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Exchanged - Diaper Dimension - Epilogue - Added 2-17-2019

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    Thanks for the comment! Here's the next chapter!

    Chapter 38:

    I STARED AT Amanda for a moment and was about to say yes when I shook my head… “Maybe tomorrow night?” I told her. “I started doing some research and want to wait until I’m sure… I really really really want to… and that kind of scares me?”

    She squeezed me in a hug and sighed, “No worries, you’re probably right… Daddy was pretty much thinking we shouldn’t either…”

    “Believe me I want to… I know the university will let us access medical journals and I just want to read up some more. One of the girls tonight seemed to think after just a month I would lose all control – permanently. I want to find whatever research I can first.”

    She nodded as she laid me down on the changing table and changed my diaper again. “At least I have your sister to help me some…”

    I nodded as she lifted me up and tucked me into my little bed, “Stacy please don’t think I love you any less with Bella here,” she kissed me on the forehead, “Try and get some sleep, you didn’t get much the last couple days!”

    I sighed and said, “Night Mommy,” and rolled over onto my side.

    It took me longer to get to sleep that night than I could remember since I came to the dimension. The diaper especially was a distraction for some reason that night, feeling sweaty and hot for some reason. After a while of sitting there I realized that I needed to go pee and let the padding soak it in. I had so many ideas going on in my head of what do with the nanobots that were still active in my body. I fully planned to use their programming to my advantage in every way I could. They were an incredible tool that I was surprised that every Amazon hadn’t injected themselves with yet. I figured I could go in and give myself some other attributes to make myself stronger. More importantly if I could figure out what made breast milk addictive and tear down control, combat that so that Amanda and I could let ourselves enjoy our parts there. Tomorrow was another day and I hoped I could find some time on my own to work again. Finally after at least an hour I managed to get my brain to turn off until morning.

    THE NEXT MORNING came early as Amanda scooped me from bed and plopped my sleepy form on the changing table. “Come on Princess, time to wake up!” she said as she undid the tabs of my diaper and wiped me with a cold wipe that did spring my eyes open.

    “Cold!” I whined.

    “Well you’re awake now at least. Did you know you wet your diaper last night?”

    I nodded, “Couldn’t go to sleep, ended up going in it before I did.”

    She sighed a bit in relief, “Glad to hear that… I was a little worried,” she admitted.

    I smiled weakly at her and she plopped a pacifier in my mouth.

    “Okay my dad said he wants you dressed like a normal little today so you can blend in and look like he’s just babysitting you for me…”

    I groaned.

    She lived down to my expectations right then by pulling out a pink romper that looked like it thought it was a dress. The top of it was smocked like a fancy dress, but it ended like a romper. I noticed it was missing snaps in the crotch and only had buttons in the back. I groaned knowing that every time I needed a diaper change I’d have to be completely pulled out of it… I was sure that if I wore it no one would believe I wasn’t a pretty baby girl - or at least a well taken care of little!

    “Cute isn’t it!” she told me, “I can’t get this in Bella’s size unfortunately,” she added.

    “Lucky her…” I said.

    “It should make you look like an innocent baby staying with your grandpa for the day. But, with it being a romper, you should be able to still mostly move around.”


    “He did ask that I have you in the thickest diapers that you normally wear.”


    “I don’t ask my dad those things…” she admitted. “I’m guessing if he’s training you, he’s going to worry about the real world?”

    I thought for a second and nodded, knowing that the princess diapers did impede my motion some. “I guess that makes sense… I sure hope none of my friends see me…” I grumbled.

    She laughed as she put the other side tape down on my diaper securely. “Why don’t you stand up so that we can get you into this…”

    “You know this is like the worst outfit to change a baby out of,” I told her as I stood up inside the leg holes and she helped me pull my arms through the sleeves before buttoning the back. “Why didn’t they at least put snaps in the crotch?” I asked.

    She shook her head, “I don’t actually know, you’re right. Hopefully you don’t have to poop right now…”

    I groaned knowing I would probably need to do so before we left. She carried me downstairs and presented me with a bowl of oatmeal and a spoon. I looked and could see Bella looked to have been fed earlier because she was snoozing in the playpen. I started to reach for the spoon but she stopped me so she could add a bib and she picked up the spoon, “Do you mind?” She asked.

    A part of me went, ‘I’m a big girl, I don’t need…’ The other part that had been insanely jealous of all of the attention to Bella; that part took control to nod.

    Amanda smiled and quickly began putting the train in my mouth over and over again until I was done with the bowl. She gave me my cup of coffee and set a bottle of juice next to it afterwards while she went about doing dishes in the sink. I focused on the coffee first and enjoyed every drop while wondering what I was in for today. All too soon I felt a rumbling in my bowels and asked, “Umm… Mommy may I use the potty?”

    She sighed and wiped her soapy hands off before coming to get me out of the highchair. She was about halfway through undoing the little buttons at the back of the romper when I couldn’t hold it much longer. I think it was clear from my face and she said, “Stacy just let it go, I’ll get you right out of it.”

    I whimpered but another cramp meant I wouldn’t make it until she was able to get me out of the romper. With no other option I pushed the mess into my diaper and Amanda wrinkled her nose as it leaked out the diaper onto the romper a little. “Eew,” I complained.

    She sighed but patted my back and carried me back upstairs. “I knew you weren’t a fan of the romper, but did you have to get poopy all over it?”

    I felt tears in my eyes, but she laughed and kissed my head, “It’s okay sweetheart, let’s get you out of that and into something else.”

    “Just get the poop off of me,” I whined.

    She finished what she had started doing with the buttons and slipped it out from underneath me before going to work on my leg with a wipe before she even opened up the diaper. Inside she found a disgusting mess and asked, “You didn’t eat anything strange yesterday, did you?”

    I shook my head, “I don’t think so… I guess I had some food at the party last night, but they said they made it themselves so it was safe?”

    “Hmm… I wonder if they have a mole or something inside their sorority. Could be a high paying job to help sell out the others... Next time you see them ask if they had any problems?”

    “They’ll probably just blame me,” I told her, “they were really suspicious of me since I’ve been adopted already.”

    Once I was rediapered she said, “Well this romper is out, but I bought a dress with the exact same design, let’s go with it!” I groaned when I saw the nearly identical top but with a skirt. She had a pair of pantaloon style panties that she pulled over the top of the diaper first and then had me sit up to put the dress over the top. It didn’t cover much past my waist, so the panties were fully exposed. A pair of frilly socks went on my feet next, but no shoes.

    “Shoes?” I asked her.

    “You wouldn’t be allowed to wear them in my dad’s studio anyway,” she said. “Right now you look like a nice innocent baby.”

    I sighed and nodded, “I guess…”

    She tickled my side for a moment before finding a pacifier to put in my mouth and carrying me downstairs. “Fred?” She called.

    He came from downstairs, “Yes Mandy?”

    “I’m taking Stacy to my dad’s now, I’ll be back in a while. I just changed and fed Bella not long ago, so she’ll probably nap until I get back.”

    “Okay, see you both later,” He told us with a smile.

    Amanda grabbed one of two pink diaper bags that were sitting side by side that had my name on it now. “When did we get new diaper bags?” I asked after pulling my pacifier out.

    “My mom bought them for us yesterday. Seemed to think it would be a bit easier to keep track of if we needed to take you to different places since you definitely wear different sized diapers!” She pushed the pacifier back in my mouth, “Now hush and be a good baby.”

    I sighed and wondered about the weird back and forth my poor brain had to go through sometimes! It didn’t take long before we reached a part of town with a number of strip malls and restaurants. I couldn’t see much out of my seat, but she soon pulled over into a parking lot, gathered my diaper bag and me, pulled my pacifier out to put it away, and walked towards a glass door that she knocked on.

    I just managed to see a sign that said, ‘Colonel Joe’s Self-Defense Training Studio’ before it opened. Grandpa had let her into the large studio that looked nicer than anything I’d seen back home. Practice dummies, punching bags, different weapons, mats, and everything someone might need for practicing martial arts seemed to be there. It looked there might have even been a robotic opponent sitting silently asleep in a corner… A sign above the entrance listed a surprising number of styles that were taught in the studio. “Hi Mandy,” he said as he hugged her after relocking the door.

    “Hi Daddy,” she said.

    “Hi Grandpa,” I said to him too.

    “Well, we have a few hours before I have a class coming in. Mandy I’ll take Stacy to our house for lunch, is there anything I should know about?”

    “Her diapers are in her bag. I just changed her into one of her thick princess diapers earlier. When they get wet they’re supposed to keep her from walking, but she’s learned to adjust pretty well and generally still is able to toddle around. She usually stays in her regular Pampers though, so there’s some of those in there too if you want her to wear something thinner.”

    “Any bottles?”

    “There’s a couple bottles of juice in there if she gets thirsty,” she told him. “What time should I pick her up?”

    “We start our elementary class at 4pm, why don’t you come get her at 5pm?”

    “Sure she’ll be okay in there?” she asked worriedly.

    “Worst case scenario I put a blanket on the floor and tell her to pretend to be a baby. Somehow I don’t think that’ll be necessary. Just be warned she’s probably going to be pretty sore tomorrow!” he told her and me with a smile.

    She looked down worriedly at me but hugged me, kissed me on the forehead, and said, “I’ll see you later Princess.”

    “Bye Mommy,” I told her as she sat me down and went back out the door leaving me with the giant Amazon man who I had no doubt was incredibly skilled and dangerous.

    “Okay, first things first… How long has it been since you were in your last classes?”

    I thought for a moment, “About five years?”

    “Do you remember the last Kata you learned?”

    I nodded, “I think so.”

    “Demonstrate,” he said while motioning me to the center of the floor.

    I respectfully bowed to him and then began running through what I remembered. The diaper I was wearing was still dry, but it definitely changed my sense of balance. Luckily after wearing them for a few weeks it was something I really had mostly adjusted for.

    I honestly expected more loss of motion than I’d had after five years of not practicing, but I guessed the nanites doing their thing helped out. He ran me through a few more exercises to see how powerful I could punch and kick. A punching bag and even some boards were used once he felt like he could trust my control.

    “Okay, Stacy really you’re in much better shape than I would have hoped for…” he told me while I stood respectfully looking up at him.

    “Thank you Sensei,” I told him with a bow, “I’m a bit surprised myself, it’s been a long time.”

    “That’s not to say there’s not a lot for you to learn!”

    I nodded, “Especially given how big Amazons are… I don’t stand a chance if I make a mistake,” I said honestly.

    “No you don’t,” he said.

    Just then I noticed that the diaper I was wearing was sagging a bit and wondered how long we’d been practicing. A look up at the clock surprised me that it said it was nearly noon. “We’ve been going that long?” I said motioning to the clock.

    He looked up and smiled, “When I have a willing pupil I don’t notice time pass either. Why don’t we change that wet diaper and we’ll go to my house so your Granny can feed you a good lunch. We’ll come back here and I’ll work with you a bit on some new forms before the class arrives?”

    “Sounds good, thank you Sensei Grandpa,” I told him with a bow and then accepted his hug.

    “You are definitely in the running to be my favorite granddaughter!” he said with a smile. He carried diaper bag and me back to a locker room, where he quickly changed my diaper, before changing himself. I squirmed a bit as he pulled the Gi he had been wearing off and switched to a set of warm-up pants and a shirt. He then quickly took me to his car. A pink toddler car seat sat waiting for me – I couldn’t help but notice it was probably too big - and front facing, but I didn’t say anything as he tightened the harness down as small as it would go and buckled me in.

    We drove the short distance to their house and I was carried inside where Grandma was eagerly waiting. “There she is!” She cooed.

    “Hi Granny,” I told her as she kissed me and hugged me.

    “Did you remember to change her?” She asked her husband a little accusingly.

    “Of course, I may not understand you women folks fascination of babies, but I can change a diaper…” he grumbled.

    “He did good Granny!” I told her with a smile and a wink and Joe.

    He smirked and said, “See, she even says so!”

    “Well, I guess we better get lunch going here. I just made macaroni and cheese, does that work for you both?” she asked him mainly.

    “That’s fine honey,” he said.

    I was sat in a highchair and couldn’t help but notice that it seemed newer than a couple others that were around. This one was also a normal baby highchair without the straps for littles and I was happy for that. There were several of the other type lined up against a wall for when the grandkids came to visit... Granny grabbed bib for me out of my diaper bag, filled a bottle, and then gave me a small bowl of what looked like homemade macaroni and cheese. She looked apologetic, “I don’t have any small forks…” as she had a large one that could have been a serving fork back home in her hands.

    “Did Mommy leave one in my diaper bag?”

    “I didn’t think to look, let me check!” I watched her check a few compartments before standing up and saying, “Yes she did, my daughter is a very good mommy it turns out!”

    I smiled at her, “Of course she is – she has a good one too!”

    I was able to eat the lunch on my own and had some small conversations with both of them as lunch progressed. Just as I was finishing lunch their home phone rang, “Mandy? Are you okay?” I heard, and then heard her say, “Of course…” she held her hand over the phone, “Joe LPS apparently is at their house, they need us to bring Stacy back for a wellbeing check?”

    “That was sooner than I expected,” he said with a sigh. “Tell her to tell them we’ll be there in about a half-hour.”

    “Mandy, your dad says we’ll be there in about a half-hour. The cavalry is coming,” she told her and hung up.

    “What’s going on?” I asked scared.

    “Sounds like someone decided to play a card to see if they could get you two away through a complaint to Little Protective Services,” Joe said. “I’ll have a friend of mine meet us there. Whatever you do when you get there be cute and compliant with whatever the investigator asks…”

    “Can you change me again first?” I asked having just felt an overwhelming need to urinate.

    “Granny will take care of that,” she told me coming over, “Joe, make your call!”

    Granny came over and unbuckled me from the highchair before taking me upstairs to a nursery I’d only heard about. Definitely designed with littles in mind, the crib, changing table, and other items all had extra straps to hold a ‘naughty’ little. I shuddered more than a little but was glad that Granny didn’t even use a strap on me as she laid me down on the changing table to change my damp diaper. “You want a regular pamper or one of those thicker ones?” she asked me.

    “Which do you think LPS is less likely to thing is neglectful?”

    “Probably the thicker one,” she said.

    “That one then…”

    “At least my daughter dressed you about as babyishly as she could today…”

    “Yeah… but I don’t have my student ID with me…?” I said nervously.

    “Yes you do, it’s in your diaper bag…” she said digging around for a second and handed me the lanyard with it on. “Why don’t you try and put it underneath your dress though so it’s not too obvious?”

    “I really need to get one of those bracelets they talked about yesterday…”

    She hugged me, “You’ll be fine,” before she carried me downstairs, “Joe are you ready?”

    “Yes, let’s get her buckled in and go to her house. Larry said he’s going to meet us there.”

    “Good,” she said and followed him with me and my diaper bag out to her car that had a smaller rear-facing car seat in it, “Don’t you need to get back to the studio?”

    “Hopefully this won’t take that long, but if it does I’ll have Amy take care of running classes.”

    With that I was set down in the seat and buckled in. A pacifier was handed to me with the advice, “Probably best to play baby girl for the next few hours…?” She paused, “At least I think…”

    I nodded at her confusion and hoped everything would be okay. ‘The last thing I need is to be removed from Fred and Amanda by LPS…’ I thought to myself.

    The trip home was both too long and too short at the same time. As Granny undid my harness I saw a van that we had parked behind with ‘Little Protective Services’ on the side. I felt my hair stand on end with that logo for some reason and knew we had to be very careful how we handled the next little while. Granny went to the front door and was followed closely by Joe who was carrying my diaper bag. Just before they were going to open the door Amanda opened it and I looked at how nervous her eyes were. She had a good poker face except for them. Knowing just how vital this afternoon was I said, “Mommy!” and held my arms out to her.

    She took me and hugged me, kissed me, and said, “I love you,” as we walked in. I saw a lady and a gentleman sitting on the couch, Fred in a chair next to them, and Bella in the new playpen they had picked up for home.

    “This is your other daughter?” The lady asked, “I thought she’s going to college?”

    “No classes today, so she was spending the day with us,” Granny told her.

    The lady looked me up and down and said, “I’ll need to examine her like I did your other daughter…”

    I shuddered as I noticed Bella sob a bit and wondered just what this woman was going to be doing to me. Just as she began moving towards me though the doorbell rang. Grandpa Joe didn’t ask for permission and opened it to let in a well-dressed man in a suit. “Thanks for coming Larry,” he said.

    “Anytime Joe,” He said. He turned to Amanda and said, “Nice to see you Amanda,” he held his arms out and hugged her gingerly with me in her arms, then held his hand out to Fred, “Fred,” he said.

    “Thanks for coming,” Amanda told him.

    “So what’s the problem?” he looked towards the two LPS officers, “I’m Larry Worthington, the family attorney.”

    “I’m Diana Ellis and this is Bob Drindel. We’re here because there’s been a complaint against the Westerfields that they are abusing and neglecting their two littles.”

    “From who?” Larry asked. I’m sure he wasn’t expecting a response, but I was glad he asked anyway.

    “It was anonymous. They simply stated that the girls were malnourished, being allowed to roam freely with no bounds, and that the smallest was let run around with no supervision around the university.”

    “Well, those are serious charges, have you seen anything to back them up?”

    “We need to examine Stacy there to see if there’s any sign of abuse there…”

    “By all means, but I and her mother will be present,” he told her.

    She shook her head, “Because she’s been accused of abuse we can’t have her present. If they wish you to be as a third party observer on behalf of the family you may.”

    I looked at this complete stranger in fear, and the one too, and just hoped I wouldn’t be abused in the process here. Larry held his hands out and said, “It’ll be okay Amanda,” and handed me over to this unknown stranger who she seemed to trust. “Stacy I know you don’t know me, but I’ll be right there,” under his breath. “Where do you want to examine her?”

    “Her nursery will work fine,” she said.

    I sighed and hoped this unknown stranger could help keep something more serious from happening to me like seemed to have to Bella. The lady led us upstairs to the nursery and said, “Please set her down on the changing table there,” and she began moving towards me. She examined my hands and arms first, neck, face, legs, and then moved my dress up so she could see my back and chest. “You are a tiny thing aren’t you?” she cooed.

    I shrugged and she pushed me back onto my back and pulled the panties down, followed by my diaper. Larry stood by closely, “Is there any reason for this?”

    “Her diaper’s wet, I’m just changing her before we start chatting. I don’t want her to be any more uncomfortable?” She suggested.

    “I’ll take care of it actually if you don’t mind…” he said.

    “I’m a woman and a mother, I have this quite in hand,” she said.

    “Yes, but I’m her lawyer and her parents have not given you permission to do so. Let me change her really quick myself. You can keep looking for non-existent bruising just as easily from the side.”

    He kind of gently pushed his way in and then quickly undid the diaper I had on and changed it. I squirmed a bit with this unknown man doing it… ‘I trust girls more I think…’ but he was quick and thorough. “I have three daughters at home, the youngest is two, so I’ve had a lot of practice,” he said with a smile as he pulled my dress back down and held me possessively. “Shall we continue the conversation you want ma’am?”


    “The floor?” he suggested, “Littles are always more comfortable on their level, right?”

    She looked at him suspiciously but nodded, “Alright,” and he sat me down beside him, opposite of her, to where if we’d had a table between us we could have been in a legal conference room.

    “Your name is?” She asked.

    “Stacy Westerfield,” I told her.

    “What was it before you were adopted?”

    “Stacy Slane,” I told her.

    “And you willingly went into the adoption agreement?”

    I nodded, “I wished to come study in this dimension and reached an agreement with Mommy and Daddy to adopt me and let me go to school.”

    “Why bother?” she asked narrowing her eyes.

    “This dimension has cooler toys,” I told her.

    She laughed, “Of course it’s about the toys. I guess wood blocks back home aren’t interesting enough?”

    “Something like that,” I told her.

    “Has your Mommy or Daddy ever hit you?” she paused, “Even a spanking?”

    I shook my head, “Mommy and Daddy probably would if I was bad, but I’m a good girl and they’ve never had a reason to spank me.”


    “Never,” I told her. “The only time I’ve had a spanking was when this evil machine did it to me at the store…”

    “I read about that incident…” she paused, “they’ve really never spanked you?”

    “Really,” I said.

    “Sounds like they need to consider more discipline…”

    “Can we continue the questioning please?” Larry asked.

    “Of course,” she said. “We were given reports that you were wandering around on your own on the university campus the past couple of days.”

    “I was never alone ma’am. I had a babysitter at all times,” I told her.


    “An unadopted little can babysit me, correct?”

    “Well…” she stammered.

    “Yes they can,” Larry reminded her. “All of her college friends are unadopted and can watch her without any problem.”

    “Yes, you are correct… but who would leave such a tiny little thing with an irre…”

    “Next line of questioning,” Larry told her. “You agree it’s legal, let’s move on…”

    Her nose flared in irritation, but she continued, “You are aware it’s highly unusual for a little to be in university classes other than a daycare, correct?”

    “So?” I responded, “I can do the work.”

    “What’s the point though, you can’t do work when you finish?”

    “Not your realm of responsibility,” Larry shut her down. “Do you really believe that she’s being neglected?” He waved around, “the girls have a beautiful nursery with gates that lock them inside. You can see she’s well dressed, diapered, and well nourished. What are your legitimate legal concerns at this time?”

    She glared at him, “As you said, she and her sister seem to be well taken care of. I guess I don’t really have any other than I don’t believe she should be going to the university...”

    “Completely legal though, correct?”

    “So long as she is supervised in some way at all times… yes it is.”

    “Then lets head downstairs and get you and your partner on your way to someone who actually needs you perhaps?”

    I was glad that he was there carrying me, and protecting me, because I was honestly quite certain she was more than willing to spank me herself just because… She followed his request though and followed us downstairs. Larry handed me back over to Amanda who was nervously waiting. She hugged me tightly, obviously scared of losing us. “So, you’ve observed my clients take great care of their littles. Nothing to concern yourselves, correct?” He asked them.

    The lady said, “we reserve the right to do another unannounced inspection…”

    “During which time I will be called to observe and make sure my clients rights are not violated, correct?” he said.

    “Of course sir…” the gentleman said, “I don’t really see a need to come back though. If half of our littles were pampered like these two princesses there would be no need for our agency. Come on Diana, this strikes me as one of our jealous calls. It’s probably someone hoping to take these two cuties for themselves. Thank you for your time,” he said and walked out with the lady and Larry following them out.

    When they were gone Larry came back inside, “So who did you all piss off so badly?”

    “I think there’s a list now?” I looked up at Amanda who didn’t smile.

    “Yeah… there does seem to be…” Amanda said.

    THE NEXT HOUR was filled with a long conversation with Larry, we filled him in on what had happened since I had arrived. I had been moved to Fred’s arms, and Bella was in Amanda’s shaking very nervously. I noticed that she wasn’t really saying much about what happened. I learned that in the time before we arrived the lady had done a similar ‘inspection’ on Bella without the help of Larry, and since she’d been all alone with her I couldn’t imagine her being kind. She had been stripped and the lady examined every inch of her, including a very invasive diaper change that Bella whimpered about, but refused to go into detail about. Fred had to keep Amanda from going and finding the woman to kill her then.

    It turns out Larry was the lawyer who had looked over our contract and he told us, “Look we knew that someone would probably make a complaint at some point, but like I said there was no grounds to even really do more than visit once. If they come back let me know and we’ll put an injunction together to block them from coming.”

    “Is there any way to find out who put in the ‘tip’?” Fred asked.

    He shook his head, “they make things anonymous for a reason. When a little really is being abused that would be an asset. Is there anything else going on that I should know about?”

    Amanda looked at Fred and when he nodded she said, “Bella here seems to be getting us some attention since another group was after her. I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the reason for the tip?”

    “Why are they after her?”

    “Information she may have?” Fred replied. “We’re not entirely sure. We adopted her on a flight to Selegnasol to protect her from a stewardess that seemed a little sketchy. Since we adopted her there have been a few attempts to kidnap or attack us. The Trelini crew maybe involved in it, as well as a group called Venture B & E.”

    “Both are trouble…” he said thoughtfully, “I’ve had a couple clients with problems with both. I’ll put a private investigator on it – maybe they can help us figure out who’s after her…” he looked at me, “For now make sure that you stay good and out of trouble at the university. If you got in trouble for something they might be able to come back and make a stronger LPS case.”

    I nervously nodded, “Yes sir,” I told him.

    “Well, if there’s anything else you need let me know, I’m going to go ahead and head back to my office. If they come back call me immediately.”

    “Will do Larry,” Fred responded and walked him out the door with me still in his arms.

    Grandpa Joe stood up then, “I need to get back to the studio. For today let’s call our morning session enough Stacy, next week we’ll start back up as planned.”

    I squirmed so Fred would let me down and went over to hug him. He picked me up and gave me a big squeeze, “You really are adorable, stay out of trouble!” He gave me a kiss on my forehead and transferred me to Granny who had already hugged and kissed Bella goodbye.

    “Be a good girl,” she told me and gave me the same squeeze and kiss routine. She sat me down on the ground and I watched them leave.

    “Well… so what’s for dinner?” Fred asked.

    Amanda smacked him on the arm.


    AMANDA AND FRED talked with us for a while downstairs before letting me go upstairs to get on my computer in our room. I was sitting on the bed as Bella looked forlornly around at the toys. “Play with me?” She asked sadly.

    I sighed, just managing to find the electronic journals available through the university library, but closed my computer and moved to the floor. “What are we playing?” I asked her.


    I sighed, “You’re going to have to keep teaching me what I’m doing here…” I told her.

    She smiled a bit at that, “Okay,” she said and began teaching me how to play ‘nursery’ she decided. We were taking care of the baby dolls and changing their diapers, pretending to feed them bottles, baby food, and rocking them to sleep. I wasn’t sure how long we’d been playing when I watched her sit up a bit and smelled something. Her diaper sagged under her dress then too.

    “Did you just go poop?” I asked her.

    She looked around a little bit confused before saying, “I didn’t even realize…” and then began sobbing and wailing.

    I hugged her larger body for a few minutes unsure of what to do before Amanda came in. “What’s wrong Bella?” she cooed.

    She just sobbed and wailed so she did the Mommy thing and sniffed, “Do you need a diapee change?” she said, “That’s no big deal, let go of Stacy and we’ll get you all clean,” she told her.

    Bella didn’t initially want to let go of me for some reason but was soon transferred onto holding Amanda’s neck. I watched Amanda hug her, kiss her, and bounce for a moment to try and get her calmed. Bella was playing down to the roll of sobbing baby quite well as Amanda laid her down on the changing table and put a pacifier in her mouth. Her sobs quieted a little as she sucked on the pacifier, but you could tell it wasn’t going to calm her completely. Amanda pulled the skirt of her dress up out of the way and began to work on her diaper. I could just hear the rip of the tapes as she began wiping her.

    At that point I could feel myself need to go a bit so I let some urine into the padding of my thick diaper, but knew there was no reason to change it for hours yet.

    “You poor thing,” Amanda continued to coo, “you’ve had an awful week, I don’t blame you for crying one bit.”

    As soon as she had her redressed Amanda carried her over to the rocking chair and settled down with her while wrapping her protectively in a blanket. “Shhh…” she said for several minutes before I watched her sigh, open her blouse, and traded the pacifier in Bella’s mouth for her breast. She continued patting her on the back and rocking while I sat there awkwardly. Figuring that Bella probably would be taking a nap next I started picking up our dolls and accessories to put them away in the toy bin.

    “Leave them out,” Amanda said quietly.

    “Why?” I asked, “What if you step on them?”

    She gave a pained look, “It just shows that you two are well taken care of and playing. The neatness of the nursery was almost a red flag to the LPS lady earlier…”

    I nodded, “Okay then…” and just kind of put the dolls at least to sleep next to the crib. I climbed back onto my bed and opened my computer back up as she moved Bella to her other breast.

    I began looking through some things online until she finished nursing, burped Bella, then laid her down in her crib. Without warning she came over to me and put her hand on my diaper. “That’ll take a lot more, huh?” She asked.

    I nodded, “Yeah it will…”

    “You want to come downstairs while your sister naps?” She asked me quietly.

    “Can I just stay here in case Bella wakes up crying?” I asked her.

    She smiled, “Sure… want a bottle at least to drink?”

    I nodded, “Please,” while thinking what I really wanted was what Bella had just had.

    She hugged me and said, “Okay, be right back.”

    I did a few mundane things on my computer while I waited for her. She reappeared with a juice bottle pretty quickly and handed it to me, “Thanks Mommy,” I told her.

    “Be good,” she told me as she left again. I quickly nursed about half of the bottle down and then got to work on my project.

    I was glad that part of the university privileges for students included access to electronic medical journals and began searching for what I was looking for – studies on Amazon breast milk. Most of them were innocuous enough studies on normal Amazonian babies and their growth and brain development. I read a couple of the abstracts on those and saw that just like in my world, they really did push breastfeeding over formula. Unlike back home though formula seemed less driven by mothers who were unable to lactate enough. What few studies I glanced through seemed to indicate that was a non-existent problem in this dimension. Formula was instead driven by working mothers, or by the mothers who didn’t like to be chomped on by teeth…

    I managed to narrow my search to littles and found several research journals on the nutrition aspect of Amazon milk. They all indicated that an average little could be sustained solely on their mothers milk if they fed every two to three hours. Any less than that and it was likely that a little would be at least somewhat malnourished. It also indicated that by feeding a little only on breastmilk you would get the result of a plumper, healthier looking baby. Several of the articles indicated that you could get away with less nursing sessions by using vitamins, supplementing with formula or baby food. When I finally found a comparison of the components of Amazonian breast milk versus littles I was curious to note that the Amazonian milk contained a high level of calcium and proteins per part, compared to the smaller version.

    A few other studies showed that littles who breastfed were far more likely to be compliant and bond to their ‘mothers.’ Several psychological studies showed ‘babies’ rejecting the breast at very low rates once given at least one nursing session. I came across one study that took free littles and gave them breast milk unknowingly for a week before presenting the mother who had produced it in the same room. In all thirty cases the little instantly hugged the stranger and nursed willingly at her breast. The study noted that there might a psychosomatic trigger caused chemically in the milk. Further study was needed they suggested, as it could be a separately synthesized substance administered to parents struggling to bond with their littles.

    I squirmed at just how invasive and awful some of the experiments were. They were all written up in scientific language, but all I could picture were the Nazis in Germany under Josef Mengele justifying their horrific acts. I shuddered, but kept digging, just hoping I would find something more. The bottle was empty when I finally found a study linking their milk to urinary and bowel control.

    ‘Pathway to Control’ was the name of the study and specifically looked at the usefulness of a specific Casein Protein E3 that was present in Amazon breast milk. Wading further through the technical terminology required several dictionaries and more research, but they named a Pontine Mictruition Center that, along with the spinal cord, controlled bowels and urinary release. The flooding of the body with the amino acid that made up the E3 Protein resulted in the buildup of chains right on the receptors of those two centers. Something about the little receptors bonded very easily with the E3, and they discovered a ‘clumping’ of those chains around them. The effect seemed to be that those centers were inhibited and constantly would give signals to the bladder muscles that it was full. It would also diminish the signal to the cortex of the brain that was used to indicate the status of the bladder. A similar process towards the center that controlled the anal sphincter seemed to occur too.

    I read one paragraph that made me squirm, ‘Short-term studies show that the removal of the protein’s presence will let the centers recover and clear – returning full control to the little. Long-term continual exposure for at least a month seems to result in a residual structure remaining around the center. This seems to be damage that cannot be corrected and the littles rarely showed any control.’

    The study believed that the protein could be isolated and marketed as a medication to help struggling littles who were fighting their diaper training. Included within the study was a diagram of the specified mechanism and I wondered if I could use it to program the nanobots to clear the chains off the centers? Or make an immune response to attack the chains?

    Amanda came in right then though and said, “Ready for din-din?”

    I shook my head and quickly closed out of what I was doing before saying, “Sure.”

    Bella was still fast asleep so Amanda said, “Bella baby, do you want to wake up and have dinner?”

    She just groaned and said, “Don’ feel good.. swweep pwease?”

    I watched Amanda’s face turn into a worried frown, but she said, “yes you can. If you need something call out I’ll have the monitor on downstairs.”

    She just mumbled and rolled over. Amanda came over to me then and stuck her hand on my diaper, “Let’s change you after dinner?”

    I shrugged, “I can’t really feel it in these, so that’s fine.”

    She hugged me and carried me downstairs to my highchair. Some pot roast was cut up along with mashed potatoes on a plate for me. “Thanks!” I told her, “This looks great Mommy!”

    A bottle of juice was placed on the tray too before she asked, “Okay, so what is it you’re working on…?” as she sat down.

    Fred looked at me curiously too, “What are you talking about?” he asked.

    “Our daughter here is most definitely up to something, I just haven’t figured out what it is. Seems she’s been messing around a bit with Mommy making her think she was on the web?”

    “I have been on the web,” I told her.

    “On sites that don’t exist in this dimension?” She asked with a smirk.

    “So it was you…” I smiled and stuck my tongue out at her, “I hoped it was…”

    “Apparently you really are too good at this for your own good, most people wouldn’t have found that, let alone fooled me for a couple days here.”

    I smiled, “I didn’t know who put it on… I’d rather have a secure system,” I told her honestly.

    “That’s probably really smart… now back to my question?”

    I debated about lying, but decided there was no reason to. “I’ve been researching the causes of why your milk would make me lose control.”

    Fred’s eyes went up a bit at that, “How?”

    “I’m a university student, I have full access to the electronic library with journals of medicine and everything else.”

    He nodded, “I have the same access, but haven’t really had a chance to sit down and look myself. Did you find anything?”

    I looked around and mouthed, “We’re secure?” to Amanda.

    She nodded, “I swept earlier and got rid of the four presents the LPS officers left.”

    I sighed and looked at Fred, “I think so. There’s a specific protein that Amazonian milk has that isn’t present in little’s milk. It’s a protein that binds up inside a little’s body on two receptors…” I gave him as technical of an understanding as I had gained about it.

    “Hmm… if you feed long-term though, those build up?” Amanda asked nervously.

    “Yes… Kind of like plaque in arteries… There must be some clearing possible though? I mean clearly some littles who get away and are able to re-potty train?”

    Fred looked thoughtful, “I know that probably ninety percent of them end up still wearing diapers though. Whatever control they gain back can’t be that great?”

    Amanda sighed, “I guess that means no more nursing for you.”

    “Well…” I said.

    “You can’t seriously be thinking of risking it?” Amanda asked.

    “Not without some adjustments…”


    “Give me a day or two and I’ll explain. I don’t want to get my own hopes up yet?”

    She narrowed her eyes at me, “Nothing crazy, right?”

    I just made the most angelic face I could, “Mommy I’m not cwazy… It’s not wike I came to another dimension to get adopted and become a baby again?”

    They both laughed at that and we all finished eating. “May I go back to my room and work on my computer some more?” I asked.

    “Let’s see what your sister is doing first,” she said, “and change that diaper of yours too. You probably can’t even waddle in that thing at this point.”

    I poked at the padding through the weird panty and nodded, “Probably not…”

    She laughed at me quietly and carried me upstairs. Bella seemed to still be asleep so Amanda was quiet as she changed me into a regular pamper. “Let’s take you and your computer down to Mommy’s lab?” she suggested in a whisper.

    I shrugged but nodded and grabbed my computer and tablet from where I’d left them. When we arrived at her workroom I asked Amanda, “How bad was the LPS lady to her? I can’t believe she’s slept this much…?”

    Amanda looked at me thoughtfully, “I honestly don’t know why she’s crashed so hard…”

    I felt my gut tighten then, “Are you sure she’s okay?” I paused, “Are you sure those were really LPS agents?”

    The look of terror on her face made me think she hadn’t considered that. She hurried back down the hallway and cried out, “FRED!!!!!”

    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++

    Dun dun dun… Thanks for your comments, please continue with those and the likes as they help keep me motivated. I’m hoping to be able to get another chapter out next weekend, but it’s kind of a busy week. Seeing comments helps keep my diapered rear in gear! Thanks!


      You and these cliff hangers. I love it. Cant wait to read more.

      "She lived down to my expectations right then by pulling out a pink romper that looked like it thought it was a dress." When you say she lived down here I was a little confused. I am thinking its like, lived up to but in reverse. Maybe some rewording in the final. But it was, and has been a great read.


        Another great chapter as usual , looking forward to the next one.
        When I re-read Chapter 37 I noticed two name change errors . " I'm here to pick up my niece" MADISON said warily and the other is ; as AMANDA reached the Delta Pi party room


          Wooow !! This story is SO awesome !

          I'm glad I found it while being in holidays so I can read it quite quickly ( I couldn't even stop reading when I started anyway).
          Honestly I cone for copper and I found more than gold: Adding to the ab/dl part, the plot development and the characters are so well constructed it's a real pleasure to read you.
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            Sorry about the long wait, here's Chapter 39!

            Chapter 39:

            I SAT THERE in the highchair for a moment as I heard Fred’s footsteps pound down the hallway to our nursery. I looked at the harness I was strapped in with and pressed on the buckle release with all of my might. It took several minutes of trying many different ways before I managed to miraculously get the buckle to come loose. ‘Thank God I’m in a baby’s high chair and not a littles…’ I thought to myself as I climbed down. I hurried to the nursery and found that the baby gate was open and forgotten. Fred held a limp Bella in his arms and was moving towards the changing table.

            “Amanda call 9-1-1!!! Tell the operator she has a very weak pulse and is non-responsive.”

            Amanda stood there for a second looking lost and confused, “What’s happening to her…?”

            My phone was sitting right on my desk so I grabbed it and dialed the number myself.

            “9-1-1, what’s your emergency…?” The operator asked.

            I looked up to see if Amanda looked like she could talk to the operator, but seeing her in a state of shock, so I took the initiative, “My little sister is not responding. My daddy is a doctor and he said she has a very weak pulse and we need an ambulance to take her to the hospital…”

            The lady impressed me by not questioning my squeaky high voice, “What’s your address?”

            I had to think a few moments before responding with the address that I’d needed for some paperwork, “9387 Oak Lane.”

            “Okay, the ambulance is on its way sweetheart, just stay on the phone with me until they get there. Does your daddy know what’s wrong with her?”

            I looked up at Fred who was still watching her carefully. “The operator wants to know if you know what might be wrong with her?”

            Amanda finally snapped out of her stupor then and asked, “Fred… what can I do…”

            “Go get my emergency bag from the car,” he told her. “I have a crash kit in there. I hope we don’t need it, but she’s breathing shallower.”

            She hurried out of the room and he told me, “I think she may have been poisoned. I don’t know what form it was. She was acting strange earlier, right?”

            I thought back and nodded before I relayed that to the operator, “We think she might have been poisoned…”

            “Poisoned? Intentionally?” The lady asked in shock. “Never mind that, can you give me as much information as you can on your sister?”

            I told her Bella’s age, height, and weight then. I decided I didn’t know enough about what happened earlier to know if it was the LPS ‘agents’ or not. It seemed likely to me, but I didn’t mention it to them on the phone since I would just be guessing.

            Amanda came back upstairs quickly with Fred’s emergency bag and handed it to him. I watched as he hurriedly opened it up to find whatever he needed inside. He attached some leads to a small square box, and then attached that to her bare chest. I guessed it must have been some sort of small AED, or heart monitor, as it began beeping irregularly. He grabbed a bag valve mask and placed it on her face, before he began gently squeezing it to help her breathe. From what I could tell she didn’t seem to be improving and Fred’s face looked increasingly concerned as every moment passed.

            After what seemed like an eternity, but was probably only five minutes at the most, the doorbell rang and Amanda ran downstairs to get the door. Paramedics followed her upstairs and assisted Fred in getting her on a small stretcher board. “I think she’s going into some sort of toxic shock. Do you have epinephrine?” I heard him ask as they carried her quickly downstairs to the ambulance.

            As they carried her I found Grandpa’s number on my phone and dialed it as the paramedics had arrived.

            “Grandpa?” I asked as he answered.

            “Stacy? What’s wrong?”

            “Bella… something’s wrong with her! Daddy thinks she might have been poisoned. They’re leaving with her to the hospital…”

            “We’ll be at your house in a minute!” He said and hung up.

            I followed the group downstairs and stood by Amanda as we watched helplessly as they loaded Bella into the ambulance. Fred climbed into the ambulance and they were off a moment later. From what I could tell Amanda just couldn’t register much of anything in her shock. I walked over to her and hugged her legs tightly. Her only response was to reach down, pick me up, and hugged me tightly while she cried her eyes out.

            GRANDPA JOE AND Granny had to have broken every speed limit, and ran traffic lights, to get there as quickly as they did in their two vehicles. Both pulled into the driveway at the same time. Joe appeared to have come all of the way from the studio since he was still in his gi. “Oh baby what happened?” Granny asked as she enveloped Amanda in a tight hug.

            She just sobbed for several minutes, “Stacy… Stacy… and I were talking and… she asked if Bella was really okay…” She tried to get her sniffling under control but was failing miserably. “She had a gut feeling something was wrong… I went to check on Bella and she wouldn’t wake up… I kept shaking her shoulder and then found her pulse was weak…”

            She lost it then and Granny hugged her and consoled her. Grandpa Joe squatted down next to me, “What do you think happened?”

            I shrugged, “I don’t know… Bella seemed fine for a while… but then seemed kind of sick or tired. She could have just been traumatized from whatever that lady did to examine her… but she didn’t want to wake up for dinner… then she didn’t wake up even later… Something about it just seemed wrong when I stopped and thought about it…”

            “I’m so scared Mom…” Amanda sobbed on Granny’s shoulder.

            I walked over and hugged Amanda’s legs and found myself picked up and joined in the crying session.

            “Theresa, why don’t you take Amanda to the hospital. I’ll stay here with Stacy as they probably wouldn’t allow her into the NICU anyway…”

            Amanda looked down at me and I could see she was scared and concerned for the girl that had only been calling her ‘mommy’ for a week. ‘I guess the maternal bonding of an Amazon doesn’t take too long to form…’

            “I’ll be fine Mommy, go check on Bella. Grandpa and I’ll be fine here,” I tried to maintain a fake smile as I could for her sake.

            “Come on Mandy,” Granny told her.

            I was given a squeeze and then handed to Grandpa who watched them leave before bolting the door and carrying me to the couch to sit down. “So really, what do you think happened?” He asked me.

            I shrugged, “That lady had Bella upstairs on her own before we came home earlier. From what little Bella said, it sounded like she was pretty invasive with her inspection for abuse and a diaper change - inappropriately so. She could have easily put something inside of her then or just used a cream on her before putting the diaper over it?”

            His eyes narrowed, “That’s probably a good guess… did she have a diaper change after that?”

            I shrugged, “I don’t keep track, but I think so?” I thought for a moment, “Yeah, she did…” I wrinkled my nose, “Just before dinner it was a poopy one that she was upset about since it was the first one that she didn’t know she had gone…”

            “Come on, let’s go upstairs and see if we can find the diaper she had on… it would be a good idea to have it checked out.”

            “We’re digging through the diaper pail?” I wrinkled my nose and groaned as he hoisted me in the air and carried me to the nursery. Fred’s medical bag’s contents were still strewn about the room. He walked over to our diaper pail and opened it up. Amanda used a type of pail that made little pockets in a long plastic wrapper, sealing each diaper in it’s own smell resistant wrapper section as it was dropped inside. He pulled the tube of used diapers loose from the entry spot and began looking at them.

            “That should be the one, right? She’s a lot larger than you in diaper sizes…”

            He held it to where I could see the poop stains on the larger sized diaper, I grimaced at the smell that began to escape from the pail, “That’s hers alright…”

            “I’ll be right back…” he said before he walked out. I heard his footsteps go down the hallway and he came back with gloves, a Ziploc bag, and a pair of scissors. I watched as he put the gloves on, cut the section of wrapped diaper out, and then placed it into the Ziploc. I wrinkled my nose as a bit of poop smeared against the clear ziploc.

            “I think it would be a good idea to get this to a friend of mine at the police department. They have a good lab and he should be able to test it quickly. Maybe if they can identify the agent they’ll be able to treat Bella better…”

            Just as he pulled off the gloves his cell phone rang, “Fred, what’s the word? Mandy and her mom left about ten minutes ago…”

            I held my breath wondering what Fred would say…

            “Not good then? They can’t identify the poison?” He paused, “Well I have a clue in my hands… it’s the diaper that lady changed her into. I’m going to run it to a friend on the police force. I think they might be able to maybe identify any foreign substance in their lab…?”

            “Well… yeah I could take her there too while I’m at it… She’d be safe? Or maybe Megan can come pick her up?”

            I couldn’t hear the other side of the conversation and it was making me go a little bit nuts. ‘I need to boost the gain on my hearing or something…’ I thought while looking around my room. I just happened to glance up at the video baby monitor then and smacked myself mentally for not thinking about it before. I left Grandpa’s side and ran back down the hallway to Amanda’s lab, where my computer still sat on the tray of my highchair.

            I hesitated for a second as it wasn’t the safest thing in the world, but I climbed up carefully into the seat that was a bit above my head, gathered the computer, and then began an awkward climb down. With my computer in hand I ran back down the hall to our nursery where Grandpa was still talking on the phone.

            “Stay there with her, hopefully the treatment they’re giving her is the right one. You might have Amanda checked for anything too since she came in contact with her when she changed her diaper later? Stacy and I’ll go down to the police station to drop this off and then I’ll drop her off with Megan in her dorm.”

            “See you soon, love you,” Grandpa said and got off of his phone finally just as I opened up my computer.

            “How is Bella doing?” I asked

            “Bella’s heart stopped a couple times on the ride to the hospital… She’s got an erratic heart rate right now, but at least it’s beating. The doctors are treating her the best they can for an unknown poison, but it’s going to be touch and go…” He said before noticing I had my computer at my desk and turned it on. “What are you up to?”

            I pointed to the two cameras that Amanda had to monitor the nursery, “I think those record…”

            “Oh…” he said. “You can get into that? Doesn’t Mandy have it passworded?”

            I gave him a grim smile and then got to work. I quickly hacked my way back into that system and found that the system did indeed record a day’s footage. If I hadn’t thought of it though by tomorrow at this time it would have been gone… I quickly scrolled through the footage until I found Bella being carried into the nursery by the lady. I played it back and watched the lady take Bella’s clothes off. As she did so she said ‘let’s change that wet diapee while we’re checking you out!’ I noticed that after she put the strap over Bella’s chest she reached into her own purse for a pair of gloves and then a bottle of lotion of some sort. We watched as the video clearly showed her spread it all over her diaper area, chest, and legs like baby lotion before she put that bottle back in her purse and put the used gloves inside a Ziploc in her purse too. There would have been no point to her using her own though, because you could clearly see that there was a large bottle of baby lotion on the changing table…

            “That’s pretty damning,” Grandpa said while looking over my shoulder.


            “Download that, and put it in a few safe places?” He suggested.

            “Done already,” I told him. “It’s on my computer, Amanda’s computer, and Fred’s computer. I also uploaded it to an online storage account I have and it’s on this memory stick,” I handed him.

            “You are a nerd baby…” he said with a smirk. “Let’s run now and see if we can identify this poison…”

            I grabbed my backpack, put my computer and power cord in it, grabbed my phone, and added my tablet to in there too. I stopped, “Grandpa, did I hear you say that you’re supposed to drop me off with Megan?”

            “Yes, your Grandma and Fred think it would be a good idea…”

            “Then I guess I better change into a uniform and grab some pajamas and extra diapers while I’m at it…”

            He nodded, “You have your own diaper bag too, right?”

            I pointed downstairs, “I think it’s where you set it down when we came home earlier still.”

            I grabbed a few extra Pampers from the shelf that I could reach and put them in my backpack to be safe. Then I walked to the closet and pointed to one of my uniform sets, “Can you grab two of those to be safe?” I told him and then pointed to the footed pajamas I wanted next, “And that?”

            He smiled, “You need a change first while you’re getting changed?”

            I assessed how the diaper felt in my brain and nodded. He picked me up and sat me down on the changing table before quickly changing my wet diaper like a pro. As he started to pull my outfit off to change me into my uniform I asked, “Actually…Umm… would it be better just to make me seem like a normal baby to your friend?”

            “Normal baby?”

            “Put a hat on me and I look like an innocent three month old infant… he might not display as much prejudice?”

            He looked at me thoughtfully, “Might not be a bad idea actually…” He grabbed the clothes he was going to put on me and folded the outfit neatly and handed it to me, “You have room in your backpack for that?”

            I nodded and pulled the bloomer panties back on and stuffed the clothes as neatly as I could into the backpack. I kept my student ID on my neck, dangling it underneath my dress and walked over to the closet where Amanda had started a hat collection. I found a bonnet that matched my dress and carefully used it to cover all of my hair while he ran downstairs to find the diaper bag.

            “You know there is something to be said for you being able to blend in like that… perfect spy…” he muttered.

            I smiled, “I try!”

            He put another spare uniform, a cute sunsuit dress, and a pair of my footed pajamas into the diaper bag. I made sure that several more diapers, enough for a couple days just in case – I didn’t want to rely on the dorms for diapers! Joe then picked me up and placed me on his hip while I carried my backpack myself on my back. Meanwhile he held the diaper bag and the evidence in his other hand. He made a quick stop in the kitchen to grab a couple of clean baby bottles that he stuffed in the bag along with several sealed bottles of water, and a handful of small bottles of apple juice. “Be careful what you drink around the university,” he reminded me.

            I nodded, “I know…”

            He moved about then setting the house alarm, locking up, and placing me into his car that featured a new rear facing infant carrier car seat now. “When did you get a new seat for me?”

            “Your Grandma dropped it off earlier… she wasn’t too happy with you being in a seat too big for yourself,” he said. “It’ll actually work really well though for your idea. I’ll just carry you in it and rock you back and forth. No way he’ll think you’re anything but the baby you appear to be.”

            I nodded as he closed my door and walked to the drivers’ side. He started the car and I stared at my outfit and hands as he drove for a long while. I was missing the mirror that Amanda had put in the car for me to at least see what was in front of us. I was also missing Bella as someone to talk to at least...

            Just like every time I was in a hurry back home, it seemed like you hit every red light that existed! I sat and thought about Bella and hoped that she’d be okay. Medical technology seemed to be far ahead of our own back home, so hopefully they had something – maybe even the nanites, that could help. I couldn’t help but think that ‘I came close to being the victim too…’ I wondered what the point of killing Bella even would be after everything… ‘I guess they could mutilate her body and get the chip they’re after…’ I kicked myself for not trying to hack it already myself.

            At the police station Grandpa Joe separated the car seat from its base and carried me out of the car. “Grandpa, why don’t you give my pacifier?” I suggested. He set me down on the ground for a second while he dug through the diaper bag and found one to hand me. I plopped it into my mouth and smiled, “Fanks!”

            He smiled back at me and closed the car door before putting the handle of the car seat under his arm and grabbed the evidence from what happened to Bella. I couldn’t see a lot from my vantage point, but the female officer at the desk smiled at me and cooed, “Oh my gosh, she’s such a cutie pie!”

            “Right now she is, wait until she gets hungry or poops that diaper!” Grandpa joked. “I’m amazed how quickly she can go from being cute to a monster!”

            “Oh hush Joe, she’ll grow up with a complex!”

            He laughed, “Maybe… Given the fact my daughter is her mother that may be inevitable,” he chuckled some more, “I’m here to see Bo in the lab?”

            “Yes sir, if you’ll just sign-in here,” she said as she handed him a clipboard that he quickly signed before she handed him a visitors badge. “Your little cutie doesn’t need a badge yet!” she told him.

            He laughed, “Thanks, he’s still in the same place, right?”

            “Same cages for the lab rats,” she said with a joke back.

            He swung me again from his arm and began moving down the hallway to wherever his destination was. He had to be buzzed in through two security doors before he finally sat me down on a table and began talking to this ‘Bo’ person.

            “Hi Joe,” he said extending a hand. Swinging from his arm I actually had a good view of their conversation, seeing that he was quite a bit shorter than Joe - definitely scrawnier than average for an Amazon. I guessed that he was probably only eight and a half feet tall, so Joe easily towered over him.

            “Hey Bo, thanks for letting me come in.”

            “Yeah, no problem Joe, you said it’s an emergency?”

            “Some asshat bitch of a lady poisoned my daughters new little girl she adopted. I think it happened when she took her off to examine her as a fake LPS visit. We have it on video that she rubbed some sort of cream on her, but don’t know what the agent she used was. This was the diaper she was changed into by the lady.”

            I watched the guy wrinkle his nose a bit, “That’s a different piece of evidence… some might say it’s really shitty evidence…”

            Joe gave a small grimacing smile, “The puns never stop with you…”

            He shook his head and shrugged, “I aim to please. Believe it or not it’s definitely not the most disgusting thing I’ve had to analyze. What exactly do you want me to look for?”

            “She rubbed the cream over her diaper area and her chest. I think that’s the substance we need to identify there will probably be more than slight traces inside the diaper on the lining. The lady used gloves when she put the diaper on, so there won’t be fingerprints left to analyze. My granddaughter has been in and out of consciousness and they’re barely keeping her going. If we can figure out the agent she may have a chance…”

            “And if she doesn’t make it?”

            “Then I want to know what she did before I put her down for good,” he said angrily.

            “What were the symptoms?”

            “She was kind of cranky, seemed to have some loose stool – that would be in the diaper you’re holding, and then she became really sleepy. She wouldn’t wake up for dinner and when my daughter went to check on her discovered her barely breathing and non-responsive.”

            “Shit… Well there’s a couple of things that could cause that off the top of my head… I’ll get right on it, maybe it’s a common substance at least with some sort of known treatment. My equipment can probably have an answer in an hour either way?”

            “That’s about as much as I can hope for… I’m going to take my other grandbaby here to my youngest daughter to babysit for the night. We didn’t think it would be good for her to wait in the hospital…”

            “No it wouldn’t… If you drop her off then come back… I’ll probably be about done analyzing it?”

            “Great,” Joe said and shook his hand, “Thanks Bo, I owe you!”

            Bo shook his head, “No, I definitely owe you about fifty times this for saving my skin. This isn’t even close to enough to even the table. Erin would never have been able to raise our kids alone…”

            “I’ll be back in a bit,” Joe said giving him a gentle pat on the shoulder before he picked me back up and carried me out to the car.

            Once I was secured he went into his door and I asked, “What did you do for him?”

            “A few years back there was a crime scene he was on site investigating that was really just a trap by a bunch of cop hating morons. Five heavily armed guys attacked the investigating techs and officers with automatic rifles. They had Bo pinned him down and the rest of his crew was either wounded or dead... I just happened to be nearby having dinner and managed to take down four of them before an injured office managed to get a round off into the head of the fifth. All were wearing heavy body armor… Seven officers died that day. Bo was injured, but I managed to do enough care at the scene that they were able to patch him up in the hospital and send him home to his family.”

            “That’s amazing,” I said, “I had a feeling you were a bonafide hero the second I met you. You remind me a lot of my own grandfather…”

            I felt a bit sad at missing him back home.

            “I’d be honored to meet him some day,” he said to me with a voice that left no doubt that he was smiling.

            The car ride to the university took as long as it took to get to the station. By the time we were there I was both thirsty and had a wet diaper that was getting clammy. He called Megan as he pulled into the parking lot, “Megan? We’re down here in Lot 42, if you’ll come collect your niece?”

            He hopped out of the car and waited for Megan with me. “Let’s change your diaper and get you back into your school clothes…”

            I nodded as he undid the harness straps and then moved me to the back seat on the other side of the car to strip me naked. I was more than slightly embarrassed to be in the midst of a diaper change as Megan came up, “Hi Daddy!” she said and hugged him. “Hi Stacy…” she said as he laid me down on the diaper and taped me in.

            “Hi Megan,” I said.

            “Did you bring pajamas?” She asked me.

            I nodded, “They’re in the diaper bag?” I paused, “I thought it might be better to be in my uniform though?”

            She shook her head, “Pajamas makes you look like an innocent little girl right now… Your uniform would mean people think you’re out after curfew?”

            I grimaced at that knowing that would certainly come with spankings and demerits. My stupid brain recalled that being worth seven… “Should you carry me in the carrier then too?” I asked.

            She looked thoughtfully for a second, “Let me think for a second while we get you dressed. Daddy do you mind if I take over? No offense, but you’re a little out of practice…”

            He laughed, “You girls and your dolls…”

            She tickled my bare stomach and began quickly zipping me into the pink footed-sleeper. “Naw, we’ll leave your carrier here. I’ll just carry you and have your diaper bag on my other shoulder. Daddy can you hand me her backpack?”

            He did so as she held me comfortably on her side. “Any more word on Bella?” She asked nervously.

            “Not yet,” he told her, “I have a lab analyzing some evidence… I’m going to go back there and hopefully have an answer in a half-hour or so. I’ll call you as soon as we know something more about Bella…”

            She gave me a comforting squeeze then, “Okay, I’ll take care of the princess here. I’ll probably need to keep her at their house after tonight though. They’ll get picky on her not being in a littles dorm otherwise…”

            “Yeah… I guess I could just take you there now?”

            “No, you worry about figuring out what happened to Bella. We’ll be fine for a night if I have her in bed pretty quickly when we get inside. No one can say she’s not being taken care of, and I really am just babysitting my niece.”

            He nodded before hugging us both, kissing her on the head, “I love you Megan, see you soon.”

            “Love you too Daddy,” she said with a smile.

            “See you later,” I said.

            She waved my arm bye as we watched him pull out and she began the trek to her dorm room. “Pretend to be sleepy for me, okay?”

            I nodded, “It’s not that hard right now…”

            She gave me a comforting squeeze then and waived her ID at the scanner to enter into her dorm. There were a lot of ‘awes’ and ‘she’s adorable’ comments as I was carried upstairs. Just outside of her room she ran into Raileigh, “Hi Megan,” she said before taking a double take, “why do you have Stacy?”

            Megan sighed, “Her little sister was attacked this afternoon and is in the hospital. I’m babysitting while her parents and my parents are sorting out everything.”

            “Oh my gosh, is your sister going to be okay?” She looked at me.

            I shrugged, “Her heart apparently stopped a couple of times and they’re doing all they can… It doesn’t look good right now,” I admitted with a few tears leaking out of my eyes.

            “Aww you poor thing,” she said sympathetically

            “Yeah… anyway, we’re going to turn in for the night. We’ll see you later,” Megan told her.

            She closed the door and sat me down on the bed, “I thought we were going to have a clean entrance until we saw her…”

            “Will we get any trouble for me being in here?” I asked.

            She shrugged, “It’s an emergency, you’re an adopted little in the capable hands of a babysitter. You don’t live in the dorms, so it’s not like it makes sense to send you there. And, clearly according to the law you’re not able to legally stay on your own.”

            I nodded, “Umm… do you mind if I get on my computer for a little bit here?”

            “Why?” she asked, “I thought you were sleepy?”

            I smirked, “I’m tired, but I’m actually probably okay to stay up for while longer. I wanted to get the image of the lady who did this to Bella and search it against their employees and anyone else?”

            She nodded, “Go ahead, but we’re turning the lights off and laying down in the bed just in case anyone comes by to check on us!”

            “Okay!” I told her.

            “You want a drink before bed?” She asked as she handed me my computer from my bag.

            “There should be a bottle in the bag?” I asked.

            She looked and saw a full juice bottle in addition to the empty bottles, “You really want a baby bottle? You’re not at my sisters house?”

            I smiled, “I’ll tell you a secret…” I blushed, “I don’t think they’re that bad. I actually kind of like nursing from them…”

            “You’re a weirdo, you know that?”

            “Takes one to know one?” I suggested.

            “Why you,” she said with a smirk and launched into a quick tickle attack before saying, “I actually need to go to the bathroom before bed… you’re coming with me because I can’t leave you alone in here.”

            I nodded and held my arms out. She balanced me on her hip and carried a carrier of stuff with her in her other hand to the bathroom. She washed her face, brushed her teeth, and then used the toilet with me sitting there in the stall with her. When we emerged an older student was standing by the mirror. She seemed to be waiting for us.

            “Megan, I heard you have a little university student here? You know you can’t adopt from the university littles?”

            Megan laughed, “I haven’t, this is my niece. Her baby sister is in the hospital in the ICU… My sister, who’s her mom, had nowhere else for her to stay tonight. Our dad asked me to just babysit her here for the night with everything going on. We’re going to make a blanket fort and a bed on the ground so she can’t accidentally fall out of bed. Kind of a slumber party?”

            “She’s a student though? Shouldn’t she be in Wennig?”

            “Terra she doesn’t live in the dorm. She’s adopted.”

            “Then how is she a university student? Every little university student has to live in Wennig…”

            ‘Clearly this girl isn’t too bright…’ I thought to myself.

            “I can be a student because my Mommy enrolled me here because I’m smart.”

            She scoffed at that, “No little is smart.”

            “Well I kind of am,” I told her. “Now I know this is unusual, but I’m just here for tonight. I’m in a diaper, so there’s no worry of me leaking anywhere and making a mess. Aunty Megan is my babysitter, is there really a big problem?”

            She looked at me skeptically, “I guess not… it is a special circumstance, but you do need to be in bed like now. Little’s were supposed to be in bed an hour ago…”

            “I couldn’t just leave her unwatched in my room by herself,” Megan reminded her.

            The girl rolled her eyes for some reason and we were able to make a quick exit from the bathroom to her room. “Work quickly,” she told me after she pulled her mattress down and began making a blanket fort like she’d talked about.

            I didn’t waste anytime loading the computer and running digging into the LPS systems. I ran her picture against a database of IDs and failed to match her. I thought back and remembered her name was supposedly Diana Ellis and typed that into the system. Her name came up as an employee, but she was most definitely not the lady we had seen that afternoon.

            “Shit…” I said softly.

            “Stacy!” Megan admonished me quietly.

            “Sorry… but the lady earlier was a fraud!”

            She looked at the information I showed her and added her own, “Shit…”

            “Auntie Megan, I have delicate ears here…” she responded with sticking her tongue out and dialing her phone.

            “Dad?” She said quietly, “It’s Megan… Stacy just figured out the lady from this afternoon was a fraud…” I listened as she outlined what I had said and kept searching the ladies image. It finally matched up with a company ID for Venture B & E. I showed her that, “Dad Stacy just gave me some more information that the lady works for that company they had problems with in Selegnasol…”

            I could hear over the phone him say, “Shit… hold on one sec…”

            “Is he at the lab?” I asked her.

            She nodded, “Yeah I’m still here…” she listened for a second, “Yes sir, we’ll keep the door locked until you or Megan come tomorrow. Love you Daddy, tell Mandy that I love her too please,” and then hung up.

            “They find something?” I asked her.

            “He says they identified a poison and he’s calling Fred at the hospital to see if the information helps with treatment.”

            “Did he say what it was?”

            “Iocainoxitate?” she paused, “I think that’s what I heard the tech tell Dad?”

            I quickly typed the name into a search browser and felt my heart drop,

            ‘Iocainoxitate is used in industrial settings to aid in the production of beryllium isopheres. The compound is considered highly hazardous and full protective gear must be worn to insure no exposure to skin or lungs occurs. Exposure to quantities as low as 10 mcg are known to be fatal to adults.’

            “This doesn’t look good,” I said feeling tears go down my face.

            She looked over my shoulder and then hugged me, “There’s still hope,” she told me.

            I nodded, but didn’t agree verbally because what little I could see didn’t lend a lot of hope. I decided it was time to call it a night and had closed the computer and laid down under the blanket ceiling of the fort she made when there was a light knock. I gave a look at Megan and put my head down to pretend to sleep.

            I heard her lightly step to the door and opened it, “Yes?” she said to the person.

            “I was told you have a little student from the university in here?”

            “I have my niece here. She is a student, but she’s been adopted by my sister and enrolled here. I’m babysitting her right now while her parents and my parents are at the hospital. Her little sister is in very bad shape there.”

            “You know they have their own dorm…”

            “But she doesn’t live there.” She sighed, “Look, I’ll watch her at my parents home or her house tomorrow night if need be, but this was a very urgent emergency. Her sister’s heart stopped several times and she may not make it through the night…”

            “Oh my…” the voice said.

            “Yeah… so can you please just let her stay here tonight? She’s already asleep?”

            “This one time only… Any other time you have to watch her you need to babysit at her house, or she needs to get a bed in Wenig since she’s a student.”

            “Thanks Carmen, I appreciate you doing this,” she said sweetly. “Now I don’t want to wake her up, so good night,” she told the girl.

            I think we both feared the girl, who I suspected was the Resident Hall Director, would stand outside and wait to see if we began talking. Megan locked the door and changed into her own pajamas before laying down on the mattress next to me and giving me a big hug. “Let’s not risk her coming back…” she whispered in my ear and I nodded.

            I found her arms to be quite comfortable around me, and with the sound of her heart beating drumming in my ears, I was lulled to sleep fairly quickly.

            AS I WENT to sleep I feared the phone ringing telling us Bella had died. Instead neither Megan, nor I, woke up until close to ten in the morning when there was a knock on the door. Megan was apparently as much of a morning person as I was because it took a few minutes of knocking before she sat me up and crawled her way out of the blanket fort to the door. I followed her needing to pee badly. I let it out nearly completely involuntarily as she opened the door revealing Dean Sanders’ face.

            “Good morning Dean Sanders,” I said standing beside Megan.

            “Good morning ladies. Megan I had an odd message this morning from your RD that a little was staying with you. Do you have an explanation? This is normally against the code of conduct for our university for both big and little girls,” she said coldly.

            “Would you like to come in and have a seat?” Megan said with a surprisingly calm smile as she looked at her and picked me up protectively in her arms.

            “I guess,” she said and Megan motioned her towards a small couch she had in one side of her room.

            Megan settled herself down while placing me onto her lap in a desk chair. “Last night my dad called me and said that they had to rush Stacy’s sister to the hospital. It’s been touch and go all night long for her after she was there. My dad was needed to do a few other things and then went to the hospital with my mom to wait with Stacy’s mom and dad for word with Bella. Without anywhere else to send her for the night she came here.”

            “What happened to your sister?” Dean Sanders asked me.

            I debated on what to tell her, but decided to tell her the truth, “We think a lady impersonated an LPS officer yesterday and poisoned her.”

            She narrowed her eyes, “You shouldn’t make up stories young lady…”

            Just then another knock came on the door. Dean Sanders motioned for Megan to stay there and went to open the door herself. Amanda stood there and didn’t really look shocked to see Dean Sanders face, “Good morning Jackie,” she said to her tiredly.

            “Amanda you look like hell,” she said.

            I couldn’t help but agree as her hair was a mess and she was clearly wearing the same clothes as the day before. It looked like she had taken her makeup off at one point and her bare face presented itself with red baggy eyes.

            “I feel like it too Jackie. I’m guessing you’re here because Stacy stayed overnight here?”

            “Yes I am. I am willing to consider this being a one time exceptional thing, but I’m a little concerned that your baby girl is making up stories. We can’t have students lying to the administration…”

            “What did she say?”

            “Some contrived story about an LPS officer poisoning her sister? What kind of person does she think I am to believe a tall tale like that?”

            “Umm… Actually it’s true,” Amanda told her. “They arrested her an hour ago and she’s going to be indicted for attempted murder.”

            “Bella’s okay then?” I asked cueing into the ‘attempted’ word.

            “She’s not going to come out of this easily Stacy, but with a good team of doctors she’s going to mostly be alright…”

            “Mostly?” Megan asked behind me.

            “We’re afraid there’s going to be some brain damage and organ damage that’s going to affect her long term.”

            “You’re kidding?” Dean Sanders asked, “Who would do such a thing to someone else’s baby?”

            “The same group that tried to have Stacy kidnapped last week here on campus, broke into our house, and the same group that actually broke into our house again last night. It was a good thing that Stacy was here with Megan last night, or they would have gotten her too.”

            Dean Sanders had gone from looking like my future in the university was bleak to suddenly feeling bad for me. “That’s terrible… What are you going to do now?”

            “Well we have contractors taking care of the house, but we may need to go stay with my parents to be safer until they get this all figured out.”

            “Well… if you can’t get things easily sorted Stacy could stay in the dorms?”

            “I guess we can keep that in mind… but I’d rather not have her that far from me. Besides, you probably don’t even have any rooms free?”

            “Well… it’s the beginning of the year. We usually end up having to consolidate dorm rooms a couple times through the freshman semester. We’re almost to that first consolidation now… I know her nest already has two empty beds now.”

            I cringed mentally and wondered who the two unlucky girls were.

            “If this doesn’t work out we’ll think about it,” Amanda said, “but she’s my baby girl and I don’t really want to not have her around as much as possible. Plus it’ll be helpful to have her around to help Bella get better…”

            “It’ll stay an option…”

            “So I guess our next question is there going to be anything we need to worry about consequences from her staying here last night?”

            Dean Sanders looked like she was thinking for a moment, “No, Megan was babysitting her niece during an emergency. Well let this one slide. In the future though she needs to be babysat elsewhere. A dorm is no place for a baby…” she looked at us sternly.

            “Yes ma’am,” Megan told her.

            “Well, if you’ll excuse me I’m going to get home to my own babies who are due for lunch soon. Or at least I’m due for lunch soon… My breasts definitely feel like it’s lunch,” she said as a joke to Amanda.

            She gave a wry smile and nod, “I know what you mean, have a good weekend Jackie.”

            As she left Amanda closed the door then came to pick me up and I asked, “So what is going on with Bella?”

            She sighed, “It was touch and go last night until my dad called with the information on what the poison was. Bella’s heart stopped three times before some of the medication stabilized her. Once we knew what the poison was we treated her with some nanites to rid her body of the substance…”

            I felt my face fall and panicked, “They weren’t modified?”

            She grimaced, “I only had about ten minutes to get through the settings. I got rid of the same things that we did with you, but missed a reduction setting, and her face has the same baby face look you have now.”

            “How small did she get?” Megan asked.

            “She’s probably only taller than Stacy by a few inches now. They can probably share dresses and some outfits now…”

            I raised my eyebrows at that, “Poor Bella…” I said.

            “Anything else?”

            “We think that’s it as far as the mods are concerned, but she’s still unconscious and probably will remain so for another day to give her body a chance to heal…”

            I hugged Amanda, “I’m glad she’s going to be okay.”

            “Me too…” she said softly. “Well, I think it would be a good idea to get you out of here Stacy. Megan, do you think you could stay at Mom and Dad’s with her tonight? At least one of them will probably be there too, but that way I know someone else is there?”

            “Sure, it’s not like we have any homework yet anyway,” Megan said with a smile. “I’m sure I can deal with putting up with Mom and Dad for a night…” she sighed theatrically.

            “Just keep an eye on her for me if Chloe and Cassie come over tomorrow?”

            “Ugh… I forgot I was going to have to smell their insanity tomorrow…” I looked up at her and she said, “I really don’t get our sisters keeping their littles in poopy diapers. They smell terrible and I’d rather see any diaper get changed immediately so you don’t have to smell it! Plus if they sit in it…”

            Amanda sighed, “They’re definitely the nutty ones…” she agreed. “Let’s change that wet diaper and get you into a uniform before we leave?” She suggested to me.

            I just nodded and went along with it. Just as we were leaving I thought about something, “Mommy?”

            “Yes Stacy?”

            “Can we go by the bookstore really quick? They said we could get a different ID in a wristband form to avoid having our ID being stolen?”

            She looked nervously at me and her watch before nodding, “Yes let’s go get one for you…”

            It was a quick paced walk to the bookstore where I had to run to keep up with my two giant companions. At the bookstore we were directed to a counter where my ID was scanned, wrist measured, and I was given a wristband that I put adjacent to my LittleProtect Watch that I was assured would be just as impossible to remove without the proper university tools.

            We didn’t stick around long though and I ended up motioning that I wanted up to Amanda as we walked away so I wouldn’t have to run to keep up with them. I played with the wristband all the way to Grandma and Grandpa’s house. Megan picked me up from the carseat, while Amanda grabbed the bags that were mine and a small one for Megan that she’d brought with her. As soon as we were inside Grandpa greeted us, “Hi girls.”

            “Hi Daddy,” Megan said and gave him a hug.

            “Hi Dad,” Amanda said, “You’re sure you’re good with Stacy being here tonight?”

            “Of course sweetheart… I’ll make sure nothing happens to her. Go ahead and get back to the hospital and keep an eye on Bella. Your mom will be by here in a while too to check on you all. She just went to pick up some groceries for the weekend.”

            “Thanks Dad, I appreciate that you already took care of the house too…”

            “Of course… I’m just mad that they got in. I’m glad that Stacy stayed with Megan, but until we get this situation sorted out we’re going to need everyone being really careful for their safety.”

            “I know… I’m glad the university is splitting the cost for security at least.” Amanda said.

            “Well it wouldn’t be good for one of their lead researchers, or star doctors to get killed…”

            “You forgot the genius student too…” Megan said with a smile.

            “Mandy go be with Bella,” her dad ordered. “Between myself and Megan we’ve got Stacy more than covered!”

            Amanda suddenly burst into tears then and her dad hugged her, “It’s going to be okay Mandy,” he reassured her. I almost felt embarrassed as I looked on from Megan’s arms, but she got herself together soon after. “You okay to drive?” He asked her when she began walking out to the door.

            “Yes, it’s not far and I’ll be fine,” she came over and took me from Megan’s arms, “I love you Stacy and I’m so glad that you’re okay. I feel terrible what I let happen to Bella… I’m glad you’re at least okay.”

            I hugged her back, “You have nothing to be guilty about Mommy, you were given credentials and had to follow LPS orders or they could have removed both of us then. They did have one legitimate agent… You couldn’t do anything. Go be with Bella now and we’ll figure out how to get her back to normal when she’s healed.”

            She squeezed me, “I love you more than you can know.”

            “I love you too.”

            She was gone a few minutes later and Megan said, “you didn’t get a bath last night or this morning… you want a bath or a shower?”

            I looked at her, sniffed myself, and nodded, “A bath would be nice…”

            ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++

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            That is a lot closer to reality with the other 3 chapters ready to go now too! (Don't fret, there's probably another 4 after that!) I'll try and get to a regular posting schedule on Friday evenings for the next few weeks at least. Anyway, thanks for sticking with me so far! Let me know what you think about this chapter with a like and or a comment please!


              Another great chapter, another plus for Stacey in recognising that Bella was acting in an unusual way. I see the university are still upset that Stacy does not comply with their normal littles policy , which makes it harder for them to get her into etiquette school .
              I noticed one minor error the spelling for the little's dorm seems to be spelt 3 different ways Wienneg , Wennig and Wenig


                Thank you for this new chapter, a great one as usual.
                The plot's development around Bella is nice with quite a bit of supence. I can't wait to see how all of this will turn for her and Stacy. Particularly what Stacy will be able to do with her nanites and Bella's now.

                Please never consider your story too long. As long as the quality stay this good it will always be a pleasure to read you. There are so much things to develop like Stacy's studies, the lab AI, will Stacy go back in her dimension ... the list would be too long to complete but the idea is here: please keep writting !!

                Thank you for your work, I hope to read more soon.


                  Chapter 40:

                  MY BATH WITH Megan was much like one with Amanda would have been. Even though Megan normally showed that she valued me more as a thinking adult than most, she played with me probably more in the bath than Amanda had. I enjoyed the bubble bath that finished with my body tightly swaddled in a towel and carried down to the nursery. I gulped as she laid me down on the changing table. A quick glance showed me that was clearly designed not for babies, but littles. The head, wrist, and arm straps showed that there was a belief littles needed to be restrained with more than just with a chest belt.

                  Fortunately for me Megan didn’t buckle anything but the chest belt as she pulled the towel away. “So what do you want to do today?” She asked me as she lifted my ankles in the air to slide a diaper underneath me.

                  “Play with my computer?” I suggested.

                  She gave me a look, “Didn’t you get enough playtime on it last night?”

                  I pouted, “No, I only made it through the first level of my game,” I told her. I motioned with my head towards the monitor and who knows what other bugs after what we’d been dealing with.

                  She laughed, “Okay, I guess you can play with your computer until lunch. Then you’re going to have to take a nap though. Grandma will insist on it,” she told me with a smile. “If you’re just going to play on the computer then let’s put you in this cute romper,” she held up one of my many cute rompers that ballooned into a set of bloomer type bottoms. As soon as I was dressed she handed me my backpack and put me inside a playpen along with a bottle of juice.

                  “Be good,” she told me with a smile.

                  I opened my computer and then immediately groaned because I didn’t have their WiFi password… My new phone was next to me though and I discovered it could act as a hotspot. A few quick adjustments in the settings had me back in and able to work on my projects.

                  The first thing I did was make sure that I was secure though. I took care to spoof my location and build up multiple layers of security hiding my identity before going to work first on our attackers. I found that they had indeed arrested the lady who had attacked Bella early this morning. From what I could see in the police system she seemed to have clammed up and refused to talk after asking for a lawyer. I saw that they had arraignment scheduled for this afternoon. I decided to follow the money... ‘Who paid for the lawyer?’ I asked myself.

                  It took a while, but I eventually confirmed that Venture B&E was paying the bill for the attorney.

                  I sat and thought for a moment, debating on my next move. We couldn’t keep playing on the defensive and hope that none of the attacks would succeed. Obviously last night they had intended on getting me and whoever else was left in the house. A quick look at that police report revealed they had four suspects in custody who had also clammed up. Given the severity of their charges I saw the DA was attempting to get all five of them to be held without bail. I had to wonder how much their employers would protect all of them though.

                  I decided that before I did anything else I needed to talk with Fred and Amanda. I had a few ideas on ways we could go on the offensive against this company, but I didn’t want to do so without their okay. With my ideas exhausted I went back to my earlier project from the previous night to see if I could program the nanites to bind with the problem protein and clear them out.

                  I lost track of time and failed to notice Megan watching over my shoulder for a few minutes. “Whatcha doing?” she asked me in a voice that made me feel like she’d caught me with my hand in the cookie jar.

                  “Umm… well… a project?” I said innocently.

                  “Why don’t you close it down and tell me about it over lunch?”

                  I blushed and did as she said, pressing a quick shortcut key that killed everything I’d been doing. I held my hands up to her and she picked me up and put her hand underneath my diaper as she carried me on her hip downstairs and deposited me into a new looking high chair that was a regular baby’s high chair. I was a little surprised as I figured I’d be stuck in the little ones I knew they had, but didn’t complain! She put a bib on me and brought over a peanut butter and jelly sandwich that she’d cut into smaller triangles for me, while she had a larger version for herself.

                  “I hope you don’t mind peanut butter and jelly?” She asked.

                  I shrugged, “It’s fine.”

                  “Good, so what were you up to?”

                  I sighed, “Has grandpa swept this room?” I asked.

                  “Yes, I just did,” he said entering the room. “Why do you ask?”

                  “Megan was asking me some questions I didn’t want to risk others hearing…”

                  “So…?” Megan asked.

                  I sighed, “I started off looking into the guys who broke into our house and the lady who poisoned Bella. There’s nothing else that can really be done there though…”

                  “No, it’s pretty much in the courts hands now,” Grandpa Joe said. “I think they’re going before a judge who’s pretty honest. He’s normally pretty harsh on things like this, but we’ll see what happens.”

                  “It’s all about the money,” I sighed.

                  “Yes it is,” he said.

                  “So what was with the chemistry I saw you looking at?” She asked me.

                  “I’m looking into the adverse effects of breast milk…” I said turning bright red.

                  “Which ones?” She asked.

                  “The loss of continence…”

                  “That would be a big breakthrough,” Megan said.

                  “And potentially a bit target on your back…” Grandpa said sitting down with a glass of iced tea across the table from Megan.

                  “I know… it’s why I’ve been keeping it low key,” I said to them. “I haven’t even told Am… Mommy how far I’ve made with it.”

                  “You actually know what causes it?” Megan asks.

                  I nodded and walked her through it, “I think if I can program a nanite set to act as a T-Cell of sorts to go and bind to the protein and block the binding of the receptors there’s a good chance I can prevent the effects.”

                  “Or you could reverse it and cause the problems…” Grandpa noted.

                  “It’s definitely playing with fire,” I agreed. “But…”

                  “What about the addictive parts?” Megan asked.

                  “I haven’t made it that far… I don’t actually mind that part since I know littles are able to get past that.” I admitted.

                  “It’s an interesting idea,” Grandpa Joe admitted.

                  “Just be really careful Stacy, you never know what unintended consequences you might have.”

                  I nodded but didn’t say anything else, instead putting a piece of sandwich in my mouth and chewing.

                  “So what are you two up the rest of today?” Joe asked us.

                  “Well originally I was going to go do some shopping with my friends,” Megan said, “but given everything going on... I think staying home and working on some video game skills is probably smarter.”

                  Joe shook his head, “I don’t know what I did wrong with you girls... “

                  I laughed at that and he shot me a mock glare, “Don’t you go there missy, you’re as much of a nerd as your mommy…”

                  I stuck my tongue out at him and Megan and he both laughed. “I’m going to spend the rest of the afternoon making sure this house is secure for the night before working on figuring out what we can do with your home Stacy.”

                  It was weird hearing it called, ‘my home,’ but it did feel that way at this point. “I don’t know what more you can do…” I told him.

                  “I’m thinking robot security guards?” He suggested.

                  My eyes opened in terror… “Does it have to be robots…?” I could feel my rear still feel phantom pains from that stupid swing.

                  “I’ll see if I can think of something else,” he said sympathetically.

                  I nodded and took a drink from the bottle on the tray. I was full and asked, “May I go get back on my computer please?”

                  Megan shook her head, “I think a nap would be a good idea first…”

                  “I don’t need…” I started to complain.

                  “Think about last night and yesterday?” Megan said, “I want to take one myself too. Why don’t you just come take one with me?”

                  I wanted to complain but I knew even with Megan if she wanted me to take a nap she would be able to make me take a nap… I sighed, “I guess…”

                  “Great,” she said as she picked me up out of the highchair and wiped my face of some crumbs with the bib she’d used on me. I made a face but she just laughed and put me back on her hip. She felt the diaper underneath the romper and said, “I’ll change you after your nap…”

                  “Our nap you mean?” I asked.

                  She squeezed me, “Our nap then.”

                  We went up to her room that was obviously still hers with posters, pictures, stuffed animals, and a faded purple wall that I suspected was a color she liked when she was little. A faded sign on the door said ‘Princess Megan’ much like the one on my door at Amanda’s house. She laid me down on a daybed that was set against the wall on the side closest to the wall. As soon as I was down she kicked off her shoes and laid down next to me, cuddling me like a teddy bear.

                  I sighed as she was pretty warm but closed my eyes while trying to think of what else I could do. She actually went to sleep too though, because I learned she snores!

                  MEGAN DEFINITELY WOKE up from our nap before I did. I eventually rolled over and looked at her doing something on her computer at a desk that was adjacent to a bay window that had a bench tucked inside. As I sat up she was oblivious to my waking up and seemed intent on the screen in front of her. I crawled to the edge of the bed and looked at the long drop down to the floor.

                  I sighed as I realized I needed to pee badly right then and let it loose in the diaper before saying, “Megan?”

                  She looked up surprised, “Oh, you woke up!” she said with a smile and came over to me. I felt her hand check my diaper and she said, “How about we get you out of that icky wet diapee?”

                  I nodded, “Please…”

                  She carried me down the hallway back to the nursery and made quick work of the diaper change and said, “So I’m guessing you’re happy if you have your computer somewhere?”

                  “That bay window in your room?” I suggested.

                  She smiled, “I’ve always loved that window seat, sure that’s fine. Let’s grab you a bottle from the kitchen real quick on our way so I know you’re staying hydrated.” She held me as she bent over and picked up my bag of electronics from the playpen, carried me down the hallway to the stairs and grabbed a bottle from the fridge, and then placed me on the comfy cushioned window seat to work.

                  “Thanks,” I said as she handed over the bottle of juice to me.

                  “Comfy?” She asked.

                  I nodded, “Much better than the playpen…”

                  She giggled at that, “I’m going to get back to my game then…”

                  I gave my own giggle and watched her begin to play some sort of city simulation game and got back to my own tasks. I began exploring the software the university had available for students and came across a chemical simulation program that was able to run on my computer, albeit slowly. With fantastic graphics I was able to import the chemical structure of the protein that was so problematic in Amanda’s milk, and modeled the receptors that would be needed to collect it and send it through the bodies endocrine system.

                  I was working on it for about an hour when Megan said, “You’re going about that wrong…”

                  I started as I hadn’t even noticed her approach as she had climbed on the cushion next to me. After I got my heartrate down a bit I asked, “What am I doing wrong?”

                  “Do this…” she walked me through another method for ten minutes, explaining why along the way, and the simulation was suddenly successful. “So if you get this going on in your body breastfeeding becomes okay again?”

                  “I’m hoping…” I admitted.

                  “Speaking of leaky breasts… I’m going to drop you off in the playpen for a bit while I take care of mine…”

                  “I’m sorry,” I told her, knowing my presence was responsible.

                  “Don’t be… though I have to say if you get this figured out I may want some help at some point…”

                  I smiled, “I’d be okay with that…”

                  She gave me a hug and helped me reclaim my electronics and moved me to the playpen in the nursery before taking off. I used that time to drain some more of the bottle she’d left me with. I had promised I wouldn’t do this edit without letting Amanda check over my work, so I decided to move on with another project.

                  The nanites seemed to have other potential uses and I wondered just what else I could do with them… Just as I was thinking of my plans for future uses my phone suddenly shocked me by ringing with Amanda’s face showing up on the screen. I picked it up and said, “Hello?”

                  “Stacy?” Amanda asked tentatively.

                  “Hi Mommy,” I said, “How’s Bella?”

                  “She’s doing a lot better right now. I need you to do something for me for tonight… The real LPS agency is sending over a team on a well being check. Can you get Megan to help you put your toys away?”

                  I grimaced, “Yes Mommy, how far are they away?”

                  “About a half-hour, they were told our lawyer must be present and your grandfather is insisting on an officer that he knows he can trust absolutely.”

                  “Okay, I’ll get myself in cute baby mode… I love you Mommy!”

                  “Love you too,” she told me.

                  I cut the connection and called out for Megan, “Auntie Megan!”

                  “What’s wrong Stacy?”

                  “We have guests coming…” I told her as I was putting everything away into my backpack. “I need to look like a well taken care of little…”

                  She nodded and began helping me with the backpack and clothes being put away out of sight. “Did you pack any of your princess diapers?” she asked.

                  I shook my head.

                  “I bought some last week and they’re in the diaper stacker,” Grandma’s voice said coming in through the hallway. “Good idea for putting her into one of those.” She dug for a second in a hanging diaper stacker and handed her the pink rectangle, “Here, get her changed into that. You have her in a good outfit, I’m going to take this playpen downstairs along with some toys for looking like she’s spending time playing with them like a good little. Why don’t you just hold her on your lap and watch something safe on TV together until they come.”

                  “Is it normal or fair for them to assess her in this house?” Megan asked.

                  “Not really, but fortunately I’ve kept everything baby proofed for your sisters babies. No real point in it for the littles, it’s not like Stacy is going to be foolish enough to put something in an electrical outlet and electrocute herself, but LPS would insist on it otherwise…” She shook her head, “Go on, get that diaper changed and get downstairs,” she ordered.

                  “So how scared should I be right now?” I asked Megan as popped the snaps on my romper and pulled the tapes of the slightly wet diaper loose.

                  “I don’t know honestly Stacy… Hopefully Dad and Larry have this in hand,” she told me as she lifted my feet in the air and pulled the old diaper out and put the new on in place. She held my feet in the air for a second longer to wipe me thoroughly and then put some lotion on from my diaper bag. I shuddered for a second but knew that lotion had to have been safe at least. As soon as she was satisfied she wiped her hands on a wipe and taped me in. The romper was snapped shut and she carried me to the bathroom where she washed her hands.

                  “Let’s get you a pacifier?” She suggested.

                  “Maybe a bottle too?” I said with my mouth feeling very dry all of the sudden.

                  She gently squeezed me before retrieving one of my pacifiers that she attached to my outfit with a clip and stuffed the nipple of it into my mouth. She patted me gently on the back as we moved downstairs and I suckled on the reassuring pacifier, just hoping beyond hope that nothing bad was about to happen to me. She stopped at the fridge and grabbed a bottle of juice and carried me to the couch and exchanged the pacifier for the bottle that she held as she turned on a movie that she decided on, “This is a kids movie and it’s free of subliminal messages as far as anyone knows.”

                  “Okay,” I said pausing from the bottle for a second. I had downed maybe half of the bottle when the doorbell rang and Grandpa moved to open the door.

                  “Hey Larry,” he said as he let in his lawyer friend.

                  “Hi Joe, did I beat them here?”

                  “They should be arriving anytime now I would expect,” he said as I looked up from the bottle I was drinking from.

                  I embarrassingly put it down as he came to sit down in a chair that Joe provided next to the couch. “How are you doing Stacy?” He asked politely.

                  I shrugged, “I’ve been better. Do you know what they’re coming for?”

                  “I…” he started to say when the doorbell rang and Grandpa Joe went for the door.

                  “Hi, I’m Claire Parsons, I’m with Little Protection Services, and this is Police Detective Deming,” I heard from the door.

                  “Hi Ty,” Joe said to the man.

                  “May we come in?” They asked politely.

                  “Yes, come on in,” Joe said and directed them inside to the living room. I was a little surprised to see that Claire appeared to be a betweener at probably only six and a half feet tall. Smaller than Megan who waved at her from underneath me.

                  “This is Larry Worthington, our attorney, my wife Theresa, our youngest daughter Megan, and this is Stacy, who I believe you are here to see?” He asked.

                  “Yes,” Claire said, “May we sit here and talk?” she asked.

                  “Yes ma’am,” Joe said politely and motioned to a chair that was catty corner from where Megan and I sat on the couch. Grandma sat down next to Megan and Joe sat down protectively next to her.

                  “Thanks for speaking with us, I know I wouldn’t trust anyone at this point with what happened yesterday…” Claire started out speaking with me. “Umm… just out of curiosity I thought you were going to college Stacy? I wasn’t expecting to see you living as a traditional little?”

                  I wondered if it was a trick for a moment, but I decided there was something about the shorter woman that I could trust. Grandpa had already said he trusted the officer sitting next to her. “It’s kind of a dual arrangement,” I said with a smile, “I agreed to some of the baby treatment in exchange for being able to go to school. I don’t have to worry about being adopted and having to worry about being maimed or something… But I can study in this dimension where the technology is so much further advanced.”

                  “I don’t want you to worry about appearances for our sake right now Stacy, I understand you are a very intelligent young woman. What we both need to know is what happened as far as you were aware yesterday…”

                  “I agree Stacy, don’t worry about playing baby right now, we want to know what happened so we can nail the lady and anyone else connected with her.”

                  “Go ahead Stacy, and you can tell them about the other stuff you all have figured out too. I checked into her, and Ty here is one of the most trustworthy people I’ve ever known,” Grandpa said across from Grandma.

                  I gave him a look but the nod from him meant I felt comfortable talking with her with that kind of information. I looked at her, “Where do you want me to start?”

                  “Well how about just yesterday first?”

                  “Grandpa had me for the morning and we were over having lunch here when we got a call that LPS was doing a wellness check on us…” I paused, “We’d been kind of expecting something like that after everything going on, so Grandpa took care of getting me back home. There were two individuals who had identified themselves as LPS agents waiting there when we got there. The lady stated her name was Diana Ellis and she said the man’s name was Bob Drindel,” I told her.

                  “Wait, how do you remember that clearly?” Claire asked.

                  “I have a really good memory… as you said before I’m smart. The lady insisted that she needed to be able to examine my body for marks or about the complaints of malnourishment. She undressed me to look, then started to try and change my diaper, but Larry said he would take care of it.” I paused, “I appreciated his being willing to protect me from dealing with her... but at the time being molested was really all I worried about…” I felt a little bit of tears come to my eyes but I shook it off, “Anyway after he changed me she wanted to speak with me to ask questions. We sat down on the floor for what I would expect would be a pretty typical interview?”

                  “What all did she ask?”

                  I thought back, “She asked about my adoption, if it was willing, if my parents spanked me, why I would bother to go to college,” I thought back and wasn’t remembering much else. “I think we discussed the failed kidnapping attempt at the university? She also was concerned that I’d been left unsupervised on the university campus… We pointed out a free little could babysit me and Larry shut down the conversation?”

                  He nodded, “That’s basically the conversation. I have a recording of the whole encounter from when I entered the room if you would like it?”

                  “We would, I know we already have the video of what happened with her and Bella…” the detective said. “Did you see any other signs of problems?”

                  I hesitated, “I’m not sure what it would look like for a normal visit, but I know a lot of abuse happens in this dimension to littles that no one seems to do anything about… So I have no way to gauge that accurately.”

                  “That makes sense,” Claire said, “And you’re right about the abuse. We have a number of agents that we’ve investigated in the past that have taken desirable littles away to sell for a higher price…” she shook her head, “I hope you know not all of us are like that. I’m certainly not, which is why I’ve been tasked to investigate the matter.”

                  “So you have no doubts as to the care of Stacy and Bella?” Grandpa Joe asked.

                  “None whatsoever, though I do hope that Stacy doesn’t get pushed anywhere she doesn’t want to go with her life… She seems too smart to get stuck with just being a mindless baby. Do you have any other information to add?”

                  I looked at them and nodded, “I took the video images we captured and compared them with pictures online… I let Mommy know about the discrepancy that was passed onto the police so they could arrest her. I was able to do some further research and tied her with a Breeding and Export business that was after Bella when we met her. They had gone through some elaborate steps to get her to fly out to Selegansol to kidnap her and weren’t too happy. There were a few attempts there to kidnap her, and I suspect that was the same group who tried to kidnap me.”

                  “I would agree,” Detective Deming said, “Unfortunately proving it beyond a reasonable doubt, and identifying the person who ordered everything is probably out of our reach for the moment.”

                  “Any ideas on how to keep us safe from these people?” I asked him.

                  “We’ve increased patrols around this house and your home. Hopefully that deters them. I know Joe was working to do some more work to secure your home there to harden entry points. They got in last night by ignoring the alarms and just busting in through a side window on the first floor. They appear to have run straight to the nursery basically and then ransacked it some when they didn’t find you.”

                  I felt a bit of fear in my gut hoping that my Switch with the hidden pistol had stayed hidden. “How much did they destroy?” I asked.

                  He pulled out a tablet with pictures and showed me the nursery. To my horror basically everything had been tossed except the mattresses. The crib had actually been thrown onto its side, clothes and toys were everywhere on the floor. It looked like they emptied bottles of baby lotion and powder everywhere too… it seemed almost pointless levels of vandalism. All of my important stuff other than that weapon were with me though. For some reason it looked like the mattress to the toddler bed had been spared. I was able to flip through photos and saw they had done some damage to the master bedroom and Fred’s office. It looked like they had been scared away before getting to Amanda’s workroom though.

                  I handed the tablet back to him and said, “Thanks, why’d they stop?”

                  “I don’t honestly know,” he said, “Unless they found something they wanted in the office?”

                  I shook my head, “Maybe they got scared off myself?” I paused, “I’m not sure what was up with the vandalism in the nursery.”

                  “Probably a psychological attack,” Grandpa Joe said, “It definitely struck Amanda to the core and takes away your sense of safety.”

                  “I agree,” the detective said and Claire nodded.

                  “So where do we go from here?” I asked.

                  Detective Deming sighed, “That’s a good question. I was hoping that having a conversation with you might bring up some new leads… and it did with Venture, but that is like an ivory tower to scale right now. They have so many politicians and officers bribed and protecting them that they’re not going to go down easily. Add the Trelini family connection that seems to be present from your first kidnapping and, unfortunately, I’m not sure what can be done right now.”

                  “That’s a bit of a dreary picture,” Grandma said from beside me. “Well is there anything else you need from us?”

                  Deming looked at Claire who shook her head, “We’re going to investigate how the imposter got her credentials altered. The lady she claimed to be was actually found murdered in her house today when we went to check on her.”

                  I felt my blood turn to ice as once again I could see how serious they were.

                  “Murdered?” Megan asked as she hugged me protectively.

                  “She hadn’t been seen in a couple days, so they had been working on this. The other guy who was with her was new and from another department so they hadn’t worked together before. He seems to be innocent in this.”

                  “That’s crazy…” I said as I felt some urine leave me into the thick diaper.

                  “Yes it is,” Claire said. “Look, the only thing I can assure you of from my end is that your file has been flagged so that if it comes up again I will be the agent to investigate any complaints. I’m pretty certain I’ll be able to close them in a single visit and a shake of my head. I can tell you’re definitely with a good set of parents, and I hope your sister recovers quickly.”

                  “Thanks,” I said.

                  “Oh, and you mentioned earlier you were worried about not having someone with you on the school grounds. As long as you’re on the university property you do not need to have a caregiver directly at your side. It’s the same rule as for elementary kids who might need to walk down a hallway to the nurse. Of course I think you would be stupid to run around by yourself right now,” she added.

                  I nodded and watched as she and the detective made their exit. I was left sitting on Megan’s lap. Larry also made a quick exit as he wasn’t needed and soon just the four of us sitting there in the living room.

                  “This is scary,” Megan said.

                  “Yes it is,” Grandpa said, “Megan, would you please go help Stacy change into something more comfortable and a regular diaper so I can work with her… actually make it one of her uniforms like she’ll be going to school.”

                  “What are you up to Joe?” his wife asked.

                  “The game has changed, we were just worried about kidnapping before. Now I’m worried about lives, I’m going to arm Stacy with every dirty trick in the book. We’ll be downstairs in the workout room for the rest of the day.”

                  “Are you sure dear?” she asked nervously.

                  “Yes, I am. Go on Megan,” he told her and she followed his instructions with a squeeze of a hug for me.

                  “Are you okay with this?” She asked me. “Training you to fight?”

                  I nodded, “It’s not a matter of if, but a matter of when I run into these guys again.”

                  She kissed my forehead as she laid me down on the changing table. “Definitely could have stayed in this one longer,” she told me with a smirk.

                  “You should have seen the monstrosity from the other day that the nest mother gave me…” I groaned.

                  The change was quick, just a quick wipe, some powder, and the new Pamper was on. We dug out one of my school uniforms and dressed me completely down to the shoes I wore with it, before she carried me downstairs. She skipped the landing of the stairs on the first floor, and went down to the basement where I discovered Joe had a mini version of his studio there.

                  “Go ahead and leave us alone Megan, call us up for dinner and we’ll take a short break, but we’ll be down here until her bedtime tonight.”

                  “Yes Daddy,” she said and set me down beside his towering frame.

                  He had changed into a gi and looked to be in a full martial arts master teacher mode. I bowed politely as she left and took a comfortable ready stance. When the door closed he walked over to a bag and said, “I called a friend yesterday afternoon after I left you all and asked for a rush on an order.” He pulled out a pair of shoes that looked identical to mine. He sat down on the floor and showed them to me.

                  “They look just like mine, I have a feeling there’s something concealed?”

                  “Don’t ever let anyone find this, but there is a blade in each of these shoes,” he showed me how to pull two thin bladed weapons from the heel of the shoe quickly. There was a set of finger holes that resembled a set of brass knuckles attached to a thin single bladed knife.

                  The weapons had a curve to them that made them look beautiful, if not deadly. I placed my fingers in the holes of the right hand one and amazed that it was a perfect match to my hand. I took a tentative swing with it and marveled how it became an extension of my hand. I looked up at Grandpa Joe, “I take it you can teach me how to use these without hurting myself in the process?”

                  He gave a light laugh, “That’s the idea. Let’s switch them out for these training versions for now. I want to practice you drawing them first.”

                  I pulled my other shoes off and replaced them with the new ones that felt more comfortable. As I went to lace them though he said, “These have some special laces, put your finger right here,” he said to a place that seemed to just be regular patent leather.

                  I did as he said and they suddenly laced up on their own, “Cool!” I said with a smile.

                  “I take it you don’t have self-lacing shoes in your dimension?”

                  “Only in science fiction movies!” I said with a smile.

                  “They will only unlace now if you use your fingerprint on that spot. They won’t be able to cut them off easily if you are taken. Also, since they’re ‘cute’ you’ll probably see an Amazon give up in a hurry on taking them off initially.”

                  “So just keep them hidden and wait to strike?” I asked as I stood up.

                  “That’s one option, but I personally think your best bet at this point is to strike first and not allow them to get their hands on you if you can help it. These would also let you cut through safety belts in car seats. Since they would probably want you in a rear facing seat that might be an easy way to keep covert there…” We spent a while longer talking about some tactics before he said, “Let’s practice you drawing those blades,” he said.

                  After the first time he handed me a set of practice blades to put in their place and he began drilling me in a number of positions to draw them and then stand in a ready stance. We had only practiced skill over and over again when Megan came down. I had just reset the practice set in the shoes when she told us, “Dinner’s ready you two,” she said, “Mom wants me to tell you to clean up, I’ll change Stacy, and then we’ll eat.”

                  “Okay,” he said. We exchanged a quick bow to each other and then I walked up to the stairs where Megan scooped me up.

                  She made a face as she checked my diaper, “This should be a lot wetter, you need to drink more…”

                  “I’ll try and remember that…” I told her. She changed me into a fresh diaper, washed her hands, helped me wash mine, and then carried me to get situated downstairs in my high chair. I had a moment of fear remembering earlier on when I first arrived that I would likely be eating baby food under Granny’s watch.

                  I saw from the pasta pot, and a red pot of simmering sauce, that dinner was apparently a pasta dish in a homemade red sauce.

                  “Here, let’s get you a bib,” Granny said and appeared with one that said, ‘My Grandma Spoils Me More than Yours.’ I rolled my eyes internally as she tied it on and then gave me a plate of pasta and one of my small forks.

                  I sighed in relief and said, “Thank you Granny!”

                  “You’re very welcome Stacy,” she said with a kiss to the top of my head.

                  “Has Mommy called with anymore information on Bella?”

                  “She’s still in the ICU, but they have seen some signs of her waking up. They’re going to try and wake her up in a few hours if she hasn’t on her own.”

                  “That’s quick…” Megan said. “I wish I could be there for her,” she added.

                  “If you want I can stay here with your Dad and Stacy and you can go there for a bit?” She suggested.

                  She shook her head, “Mandy wanted me to watch Stacy. Why don’t you go back after dinner though?”

                  “I’ve got Stacy under control if you both want to go?” Grandpa Joe suggested.

                  They both looked torn as I twirled some of the large spaghetti noodles around my small fork and took a bite. After I chewed it I took a sip from my bottle that sat on the tray and then said, “Go, it’ll do everyone some good. Grandpa and I are just going to hang out downstairs anyway, right?”

                  He smiled at me, “Right!”

                  They both sighed but said, “Okay, I think we can trust you two for a bit…”

                  He mocked pain and said, “Just for a bit?”

                  “To be fair they probably shouldn’t trust us,” I said with a smirk.

                  “Definitely my favorite granddaughter,” he said with a laugh.

                  We all ate pretty quickly and I filled up on the large noodles. It was almost like eating a pasta the thickness of penne pasta. The sauce was one of the best I’d ever had, “This is amazing,” I told her.

                  “I’m glad you think so, I worried you might not like it?”


                  “I don’t put sugar in my sauce. Our other little grandchildren didn’t like it while they could eat it.” She was sad at the end of the statement.

                  I grimaced but nodded, “I keep hearing my taste buds are off of a normal little…”

                  “Huh? What do you mean?” Megan asked curiously and seeming interested in a change of conversation.

                  “Well… I think Daddy and I might have to go and have some fun with fiery food challenges…”

                  Granny looked a bit nervous at that, “What?”

                  “Well I grew up with the understanding that the smaller the chile the spicier it is. Even your smallest peppers are like the size of our mild poblano peppers compared to me. I think because of that they taste milder. Bella regretted it when she tried a little of one that I didn’t feel a tingle on.”

                  Megan looked intrigued, “They have some events sometimes at the university…”

                  “Before or after bedtime?”

                  “Some before… I’ll keep an eye out for those for you!” She said with a smile.

                  Dinner ended soon and Megan made me finish the bottle before changing me again and delivering me back to Grandpa’s care. They both took off for the hospital after making sure we were okay. “Okay, draw those blades again,” he told me and came at me simultaneously.

                  I did so with a front tumble as I moved to his left and drew the blades, standing to face him to my side. “Good!” he said, “But, you left yourself open…”

                  For the next few hours we worked nonstop until my muscles hurt and I was dripping with sweat. He showed me how to go for the tendons around the ankles and also to attack the hamstrings first. Knees were another target I practiced to disable. We worked with him reaching for me and going after the arms and wrists so many times I lost track. There were also drills with me getting to the blades while being held, cradled, and aggressively held. By the end I knew I could be beaten by the right person, but I thought I might have survived someone who underestimated me.

                  My watch showed eleven when Megan walked in and said, “Okay you two, Stacy needs to take a bath because I’m guessing she stinks, then needs to get to bed.”

                  We both bowed to each other and I said, “Thank you for teaching me Sensei.”

                  “My privilege, I really do hope we have more time to train… Here, let’s switch the training blades out,” he added quietly as he hugged me. I made a quick discreet repositioning of the blades into my shoes to get the real blades that were razor sharp put where they could be useful.

                  I walked over to Megan who looked at me with wide eyes, but squeezed me as she picked me up. I asked her, “Did Bella wake up?”

                  “Yes she did. She’s groggy and disoriented, but seems to remember everything both recent and further back in the past. She managed to answer questions for about fifteen minutes before she went back to sleep. They’re cautiously optimistic that there won’t be too many long term effects,” she had made it up to the top of the stairs then.

                  “Have they noticed any so far?”

                  “She seemed to have some coordination issues, nothing major, but there may be some loss there. They can’t really tell much more until they have her try and move around.”

                  I nodded as she reached the door to the nursery. She stripped the dress I wore off and tried to take my shoes off but couldn’t do anything. I went, “oops, let me get those,” and put my fingerprint where the sensor was hidden. They came undone and I slipped them off, “Make sure I put those on tomorrow please…” I told her.

                  “Mmm… Okay,” she said leaving me in just my diaper a moment later. The discolored garment was soaked and hanging loosely on my hips at that point as she removed it and carried me barenaked to the bathroom. I saw that Granny was already running a bubble bath for me.

                  I blushed as Megan passed me to her and she sat me down in the water. “Do you mind if I bathe you?” Granny asked. There was definitely a tentative nervousness to her voice, but also you could tell she really wanted to bathe me.

                  I blushed but nodded, “Okay.”

                  The next ten minutes or so wasn’t a lot different than Amanda bathing me, but it was a little more embarrassing with the lady who I had at one point thought would be my biggest antagonist. Every stroke of a sudsy wash cloth, or massaging of baby shampoo in my hair was so gentle though. I was almost feeling like going to sleep in the bathtub when she said, “I think my little grandbaby is ready for night night, huh?”

                  I nodded, “Yeah, it’s been a long day…”

                  She nodded and wrapped me gently in a towel before carrying me down to the nursery. Megan was hanging around then as Granny asked, “So are you okay with going to church with us tomorrow?”

                  I felt my nerves come up again, but wasn’t sure how to respond as she deposited me onto the changing table.

                  Megan came to the rescue then, “Mom, why don’t I stay home with Stacy tomorrow?” With everything going on right now she could probably use another day of sleeping in before classes start on Monday.”

                  I looked up at Granny and she pursed her lips, “I think I can live with that if you promise me you’ll both come next Sunday?”

                  I nodded, “Okay Granny, I appreciate you letting me sleep in…”

                  She pulled my legs in the air as she put a thick princess diaper under my rear. “You’re welcome sweetie,” she said. Powder followed all over my diaper area, stomach, and legs. She taped up the diaper and then helped me get dressed into my footed pajamas. She brushed my hair and used a loud blow drier before braiding it loosely.

                  “You want a bottle before you go to bed?” She asked me. “I heard you don’t mind them?” she added with a smile.

                  I looked at Megan who flushed a bit at having been busted at telling my secrets to her mom. “No, they’re okay… sure. Just regular milk though, right?”

                  “No boobie milk for you for now per your mommy’s wishes,” she agreed.

                  “Here, Megan hold her while I go get her a baba,” she said with a quick hug to me and passed me over to Megan.

                  She sat down on the floor with me and turned me around in her lap to face her, “Sorry I told Mom that…”

                  I giggled, “She’s your mom, you don’t probably have a ton of secrets from her. It’s okay.”

                  She gave me a quick squeeze, “I figured tomorrow going to church might be a bit too much. I’m not sure if they’ll send you with the babies to the nursery, let you hang with us in the college room, or send you to a free littles group…”

                  “Thanks, that’s more thinking than I would want to do tomorrow,” I agreed. “Maybe I an get a few more things done on my computer before Chloe and Cassie come over…”

                  “Sure,” she said. “Do you have many more things you’re working on?”

                  “I have a couple more things I want to check on... “

                  Her mother came back up the stairs with one of my bottles in hand and Megan handed me over to her. She carried me to a well worn rocking chair in the corner where she placed me in the crook of her arm and placed the nipple of the bottle of warm milk to my lips. I latched on and began nursing as she hummed a lullabye that Amanda must have learned from her. My eyes closed gradually and I must have been fully asleep as she settled me down in the large crib.

                  ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++

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                    Another great chapter as usual . The next person who tries to kidnap Stacy will hopefully get a nasty surprise. I am also looking forward to seeing if Bella recovers and if she wants Stacy can hack into her nanites also and increase her height. The open ends you have left will hopefully be filled in the future , particularly her being invited to join the Delta Pi fraternity.


                      I really like this story 's direction and plot, I would like to see something like directive 51 being used against those kidnappers later on, also directive 51 is if someone or something severely damages the economy, structure or overall safety of a general public, the government can call in specialized forces to eliminate the threat, I would love to see Stacey using a legal law like that to mess up the kidnappers


                        Yep an other great chapter !
                        I like the way you build up Stacy's character: she becomes more and more "stronger" but keep wanting the baby attention from her "family". It's really well balanced and adapted to the audience.
                        I hope the best to Bella, maybe we will know more friday ...
                        thanks for writing.


                          The suggestion by Pegasusman regarding the use of article 51 is a good idea but would have to be suggested by an Amazon as littles have no rights .


                            Chapter 41:

                            I WOKE THE next morning and had breakfast made by Granny before they took off for church while still in my pajamas. Megan changed a soaked diaper after Granny and Grandpa left for church, then helped me get dressed in one of the more mature outfits that I had. The skirt was covered in a floral pattern and I wore a cute short-sleeved top, with just a simple bit of lace on the collar. It concealed my diaper and looked okay with the white socks and my new mary jane shoes that I had been given yesterday.

                            “What do you want to do now? Kill time on your computer?” Megan asked me once I was dressed.

                            “Sure,” I said, “Can I just hang out on the window seat in your room again?”

                            She nodded, “Sure, especially since it seems like LPS is out of everyones hair for now.”

                            “I hope Claire was being truthful with everything yesterday…” I said in response, “I felt like we can trust her, but what about her bosses?”

                            Megan nodded, “With Larry we’ll be okay.”

                            She helped me gather my backpack of electronics and got me situated on the bench seat. I laid down on my stomach after plugging in my computer and had my legs kicking in the air aimlessly as I began looking through the nanite file for something else that I’d thought of that morning. “You know I can see that cute little diapee?” She asked me.

                            I blushed and pulled my skirt back down, “Still not used to these,” I told her honestly.

                            “I can’t imagine you ever as a boy,” she told me with a smile. “Definitely going to have to train you to be a lady though!”

                            I smiled at her and then looked down at the screen to get busy. Last week at the one orientation session, when every little had been in a diaper, I had gone in my diaper without knowing I was going. It was the first time I could say that happened when I wasn’t on Amanda’s milk, and I remembered thinking at the time it was probably a hypnosis thing. In this world that threat terrified me, and I wondered if the nanites might have made me more susceptible to that abuse. I started a simple search for hypno within the code and felt my blood turn cold as I saw more than three hundred results!

                            ‘Shit,’ I said internally and began browsing my way through the results. It seemed like they all came from the same function that specifically allowed for a little to be fully susceptible to hypnosis. The frightening thing was that it was turned on by default and we had missed it completely!

                            I decided it wasn’t worth waiting for approval from Amanda on this change, and began going through and creating a patch to upload to my nanites. I went further than just disabling it though, I used the code as a foundation to theoretically make it to where I would be immune from such attacks like the Amazons. I checked everything several times before I sent the patch to my nanites and felt a physical jolt like shocked myself with electricity. It hurt!

                            “You okay?” Megan asked with concern having been watching me right then.

                            I nodded, “I just got a chill for some reason…”

                            She looked at me skeptically before looking at her watch, “Mom and Dad should be back soon and they’ll have Cassie and Chloe with them. Do you need to use the potty before they get here?”

                            “I left mine at home, didn’t I?” I thought actually thinking about the fact that I did need to go number two just then.

                            “I can hold you on top of the regular one?”

                            I shakily stood and shook my head, “It’s probably easier for me just to go in my diaper…”

                            She looked at me, “You sure?”

                            My answer was just to let go into the diaper. I pushed for a long moment before standing up feeling out of breath, “yes.”

                            “Ewww,” she complained as she carried me to the nursery and laid me down on the changing table, “You can definitely tell that you eat regular food…”

                            “Sorry,” I told her.

                            “I told you I would hold you…”

                            I blushed, “I’m a little scared of falling in to be honest.”

                            She tickled my side then, “Like I would let that happen!”

                            I was wiped clean and stood back up just as we heard the downstairs garage door open and heard Granny announce, “We’re home!”

                            “Come on, let’s go have lunch and pretend to play nice with my evil sisters for a while…” she said to me.

                            I looked at her, “So I guess you enjoy these days about as much as I’m going to?”

                            She nodded, “I’m their liberal and short baby sister… They like putting digs in on me of course, but then I also have to watch what they do with their kids. It’s depressing…”

                            I nodded as she carried me downstairs. We’d left my electronics safely in her room while her sisters were there to be safe. Soon we joined her mom as she pulled out a casserole she’d placed in the oven before she’d left. “Lunch will be ready here in a bit. Megan can you help me out over here with the salad?”

                            I was placed on the ground and all but forgotten for a few minutes. Soon though the front door opened and Cassie came in carrying Neville, while her husband carried Klara and Kristina right behind her. “Mom we’re here,” Cassie called out as she came in and I looked at the giants and their large preschool daughter who towered over me.

                            “Baby Stacy!” Kristina cried as she saw me and ran towards me. I was more than a little frightened as she hugged me.

                            “Hi Kristina,” I told her while still gaping at the size of the toddler.

                            Before I could say anything more she pulled my skirt up to show the world my diaper, “Good girl, all dwy!” she said to me. “Not like Klara, her diapees poopie!!!”

                            I looked up at Klara and noticed she was red and upset as Cassie came in. “I’m going to take Klara upstairs to change her poopie diapee. I guess she’s decided to just be a baby and not be interested in potty training,” she said glaring at me.

                            “Some kids take longer,” Granny said as she came and hugged everyone and kissed Klara. She demonstrated the same greeting to Neville who I knew had to be starved for true affection. “Why don’t we change Neville while we’re at it,” her husband suggested. “He’s rather ripe too…”

                            “I guess,” she said. “I think he could probably go longer since he likes being poopy.”

                            I looked at his dejected face, and gave him a sad sympathetic look as they carried him upstairs and left us downstairs. “Granny, can we watch cartoons?” Kristina asked.

                            “Sure sweetie, take Stacy with you,” she suggested.

                            She turned the TV straight onto a TV show that I knew for certain wasn’t safe!!! Naomi and Oliver were all over little’s clothing!

                            “This is Neville’s favorite, do you like it?” she asked as I tried not to look at the screen.

                            “Not really,” I managed to say nonchalantly while hoping if I did see it my changes would help. Thinking quickly I asked her, “What’s your favorite? Maybe it’s on?”

                            She used the remote and said, “This one, Princess Silvy!” She said as she turned to a cartoon that reminded me a bit of Sofia the First from our dimension. She grabbed my arm and insisted that I sit on her large lap. I’d been sitting there for a few minutes when Cassie came down and said, “Megan, you’ll probably need to change Stacy soon, she’s watching Princess Silvy with Kristina!”

                            “What?!?!” I heard a shocked set of voices call out.

                            Grandma and Megan ran out quickly and Megan grabbed me to take me out of the room while Cassie laughed and said, “What’s the big deal? She’s just a little baby anyway? Mandy has her in diapers like a proper baby should be?” Then she paused, “I mean she certainly seemed happy that I can’t get Klara to use the potty like a big girl?”

                            Megan put her hand to my diaper and seemed surprised to find it dry, “That was one of those hypnotic shows wasn’t it?” I asked as she carried me upstairs. I heard Granny and Cassie arguing a bit as she did so.

                            “Yes it is, you were watching it long enough you should have gone… I shouldn’t have been able to pull you away either without you crying,” she said more than a little surprised.

                            I smiled at her, “I think I may be immune now…”

                            She looked at me suspiciously, “How?”


                            “You’ve been editing more again, haven’t you?” She asked me quietly. “Mandy said you shouldn’t…”

                            “It was that or be more susceptible to those shows…” I told her.

                            “We’ll need to talk with you and Amanda later,” she said with a frown. “Are you sure it was safe?”

                            I shrugged, “I think so. I already had one run-in with someone using hypnotic tricks at one of our little events this week. The fact that I didn’t wet or mess my diaper right now probably means that it was successful?”

                            She squeezed me in a hug, “Dad has the table setup outside, why don’t you go out there with me?”

                            I nodded and hugged her back as best I was able to. We came down seeing the fireworks had gone to a simmer and Granny came over to me, “Are you okay?”

                            “I think so… I’ll tell you later,” I added. “Have you talked to Mommy today?”

                            “A couple hours ago… She said that Bella is a lot more alert today, they’re supposed to move her to a regular room this afternoon, and hopefully be able to send her home tomorrow.”

                            “So soon?” I asked in surprise, “She was basically in a coma?”

                            “Our medical technology,” she reminded me. “Now stay with Megan, do not leave her side!”

                            I nodded and clung to Megan as she went hugged me tightly on her hip. Grandpa Joe had what looked like gigantic chicken breasts cooking on the grill, along with some sausages. “Need any help Daddy?” Megan asked.

                            “Not right now. Why don’t you just sit back and relax? Tomorrow you both start classes again and you won’t have much time for rest!” He reminded us.

                            We smiled at him and Megan sat down with me, turning me in her lap to face her. She played with letting me fall backwards out of her lap and I squealed. She did that a few times before holding me in a hug, “If my sister gets tired of you I don’t know that I want you as a baby, but you are cute!” She told me.

                            I smiled at her, “Definitely better than the other possibilities,” I told her.

                            “I…” she started to say as Chloe came out with Kendra and Katie one either side of her, and Derrick followed carrying Kacey. They were actually dressed this time in onesies so something covered them, but it looked like they had leaked diaper wise around the edges. The bottoms of their onesies were darker, and Kacey’s looked like diarrhea had caused some permanent stains.

                            I felt myself almost want to throw up at that. She brought them over to us and said, “Auntie Megan, can you watch these three for a moment while I go grab some of their toys?”

                            “Sure, I’d be happy to,” Megan said cordially. I watched as a blanket was laid down on the grass and she put all three onto their stomachs.

                            “Be back in a moment babies,” she told them.

                            I gave Megan a look and she hugged me tight. “Hi girls,” Megan said nicely.

                            The look they gave her was not a warm one.

                            “Gaba Goo Gim!” Kacey said fairly angrily.

                            I sighed, “I’m sorry,” I said just loud enough for them to hear. There was definitely a jealous look from Katie that I wasn’t screwed up as bad. Of course at least she could crawl... Kacey looked forlornly like a worm that couldn’t do anything from her stationary spot on the blanket. You could almost see her arms and legs spasm in an attempt to sit herself up.

                            Thankfully we didn’t have to sit there with them alone long before Chloe returned bringing a couple of toys for them to play with, including a bar that went over the top of Kacey that she could attempt to bat at some hanging toys. You could tell that she just desperately wanted to do anything. I couldn’t see any hope left in her face, and it was so sad it made me want to cry. I chose instead to talk to Megan, “What’s your first class tomorrow?”

                            “I have a philosophy class at eleven, then a history class after lunch,” she said. “Then I have another couple classes tomorrow too.” She shifted me a little as obviously my body weight was getting a bit heavy. My skirt moved and flashed the girls my clean diaper, just as Cassie came out carrying Neville to deposit next to the other three littles. Kristina came out holding Klara’s hand. She was now wearing only a shirt and her diaper. She was all smiles though and didn’t seem to have a care in the world following her big sis outside. Granny followed and played a small game of chase with both of them as she came out. I watched as a couple trips inside were made by Granny, Grandpa, and Cassie to get the other dishes for the table.

                            Cassie looked at Megan, “Why aren’t you helping?”

                            “I am, I was told to watch Stacy here,” she told her.

                            “You know she’d be fine with the other girls on the blanket if she couldn’t walk. Mandy is just being stupid…”

                            “Enough about my Mommy,” I told her. “If there’s anyone who needs to be told how to treat a little it’s you. The inhumane treatment of making an adult only crawl should be illegal,” I hissed.

                            Megan grabbed me in a hug, “Umm… Sis, I happen to agree with Stacy here. Add to the fact that her parents are with her sister in the hospital right now, maybe keep your stupid opinions to yourself?”

                            Before a war between sisters could fully erupt Grandpa Joe put his hand on Cassie’s shoulder, “Enough sweetheart.”

                            “But Dad…”

                            “Enough,” he said simply.

                            The food was soon on the table and it was like deja vu from the first Sunday I’d been there for Sunday dinner. Megan helped me with a plate that she placed a small piece of the chicken she had gotten. A piece of her sausage, and some of the green bean casserole that I wrinkled my nose up a little on, also joined the plate. It was all really tasty! While I watched that though I watched as Cassie fed Neville another concoction of baby food – this one at least seemed slightly more edible just being a beef stew. Her biological daughters both fed themselves without incident, although she made sure to tie a bib on ‘baby Klara.’ She seemed to be treating her as obnoxiously like a baby as she could.

                            ‘I guess she’s hoping to embarrass her out of babyhood?’ I shook my head, ‘I doubt that ends well…’

                            Chloe had Kendra and Kacey hanging off her exposed boobs while her husband held a bottle for Katie. ‘At least she’s feeding all of them…’ I thought. ‘I wonder if Grandpa and Granny said something too them…’ There were a few stifled conversations, but not much wsa going on when the back door opened and Amanda came through.

                            She looked well past the ragged edge of fatigue and exhaustion, but came straight to me. “Stacy!” She said as she pulled me into her arms and hugged me. Tears streamed down her face and I saw Fred was right behind her.

                            Something went tight in my gut since they were both there.

                            “Is Bella…?”

                            She sobbed, and sobbed then, with her body just convulsing with tears.

                            Fred joined us in a hug and I just knew that the worst had happened, Bella…

                            “Bella’s been kidnapped…” Fred said quietly to Grandpa.

                            “Why didn’t you call me?!?” Grandpa Joe asked instantly.

                            “There’s nothing anyone can do. They managed to slip some sort of sleeping agent into the room and when we both came to Bella was gone. The police are reviewing the hospitals video footage, but the cameras show the kidnappers getting away with Bella.” Fred informed everyone, “We would use her Little Protect watch to track her, but there was a doctor that insisted we remove it for them to have access to put in IVs as needed… Her other tracker isn’t showing up either.”

                            “My god, who would do such a thing?!?” Chloe erupted.

                            “What can we do?” Cassie asked.

                            “Pray…” Amanda said.

                            The family actually stopped and did that right then, but it didn’t sit right with me. I wanted to get in there and on my computer and start tracking down the kidnappers. Amanda was a hysterical mess and it took Granny a good hour to get her talked into taking a nap in her old childhood bedroom. Soon Cassie and Chloe took off with their families, leaving just Amanda’s parents, Amanda, Fred, Megan and myself at home.

                            While Amanda slept I had gotten my computer and began hacking the hospital and every other place I could find a trail. Grandpa had come in at some point and just watched silently behind me as I worked. I found the video of the kidnappers taking off with her. They had rolled a canister of something that left some smoke fumes on the outside. They wore some sort of odd masks and went in after a short time. It only took a few minutes apparently to knock Amanda and Fred out, and they were carrying Bella out barely ten minutes after their arrival into the hospital.

                            I took still images of the kidnappers and put them in a file as I followed their progress on the security cameras. They had used a back entrance to come into the hospital and left via the same. The camera view sucked, but I was able to figure out the make and model of the car and began finding some other cameras in businesses along the two routes they could have left by. I struck gold on the second with a good view of the license plate, “Hold on a second Stacy, let me write that down before you leave that screen. Good work by the way,” he said with a pat on my head.

                            I heard him call his detective friend as I resumed tracking the car. This dimension was further ahead on plate tracking so a quick hack into another file handed me a list of places the plate passed by. The trail stopped in another area of town not far from the airport and I felt my stomach drop. “Grandpa Joe, I think they headed for the airport!”

                            “Why do you think that?” he asked.

                            I walked him through it just as Amanda had woken up and came inside the room. She was teary eyed and seemed to be all but broken as she came in and asked, “Where did you say?”

                            “The airport maybe?” I suggested as Joe called and directed the police that direction.

                            I drew up dead ends on flight manifests then and everything else before she touched her hand on my shoulder, “You’ve done all you can for now Stacy,” she said.

                            I shook my head, “There’s got to be more of a trail…”

                            “Time to let my dad and the police handle the next steps. They’re already going to be questioning him on how he found out so much…”

                            I sighed but knew she was probably right. Just before I closed the computer though I saw here bra had spots coming through and knew she had to have been leaking badly. I took a look at the patch file I had compiled already and just clicked ‘Install’ without asking her. I felt a small jolt as the patch hit again, but I didn’t space out. Instead I let her pick me up into her arms and then pulled at her shirt.

                            “Stacy you can’t…”

                            “Mommy you need it, and… I won’t be affected by it anymore…”

                            “What did you do…?” She asked me a little angry, “I told you to let me check over…”

                            “You need this, and I just installed it. You can check it later, the nanites are active and still really programmable so I know I can alter it more later if I need to. For now… please? For both of us?”

                            She sighed, but pulled her shirt down revealing the nursing bra and a nipple dripping with a droplet of milk. My mouth instantly watered from the sight. I didn’t hesitate on latching on and nursed until she burped me and changed sides. After I was done I was groggy, but noticeably still clean, and no wetter than I had been before.

                            “Well it looks like you still have control for now…” she said as she patted my back.

                            “Yeah, but I definitely need to go…” I said and let a stream of urine into my diaper and a little bit of poop.

                            She bounced me and held me for a while before taking me to the nursery to change my diaper. I stayed in her arms afterwards though as we sat in the living room to wait for any news that might come about Bella.

                            We waited for a couple hours before a detective came to the house, “Please come in,” Joe told him.

                            “Thanks Joe,” he said as he came in and we all sat down in the living room.

                            “Do you have anything new? Have you found her?” Amanda asked.

                            He shook his head, “We followed the leads that led to the vehicle they took Bella in, but it was abandoned near the airport. As far as we can tell she didn’t get on a plane with anyone, and all of our officers are keeping an eye on other travel points. Roadblocks are set on the outgoing roads, but so far we haven’t been able to get much more than a name on one of the kidnappers. Joseph Di’santi is a member of the Trelini gang. We have a bulletin out for him as well.”

                            “So what now?” Fred asked angrily.

                            The detective shrugged, “If there’s going to be a legal adoption of Bella, she’ll have to have her chip scanned. Right now one of our experts thinks they must have her in some sort of faraday cage, because we can’t get a lock on her tracker there. We’ve got scanners up and running looking for if she passes by any of our many scanners… but at this point we’re just waiting for them to screw up.”

                            “You’ve got to find her,” Amanda cried as she was holding me.

                            “We’ll do our best, I promise,” the detective said. “Well I need to get back to the station, I’ll contact you each day even if I don’t have anything new.”

                            As he walked away to the door, led by Joe, Fred embraced us both in a hug that Megan and their mom joined in on.

                            “Is it safe for Stacy to go to classes tomorrow?” Megan asked.

                            “No, it’s not…” Amanda practically cried.

                            “It’s not safe anywhere,” I told her. “I need to go. You can take me to each class if you want, but hiding isn’t going to help Bella.”

                            She sniffled and we spent the next couple hours barely eating a dinner of takeout, and then discussing the problems for longer while we waited endlessly for any news on Bella. “Let me see what you uploaded to yourself…” she said. “Both of them…”

                            I ended up showing her the code and going over everything I had done with my nanites. “I don’t see anything that should be a problem from this, but please be careful. I know you understand all of this probably as well as anyone, but the possibility of unintended consequences is something you need to be careful of.”

                            I nodded, “I’m sorry Mommy… I just wanted to nurse again, and I thought it would make you feel better too…”

                            “I’m actually thinking more about the hypnosis settings… Which I can’t believe we missed.”

                            I nodded, “I know… I think the settings must have worked, at least earlier I didn’t have the reaction everyone thought I should have.”

                            “Next weekend I may test you on that, but for now keep avoiding anything that could have that. Our house will hopefully be back to normal tomorrow with even more security. For now though do you have anything you’re missing that you need tomorrow?”

                            “Let me check my backpack?” I asked as I wriggled off her lap and walked to my backpack. Inside I still had six pampers, wipes, powder, pencils, pens, my stylus, my tablet, and my computer would barely join it all. I still had a spare uniform with my new shoes. “I think I have everything,” I told her.

                            “Then why don’t we go ahead and get you undressed and make an early night of it?” She asked. I looked at my watch and saw it was only eight, “I haven’t slept much the last couple nights,” she added.

                            I hugged her and said, “Okay.”

                            “Do you need a bath tonight?”

                            I hesitated, “Take one with me?”

                            I could see the hurt in her eyes, but she gave me a thin smile, “okay.”

                            The bathtub off the hallway upstairs was soon filled with bubbles and the two of us were settled in the bath with her washing me gently. I looked up every now and then to tears in her eyes, but she did seem to be doing a bit better just by being able to baby me some more. When I was clean and my hair was washed she cuddled me to her chest and just hugged me silently. “I love you,” she told me, “I’m so scared something will happen to you too.”

                            “Not going to lie, I’m scared of it too,” I told her, “I’m also scared something will happen to you.”

                            She held me to her body for a while before saying, “Let’s get dried off before we shrivel up. I’ll blow dry your hair and we’ll get to bed.”

                            We were both wrapped in towels a moment later and she had me sitting on the edge of the counter as she used a loud blow dryer to go through my hair. I was making faces and plugging my ears as she used it and she smirked weakly at my wimpiness there. When my hair was dry she carried me to the nursery where she diapered me, put me into my blanket sleeper, and then carried me to the bedroom that had been hers as a kid. Amanda and Fred were sharing the smaller bed in there for the night until we moved back to our house tomorrow. Amanda dressed in a set of silk pajamas and then carried me back to the nursery.

                            Megan came by then, “I love you both,” she told us and gave us a combined hug.

                            “Love you too sis,” Amanda said, “Thank you for watching out for Stacy…”

                            “Of course, she’s family!” she told her. She gave me a peck on the top of my head and left the room.

                            Amanda pulled her shirt out of the way and said, “Well, since you’re hacking like crazy then I guess there’s no reason not to nurse anymore,” she exposed her breast and I began nursing and fell asleep.

                            THE NEXT MORNING should have represented a day to be nervous, excited, and otherwise proud to be moving onto college classes, but it was impossible to do so while being worried about Bella. I caught a bit of the news on TV before Grandpa Joe turned it off. It looked like Bella’s kidnapping was leading the news. From what I could tell there was outrage that anyone would steal an adopted little like this.

                            I just hoped the worst hadn’t happened to Bella… sadly in this dimension it wasn’t hard to imagine too many dark scenarios with her though. I had barely gotten to know her, but I hated to think that the girl I had just begun to know could be dead… or worse.

                            Breakfast was an egg, a piece of toast, and a cup of coffee. Granny’s eyebrows rose a little at the coffee, but she hadn’t said anything. I’d eaten quietly from my highchair and sat through the silence around the table. Fred was taking the day with Grandpa Joe to triple check the house’s new security systems. Amanda mentioned a few ideas she had too, but otherwise was pretty well not engaging in the world a lot. They both went with me to Emerson and walked me to my first class about fifteen minutes beforehand.

                            Amanda hugged and kissed me, “Good luck Stacy, I’ll be back to pick you up at the end of this class to walk you to your next. I love you,” she said.

                            “Love you too Mommy,” I told her.

                            With that I walked into the classroom for my first Calculus III class. Looking around the room every seat was built into tiers with long tables covering each of them and desk chairs behind them. None of them were little sized, so I pulled out my collapsible booster and sat down on one of the chairs in the first row.

                            Other students were coming in and I saw a mousey looking man working to organize some papers with a tall Amazonian girl and a slightly shorter boy. I guessed they were the professors TAs and just pulled out my tablet to be ready to take notes. Right then another large girl sat down in the seat next to me, “Don’t you just wook so cute sitting there pwetending to be a big girl!”

                            I looked over at her and sighed, “And don’t you sound like the biggest idiot on the planet. I’m a student that will probably do better in this class than you.”

                            “Sounds like someone must have a poopy pamper,” she hissed.

                            “Really? You have a poopy pamper on? You should really change that before class you know. I thought something smelled bad when you sat down…”

                            A laugh came from next to me as a boy sat down on the other side of me, “She’s witty, I like her,” the tall boy said.

                            “I don’t, it sounds like someone needs a spanking…” the girl said.

                            “Yes it does miss…?” The professor suddenly stood by our table.

                            “Uh… Gregson,” she said.

                            “Well Miss Gregson, I happen to know you’re antagonizing a young lady who probably doesn’t need to be dealing with your idiocy today. If you continue I’ll speak with Dean Sanders and see if we can’t have you considered to be a little so we can follow through with the spanking you need. I guarantee you’re going to struggle in this class given you just barely scraped a C last year in Calc two.” He nodded towards me, “She could have skipped this class altogether but made a mature decision to make sure she understood everything well.”

                            I looked at him and said, “Thank you Doctor Lieberman, I hope to live up to your expectations,” I said politely. I gave the girl next to me a glare but then looked forward.

                            “If there are no other concerns?” He asked her. “Well then,” he said seeing that it was time to start class. “I’m Professor Lieberman and this is Calculus three. Hopefully by this time you know where you are, but if you’re in the wrong place now is the time to leave,” he said that with a smirk. “Okay then, my TAs this semester are…” he introduced his teaching assistants who handed out paper syllabuses. He mentioned he was a bit old fashioned with that paper copy. “There are three exams for this course, quite frankly I don’t care if you come to the classes where I explain the subject or not… Those are all that matter. I don’t get paid for your pass or failure, if you need help I advise you to meet with me or my TAs as you need to.”

                            ‘Ouch…’ I thought and I could hear some rustling behind me from some students who seemed more than a bit nervous.

                            “Now that we have that out of the way, let’s get started…”

                            I was used to high school still where the first class was a get to know you, these are the rules, and time to move to the next class… In this case he began right into teaching multi-variable calculus and my brain got a workout with the Base 60 math right away in the morning. The good thing was that it distracted me from everything else going on. Midway through the class I had to pee and just let it loose into my diaper without any further thought. The class was actually over quickly! I stood up when class was dismissed to instantly see the Amazonian girl next to me looking down at me.

                            “Well little girl, do you still have dry panties?”

                            “I don’t wear panties, and no, my diaper is definitely wet, but my mommy will change me. See you Wednesday,” I said as I grabbed my bag and walked to the hallway where I found Amanda waiting.

                            The girl gaped at me as Amanda grabbed my hand and led me through the busy hallway and out of the building. We had to pass the student union to get to the Jennings building where my next class was, “Need a change?” Amanda asked me.

                            I nodded and thought for a second, “I need to poop too…”

                            “When we get to the bathroom go ahead and go and I’ll change you,” she told me.

                            I sighed, even the few bathrooms with little potties would still be too much for my small body. I walked alongside her into the Union and just before the bathroom door let the battle go and paused for a moment to crouch and fill my diaper completely. She waited patiently and walked with me inside as I noticed an Amazonian girl watching me with a hopeful smile on her face until she saw Amanda. Then she frowned and kept moving.

                            I hated the icky feeling of the sticky poop on my butt and feeling like it was sliding down onto my legs. It was a less composed poop, so I could feel it smear everywhere. I made my own frown as Amanda held the door open for me.

                            Inside the bathroom Amanda picked me up and laid me on a changing table after she put a pad from her purse down. “How did your first class go?” She asked sliding my skirt up.

                            “Good,” I told her, “I like the professor, he stuck up for me when the girl next to me was giving me a hard time.”

                            Amanda ripped the tapes loose and made a little bit of a wiggle with her nose, “You stinkie!” she said. The smile on her face though said she was just happy to take care of me.

                            “Sorry,” I told her.

                            “We’ll have to remember to have you go at home tomorrow morning,” she said, “I should have had that brought over for yesterday…”

                            I nodded as she wiped my butt firmly pulling away a brown gooey mess. She was in the middle of another wipe when a little rushed into the bathroom and looked at me with terror in her eyes. I noticed she had panties on, but they were leaving a drippy trail of pee and poop. Amanda noticed too and gave her a sad look. “Stay right there and I’ll change you next,” she told her. “Hold your skirt up so maybe you don’t have to lose that.”

                            The poor girl started bawling and I felt bad for her. Amanda was obviously a faculty member from the badge on her blouse, and this would mean a demerit and a trip to Dean Sanders office most likely.

                            She finished wiping me quickly, rediapered me, and set me on the ground, “Wait there a moment Stacy,” she ordered.

                            “Come here little one,” she told the girl. “Let’s pull down those poopy panties, there’s no reason to save them,” she told her as she reached down to the girl. She sniffled but let Amanda pull them down and discard them into the trash can adjacent to the table. I watched as she used a couple wipes on her standing up and then picked her up, “Lay there and be good for a moment,” she told her and suspended her butt in the air with her ankles in one hand as she kept wiping her.

                            She was much too big for one of my diapers, but Bella’s fit her and she had her diapered a moment later as a girl came rushing in, “Which little girl dripped all the way down the hallway?” She asked.

                            “I don’t know, that trail was there when we came in,” Amanda told her. “Both of these little girls needed changed, but they were in diapers that held everything in.”

                            “Damn…” the girl said and left after checking the stalls.

                            “Are… are…” the little stammered.

                            “Am I going to tell on you?” Amanda asked.

                            The girl streamed tears from her eyes, but nodded.

                            “No, but if you want my advice you won’t leave your dorm room in panties again. Make sure you don’t poop in a class and the worst that will happen is a diaper change. You should have about five demerits right now and a paddling.”

                            The girl nodded, “Thank you miss,” she said. “I’m Meg, I really appreciate it.”

                            “I have a little sister named Megan, so I can remember that. This little girl here is my adopted daughter Stacy.”

                            “Nice to meet you,” the girl said as she was trying wipe her face with her hands.

                            A bit of makeup was smearing and Amanda offered her a baby wipe, “Wipe your face really good, we’ll walk you out of here and you should be fine. What class are you going to?”

                            “English…” she said nervously.

                            “So am I!” I told her. “Over in the Jennings building?”

                            She nodded.

                            “Why don’t you walk with us,” I said. Amanda walked beside us to leave the bathroom a moment later as I watched another two large Amazonian girls follow the trail of poop and urine in with the hopes of capturing a little to turn them in, or claim for their own.

                            Meg was hesitant to talk to me at first, but by the time we made it to the next building I discovered she had the same class that I did. Amanda dropped us off at the classroom, which was a moderately large lecture hall that seated about eighty students. I made a move to the front and she looked at me like I was nuts, “If you sit up front they can throw things at you…” she hissed.

                            I shrugged, “If I sit at the front the professor may or may not be a defender. I’d rather be up front… Plus we don’t have any chairs to see over here.”

                            “I guess,” she said as she sat in the too large seat and tried to use a sweatshirt to make herself a little more comfortable in the large seat. She was about a foot and a half taller than me. She watched in a little bit of confusion as I pulled my booster seat out of my bag and put it on the chair. “That looks a bit more comfortable,” she admitted.

                            I was sitting almost at her level then at least. “Gotta do what I can…”

                            “Aren’t you worried about being too much like a baby?” She asked as she squirmed in the diaper. “My dad always told me to never let anyone put me in a diaper…”

                            “Is he still free?” I asked gently.

                            She shook her head, “Last week just before I came here he was taken on the street…”

                            “Your only real chance of staying free is wearing them I think…”

                            “But what about you?” She paused, “I mean maybe your mom can help keep you from being kidnapped, but…?”

                            I laughed, “I’m an adopted little is what she meant.”

                            “Wait… you’re the one who’s adopted and still going to classes?”

                            She asked just as I heard a “Hey Stacy!” from my side.

                            I saw Laura and said, “Hi Laura,” to her.

                            “Hey, why didn’t I hear from you this weekend?” She asked.

                            I sighed, “My sister was poisoned by a fake LPS agent on Friday, and then they tried to get me that night… She fought for her life that night and was finally improving Saturday night, only to be kidnapped on Sunday…”

                            “Wait, that girl was your sister?” they both asked simultaneously.

                            I nodded, “Yes, my parents had taken her in to save her from some crazy stewardess on a flight to Selegnasol… I’d only had about a week to get to know her, but I already considered her to be a friend… I’m really worried for her.”

                            Both girls nodded and looked sad too, but there was clearly nothing they could do at that point. “Aren’t you worried they’re coming for you too? Didn’t the news say your house was broken into too?” Laura asked.

                            “I didn’t know they’d said that much…” I told Laura, “Yeah I am. They’ve tried for me a couple times already, so unless the police get them first they’ll probably try again.”

                            “That sucks…” Meg said, “Your mom was really kind, I hate to see that happen to you all.”

                            We talked for about ten more minutes as we had all arrived early to class and I learned that Anaya and Kristina were responsible for the two empty beds in our nest. Kristina had given herself over to the adoption program, while Anaya got busted for pooping her pants and then fought the nest mother that had caught her trying to sneak back into the dorm. Anaya had ended up being sent to the university’s daycare and had been seen last grinning without her teeth, being carried with only a diaper on to their playground. Every little had stayed as far away though as they could, lest they be roped in with her…

                            The professor for the class had her own TAs to help out. Professor Benning was quite young really, having only received her PhD that past spring. She stated that the objectives of her class were to enable us to communicate and document our work in a clear and professional manner. Technical writing wasn’t to just be about essays, but real research type projects and reviews of journals. As we stood up to leave the class a couple Amazon girls came over and said, “How are your diapees holding up?”

                            I sighed, “Mine’s wet, but my mommy is waiting outside.”

                            “Her mommy promised to change us both,” Laura told her.

                            “Wait, Mommy? Why would your mom be here?” The girl asked in confusion.

                            “She’s a professor,” I told her.

                            Sure enough as soon as we walked out of the classroom Amanda was waiting there and lifted my skirt to pronounce, “Well I have a wet little girl, huh?”

                            “Can my friends come with us to lunch?” I asked.

                            “Sure, they need a change too?”

                            “Yes ma’am,” Laura said. “I didn’t bother with training panties today,” she told her honestly.

                            “Well, let’s go by the Union and I’ll change you all and get you a meal at the food court there?” She suggested.

                            The girls blushed but nodded as the aggressive girls stared at Amanda with looks of jealousy and anger. I reached up for Amanda’s hand and held it while Laura and Meg walked beside me. Laura was more comfortable being around Amanda by this point, but Meg was looking nervous that she was going to be forcibly adopted at any moment. Amanda changed both of them first before getting to me and leaving my naked rear in the air for my change. I tried to pretend that no one else was there to see Amanda change me… The three of us were all blushing as we washed our hands and then went outside to the food court.

                            “What’s your next class?” Laura asked me.

                            “Machine learning,” I answered.

                            “Who teaches that?” Meg asked curiously.

                            I tilted my head towards Amanda, “Professor Westerfield,” I said.

                            It seemed like they had a pretty quiet weekend for the most part in the dorms, and it turned out that Laura had gone to the church that Amanda’s parents went to. I learned that Meg was an electrical engineering major, so I would probably inevitably have some other classes with her. As it was the three of us had our chemistry class together later in the afternoon.

                            We didn’t have a long time to eat, especially with Amanda wanting to get to her classroom early, but we spent some time listening to stories from their weekend. They both had a break for a couple hours and were planning on going back to the dorm for a bit. Before we split up I traded cell phone numbers with them so we could get together again. Amanda also gave her number to them too for if they needed something from an ‘adult.’

                            At Kilby we ran into her office for just a quick moment to grab some papers before heading down to the sixth floor. Floor to ceiling glass doors and windows looked into a smaller classroom with a single horseshoe shaped table that opened to a white board and a projector screen.

                            She motioned for me to sit down while she finished getting ready. With nothing else to occupy myself I watched the other students in the course come into the room. Being a more advanced computer science class the course was restricted both by pre-reqs and in numbers. Only nine other students besides myself would be joining us in the room, and all would be upperclassmen.

                            A tall dark haired girl was the first to come through and said, “Hi Doctor Westerfield,” to Amanda as she came in.

                            “Hi Danielle,” Amanda said with a smile.

                            She looked at me and thought for a second, “You brought Stacy to your class to babysit today?” She asked.

                            Amanda laughed, “No, she’s in this class for credit, just like you Danielle.”

                            “Didn’t she just check-in as a freshman last week?”

                            “Yes I did,” I answered myself.

                            “Then how can you take this class? You have to have five semesters of pre-reqs?”

                            “I tested out of them,” I told her with a smile.

                            Danielle chewed on that, I didn’t think she was a totally condescending Amazon when I met her before, and I hoped I was right with this. “Seriously?” She stared at Amanda who nodded. “You must be like ridiculously smart…” she said to me. “Sorry if I came off as a bitch.”

                            I laughed, “Don’t worry about it,” I said.

                            Amanda went back to loading something on her computer and I pulled my own out to sit in front of me as other students came in. “What kind of computer is that?” A boy asked next to me, “I’m Eric by the way.”

                            I looked up at the slightly shorter Amazon who was probably only nine-feet tall, with blonde hair, and a pizza face of pimples everywhere. Everything about him screamed ‘nerd,’ which meant I’d probably be able to make a friend if he could overlook my height. “Well it’s from the other dimension where I’m from…” I told him and went into the specs.

                            “My computer has a lot more power, but it’s so tiny… that’s incredible that you have as much in that little machine as you do!”

                            I smiled, “It’s me sized.”

                            Danielle giggled at that, “More like doll sized… You are so tiny!”

                            I shrugged, “Not going to deny that.”

                            I talked with the two of them a little bit the next few minutes and then Amanda began the class. “Good afternoon and welcome back to Emerson! I hope you all had a good summer!” She looked at the class. “I think most of you have been in classes together, but why don’t you all introduce yourselves. This class will involve a lot of collaboration and I want to make sure that you get to know each other today.”

                            She started with an Amazon boy at the far side of the room. As the others continued down the line I figured out that Danielle and I were actually the only two girls in the class. ‘Weird still knowing that I fit on that side of the fence now…’ I thought to myself. As I introduced myself there was a mixture of curiosity on the boys faces and something else… It was a little creepy actually as I was pretty sure they weren’t just thinking of being daddies for some reason.

                            I noticed the same looks were only given briefly to Danielle before they looked down at their desks as she stared back at them.

                            “Okay then, now that we’ve got that out of the way let’s talk about what we’re studying this semester.” She paused, “Tessa, come join us,” she said with a smile.

                            To my surprise Tessa appeared. I was excited because she was probably the most advance piece of research I’d seen so far. “Hi Doctor Westerfield, Hi Stacy,” she said seeing me.

                            “What is she?” Danielle asked. “How does she know Stacy?”

                            “I’m an artificial entity projected via hologram into here,” Tessa told her. “I think I’m supposed to be an object lesson for you all today? Am I right Doctor Westerfield?”

                            She almost smiled, “You’re right, Tessa here is the most advanced artificial intelligence on the planet. She started off templated off of some nanny bot programming, but we brought her to a new level of intelligence by helping aid her in learning on her own. AI like her is the ultimate goal of this class, but way beyond what most of you will be able to effectively work on until you are in grad school.”

                            She looked back at Tessa, “Thanks for visiting Tessa, I know we’ll have you back soon.”

                            “I look forward to it… and I hope you get your little girl back soon too. Please let me know if I can help.”

                            Amanda turned white and I debated standing up as Tessa faded from existence. “What did she mean by that?” Danielle asked.

                            “My sister was kidnapped yesterday,” I told her.

                            “That was your daughter?” Danielle asked, “I’m so sorry, what are you both doing here?”

                            “Nothing more we can do right now,” Amanda said sadly. “Let’s get back to the topic at hand. This course…”

                            Amanda’s class was most certainly going to be the most demanding of all of my classes. I think even if she wasn’t my mommy I could plan on her being tough on me. As class ended I let loose a stream of urine into my diaper, knowing my best chance for a change was right then. A few students asked Amanda some questions, but most fled the room quickly.

                            Danielle hung around for a second, “I’m sorry to hear about your daughter,” she told Amanda. “Is there anything you need?” She asked.

                            “If you see Stacy around please keep an eye on her? That’s about it…”

                            “Sure!” she said. “You want me to change her and get her to her next class?”

                            Amanda shook her head, “Thanks for the offer, but I’ve got that taken care of right now,” she said with a smile.

                            “See you around then,” she told us both. After Amanda had her bag and supplies together she reached down and picked me up to set me on her other side. My wet pamper was visible to several passing bigs and littles as we loaded the elevator to her office.

                            “Hi Kim,” she said as we passed.

                            “Hi Mandy,” she said, not having more time to talk because Amanda kept us moving.

                            As we entered her office I looked at my watch and saw I had about forty minutes before my next class. “Let’s get this diaper changed, get you a bottle of juice, and then to your Chem class. I’ll need to come back and get some work done probably.”

                            “You heard anything from the police or anyone?”

                            She shook her head, “No news at least…” she said sadly.

                            I hugged her as she lay out a changing pad on an edge of her desk and scooped me up to lay me down on it. She handed me a bottle of juice and just before I put it in my mouth I asked, “I wonder if Tessa would be able to help at all?”

                            “That’s an interesting idea,” she admitted as she pushed my skirt out of the way. She ripped the two tapes off and wiped me, “I might try later.”

                            “Did you sweep this room?” I asked around the bottle.

                            She nodded, “anything hidden won’t make it out of here anyway, but I swept when we walked in.”

                            “Did you happen to scan her for that chip she told us about?”

                            She gave me a look as she taped my new diaper on, “Yes… and I copied it before I purged it of any information. If that’s why they kidnapped her they’re going to be really disappointed…” she said.

                            I was sat upright and she wiped her hands with a wipey. “I’m still working on getting through it all. The part that I can get through is bothering me though because it looks familiar.”

                            “Familiar?” I asked.

                            “I’m not sure why, but it looks very similar to some ongoing projects I’ve consulted on around here. I’m going to have to spend some more time looking t it before I can be certain of where though…”

                            “Can I get a look at it?”

                            She gave me a narrow look, “When we get home,” she looked at her watch, “for now it’s time for you to go to chemistry!”

                            I groaned but nodded. I drained another third of the bottle, but didn’t want to take it outside of her office to finish it. I handed it to her and she placed it inside a diaper bag she had sat next to her desk. She walked beside me to Kendrick Hall for my chemistry class. I saw Laura and Meg sitting at the front and sat on the other side of Laura so she was in the middle.

                            “How was your class?” Laura asked. “It’s got to be a bit odd having your mommy as a professor?”

                            “I’m dead certain that’s going to be my toughest class… we have some collaborative projects we’re going to have to do that maybe tough to work out. I’m also one of only two girls, and of course the only little in the class,” I told her.

                            She laughed, “Actually you may have an easier time with the guys. They tend not to have the desire to baby us quite as bad at their age.”

                            “No, they looked more like dating me was on the plate…”

                            “Eew…” Meg said with a snort. “A big?”

                            “It happens, right?”

                            “Yeah, it does,” Laura admitted. “I know there were at least a couple freshman girls with Amazon parents and one had a little mom.”

                            The room filled and got noisier and noisier until the professor stood up at the front and said, “Good afternoon!”

                            There was a half-hearted response, to which Professor Casio said again, “Good afternoon!”

                            “Good afternoon,” there came a light-hearted response that was a bit better.

                            “Oh you all can do better than that!” He said, and did it again, at last getting the response he wanted. I knew this was one of my largest classes so I suspected he was going to be a bit more of a commanding person there. He really wasn’t very tall though… Maybe a bit shorter than Megan actually, but he seemed like a friendly sort of guy. His shorter status meant he was a bit less intimidating to me, but probably had to deal with Amazons scoffing at him.

                            His class though? It was awesome! He kept up a great level of energy all the way through, explaining fundamentals of stoichiometry better than I’d ever had it taught to me back home. About midway through the class he called out, “Robert Stanson, what is the molecular weight of one mole of Cesium?”

                            I turned and could just see a student who looked to have just been asleep looking amazed at the professor that he already knew his name. “Umm....” he said.

                            “Ms. Westerfield? Can you help him out?” He said suddenly looking at me after letting him stew for a few moments.

                            I felt my diaper grow warm with nerves but answered, “132.9054 grams?”

                            “Correct!” he said, “Ms. Westerfield has a good chance of doing well in this course, Mr. Stanson you may have issues…” he said. The whole class chuckled at his expense but I could feel a glare to the back of my head.

                            I sighed, but I wouldn’t hide my intelligence from anyone!

                            He went on and began doing other formulas and dealing with atomic masses, along with using the ideal gas law. He assigned about forty pages of reading before Wednesday, and then sent us on our way at the end of the class time. As I hopped off the chair and began storing my portable booster he walked over to me. “I just wanted to say I’m glad you seem to be as sharp as I’ve heard Ms. Westerfield.”

                            “Thank you sir,” I told him. “I really enjoyed your class today.”

                            “I hope that continues. Laura, Meg, please let us know if you have questions,” he told them.

                            We walked out the back of the lecture hall and I asked, “How does he know all of our names?”

                            One of the TAs was at the back collecting some information cards we’d filled out. “Doctor Casio memorizes every students name before you get to campus. He uses the pictures you send in initially to the university, but then gets an update with student IDs during orientation. He shuffles through them on his computer and tablet.”

                            “That’s kind of cool,” Laura said.

                            “Yeah,” Meg said.

                            Amanda was standing in the lobby and I said, “I’ll see you tomorrow, have a good night!”

                            “Night,” they said to me.

                            I walked up to Amanda and said, “Hi,” to her.

                            “You ready to go home?”

                            I nodded and held my arms up to her. She obliged by picking me up and putting me on her side for the walk to her car.

                            ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++

                            I hope you’re all still enjoying this tale. I’ll be working to write more this weekend, and am really hoping to get a major chunk of the rest written. At this point I have the end game sketched out, it’s just a matter of writing it! Thanks for everyone who has been leaving comments/likes. Please do let me know what you think! Comments help spur me on! Thanks for reading!


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