Baby steps, my big boy. What’s important is you lookin’ like a big boy. It’ll help people think you are a big boy-” She froze, a light bulb flicking on in her head.

        “Holy shit. That’s what Asha wanted me to get. Why she’s been making me dress like this. “ Lili snorted, then laughed. “God, I’m so fucking stupid.” She laughed harder at Cameron’s sweetly confused expression. Her knees turned to jello; her weight leaned on him, using him as a support to stay standing.

        Cameron tried to hold her up, but he wasn’t sued to it. He leaned too far forward and bent his knees too much. They collapsed in a heap. His whole body hit the floor with Lili on top of him, squashing him. The mess in his diaper squished around and wet warmth spurted over his crotch.

        Lili groaned and staggered to her feet. “Damn. You’re nothing but bones.” She rubbed her side, where his elbow had accidentally caught her in the gut.

        “Sorry?” Cameron said reflexively. He sat up and waited for the throbbing to die down. “You’re the one who fell on me.” He mumbled soft and hesitant, testing the waters and trying to act like a big boy.

        “Hey. Guess you’re right. Since your’e already on the floor, let’s get that diaper changed, yeah?”

        He nodded his assent. “I...I should learn how to change my diapees? Diapers? I...I used to. When….back when I was mainstreamed.” His speech was hesitant, soft, scared and reluctant. He liked having his diaper changed; it made him feel loved and cared for. Especially when Lili. Diaper changes with her felt so intimate, once he’d gotten over the fears of her seeing his disgusting scars. Lili blurred the stringent lines that kept him firmly in his place as a baby. She treated him more as an equal, yet still as a baby. She’d helped him grow. She was a babysitter and friend all rolled into one.

        “Don’t worry about that now.” Lili stuck her tongue out at him teasingly and made a silly face. He giggled. She looked around for his diaper bag, then looked some more. She searched the entire room, even going back into the closet.

        His first instinct was to lay on his back and passively watch and wait like a good baby. He stared for several heart beats then awkwardly got to his feet with loud crinkles. The enormous bulk of his diaper hampered him, forced his legs far apart. He waddled over to her, helping her search for the missing diaper bag.

        “Shit. I forgot the fucking bag in your nursery. Damn it to hell-” Cameron took his pacifier out of Lili’s pocket and stuffed it into her mouth, cutting off her tirade of swear words.

        He smiled at the look of surprise on her face. “You swear too much.” He gently teased, but his big doe eyes were wary. Any time he acted like this, he was used to being chastised back into perfect, obedient silence.

        Lili just snorted and put the pacifer back into his mouth. He quietly accepted, not sure if she was teasing or chastising him. He nursed softly and waited for her to make the next move.

        “Well, I know where we could get some diapers. You stay here and I’ll be right back in a flash.”

        As much as he was trying to be a big boy, being alone in a strange room in a strange house unnerved him too much. His heart quivered in anxiety. He shook his head. “I-I wanna go wif yew. Peese.” His toddler tone was back and he entwined his fingers with Lili’s in a silent plea. His eyes were big and dark with terror.

        Lili gazed at him for several long moments, weighing her decision like it was a heavy, important one. He whimpered softly and she caved. “Oh, alright.

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          Lili’s stomach twisted with nerves and her mutilated side burned. She scratched it, distracted, as her feet moved through the halls without her paying attention to where they were headed. Cameron clung to her hand, toddling along behind her, ever obedient. They turned down the corridor to Prissy’s room. She felt sick all over. She never should’ve said yes to this...but he begged so sweetly. So pretty and vulnerable her heart couldn’t refuse him.

          Once, back when they first met, Lili had planned on reuniting Big Baby Cameron with Veggie-Brained Baby Pissy. What a delicious humiliation that would have been for poor Pissy. Even now, a dark part of Lili thrilled at the thought. But Cameron was terrified of Priscilla, his old tormentor. Once Lili had realized that, she kept putting her plan off. And putting it off until she no longer wanted to risk hurting him. Settling an old grudge with her cousin wasn’t worth it. Cameron- his trust, his happiness, his fragile smile- mattered more. Yet here she was, about to drag unsuspecting Cameron into Prissy’s room.

          She wanted to tell him, but guilt clogged her throat and twisted her insides. She couldn’t think of any way to tell him gently. Once outside Prissy’s door, she had no more room to run. No more room to think. She turned and faced Cameron. He looked at her squestioningly. She took both of his hands and her tongue nervously played with her snakebite piercings.

          “Cam-Cam. Cameron. I- look.” She closed her eyes and drew in a deep, steadying breath. “Prissy’s in that room.”

          His eyes widened, huge in terror like she’d just told him a man-eating tiger was on the other side of the door. Guild twisted her heart. His fingers, his whole body, trembled with his fear, with memories of everything Prissy had done to him.

          “Cameron.” She squeezed his fingers in reassurance. “You can stay out here. I”ll be real quick- I’m just gonna grab some diaper supplies. You know about her accident, yeah? She can’t hurt you ever again.”

          Lili’s voice was dulcet velvet, soothing his fraying nerves. He nodded his head, pacifier moving vigorously in his mouth. “Gwamma tawked about it. I overheawd her.”

          He was taking this much better than she’d anticipated. She smiled to show him how proud she was. She’d expected him to fall to pieces. He’d lapsed into the familiar safety zone of babyhood, but he still held himself together. If he faced Prissy, she feared he’d shatter. If she couldn’t pull him back together, she’d loose him. Beatrice would have him sent away to a regression facility for certain. Lili suppressed a shudder. “So, you stay out here and I’ll be right back.”

          Cameron shook his head and clutched her fingers so tight, so desperate, his knuckles turned white. “I go wif yew. Peese. I-I a big boy.” His petrified eyes stared up at her. “I..I...I haf ta….have a big boy now. P-please. Take me with you. I’ll be okay.” His voice was barely more than a strangled whisper that grew steadier and firmer as he stealed himself.

          She stared at him, shocked by his soft words. She’d never expected his bold reaction from him, not even in her wildest dreams. His face was pale; he appeared ready to faint but his eyes burned with determination. It stealed her nerves, too. Made her believe he could handle Prissy.

          “Please? Lili. I need to do this. If...If I can’t face Prissy, how can I ever handle Grandma? D-Daddy?” That last word ended in a strangled whimper as his courage faltered.

          She nodded her permission, numb all over. She was terrified of Cameron’s reaction to Prissy, but she couldn’t argue with his logic. He was right; he needed to do this. She turned to face the door; he latched onto her arm, wrapping both of his arms around her one and clutching it to his chest like a teddybear.

          He buried his face into her shoulder, eyes squeezed tight shut. He looked like he was entering a Halloween horror house. In the back of her brain Lili wondered if he was wetting his diaper out of terror. She fleetingly felt the urge to check his diaper. Instead, she kissed the top of his head in encouragement for both of them, then turned the knob.

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            Thanks for the updates. Glad to see you're still working on this.


              Prissy lay on her bed as always, legs spread eagle. No home care aide was on duty at this hour. She only wore a pink fleece nightgown that velcroed close in the back and had lace around the collar and cuffs- a garment for an old lady, not a young teenager. Over top of that, a plastic bib hung off her neck to catch her drool. Her legs were bare, bulging baby print diaper with happy cartoon clowns on the front panel fully exposed. The diaper was swollen, the white plastic tinged yellow with her pee in the front and brown in the back from a bowel movement.

              At the sight of her, Lili felt the old hatred stir. She wanted to go across the room to Prissy and jeer at her. She hadn’t been in to see Prissy for quite a while, ever since her talk with Asha. Her feelings had not changed, but that didn’t mean she had to act on those feelings. Now, she couldn’t act on those old feelings either, not in front of Cameron. She didn’t want him to see that nasty side of her, the monster she kept locked deep inside. Cameron was her priority. She was just here to get him a new diaper. Yet her eyes still glared daggers at Prissy.

              At the sound of the door opening, Prissy’s head rolled as she tried to see who her visitor was. Her hated cousin. She hadn’t seen that awful bitch in ages. Prissy moaned in distress and anger, drool running down her slack jaw.

              Lili smiled like a shark at the sounds, at the enraged fear on Prissy’s face. She turned her head, completely ignoring her cousin and kissed the top of Cameron’s head.

              Cameron clung to Lili’s arm, too terrified to look around the room at all. He stumbled blindly after Lili, trusting her to guide and protect him. The rational part of his brain knew Prissy could not hurt him ever again, not in the state she was in. But the old fears, old hurts and memories bubbled up, threatening to overwhelm him. Only Lili’s touch kept him grounded. His knees shook, but he was determined to stay in this room with Prissy no matter how scared he was.

              Cameron, terrified of Prissy. Prissy, terrified of Lili. And Lili, struggling to keep her focus on Cameron and not gloat in Prissy’s misery. She snorted; life was a cosmic joke. Living proof God had a sense of humor.

              Lili walked straight to Prissy’s diaper supplies and grabbed an open bag of clown diapers, a tub of wipes, tube of diaper cream, and a bottle of baby powder. Arms full, she headed back to the door with Cameron still clinging to her, slowing her down. If she moved too fast, he stumbled and that exacerbated his fear. It took everything the fragile boy had just to be in this room with his old tormentor.

              Prissy’s eyes widened at the sight of Lili with her diapers. What fresh horror was her diabolical cousin going to unleash upon her? She whimpered, drool running down her chin. Lili’s head turned towards her with a nasty smirk and a playful wink.

              Cameron’s whimper echoed Prissy’s. Lili froze, his soft whimper slapping the maliciousness off her face. She immediately kissed the top of his head again. “Shh. Cam-Cam. It’s alright. You’re doing so good. So brave. I’m proud of you.”

              Lili met Prissy’s eyes. “You don’t even recognize him, do you? God, you’re such a fucking cunt.” She paused. “I guess I am, too. For what I did to you.”

              Prissy’s jaw went slack in shock, more drool trickling down the corners of her mouth. Was that an apology? Or Lili just acknowledging what a horrible, abusive monster she was?

              Lili smiled at Prissy’s expression. “Oh, I’m not sorry. You fully deserved it. I’d do it all again, with relish. Plus more. It’s just disgusting, thinking that you and I are alike at all. Y’know what the difference between us is? He didn’t deserve any of it. You did. You do. Aww, don’t look like that. I’m not gonna do anything to ya anymore. That includes helping you and changing you out of that icky diapee. Tootles.” She tugged Cameron to the door.

              Cameron stayed rooted to the carpet and tugged back on Lili’s arm timidly, holding her back. She could easily yank him forward and into compliance, but his soft hesitation held her full attention, caught her off guard.

              “Cameron?” Lili’s brow wrinkled in worry. “What’s wrong?”

              He raised his head, looking right at Prissy. He shook all over, pressing his slim body into Lili, using her as a human shield. She felt his trembling and feared he was having a mental or emotional breakdown.

              “L-Lili, that’s not nice.” He spoke so softly the girls had to strain to her him. Prissy stared at the pretty boy, still not recognizing him in Lili’s clothes.

              Taken aback, Lili stuttered at his timid reprimand. “But-she’s not nice. She deserves it. You can let her have it. Go on, Cam. For everything she’s done to you.” Inwardly, she winced; she’d never wanted Cameron to see even the claws of the hate-monster that resided deep within her.

              “She does deserve it. She’s a monster. I don’t forgive her- I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to. But this...would you make fun of me for being a baby? For my diapers?” He spoke softly to Lili, but never took his eyes off Prissy.

              “Of course not!”

              “Then we shouldn’t make fun of her. Even if she deserves it. You’re not a monster like she is. You tell me I’m pretty. You kiss my scars. She got all the other kids calling me Freddy Krueger.” His voice was soft and shy, no malice in his words. He shook from head to toe like a leaf in the wind, but he never faltered. He stayed cowering behind Lili, keeping her between him and his old tormentor. His rational mind knew Prissy couldn’t hurt him anymore, but his fear of her was a primal instinct he couldn’t shake. Lili made him feel brave, grounded him enough to push back against the fear and face his old bully. He just stared at Prissy patiently, waiting for recognition.

              Prissy gasped, jaw going slack. Spittle dribbled down her wet chin and onto her slobber covered bib. Freddy Krueger?! What the hell? But he was dressed like a normal teen now, minus the obvious diaper bulge. If he never said that nickname, she never would have recognized him. Dressed like this, he looked...good. Pretty. So appealing she would’ve flirted with him if she’d been normal. Now, the big baby diaper shitting freak was normal and she was the diaper shitting freak. This had to be some horrible, cruel joke. This was worse than when Lili brought Max over. She looked at Lili, narrowed her eyes and growled. Drool sprayed out.

              Lili snorted but said nothing.

              Cameron kept talking, still staring at her. “You won’t even look at me, will you? After what you did….I’m still hurt. I’m still afraid. Of you, of other kids. Because of what you did, everything you put me through. But I’m looking at you. I didn’t think I’d be able to. feels...good. I never thought I’d be able to say these things. They’ve all been trapped inside for so long. It’s like...letting a bubble out of my chest. You don’t have to look at me. That’s okay...this...maybe this isn’t for you at all. Maybe….it’s really for me.”

              He bit his lower lip and trailed off, feeling selfish and wrong for speaking up. But wrong had never felt so right. Lili had taught him that. He buried his face in Lili’s shoulder, uncertain and shy once more.

              Lili laid her head on top of his. “You really surprise me, baby- big boy. My big boy.” She smiled and led him out of the room. Neither one glanced at Prissy again.
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                  Hello ck. I went to your patrion site and didn't see an option to pay by paypal. Is that an option that is enabled specific to certain sites or did patreon decide to not accept paypal any longer? I subscribed to another site a while ago with paypal so was surprised that I couldn't select that form of payment. Thank you for your help. I hope you're doing well.


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                    Hello ck. I went to your patrion site and didn't see an option to pay by paypal. Is that an option that is enabled specific to certain sites or did patreon decide to not accept paypal any longer? I subscribed to another site a while ago with paypal so was surprised that I couldn't select that form of payment. Thank you for your help. I hope you're doing well.
                    PayPal's rules don't allow payment for 18+ content via their services, so if a Patreon is flagged as 18+ (which they require for all fetish related pages) then PayPal isn't permitted as a payment option. This site gets by with using them for donations on the technicality that no one is paying for 18+ content specifically. There is a very tiny amount of it on here, but not enough to matter.
                    I GET KNOCKED DOWN BUT I GET UP AGAIN!


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                      Hello ck. I went to your patrion site and didn't see an option to pay by paypal. Is that an option that is enabled specific to certain sites or did patreon decide to not accept paypal any longer? I subscribed to another site a while ago with paypal so was surprised that I couldn't select that form of payment. Thank you for your help. I hope you're doing well.
                      Thank you for your interest in my patreon. Penny explained it perfectly, so I don't have anything to add there. I just wanted to say I will be adding stuff from my patreon to the donor's lounge. (For example, eventually all of Bad Seed will be posted there) as well as on Amazon/ Kindle. )
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                        So took me about two days to read all of this and then I needed to take some time to decompress from all the reading and long of the short this story is amazing.

                        To start institutionalized age regression and mental age regression stories make me super uncomfortable and I tend to avoid those stories entirely. But this one hooked me with the introduction of Lili, she is such a strong character which kept me reading and then led me to care about Cameron as I kept reading.

                        Reading about Cameron actually made me super sad and super angry. He seems like such a sweet person and to have been completely destroyed the way he has been made me super sad and was sometimes really hard to read. Then throw in how his family treat him and the kids in school gave me super rage. But then you show us the relationship budding between him and Lili and it gave me hope, and gave me such happy feelings. Despite there may be horrible ulterior motives to start that relationship, how it evolved and bloomed gave me all the warm feelings.

                        I was super conflicted about Prissy however because she is essentially living one of my deepest fears, so in general people being mean to her would make them my enemy. However you developed Lili so well that, well I couldn't look past it but rather than hating her for it, it added more layers to her personality. It was tough to read those parts but I felt that I couldn't stop reading.

                        I am also so intrigued by Asha, I really am hooked on what she is upto. Is she just trying to teach Lili a lesson on how to influence people or is she using Lili to figure a way to undo regression therapy to save her Grand Nephew?

                        I am really enjoying this story and look forward to finding a job so that I can donate and finish reading


                          Hi there. What is the donor lounge? Will the story also continue here as well, maybe just be posted a while after posted to patrion?Thanks.


                            Thank you for the comments and the feed back. The donor lounge is a forum for donors. Bad Seed is available and complete on my patreon. Eventually it will be posted on Amazon. It is being posted here in the donor's lounge as well. I just posted an update in the donor's lounge.
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                              I'm reading this and enjoying a lot.

                              Found something strange on #92 (where I am for the moment) :
                              You say :
                              He squeaked as she closed the remaining distance between them. Her teeth grabbed the ring of his binky and popped it out of his mouth. He whimpered and instinctively took a step backwards. Her arms still held him captive, so he could not move very far. His heel landed on a rattle that had fallen out of his playpen earlier that morning. The hard plastic slipped on the carpet, sending him tumbling backwards. Because of her hold on him, Liliana went with him. They landed with a thump on the carpet.
                              "My baby." She whispered, voice low, her breath washing over him. He froze, eyes widening as her teeth clamped onto his paci ring, gently holding it still. Cameron nervously tried to suck on the rubber nipple, but she started to pull it out of his mouth. He whined in protest and she stopped just before the nipple slipped out of his lips. Her eyes twinkled mischievously down at him, and she gently slipped it back in.
                              I don't see anywhere Cameron taking back the paci between these two parts, but I'm not 100% sure as I'm French with not so good English.


                                Originally posted by Jul View Post
                                I'm reading this and enjoying a lot.

                                Found something strange on #92 (where I am for the moment) :
                                You say :

                                I don't see anywhere Cameron taking back the paci between these two parts, but I'm not 100% sure as I'm French with not so good English.
                                Thank you for the feed back. Those are continuity errors I missed in editing; I'll have to go back and fix them. Thanks for pointing it out.
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