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Exchanged - Diaper Dimension - Epilogue - Added 2-17-2019

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    Here's the next chapter, thanks for your patience!

    Chapter 35:

    TO MY SURPRISE Granny’s reaction was a laugh, and I heard a deeper voice join in from just inside the room as well. “Amanda you weren’t kidding when you said she was smart,” Grandpa Joe said.

    “Wait, what?!?” Amanda practically screeched, and I noticed Bella became nervous and shook with her shout. “She’s right?!?!?!”

    I looked at Granny and she nodded, “Yes she is. Hannah is alive, safe, and free on one of the little islands.”

    “But… why… how…?” Amanda’s face was filled with tears.

    I felt bad that I had just upended a core belief of Amanda’s then and kind of wanted to switch places with Bella as she sat down on the ground in shock. I wriggled around and Granny got the message, letting me go down to the ground while she held my hands and my feet landed. Amanda had sat Bella on one knee and I climbed onto the other and hugged her, “You were at summer camp, remember?” I told her.

    “You made me come home…? There was a casket… and a funeral?!?!?” Amanda asked her mom.

    Grandpa Joe sighed, “Honey, Chloe and Cassie were getting more and more violent towards Hannah. We… well, your mom hadn’t seen it because she’s always had a blind spot towards those two, but after your mom had falsely punished you that weekend everything tumbled out of Hannah about how the two of them were ganging up on her, and sometimes they were even picking on you too. She was terrified of Chloe, but she didn’t want to see you getting punished anymore. When Chloe and Cassie were gone your mom went to nurse Hannah before her afternoon nap. Just as she was going to begin nursing she told your mom about what had really happened. I think you figured that out when we apologized to you and ended up punishing your sisters the same way the next weekend…” he grimaced, “I wish we could undo both of those actually…”

    Amanda shook her head, “I hated Mom for that… but even though I didn’t do it to Hannah you won’t catch me abusing Stacy or Bella with an enema ever after that!”

    Bella asked, “What?”

    “Tell you later,” I told her. “Or maybe Mommy will. So I’m guessing something else happened and they retaliated again on that playground?”

    Granny nodded, “Hannah DID have a head injury. Chloe bullied her into climbing a set of monkey bars. Once she had her up there she hit her hard and shoved her off the top causing her to land on her head. I wasn’t there with them, but I got the call to come to the hospital just as Chloe and Cassie ran in to tell me that she fell off. I called Joe at work, since he was closer to the hospital, to meet them, and told him I would call as soon as I got to the bottom of what happened.”

    “Did they tell you what really happened?” Bella asked.

    Granny shook her head, “No, they had struck some sort of sisterly pact that neither would rat out the other… but I could tell they were lying because neither were doing a very good job at it. Joe called me then and said they were working on Hannah, but I should hurry to the hospital as fast as I could as it didn’t look good…” Granny was crying then, “I knew those two had to be responsible and coldly told Chloe, ‘You stay here and do a better job of looking after Cassie than you did with Hannah.’ I got in the car and drove to the hospital.” Granny was beginning to have a hard time talking then and I could see tears streaming from her eyes.

    Grandpa took over, “By the time your mom got to the hospital the doctors had been out to tell me she was still being worked on, but warned me it was not looking good. They almost lost Hannah several more times during the six-hours of surgery, and came out of it without a clear answer of if she would make it. All they could tell us was that if she made it through the night her odds were good. We were allowed to sit with her in the NICU and watched her on life support in her crib with all of the tubes plugged into her… just praying that she would make it.”

    He wiped a tear from his eye, “Well… let’s just say you can’t watch your baby girl in that kind of situation and not get angry. Your mom kept me from going home and tanning their hides right then because she didn’t want me to be abusive… Even though I so wanted to be then! Lord knows they deserved it! While we waited for her to regain consciousness a police detective came and investigated the incident. After we spoke with him he said that they were writing it up as an accident, but ‘off the record’ the detective was pretty sure that Chloe had intentionally tried to kill her. If they had been certain they would have arrested her, but he warned me that if Hannah made it through her injuries we needed to be constantly on watch because he was sure she probably wasn’t done.”

    Granny had regained her breath, “As far as I could tell the only remorse that was really present in Chloe was that she might get in trouble… I don’t think she really cared that she had hurt Hannah… she might have even enjoyed that.”

    “That’s sick Mom,” Amanda sobbed out. “I always thought she had to have done it… but to know for certain…”

    “The whole reason we had taken Hannah in was to protect her, and we had failed miserably,” Granny said morosely, “I knew we couldn’t trust your sisters to not hurt her more. But we couldn’t just release her on her own then since she was injured and would just be adopted by someone else. Besides, the Trelini family was still keeping an eye on her.”

    “Even after all of that time?” I asked.

    “Every month or so we would get a visitor who would watch us all for a day or two,” Grandpa said, “I discussed it with them more than once to leave, but someone new from their crew would keep showing up. I think they knew we knew, and were watching to see if at any point we let her grow-up and release her.”

    “So while it’s more involved than I can remember now, your sister when she woke up… well we told her it was time to get her somewhere else that would be safer.”

    “She really did wake up?” Amanda both sobbed and sounded happy.

    “Oh yes, and surprisingly there was no lasting damage to her brain or anything. She lost a couple teeth that I had the doctors replace with implanted teeth… They wanted to just pull the rest since it made the most sense to them, took me a lot to convince them to do it…” Granny shook her head, “We had a couple days that we waited before we came for you, during which we started moving pieces into place. I had a friend who created a death certificate for her. We bought a casket and had a funeral, never letting anyone know that it was a farce. All the while we had Hannah stay at a friends house that we had sworn to secrecy. I did the best I could to start re-teaching her how to use the potty as she healed. After she was better we told you girls that your dad was redeploying for a short mission, but he really took Hannah to one of the islands. There he helped her get paperwork to show her as a free little, an apartment, and enrolled in a program to help littles learn how to take care of themselves after being in captivity.”

    I looked up at Amanda whose face was streamed with tears and smeared makeup. “She’s alive after all these years? Have you ever talked to her again?”

    I looked at Grandpa Joe who had come to sit down next to us, “we trade cards every Christmas and we’ve visited her a couple times over the last couple years since Megan began college.”

    “Do… do… you think she’d…”

    “Like to talk to you?” Granny asked with a smile. “I’m sure of it. The time zones are kind of weird, so it’d be best to wait until about ten our time, but I’ll send her your number and let her know that we finally told you the truth.”

    “She… won’t mind?”

    Grandpa Joe wrapped his arms around Amanda’s shoulders above Bella and I, “She actually always wanted us to let you know. You were the one sister that loved her and cared for her. You had a couple mean moments just not thinking as a kid, but you were the only sister who was actually her sister.”

    I had tears in my own eyes with the story and felt Amanda’s arms around me tightly, “Thank you,” she whispered to me.

    “Now, no one else can ever know she’s alive though,” Grandpa Joe said to all of us.

    “I don’t know anyone to tell,” Bella said.

    “You won’t catch me talking to Cassie and Chloe if I don’t have to…” I said.

    Granny looked sad at that, but nodded, “I wish I could somehow go back and fix whatever went wrong with those two…”

    I nodded my affirmation there before thinking it was time for a subject change when my stomach grumbled, “So dinner?”

    “Stacy is food the only thing ever think about…?” Bella grumbled.

    I shrugged, “Computers?”

    She stuck her tongue out at me, while Amanda hugged me and whispered, “Thank you…”

    “Well I need to start the grill up. You want to change into your swimsuit before you go down there?” Fred asked me.

    I stood up quickly and said, “Swimming!” in an excited voice.

    “Clearly there is one other thing she values over food,” Amanda said tickling my side.

    Everyone else giggled at it and I hoped it had helped Amanda and her parents regain a little bit of composure. She walked over to the drawer she had put my swimsuits in and handed me one. “Can you reach one of your swim diapers over there on the shelf?”

    I looked and nodded, “I think so.”

    “Bella do you want to go swimming too?” Amanda asked as she stood up and settled her onto her hip.

    She shrugged, “I really don’t know how…” I could tell she was nervous of the water still.

    “We have your floaties and the ring you can sit in that we bought,” Fred told her. “You can just sit in the water with the shade up and just float?”

    I watched her face go through a few expressions before she nodded, “I guess… If nothing else I’ve got my heroine big sister who will save me?”

    I groaned and stuck my tongue out at her while everyone else giggled. Fred and Grandpa started walking out the door as Granny stood and asked, “Do you need a hand Stacy?”

    I held the swimsuit and had just grabbed the swim diaper then, “Maybe later Granny? These are just pull-ups basically.”

    She smiled and nodded, “I’ll hold you to that!”

    Granny decided to leave then, so it was just Amanda changing Bella on the changing table, and me standing on the ground next to it. I pulled the uniform I was wearing off and then pulled the tapes off of the pretty soaked Pamper. “Mommy, would you please hand me a wipe?”

    “Sure sweetie,” she said as she held a hand on Bella and grabbed a wipe to hand to me. I used it quickly and wrapped the used diaper and it to put into the diaper can. “Here, I’ll get it in there,” she told me since it was just a little too high for me to easily do it.

    “Thanks Mommy,” I told her with a smile and pulled up the swim diaper before donning the stretchy one-piece swimsuit over the top of it. I adjusted the straps then and pulled my socks off.

    “Make sure you put your clothes in the hamper over there,” she told me with a reminder.

    “Yes Mommy,” I told her with a sigh. ‘Somehow I don’t think she’ll ever let me get my room as messy as Mom did back home…’

    She put Bella down on the floor next to me and said, “I’m going to go change into my swimsuit and then I’ll come get you both to go to the pool.”

    “Daddy’s the only one cooking tonight?” I asked in surprise.

    She smiled at me, “Grandpa and Granny are helping him too.”

    I nodded and watched as she closed the baby gate behind her, leaving the two of us alone. Bella climbed onto the edge of my bed and sat down. The pink swimsuit she had on had several rows of frills on her butt and chest. You could just see the swim diaper peaking out from the edge of the bottom.

    “You doing okay?” I asked her.

    “Okay?” She asked with a bit of bite to her voice. “Not really…” she sighed.

    “Which is the part that’s the worst?” I asked.

    “You mean the baby part, or the part where there’s people who want to both make me a baby and make me have babies for them?”

    “The freedom part?”

    She shook her head, “Stacy, so far I’ve gone out and done more things with our ‘parents’ in the last few days than I did in the last two years total…”

    “I guess you couldn’t risk going anywhere?” I asked.

    She shook her head, “No, I couldn’t. I’m not as helplessly cute as you are, but I’ve also known my whole life that if I grew taller than the average three-year old Amazon toddler I would be lucky…” she shook her shorter hair, “I didn’t get lucky.”

    Before she could continue Amanda was back and held two small swim caps in her hands. She sat down on the ground next to me and tugged at my hair for several minutes to get it covered safely by the swim cap. “Come here Bella,” she smiled at her sitting on my bed. Bella stood patiently as Amanda had an easier time putting hers up with there being less of it. She kissed the top of her head and picked us both up, putting us each on a hip. “You two definitely are good for getting a workout!”

    Bella actually giggled at that and we went down the stairs in her arms. Outside Fred and Grandpa were gathered around the grill and Granny seemed to be working on some sort of salad. ‘Ick!’ I thought to myself about that.

    As we went through the outside door I could see that the window had been replaced. The glass looked a little bit different and I had to ask, “Same material as the tablet?”

    Amanda looked down at me and shook her head, “you are too smart for your own good. Yes, it’s a new thing you can buy. Supposed to be indestructible, and the cool thing is it’s also possible to make it project a screen for a movie.”

    I looked at it closer and noticed the huge sliding door would make a sweet movie screen indeed to watch from the pool! “Which side does it show on?”

    “It’s just like the tablet, it can do either.”

    “I am here too still you know,” Bella reminded us both as Amanda laughed and kept moving towards the pool. Inside the gate she sat us both down on a deck chair and sprayed us down liberally with sunscreen. I saw a weird pink baby flotation device thing sitting on the concrete next to the pool. It looked like you sat down in some sort of seat that let your feet get wet, but kept your upper body above water. On the top was a canopy that shaded the baby that was sitting in it. ‘That does not look comfortable to me…’ I thought since you wouldn’t have the freedom to swim. ‘Maybe for Bella it’s a good way to get her acclimated though…’ I admitted.

    As soon as she had finished spraying me down with sunscreen she handed me a new pink pair of miniature goggles. “I thought you might like these for your laps?”

    I smiled, “Thanks! It’ll be nice to keep the chlorine out of my eyes!”

    She patted my head and kissed my forehead, gave me a light pat on the butt and I used that to me I could get in the water. She didn’t need to tell me twice before I dove into the pool! I dove down into the water to touch the bottom before swimming to the surface and turning to see where Amanda was just finishing spraying Bella. As she began spraying herself I decided to start swimming some laps and let her worry about Bella then herself.

    As I swam through the water, making lap after lap, I thought about everything that had happened in the last couple weeks and wondered what was going to happen next. I couldn’t help but fear the group that was after us with Bella. ‘Wait a second, it was the Trelini family in both cases?’ I thought to myself. ‘So they already had a reason to hate Amanda’s family?’ I still wanted to know why they were so interested in Bella though. She didn’t seem that special…

    I thought about that for a while before I found myself ambushed in the water by Amanda. “I caught a fish!” She giggled as she hugged me tightly, suspended out of the water by her side.

    “I was swimming…” I whined.

    “Time for din-din,” she told me, “your sister’s been out of the water for like twenty minutes now.”

    “How long was I swimming?”

    “A bit over an hour-and-a-half?”

    I looked up at her then and said, “I don’t feel tired…”

    “The nanites,” she reminded me with a whisper.

    I nodded and let her carry me out of the pool, wrap me in a towel, and took me over to where a picnic table was setup by the back door. “Your parents had joked they had a fish, but I didn’t believe them until I saw you swim,” Grandpa Joe said with a twinkle in his eye as he brought me with a smaller chunk of a huge sausage and a mini burger.

    “I keep telling them, I’m a dolphin…” I rolled my eyes. Bella for her part laughed at my response.

    I noticed then that Megan had still shown up as planned and came to sit down next to me. As she sat down I leaned over and gave her a hug, “Hi Megan!”

    “Eew… I have fish water all over me now!” she joked before tickling me a moment and hugging me back.

    I just stuck my tongue out at her, “I’m surprised you’re not at the movie night event tonight?” I asked.

    She shrugged, “I went my first couple years, they’re okay – not that great.”

    “You still live in the dorms though?” I asked.

    “Yeah, even with Mom and Dad being so close to the campus I prefer my space?” She said. “Besides, my full-ride covers it.”

    I nodded and talked with her for a few minutes before Granny waved at me from across the table. “So with everything going on, I never had a chance to hear how you did on your test Stacy?” she asked.

    “It went well,” I said, “I tested out of four semesters of math, but I’m going to only skip two to be safe.”

    “You did well enough to skip four semesters?” Megan looked at me like I was an alien, “But littles don’t do well with math…” She paused, “Hell I had to take the remedial math before beginning Calculus…”

    I shrugged, “I’m sure some actually do Megan, you just don’t hear about them because their parents keep them too busy at daycare… Plus I’m from the other dimension and we don’t have bigs there – we are the bigs and littles.”

    “It must be a really nice place,” Bella told me, “I don’t understand why you would ever leave it. Your computer test scores?”

    “Umm… perfect?”

    “Perfect as in good?” Megan asked

    “Perfect as in the perfect score,” Amanda said, “almost ended up getting her into a lot of trouble by doing that well actually.”

    “You have to be careful Stacy, you’re going to have a lot of bigs who will feel threatened by you. They may not be able to adopt you, but they can find other ways to humiliate you…” Bella advised.

    I nodded as I took another bite of the ginormous sausage. Dinner shifted to other topics and I watched Amanda behaving quite nervously as I think she was waiting for a sign that her long lost baby sister would give her a call. ‘I can’t imagine the hurt she felt, and the new hurt she probably feels… I can’t imagine Hannah having lived through Chloe and Cassie much longer though if Chloe already almost killed her. She seems to have been a monster all of her life…’

    “Earth to Stacy?” I heard along with a poked from Megan.


    “Grandpa was talking to you sweetie,” Amanda said to me.

    I looked up at him, “Sorry, what were you saying?”

    “Are you done eating?”

    I looked down at an empty plate of food and nodded, “Yes sir.”

    “Come on then, we need to talk about your schedule,” he said as he picked me up and put me on his side. Given the fact that I barely came up to his knee with the top of my head it was a long way up to his level. He put his elbow below my swimsuit covered rear and carried me inside to the nursery and sat me down on the floor.

    I dug through my bag and handed him my schedule, “Here it is.”

    He looked at it and seemed to think some before grabbing a phone from his pocket and comparing schedules. “Okay, I think I’ll have your Granny pick you up from your little seminar on Tuesdays, and your class on Thursdays and bring you to my studio. We’ll have a bit over an hour before my first class comes in after school lets out for us to train you by yourself. I’ll probably have you join that next class too since it’s one of my elementary classes…”

    “Is that a good idea?” I asked.

    “They’re all bigger than you, but you should be okay. It’ll also help you learn control to only do enough to stop, not permanently injure or kill someone.”

    I nodded, “Umm… I would normally probably not feel like I’m in a rush to fight, but given everything these last couple days… any hints on how to fight off someone your size?”

    He nodded, “Unfortunately your options at your height are limited. Normally most littles are at least a foot or more taller than you… Still you should be able to punch up at my knees?” He motioned for me to try.

    I slow motioned a fist forward and could just make contact there, “It’s a stretch though?”

    “Well it’s the first place you should probably attack because if you can knock the person hard enough then they can’t chase you. Until we get you fully trained you’ll just have to aim to disable and then evade them… Kind of like you did with my daughters and that lady. Most of us are not going to like seeing a little kidnapped from their adopted family. Just managing to scream and keep out of reach for a limited amount of time should allow help to get here.”

    “Where else is vulnerable?” I asked.

    “I’ve known some of the little operators to go for ankles. If you can kick hard enough you can injure someone there. The other option is if you have a knife you can cut through calf muscles or maybe even bury the knife into the back of the knee…”

    I nodded, “I don’t have a knife though…”

    “I’m going to find one for you that we can conceal on your body somewhere.

    “With my diaper being a constant target to change… not sure there’s anywhere safe?”

    He shook his head, “It won’t be easy, but something where you would wear like a bra, or in your shoe, or maybe on your back is what I’m thinking. The shoe would be my first choice, but your feet are so tiny though it’s going to be tough. I’ve got a friend though who I’m hoping can help out.”

    “Thanks for all of your help,” I told him.

    “You’re welcome… if something happens to you or Bella, I’m pretty sure my daughter wouldn’t know what to do.”

    I nodded, “I’d hate that for her too…”

    “So I’ll see you on Tuesday… we might try and see if your mommy can’t get you to me this weekend sometime too. Plus there’s the Sunday lunch that you’ll be coming to again.”

    I tried not to make a face, but failed, “I know, my daughters are a pain in the rear. Hang out with Bella though, don’t abandon her just in case they try something on her…”

    I nodded, “thanks for the advice. I’ll do so.”

    Amanda came in then with Bella and an odor that I knew meant she had to have gone poopy in her diaper. Bella looked mortified about it, and tears were obviously streaming down her face… I couldn’t blame her. “You two get it figured out?” Amanda asked as she stripped the swimsuit off Bella.

    “I think so,” Grandpa told her, “Tuesdays and Thursdays I’ll have your mom pick her up and bring her to the studio. She can stay with us until you or Fred get off then to pick her up.”

    “That works I think,” Amanda said. “Still trying to figure out what to do with Bella…”

    “Could she stay with you?” I suggested.

    “In the classroom?” Amanda asked back.

    “Take a playpen and something for her to do? You could say she has to be close so you can nurse her? You hate bottle feeding?” I suggested.

    Bella looked at me as she was sat up from the changing table completely naked. “That might be worse than daycare…” Bella said.

    “Stacy, let’s talk more in the bathroom. Why don’t you come take your bath with your sister since you’re home in time tonight?”

    I nodded and she added, “Go ahead and take your swimsuit, swim cap, and swim diaper off.”

    Before I did so I took a second to use the swim diaper since I hadn’t gone in a while. It started to leak a bit before absorbing most of the urine. I pulled everything off and looked for a robe… before admitting she probably expected me to take a naked stroll into the bathroom. I obliged her, feeling my body fully blushing by the time I hurried in through the doorway, and found her just lifting Bella into the tub of less water than she used with me. I sighed in disappointment at the shallow water as she lifted me in. As she sat me down next to Bella I could see she blushed as brightly as I was.

    Amanda washed Bella first as I watched, “What do you have tomorrow Stacy?” Amanda asked.

    “Those two Little’s seminar sessions. The first is nine-thirty to eleven, and then one to two in the afternoon. There’s also that sorority event I was invited to at four-thirty?”

    “Are you sure it’s a good idea to go to that?” Amanda asked me.

    I shrugged, “As long as I can nearly get kidnapped while walking right next to you on campus, I’m pretty sure I can also run into trouble anywhere?”

    She nodded, “I guess you’re right…”

    Bella asked, “Aren’t you scared they’ll get you?” as Amanda moved on to wash me.

    I shrugged as the soapy mitt met my shoulder blades, “We’ve done everything we can to make it to where I can be found if I do get kidnapped.” I held up my watch, “Mommy when are you getting one for Bella?”

    “Tomorrow after we drop you off,” Amanda told me, “while you’re in class I figured we’d run and buy one of those for her. I also need to go buy some more diapers for you both.”

    As she washed me she asked Bella, “So you would rather go to daycare than be with me in the classroom?”

    I sighed as she massaged my body as well as washed it and I couldn’t deny that it felt nice while I was curious for her answer. “Could I stay with Granny?”

    Amanda looked thoughtfully on that, “Maybe… problem is she might want to go see the other grandkids and you might get stuck around Chloe or Cassie… and that’s risky.”

    Bella sighed, “Is daycare terrible?” she actually asked me.

    I shrugged, “I have no idea Bella, I’ve never been.”

    “Oh, right…” she said with a frown. “I guess maybe could I try daycare? And if it doesn’t work maybe you take me to work?”

    Amanda sighed, “It’s probably the best option… I’ll try and find a place where you won’t be bullied too much. The university has one for faculty… but since it’s geared towards getting college kids prepared for their new lives once they’ve flunked grown-up life I’m not sure it would be pleasant.”

    “What about the hospital?” I asked just before she dumped a cup full of water to rinse my hair.

    I spat out a bit of soapy water that went into my mouth.

    Bella giggled at me and I stuck my tongue out at her before preparing for another cup to hit my head.

    “It might be better actually… Daddy does have free daycare as a perk with his job. We could try both I guess and see which one you’re more comfortable at. I’ll also research if there’s any others that are better to littles… You won’t need to go though until next week or so no matter what,” Amanda told her. “I might even take off more leave if I need to since my maternity leave allotment started anew Saturday with you.”

    She eventually had gotten us both cleaned up and said, “I’d love to have you both stay in the water all day, I know that’s what Stacy wants, but let’s get you dressed and we’ll watch a movie with your Aunt Madison.”

    “What about Granny and Grandpa?” Bella asked.

    “They had to go home already,” Amanda told her.


    “Granny said she might come back over if she can get ahold of Hannah…”

    Amanda’s world was still completely rocked by the new information so I leaned over and hugged her leg. She returned it as Bella said, “Good, I hope she does…”

    I got the feeling that Bella had started to bond to Granny that day, as she already seemed pretty attached to her. Learning she wasn’t a completely psychotic little kidnapping monster may have helped her feelings there too. Amanda picked Bella up first, and then me, while wrapping us in towels. She stood both of us on the countertop and handed us toothbrushes with toothpaste on them to brush. I brushed longer than Bella before spitting it out into the sink and rinsing with the cup Amanda offered. She pulled the swim caps off of our heads then and kissed both of us and ran her fingers through our hair. “Let’s go get you girls in your diapees and jammies and we’ll go watch that movie!”

    Amanda lifted us both by our rears onto either side of her and carried us to our nursery. She sat me down on the ground and went to diaper Bella first. “Silly girl, couldn’t wait until I could get your diapee on?” She said a moment later.

    Bella started sniffling, “I’m sorry… I didn’t even feel it…”

    “Shh… it’s okay, it’s what we expected to happen, remember?” Amanda must have slid a pacifier into her mouth as she pulled out the wet towel from under her and replaced it with a diaper. A moment later she was dressed in a pink footed-sleeper with white polka dots and a cute little monkey in a dress peaking out from the side. The monkey had a tiara on and I almost ‘awwed’ out loud, but was afraid I’d end up in one too!

    Amanda sat her down on the ground and picked me up to put me on the changing table. The towel I had wrapped around my body was quickly removed and my ankles were in the air as she slid one of the pink princess diapers under my bottom. “Why not my regular Pampers?” I asked her.

    “We’re sitting and watching a movie anyway, it’s not like you’re moving around?” She countered, “Besides you did fine earlier?”

    I sighed, “I guess…”

    She left me buckled on the table for a second and returned with a purple version of Bella’s footed-sleeper. I started to frown, but she tickled me, “I saw that smile when you saw what Bella was wearing. You thought it was just as cute as I do!”

    I giggled and sighed, “Okay, yes it is cute…”

    Dressed, she brushed out both of our hair before she gathered us in her arms to go back downstairs and to where some blankets had been placed facing the TV in the living room. “I thought maybe we’d watch a movie in the backyard on the new glass?”

    She shook her head, “Not until things calm back down…”

    I nodded and smiled as Megan walked in holding a massive bowl of popcorn and two bottles of juice. Soon I found myself in Megan’s lap watching some bizarre version of Mean Girls where a four-foot tall little is somehow made popular with a bunch huge Amazonian cheerleaders as her ‘friends.’ Occasionally Megan would bite off the edges of the popcorn kernel and feed me the middle puffy part while we watched… I could remember my mom doing that with me when I was little too… I tried not to think of the germs she was sharing! In the end there was a lot of laughter from Amanda, Megan, Bella, and I… at least until the end of the movie when I felt my blood turn into ice. Instead of being some sort of learning moment of morals at prom, the little is seen jumping into another girl, the sweet nerdy girls arms, and asks her to be her mommy… They showed someone giving her a diaper and a moment later the dress was gone and a naked little in only a diaper was shown smiling happily as she was bounced in her new teenage mothers arms.

    “That was…” I had just said when the TV paused in the credits and showed that someone from Grandpa Joes house was video calling.

    Amanda did something and Granny showed up on the screen, “Hi Mandy, what are the girls doing up still?”

    “Movie night Mom, remember? We just finished it and I was going to be putting the girls to bed…”

    “Oh, that’s right… I guess Bella did have a nap today, Stacy should be exhausted though by now?”

    I shrugged, “I’m fine actually…”

    She shook her head, “Anyway, I called to let you know I got ahold of Hannah just now. Do you want to video conference with me too, or just with her?”

    I looked up at Amanda who was kind of shaking, “With you?”

    “I thought so… here, let me get her on too then.”

    As she began pushing buttons on her side I stood up and sat down on her lap next to Bella. She trembled as she wrapped us both in a large hug and the face of an older woman came onto the screen. She had gray hair and looked to be in her late forties or fifties, but I knew she had to be around sixty since she was twenty years older than Chloe. She looked shocked for a moment before smiling, “Mandy?”


    “Yes it’s me… You grew up!”

    Amanda laughed, “You didn’t I’m guessing.”

    “No, but I’m on an island of people our size, so it’s normal… You… umm…” she looked with her eyes at Bella and I.

    “This is Stacy,” she said putting her hand on my head and brushing her fingers through my hair, “and this is Bella.”

    “Hi girls,” Hannah said with a bit of a sour look on her face.

    “Hi Aunt Hannah, it’s nice to meet you,” I said. “I’m here willingly, Amanda didn’t kidnap me… she’s just my temporary Mommy while I go to school at Emerson.”

    Hannah looked a little startled then, “She’s able to go to school?” Then she shook her head, “Preschool doesn’t count…”

    “No, she’s going as a college student Hannah. Since she’s my adopted little I can decide to let her go to school wherever I want.”


    “I’m from the other dimension,” I told her. “I was scared to stay in the dorms since I know they’re practically little baby mills. I managed to find Amanda and her husband to take me in as basically an exchange student. I’m going through orientation week right now,” I told her.

    Fred popped by just then, “I’m Fred, her husband,” he told her, “I’ve heard a lot about you over the years and am glad to know you are alive for her sake.” He hugged Amanda, “I’m going to bed,” he told her and gave her a kiss.

    “Can you take Bella up with you?” She suggested. “Grab a bottle and warm it up on your way.”

    “Sure!” He said and took her while Hannah watched on.

    “Hi, I’m your baby sister I guess,” Megan said a moment later with a wave reminding us she was there.

    “Baby sister?” Hannah asked, “Oh, right… you must be Megan.”

    “Yes, I know we never met… but I’m glad to hear you’re alive too.” She paused, “and don’t worry about us telling Chloe or Cassie!” She leaned over and gave Amanda a hug where she held me and said, “Why don’t I take Stacy upstairs now too and you two can catch up. I need to go back to the university and keep unpacking into my dorm anyway.”

    I looked at Amanda’s eyes streaming tears as she hugged us both and handed me to Megan. Upstairs she whispered, “I always wondered too… but I never had the guts to ask Mom and Dad about it.” She hugged me, “Thanks for doing that for Mandy, she was always really sad about Hannah as I grew up.”

    I smiled at her, “It was just a mystery to me that needed solved…”

    She laughed and we saw Fred was sitting down with Bella in the rocker and placing the nipple into her mouth. “So you have a brand new big girl bed I see,” she kidded me quietly. “Now if only we could just get you to not be afraid of the potty monster!” she had squeezed my padded bottom through the pajamas and could tell I needed a change.

    “But everyone keeps telling me the potties are scary? One person told me they just flush littles down the drain…” I told her with smile. “I do use my potty though for poopies!” I reminded her.

    She hugged me and laid me down on the changing table and unzipped the sleeper from the shoulder to my right foot. After pulling my legs free she pushed the sleeper underneath my back and ripped the tapes from my diaper. The fluids I’d drank during the movie had really only made a small dent in the padding, as such it was still mostly dry. I was glad she still changed it though since it had began cooling, she gently zipped me back up, and laid me down on my bed. I noticed as she stood up that Megan was spotting like Amanda and watched her grimace. “Guess I’ll have to go borrow one of Mandy’s pumps before I leave…” knowing I knew what it meant.

    “You could nurse Bella?” I told her quietly. ‘Or me…’ I whined in my head.

    “Not this time,” she told me with a peck on my forehead as she pulled the covers up and handed me my dolphin to cuddle. “Night Stacy,” she said and left the room.

    I lay in bed then as Fred gently rocked back and forth with Bella until she finished the bottle he held for her. I was tired enough that I actually was drifting away as he laid her down in the crib, turned off our light, and gave me a quick kiss goodnight.

    SOMETIME LATER IN the night I heard screaming and wondered who was being tortured. I sat up quickly in fear before I realized Bella was crying. I looked over at where she was standing at the bars of the crib and felt bad for her. I was just about to get up to walk over to the crib when Amanda came in bleary eyed and turned the light in the room up slightly. She looked at me briefly and then walked over to Bella and picked her up out of the crib. “Oh, did you wake up messy?” She asked her as she hugged her and cuddled her for a moment before walking over to the changing table.

    “Ni…” she struggled, “night…” she hiccoughed, “nightmare…”

    “It’s okay, you’re safe baby,” she told her as I decided to roll over and try and sleep. I heard the ripping of tapes as she changed her diaper and then moved to the rocking chair to try and calm her down.

    “I think…” she paused and sniffled, “I lied about some stuff… I think I know why they might be after me?”

    I sat up with that and stared in curiosity at the rocking chair where Amanda asked, “What do you mean?”

    “My parents story is almost the same as what Hannah went through… they were both scientists, barely betweeners, and one day were just gone… I kept calling and finally guessed they were adopted when their house was repossessed… I’ve never seen them again. I would even have preferred to have seen them in someone’s stroller and at least know they’re okay… like I’ve seen some of my friends who were taken…”

    “What were they working on?” Amanda asked her as I grabbed my bear and just sat quietly eavesdropping.

    She sighed, “I don’t honestly know… just that it involved nanites. The only thing I know is that Dad said one time that there would be a way to make me grow out of being a little at least…”

    “What were your parents names?”

    “Jacob and Samantha Drexler,” Bella replied.

    “I think I met them once…” Amanda said with some surprise, “They were both really smart but constantly looked nervous…”

    “Sound about right… Mom and Dad had both just barely kept themselves free most of their lives. Mom had actually been stuck back in diapers by her own parents for a couple years in middle school…” she giggled, “I used to laugh when my grandparents would give her a hard time about it.”

    “Are they still alive?” Amanda asked.

    “No, they passed away while I was in high school. They were Amazons, while Dad’s parents were also betweeners who passed away while I was little.”

    “Sorry,” Amanda said sincerely.

    “That’s life,” she said sadly. “I at least can hope my parents are still alive out there somewhere…”

    “So why do you think the Trelini’s would be after you?”

    “A few years before they disappeared they started getting really jumpy about something. Mom was the computer programming side of their team – you and she would get along really well – and I guess she was worried about Dad’s research getting into the wrong hands. Two years ago she convinced me to let her put a chip in my arm that would unlock the system once every other week when I came to visit them. Without that visit the system would lock up and be impossible to decrypt.”

    “How long had it been since you visited them when you discovered they were gone?” Amanda asked gently.

    “I had just talked to them the night before I was supposed to visit… and found the front door ajar when I came home. As soon as I saw stuff looked like it had been ransacked I backed out and left… “

    “Why didn’t you stay and call the cops?” Amanda asked gently.

    She laughed, “I was an orphaned little at that point?” She wheezed, “I would have been taken to an orphanage right then and there.” Her words became strained and devolved into sobs then. The last thing I really understood was, “They must know I’m the key to whatever they were researching… you have to let me go…”

    I heard Amanda pat her back and gently soothe her for a long time, while I thought through the implications of what she said. ‘It sounds like her parents were into similar research as Amanda…’ I thought for a long while about what she had said and wanted to get my computer out to see if I could figure out if her parents were well known. At one point the sobs became slow breathing and Amanda stood up laid her on the changing table for a minute. I heard rips of tapes and then the zipper of her sleeper getting zipped back up. Her eyes fell on me then and asked, “Need a change?”

    I nodded and she quietly sat Bella in her crib before picking me up, changing me, and sitting down with me in the rocker. She rocked me back and forth and said, “You probably want to know about their research as much as I do…”

    I nodded as she continued to rock me and put a pacifier in my mouth.

    “We’ll figure it out,” she said and began humming softly to me. I wouldn’t believe that my brain could shut down after all of that, but I quickly found my eyes fighting to close and let myself drift into sleep.


    Thank you all for your patience in waiting for this chapter! Between a crazy amount of time at work the last month, and then real life events (my house being broken into…) I honestly haven’t had time or the frame of mind to write. Ninety-percent of this chapter was written before all of that, but I hadn’t finished it or finalized the very last part of it. I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to get some more writing in this weekend/week, but chapters may be sporadic for a while. I’m hoping I’ll get back into the groove this week though and build up some material again!

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      Interesting Chapter and i really like that Hannah is still alive. I have a couple of ideas about that research and i am really curious what it will be in the end.


        Though this was a slow chapter I still really enjoyed it. The explanation as to why Amanda felt her mom was evil but appeared to be a good person was clearly explained. You did a great job at bring that part of the story to clarity. I feel its become pretty clear just how important Belle is now. Its clear that the bad guys aren't going away anytime soon. It definitely gives me an idea of where this story is headed. I'm thoroughly excited to see where this goes.

        Thankies for posting


          Originally posted by Kahlez View Post
          Interesting Chapter and i really like that Hannah is still alive. I have a couple of ideas about that research and i am really curious what it will be in the end.
          Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for the comment!


            Originally posted by LilPeaches View Post
            Though this was a slow chapter I still really enjoyed it. The explanation as to why Amanda felt her mom was evil but appeared to be a good person was clearly explained. You did a great job at bring that part of the story to clarity. I feel its become pretty clear just how important Belle is now. Its clear that the bad guys aren't going away anytime soon. It definitely gives me an idea of where this story is headed. I'm thoroughly excited to see where this goes.

            Thankies for posting
            Glad you enjoyed it, and thanks so much for always commenting!


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                breakdown should read break-in


                  Sure, it was a "slow" chapter, but that is not a bad thing. Horrific events can't happen all the time. :-)

                  Caught a strange mistake: at one point you call Megan "Madison."

                  She eventually had gotten us both cleaned up and said, “I’d love to have you both stay in the water all day, I know that’s what Stacy wants, but let’s get you dressed and we’ll watch a movie with your Aunt Madison.”


                    Thank you for your patience in the time between chapters. There will probably be another big gap in chapters being posted the next few weeks as my work schedule stays tough until December. I’d also like to give credit to BabyAnna for her work on ‘Taming Your Amazon’ that led to some of my ideas in this chapter.

                    Chapter 36

                    THE NEXT MORNING was there before I knew what hit me. Amanda prodded me awake, “Morning Princess, you had asked about starting your day with swimming… Do you want to do that today?”

                    The fog in my brain made me take a moment while the words rolled around a bit inside my head before I nodded. I stretched out on my bed and then sat up and held my hands out to her. She carried me to the changing table, stripped my pajamas off of me, took off the dry diaper, and dressed me in a swim diaper and my swimsuit. “Daddy will watch you swim. You’ll have about half an hour,” she told me as she padded down the stairs.

                    Fred waited downstairs and I was passed over to him while the two of them kissed over the top of me. “Icky,” I kidded them.

                    Fred just tickled me briefly though and grabbed a cup of coffee, his tablet, and carried me out to the pool. He sat his stuff down before quickly spraying me with sunscreen and then tossing me into the pool. I swam to the surface, stuck my tongue out at him, and then began swimming laps. The repetitive motion of my arms and legs was a good way to wake up as I pushed myself to swim faster to see how many laps I could do. Over and over I tumbled at the sides and thought over what Bella had told us last night.

                    ‘She’s like a living cipher…’ I mused. ‘I wonder if Amanda will beat me to figuring out how it works… She definitely has more free time to work on it!’ It kind of made perfect sense now why the mafia wanted her. The news that she didn’t really know what happened to her parents, and had lied about it before, made me kind of nervous though that maybe she was still lying. Being able to get inside and program nano-technology, specifically the ones inside of me seemed like a good thing to be working on. I sighed as I turned over and went to the other side of the pool on a new lap again.

                    ‘Little Legal Rights’ I scoffed to myself as I continued swimming remembering that was the first of the seminars I had to go to today. From what I could gather it seemed like there really weren’t many legal rights that didn’t lead to a life of diapers and abuse for most littles. While I didn’t mind the diapers and the babying, I at least knew I had ‘parents’ that didn’t see me as a pet to abuse. Not to mention a future if I could get back to my home dimension after this crazy adventure!

                    After a while I noticed a shadow over my touch spot on the wall and drifted to a stop looking at Amanda now fully dressed for the day.

                    “Come on my little fish, you need to take a quick shower, get dressed, eat breakfast, and get to the school.”

                    I nodded and crawled to the edge of the pool and pulled myself over the edge. She was prepared with a blanket and practically swaddled me in it. A quick kiss to my forehead and she squeezed me tight to her. “I really do love you Stacy,” she told me.

                    “Love you too,” I told her with a smile.

                    She carried me up to the bathroom and quickly stripped the swimsuit from my body. The diaper quickly followed leaving me shaking with the cool air from the air conditioning. I watched as she started the shower and made sure it was a good temperature before setting me inside and grabbing the shower nozzle. Amanda handed me the nozzle, “Hold this for a second,” she said as she reopened the shower curtain and took it back from me. She handed me a loofa with some soap on it, “Here…” For the next ten minutes I showered as she held the shower head for me or occasionally used it herself to get into some spots like my rear. My hair was washed with shampoo and conditioner before she shut everything off and wrapped me in a towel.

                    “Brush your teeth, then let’s get you dressed, breakfast, and head to school…” she said.

                    “What time is it?” I asked a little concerned.

                    “Just after eight, so we have about forty-five minutes and we need to be out the door…” she told me.

                    In the end I barely had time to gulp a cup of coffee, and eat the toast and oatmeal she gave me, before it she was carrying me with my backpack out to the car. As she buckled me in she smiled and said, “We might need to wake you up earlier if you want to swim in the mornings.”

                    I sighed but nodded as the clock said nine on the dot as we pulled away from our house. I absentmindedly poked at my diaper that was exposed under the summer dress. Somehow Amanda had convinced me that I wanted to wear the pale green checked dress because it was going to be so hot today. It was a near thing with diaper exposure when I was standing… but it was even worse when the straps of the car seat connected between my legs. I was grateful at least that Amanda thought a regular Pamper would suffice for the day instead of one of the thick pink princess diapers!

                    Before long she pulled into her spot in the faculty lot and we walked hand-in-hand to a large brick building that looked more like a castle than a modern school building. The building was topped with a parapet wall that was outlined in white stone that contrasted the red brick below that made up the majority of the wall. Around windows and doors the white stone was used again and I couldn’t help but note it was a really beautiful building. I could just make out stained glass windows as we approached the massive building. From what I knew of the campus it was probably one of the oldest buildings at Emerson. I knew we were arriving at the right place because littles on ropes were behind and in front of us.

                    “Good luck sweetie,” Amanda told me as she hugged me and then kissed me on the head. “I’ll see you at lunch,” she said reassuringly before I turned from her and followed the littles into a large lecture hall labeled ‘Destiny Hall.’

                    “Where’s your nest sweetie?” A kind looking girl asked me as I approached the doors.

                    “Not sure, my mommy just dropped me off.” I groaned a bit at having used the babyish name for her. I watched the girls brain turn that over before she looked oddly at me and shrugged.

                    “Who’s your nest mother?”

                    “Miss Madison,” I told her.

                    “There she is,” the girl said pointing behind me at the line of littles she tugged along.

                    “Thanks,” I told her and waited for them to come over to where we stood.

                    “Hi Stacy!” Madison said in a sing-song voice, “Ooh, you decided to wear the summer uniform today! I tried to get your nest mates to do that but none of them wanted to be as cute as you I guess…” she said.

                    I groaned, “It was my mommy’s idea Miss Madison,” I told her truthfully.

                    “Well it was a good idea!” She said bending over and patting my butt as she gave me a hug. “You’re so cute I could eat you up!”

                    Another group passed us then though and it seemed to make her realize she needed to keep the group moving, “grab onto the end ring there Stacy,” she told me.

                    I groaned and joined the human caterpillar of my nest and let myself be led into the large lecture hall. I looked around and saw the front of the room was covered from floor to the very tall ceiling with video screens that seemed to be some sort of electronic dry-erase boards. With all of them together it would make for an exceptionally large video screen, but seemed to currently be made up with separate panels that could be windowed with specific information. A slide showed in the middle section stating, ‘Welcome to Emerson - Little’s Legal Rights and Responsibilities.’

                    I was surprised to see a step stool being brought in and placed behind the lectern at the front of the room as we reached a set of seats in the second row of the large room. I opened my backpack and pulled out my booster seat. I caught several littles and Madison staring at me. “What?” I asked self-consciously, “I’m short…”

                    Madison laughed and several of my nest mates giggled nervously. I climbed onto the boosted seat and could just barely see over the top of the seat in front of us where a short littles head just showed their ponytail above like some sort of periscope. Laura leaned over, “Normally we avoid showing weakness of being a baby,” she explained to me. Her unboosted seat, had her an inch above me, with her hair since she was a bit taller.

                    I shrugged, “For most of you that matters… I’m adopted, so what’s the point?”

                    She started to say something and then thought better of it, “I don’t actually know,” she sighed. “At least I’m in panties today…” she whispered to me.

                    I giggled, “Are you sure that’s a good idea after yesterday?”

                    She looked nervous but nodded, “I’m being really careful what I eat and drink now,” she whispered in my ear like some sort of secret.

                    I nodded and looked up as a video camera began showing the lectern up on one of the top parts of the massive screen. To my surprise a well dressed, gray bearded little in a suit walked up to the podium. “Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen,” he said as his voice came through an amplified system, “I am Professor Marshall, and it’s my pleasure to welcome you to our fine university!”

                    The dichotomy of a little leading this lecture after I had watched so many horrific acts holding littles back the last few weeks was jolting to me. He reminded me of any older distinguished professor back home though, or even of the Amazon adults. There was no doubt in my mind that he was the oldest looking free little I had seen. There was a definite hint of padding on his rear as the camera switched views from overhead to side automatically. He seemed to have no fear of anything though as he confidently spoke.

                    “I am a professor in the law department here at Emerson, and I specialize in law regarding Little’s Rights and advocacy for abused Little’s.”

                    I heard a couple gasps and down the row heard I heard Esther kind of squeal in excitement and got the feeling she was excited to meet him. I thought the idea of a little lawyer was kind of cool, and figured if anyone knew how to avoid being adopted it was probably the lawyer.

                    “At this time I ask that Nest mothers and anyone who is not a freshman little please leave. There is a break room with doughnuts, coffee, and juice down the hall for you all to wait in.”

                    I heard a mixture of grumbling and cheers from the Amazons as they made their way out the door.

                    “Okay, now that you’ll feel more comfortable without them… Today my goal of speaking to you is to be blunt and honest about your futures. Each year at Emerson about three-hundred Littles attend the universities first day of orientation. Your class has over a hundred-and-fifty that were signed up to begin. You’re already down to a hundred-and-twenty… To say that your likelihood of graduation is low is an understatement.”

                    Murmurs were made around the room at this and I nervously shifted on the boosted seat.

                    “In recent years the biggest class Emerson graduated was twenty-eight littles. That was two years ago at the height of the new laws to protect us from unwanted adoptions. I say this not to scare you, but to make sure you are informed as you navigate your future. I want to help increase that number of graduating littles by you knowing about your rights.”

                    A slide changed and listed a law, ‘Little’s who have enrolled themselves in a higher education institution are deemed to have turned over their power of attorney to the institution. The institution must give consent to any adoption, and must engage in well regulated due process before consenting to the arrangement.’

                    I wondered suddenly if given the way the law was written, did the university have that power over me?

                    “This law is the first law that you need to be aware of and know by heart. It’s the only thing stopping a random Amazon from adopting you on the street, walking across campus, or in the dorms. So long as you have your student ID on you, the individual must go through the university in order to adopt you. The law states that in order for the university to give consent there must be a process to evaluate the need. This comes back to your student handbook and the code of conduct you were informed of on the first day of orientation.”

                    “Should you be forcibly removed from your surroundings without that process your best bet is to go along with the situation until you reach the mandatory adoption clinic visit. At that time you should present the ID as proof that you are a student and that the university should be contacted. By law even if you don’t have the ID, and tell them that you are a student, they should still contact the university. Given carrying the ID is within the student code of conduct though, you would be in violation of the code of conduct and the university will generally sign off on the adoption.”

                    A hand flew up in the front row, “But what if we have our ID and it’s thrown away by the Amazon kidnapping us?”

                    He nodded sagely, “That’s an interesting question and a very valid worry. It’s another reason why wearing your uniform at all times is a good idea since the chip inside the crest has some information there for your defense. The only thing I can suggest at that point is try and conceal it somehow.”

                    I sat there for a moment and knew that nothing would stop it if a giant just picked you up, stripped you, put you in a diaper, and carried you away. It was too easy to remove both the uniform and the ID. “There is also another option available,” he continued, “that is currently recognized in the courts, clinics, and hospitals. The bookstore sells these,” he held up his wrist and showed off a forest green wristband. “They’re only removable with special cutting tools without damaging you. They contain your ID information and are considered legally the same as your student ID both by law and by the university.”

                    I couldn’t help but wonder if the wristbands weren’t an Amazonian version of a star right then, as I knew every little, probably including myself, would be going to the bookstore to buy one. “They’re not cheap, but they are well worth having for insurance purposes,” he said with a sigh.

                    The next slide came up and talked about due process from the university with the handbook regulation that had been explained to us the other day. “As long as you’re a student, you should be okay then with the wristbands from being adopted unexpectedly. That just leaves the student code of conduct with the many ways to gain demerits to worry about…”

                    He sighed, “There’s a limited amount you’ll be able to avoid with demerits. Truthfully only about three littles a year avoid any demerits, and half of you will probably have your ten and be done by December.”

                    There was so murmuring at that, but I wasn’t surprised to hear that. “Your best bet is to follow the rules and be as agreeable with your professors as you can. If you can get cases of water, soda, and such off campus you’re better off. There are a lot of students who will take advantage of you if you leave a drink unattended. From what I understand it sounds like most of you already encountered some issues the other day after the barbecue outside. Being paranoid is your best friend here and elsewhere.”

                    A hand went up in the air, “Yes sir,” he said pointing towards a boy I couldn’t see, but heard ask loudly. “If we’ve had a demerit is there any appeals process?”

                    The professor shook his head, “Dean Sanders is the one who deals with discipline of littles and she is the last word on it as well.”

                    I heard him sigh, “Thanks.”

                    “Sorry, any other questions on the code of conduct? I know they covered it pretty thoroughly your first day.”

                    There were a couple others asked, but nothing that mattered or really were worth asking. He eventually nodded, “Okay, so… like I said earlier, the blunt truth of the matter is that most of you will not be graduating from here. Let’s talk about those of you who will not make it. The majority of you are going to find yourselves at odds with the demerit system. What happens then?”

                    There was dead silence in the room. He had basically told everyone that there was little chance of escape, and that at least ninety of the littles in the room wouldn’t get past Emerson.

                    He showed a picture of a daycare on the next slide… only there wasn’t a single real baby in the picture from what I could tell. “The university has a boarding daycare that such students are immediately taken to. Your belongings are placed into a storage area pending adoption down the road. Once your new ‘parents’ are selected they can decide what to do with it all. If you’re lucky those parents will keep any keepsakes you have from your family. Many will not though, and unfortunately the day you are placed in the daycare you are no longer allowed to make any decisions on your own.”

                    He showed a slide with bullet points then ‘Your Process,’ it stated. “First thing you can expect to happen is you’ll be taken from the Dean’s office downstairs. You will most likely be in a diaper at this point…” he paused, “and maybe only that…”

                    “Why are you supporting…?” One little shouted angrily.

                    “I don’t,” he said quietly as someone shushed the little, “but don’t you think information is helpful here?” He drank some water out of a water bottle he pulled from his jacket. “Truthfully most of you only know rumors of what happens, right?”

                    Everyone including me nodded, “so let’s get rid of rumors and give you some facts.”

                    “Yes sir…” the girl who had objected said quietly

                    “Once you’re taken from the office the daycare is on campus. Depending on your behavior going to the daycare, and whatever offense they punished you for, you will be treated differently. If you want to have a chance of freedom someday your best bet during this trip is to keep your mouth shut and not scream. Cussing, screaming your head off, or threats will only result in them putting a lockable pacifier in your mouth… and those get painful in a hurry.”

                    I rubbed my jaw sympathetically thinking about it right then, “Yes they do,” I whispered.

                    Laura gave me a glance but I looked forward as he kept speaking, “By being a good compliant little they won’t feel the need to punish you excessively. The more offensive you are during this time the more likely that they remove teeth, the ability to speak, walk, or even crawl.”

                    There were a ton of gasps then as people pictured that happening. I pictured my ‘cousins’ in my mind and felt a bit of urine escape into my diaper.

                    “How is that legal…?” One person asked.

                    “It unfortunately is fully legal currently,” the professor answered. “Completely wrong and inhumane, but completely legal at the present time. Once you’ve been labeled as needing re-raised you have to know any of those things can happen.”

                    “So just shut up and be a good baby?” Natasha fairly spat.

                    He nodded, “I know that sounds stupid, but during that time that’s your safest bet. The more you fight the younger you’ll be treated. It’s not like you’re going to manage to fight off an Amazon for long… Understand that the university makes money off the adoptions for their endowment. Littles are mostly directly adopted from the daycare to rich donors. They will only adopt out the compliant ones though. Those that fight and behave poorly are going to be sent to a couple etiquette centers that support the university endowment in exchange for you.”

                    “It’s slavery,” one boy spat somewhere behind me.

                    “Yes it is, and I hope that someday we find a way to end it,” Professor Marshall said with a sigh as he pulled his glasses off his face to rub his eyes. “The eventual goal of both places is that you end up in the hands of a new set of parents. Those parents for the most part will be fairly wealthy. This is because many believe that university students make much better littles. If you didn’t fight, and didn’t end up in an etiquette center, make sure you do your best to form a bond with the new parents as soon as you can. Don’t fight them at all as it will make your life much less painful. Most that adopt won’t abuse you for the sake of abusing you. They’ll mostly only engage in that behavior in retaliation so that they get a ‘good baby.’”

                    He sighed, “I’ll come back to that in a moment. For those that end up in an etiquette center there’s not much you’re going to be able to do to fight anything. You most likely will at least be hypnotized. It’s likely other modifications will also be made to you, but again the less you struggle the better off you’ll be. Understand that there is no realistic escape from an etiquette center. Between the Amazons who will have no problem containing you and the many robotic nannies they use escape is all but impossible. When you get adopted if you still have anything left upstairs do your best to again behave.”

                    “But if you behave all of this time, you’re still a baby?!?” One little asked with alarm.

                    “You’re still being treated like a baby, but hopefully you can avoid the mental and physical modifications then. If you can form a bond with a parent then you are more likely to convince them that maybe you can grow up and be on your own some day.”

                    “Is there any line that’s too far? Can they just do whatever they want to us?” I heard a worried Laura ask next to me.

                    “Yes. The Little Protection Services exists theoretically to watch out for abuse. Many times if they find out a little is left alone frequently without a caregiver, not being fed, being neglected, etc.. then they will pull the little from the home. Sometimes that ends up meaning foster care or another etiquette center. Usually if LPS gets involved you have to know it’s bad though and you’re probably better off even in the etiquette center.”

                    “Umm… how long… how long are we stuck like that?” One girl nervously asked. Several littles snickered rudely which she calmly added, “I’m not from the mainland… we don’t have Amazons where I’m from…”

                    “Possibly for the rest of your life,” the professor answered honestly. “Assuming you have all of the hypnotic triggers you probably won’t even notice… Especially if you fight it right away the answer is a very long time. Often times though if you’re good you’ll find your new family is at least willing to consider you’re worthy of growing up. Unfortunately throughout any time that you are adopted, or taken as a ward of the state, you are essentially given the legal standing of a baby less than a year old. The court doesn’t recognize your right to speak for yourself in nearly any way.”

                    He looked at his watch and said, “I don’t have much more time. I do want to let you know that if you are in a situation and you are legitimately being abused your best bet is to tell an adult at your daycare, or a doctor or a nurse. They may be your only hope of help due to the requirements that they report suspected abuse. Any other questions?”

                    A hand nearby went up, “How did you stay free?” the girl asked from out of sight.

                    He laughed, “I didn’t. I survived college, got my law degree, and a client kidnapped me two months later. Fortunately I followed the advice I gave you and was eventually able to reason with them that I was mature enough to be potty trained, and eventually was freed… I spent eight years as their little baby boy before being free now for the past twenty.”

                    He sighed, “Even now I follow a strict policy of making sure I wear protection just in case someone gets handsy with me. Remember the way the law is written once you’re out of school, is that you’re mature if you chose to wear protection - even if it’s not dry or clean. If you aren’t wearing that protection and you’re busted with even a little bit of a skidmark in your underwear, or a few drops in your panties… You won’t be free anymore.”

                    The room was somber and silent until a loud bang happened in the back as the doors opened and the nest mothers strolled back down. I looked at my watch and realized it was already eleven. I stood up and put my portable booster seat back into my backpack.

                    “At least you don’t have to worry about all of that,” Laura said to me quietly. There was a deep sadness to her voice.

                    I shrugged, “who knows what can happen in this crazy town… Maybe you won’t need to worry about it either,” I told her. I didn’t believe that though, she’d already had a close call with the diaper yesterday. I was a little surprised he

                    I grabbed ahold of the rope as Madison led us out, but was relieved to see Amanda waiting for me along with Fred and Bella.

                    Bella was dressed in a very babyish yellow dress with a ruffled scoop neck. I could see there was a set of attached bloomers covering her diaper showing from around Fred’s hands who held her bottom. Amanda said, “Ready for lunch?” and I followed her as more murmurs from my fellow littles were heard.

                    I nodded, “Where are we going?”

                    “There’s a restaurant nearby that a lot of doctors go to for lunch with good sandwiches?” Fred said tentatively.

                    I smiled, “sure.”

                    I walked with them a little ways until we were out of sight of the littles heading to the cafeteria. Amanda picked me up then and sat me on her hip. I leaned into her and squeezed in the best hug I could manage then knowing how fortunate I was right then. She squeezed me back gently and I think she knew I was upset about something. When we’d made it a block down the road away from campus she asked, “Everything okay?”

                    I shrugged, “Nothing new, just a really depressing morning session,” I told her honestly.

                    “Who ran it anyway?”

                    “Professor Marshall?” I said.

                    “Oh… That’s really cool,” Bella said from Fred’s arms having heard me.


                    “He’s the biggest advocate for littles civil rights out there. I can’t imagine a session with him being depressing?” She said confused.

                    “Well he was being pretty blunt about what the majority of littles in the room should expect in their futures,” I told her.

                    Her eyes opened and she nodded, “That would be depressing…”

                    Neither Amanda, nor Fred really tried to pry anything else out then. Instead I sat and listened as Amanda and Fred talked over lunch about what they were doing when they went back to work with Bella. I sat in a booster seat while Bella was in a highchair with a bib on. It was a novelty to eat outside of the highchair and without a bib. “Just in case another student comes in…” Amanda had whispered. I wasn’t sure what the point of avoiding babying me was, but I just went with the flow and was careful with my food.

                    Apparently they had toured the university daycare that morning with Bella. “It was awful,” Bella said quietly before taking another bite of an enormous pickle sliver she was holding.

                    “I didn’t see a lot, but what I did I agree,” Amanda said with a sigh. “Definitely really just another etiquette school…”

                    I nodded, “Sounds about like we heard earlier…”

                    “What did he say about it?” Amanda asked curiously.

                    I made eyes around the room, “I’ll tell you more later… but basically he walked everyone through the process if they get their demerits. The way he talked made me think the daycare here was more about breaking littles than taking care of them…”

                    Bella shuddered and nodded as she took a bite of the pickle.

                    “Well, we’ll go check out the hospital next I guess…” Fred said, “It’d be better if we could use one of the two because they’d be convenient for us.”

                    “Yeah, but you don’t want her to be picked on all the time, right?” I said softly.

                    “No we don’t,” Amanda said. “You sure you don’t want to just come to class with me?”

                    She shook her head, “especially with big sis being in your class that might get worse for her.”

                    I opened my eyes at that but couldn’t help but think she’d be right. Just having other littles see her when I met up with them caused some stares…

                    “You may be right…” Fred spoke after a moment.

                    I looked at my watch and said, “We need to start walking back if we’re going to get me back in time…”

                    Amanda stood up then and picked me up out of the booster seat and sat me on her hip while Fred gathered the diaper bag and Bella. They set off at a pretty brisk walk back towards campus. Just as we came to the building Amanda sat me down on the ground and grabbed my hand to lead me back into Destiny Hall. “Destiny seems like a really terribly ironic place to hold these seminars,” I told her as we approached the room.

                    “It was renamed fifty years ago and supposed to be about the destiny of making it to the stars,” she told me in response. “But I agree… there are other halls.”

                    She felt my diaper real quick though and said, “You need changed... “ she looked at her watch quickly and pulled me along to the bathroom. “Let’s get you up on the table,” she said clearly a little stressed as she picked me up and put me on the changing table. I turned red as she reached for my backpack, grabbed wipes and a diaper, before pushing the skirt of my dress out of the way as I blushed. She had just pulled the tapes loose from my diaper when Madison and a couple littles from my nest walked in the door.

                    “Go use the potties over there, let me know if you need help!” Madison said in a condescending voice before turning and making eye contact with me just as Amanda pulled the front of the diaper down.

                    “Oh hi Stacy!” She said with a squeal, “You’re such a cutie!”

                    I grunted a ‘thanks’ as Amanda picked my ankles up in her hand and slid the wet diaper out and used a wipe on my bottom before setting me on a new diaper. If I thought I couldn’t get any redder I was wrong as Natasha came out the door of the stall and made eye contact with me too. I turned my head in embarrassment and looked at the wall wishing I had a pacifier right then.

                    “Oh Natasha, out already?” Madison said, “Let’s just check your panties and make sure you’re all clean!”

                    I couldn’t help but look as Natasha had her skirt pulled up to her chest and panties exposed. Madison had her turn around and looked down the back of her panties before pulling her skirt down and saying, “Just a couple of drops that you missed, huh?”

                    Natasha flushed red but didn’t answer.

                    “Maybe training panties would be a good idea tomorrow?” Madison said, “Just a suggestion. It’s not like you need baby diapers like Stacy over there,” she reassured her.

                    I bit my tongue then and as Amanda sat me down on the ground I pulled my skirt back down. She washed her hands and then held me up to do so as well. We left before Madison and the two littles and she bent down and gave me a hug, “I’m sorry Stacy.”

                    I shrugged, “I don’t know why it feels like such a big deal since I know every little is getting diapered at night and was yesterday…”

                    She kissed me on the head, “Go into your lecture, I’ll be waiting when you get done.”

                    “Don’t forget there’s that Lambda Delta Pi event this afternoon?”

                    “You still want to go?”

                    “If I may…?”

                    “Hmm… Maybe I’ll see if Megan can actually pick you up from here and take you? You could hang out with her in her dorm… You have plenty of diapers?” She whispered the last part.

                    I nodded, “I’m not making that mistake again…”

                    “Okay, I’ll text you when I figure it out.”

                    I looked around for Fred but Amanda said, “They waited outside, I’ll see you later,” she hugged me and left me to walk into the lecture hall where I found my nest sitting in the same spot.

                    I had just managed to sit down on my booster when Natasha caught my eye and mouthed a ‘sorry’ to me.

                    ‘Don’t worry about it,’ I mouthed to her with a shrug.

                    At that point a large Amazon lady with the beginning of gray in her hair began speaking at the lecturn. “Quiet down boys and girls…”

                    ‘She sounds like a kindergarten teacher…’ I thought to myself and found myself instantly annoyed and wondering what kind of future she wanted us to plan for. The slide for the session said, ‘Planning for the Future’ and a subtitle ‘know your options.’

                    “Good afternoon,” she said to silence, “Oh you can do better than that boys and girls, good afternoon!

                    I found myself half-heartedly repeating it back to her a couple times with everyone until she was happy. “Now that’s how you properly greet someone! My name is Mrs. Beauregard, and I serve as the Student Services and Job Placement for Littles at Emerson.”

                    She paused as if wondering if she needed to use smaller words. The patronizing tone to her voice was painful to my ears.

                    “My job is ultimately to make sure that all of you have a wonderful future when you leave Emerson. Today I would especially like to tell you about some of the choices you have as you move on with your lives. College is a very hard path for anyone, but littles often struggle more than other college students. Finals, loans, maintaining your GPA, course work, and even social situations often times bring our smaller students to tears. It’s sad, and when we see you struggle so it makes sense that we offer you some other options in case you get in over your head.”

                    No one dared to speak out against this speaker, but I could hear a lot of uncomfortable shifting in seats and the squeaking of the fold down seats moving up and down a little was a little annoying.

                    She changed the slide, ‘Finding your way into a New Home.’ It showed a male and female little about our age being held by two smiling parents. The boy was in a onesie with a diaper proudly showing its edges while the girl was in a dress seemed to be surreptitiously pulled up by her ‘mom’ just to show show her thick purple diaper. The two ‘babies’ had disturbingly smiles that at least showed they still had their teeth. Both smiled at the camera as if they were the happiest babies that they could be, seeming to not have a care in the world. There was more shifting and now some muttering in the back with this slide.

                    “Quiet now please boys and girls. Now I know some of you think that you’re big boys and girls, but this is a great option for many of you! My office has a service where we help you get matched with a compatible family to adopt you to their loving home. We screen all applicants before they even get near any of our students. You also get a chance to have some input on whether you feel comfortable with one set of parents or not.”

                    She selected the next slide that showed some facts about their adoptions and satisfaction, “We have a Ninety-Five percent satisfaction rate with our littles that go to their new homes. Our participants in the program always thank us for taking such good care of them and finding them their new loving homes.”

                    A new slide said, ‘Benefits.’ “The benefits for a little participating are numerous! You won’t have to worry about those difficult math and science classes, you won’t have to pay another bill, you don’t have to worry about having a roof over your head, a bed to sleep in, or where your next meal is going to come from. Our adoptive families are given extensive training before adoption in how to care for your every need and give you a loving home.”

                    The next slide said, ‘How to Enroll in Happy Griffins,’ and featured the smiling little girl from earlier with her head being dipped by the ‘dad’ who was goofing around and flinging her down so her pigtails flew through the air. “If this seems like something that interests you please understand you’re allowed to join the program up until you receive the ten demerits of disciplinary action. If you reach that point you are no longer eligible for our program. This is just a practical policy since you will no longer be a student at the university. Providing you begin the paperwork before that point you are then exempted from the demerits while we process your application. If this sounds like a fun and exciting future to you, then all that you have to do is come to our office and say you want to join!”

                    ‘Process,’ was the next slide that showed with the boy now grinning from a swing in a park. “Once you join the program we will move you to our dorm that is reserved just for our special participants! Our caregivers in the dorm will immediately help pack away anything you don’t need into storage for your new home, while also getting you used to your new future. You won’t have to worry about the potty monster anymore there, and you’ll get to sleep in a nice safe bed! While we’re waiting to find just the right family for you, your days will be spent relaxing and taking it easy with the other participants. You’ll no longer be paying tuition at this point and you’ll be off to easy street from then on.”

                    ‘What a load of crap,’ I thought in my head. For the next twenty minutes she explained then how you would meet potential new families and in general join what I would consider the little mill… One little finally had enough and shouted, “This is bullshit!”

                    Mrs. Beauregard looked at the audience and picked out the boy who had shouted. “Young man come up here now…”

                    He stayed put but said, “No ma’am, I have a right to speak my mind freely - I’m still a free little.”

                    She walked down to the chair he sat in and all of our eyes and heads turned to watch what I assumed was a coming train wreck. Wordlessly she went to him and picked him up under the arms, “Put me down!!!!!”

                    She didn’t, and easily manhandled the squirming boy as she moved back to the front of the lecture hall and found a chair that was sitting there that she sat down in. Without saying a word she yanked the boys pants down to his ankles and examined his regular underwear. “Hmm… some tracks in here, so you have poopy pants. You were a big boy before, but obviously that’s not the case now. Before you go to the Dean I’m going to make sure you understand your place.” Her hand began raining down blows on him over and over and over again. I internally reached thirty before I stopped counting and felt my eyes water in the thought of that much pain. He was a blubbering mess as she let him sit up and pulled off his clothes.

                    I blushed at the sight of his naked body and felt terrible for him as she spoke to one of the nest mothers. She dug around in a bag before handing her a thick diaper covered in juvenile cartoon characters. She had him dressed in it quickly as his cries continued, “Go ahead and take him to Dean Sanders, let her know about his poopy pants, talking back to a teacher, and swearing. I count sixteen demerits there, so I guess we have our next student moving on. Tell her I think Kidcraft is the best facility for him.”

                    The silence as we watched him be carried out in just the diaper blubbering in pain was painful.

                    As the door to the rear of the room slammed shut I couldn’t help but think that so had the boys future. I’d have to go look when I got home, but I had a feeling Kidcraft was an etiquette school… and probably not one you wanted to be in.

                    “Well, sorry for the bad behavior of your classmate. Like I said many of you may find that volunteering to join our program may be in your best interests.”

                    She spoke for a few more minutes but I think most of us tuned it out before finally changing to a slide about ‘Job Placement.’

                    “Now, many of you in here are perfectly capable of being big boys and girls and will be looking for a job when you graduate Emerson. We believe strongly in every one of our students leaving the university with a loving home or a great job. We have several services that help you locate jobs in your field that are willing to consider hiring littles for those jobs. We also help your future employers understand the grants and special financing options that are available to them through the government for taking on a little worker.”

                    “We also understand some of you may be interested in starting up your own businesses and help with loan applications for that process.”

                    She paused for a moment, and just from her demeanor it was obvious what she thought about littles and where they should end up. “Any questions?” There was dead silence, “Well in that case good luck to you all here at Emerson, and I wish you a successful future! Please come see me for any needs you have!”

                    For some reason as she said that her eyes found me and narrowed. I smiled sweetly at her and then opened my bag quickly to see if Amanda had texted me. A quick glance said Megan should be waiting for me outside and I smiled at the thought of hanging out with her for a while on my own. I joined the line that Madison was corralling us into to leave the building and take the other littles back to the dorm.

                    As soon as we passed the door of the lecture hall I spotted Megan who waved at me and came up to me.

                    “What the hell are you doing here shrimp?” I heard a nearby nest mother hissed at Megan.


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                      My writing was influenced by your own, so delighted that it's helped in return. Sadly I suspect Professor Marshall's licence to practice law would be revoked were he to consent to becoming a positive case study for a future revision

                      Your writing continues to have interesting and engaging characters, a complex (but approachable) plot, lovely writing and evil cliff hangers that will indeed make the wait for the next chapter a true test of patience. Thank you!
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                        Thank you for the new chapter I’m very glad to see this story return. The wait was definitely worth it, and I completely understand since my job is super busy in the summer too. You really have me hooked and I’m excited to see what’s in store for our little protagonist!


                          Since I posted the last couple chapters there were a lot of things keeping me from writing. I had actually finished this chapter back in August, but didn’t want to post it without anything else in the pipeline. I have another chapter basically done that I hope to post next weekend, or the following. Work is still hectic right now, but hopefully I’ll be able to get back to a regular posting schedule by January! Thanks for your patience and I hope you enjoy!

                          Chapter 37

                          I WATCHED IN horror at the fact that Megan’s short Amazonian frame was dwarfed by the girl who yelled at her. I swallowed my fear though to let go of the rope and began walking towards Megan anyway. The brown haired Amazon seemed to be just a bit taller than Amanda, making Megan look like a little in comparison. Her body was very plump with breasts that couldn’t seem to stay contained inside of her ill-fitting top.

                          “I’m here to pick up my niece,” Madison said warily.

                          “Oh, I thought maybe you figured out you should be joining the littles?” the girl said nastily.

                          “I’m not the one that feels the need to move in with them? I’m in a big girls dorm.” Megan countered. “Now if you don’t mind I’m going to pick up my niece… Unfortunately I’m sure we’ll see each other in classes next week…”

                          She chose that moment to pick me up protectively and held me on her hip, “Where are you going with her?” Madison asked testily having turned around to see her leaving with me now.

                          “Ms. Madison, this is my Auntie Megan, my mommy asked for her to pick me up.”

                          “That’s true?” Madison asked Megan.

                          “Yep Madison, I’d stay and talk but I promised my sister we’d go take care of some things after I picked up my niece.”

                          “What’s going on here?” Mrs. Beauregard asked as she came of the hall.

                          “I’m trying to figure out what this runt is doing with a student little that can’t be adopted,” the large girl said.

                          “I’m picking up my niece to watch her for my sister, Ma’am,” Megan said politely.

                          “And you are?” She asked me.

                          “Stacy Westerfield,” I told her.

                          “Oh… you…” she said with a tone that made me more than slightly nervous after the last hour and a half. She looked at the large Amazon girl, “Did she confirm this was her aunt?”

                          “Yes she did,” Madison said to our side holding onto the line of our nest. “I know her mommy said it was okay for her to pick her up. I just hadn’t officially met her yet… Megan, right?”

                          “That’s me,” Megan said nervously.

                          “Well, we can’t all stand here all day, seems like everything’s okay, move along now.”

                          Madison walked away then and I whispered, “Who is she?”

                          “A conniving two faced bitch,” she told me softly as we exited past the littles who stared at us for the confrontation and my position being carried by a short giant. I waved at a few of my new friends as she carried me away and down the sidewalks towards the dorms. “Let’s just say I’m nearly a betweener in height according to some of the girls I’m in classes with.” She hissed, “They think that means I might as well be a little then… Last year I helped tutor her when she was failing a math class. For some reason then she turned around and stabbed me in the back with a professor in another class. If it wasn’t for Mandy I might have been expelled…”

                          “What’s her name?”

                          “You mean two-faced bitch doesn’t count?” She laughed and I had to giggle too. She was such a breath of fresh air since she wasn’t talking to me like I was a baby who it was inappropriate to swear near. “Nancy Dannigan,” she said, “avoid her at all costs if you can. By the end of the year she almost always has several of her girls from her nest breastfeeding from her in the cafeteria. Anytime someone questions it she says they asked her to… Let’s just say that’s not long before they go missing to wherever it is littles get stolen away to…”

                          “I’m not surprised,” I told her.

                          She walked along for a few more minutes before saying, “So we have about an hour and a half to kill, what do you want to do besides change that wet diaper you’re wearing?”

                          “Pour bleach in my ears so that I can forget about what I just heard in that seminar?” I said sarcastically.

                          “That’s the one where they basically point out you’re better off letting yourself be adopted out rather than continue as a student?”

                          “You’ve been there for it?”

                          “No, but I’ve made some friends with littles over the years and heard about it. It’s despicable and that woman is about as awful as anyone can get. I think she’s actually worse than Chloe and Cassie…”

                          “That’s low,” I said, “but about right.”

                          She gave me a squeeze and I watched passively as she carried me down the sidewalk to her dorm. Megan sat me down outside the doors and touched her keycard to the sensor before holding open the massive door for me.

                          “Hey Megan!” a friendly voice said as we walked to an elevator.

                          “Hi Raileigh,” she said in response and I looked to another fairly short Amazon who was still taller than Megan. Her blonde hair was hanging from a messy ponytail and she seemed to have been working out.

                          “Who’s this?” she asked curiously as she joined us waiting for the elevator. “She’s adorable!!!!”

                          “Raileigh this is Stacy,” she introduced me, “Stacy this is my neighbor Raileigh.”

                          “Nice to meet you,” I said politely.

                          “You too… but who is she?” she asked Megan suspiciously.

                          “Oh, my niece,” she told her, “she’s going to school here.”

                          “Your niece…?” she asked.

                          “My sister adopted her as a sort of exchange student deal.”

                          “So you mean she really is a student?” She asked curiously as she stared down at me.

                          “Yes, I am,” I told her myself a little annoyed at being talked about.

                          “Sorry…” she said bending down, “my only encounters with littles are my brothers at home… they don’t do much but poop and pee in their diapees…”

                          I sighed, “I hope to make more of my life than that.”

                          “Umm… You do know how small you are, right?” The girl asked in an incredulous tone. “There’s no way you’re going to graduate?”

                          I smiled, “I will do it, I’m more than capable.”

                          Megan picked me up then and hugged me, “She’s smarter than you would believe. She placed out of the first two semesters of math, she might even be in your calculus class actually, you’re taking the third semester again, right?”

                          I watched the poor girl blush, “Yeah… Math is just not my strong suit…” She paused, “I’m sorry for mocking you there… Maybe we could work together sometime?”

                          I smiled, “I’d be happy to if we can figure out how... You might have to come to my house.”

                          “I’d like that… Megan’s a good friend of mine…” she paused as we reached a door that led to some other closed and locked doors, “I’ll see you later though.”

                          Megan used her card key on a card reader panel and opened up a large dorm room with a single bed, desk, closet, and TV obvious at first. The next most obvious thing though was the princess pink theme throughout the room with a glittery tiara decal at the head of her bed. “I didn’t realize you were a princess fanatic,” I told her with a smirk.

                          “Obviously since I am the baby of the family, I am the true princess,” she told me with her own smirk.

                          “I’m guessing you don’t use those words too much around your sisters?”

                          She shrugged as she picked me up and sat down with me on her gigantic bed, “I’m the baby sister and I know it. I also know I am short… But for the most part I’m never really that worried about it.”

                          “Do you ever worry…?”

                          “What? That they’ll really go ahead and decide to baby me?” Megan laughed.

                          “I know it sounds silly…”

                          She shook her head, “Actually it happened once with Cassie when Mandy had moved out and Mom and Dad were gone for a weekend. I was ten and she was the only one around that could stay with me. I accidentally spilled a coke on her and she became livid. Next thing I knew I was in diapers and she was attempting to get me to drink out of a baby bottle.”

                          “Where did diapers big enough to fit you even come from?” I asked.

                          She shrugged, “I was small enough then that I easily just fit in the largest size regular baby diapers. I guess she had a few in her car from babysitting the week before.”

                          “How’d you get out of that?”

                          She smirked, “I gave her the baby she wanted and let loose a load in the diaper that made her puke. When she refused to clean me up I said, ‘Guess I’m not being babysat anymore,’ and stood up, untaped the diaper, and shoved it on her shirt before I calmly walked back to my bathroom to take a shower.”

                          “What did she do then?”

                          “Once she got over her shock she began pounding on the door to my room. I ended up hiding in my room after the shower and called Mom to let her know about it…”

                          “What did she say?”

                          “She… wasn’t happy… let’s just say that was the last time Cassie was a babysitter for me.”

                          I shuddered, “both of your sisters other than Amanda…”

                          “I know, right?” She shrugged, “So we have about an hour before we have to go, anything you want to do?”

                          I shrugged, “I hadn’t made it any further with planning. Plus the afternoon kind of put a downer on any thoughts I might have had.”

                          She looked at me for a second and smiled, “You don’t have your nails painted, do you?”

                          I held my hands out to her, “Umm… no… kind of surprising actually given how girly girl Amanda likes dressing me.”

                          She smiled, “Well, in that case it’s my solemn auntie duty to fix this terrible act of neglect!”

                          I watched from my perch as she went to a drawer and pulled out a mini (to her) milk crate of nail polishes and tools. Before she sat back down next to me she asked, “How’s your diaper doing?”

                          I shrugged, “It’s wet…”

                          “Do you want me to change it? I can let you do it too?”

                          I looked at her for a moment before saying, “You’d be quicker?”

                          She smiled and made quick work of it before beginning to work on my nails. She filed them to a round shape before she painted a base coat of forest green that matched the school colors. A yellow E was then carefully painted on my thumbnails, while she put some other little squiggles on the other nails. My hands were so tiny compared to hers I considered her patience impressive.

                          “There, now you look cute!” She told me with a smile before glancing a clock on the wall. “And now it’s time to get you to that meeting too…”

                          “Thanks Megan,” I told her and gave her a hug.

                          “You’re welcome Stacy,” she said as she quickly put away her supplies. “That diaper still good?”

                          I nodded, not having needed to go since she changed me.

                          “Okay then, let’s go meet your friend.”

                          She hustled me out of there with my backpack on and walked quickly down to an area in the student union where meeting rooms were. A large sign outside the room said, “Lambda Delta Pi welcome party.”

                          As Amanda and I approached a girl at the front looked up angrily, “This isn’t a party for Amazons,” she told her.

                          “She’s just escorting me here,” I told her calmly bringing her attention back to me.

                          The girl was dressed in a nice dress and had a light white jacket on that had the Greek Letters ΛΔΠ embroidered on it in. A gold pin was prominent on her jacket that I guessed was a sorority pin based on what little I knew about such organizations back home. “And you are…?” She asked.

                          “Stacy Westerfield, Sarah Evans invited me?”

                          “We’ll see about that…” she said suspiciously and called out, “Sarah?”

                          Sarah came out shortly dressed similarly, “Hi Stacy!” before looking a little shaken at the short giant next to me. “Umm… I’m sorry, but Lambda Delta Pi is only for littles?”

                          Megan laughed, “No worries, I’ll leave her here.” She looked at me and said, “Amanda should be here for you at five-thirty. If you need to leave before then call me.”

                          I walked over and hugged her as she leaned down and then walked back to the stunned expression of the girl. “Are you crazy?” The other girl asked a moment later, “she only wants to adopt you!”

                          I laughed, “Somehow I think her sister wouldn’t be too happy with that.”

                          Sarah laughed too, “Yeah, and she’s a lot bigger!”

                          “What’s so funny?” the girl asked.

                          “Relax Jess, we’re laughing because Stacy is already adopted.”

                          “Then what is she doing here?” Jess the girl panicked, “she’s probably just trying to get dirt so her mommy can swoop in…”

                          I held my hand up, “Stop, I’m not your average little, and my ‘mommy’ isn’t your average Amazon. I’m here as kind of an exchange student from the other dimension. I knew I didn’t want to live in the dorms and not have a chance of anything other than being a mindless baby in a nursery, so I found a pair of crazy Amazon parents to foster me while I’m here.”

                          “You’re from the other dimension?” Her eyes looked me up and down, “Is that why you’re so tiny?” Sarah asked curiously.

                          I shook my head and shrugged, “No idea what went wrong.”

                          “Well, let’s try this again,” Sarah said with a sigh, “Jess this is Stacy, Stacy this is Jess. Jess is one of our senior members this year and she’s a bit paranoid about adoption this close to the finish line.”

                          I nodded, “I can understand that…”

                          “S… sorry,” Jess said sheepishly, “I’m just convinced everyone is against us.”

                          “Well that’s the whole point of our sisterhood Jess.”

                          “If that’s the whole point then why invite her?” She asked suspiciously.

                          “I was wondering the same thing,” I asked curiously.

                          “For that you would have to join Stacy… Jess I’ll tell you later.”

                          I looked up suspiciously, “Am I being setup for something here?”

                          She shook her head, “we just hold our secrets of our sisterhood dear. Come on in and meet everyone,” she told me and ushered me forward to a room with little sized tables filled with hors d'oeuvres. With as short as I was it seemed like they were still adult tables compared to me. I watched Sarah bite into a loaded potato skin before considering if I would want to eat anything there. “It’s all safe Stacy, we prepared it all ourselves.”

                          I shrugged knowing I didn’t have class anyways and grabbed a few things and let her lead me around the room introducing me to their officers and about two-dozen members. It seemed like there were only a few sophomores that were members that were being sought after. I cornered Sarah after a while, “Why am I the only freshman?”

                          “Most of the time we give everyone a year to shake out if they’re going to be stupid and get adopted or if they have a chance to survive graduation.”

                          “And me?”

                          “You’re already adopted and safer than any of us will ever be…” she paused, “And, I liked how gutsy you were when I met you.” She smiled, “Not to mention you have really cute nails!”

                          “Thanks, my ‘auntie’ did them for me earlier.”

                          I continued circulating around the room after that and learned that the girls didn’t have a house to stay in obviously since they were littles, but that they were allowed to live on the same floor next to each other. Somehow they also seemed to have managed to avoid having too invasive of RAs babying them. One of the officers, Lisa, sat down with me and asked me some questions.

                          “How did you do on your tests this week?”

                          “Pretty good,” I told her.


                          I looked at her and got the feeling I was being evaluated as a piece of meat at a cattle show. It had been pretty apparent so far that I was being recruited by Sarah to become a member, but not everyone else seemed sure that the idea of an adopted little being around was a good idea. “Which test?”

                          “Math placement?”

                          “One-ninety,” I answered her.

                          “Bull shit?” She said.

                          I laughed, “I’m good at math.”

                          “No kidding, you’re telling me the truth?”

                          I dug into my bag and pulled out the paper copy I had. My computer science placement test and CARE exams were right there too and she just shook her head, “Are you a robot from the future or something?”

                          I giggled, “No, just a plain old little girl.”

                          “So what’s with your adoption? She’s a professor, right?”

                          I nodded, “And my adopted daddy is a doctor.”

                          “And you’re okay with being adopted?”

                          “It beats being taken off the streets? Or forcibly put into the daycare and orphanage here?”

                          She nodded, “Yeah… so what happens if you demerit out?”

                          I shrugged, “I don’t honestly know or plan to find out. Hopefully I would just be told I had to go back to daycare, but I suppose they could use that as a reason for LPS to take me away. I haven’t really considered it that much though.”

                          “And how much… Umm…”

                          “How much have I been babied?”

                          She grimaced but her head went up and down.

                          “Basically everything they would do with a baby my size I’ve done, leave it at that?”

                          “Including breast feeding?” She asked with a hiss.



                          I pouted unintentionally, “No… Mo… Amanda doesn’t want me to have a poopy accident in class.”

                          “Keep it that way! That milk is highly addictive and you won’t have any control over your body in a month.”

                          “I kind of liked that with my urine,” I told her.


                          “You may have noticed I’m even smaller than you. Potties my size don’t exist commercially.”

                          “Or at all…” she agreed.

                          “Well… I made one actually…”

                          I ended up telling her the story of the incident from last week and she laughed with me. Soon several other girls were there and I alternated laughing and cringing as I heard stories from their own misadventures with Amazons. Some were from before college and, and others at the university. Every single one of them had been diapered and endured some other babying at some point before they joined. From talking to them it seemed like life got better for them after they joined… “So what do you all actually do as a group?” I asked finally noting that it was getting close to time for dinner.

                          “Mainly we hang out and help each other out academically. If we need to go shopping for something we go in a large group of so that we can cover for each other. Generally we all work together to get good grades and escape Emerson without ending up in the nursery,” Jess said. “Though in your case I don’t know what the goal would be…”

                          “Graduating and helping you all out?” I said.

                          “How can you help us? You’re already in diapers and a nursery?” Jess asked.

                          I smirked, “I’m pretty good with computers… let’s just say I would make a good ally?”

                          “How good?” she asked.

                          “I tested out of a lot of classes?”

                          “You’d need to, that department is the worst at letting littles pass…” Sarah said.

                          “Huh?” I responded.

                          “Doctor Wernstrom seems to be single handedly responsible for a dozen or more littles being kicked out each year. As far as I know I don’t think a single little has made it through one of his classes…”

                          “He was an ass,” I agreed, “I’m glad I tested out of all of his classes.”

                          All of them?” Jess said. “There’s like four or five of them?!?”

                          I smiled, “I could be of value?” I then asked, “So how many of your members actually graduate?”

                          “Most of the time we get ninety-five percent of our members to graduation,” Sarah said matter-of-factly. “Last year everyone graduated that had joined from the class.”

                          “Cool,” I said.

                          A tall Amazonian man with graying hair came in just then, “Time to wrap it up girls,” he said in a kind voice. “Don’t want to miss your official dinner and have your RA screaming at us.”

                          With that everyone broke up and I walked out to see Amanda waiting outside. She waited patiently by a pillar a little ways away and I turned to say goodbye to Lisa who had followed me out. “Thanks for having me,” I told her.

                          “Thanks for coming Stacy… I think we’ll be in touch about some other events coming up if you’re interested?”

                          I smiled, “If you all can help me be sure to graduate then I’m definitely interested!”

                          She smiled, “Is that your amazon?”

                          “Yes, that’s Amanda.”

                          “I assume you call her Mommy?” She asked nervously.

                          “Well it helps with blending in…”

                          “I guess…” she said unconvinced, “Well we’ll see you around,” she said and gave me a quick friendly hug, “It was nice meeting you!”

                          I walked over to Amanda who asked, “Did you have fun?” as we walked away.

                          “I did actually,” I told her.

                          After we had exited the building she couldn’t help herself and picked me up to place me on her hip. “Ready for dinner?”

                          “What are we having?”

                          “Your baby sister suggested Chinese food?”

                          I shrugged, “That works for me.”

                          “What do you want?”

                          “Sweet and spicy chicken?” I paused for a second, “Extra spicy?”

                          “Sure you want spicy?”

                          I nodded, “I like spicy food.”

                          “You haven’t had anything we consider spicy yet?”

                          I shrugged, “you have milk if I get in over my head…”

                          She laughed, “well I guess we do have that.”

                          She hugged me tight and carried me the rest of the way to the car, felt my diaper under my dress, and laid me down without warning in the back of her SUV and changed my diaper. As my rear end was hanging in the air an amazon girl I had seen at the math placement test gaped at me and waved. I turned bright red and stayed that way as Amanda buckled me into my car seat.

                          She kissed me on the forehead, “Sorry, but it’s going to happen…” she lightly grabbed my hand then and said, “Megan always was good at nails, I’m guessing she did these for you?”

                          “Yes she did,” I told her still flushed red.

                          “They look cute, remember to keep your thumb out of your mouth though with that polish on. I’m guessing it’s not the safe kind for babies that still suck on their thumbs.”

                          I turned red and sighed. I killed some time with the game on my watch as she drove us home. I’d walked a lot and had a fair amount of coins to spend. “So how did this afternoon’s session go?” she asked as she stopped at a red light.

                          “We learned all about how we could choose to go into an adoption of our choice instead of being sent through an etiquette center…” I told her. “Oh, and five minutes on job placement services available if we manage to beat the odds…”

                          “I had a feeling it would be something like that when I found out who ran it. She once offered me the ‘pick of the litter’ if I would help her out on a project.”

                          “What did you do?”

                          “I politely declined saying I appreciated the offer but had too many things on my plate right then…”

                          The rest of the drive home she asked about the sorority event and even what I had done with Megan. “I like them, may I join them if they ask?”

                          “You wouldn’t be able to live in the dorms with them…?”

                          “I know, but I can still go to events and meetings maybe?”

                          “We’ll have to see… if they give you a bid we’ll talk then.”

                          She pulled into the driveway at the house just then and carried me inside with my backpack. “It’ll be a little bit until the food gets here, why don’t you go upstairs until then?”

                          “Thanks,” I told her and started my slow and methodical climb up the stairs with my backpack on. I could almost pretend to be climbing a mountain or something with a pack and it felt like an accomplishment every time I made it up the ten steps. I walked down to our nursery and found Bella engrossed in playing with a tablet.

                          “Hey,” she said, “how was the rest of today?”

                          “Well the afternoon session was awful, but I liked the sorority sisters that I got to hang out with. Megan is cool as always too and she painted my nails,” I showed her.

                          “Those are cute… I’m amazed that she could paint that small!”

                          I stuck my tongue out at her and she giggled in response. She went back to her game and I sat down at my desk and logged into my laptop. I surreptitiously made sure to look around and saw she was well engrossed in her game and began working on a few projects I needed to do.

                          The first was hacking into the video baby monitor in the room and the security cameras outside. It took me a few minutes but I setup a routine that would let me get some alerts if someone was in either area. In this case it also let me discreetly warn myself if someone was coming to check on me! I made sure every now and then that Bella was occupied and she seemed well engrossed in her playing. Amanda was downstairs still as far as I could tell waiting for the deliveryman with our dinner, while Fred seemed to be in his office working on something. Other than coming to close the gate that should have been closed before, neither seemed to want to intrude while we waited.

                          ‘Can I access the nanites still…’ was a burning question to me. I quickly found myself accessing my copy of the coding that had been used. Just as I was about to figure out how to access a connection to them I heard the gate open and quickly shortcut keyed myself to a safe screen and hid what I had been working on.

                          Amanda unlocked the gate, “Ready for dinner you two?” She asked before sniffing. “Uh-oh, Bella, did you make a stinky?”

                          I turned and looked at the reddening Bella who I hadn’t even noticed that she’d pooped her diaper. “Yes Mommy,” she said timidly.

                          “Well let’s get you changed real quick, Stacy, how’s your diaper?”

                          I felt underneath my skirt and confirmed what I thought, “I’m dry, can I go downstairs?”

                          “Sure, we’ll be down in a moment,” she told me. I pressed another quick shortcut key as she turned towards the changing table with the red Bella and walked down the hallway and hopped my way down the stairs. Fred walked up to me when I reached the bottom and picked me up to deposit me into the highchair.

                          “Mommy said you wanted the sweet and spicy chicken?” He asked a little surprised.

                          “Why is that so surprising?” I asked

                          “Littles like sweet usually, but spicy is usually something they can’t tolerate?” He paused, “I think I remember a study once done on littles showed that their tastebuds were more inline with our young toddlers… I know much of the time they’re biased, but sometimes there’s a grain of truth in them?”

                          “I loved spicy food back home…” I told him with a shrug, “Like I told Mommy, if I can have a cup of milk I’ll be able to deal with it even if it is spicy?”

                          “It’s your tongue, don’t say I didn’t warn you!” he said with a smile before putting a sippy cup of milk on my tray. That was joined a second later with a small plate of chicken and rice. I could see some large peppers mixed in and noted that they were much bigger than I was used to. A pair of chopsticks was handed to me and I began eating. I had just finished a couple pieces of chicken as Amanda walked downstairs.

                          The spice was not nearly as bad as I was afraid it would be. Really it was only one step above mild in my mind, and wondered if it was due to the fact smaller the chile pods were, the spicier they were back home. These were as big as poblanos… “How can you eat that?” Bella said as Amanda slid her tray in place.


                          “It’s spicy… Look at those peppers, I’d be crying by now.”

                          I shook my head, “It’s not spicy at all to me…”

                          Amanda curiously took a piece of the chicken out of the container and tasted it. I watched while her face lit up, “You call that not spicy?!?” She quickly guzzled some water.

                          Fred looked inquisitely and took his own taste and seemed to agree it was pretty hot. For my part I looked at a piece of the large chile pepper and decided to go for it. Amanda said, “Noooo…” as I crunched happily down on it.

                          My mouth lit up in a wonderful sensation that let me know I was alive and I smiled, “You really have to get out more if you think this is spicy…”

                          I shook my head and kept eating while they stared at me in shock and began eating their own meals. I was full and a little bit remained in a takeout box. Bella asked, “Can… can I try it?”

                          “I don’t think that’s a good idea sweetie…” Amanda said.

                          “I think you’ll cry a lot…” Fred added. “Stacy seems to have some odd taste buds…”

                          She looked at me and I shrugged, “I’ve always been the wrong person to ask. If they think it’s spicy then it probably is to them and you?”

                          “Please?” She asked.

                          “It’s your funeral…” Amanda said with a shake of her head and put a tiny piece of chicken on the tray in front of her.

                          Bella looked at it before tentatively popping a small amount in her mouth and instantly turned red with tears pouring down her face. “Hot!!!!!” she cried…

                          “Mommy give her my milk,” I told Amanda who looked panicked. She did as I told her to do and Bella guzzled it for several long moments before the crying became a whimper.

                          “Better?” Amanda asked as she now cuddled her in her lap.

                          “Sort of… You really aren’t a normal little…” Bella said to me.

                          “We could have some fun with this though…” Fred said looking at me mischievously.

                          “Conning people into betting what I can eat?” I smiled widely at him. Just then I felt the need to pee and let it out in my diaper.

                          “Something like that…”

                          “You two…” Amanda said disgruntled while she cuddled Bella.

                          “So what are you doing tomorrow?” Fred asked us, “There’s nothing on the orientation schedule, right?”

                          I shook my head, “We’re done until Monday when classes start I think…”

                          “Dad called earlier and he wants me to bring Stacy by in the morning to his studio and spend the day with her until his afternoon classes start.”

                          I looked at her, “I’m glad we can finally work out a time…”

                          “Well it’s going to be more often starting next week, but he thinks it’s a good idea to go ahead and evaluate you. He wants me to drop you off at nine…”

                          “Cool,” I said.

                          The rest of the weekend was roughly planned out over the next twenty minutes that we finished dinner. Sunday we would be going to her parents house for dinner again. After she dropped me off tomorrow she planned on going grocery shopping with Bella and Fred for things like diapers and food the next week.

                          “Did you find a place for Bella to go?” I asked while looking at Bella.

                          “The hospital daycare didn’t seem to be too bad?” Bella answered me.

                          “You think you’ll be safe there?”

                          She shrugged, “definitely better than the university daycare. Most of the ‘babies’ there were actual babies. There were only two other littles there and they said other than the normal baby treatment they’re treated well. Daddy can come check on me through the day too?”

                          I nodded, “I can’t imagine that there are many better places than that then…”

                          “I’m going to keep looking though,” Amanda said to both of us. “A friend mentioned there is a daycare that is supposed to just be for littles.”

                          “That sounds like an etiquette school?” I asked worriedly.

                          “It might be… so I’m going to keep researching it before we even go visit it,” she added.

                          I sat there for another minute before I wanted to get down and back to my project, “May I get down and get back onto my computer?”

                          She smiled and said, “I guess, why don’t you go ahead and e-mail your parents while you’re at it?”

                          I grimaced, “You’re right, I’d better…”

                          She wiped my hands and then Bella’s hands with baby wipes as she removed the highchair trays. Those out of the way she picked me up, putting me on one hip, before placing Bella on the other. Once upstairs in the nursery she sat Bella down on the floor and felt my diaper, “Hmm… someone needs changed, huh?”

                          She tickled my side before setting me down on the changing table. “We should probably get in the habit of you changing into play clothes when you get home from school Stacy.”

                          I nodded, “Okay…”

                          I was given a diaper change into a new Pamper and dressed in a one-piece romper fit for a newborn. I just sighed though and let her dress me before she sat me down on the ground. “Remember, e-mail your mom,” she reminded me.

                          I nodded and unplugged my computer to use it on battery and jumped onto my bed where I could have the wall to my back and my screen in front of me. I knew that Mom had probably e-mailed Amanda asking for an update, therefor prompting her reminder… so I e-mailed her first and filled her in on some of the events from the past few days. I didn’t want to worry her though so I kept the break-in and some of the discouraging information from today out of the e-mail. Mostly I let her know about course schedules and that I was alive. It was a shorter e-mail than some I had sent, but I still included my safe codes and knew she would be okay with it.

                          After that I went back to my current project to see if I could connect to the nanites inside my body. Amazingly it seemed they were still able to respond to a signal if you could generate the right frequencies. My computer couldn’t do so by default, so I began looking to see if it was a coding or a hardware solution I would need to break. Bella was coloring something quietly while I worked, but I lost track of her as I continued digging for a software solution that would be easier to deal with. Her sudden weight on my bed was a shock and I quickly engaged a hide shortcut.

                          “Whatcha doing?” she asked me.

                          “Playing around with some of the coding software from this dimension,” I told her honestly.

                          “I’m bored…” she told me.

                          I sighed, “Sorry… I know how I felt the first couple days when I was getting full on babied, but at least I’m getting some mature time… You’re just stuck…”

                          She nodded, “I knew it was inevitable… it could have been a lot worse actually…”

                          “But it still sucks,” I said while mentally wondering if the filter I had installed on the monitor really would filter my usage of that word out… ‘I know there’s no way I can get rid of that word from my vocabulary!’ I had thought at the time.

                          “Yeah… Play with me?” she asked.


                          “You were a boy growing up, right?”

                          I nodded.

                          “So you have no idea how to play with dolls…? Right…?”

                          “What’s with you and dolls?” I asked, “I thought girls grew out of them?”

                          “Doesn’t mean we wanted to… I know of several of my friends that played with them still even when they were grown up… I had a collection of them hidden in my apartment even…”

                          “Huh…” I said. I thought for a second and closed the lid of my computer, “I guess…”

                          For the next hour or so we dug out a couple dolls from the toy chest and pretended we were the amazons and they were the littles… Actually I had a lot of fun with it before Amanda came into our room and said, “Bella it’s bath time and bedtime sweetie…”

                          “What about Stacy?” she asked.

                          “Stacy is a big college girl, she stays up later.”

                          I thought for a second, “I could go ahead and take a bath with her though?”

                          Amanda looked at me in surprise, “You sure?”

                          I scooted over on my wet diaper closer to her and hugged her, “she’s fun.”

                          She shrugged and said, “Okay then, let’s go down to the bath tub. Just remember she’s given shallower bath water,” she reminded me.

                          I sighed, “We have got to teach her how to swim…”

                          The water was embarrassingly low to me! Because I was at least shorter than Bella my belly button was covered, but the water barely covered her groin. I took care not to stare, but her chest was at least developed more than mine was. She caught me looking and said, “It’s okay to be curious…”

                          I sighed, “What’s it like to have them?”

                          She shrugged, “embarrassing when all of the big girls grow sooner and larger than yours. I was the smallest of my friends for the most part with even less to write home about. At least it doesn’t seem as necessary to remove them if they’re smaller though… I had one friend that I didn’t recognize when I saw her in just her diaper outside my old apartment building.”

                          “They removed her breasts?” Amanda asked cautiously.

                          “Well that, her teeth, hair, and I think the surgery for cutting the tendons so she couldn’t walk anymore…”

                          “I just don’t get it…” I said aloud.

                          “No, it really doesn’t make any sense,” Amanda agreed.

                          Bath time was pretty short and Bella was dressed first into a diaper and a sleep sack before Amanda sat her on the floor and put me on the changing table. A thick princess diaper and a footed sleeper were zipped onto me. “Here, why don’t you take your computer down to my office and you can work there?” She suggested.

                          I nodded and grabbed it from where I had replugged it in while playing with Bella. I also grabbed my tablet from my bag and toddled with the thick diaper on down to her office. She followed me to put me into the highchair. Before she did so I asked, “Mommy, can you move the highchair over there?”


                          “I like having a wall against my back?” I hesitated, “Especially with the break-in and everything?”

                          She looked skeptical, but moved it over to the spot I’d pointed to anyway before setting me down, buckling me into the harness, putting the tray down, and setting the computer on the tray. “I’ll be back with a baba in a sec,” she said.

                          I decided since she was coming back that I wanted to look into that place that little had been sent to earlier. It had been said so viciously that I remembered ‘Kidcraft’ was the name. I quickly covered my electronic trail with several routings of my IP address and VPNs before searching it. The website it brought up instantly made my skin crawl.

                          Have a troublesome little that’s just not adjusting to your great home environment? Our three-week program will have your little bundle of joy behaving like a good baby in no time! We offer customization packages to change gender, dental remediation, mobility adjustments, and cosmetic packages that can be made permanent or temporary…’

                          I was just reading the next level of horror when Amanda came in with the bottle and peeked at the screen. “Looking for somewhere to go if you drop out?” She asked curiously.

                          I shook my head, “This is where she demanded the little be sent to this afternoon…”

                          “I’ve heard it’s one of the ‘best’ she said as she made quotations with her fingers.”

                          “Worst more like it…”

                          She nodded, “I’m going to go feed your sister, I’ll be back to check on you then. Make sure you drink that baba before I get back!”

                          “Yes Mommy,” I told her and quickly got to work the moment she was gone.

                          A quick scan made me sure my screen was out of view again and I began going at the changes that I needed to do to reach the frequency of the nanite remote software. I ended up piggybacking onto the tablet, which it turns out could generate the frequencies I needed, and finally within about twenty minutes had a connection established!

                          ‘Whoa… I have access to all of the original settings and then some…’ I thought. ‘First things first… if I can access them so can anyone else…’ I began securing the connection and locking editing out with anything but my 256 digit access key. I used a special reminder system to keep track of what essentially ended up being a paragraph to gain access. Once done with that, I began digging into the original software some and found the code that had caused the baby fat on my face to appear. I looked at it for a while before programming an adjustment plan to make it disappear, and get my face mostly back to normal over the course of six-months. Faster than that and I was worried it would be obvious what was happening.

                          I had just begun researching again into the reasons Amanda’s milk might cause incontinence when she came back in and I cleared what I was doing back to looking up textbooks for my new classes. “Mommy we need to buy some different textbooks for me, right?”

                          “I almost forgot about that…” she said, “Hand me your tablet,” she said.

                          Twenty minutes later she declared herself done and said, “Okay, bedtime Princess…”

                          I sighed, “I’m really not tired…”

                          “I know you’re not, but I am…” she said and hesitated… “Plus I thought since you don’t have classes until Monday… thought well… we could maybe give nursing another chance?”

                          I looked at her both dumbfounded and wrought with an aching desire for the comfort of nursing from her and the addictive liquid, unsure of how I should respond…

                          ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++

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                              Off topic has anyone heard from Huggied , his story " Six weeks at happy summers " was also very interesting as it was unique . The last time he was heard from was just after his censorship warning from Clawdia. . Hope her censorship rules have not put him off continuing his story


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                                Off topic has anyone heard from Huggied , his story " Six weeks at happy summers " was also very interesting as it was unique . The last time he was heard from was just after his censorship warning from Clawdia. . Hope her censorship rules have not put him off continuing his story
                                Oh, you can go and fuck right off. You yourself replied to the discussion about him having a problem with having skipped chapters and needing to figure out how to fix it.

                                I GET KNOCKED DOWN BUT I GET UP AGAIN!