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6 Weeks at Happy Summers

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    Originally posted by CodyBaby View Post
    Another great chapter, now that I took time to read back chapter 22 and 23 before just to get back on this story, can't wait to read more.
    Only two chapters, I had to read all the way through lol.

    Found a few character name errors as well but too late to correct those, I'll just go with the flow now.


      Originally posted by Huggied View Post

      Only two chapters, I had to read all the way through lol.

      Found a few character name errors as well but too late to correct those, I'll just go with the flow now.
      I may have to reread the whole thing, but I didn't have time, I don't remember much about Sam Past besides that Frank Glass, and don't remember the characters ages and past that much.


        Chapter 25.

        A new start for everyone.

        Pete was still fretting about being outed about our little nappy session last night so he was totally non communicative on our minibus ride.
        It had been about an hour’s ride so far and we were heading along the M40
        corridor and the road signs were pointing toward Oxford.

        “Sonia” called Frank.

        “Yes” she replied.

        “Where are we heading” He asked.

        It’s a small town outside Oxford called Abingdon, It’s a nice place we’re
        heading to a newish estate where we’ve found you some nice properties that are affordable, your all families will be fairly close together but not on each others door steps so to speak.
        After seeing your prospective new homes we’ll head off to the local schools to have a look around”

        “Won’t they be closed?” Linda asked.

        “Normally yes, but the head teachers will be on site to give us tours of the

        “Will all the kids be going to the same school then?” Paul asked.

        “No, your families have kids that are different age groups, some are secondary some are junior schools and I understand that we have a very bright young lady that will be attending a specialist maths college”

        “Who Penny?” I asked.

        “Yes, some of the tests we got her to take at her old school were shown to the college principle and despite here age they have accepted her into their gifted child Programme, she’ll get the normal school curriculum for her age group but extra advanced applied mathmatics classes and she won’t be the only one in her age group as the college is geared up for young high achievers like Penny.
        Once we’ve seen the houses I’ll give you each a detailed breakdown about the houses and the surrounding area”

        After about another 15 minute drive we drove into Abingdon itself.
        There were shops and pubs and restaurants in the main high street and as we passed through I spotted some familiar well known shop names.
        After the high street came a small industrial area on both sides of the road which appeared to be mainly manufacturing and distribution type businesses with a small industrial shopping area next door with the likes of Halford’s toys-R-us and IKEA and many more similar brands.

        A few hundred yards further on we turned off the main road in to a road lined with trees and flowers, a few hundred yards further on we came to a newly built housing plot with semi detached homes each with a garage and a path leading up from the pavement over a grassed area to the front door.

        We pulled up outside number 8 and the driver turned off the engine of the

        “This is one of the homes we have arranged for you all, there are 24 in total on this estate and one has been allocated for each or your families .
        There all the same, they have the same fixtures and fittings and each has 3 bedrooms.
        Shall we go in and take a look” Offered Sonia.

        As we got out if the minibus I looked at Pete and he looked at me, this was like something out of a dream.
        We all made our way up the path towards the door.

        I whispered to Pete. “there’s no way we can afford this” he nodded and raised his eyes.
        “I know, no way”

        Sonia produced a key and proceeded to open the front door and invited us all in.
        The place was huge. A staircase led upstirs on the right and the whole downstairs was open plan front to back with a kitchen on the right hand side.
        Between the rear of the staircase and next to the kitchen there was even a downstairs loo with a sink.
        At the rear were sliding doors which led to a lovely garden laid to lawn and a small patio area.

        I’d never been in such a home.
        It was all freshly painted and had a brand new larger than life kitchen with new appliances.
        The garage even had an area set out as a laundry room but still big enough to fit a car.

        “We can’t afford this” Said Paul & Helen.
        And the rest of us agreed with their statement.

        “Not to panic” Said Sonia.
        “Everything has been arranged at an affordable rent, Council taxes, Gas, Electric and Water are down to you but the rental has been arranged at a greatly reduced rate
        and after you’ve been here 5 years you can if you wish take up a right to buy scheme and purchase the property with a no deposit small mortgage”

        “We’d still need executive jobs to afford this though” Said Suzie, in a slightly worried voice.

        “I’ll go through the costings in more detail later after we’ve been to see
        Everything, is that ok?”

        We all nodded.

        “Go take a look upstairs if you like”

        Pete and I led the way up and found three bedrooms and a large family
        “At least the kids would get their own rooms” Said Pete.
        The master bedroom was positioned over the garage and kitchen area, it was huge and had it’s own en-suite bathroom.

        I looked at Pete again in disbelief. “This is all my dreams come true at once” I said and he again nodded.

        We all made our way down stairs again, after of course testing all the taps and flushing the toilets to make sure they worked.

        “As I said all the homes are set out to exactly the same plan, we will give
        everyone a £5000 voucher to spend in a local furniture store which has national outlets on anything you feel you may need, you can arrange your items to be
        delivered to your new home from your local store. we will also arrange for a removals company to help pack and move any belongings you have at home that you may wish to bring”

        Trevor walked up to Sonia. “Pinch me please” He asked.


        “Pinch me, I want to make sure this Isn’t just a dream”

        He rolled up his sleeve and she pinched his arm very gently.

        “Harder” He said with a smile “ I just want to make sure”

        She pinched him again. “Ouch. Thanks now I know I’m awake”
        She smiled and we all laughed.

        “Shall we move on”
        Sonia led the way out and closed and locked the door behind us.
        We got back in the minibus and all started talking at once.

        “Right let’s go Sonia said to the driver. And with that he started the minibus and we pulled away.

        Sonia handed out a folder to each family. “Inside you’ll find details of your
        individual properties and a breakdown of all the costs that go with it.

        The rent was just slightly more than we were paying for the dump we
        currently lived in and the rates were slightly less, so it balanced out about the same, utilities were about the same as we were already paying.
        All in all, a win win situation for us.

        “How’s it look love” Pete asked.
        “Doable” I smiled.
        “Still want to live in London?” I asked him.
        I got the stare back.

        “Right were off to the college first”

        5 minutes up the road we turned off the main road into the Abingdon Park

        “As we drive into the campus you will see that it is split into 3 main areas with each area containing a different school” Said Sonia.
        The minibus pulled up outside the Abingdon Sport & Sciences facility which was the fist building on the left.

        “Your all welcome to join us if you wish” Said Sonia.

        So everyone piled out of the minibus and headed to the main entrance.

        We were greeted by a tall well built man in his middle to late 50’s with that
        professor look, a Dr Adams.
        He greeted us all one by one with a hand shake
        “Which of you are Penny’s parents?”

        Pete and I stepped forward.

        “I would like to congratulate you both on having an exceptionally gifted
        daughter” He said. “We are really looking forward to having such an exceptional talent join us here at the facility if that’s what you want for her”

        “Were here to find out” I replied.

        He smiled “Shall we begin”

        He took us on a tour of the college from the classrooms to the sports facilities then showed us the indoor pool and the cafeteria.

        “The pool and sports facilities are shared buy the 3 schools on campus”
        He explained.
        “We cater for many talents herein the college from the sciences to sports, all of the children are exceptionally talented in their field and come from all over the country” He explained as we walked around.

        “Penny will be one of our younger students but she will be taught with other gifted children near her own age.
        Her test papers came back to us with stunning results for a child of her age and we’d be extremely pleased if she joined us”

        “From what I’ve seen I think she would be happy here and I know she’d love the pool”

        “We do encourage our non-sports students to use the facilities after normal lessons as we find it helps them wind down after a hard day of study.

        We made our way back to the reception area and Dr Adams thanked us all for viewing his facility he handed Me a glossy folder with a picture of the college on the front.
        “If you and your daughter decide that were right for you then we look forward to seeing you in mid September.
        If Penny would like to have a look around for herself then were here from the first week of September so just phone and speak to my secretary to arrange it.
        Inside the folder you will find the full curriculum and timetable we have set for her along with full details of the college.
        As I said we’d be really happy to see Penny in September”

        He shook everyone’s hand and I thanked him for the tour and opening up for us.

        Back in the minibus Pete had a tear in his eye.
        “What’s up love”
        “I never dreamt that one of our kids would end up in a place like this, she could go on to do anything she wants if she does well, and it sure as hell beats
        working in a deadbeat job which is what most kids in our area end up doing“

        I smiled at him and nodded. I knew that she was never going to end up in a deadbeat go nowhere job, she was already too clever for that.

        I didn’t read the College prospectus because I already knew that Happy
        Summers had already saved my family from the scrap heap and even if I ended up working in the local McDonalds we’d be ok.
        I don’t think Pete saw it that way just yet but he seemed to be coming around.

        “Were off to The John Matthews academy next.
        Helen, this will be Timmy’s School”

        The journey took only 1 minute as the next school was really within walking distance of the college, and we may have just as well walked.
        At the entrance we were greeted by the deputy headmistress, a Miss Robertson.
        She apologised that the Head wasn’t there to meet us, but she was away at a conference which she couldn’t avoid.

        We were shown the school which was much like any other primary that you’d find up and down the country.

        Helen was doing as she should have been doing, asking many questions about the school, the area and the pupils.

        “Were fully aware of the circumstances surrounding you and your son Helen”
        Said Miss Robinson.

        “He will be joining year 6 if you accept our offer of a placement.
        We have in the past had one or two children that have arrived through our doors from Happy Summers.
        One of them although a little older now still lives in the housing plot I
        understand your going to be living in and attends Abingdon High.

        Please do trust me when I say you can be happy in the knowledge that we have the expertise needed to nurture young Timmy here.
        We even have a facility to cope with nappies if there is still a need once he

        Miss Robertson led us back to the front reception area, she handed Helen a folder similar to the one I had received, and we said our farewells.

        The minibus made its way a little further up the road, again within easy walking distance, and we again pulled into a school entrance gate.

        The school was called Abingdon High.

        A newly built structure that although large wasn’t a place that appeared that it would have had thousands of kids rammed into too few classrooms.

        “This is the facility we prefer for Stephen, Simon and Samantha” Said Sonia.

        We were greeted again at the school reception once we'd piled out of the minibus, by the Headmaster a gentleman by the name of Mr Saunders who introduced himself enthusiastically. He looked only a little older than me and Pete.

        “Welcome to you all and welcome to our little part of the world.
        I glad you could make it and I’m looking forward to showing you round our facility today.
        I understand that we have A Simon, Samantha and Stephen looking to join us next month it that right” We all nodded.
        “Can they all sing?” He asked.

        We all shrugged our shoulders in the usual way when greeted by an
        unanswerable question.

        “If they could we might be able to make up a quartet and call them the 3S’s a play on the 3 Tenors so to speak”

        He got no reaction from anyone.

        “Oops no opera fans in the house then” He smiled. “Moving quickly on then”

        Helen laughed and the rest of us smiled.

        “Sorry folks, I have been told many times that my sense of humour is a little dry for most people, it’s just my way of trying to break the ice”

        Helen laughed again, we smiled again.

        “Looks like Helen’s pulled” I whispered to Pete.

        He looked at me and rolled his eyes. “Not funny luv”

        Mr Saunders started our tour and showed us the main points of the school.

        “We cater for 300 pupils over 5 year groups here each, class group consists of 18 children and we pride ourselves on having the best modern facilities in the
        Oxford area. Were lucky that we also get to use the sports and pool facilities up the road at the college.
        We only opened this school 5 years ago and have just had our first set of GCSE results which has resulted in a 99% pass rate over all subjects A to C.
        All of the children I’m happy to say have opted to move on to a 6th form college in the Oxford area”

        “Do you have any former Happy Summers attendees here” Asked Frank.

        “Yes 3” He answered.

        “One young man who came to us two years ago as a year 7 from
        The John Matthews Academy. And two, one boy and one girl who came
        directly from Happy summers last September.
        I am please to tell you that all these children have been working hard and have managed to catch up with the syllabus for their age groups.

        We provide a lot of one to one teaching here which really benefits the children who are behind the rest academically.
        Your three as they are in the correct date range will all be joining year 8 in September should you wish them to start here”

        I was impressed that they had managed to bring the kids back up to speed so quickly.

        “I think Pete and I would be happy to Send Simon along, wouldn’t we Pete?”

        “Yes I think I’d be very happy seeing what I’ve seen and heard”

        I looked at him in disbelief, he smiled.

        “In fact I cannot wait for both of my children to start their new schools up here”

        Everyone else agreed and it was smiles all round.

        “Are you really happy luv?” I asked him.

        “You know what luv, I couldn’t be happier, from now on the kids come first, sod those wankers in London, let’s make a fresh start up here” he kissed me on the lips, and we both hugged a long and tender embrace.

        Now we just need some jobs.

        Next time were catching up with Sam.

        Chapter 26

        How's Sam getting on.


          Finally did a full reread of the whole story, and there's some obvious mistakes in a load of the chapters involving mixing the names of Penny and Jenny over and over again, but this story is going back in full gear for me.


            Got that under control now lol


              We could still understand the story, but it was misleading, besides that I'm pretty damn sure everything seems to be ok, but english isn't my primary language so I could be wrong and some mistakes could still be there. But like I've said earlier, keep up the good work.


                can't wiat until next chapter


                  Yup, me too, just curious on your advancement on this...