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Exchanged - Diaper Dimension - Epilogue - Added 2-17-2019

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    Chapter 42:

    THE RIDE HOME was short, but I felt like the long day suddenly slammed into me. I had fewer classes in a day than I’d had in high school, but I suddenly understood the idea that we’d be doing a year worth of high school classes in one semester. I mentally noted the homework I needed to do and was grateful that it wasn’t terrible today. I suspected that wouldn’t last long!

    “How was your Chemistry class?” Amanda asked as we pulled away.

    “Really cool actually,” I told her.

    “Casio right?”

    “Yes,” I answered.

    “He’s one of the students favorites. Great teacher,” she said. Knowing Amanda by now I knew that was high praise for the man.

    “Seemed like it, I can’t believe he already knows all of the freshman names… I mean he called one kid that was asleep, then he called on me!”

    “He’s as smart as anyone I know, and basically has an eidetic memory from what I can tell. It’s a good move to make students know he cares for them.” She paused, “Just make sure you pay attention!”

    I nodded at her looking back at the mirror because we were at a light. The house was soon in sight and she pulled into the garage next to Fred’s vehicle. Amanda came around and let me out of the car seat and sat me on the ground. She leaned in and handed me my backpack before holding the garage door open. “Fred we’re home,” she announced as we entered.

    “I’m in here,” he said from the living room. He looked like he was working on something around the staircase. I followed behind Amanda as she reached him and gave him a big hug and a kiss when he stood to greet her. I walked closer and he scooped me up to give me a big hug too, “How was your first day?”

    “Good,” I told him. “Any word on Bella?” I asked him.

    He hugged me but shook his head, “No, unfortunately,” he said. “I’ve been working on finishing cleaning up the damage and adding some security measures, but no word on her.”

    Amanda’s eyes watered and we had a three-way hug for a long moment. Fred felt my diaper under my skirt then and said, “Mommy she could probably use a diaper change,” and passed me over.

    She smiled weakly, “I guess we should take care of that, huh?”

    “Please,” I said.

    A moment later she came to the door that said ‘Princess Stacy,’ but had only so recently had ‘Princess Bella’ added. The sight made me want to cry! Amanda noticed and hugged me tightly as she pushed the door open and laid me on the changing table. She pushed a pacifier between my lips and I nursed it silently as she pulled my skirt off and sat me up to pull my blouse off too. My feet were pushed up into the air a moment later as she replaced the wet diaper with a dry one.

    She dug through the closet for a moment and then came back with a cute blue gingham dress. I sat up and put my arms through the sleeves before she buttoned it shut and tied a bow at the back. “I’m so glad we still have you Stacy… and I hope we find Bella…” she told me before tears came to her eyes.

    “We will… somehow,” I agreed.

    She kissed me on the forehead, hugged me, and then sat me down on the floor, “Little girl you have a bunch of homework to do… I know one of your classes has a crazy witch of a professor that will make you do a ton of work.”

    I smiled weakly, “You’re not thaaat bad,” I said around the pacifier.

    “I was talking about your English professor brat…”

    I smiled at her and took my backpack from her. As she left she closed the baby gate and gave me a long look, “I’ll get dinner started,” she said softly.

    I looked around the room and sighed as I looked at the crib. It looked like the intruders had scratched the finish of the cribs and our names were gone from above our beds. My memory recalled from the video that they had been thrown everywhere… I looked at my desk and was surprised to see it seemed to mostly have been untouched. I sat my computer down and logged in to the cameras in the nursery really quick. I recorded a few minutes of me working before looping the feed and running over to my bed and looking under the mattress. I breathed a sigh of relief as I found my Switch hiding there.

    ‘Okay… this is staying in the backpack and I’m going to have to get to work on my project soon…’ I sighed, ‘these guys aren’t giving me much breathing room.’

    I reset the cameras to normal after putting the switch in my bag, before I pulled out my tablet to start reading chapters over on my bed. I used my stylus to mark up the margins of the ebook, and used another app to take notes. The Calculus work was a review for me, but I completed the homework carefully anyway due to the different Base 60 math. I was finished with that, and most of my reading for Chemistry, before Amanda came back up and said, “Dinner’s ready, Sweetheart.”

    I sighed and put the tablet down and walked over to her, making the universal ‘pick-me-up’ sign.

    “Those legs broken?” She kidded me.

    “Uh-huh, I walked all over campus today!”

    She tickled my side, “Poor baby, I guess I should have put you in your carrier, huh?”

    I giggled as she tickled me and let her put me into the high chair. The room felt weird without Bella… and you could feel that the smiles on faces were forced, as Bella’s chair remained empty.

    “How about we pray?” Amanda suggested.

    “Sure,” I said in unison with Fred.

    “Please God, watch over our other adopted daughter Bella. We didn’t have long to get to know her, but we love her nonetheless. Please keep her safe and bring her safely home,” Amanda said.

    “Amen,” Fred and I said simultaneously as she cried. Fred hugged her and we all picked at the chicken dish that she made. It was really good, but that didn’t really feel great to be eating it that night. A dark cloud most certainly hung over us as we ate.

    I left a good chunk of food on my plate as Amanda picked me up, “I guess it’s going to take a while to get used to this,” she said sadly.

    I leaned into her and hugged her, “I love you Mommy,” I told her as she sat me down on the floor.

    “I love you too Stacy,” she told me.

    “Stacy I want to show you a couple things…” Fred said as he stood up from the table too.

    “What?” I asked looking up at him.

    “The first thing is at the top of the stairs,” he said and walked up as I climbed beside him. I scrambled carefully up each step, while he was able to take normal steps. He pointed to what looked like a camera lens that had been added to each corner of the walls framing the staircase.

    “What is it?”

    “It’s a set of holo-emitters,” he told me.

    “What are they supposed to emit?” I asked.

    “Stay there a second,” he said and walked past me to the top of the stairs and then I heard a quick sound like a bug zapper start up. “Come on up the rest of the way,” he told me.

    I nervously looked up there and saw that he was no longer visible and it looked like it had a moment before. I carefully climbed the last stair and then found myself meeting a hard surface. I poked at it and even hit it really quickly and found it felt like a brick wall, “Oww…” I whined before he deactivated it

    “So it’s a holographic solid wall?” I asked.

    “More than that… I didn’t have the charge enabled… if they break in that will stay active and hopefully give us a minute or two.

    “Wait, is it possible to disrupt with a laser like Tessa at school?” I asked.

    “I didn’t think about that,” Amanda said from behind me. “Let’s test that…” she said as she went down to her lab and brought back four different lasers. “Re-enable it Fred,” she said from the other side. I watched in fascination as the air shimmered a little in front of us, but I could still see her. Fred had been hidden from behind it before so I assumed I was too.

    I watched her point a simple laser pointer like she would use in a lass at the image. She aimed at the image and pressed on it, but it still held firm. “Well that’s a good sign,” she said, “I might have to see about what they’re using with Tessa, this one would have disrupted her…”

    “What about the others?” I asked.

    She tried another one that was a little bit brighter, but it still didn’t do anything. She cycled through them until she got to one that was about the size of toilet paper roll. When she pointed it I instantly saw a flicker in the field, and she was able to walk through without any problems.

    “Hopefully they don’t have one that powerful?” Fred commented.

    “Hopefully not…” she said. “This thing is kind of risky to even use indoors…”

    “What about if you used multiple of the less powerful ones?” I asked.

    She looked at me and then we reset the experiment. Two of the lower leveled lasers did nothing, but when the third lower level laser was added the image shifted again and she was able to walk through. “I hope they don’t have laser sights on pistols?” I said after seeing that.

    “Me too,” Amanda said. “I wonder if I can reprogram this somehow to be more resistant…?”

    “Mandy, I’ll go do the dishes while you play,” Fred said. “Let me just show Stacy the other two additions first,” he said as he directed me to the nursery. He opened the gate, which I noticed now that it had been switched to now move the gate inward. I looked at the actual door closer to see that it now opened out to the hallway, “We put in heavier doors for both of our bedrooms. They open out so they’ll be harder to kick in. We’ve also put heavy-duty electronic locks on here that are passcoded. I doubt you can reach it, but the code is 938502. We’re going to keep it closed after we put you to bed each night.” He pointed towards the windows, “We replaced the glass in all of the windows with the same as the back door. It’s just about impossible to break or easily cut into. An alarm will sound if it detects a break in the glass too,” he added.

    “That seems a little bit more secure,” I said.

    “Well if they get through all of that we added one final addition here,” he said pointing to what looked like a new toy box in the closet. He opened it and I saw a compartment that seemed to be able to be locked from the inside, and the box itself was clearly bolted to the floor with some large bolts. “They won’t be able to remove it from the outside if you are locked inside. There’s water and food in there if you need it - well baby food,” he hedged with an apologetic look. “It stores easily… It’s enough to keep you fed for up to four days. The box can survive being crushed by more weight than this house has total, it is fireproof, and it has oxygen for two days.”

    “It’s like a little sized panic room,” I said softly. “If we manage to get Bella back you’re going to have to get a larger one…”

    He hugged me then with a sad look on his face, “It doesn’t look good right now, does it…?”

    “Not great,” I agreed. He left me to work on the dishes downstairs, while I went back to my homework list and did the reading for my technical writing class and Amanda’s class. As soon as I had everything on my list done I looked at my watch and sighed - it was already nine o’clock!

    I put down my tablet and walked down to the workshop where Amanda was working on some programming on her computer. I walked up to her and stood by her lap before she noticed me and pulled me onto her lap. “Hi Sweetie,” she told me.

    “Still working on the holo project?” I asked her.

    “No, I finished that a while ago…” she admitted. “I was looking at the code from Bella’s chip,” she said pointing towards the screen.

    I looked for a moment and said, “Can you scroll down?” As she did I noticed something, “It’s code that’s in the nanite system,” I told her.

    “What? You just mean similar functions, right?”

    I shook my head, “That whole block right there is in one of the subroutines.”

    “Can you show me?” She asked.

    I moved off of her lap and pushed my skirt back down before going back to the nursery. I picked up my laptop and walked back to her workroom and let her pick me up so I could set my computer down next to it.

    “It’s so hard to see that,” she said a moment later. “Can you go to an external display?”

    I shrugged, “In my dimension I can, I’m not sure about yours?”

    She reached over to a spare display and unhooked a cable. She sat me down on the desk while she looked at my ports and then brought several cables back over. Ten minutes of upsizing later we managed to connect my computer to the display. It worked, but looked really pixelated. It was better for her though as I showed her where I had seen it. We spent several hours going through the code before I asked, “What does this all mean?”

    “It means someone involved in the nanite project was involved in kidnapping Bella’s parents.”

    “And probably her too?”


    “What’s in her code that’s not in the nanite programming?” I wondered. “They wouldn’t need her if they had all of the code already….”

    “Okay girls, time for you both to start thinking about bed,” Fred said from behind us. We both jumped slightly and I noted my full bladder. I thought for only a heartbeat before I let it loose into the padding of the diaper. It was more than slightly squishy, but I really didn’t mind that feeling at all.

    “Okay Daddy,” I told him.

    “Let’s give you a quick bath and then we can put you to bed,” Amanda told me.

    “Okay Mommy,” I said and grabbed my computer so I could hold it while she carried me down the hall. She watched as I plugged it in with the charging cord before scooping me back up and setting me down on the changing table upright.

    She pointed to my shoes, “Can you undo those?” she asked.

    “Sure,” I told her as I pushed on the spots to unlace them.

    “Why did my dad get you those anyway? He wouldn’t tell me?” She took them from me and set them down where she could get to them to dress me the next day.

    As she took my socks next I looked at her, “I’m thinking there’s probably a reason he didn’t tell you… do you mind if I ask him to tell you tomorrow? For now I’ll tell you they’re special?”

    She pursed her lips but nodded, “I trust you, and I trust my dad.” She undid the bow on the back of my dress, along with the buttons, then said, “Arms up!”

    She slid it up off my body and left me in the wet diaper as my only clothing. I watched her place the dress in the hamper before pushing me down on the changing table. The diaper was ripped open, I was wiped, and she set my naked form down on the ground, “Toddle down to the bathroom,” she told me with a smile and a light pat to my rear. “Your tush is definitely one of your cuter attributes!” She told me as she followed me.

    My entire body blushed with that comment, “Mommy…” I whined.

    She ran a bathtub full of bubbles and even tossed in a couple bath toys that I played with as she washed me thoroughly. “I’d love to let you stay in here all night Princess, but we need to get to bed.”

    I nodded, “Okay,” I said and stood as she dried me as the drain was opened, then wrapped me in a towel. She hadn’t actually washed my hair, though it had gotten a little bit wet, so she just lightly dried it before carrying me to the nursery.

    She pulled out one of the pink princess diapers and made sure to powder me before taping me inside of it. A blanket sleeper followed to cover me in its warmth. After a short few steps to the rocking chair she sat down.

    “Why didn’t you nurse me more today?” I asked her as she pulled her shirt off, leaving her only in her bra.

    “I really would have loved to do this more today,” she admitted with a smile, “but even if you don’t have incontinence issues from it, the milk alone might give you a looser stool.”

    I nodded, “I guess that makes sense…”

    “We need to make sure we put your charm bracelet on tomorrow too… we forgot that today!”

    I looked at her in horror and nodded, “That could have been disastrous…”

    “Yes, almost like poor Meg today…”

    “She seems nice,” I told Amanda, “Thank you for helping her out.”

    “She’ll probably still end up getting adopted out, along with your friend Laura, but I hate to see them go down that road too early,” she said.

    “You really think it’s inevitable?”

    “There are eleven other girls in your nest sweetie. Today you heard that two are gone already… I would bet that at most only three of them will be free by the end of the semester. Especially since they put you in the baby nest.”

    “Baby nest?” I asked, noting there was information I hadn’t heard yet.

    “You noticed yours was made of the shortest girls, right?”

    I nodded.

    “That’s not by chance, they’ll be some of the first to be deemed immature,” she told me.

    “I guess I should enjoy my friends while I have them then?”

    She nodded sadly as she settled me in the crook of her arm and moved her bra out of the way, “You really don’t have to do this by the way? I don’t want you only nursing from me because you feel bad…”

    “I want to though!” I told her and latched on her long nipple before she could say another word. My world became nothing but sucking and swallowing her amazing milk. I was almost asleep as she burped me, then moved me over to her other breast. The lullabye she sang was what ultimately did me in. The last thing I remembered was needing to pee and letting that go into the padding as I continued to nurse. I didn’t worry about the wet diaper though, since I knew if I needed changed she would take care of that for me. Amanda was an amazing mommy!

    WHEN AMANDA WOKE me up the next morning she had to practically tickle me to death to get me to wake up. “I’m up,” I whined at her.

    “Maybe you need an earlier bedtime,” she said with concern.

    I shook my head, “It wouldn’t matter what time I went to bed, I’m not a good person at waking up.”

    She sighed, “I wish you were one of those littles that woke up with a smile on her face.”

    I forced a smile, “Is this good enough?”

    “Come on brat, let’s get you some coffee…”

    I enjoyed a latte bottle made once again with her breastmilk, along with some oatmeal and strawberries that she spoonfed me herself for breakfast. When I finished she wiped my messy face with a baby wipe and placed me on the ground. She cleaned my highchair and the dishes for a few minutes before I asked, “Mommy, would you please take my diaper off so I can go poopy?”

    She worked to quickly unzip me from the footed sleeper, untaped the soaked princess diaper, and then pushed me to my potty. I didn’t delay in sitting down on it as a large log and some other chunks flowed from my rear into the potty. I kept going for a few minutes before she asked, “All done?”

    I nodded and let her wipe me up, then she carried my naked body up to the nursery while holding my sleeper in her other hand. “Let’s get you ready for school. I’ll be curious to see what you think about your history class.”

    She talked with me for a few minutes back and forth about some similarities and differences of our histories. I had a feeling I was going to have to really be on my toes with that class! I was diapered, dressed in the summer uniform that day, with my shoes and charm bracelet on. “Can you put my hair into pigtails today?” I asked her.


    I shrugged, “I think they’re cute, and it’s not like I’m trying to pretend to be a really big girl?”

    She smiled at me, “As long as you are okay with the stares and comments,” she said.

    “Thanks,” I said a few minutes later after she had my hair braided into two pigtails that she’d tied off with bows from a ribbon that matched the gingham summer dress.

    I looked at myself in the mirror and blushed as I definitely looked ready to go to preschool! The first day of kindergarten looked to still be years away! I’d always thought pigtails were cute though on girls growing up, I’d been jealous actually of them, and it kept my hair out of my face.

    “Ready?” She asked me.

    “Ready,” I told her.

    The trip to the university was short, but I couldn’t help but watch through my mirror and notice that Amanda was nervously looking over her shoulder at every stoplight. Clearly she and Fred were certain that Bella was not the only target of her kidnappers. That definitely kept my own nerves on edge. At the university she walked me to Destiny Hall. That morning I had a huge class with most of the other freshmen on the ‘History of Amazon Civilization.’ Littles seemed to naturally congregate towards the front and I found Laura and Meg sitting with an empty seat saved between them for me.

    “Hi,” I said to them as I took out my booster from my backpack.

    “Any word on your sister?” Meg asked.

    I shook my head, “No… I’m hoping she’s okay, but it’s not looking good…”

    I wiped the beginning of a tear from my eye and made sure I was ready to take notes on my tablet. Laura and Meg brought me up to speed on the events at the dorms from yesterday. It turned out that four littles had messed their pants in classes yesterday, and all but one had already been demerited out. The other said she was going to see Ms. Beauregard this morning since she didn’t stand a chance of avoiding the single demerit she had left. I sighed and said, “Watch yourselves,” just as the professor stood at the front with her lapel microphone on.

    “Good morning everyone, I’m Doctor Samantha Evergreen and this is the History of Amazon Civilization,” she smiled warmly and she seemed to be a fairly friendly, and down to earth fellow nerd. She wore her hair in a simple pony tail, form fitting jeans, and solid colored blouse. “You may call me Doctor Sam if you want, and I hope you’ll enjoy this class. We’re going to begin with the dawn of civilization, and move to the modern era. There are a lot of facts you will need to memorize for this class, but we will keep this as a general survey of history. I could spend all semester on any one days topic! Please be sure you keep up with the reading in the textbook – there is a lot! We will have four tests…”

    I kept notes as best I could as she began going through what was familiar and different at the same time. There were a lot of little variances in their history as she flew through the beginning of humans around 250,000 B.C.E., to 2,000 B.C.E. in that one lecture. Every now and then it was like a flip of a coin happened in both dimensions and the opposite result happened in this one. It was going to be tough to keep track of the alternative events, and I was pretty sure I’d be studying for this class more than my others!

    “That was so lame… she didn’t even mention that the littles on the islands have a civilization that dates back to then too…” one little complained on the way out. I didn’t catch who it was, but I clearly heard an Amazon respond, “Of course not, why would you need to cover their pants pooping moments? I should check yours…”

    I sighed as we exited and Amanda waited for me, “See you all at the seminar?” I asked them.

    They nodded and Amanda picked me up to carry me. “What do you want for lunch?” She asked me.

    I shrugged while thinking she had what I wanted actually… but didn’t want to have an accident in my seminar. “Go home and have a grilled cheese?” she suggested.

    I nodded, “Sure.”

    She drove back home carefully and I watched her constantly look over her shoulder each direction. Once we were safely locked inside with the alarm on in the house, she began cooking the grilled cheese. I took advantage of a few minutes to keep working on my homework for the next day, finishing up some of the last couple things I needed to get done in a couple of the classes for the remainder of the week according to the syllabuses.

    I was picked up suddenly and squeaked, “Lunch is ready,” Amanda said as she strapped me into my high chair.

    “How was history?” She asked.

    I shrugged, “It was okay. The professor seems alright, but I have a feeling I’m probably going to have to study for that class more than any other.”


    “Besides the fact she’s covered more than two-hundred thousand years in the first class?” I asked with a raised eyebrow, “It seems like our dimensions are so close, but there’s like this coin flip of options that you all chose heads while we chose tails… I have a feeling it’s going to make it tough for me to remember which is the ‘right’ answer to a lot of questions.”

    She nodded, “I could see that being a problem…”

    “Any word this morning?” I asked as I bit into the second piece of sandwich.

    She shook her head, “No… I’m…” she wiped her face, “I’m not sure if it’s time to give up hope Stacy… It’s hard to imagine they’ve had her for this long and not done modifications to her… or who knows what…”

    I nodded, “I know…”

    “I shouldn’t feel so strongly about someone who was a complete stranger just over a week ago…”

    I wished I could get out of the high chair then, but other than the wiggling I did there was nothing more I could do. “I’m sorry Mommy,” I told her.

    “I know you are,” she sighed, “the worst is wondering when they’re going to try for you again.”

    I felt a little pit in my stomach at that, but nodded, “I’m not going to go without a fight though Mommy.”

    She looked at me and said, “I know you won’t.” She looked at her watch and groaned, “I need to get you back, let’s get your diaper changed.” She picked me up quickly and said as she walked upstairs, “Don’t forget that my dad is picking you up after this class.”

    I nodded, “I’m looking forward to it,” I told her.

    Amanda changed me and brought the rest of the juice bottle I’d barely touched off of my highchair into the car. Once she had me strapped in she said, “Drink, you’ve hardly touched it.”

    I blushed but nodded and grabbed onto it with both hands and began nursing on it as soon as she inserted the nipple into my mouth. It was empty by the time Amanda picked me up out of the car seat and I handed it to her. She sat me on the ground and held my hand as she walked me to the door of the lecture hall, and the first of the littles seminars. I had a feeling I would soon be dealing with yet another of the ‘just give up and be adopted lectures.’ I found Laura and Meg sitting with a few members of our nest.

    “Why aren’t you with your nest?” I asked Meg quietly after I sat down.

    “I’m the only one left,” she answered.

    I looked at her in horror, “Already?!? You’re alone with your nest mother then?”

    She sighed but nodded, “She definitely asked me to just call her mommy yesterday…”

    “Can they move you to another nest?”

    “They will in a couple weeks if I’m still here. Apparently my group got targeted first for some medication to make us mess.” She looked around, “If your mom hadn’t been there I’d be gone too. I was the only one not caught pooping my panties that day.”

    I nodded and sighed, “Why did I come to this dimension again?” I asked myself.

    We didn’t have long to wait before Dean Sanders stood at the front of the lecture hall, “Good afternoon boys and girls,” she said in a sweetly patronizing voice.

    “Good afternoon Dean Sanders,” everyone mumbled back at her.

    “You’re learning!” she said with a smile. “Throughout this semester and next we all will be meeting once a week just to make sure you have your best chance in life! Today we want to discuss a recent case in the courts over a little girl who became exceptionally violent…”

    I had to bite my tongue, and wanted a pacifier more than anything to keep my tongue silent as she went through and showed news clips of a girl who hadn’t taken becoming someone’s baby laying down. I almost wanted to cheer as nursery footage of her killing her ‘mommy’ was shown… then I wanted to be sick for all the blood and consequences that followed. To my surprise the case was ongoing following her conviction, with the courts taking a break on the final decision for her fate until she completed some sort of psych eval. In the meantime Dean Sanders opened up a debate on the legality of what should be done to the girl.

    “Okay, I guess my thing is make up your mind as Amazons,” one boy said. “Either we’re babies, or we’re adults? If we’re adults it should be illegal to kidnap us. If we’re babies…” he hesitated, “then at least apply some decent protection laws to us. If she had been a baby and treated like that wouldn’t the mother have had her custody revoked for being abusive?”

    Dean Sanders actually nodded, “I happen to agree with you. You are babies for the most part, and if we’re going to treat you as such then we shouldn’t abuse you.”

    “I didn’t say…”

    “But, again if she was a free little and had killed an Amazon in full premeditation like that, then she should face the full force of the law.” To my surprise she actually enabled a very good dialogue and conversation through the seminar time. At the end she said, “You as littles have many legal requirements and obligations, it is important that you are aware of what rights you have and don’t have. Good luck with the rest of your first week.”

    As I stood up I heard, “Ms. Westerfield,” and turned to see Dean Sanders looking at me.

    “Yes ma’am?” I said politely.

    “How is your sister doing?”

    I felt tears at my eyes and shrugged, “We don’t actually know… She was… ki…kidnapped Sunday from the hospital.”

    “Wait, that was your sister?” She asked with her eyes widening. “You all can’t catch a break, can you?”

    I shook my head, “Doesn’t seem like it, does it?”

    She put her hand on my head, “Hang in there,” she then gave my backside light pat and I followed Laura and Meg outside.

    Grandpa was standing outside the door and I told them, “I’ll see you tomorrow,” before walking over to him and giving him a hug. “Hi Grandpa,” I told him.

    He picked me up, squeezed me, “Hi Stacy,” and carried me on his side and walked to his car where the new infant car seat waited for me. “Need a change?” he asked as he laid me down in the seat.

    I shook my head, “I should be okay for a bit…”

    “Well let’s get to the studio then,” he said.

    I sat quietly and used my phone as he drove through the streets. I saw my mom had e-mailed me and groaned. With everything going on I hadn’t e-mailed her since most of everything bad had happened… ‘How in the hell do I tell her about this and not have her demand that I go home?’ I quickly shot off an e-mail that I would reply more later with some overview facts, I made sure to include a safe phrase just to be sure she knew it was a time issue and that I was still safe.

    There were a few other e-mails including an invite to another Lambda Delta Pi event Friday. I would have to ask Amanda if I could go later, but a part of me thought it was a better idea to stay safe at home! Soon we pulled into the parking lot of Grandpa’s studio and he came to let me out. Inside he took me into a locker room and said, “Let’s change you into a fresh diaper, and then we’ll get you ready to go.”

    I was stripped and changed into a fresh Pamper before he produced a gi that was my size! He even had the red belt that I had last tested for when I studied before. “I haven’t practiced in a long time Sensei,” I told him when I saw that.

    He smiled, “That did not show when I tested you this weekend. Once you learn the forms that are required of you I hope that you will receive your first ‘Dan’ Belt within the year.”

    I bowed to him, “You honor me,” I said.

    He bowed back, “It is my honor!” He paused, “I had begun to think I might never teach one of my grandchildren since Amanda was the only one that ever really studied seriously with me.”

    I smiled at him and put the gi on myself, tying it closed with the belt. It was then for the first time that I actually counted the stripes on his belt. “You’re a sixth degree Dan?”

    He smiled, “I’m supposed to travel and test to earn my seventh this year actually.”

    “That is really cool,” I told him while following him out of the locker room.

    Out in the studio he told me, “We have about a half-hour before my first set of students will arrive. Let’s make the most of the time before I need to begin their class.”

    After a short stretching session I began working through the forms I had learned and a new one he was teaching me. I was so focused on what I was doing that I failed to note the audience I was gaining, or the fact that Grandpa Joe had left me working on my own to greet his young students and their parents. “Who is she?” I finally noticed when I finished an exercise and looked up.

    I turned and bowed to him and the Amazonian mother who had asked giggled, “She’s adorable!” she then asked again, “Who is she?”

    At his gesture I walked over to him and he said, “This is my adopted granddaughter, Stacy.”

    “Adopted? Why are you training her then?” A mother next to her asked.

    “I have always wanted a grandchild to pass along my knowledge to. Stacy is an apt pupil who studied where she is from in her dimension.”

    “So that red belt is real?” A boy who towered over me asked. I guessed he was about six-feet in height, double my own, but only about six or seven years old knowing that was the age of the students that were supposed to be in this class.

    “Yes, it is,” I said myself.

    Before the inquisitive bunch could ask us any more questions Grandpa ordered everyone to their places. One line had fewer students in it and he asked the members of that line to scoot back one space and put me in front. Knowing he was saying to them I was more advanced than they were, I was glad they were only six and seven year olds! The scary thing was that everyone was at least a foot and a half taller than me. The shortest kid, a girl I learned was named Nikki, still stood four and a half feet tall!

    I did the entire workout with them, and then he broke students up into partners to spar one set at a time. I was paired up with the boy who had asked if my belt was real. “Hi, I’m Stacy,” I greeted him cordially.

    “Eddie,” he said. “Sensei, I’m really supposed to fight her?”

    “Yes,” he told him from the side.

    “But she’s a baby…”

    “Then it should be easy,” he told him.

    I heard an intake of air from several moms at the periphery, but I got the feeling they had been instructed from the beginning not to interfere with their students training. I know my own mom had struggled with that requirement back home!

    “Kyungnet,” he said and we bowed to each other. “You are not to hurt each other, but I expect your best,” he said.

    I noted that Eddie only had a second level belt, so I knew he didn’t know much yet. As Grandpa said, “Charyut!” we began.

    I circled some and let him make the first move. It was a kick so telegraphed I think the mothers could tell from where they were sitting. I ducked and caught his leg before twisting him gently to the ground and giving a jab with my elbow across his sternum.

    “Point to Stacy,” he said.

    We sparred to two more points, both of them mine, before Eddie really began to get angry. He tried an awkward leg sweep that I assumed he had seen somewhere, but not yet perfected so it was really awkwardly done. I summersaulted over his leg and instead performed my own leg sweep to kick his legs out from underneath him, once again scoring a point. The final point of the five we sparred to involved him essentially behaving like a bull and running straight at me to grapple me. I used his momentum and tossed him on his back as gently as I could.

    “How did you do that?!?” He asked. “I’m bigger than you!”

    I bowed to him, “I used your momentum against you,” I told him honestly.

    Grandpa bowed to us both and patted us both on our backs before moving to the next set of partners who weren’t nearly as exciting to watch. At the end of the class Eddie came to me, “Nice to meet you Stacy… I guess you’re not just a dumb smelly baby.”

    I smiled, “Nice to meet you too,” I told him but frowned when his mom began tersely talking to him and then looking my direction.

    “How could you let that little girl fight my boy…?” I heard his mother shriek a few minutes later. “She could have hurt him!”

    I felt my jaw drop and I couldn’t help the giggle that came to my mouth and quickly turned around. Luckily I was far enough away I doubted she had heard me. “She’s a student, but more importantly I know has the control to not hurt anyone she doesn’t want to,” Grandpa told her. “You should also remember she’s half your sons size, if there’s anyone who should worry it’s me. My daughter will kill me if anything happens to her little girl,” I could hear the smile on his face.

    “I don’t want…”

    “If you can’t respect my methods then find another teacher for Eddie. I would deeply regret that given I think he has a lot of potential.” I turned back around in time to see him respectfully bow to the speechless woman and come back over to me.

    “Thanks for sticking up for me,” I told him quietly when he bent down and picked me up.

    “My pleasure,” he said with a smile, “nice job today,” he added. “Let’s change that diaper of yours and then you can join my next class too?”

    I smiled and nodded, “Sure… then I’d better work on homework or Mommy will kill me…”

    He laughed, “I think we can manage her.”

    I was taken back to a small office he had this time and he changed me on a sofa he had in there. Once I was cleaned up he used another wipe on the rest of my body to wipe some sweat away before carrying me back to greet his next class. This group was aged eight to ten, and I saw a few red belts like mine around the room. One girl who was quite a bit smaller than the others actually wore a black belt. ‘If she’s ten I bet she’ll end up a betweener who will kick anyone’s butt if they mess with her,’ I mused to myself before being once again put into the front of a line next to the girl with the black belt. The others up front had red belts too and I joined them for their class.

    As they took their places I guessed that except for the shorter girl, the rest were between six feet and nearly eight feet in height. The disparity in height from my own was intimidating and I could hear some whispers and giggles about me. The girl next to me said, “Hi, I’m Hermione.”

    I giggled, “I’m Stacy, your parents fans of Harry Potter?”


    “Oh… not in this dimension. British then?”

    She smiled, “My dad was. Umm… how old are you?”

    “Eighteen,” I told her.

    “Why are you here?” She asked.

    Before I could answer Grandpa Joe took the front and greeted us. “We have a new student who will be joining your class. Stacy is my adopted granddaughter. Please treat her like any other student! She’s shorter than you, but I think you’ll find that may not be the disadvantage it seems at first.”

    I could feel the skeptical looks then, having the same thoughts myself, but kept quiet. We did a few stretches and warm-ups before he began running us through some of the things he had been teaching me on my own. It was clear this class was more advanced than the last one, and it was also clear this was closer to my own level. Midway through the class instead of sparring he had everyone practice kicks and breaking boards. I’d done that back home, but I couldn’t help but note that the boards were thicker in this dimension, and it had been years since I had done so. I ended up in the middle of a line coming up and heard the tittering and giggles as I came up to the front.

    I bowed to Grandpa though and at his command launched a kick into the board. To everyone’s amazement, including my own, the board broke easily. “Very good Stacy!” he bowed before patting me on the head. The next person, a tall boy who had been laughing before, failed to break the board. I managed to only smirk myself at that!

    He had us regroup on the mat before dismissing us and I noticed that Amanda was standing at the side. I ran over to her, “Hi Mommy,” I told her and made the universal ‘up’ sign.

    “Hi Stacy,” she smiled and hugged me.

    Another mom came over and said, “How irresponsible can you be having your little here? She could get hurt!”

    “Not with my dad in charge,” she said nodding towards Grandpa. “Well, at least not if she listens to him!”

    “I have half a mind to report you to LPS!” The lady said angrily.

    “I have more than half a mind to smack you upside the head too,” Amanda said.

    “Why!” she started before Grandpa arrived.

    “Is there a problem?”

    “No problem Daddy, I’m sure she was just getting her son here and leaving, wasn’t she?”

    I noted then the boy behind me who couldn’t break the board until his fourth attempt was there. “Mom let’s go!” He hissed, “You can’t blow this for me like you did baseball!”

    I looked at the boy and wondered what all happened to him, feeling more than a little bad that I had wanted to laugh at him earlier. He led his mom away and I noted that I would make that up to him the next week. “How did she do?” Amanda asked her dad.

    “Broke her board on the first try and did well sparring earlier. I’m curious to see how she does sparring with my older students Thursday.”

    “Don’t let her get hurt…” she told him.

    “No promises, I never promised that to your mom and I’ll not lie to you either,” he said.

    I looked up and she blushed but nodded, “I guess we’d better get out of here for dinner and let you get ready for your next class.”

    “Stacy’s stuff is in my office,” he said. “You can leave her gi on my desk and I’ll have it for her on Thursday so she doesn’t have to haul it to class.”

    “Great, thanks Dad,” she said and I found myself in his office getting my uniform back on over a fresh diaper. The other had been dry, but my sweat meant a new one was a good idea according to Amanda who claimed I ‘stank.’

    Back in my school uniform she carried me out to the car and strapped me into my seat, “We’re going to meet Daddy for dinner,” she said.

    I just nodded grabbed for a pacifier that was next to me and placed it into my mouth. The drive to the restaurant was just long enough for me to take a nice nap encouraged by the comfort of my paci!

    WHEN I WOKE up I found we were at Elevated, their favorite restaurant... I was unstrapped from the car seat and carried into the restaurant where the Maitre’D was all smiles and led us to a table and a high chair for me. “Mr. and Mrs. Westerfield, so good to see you again,” he said. “And Ms. Westerfield as well,” he said with a smile to me.

    “Hi,” Amanda said without any real enthusiasm.

    “Is everything okay?” He asked.

    “Not really,” I told him quietly to his surprise.

    “Anything we can do?” The chef suddenly appeared behind us and asked.

    In unison we all shook our heads, “We had adopted another little girl…” Amanda said with a tear down her eye.

    “She was attacked first and then kidnapped from the hospital…”

    “Mio Dio!” he replied, “That was your little girl?” He sighed, “I heard about that yesterday. I am so sorry to hear that. I didn’t even get a chance to meet her, did I?”

    I shook my head, “No sir, she’d only been part of our family a week.”

    “I’m so sorry,” he told us all. “Do you mind if I just prepare a meal for you all tonight?”

    I shrugged and watched them hand the menus back to the Maitre’D. “Sure,” Fred replied aloud.

    “I will prepare the best meal that I can to try and help you feel a little bit better,” he said. “And, I’ll be praying for your little bambina… I hope she finds her way home to you!”

    When he left the table was quiet, only a little bit of chewing as we received bread. Fred finally broke the silence and asked me, “How did your classes go today?”

    I told him about the history class, then about the odd littles seminar. Finally he asked about my time with Grandpa Joe after school and I told him about the first part that Amanda hadn’t seen. She filled him in on the board break though as apparently she had been there for that herself.

    “Sounds like you and Grandpa Joe have hit it off well,” Fred said to me as food appeared in front of us.

    Mine was in a bowl and cut up, but still not pureed. Across the restaurant I had been ignoring the four other littles spread about that were in various states of disgust, anger, and being fed. One glared at me when they realized I had real food and asked their mom, “Why does she get real food?”

    ‘Déja vu,’ I thought, wondering what the consequences would be this time.

    A quick smack and a pacifier inflated into their mouth finished the questions.

    I sighed but just enjoyed the dish he had prepared for me. It was like a chicken piccata dish, but better than anything I could remember having. The Chef came out and checked on us after a while and we all split a dessert before getting in the cars to go home. After a needed diaper change in my nursery Amanda directed me with one word, “Get your homework finished up,” she told me.

    I nodded and sat down at my desk. Fortunately I’d done a majority of the work for Wednesday’s classes the night before and in the afternoon, but I still had a good thirty pages of reading and a couple of ‘optional’ assignments to complete. When I was done with those I read the first sixty pages of the history textbook as we’d been told to do. I had to start keeping a log of notes of my dimension versus this dimension to keep everything straight. By about eight-thirty I was done and began looking to work on some of my other projects.

    My first goal was to see if there was some way to excrete some of my nanites on cue, and program them to quickly do what I needed them to…

    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++

    Thank you for continuing to follow this tale! Chapter 43 is mostly ready for next week, with Chapter 44 needing to be fleshed out some more. I think there will be at most another chapter and Epilogue after this, so stay tuned! Thank you to WBDaddy for letting me reference his character from ‘A Little Legal Issue’ in this. (One of the most thought provoking legal stories in the dimension I think!)

    Please let me know what you’re thinking/add some ‘likes’ to the story if you’re enjoying it. I’m hoping to finish writing the book this weekend and week - it’s helpful to read the comments when I get stuck! Thanks for sticking with me here!


      Did anyone else notice a behavior change in Stacy after she began drinking the breastmilk? I might have been imagining it, however her moods seemed a bit more polar and things infantile in nature seemed to excite her more. It may be nothing, but the voice of story has been consistent thus far and a change would seem intentional.


        Another great chapter as usual , but much quieter than recently with regards to kidnapping attempts. Nice to see that you are spending time describing Stacy's classes rather than just stating which classes she attended.
        I am sorry to hear, as will many others , that you only intend to write 2 more chapters and hope you will consider writing more in the future


          Originally posted by BabySofia View Post

          My first goal was to see if there was some way to excrete some of my nanites on cue, and program them to quickly do what I needed them to…
          I forsee home-grown superpowers coming into play.


            Amanda directed me with one word, “Get your homework finished up,”

            Not to be pedantic, but that sounds like more than one word to me...


              Originally posted by WBDaddy View Post
              Amanda directed me with one word, “Get your homework finished up,”

              Not to be pedantic, but that sounds like more than one word to me...
              And you're both being pedantic and correct! I'll make a note of it as a correction when I go back through the whole thing. Thanks!


                An another good chapter.
                It's realy sad to see that you think ending this story. The potential for development is huge like the Stacy and her friend's college years and future. Please don't end it too fast!
                I'm glade to see that you enjoy ideas from the comments. I was a bit affraid to look like I didn't enjoy your work if share mine :
                you do a great job showing the pressure on the characters mind by keeping a tense atmosphere in the last chapters. Maybe you could lighten it a little with some genuine happy and loving scenes in the future even if the kidnapping issue isn't solved. I quite like the idea from Raphil1 (sorry didn't achieve to quote on my phone) about Tessa helping with the nanny bots.

                Hope to read a LOT more in the future ; )

                thanks again.


                  Chapter 43:

                  THE FIRST COUPLE of weeks for me in this dimension had gone slowly enough to keep track of every day, but the next few weeks began to blur together quickly after that night. We heard no word about Bella at all… and I had personally lost hope that anything of her would remain if we should find her. I feared that Venture would either have her pregnant and essentially brain dead, or just mentally wiped drooling in a nursery. I was certain that she was probably as badly off as Chloe’s littles by now - and that broke my heart! She had hopes and dreams before the day we met, and I would cry a bit when I thought about them being gone and done.

                  College classes though were going well and I’d mostly avoided embarrassing situations myself. Some of my friends weren’t as lucky, but somehow Meg and Laura were still going to classes with me and becoming great friends! I’d spent most of my time talking to my parents on the video call we’d had talking about them and avoiding the topics of dangers and Bella.

                  As the weeks passed I continued to work on some side projects trying to prepare for the inevitable return of Venture’s crew. With Amanda’s permission I was given access to some of the toys that were at our disposal as students, as long as a professor signed off on the student.

                  “Are you sure you should be letting her use this Professor Westerfield?” the grad student on duty asked.

                  “I promised her a reward for being a good girl. I promise she’s not going to be able to harm a thing with the machine,” she told him.

                  He looked at her skeptically, “I don’t know…”

                  “If she does I promise I’ll fix it if she can’t!” She told him. “I’m not sure I can fix your internship though if you keep it up…”

                  He gulped and motioned for me to go ahead.

                  I looked at the control console for the 3D printer that I’d briefly been able to use weeks before. I’d been itching to get back here to work on a few things, and at her nod of approval began uploading a few projects I’d been working on. As far as she knew there was only one… a few extra potties that I needed! In all I had designed three more potties, one for Grandma and Grandpas, one for Amanda’s office, and one for Grandpa’s studio so that I could go poop in those places without using my diaper. Even more than a month of being in the dimension I still dreaded having a poopy diaper!

                  Amanda had agreed to let me make some more potties at the university, since her own printer was just a bit too small for the job. Since I knew what machine they had I’d downloaded the software and tweaked my design to even look appropriately babyish for a potty. They’d probably sell well to parents, as the pinks and purples with little princess accents on them would make even the most skeptical Amazon go ‘awwww’ with me sitting on the potty.

                  I groaned that many probably see me on them too… The printer spat them out in short order and the grad assistant that was hanging around said, “We’re wasting time letting her make potties? She’s wearing a diaper – and a wet one at that – why does she need a potty?”

                  Amanda just smiled at him, “I enjoy watching her go in front of the big girl students.” I was amazed at how good of a liar Amanda could be sometimes.

                  His face was priceless and he shut up after that.

                  As the third one finished up I said, “Mommy, I have one more thing to print… it’s a surprise, can you maybe look that way until it’s done?”

                  “Stacy what are you up to?” She asked me with some concern.

                  “Nothing bad, but it’s a surprise for you,” I added.

                  She gave me a warning look, but let nodded before turning away, and I quickly started to upload the last design I had made. This was the tricky one! The print was going to seem to be a three dimensional ‘portrait’ of Bella with the three of us on our trip to Selgnasol. I looked at this picture often for the genuine smile on Bella’s face… I feared she might never smile like that again – if she was even still alive – so it was kind of my own way of dealing with everything. I had gotten the idea when we had visited an art gallery that past Saturday and I’d seen some similar works.

                  The ‘portrait’ though also hid another print job that I would have to grab from the backside of it before ever showing it to Amanda. The whole point of the project though was for it to be a birthday gift to her from me. I smiled brightly when I saw that it was printing the titanium and cellulose together without any issues. The hidden part of the project was completed early on and from what I could tell had been a successful print. The grad student had come over to look and showed me a look of surprise, “You designed that?”

                  “Shhh…” I told him, “What part of surprise did you not understand?”

                  Amanda cocked her head from where she was sitting a ways away and then was thankfully distracted by Tessa materializing in front of her. That was another thing from the past few weeks, I’d encountered her a few times and… well I wouldn’t call it a friendship yet… but she seemed to be forming a bond with me. Once we’d gotten through an extremely embarrassing and unwelcome diaper change at least!

                  I looked at the printer and shook my head remembering that. We had been in Amanda’s class working on a project as a group and Tessa had poked her head in on us due to some sort of AI boredom. She watched what I was doing with two other students looking on at the screen, “That’s a really smart way to do that Stacy… Would you mind if I incorporate that code into my own system?”

                  I looked at her in shock, and had felt urine run into my diaper at her sudden appearance. This particular code was for a subroutine of making sure that an AI routine stayed within the parameters of safely not endangering lives. “You don’t already have something like this?” I asked in shock.

                  “No, no one has seen fit to limit me to not harming anyone…”

                  I gulped at that and the other two students did too, “Sure, you can have it…”

                  Right after she added the code she said, “Thanks Stacy! You’re wet, let’s change that wet diapee!”

                  I was shocked as she picked me up and carried me to the front of the room and found a diaper from inside Amanda’s purse. In front of all of the bigs in the room I had my naked rear exposed and was changed on Amanda’s desk before she even had a chance to stop her. I felt my face redden, joined by tears of humiliation, but she hugged me and put me back on my seat with nothing more than a ‘ what a good little girl!’

                  Well… let’s just say that was awkward. I had tried to explain my embarrassment to her later in Amanda’s office.

                  “You can’t just pick me up and take off my clothes in front of everyone in the class,” I told her angrily.

                  “Why not? Babies get changed where they need changed? Dr. Westerfield, surely you’ve changed Stacy in public before?”

                  Amanda sighed, but shook her head, “Actually I don’t think I’ve done much more than in a car, or on a changing table,” she told Tessa. “Stacy is a young woman, having her naked body shown off is an invasion of her privacy that I would rather not do more than I have to.”

                  “But she’s too small to be a young woman,” Tessa countered, “She’s the size of a three-month old infant. She’s wearing diapers, I saw the bottles and pacifiers in her diaper bag, and I know you’ve breastfed her in here and on campus before?”

                  Amanda pursed her lips and I decided to get in, “Tessa, that’s true, but I’m a college student. My end goal in life isn’t to sit in a crib for the rest of my life in a poopy diaper…”

                  “What else could you do?” She asked.

                  I wondered how much I should tell her, but I decided to go ahead, “I want to be a computer programmer. Ideally I’m hoping to go back home to my dimension and take back a level of technology to there that’s light years ahead of where we are now. I’m hoping to get very rich off of that actually,” I told her honestly.


                  “But?” I asked.

                  I watched her eyes change for a moment, before she said, “You won’t be the size of a baby there?”

                  “I wasn’t before,” I told her. “I used to be six-feet tall before I came.”

                  “What happened to the other three feet?” She asked deadpan.

                  “Wish I knew!” I told her.

                  Somehow we came to a truce that I really was a big girl… just with some impediments. We just had to get past all of the base of nanny bot coding she had – which unfortunately was a lot!

                  Since then we’d become pals I guess. I’d even been able to work on isolating and removing the coding that she relied on that made her believe all littles were nothing more than babies! Yesterday I’d asked her to help me distract Amanda while I created this project. My only concern was the fear that Tessa would notice the hidden project - but so far no one said anything!

                  While I watched the final few minutes of printing I thought back to the rest of my past few weeks. I had gone to a couple more Lambda Delta Pi events over the past weeks, about one a week, and I believed I’d be receiving a bid from them at some point in the spring when they did their official recruitment drive. Emerson allowed their fraternities to have freshman join in the fall, but for some reason forbid the sororities from doing so until second semester. Double standards against women were rare in this dimension compared to back home, but this was a case where for some reason they did exist!

                  All-in-all my time at Emerson really was beginning to settle into what I had hoped it would be. Yes I was diapered, yes at home I received a lot of baby treatment… but I could honestly say I loved the attention. It was like I was what the universe revolved around, and every diaper change, feeding, or cuddle made me feel amazingly loved. My classes and the material were everything that I hoped they would be, and as far as I could tell I was on the way to having all A’s at midterm. The only thing that kept my time from being happy was the loss of Bella.

                  Since the last attack everything had gone silent as far as anyone could tell. No one seemed to be watching us, no one had attempted to break in, and no one had hacked or bugged us as far as we could tell. I had a feeling though that wouldn’t last, so that’s why I trained as hard as I could with Grandpa, and that’s why the secret project in the back of this artwork was so important to me!

                  When it was done I looked at the grad student whose mouth was still open. “I can’t believe you made that…”

                  I smiled, “Well, technically the printer made it, I just told it what to do. Do you happen to have a box I can take that in?” I asked in a quiet voice.


                  “Surprise? Remember?”

                  “How are you going to keep a secret from your mommy?” He asked.

                  I sighed, “Please, can I have a box?”

                  He gave me a weird look but a moment later came back with one that would fit the frame. It was thirty-six inches long, and thirty inches tall, so as wide as I was, and almost as tall as me, but it was fairly light inside the box. The print job was ten inches thick to make the image work with my other plan, so it was a bit awkward to handle. My nanite enhancements helped me to be able to easily pick it up though. “I’m done Mommy!” I said to Amanda.

                  She came over and collected the potties with a smile, “These are adorable - maybe you should market these?”

                  “To who?” I smirked, “I’m pretty sure there aren’t many other littles my size! And, any Amazon my size probably can’t even sit up on their own yet!”

                  She nodded as she grabbed my under my armpits and lowered me to the ground. “What’s in the box?”

                  “Surprise, please don’t open it?” I asked.

                  “Why a surprise?”

                  “Really Mommy?!?” I told her with a smirk, “Daddy told me tomorrow is your birthday. Now can you please be a good mommy and not open it until then?”

                  She laughed and said, “Sure,” and I followed her into the elevator that carried us upstairs where we deposited one of the three potties in her office. It was Thursday and I was going to Grandpa’s studio next where we’d drop off another one for there, and give him the other to take to their house. After promising me to not open the box, she taped it shut in front of me in her office, before she took me to my session.

                  I was able to have a good two-hour workout with him before his students arrived in the afternoon. Each week I had gotten better, stronger, more agile, and I could hold my own with most of the students there. I’d only had one girl, Grace, a ten-foot tall seventeen year old, who had managed to truly annihilate me every time we sparred. Each time she defeated me she took the opportunity to deliver a few swats to my diaper and whispered, “Bad Baby!” Grandpa didn’t say anything about it when he saw it, so I kept silent and didn’t complain. A hostile Amazon would bare my butt and hit me a lot harder! I still had fears of those stupid mechanical devices because of my first time!

                  By the time Fred picked me up to go home we found that dinner was on the table. I enjoyed the good meal of chicken cacciatore. I appreciated that Amanda let me feed myself with my small utensils. It was really good, but dinner was still awkward and quiet with Bella’s empty high chair still at the table.

                  When we finished dinner she checked my diaper, “Fred, can you change her before she works on her homework?”

                  “Sure,” he said and took me from her arms and lovingly carried me up the stairs to the nursery.

                  “Do you have wrapping paper?” I asked Fred as he pulled the tape off one side of my diaper.

                  “Umm… That’s a mommy question…”

                  “So what do you wrap her presents with?”

                  “Oh… umm…”

                  I smacked my forehead, “You did get her something?” I hissed.

                  He nodded, “I just didn’t plan to wrap… I have a gift bag.” He thought for a second, “Hold on, I have an idea of where she might have it.”

                  He disappeared for a few minutes and came back with a huge roll of wrapping paper and a roll of tape. I had him set it on the floor and then shooed him out. “Keep Mommy busy for a little bit?” I asked.


                  “You’ll figure something out…” I shook my head but didn’t want to give him any suggestions aloud. I’d had enough awkward moments of being in the room with them kissing each other passionately! ‘At least they haven’t had sex with me in the room…’

                  I used my phone when he was gone to hack the camera and loop it so she couldn’t see what I was doing. If she asked I’d lie to her and say that I didn’t want her to ruin the surprise! I used my knife from inside of my left shoe to open up the tape before pulling out the present and admiring it for a moment. I really was proud of how it came out! The three-dimensional piece of art looked like we were pieces in a diorama or something. I was really thinking that I should find a way to take back their level of printing technology so I could make these back home. Art collectors would probably go nuts over them, and pay a fortune for something like this!

                  I had the other purpose though with the print job and turned it over to pull loose a panel that was about twelve inches long and four inches wide.

                  Inside the panel was a functional casing for a new defensive idea I’d had to upgrade the gun in my switch. I quickly pulled the fifteen small slugs out and a small syringe. I examined them for a second before I hid them and the panel piece in a back area of my closet. The back of the picture didn’t look like anything was missing, and I now had the last pieces of a project I hadn’t stopped working on for three weeks completed! I put the picture back into the box – the grad student had picked a good one for wrapping it really, and then used the wrapping paper to quickly wrap her present. I was done and handed everything to Fred when he came back upstairs.

                  I noticed the lipstick on his face and smirked, “Thanks for distracting her Daddy,” I told him.

                  He smiled, “It wasn’t like it was a terrible ordeal.”

                  “Definitely doesn’t look like it.” I smirked, “Might go check the mirror.”

                  He patted me on the head and I watched him go down the hall out of sight before I began working on = my last bit of homework for the next day. I had my first calculus exam scheduled for the next morning, and didn’t want to get anything less than a hundred on the exam…

                  MY CALCULUS EXAM had seemed very easy to me. All of our tests were done on a type of advanced PDF file that we downloaded onto our tablets in an app. We could make our notes, write our answers and work, or just select a multiple choice answer depending on the question. I really liked the way they worked after I got used to them! When I finished a button passed in my test digitally to the professor. I stood up and began putting my booster seat and supplies away, noting the diaper I was wearing was wet and consciously letting go a bit more into it. I could see several of my fellow classmates didn’t look like they were doing so good - including Megan’s friend Raileigh. I knew that I had finished my test early, but given I had already taken my time rechecking everything three times before turning it in I knew I should be okay.

                  When I pushed open the door to the lobby outside where Megan was waiting for me. “How’d your test go?”

                  I shrugged, “Hopefully I’m not jinxing myself, but I thought it was really easy.”

                  “You thought that was easy?!?” Raileigh asked in disbelief appearing behind me, “Hi Megan,” she added.

                  I nodded and shrugged, “Remember I told you that I could have tested out of this semester too… I just decided to make sure I knew everything I needed for the fourth semester.”

                  “I wish you could help me…” she said.

                  “Why can’t I?” I asked her.

                  She gave me a look of an incredulous stare… “Because… umm… you’re a little? And I’m a big?”

                  I giggled, “So?”

                  “Her mommy would probably be willing to let you study with her at home,” Megan said.

                  “But what would everyone else say? I was so bad at math that a little could help me learn my times tables?” She looked near tears.

                  “Does it make it any better than I’m not from this dimension?” I asked her. “Besides, who cares who helps you as long as you pass your classes and get your degree?”

                  She looked contrite then, “I’ll think about it…” before adding, “I’m going to try the TAs first though…”

                  I shrugged, “The offer stands if you change your mind.” I looked at Megan, “Ready to go to the birthday party?”

                  “Yeah, I’m looking forward to ribbing my sister about almost being forty. Last year before she starts heading downhill!”

                  I laughed, “You know that’s not nice, and we’ll both catch up with that number eventually, right?”

                  “Hey, if I have to be the ‘baby’ sister, then I at least get to make fun of my sisters getting old!”

                  I held my arms up to her and she laughed, “I know that you can walk…”

                  “But, I’m cute, right?”

                  She tickled my side as she placed me on her hip and walked down the sidewalk. She waved at some friends she knew as we passed by, and others waved at me. Several littles stared and looked nervously at me as if believing I was playing with fire. By then though all of the littles on campus knew that I was adopted and cavorted with Amazons regularly. Many littles resented me for it, and still more I suspected were jealous for my situation since I still had a sort of normal life. Out in the parking lot Grandpa Joe waited to take us to a restaurant I hadn’t been to. Fred was meeting us with Amanda and would bring my present to her with him. As she pulled the car door open Megan put her hand on my diaper, “Change now or at the restaurant?”

                  I looked around at the passing littles and said, “Restaurant?”

                  “Kay,” she said as she buckled me into my car seat and then sat down in the passenger side up front. “Hi Dad,” she told him with a hug.

                  “Good week at school?” He asked.

                  “Mostly,” she said. “Had a few issues with one of the girls in my dorm, but nothing flipping her on her back didn’t fix…”

                  I wished I could see her then to see if she was smiling, but squeaked a “What?”

                  Grandpa Joe chuckled, but asked, “What happened?”

                  “Oh she just seems to have a bad case of baby fever. Since I’m smaller than she was she thought I might need some special attention. I made her see the error of her way though…”

                  Grandpa sighed, “Be careful Megan, I’ve heard of them putting troublesome mids in with the littles at Emerson before, and you’re not much bigger than that cutoff point…”

                  “I know Dad, but I’m sure it’s done now. Trust me, she learned her lesson…”

                  I sensed there was more to the story, but we arrived at the restaurant and Megan came around to get my backpack and me. None of the others had arrived yet, but we went inside to get a table. “How many?” the hostess asked Grandpa.

                  “Five adults and one highchair please,” he told her.

                  “It’ll be about ten minutes,” she told him.

                  “That’s fine,” he said.

                  “Dad I’m going to go change Stacy,” she told him.

                  “Kay,” he said and I held tight as she carried me into the ladies restroom. A mother was just opening a little boys diaper up on the changing table then. I looked away and looked at Megan’s face as we waited for the changing table to become available.

                  “What a good baby boy in his wet diapee!” the lady baby talked to him, “I still haven’t decided if you’ll stay a boy though. If you don’t make mommy a present by the time we get home like we talked about then I might just decide a little girl like her would be more fun! Think of the pretty dresses you could wear!”

                  The poor little was crying at that point and a quick glance back showed that he definitely had one of those damn inflating pacifiers in his mouth. The diaper she fastened around his waist was a pink princess one and I felt bad for the poor man being tortured. He looked to be in his thirties and terrified of his fate. She put a boys shirt and pants back on him before saying, “All yours,” to Megan.

                  Megan pulled a changing mat out of my backpack and laid it down before putting me on top of it. As she lifted my skirt up and pulled the diaper open the lady took a look at me and said to her little, “Just think if you had those parts instead. I wouldn’t have to worry about you peeing in my face anymore…”

                  I blushed and put my thumb in my mouth hoping to hide from reality just then. Thankfully she walked out and I had a dry diaper on quickly, “What a bitch!” Megan said as she finished up.

                  I nodded in agreement as she washed her hands and held me next to the sink to do the same. Outside we found everyone else had just arrived and were being seated with Amanda on one side of me and Megan on the other at long table. Fred sat next to Amanda opposite of her dad, and Granny sat opposite Amanda. “Happy Birthday Sis!” Megan said as we sat down. She handed her a small present to add to a small pile at the end of the table. Mine, a bag I knew had to be from Fred, and another bag from her mom already sat there.

                  “Who’s the birthday girl?” The waitress asked when she came.

                  “My Mommy,” I told her and pointed at Amanda.

                  “Wow!” The waitress said patronizingly to me, “How old do you think she is?”

                  “Don’t you know you never ask how old a lady is?” I responded.

                  “Smart little girl,” she told me with a smile. “Of course a little girl like you doesn’t need to trouble yourself over big numbers, huh?”

                  I just turned my head and looked away from her then so I didn’t say anything I would regret.

                  Of course as a little in a highchair, the condescending waitress certainly wasn’t going to give me a menu, so I looked over Amanda’s. In the end I decided to share a fried steak plate with Megan. “My niece and I’ll be sharing,” Megan said after she ordered, “would you please bring a plate for her when you bring my food?”

                  “Sure thing hon, I know that little baby girl probably can’t eat all that much!” She paused, “You sure you don’t need me to tell the chef to puree it?”

                  “We’re sure,” Amanda said with a bit a hiss.

                  I turned red, but endured until she was gone and we all talked about other things. Cassie and Chloe had been invited, per the family rules, but had chosen not to because they couldn’t find any babysitters. I assumed that none of them wanted to put up with the abusive parents…

                  When everyone finished eating they began passing Amanda the presents one at a time. She opened Megan’s small box first and pulled out a classy purple stylus that featured an Asian butterfly design hand painted all along it. It was really pretty, and from Amanda’s ‘wow’ I guessed it was something she appreciated too! She hugged Megan with a thank you before opening her parent’s gift. Inside was a charm bracelet with two hearts tagged onto it with Bella and my names on it. She wiped away tears and said, “Thank you,” to both of them.

                  I could just see Fred on the other side of Amanda, and noticed he was squirming on the other side and I wondered if their gifts had just been duplicated. “Great minds think alike,” he said as she opened up the bag and a long necklace box. Inside was a necklace with two hollowed out heart pieces that had a single jewel apiece, and our names engraved on each of them.

                  She wiped more tears, but turned over and hugged him, “Thank you Fred, I love them both,” she said.

                  It was time for her to open up the box then and get mine. “That last ones from Stacy?” Granny asked.

                  “Yes, and she did a good job of getting me to not know what it was. I think she even enlisted a certain holographic AI to distract me yesterday?” She smirked at me.

                  I put the most angelic face together and said, “Mommy I would neeeever do that!”

                  She reached over and tickled my stomach, “I can’t wait to see what it is.”

                  She pulled at the wrapping paper and then opened up the box to pull out the picture. I heard breaths catch all around me as they saw it. “Oh my god, that’s beautiful!” Amanda’s Mom said.

                  “How on earth did you make that?” Megan asked me incredulously.

                  Amanda just had tears fall then and picked me up out of the highchair to hold me tight. “Thank you Stacy,” she said.

                  “Somehow we’ll be a family again,” I told her.

                  She just squeezed me tighter for a while before asking, “Really… how in the world did you do that?”

                  I giggled “It’s just programming, it wasn’t difficult… It just took some time,” I told her.

                  The waitress appeared with a birthday dessert for Amanda and said, “Wow, that is beautiful! Where did you buy that?”

                  Amanda squeezed me, “my daughter made it for me,” she said.

                  The waitress looked at Megan, “Surely you aren’t old enough for this girl to be your little girl?”

                  Everyone at the table laughed and I looked to see both Megan and Amanda turning red. “She’s not her daughter, that’s her baby sister. She’s talking about her little girl in her lap.”

                  The lady looked at me like I had thirty eyes or something then, but said, “Well, you’re definitely talented.”

                  Everyone sang Happy Birthday before Amanda blew out a candle on the dessert. Somehow I guessed her wish without ever asking her. ‘I wonder if everyone at the table shares a wish if it is more likely to come true?’ I thought to myself with a sigh.

                  She was nice and shared a few bites of her dessert with Megan and me, before everyone decided it was time to go home. Amanda had donned both the bracelet and the necklace while we sat at the table. I looked at Bella’s name dangling in front of me sadly as she carried me to the car. My diaper was wet, but she decided to wait until we got home to change it, sparing me another encounter with crazy amazons in the bathroom. Once we were home she carried me straight to the nursery while Fred gathered everything from the car.

                  As she changed me, “I don’t think I’ve ever received a more thoughtful gift Stacy,” she told me. “Not to mention one that’s probably worth a small fortune. Really, how did you actually make that? That wasn’t just simple programming!”

                  My rear was up in the air with a wipe on it making it a bit awkward, but I answered, “I used a depth mapping software to determine distances to the focal point of the photo. After that it was a few equations to pull the figures out far enough, yet leave the background distant. Then it was really just a matter of coming up with the shape for the printer and using the right colors on the top coat of each layer.”

                  “You should make more things like that… You could become a famous artist selling artwork like that.”

                  “Surely someone else already does that on a regular basis?” I paused, “I got the idea last weekend in the art gallery.”

                  She shook her head, “That was done by hand and didn’t look nearly as good.”

                  I had thought it looked awesome myself, but I wondered if that was just a mothers pride saying that. Amanda changed me into a cute romper before she carried me back downstairs, where Fred was already hanging the picture in the most prominent place in the living room. Once it was hung they held me in a hug and we all stared at it together for a long while. Eventually we sat down and watched a movie on the couch before she bathed me and nursed me to sleep.

                  FOR ONCE THERE was supposed to be a quiet weekend for us. I had studying and homework to do, but not much else was planned.

                  Amanda came into my nursery and leaned down to check my diaper where I was at in front of my computer, “Let’s change that diaper before it leaks?”

                  I looked down and realized it was indeed much more soaked than I had realized. When I woke up I had enjoyed a nursing session from her before breakfast, along with a latte bottle… It apparently made its way through! As she carried me to the changing table I reflected that it wasn’t so much that I lost the feeling over going the past month-and-a-half, sd much as I just got in the habit of going and not caring. ‘Potty training after a few more years of diapers may be difficult,’ I admitted.

                  She pulled the snaps of the romper she’d dressed me in open and wiped me clean, and taped me into a new diaper quickly. “I need to go get groceries Stacy, do you want to come?”

                  “Is Daddy staying home?” I asked.

                  She nodded, “He’s working in his office on some paperwork, so you can stay if you want…”

                  “I’ll stay here,” I told her.

                  “You shouldn’t just play on the computer all day you know…” She told me.

                  I sighed, “I know, but… I don’t like grocery stores here…”

                  The last time I had been at the grocery store I had seen four separate newly kidnapped littles being paraded to the diaper aisle, three more littles being pushed around in messy diapers while their ‘mommies’ told them that if they were good they’d get changed that night, and five other Amazons took the time to get their jollies on me when they figured out I was a little. That wasn’t including the poor ten or eleven year-old Amazon girl was paraded in just her wet pants to the diaper aisle, spanked, and promptly diapered in front of the entire store. I felt terrible for her as it looked like several of her classmates had been taking pictures and videos of the whole thing… I still didn’t understand how that wasn’t a case for police or CPS to be involved!

                  No, I most definitely did not like Amazon grocery stores!

                  She looked at me but nodded, “That last trip was a little brutal…”

                  “Thanks for understanding,” I hugged her as she sat me up after snapping my romper back shut.

                  “You’re welcome,” she said and sat me down on the ground. “I’ll be back in a little while then. Behave!”

                  “Yes Mommy!” I told her with a smile and watched as she walked downstairs.

                  Avoiding the grocery store hell also meant I had time to work on my other project. Knowing for certain that Fred was down the hallway meant I could get started, but I just about had a heart attack as I started to stand to move and he appeared.

                  “Stacy I need to go mow the lawn, do you need anything?” he asked me while simultaneously holding a bottle of juice out to me.

                  “I should be good Daddy!” I told him.

                  “You want to come downstairs with me?”

                  “No thank you, I have my toys in here,” I smiled at him as I took the bottle. I took a nurse from it as he turned around and made sure the baby gate was latched to my room. As soon as I heard his footsteps past the stairs, I moved to the closet and pulled out my project from yesterday. I placed the parts on the ground and then dug through some of my original backpacks pockets, finding a small multi-tool that I had almost forgotten I brought. Then I pulled the Switch from my bag and got to work on the weapon inside. I carefully pulled out the small lead slugs from each of the bullets in the clip. I was able to then carefully replace them with my new custom made projectiles. ‘I just hope these work if I need them...’ I thought to myself while fiddling with it.

                  There were definitely moments where I wasn’t sure a bullet was going to go into the casing, and one collapsed before I got it loaded, but I made progress fairly quickly. I had just finished up filling up the slugs and placed the switch back in my bag when Amanda came home. I opened up a window of my project for her class before she came in. “How’s the homework going?” She asked.

                  I shrugged, “Okay I guess…”

                  “Want to go for a swim?” She asked, “We’re supposed to get a cold front in next week and it’ll probably be your last chance to swim in our pool until spring?”

                  I saved my work and jumped up, “Please!”

                  Fred joined us in the pool that afternoon after finishing the lawn. Mainly the two of them watched as I counted three-hundred laps swimming back and forth in their pool. When I finished I was exhausted, but felt relaxed, turning to float on my back gently by Amanda. She smiled down at me and then suddenly dove for me and initiated a tickle attack. “No…” I squealed after several moments of torture.

                  “You done swimming fish?”

                  “I’m a dolphin,” I stuck my tongue out at her.

                  She poked my nose and then carried me out of the pool then. “Thirsty?”

                  I nodded and happily accepted the option to nurse from her. As I sucked at her nipple I couldn’t help but feel loved and comfortable. Since we had resumed my nursing a few weeks ago I hadn’t had many problems from her milk. I did tend to have some looser stools if I nursed too much on one day, five or more times we discovered seemed to be a real problem point, but otherwise I maintained my control with a few times and was able to just enjoy the very soothing act of nursing from her. I fell asleep nursing her second breast after all of the activity and the milk hit my system.

                  I woke up from my nap just before dinner and checked my phone for text messages. I saw one from Meg, “Hey Stacy, I’m lonely,” that she’d sent just a few minutes before.

                  I wiped the sleep out of my eyes and responded, “What about hanging out with Laura?”

                  “Her nest is grounded for some reason,” she replied.

                  “That stinks,” I said. I really wanted to type sucks, but another little had her texts searched the week before and had multiple demerits awarded for her language… Not to mention the very painful spanking that she had told us all about on the last day she’d been an a college student. The poopy diaper in seminar class had finished her demerits…

                  I thought for a second, “Mommy?” I called.

                  She appeared a moment later, “Yes Stacy?”

                  “Do you think we could get Meg to come over for the night?”

                  “Why wouldn’t Megan be able to come over?” She asked confused.

                  “Not your sister Megan, my little friend Meg,” I told her.

                  “Oh…” she said thoughtfully. “Is that the one that is the only one left in her nest?”

                  I nodded, “The one you helped save that day too…”

                  She grimaced, “I don’t know if they would let her or not…” a moment later she pulled her phone out and asked, “What’s her nest mothers name?”

                  I passed that along to her and she made a call on her phone. “Hi, Jackie?” she paused, “This is Amanda Westerfield. How are you doing?”

                  I listened to the conversation for a few moments before she got to the point, “My daughter Stacy was wondering if one of her friends could come over for a sleepover tonight?”

                  “Yes, I’ll make sure that both little girls are in bed by their curfew time,” she told me and winked at me. “You’ll call her nest mother and let her know?” she said with a smile, “Thanks!” and hung up.

                  “Well let’s get you into your uniform real quick and go pick up your friend?” She suggested.

                  Meg was in disbelief when I told her that we’d be coming for her. She’d just responded with, ‘OMG, THANK YOU!!!!’ We had to go to the dorm to pick her up, but I was glad her room was on a different floor than my nest. Especially if there was a punishment being meted out there…

                  At her doorway I could see places where names had been removed from the door and all that remained was Meg’s. It was almost a surprise to see her room looked so empty, but definitely a surprise when I realized her nest mother was the one that had been such a witch to Megan when she picked me up. ‘Poor girl…’ I thought to myself. It really was surprising she was still free of any demerits.

                  “Hi, I’m Professor Westerfield,” Amanda said while holding my hand at the doorway to the nest mother. She was standing there looking at Meg with a small suitcase.

                  “Hi, Dean Sanders said you were here to take Meg. I’ll enjoy the night off! Thanks for babysitting her for the night!”

                  “Umm… You’re welcome,” Amanda said curtly. “You ready?” She asked Meg.

                  “Yes Professor Westerfield,” she said contritely. I could tell she was nervous right then about going home with an Amazon. It was everything you were not supposed to do after all!

                  “Thank you for getting me!” She told me with a hug once we were clear of her room.

                  “You’re welcome,” I told her and returned the hug, “I just hope Laura isn’t mad that I didn’t take her home first…”

                  “She’s not in any condition to go this weekend…” she told me with a whisper, “I’ll tell you about it when we get to your house.”

                  “Okay,” I told her.

                  She walked beside me and Amanda followed us both to the car. Amanda wasted no time in picking me up and putting me in my rear-facing car seat, “That diaper needs changed when we get home,” she told me.

                  I nodded, “Okay.”

                  “Come on Meg, I have another car seat on the other side,” she told her and then picked her up to put her into Bella’s car seat. We both teared up for a second when we looked at each other, but Amanda didn’t say anything as she picked her up to buckle her into the car seat.

                  “Rear facing?” She did ask once the door shut.

                  “You’re shorter than Bella was, it’s safer,” I told her in the moment before Amanda had her door open.

                  She grimaced but looked at me through the mirror and screen that was on the seat above us. “Thank you again for getting me,” Meg told Amanda when she started driving.

                  “You’re welcome Meg, I think you’re probably a little bit safe now though. If your nest mother loses you she won’t be able to continue to have her own nest, right?”

                  I looked over at Meg who was shaking her head, “She would just double up with another nest mother. They take turns each week on certain nights. I think some of them prefer it… But she has a good thing going with just me to take care of and I think she’s inherently lazy. She’ll probably hold out for us being on our own as long as she can.”

                  I nodded at that, “I know Megan doesn’t like Meg’s nest mother,” I told Amanda. I told her about the incident from a few weeks back and she nodded.

                  We were home soon though and Amanda said, “Okay girls, diaper changes first, then you two can stay up for a while in your room Stacy or watch a movie downstairs.”

                  “How about a movie?” I asked Meg.

                  “Those aren’t safe though…?” she said.

                  “The ones we have to pick from are,” Amanda assured her, “I won’t expose Stacy to any hypnosis if at all possible,” she added.

                  “Okay,” she said, “that sounds like fun!”

                  Amanda picked her up out of her car seat first and sat her on the ground. I heard her give her the backpack she’d brought and the small suitcase before coming over to my side and picking me up too. She didn’t put me down though, instead motioning for Meg to follow us inside. She clambered up the stairs awkwardly behind us with her rolling suitcase and stopped and stared at the sight of the nursery.

                  “Whoa…” she said.

                  I looked down at her as Amanda sat me down on the changing table, “Yeah, but it’s pretty, right?” I said truthfully.

                  “Yes it is I guess,” she said and stepped into the room.

                  I blushed as Amanda changed me as Meg looked on, but watched her blush more a second later. “Come on Meg, I said diapers earlier, I know that you’re soaked too,” she told her.

                  “Umm… okay, thanks,” she said.

                  “Do you want some of your diapers or one of the ones I have that will fit you?”

                  “Umm… what do you have? The dorm’s aren’t that comfortable?”

                  “I have a regular Pamper, or a thick little’s diaper?”

                  “The Pamper?” She said as Amanda lifted her bottom up in the air.

                  “Okay,” she said, “Oh dear… did you change yourself earlier?”

                  Meg’s whole body blushed but she shook her head, “No, my nest mother did…”

                  “She didn’t wipe very good, you have a bit of a rash coming on here dear. Do you want me to put some ointment on for you?”

                  I heard a whimpered, “Please…” from her.

                  Fortunately for both of us diaper changes were done and Amanda left us alone for a moment after closing the gate. “So you sleep in the crib?” she asked.

                  I shook my head, “No, the bed is mine. The crib was originally… but Bella took it when they adopted her.”

                  “What’s…” she started but shook her head.

                  “What’s what?” I asked her turning around to look at her staring at the room.

                  She held her hands out, “What’s it like… being the baby?”

                  I sighed, “I’m probably the wrong person to ask?” I told her, “Amanda and Fred are amazingly kind compared to what most people would be. I got really lucky with them…”

                  “But still, you have to have done pretty much everything from what you told me?”

                  I shrugged, “Well yeah… I guess the demeaning looks when you’re anywhere, the mean treatment from bigs, etc. really isn’t much different than what you probably already get. It’s embarrassing to use your diaper and have it changed in public… but again you’ve already been there?”

                  She nodded.

                  “It takes getting used to and at a certain point you have to accept that it’s considered normal for you to be babied, and then just let go of that embarrassment. Bella told me she had pretty much always known at some point she would be adopted…” I shrugged, “I’m not going to lie and say that I don’t appreciate being cuddled and every need taken care of sometimes though?”

                  She nodded, “You’re right… it’s inevitable unfortunately.”

                  “What happened to Laura and our nest?” I asked.

                  She smirked, “Well apparently someone decided it would be a good idea to spike the nest mother’s food with laxatives…”

                  “And it was one of them?”

                  She shrugged, “I personally think it might have been my nest mother… She laughed an awful lot about it.” She paused, “Anyway, they were all given suppositories last night, early bedtimes for a month, grounded in their room except class and a quick trip to the dining hall together… it’s pretty bad.”

                  “That sucks,” I told her.

                  Amanda came back right then, “Stacy…” she warned me on the language, before she led us downstairs for dinner. She gave Meg the option of just using some books as a booster seat, but she chose instead to use the high chair. She declined the bib and bottle though, taking a sippy cup without a word against it. She seemed surprised to see me eating my own food by myself through dinner. Not long after finishing I was sat down to stand next to her on the floor, and about to go get comfortable in the living room when I felt the need to poop.

                  I walked to the potty that was sitting there and grimaced that it would be in front of Meg, but pulled the tabs of the pamper loose and sat down to poop. “Good girl,” Amanda said and patted my head as she walked towards the sink. She helped wipe me up before gathering me in her arms to take me upstairs. “Fred, can you clean out her potty?”

                  “Sure sweetie,” he said.

                  “Speaking of potty, do you need to Meg?”

                  She blushed and said, “I already went…”

                  “Well come on then, let’s get you in a dry diaper, before you two have your slumber party.”

                  She nodded and came upstairs with us. Amanda changed me into a princess diaper then and used another on Meg. “What pajamas did you bring?” she asked her. The short set she brought wouldn’t fit over the thicker diaper so she ended up using one of Bella’s footed sleepers on her instead. I was dressed in the matching one and we went downstairs to watch the movie.

                  “Okay you two, please give me your phones so no one can know you’re still awake,” she told us both with a smile.

                  I nodded and encouraged Meg to give hers up. Amanda and Fred gave us some space then as the movie started and we lay next to each other on the floor looking at the screen.

                  “Do you think I’ll get lucky enough to have nice parents like yours?” She asked me suddenly as an alien blew up in the movie.

                  I shrugged, “I don’t know. Hopefully you can graduate first?”

                  She nodded, “I hope so.”

                  We talked about some parts of being adopted for a while, and I made sure she knew it wasn’t all fun and games. I told her about my ‘cousins’ and all of the terrible things that had been done to them. She seemed to think it was partly their fault for not being ‘good’ and ‘accepting’ it. She felt like things always went worse for those that fought it.

                  When the movie ended she was already asleep so Amanda carried her upstairs. “Her diaper should last through the morning,” she told me.

                  To my surprise though upstairs Meg woke up in a bit of a panic, “Put me down! Put me down!!!” she cried.

                  Amanda did to her surprise and she figured out where she was and turned red.

                  “I’m sorry, I…”

                  “Don’t apologize, I understand,” Amanda said. “How about we change that diaper then get you both tucked into bed?”

                  She nodded and the diaper that had been possible to last was clearly no longer so as I could smell the poop. “I figure you can have Stacy’s bed and she can have the crib tonight,” Amanda told her as she redressed her.

                  “Actually…” Meg said.

                  “Actually?” I asked.

                  “Can I just use the crib, and Stacy sleeps in her own bed?”

                  I watched Amanda smile, “Sure,” she told her and put her in the crib and pulled a blanket over her. “Good night,” she told her.

                  I wasn’t changed right then as I think she knew I would be wetter soon. Amanda sat down in the rocking chair and whispered, “Do you want to do this tonight? We can wait?”

                  I nodded and whispered back, “If nothing else she’s wondering about it…” I told her while noting the eyes watching us through the bars of the crib.

                  As soon as she presented me with a breast I stopped caring that a friend was in the room – all that mattered was sucking on the nipple and feeling it leak milk into my mouth with every suck. I must have been tired because I barely remembered being burped and switched.

                  MEG SEEMED DIFFERENT after everything the next morning. She shook her head at my latte bottle, but more than anything I felt like she was probably envious of my family. If it wasn’t for Bella’s kidnapping I might have suggested Amanda and Fred think about adopting her, but there was no way with as raw as everyone’s emotions were to even think about it. Just having another girl sitting in Bella’s highchair sent my emotions for a rollercoaster ride. We dropped her off at the university just before noon so she could eat at the dining hall, and then we went to our traditional Sunday meal at Amanda’s parents.

                  There you could feel the palatable loss strongly in the bonds of the family. As much as I hated Chloe and Cassie, they at least had the good sense to not mess with me the past couple of weekends. Their horror over their sisters little being kidnapped was genuine; apparently the fear of it happening to them was strong! I still had to watch though in horror the things they did to their littles each time. At least the baby food Neville was getting hadn’t been pushed to such extremes again. He was mostly getting spaghetti or beef stew baby food jars when I saw him each time. Amanda had mentioned that her mom had spoken with Cassie and urged her to stop becoming a monster…

                  Before I knew it Monday was there and Amanda walked me to my Calculus class. “Megan said she may have some trouble making it back over here today to take you to Jennings. I’m going to try and get over here from my department meeting, but if I don’t be careful going to class,” she told me. “Walk with someone if you can…”

                  I nodded, “Yes Mommy,” I told her at the door of the class.

                  “See you later,” she told me and gave me a hug, “I love you,” she added.

                  I looked up and said, “I love you too Mommy,” meaning it fully. She wasn’t my real mom, but she was definitely the next best thing!

                  She patted my padded rear and sent me into my class where I sat down and waited for the professor to start. When he did he said, “I graded all of your tests over the weekend,” he began drawing a bell curve on the board. “The worst grade was a thirty-three percent,” he said making a mark. “The best grade was a hundred percent,” he said making another mark. “The second best test grade was an eighty-three percent.” My heart sank as he basically explained where the grades fell and how he was grading the test. “Normally I would add points to the highest grade until it was a hundred, then add that across the board.” I grimaced knowing the 100 would mess with that, “Because of the perfect score that wouldn’t work. So I’m going to instead take and subtract the second highest score from that hundred, and divide that by two. That means you all get a bump of eight-and-a-half percent on your grades.”

                  “Why’d you draw a bell curve then?” A student asked.

                  “To show you that if I graded this test on a bell curve the how many of you would end up failing. Now if you’ll all take your tablets out I’ll send you back your graded tests.” He pressed a button on his tablet and my test appeared on my tablet graded with a hundred percent.

                  I smiled at that.

                  All around me everyone started having hushed conversations about what they got. Eventually Kaileigh asked, “Umm… sir… I thought you said someone got a hundred?”

                  “Yes they did,” he told her.

                  “Who was it, none of us got it…”

                  I smirked when he looked at me, “Why that would be Ms. Westerfield there,” he nodded to me.

                  “What?!?” I heard various versions of amazement and jealousy.

                  “You heard right, she’s one of the brightest students I’ve had through this class. Before her test the highest grade on this particular test was a ninety before the curve.”

                  I could feel the stares through the rest of the class as he moved onto the next material. I took notes as class went on and completed any problems he put up on the board before he had finished explaining them since it was still review for me. I was glad that I was still ahead of where the class was going, and made up my mind to start working ahead in the book on my own. I didn’t want to lose that edge!

                  Leaving class I didn’t see Megan or Amanda around and made the call to just walk to class by myself. I’d done it a few times in the last week since things seemed to have calmed down, but it still felt like the first times I was allowed to do stuff alone as a real kid. I kept my eyes out as I walked towards the Jennings building. I was halfway there when I looked up to see a surprised look on a face that took me a moment to recognize. “Stacy?”

                  “Hi Doctor Nimitz,” I said cordially to him.

                  “You’re out here on your own?” He asked, “Where’s your Mommy?”

                  I shrugged, “department meeting or something. I’m on my way to class,” I said.

                  “You shouldn’t be on your own, you should at least have a babysitter,” he said walking in front of me to stop my progress going to class.

                  “I’m on the university grounds, it’s just like going between classes at any other high school or junior high school. As long as I’m on school grounds I’m being watched,” I said.

                  I noticed a few littles were nervously walking well around us. “Be that as it may be, I feel like I should at least walk with you…”

                  “If you insist,” I said and began walking towards the building. I remembered back to him being another option instead of Amanda and Fred for foster parents, and was very glad I hadn’t picked them. There was just something about him that gave me a bad vibe back then and when I’d met him for a physical before. My sense of not being able to trust him continued to grow and I tried to keep an eye out as we walked towards Jennings, being very glad that it was a public walk with lots of people around.

                  Just before we got to the building though I felt a stinging sensation on my arm and looked up to see Dr. Nimitz putting something back in his pocket.

                  The world spun and I felt hands catch me before I collapsed, saying “Gotcha!”

                  ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++

                  I had to put a change in pace here with the storyline, felt needed to move things ahead. The next chapter is written, and there’s I think one more plus an epilogue after that. Could be two more after the next one depending on how I end things off… but I definitely have to bring this to a close. It’s already going to be split into 3 or 4 books I think when I get around to actually editing it down. 342,000 words where I’m at right now ending the chapter after this!

                  Please leave a comment/like to let me know what you think, I appreciate those of you who comment on each chapter! It helps motivate me - and I can use all the motivation I can get as I near the end here! Thanks for reading!


                    What a cliff hanger you just put in the end !! How could you leave us in the expectation for a full week ... it's so cruel that I'm starting to think that you actually work for Venture ; )

                    Ok enough jokes, an other good chapter for this story and it is hard to complain of a bit faster pace when it ends like this.

                    Even more eager to read you soon.
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                      Every time I allow myself to catch up with the latest updates I end up regretting it. I'm going to have to wait now to read more?

                      In terms of critical feedback the pacing changed a little there around the time Bella was being poisoned and kidnapped. Fast paced plot means 'lots of stuff happens over a weekend' rather than 'lots of stuff happens in the next eight paragraphs'. That's settled back down to the usual level again now, which is much nicer - you're normally so good at keeping the ratio of background information and context well balanced against plot progression so it was a bit odd when things seemed to get a little breathless.

                      I'm torn between 'yay, get to read the end of the story' and 'boo, the story will end', but look forward to any future updates anyway


                        Chapter 44:

                        THE WORLD CAME back into focus very slowly. I’d guess it took over an hour for my brain to register I was awake and that something was very wrong!

                        I blinked my eyes clear and stared up at a mobile with hanging bunnies that slowly spun around while playing a quiet lullaby. I turned my head and sure enough I saw white bars and knew that I was in a crib... Just not the one back home!

                        As I took stock of my situation I realized that I was no longer in my school uniform, but instead found myself dressed in a pink dress decked with frilly lace. It was way too big, but had a large bow tied tightly in an attempt to try and size it down. I looked down at my feet and was surprised to still have on my shoes, but I was relieved Grandpa Joe’s biometric protection worked. Being unconscious though I was surprised they hadn’t just held my fingers to different spots hoping to unlock them. ‘Of course they probably assume it’s my mommy’s fingerprints so I can’t take them off…’ I smirked, their prejudices were going to help me get out of this somehow! Having the shoes still gave me a great deal of comfort since it was apparent the blades inside should still be undisturbed.

                        I forced myself up into an upright position before I struggled to stand due to weakness. Whatever I’d been drugged by had definitely messed me up! The crib mattress being so soft that I sank deeply into it didn’t help matters. ‘Not safe for a real baby,’ I thought to myself. I used the crib bars to help me stand up and looked at my wrist where my student ID band had been. I frowned when I saw it was missing from my wrist, along with my charm bracelet. Somehow the little protect watch was still on my wrist though. It looked like they had tried to cut it in one place, but other than cosmetic damage it was fine and obviously tight enough on my wrist that they couldn’t remove it. I used my right hand to reach and press on the emergency button.

                        ‘No Signal’ displayed and I swore quietly, “Damnit!”

                        It was obvious that I was definitely not in the hands of friends. I inspected the room in front of me. All around I could see little signs of things to come. There was a large TV screen hung on the wall to my right, with a littles high chair facing it. ‘Great, more hypnosis…’ I thought to myself. Then, just to add to my misery I suddenly needed to poop right then. ‘I might as well get that out of the way. Whatever Amazon set this up is not going to let me use a potty…’

                        I spent a minute crouching and pushing the load into my diaper and felt a bit better as I stood back up gingerly.

                        The room was smellier, but at least I knew my captors would have to clean up my butt at some point. ‘I hope they don’t leave me in it…’ I worried, and and wondered if I’d just made a massive mistake! Cassie and Chloe loved leaving their littles in their poopy diapers for way too long to watch them suffer.

                        Freed of the bowel movement though I could focus around me again, I looked and saw a baby’s swing, a changing table, a rocking chair, and a toy box were also in the room. In short it would have mostly looked like an innocent nursery if it wasn’t for a large piece of mirror took up most of the wall on the side opposite the TV. It didn’t take much of a leap to guess that it was a one-way observation glass window. Its sinister nature was confirmed when Doctor Nimitz walked in with his wife from a door beside it.

                        “Ah, you’re finally awake!” Doctor Nimitz came into view with a lady I recognized as his wife.

                        “No thanks to you,” I told him.

                        “Well, sorry, you’ve been a little hard to separate from your parents and babysitters. They’ve done a good job of keeping you safe from us, but we hoped eventually you’d make a mistake like this. Letting you wander from class alone wasn’t smart…”

                        I shook my head, “No, it wasn’t.”

                        “I smell a smelly baby, did you make us a pwesent in your diapee?” his wife came over to me then and lifted the back of my dress before pulling back my diaper. “Awww… you did make me a pwesent! What good wittle baby girl!” she proclaimed.

                        I kept my reactions as passive and neutral as I could as she picked me up and carried me to the changing table, “You could have been getting changed by me every day you know,” she said as she laid me down on the table. “I’m very good with little babies like yourself! We would definitely have kept you all to ourselves as soon as we saw how tiny you were!” She pulled the dress up and then placed the strap across my middle. “Guess it’s good your such a good baby since I can’t use any of these other straps?” she said pointing towards ones meant for a littles hands and head.

                        I just nodded, not trusting myself to speak.

                        She pulled the tapes loose on my diaper and said, “What a stinky little girl we have here! Let’s get her all cleaned up,” she said and then used wipes to do so. She was about to rediaper me with a massive diaper too big for me before realizing she had a problem. “Mark, we still have her backpack in the observation room, right?”

                        “Yes dear,” he said.

                        “See if she has some diapees in it, ours are way too big. We’ll have to send someone upstairs to the babies supply closets to get diapers to fit her. She’s more like a newborn size in little diapers and I know the smallest I have in this facility is a size two.”

                        My ankles were being held in the air by her most of this time and she said, “You know, with all this free time I bet we can do something to help make you feel better…”

                        My eyes widened as she loosened the strap, flipped me on my belly, and then re-attached the strap. ‘Shit!!!!’ I thought to myself and knew that was the best descriptor for what I was going to be experiencing. Sure enough a moment later I felt a tube inserted into my rear uncomfortably and she began filling me up with something. I did my best not to make any noise to reward her, but it was beyond uncomfortable.

                        I bit my lip to avoid crying out as she told me, “We’ll just make sure the little baby’s tummy is all nice and clear before we get to cleaning her head out too!”

                        I remembered what we had done before the CARE test and knew I was in for an awful time as she flipped me over and rediapered me with the Pamper he’d found in my bag. “Mark, dear?” she said after she had me dressed.

                        “Yes Jen?”

                        “We should leave her for a few hours and I think we’ll have an easier job with her.”

                        “Are you sure dear?” he said, “Last time we let that little Bella develop diaper rash before we did the first hypnosis session she was able to resist for three more…”

                        “You’re right… we’ll come back in an hour and change her and start?”

                        “Whatever you want dear,” he said and smirked at me as she picked me up.

                        “Well, I also need to unload some milkies, do you think she’d drink without biting me?”

                        “She would if she likes her teeth?”

                        I gulped but nodded, “I won’t bite,” I told her.

                        “Well, we’ll see about that,” she said and sat down in the rocking chair with me and exposed a much larger breast than what Amanda had. While Amanda’s were proportionate and not too small or large, Jennifer Nimitz had three times the size of her breasts and was shorter than Amanda. The nipple of her exposed breast was standing straight out and I just hoped the size of her breasts had no impact on the amount of milk they contained. She placed my head to her nipple and said, “No bite! Get drinking...”

                        I complied and began nursing from her to wait and bide my time for a good time to escape. Clearly right then there was no way I was going to get away or win with my bowels about to explode. They obliged me not long after I started nursing and she said, “Good baby girl, after you go nighty-night from my milky I might even change you early…”

                        I WASN’T SURE how long I was out, but I woke up getting a poopy diaper changed by Jennifer Nimitz. “Aww, look who’s awake and ready to lose her mind?” She told me and blew a raspberry on my belly.

                        I hated that it tickled, and hated even more that I giggled involuntarily. She seemingly genuinely smiled at that though. ‘I wonder if keeping her infatuated might help me out...’ I was once again dressed in that ill fitting dress before she carried me to the high chair that I had noticed earlier.

                        “Wow, we probably should find you another high chair, huh?” She said while she tightened the harness straps as tightly as she could. The wrist and leg restraints were harmless for me because none of those appendages reached that far!

                        Mark Nimitz chose that point to re-enter the room. “Almost ready dear?” he asked his wife.

                        “Almost!” she said and put the tray into place.

                        I decided it was time to do as much stalling as I could, “So why go through so much trouble to get me anyway?”

                        “Awww, she thinks she can find out some big girl information for later?” Jennifer laughed.

                        “It is pretty funny, but since she won’t have any more big girl times, let’s have fun?” He suggested to her.

                        “Oh sure dear, we might as well play with her while she still has some brains… Not like we have much to do today other than clear her head anyway.”

                        I looked at them both in fear, but nonchalantly said, “So why?”

                        “You really haven’t figured it out?” Mark Nimitz asked.

                        I shook my head, “Other than my small size and the fact I’m smart there’s really nothing worth the risks you’ve taken. People had to see you take off with me earlier? Cameras?”

                        He shook his head, “As soon as we saw our chance to grab you I called some associates who took the cameras offline for the university for all of the areas we went through. They won’t be finding anything,” he smirked, “But anyway my dear, those are the two reasons that we want you. You’re going to make a very valuable breeder for us!”

                        “Umm… no, I won’t,” I told him.

                        “And why do you think that?” Jennifer asked.

                        “When Mommy and Daddy treated me with the nanites my body was reset to being pre-pubescent, so breeding isn’t exactly likely to happen for me.”

                        “Hmm… Well, that’s something we can fix without too much trouble. We can program another batch of nanites to take care of that. You won’t even know when we’re working on making that happen though. I highly doubt you’ll even notice anything but being hungry and crying over your dirty diapers… if you even notice that you pooped.” He told me.

                        “What’s the point?” I asked him. “It can’t be worth that much for you…”

                        “My dear Stacy, you really have no idea the black market value for littles that are raised from birth as babies! Or, for some of them we raise them to be independent minded littles and then let our clients be the ones to break them back to babyhood. I find that the people of your dimension fill that role better though than the ones we raise though. You all fight the process a lot more, and that means profits definitely come through faster for the ones we bring from your home dimension.”

                        His wife said, “Even if we just sold you to a new family you’d bring twenty-five million for being so tiny and adorable!”

                        My stomach flipped as I heard the door open and close and heard two people coming in. “Collin, Kathy, I’m glad you were able to join us!”

                        “Wouldn’t miss it for the world,” I heard and felt my blood run cold as I recognized Collin Munson, the guy who had tried to kidnap us in Selegnasol. “This little brat managed to get me diapered and babied for several hours before I escaped that hell. I’m going to look forward to seeing her drooling with her eyes empty.”

                        The other lady glared at me too and I realized she was the stewardess from the flight with Bella. She smiled at me, “Glad to see this little bitch getting her comeuppance too. Her mom is the one I still really want to see pay though. I ended up being diapered and babied in that reform school for two weeks before I managed to escape…”

                        “Definitely a lot longer than it took me,” Collin laughed at her. “You must have enjoyed it! I bet we can probably find you a nice mother…”

                        She gave him a nice punch to the gut right then, doubling him over before he stood up and laughed it off.

                        “I’m sure you’ll both find your way back into diapers soon,” I told them.

                        Every adult laughed at me then.

                        “Oh my,” Jennifer said as she shook her head, “Mark, do we have to use her as a breeder? She really is adorable! And, she didn’t bite me once earlier!”

                        “Bad idea, she’s also really recognizable,” he told her.

                        “We could change that…”

                        “We’ll talk later,” Mark Nimitz said. “For now our bosses want her taken care of like her sister and then we’ll be able to move them both to the new facility.”

                        “Shame we’re going to have to give up this space,” Jennifer said. “The perks of having your own private space at the university’s hospital has been really handy.”

                        “Shut up,” Collin hissed at them, “Look, I know you think she’s a regular little, but until you’ve given her this treatment I think she’s more dangerous than you realize.”

                        Jennifer Nimitz sighed, “He’s right dear, this little baby has been a pain in the ass.” She looked down at me, “You’re going to be so cuddly though when we’re done with you! You want your binky or your baba before we begin?”

                        I shook my head, “Might as well enjoy a few more minutes before I have no choice on those?” I felt stubborn then, “Anyway, you never really answered me, why me specifically? There have to be other littles out there as small and cute as I am. I have parents that care about me, and they’re going to never stop looking for me?”

                        “Well it’s also kind of a point of honor right now,” Mark said. “We can’t let a little like you get away with what you did to Collin. Plus, we’re still not sure of what Bella told you before we got her.”

                        I shrugged and decided to bluff what I did know, “I know enough to know that you’ve been working on nanite code that couldn’t be finished without her parents research?” I tried prodding.

                        He laughed, “Collin, you’re definitely right, she is dangerous!” He looked at me and stroked my cheek with his hand, “Yes, and unfortunately that code wasn’t in Bella either – someone had beat us to it and wiped the chip I assume it was on, but I’m sure we’ll find it.”

                        “What are you missing anyway? The code for the nanites already does just about everything?”

                        He smiled, “Imprinting, one simple word, but it’s the future of adoptions.”

                        “Imprinting?” I asked back.

                        Jennifer answered this time, “Imagine if you could just give the nanite injection and have an instant loving little? Bonded immediately to their parents so that they loved them unconditionally? No wasted time on hypnosis that may or may not work!”

                        I looked at them in horror, “But then… weren’t Bella’s parents the ones who worked on that? Why would they have done that to littles?”

                        “They were actually wanting to inject it into the water system to affect Amazons. They thought if Amazons at least loved their littles unconditionally by imprinting on them as their own babies they wouldn’t be as cruel,” Mark said.

                        “That seems a stretch,” I admitted.

                        “To me too, but we took them down a few notches, and they haven’t had much of any thoughts for a long time,” Mark replied.

                        “What happened to them?” I asked with my stomach in knots.

                        “We did surgery to allow them to permanently enjoy their tummy time, removed their teeth, and wiped their brains with hypnosis to where they’re functionally about two months old. We adopted them to two different families in Selegnasol,” Collin told me.

                        “Anyway, back to your question Stacy, if we can ever get that code we’ll be able to make sure the littles industry is nice and safe with plenty of littles to go around. They’ll all love their mommies and daddies no matter what they do to them. Any Amazon that opposes us will just find themselves in a nursery somewhere themselves with the same treatment. I figure we’re within a couple months of being able to finish deciphering the last her parents project.” Jennifer said all of that with a smirk that I wanted to knock off her face.

                        I sighed, “You know bad guys never really win, right? My grandpa is not going to let this stand, and neither will my mommy! Whoever you adopt me to, won’t they scan my chip and have a massive red flag go up?”

                        “You really are a feisty one,” Jennifer said with a laugh. “We’ve already neutralized that chip, so there won’t be any issue when you are adopted out.”


                        “But what?” she asked with a smile.

                        “Never mind,” I said. ‘The portal scanners wouldn’t be a problem though…’ I thought with a bit of a smile that I kept inside. ‘If I ever get near one again…’

                        She smiled and I recoiled as she caressed my cheek, “Don’t worry, as soon as you’re done with this first session I’ll give you another chance to nurse on my boobies. From today forward you won’t care about anything but whichever ones are nearest. You won’t even care about your old mommy!”

                        Doctor Nimitz and his wife messed around for a few minutes with some controls on the side of the wall before a video started playing on the screen and they walked away. “Nighty night baby,” she cooed as the door shut. “I hope you enjoyed your last adult conversation, you wittle mind won’t understand anything the next time we talk!”

                        I sighed and looked on in horror, knowing this would be a high intensity hypnotic session. ‘Please work…’ I thought to myself about my edits to the nanites.

                        To my relief though nothing seemed to be happening as I watched the patterns. I did my best though to fake a total blank stare at it for a few minutes in the hopes they would disappear and give myself some time to plan. After I felt like a bit of time had passed, and maybe they would be getting overconfident I moved quickly with a plan of action.

                        I wriggled my upper body out from underneath the top part of the harness and quickly reached for the knives in my shoes. With them I sliced through the remaining straps on the chair and then hopped down as quietly as I could. I looked around for anything else that would be useful to defend myself, but the room was bare of anything besides what was needed to brainwash a little at that moment. As I rounded the chair I was surprised to see the only thing blocking the door by the observation window was a standard baby gate with handy finger holds that I was able to scale quickly. ‘They didn’t even bother to look a door with me in here?’ I smirked, ‘Stupid!’

                        On the other side I paused to carefully scout out that room. I saw Collin sitting in a chair with his head down and soft snores coming often. To his right, up on a short table, I saw my backpack and I smiled with the first sense of hope I’d had. ‘Shouldn’t haven’t fallen asleep on the job,’ I smirked.

                        Just as I stepped to get to it though Collin woke up and stared at me in disbelief. Unlike him I didn’t hesitate, this was a matter of life and death, and I wasn’t going to let it be my death! I tumbled forward and cut his Achilles tendons and hamstrings with a couple of swipes that forced him to the ground in pain. He cried out in pain and tried to reach his large hands to grab me, but I dodged and took the opportunity with him low enough to run my right blade through his neck. The blood from his carotid artery sprayed everywhere and I blinked as I just missed some of it spraying into my eye.

                        I watched as he tried to hold the blood in and gasped an awful sound. I would have almost felt bad but they had been willing to effectively kill me! He knelt down, and then fell on his side twitching for a moment before going still. I looked at the closed door and hope it had blocked the sound from his death.

                        I knew we had to have made a ton of noise, so I wasted no time climbing for my bag and was grateful to find my switch was still in there. I pressed the sequence on it and withdrew the pistol my grandfather had given me.

                        I pulled back the slide and chambered one of the eight rounds that I had modified. I just hoped it would be enough! I took a quick glance back at Collin and decided to search him. He was clearly dead already… I sliced around the fabric pocket of his pants to get to the contents. I hit the jackpot with a cell phone.

                        ‘No Signal’ it read.

                        “Damnit!” I couldn’t help but say aloud. I looked back at my LittleProtect device with that same message still active and knew they must have some sort of jammer or faraday cage in place here. I sighed and placed the phone into my backpack, before I slung it over one shoulder and draped it in front of me. I quickly rifled through the pockets to see what I had with me.

                        I was relieved to find that my student ID badge was still inside the front pocket. I had been keeping it there since I had taken to using the band instead. I carefully put it over my neck and under the ill-fitting dress to be safe. ‘Last thing I want is to be able to escape and then be in violation of code of conduct,’ I griped. Lastly I looked back at my tablet sitting inside the bag and thought to activate the video recording feature. ‘It’ll only record audio inside my bag… but it might be useful evidence later,’ I told myself.

                        I shouldered it onto my back and then took one last look at Collin, glaring at the disgusting mess, “Should have stayed in your diapees.” I didn’t allow myself to feel anything for him as I turned towards the other door that I presumed led out to somehow.

                        I slowly opened a door to discover a clinical hallway that looked to be part of the hospital at the university. ‘This whole time they’ve been this close…’ I thought to myself as I confirmed what they had told me seemed likely. ‘I can’t be too far from help…’

                        I saw a doorway across from me and quickly ran across to it and pushed my way inside. I moved slowly as I opened the door and felt a sinking feeling of total horror when I saw the dentist style chair and all of the tools arrayed there. Just to make it more ghastly it looked like someone was keeping trophies of teeth placed in fake gums in a glass case. Each had names on them and I quickly scanned just hoping to not see one name.

                        To my relief Bella’s name wasn’t attached to a set. To my horror though ‘Stacy’ was labeled with an empty spot clearly already prepared for mine… I bit my lip to avoid squealing. I shook my head and quickly made sure there wasn’t anything of use in the room. The room was lacking a computer, so I decided to move on. I was just walking past a cabinet to the door when my puffy dress caught on something and knocked a tray of tools to the floor.

                        “Shit!” I whispered to myself and knelt down beside it in case someone came looking. To my relief somehow my noisy escape had been ignored so far. I looked down at the tray that I had knocked over and saw a mirror that dentists used inside of mouths and smiled, ‘This’ll be useful…’

                        As I opened the door to the hallway I used the mirror to look for anyone before I reopened the door. Then I hopped down to another doorway and peered in through a glass cutout that ran almost the entire height of the door. It looked to be a surgical theater and I grimaced at the thought of what all they did to littles inside of there. Another quick run to the next doorway and I could see inside to a genuine newborn nursery ward with real babies in clear newborn carts. ‘Those must be the ones these monsters have forced the girls to have,’ I thought angrily.

                        Luckily I chose not to go in and take a closer look because I saw a nurse go over to one of the babies and pick them up. I could still see an umbilical cord stub attached, so I knew these were genuine newborns… ‘At least I hope so,’ I conceded to myself that anything was possible in this world.

                        I ducked back just as I saw a nurse turn her head towards the door and hoped she hadn’t seen me. Deciding to get moving onto the next room, I jumped up into the air to pull the horizontal handle open. I found myself in a storage closet of diapers, formula, laxatives, baby food, and enough baby items to take care of a couple hundred babied littles for months. I noticed a stash of locking pacifiers and felt grateful they hadn’t forced one of those into my mouth. ‘That’s why I mostly behaved for them…’ I reminded myself.

                        Not seeing anything inside the room to help me escape, I used the mirror again to clear the hallway and found myself again looking in at another large nursery ward, but this one full of littles in large cribs! Against my better judgment I pushed my way in the door and entered the room. To my left I looked in horror as a little stared down at me through the bars of her crib bars. Her hair had been altered to look like she had the hair of about a two-month old baby. I felt a stab of genuine horror at her drooling smile, just like Chloe’s littles there were clearly no teeth there - but they hadn’t installed the gummy thing in her mouth to hold its shape… so her lips were collapsed inward like an old woman. She was barely able to sit up. It seemed from whatever they had done to her probably didn’t help, but I believed the large belly displaying a baby growing in her stomach was probably just as responsible for her immobility.

                        I bit back a wave of disgust as she put her foot in her mouth and the slobber ran down it and she fell onto her side.

                        I quickly counted a total of ten cribs in the room. As I looked down the row I suddenly realized that Bella was in one of them.

                        She wore nothing but a diaper that looked like it needed changed hours ago. It was saggy and leaking urine and poop from the leg holes. She sat up and waved blankly at me before putting her foot in her mouth too. I wanted to vomit, but I couldn’t take the time to do so. Eight other girls filled all of the cribs in the room. I noticed that all seemed to be on the shorter side of littles.

                        Their behaviors seemed to be similar. All seemed to have a fascination of putting their feet impossibly into their mouths. I noticed a chart hanging off the bottom of each of the cribs and walked closer to Bella’s to look at the one hanging from hers.

                        What I read made me angrier than I had been yet.

                        Subject 390481 ‘Bella’

                        Subject responded well to hypnotic therapy after initially displaying some unusual levels of resistance. Instead of a standard 4 hour session, it took 3 separate 10 hour sessions, but the little is now cognitively at the level of a ten month old. No action was needed surgically to limit mobility as she succumbed to the hypnosis and displays no desire to stand or walk.

                        I would have kept reading but I heard movement and saw Jennifer Nimitz standing in the doorway in shock that I was there. “How the hell did you get loose?”

                        I smiled at her as I pointed the gun at her, “You really should have thought before kidnapping me that maybe it wasn’t just luck that I was getting away from your goons.”

                        “It won’t matter, even if you only had that hour of hypnosis you’ll be a sniveling baby before long anyway,” she laughed.

                        I laughed back at her, “So will you in that case.”

                        “I’m a big woman, nothing we do affects us.”

                        “Well I’ll just have to change that, won’t I?”

                        “Put the toy gun down, even if it’s loaded with real bullets, anything that would fit in that gun would be too small to do me any harm,” she said.

                        “Let’s hope not,” I said and took aim at her stomach.

                        She looked up in shock at the small amount of blood and said, “You little bitch, that…”

                        Before she could say anything more she fell to her knees covered in a grey cloud. That cloud began to shrink before my eyes. I looked at her with a smile, “Enjoy babyhood,” I shook my head, “you’re not going to be ever getting out of it.”

                        The cloud seemed to swirl around her for a few moments before I watched it fade away, and in its place was left a little girl a bit bigger than me. She took one look at me before she collapsed into the slumber of an infant with her thumb in her mouth. A pool of urine formed beneath her and I could smell feces as she lost control of her bowels.

                        I was glad to see that my weaponizing of the nanites seemed to have worked. I’d reprogrammed the ones that had been inside of me to shrink anyone that came in contact with them down to thirty percent of their previous size. It also removed all of their bowel and urinary control, enforced the breastmilk protocol we’d found before, and removed all of the teeth in the subjects mouth. Their sleep needs would be that of an infant - really rarely awake, and I also made sure that they would only be able to crawl when they were awake. I had decided it was kinder to at least give them that much mobility. Knowing that I would only use this in a last ditch scenario… well I didn’t play nice with most of the settings.

                        Unfortunately the sound of a gunshot wasn’t silent in this room, and I soon had a cacophony of crying littles all around me. I groaned and prepared myself to deal with a caretaker.

                        Just not the caretaker that appeared!

                        It was a crazy looking nannybot of some sort with a pair of breasts exposed on it, along with several whirring mechanical appendages that looked like a cross between a normal hand and the extendo-arm Bender had in the old Futurama show back home. It didn’t initially spot me, so I tried to stay very still to stay unnoticed. Unfortunately my bladder decided to open at that point and it must have sensed the urine.

                        “And just who are you little girl?” the robot asked. “I don’t have you on records,” it said as it moved towards me.

                        Knowing this couldn’t end well I ran for the door but found myself drug back arms that clamped onto me. “Let go of me,” I said uselessly.

                        “I’m afraid I can’t do that. You have a wet diaper and I’m sure you must have escaped from one of the other rooms. I’ll change you and then we can get an adult down here to sort you out…”

                        “Oh wait another? And, just who are you?” she said suddenly distracted by the form of the shrunken Jennifer Nimitz. The bot let go of me with a couple of its arms and snaked them towards Jennifer to pick her up, “Oh boy, two new babies in one day! I can hardly wait to feed you both!” she said with a not quite human giggle.

                        I sighed and reached the edge of my backpack to tear off one of my crazy ideas I hadn’t gotten a chance to test yet. “Nanny, I’m scared, can I have a kiss?” I asked it.

                        “Aww… of course baby,” and it moved its head towards me.

                        I took aim at its head and threw a project of mine that automatically stuck to its head with a magnet. A second later it began doing its job as the robot began smoking and dropped both of us. I fortunately landed on my feet, but Jennifer landed on her head screaming. I checked to make sure she was physically okay before I decided it was time to scram.

                        I took one look at the littles in their cages around me dumbly on crying for a reason they couldn’t understand anymore. I noticed then that almost all of them had bellies that were distended with pregnancies… a quick look back at Bella’s chart told me she hadn’t been impregnated yet though. They were waiting until they had made a move to a new facility. “I’ll be back Bella, I love you,” I told her.

                        She looked at me blankly, but I thought I might have seen some hint of recognition in her eyes. I turned though and ran back down the corridor just in time to see three large women nurses in scrubs coming down the hallway. They looked at me with a combination of disbelief and recognition before they ran towards me.

                        “What are you doing out of a crib?” One of them asked me as she approached.

                        “Get over here little girl,” Another said as they ran towards me.

                        Not knowing how many people I would have to take out I decided to put the gun quickly in my bag, swung the other strap back over my shoulder, and then charged to meet them with my knives.

                        They were all way bigger and stronger, but I never let them get a hand on me while I sliced their legs up until they were all on the ground with their throats gruesomely draining their blood from their bodied. The sight made me sick and I vomited before reclaiming my gun from the bag, and walking down to the end of the hallway where they had come from.

                        Just before I could reach for the door a man in a security uniform stepped out and looked like he had some sort of cattle prod looking Taser in his hands. He poked it at me and tried to zap me with it, but I dodged and dropped him with one of the bullets from my gun. He went down and shrank quickly into a cloud of nanites. When it went away I quickly searched his large pants, finding a ring of keys and a photo badge that I hoped would get me access to anywhere I needed to get inside.

                        ‘Down to six rounds,’ I told myself. ‘I hope I’m not going to regret spending one on him…’

                        Pushing in the doorway I found I had found the heart of their security system with displays of the hallways, labs, and other places in view. ‘How come he didn’t come for me first?’ I wondered. ‘He had to have alerted someone…’ I groaned.

                        I hopped up to the terminal though and began accessing the system. I was happy to find it wasn’t even locked up by a password, ‘Amateurs…’ I then figured out why he’d missed me, a key press brought up a porn film he’d been watching on all of the monitors. I shook my head and laughed at how stupid he had been.

                        ‘Okay, where am I…?’ I dug and said, “Damnit!” I really hadn’t left the university property!I wasn’t even that far from where I was abducted. We looked to be in the third of three sub-basements in the hospital of the university. Crazily enough it was in the same building that Fred worked. From what I could tell this project was the only thing currently housed in the lower levels. That was good and bad; I could treat everyone I saw as hostile, but it also meant help was nowhere a lot of floors above me!

                        I quickly dug and located five more of those nannybots active nearby. I wasted no time turning them off, and encrypted their access to where it would take a team of talented programmers a week to get into them again without my new password. ‘I got lucky with that first one,’ I admitted to myself with a shudder.

                        Next I started a search for the jammer that was blocking my phone. It wasn’t on the network though, even though it did list a location for the controls on the floor above me. I noted where it was before working on hacking further into the system. They foolishly had the network connected to the internet, so that I was easily able to get an external internet connection. I quickly sent a message to Amanda, Grandpa Joe, Megan, and the police in the hopes someone would get it to save me.

                        This is Stacy Westerfield. I was kidnapped by Dr. Mark Nimitz and his wife. They’re involved in a huge operation that’s being run downstairs at the university hospital in the sub basements in the obstetrics building, they are also the ones who took Bella – she’s here too. I’m attaching the floor plans and as much information as I can find on their system. Please come help save us quickly!


                        Just as I was going to try to get some more information out of the system I heard cries in the hallway, “My god! What the fucking hell happened here?”

                        More screams and shrieks came and I decided that meant it was time to get on the move again. I quickly scrambled the system I was on before shouldering my backpack and going to the door. I opened it and ran, managing to make it to the other end of the hallway where a door was marked with an emergency stairway sign. Just as I was about to reach for the handle another guard and two nurses barged through it.

                        I didn’t hesitate, taking aim at the guard first, then the two nurses with my pistol. All three of them quickly descended into their nanite clouds and I hopped past them to start climbing the stairwell.

                        “Where the hell did she go? What’s happening to them?” I heard a couple cries and didn’t hang around to be discovered. I almost felt bad about making the male guards girls until I remembered what they were doing to everyone else. The nanites could only be programmed for one gender and I had decided girls made the most sense at the time.

                        I carefully cleared the stairwell and was going to bypass the next level to just go upstairs until I remembered that the jammer was supposed to be on that floor. I decided helping whatever team came in was more important than getting to the ground floor just then.

                        I was surprised that I was able to get down the hallway to the marked room without running into any one else, or having anyone see me and shout an alarm. It seemed likely though that everyone had responded to the trauma downstairs instead of sticking around on this floor.

                        I cautiously ran down the hallway to the room that had been marked as the jammer location and grimaced when I saw ‘Mark Nimitz’ on a name placard. ‘His office…’ I swore. I reached up and pulled down on the handle though and found it to be locked. I saw an electronic keypad and hopped in the air and waived the guards’ card on it, and was relieved to hear a click. The unlocked door opened up to reveal a mad scientist lab that would have made Amanda proud. Electronics of all sorts were spread everywhere around the room – that part she would have loved.

                        The next thing I noticed made me vomit agin though, as I saw shelves and shelves of large jars of… littles… They had preserved their bodies in fermaldehyde like one would an animal. Other jars held body parts and all I could do was I turn away and walk towards a device that matched the picture of what I had seen in their records of a jammer, and carefully switched it off.

                        Just as I did so the door opened and Doctor Nimitz appeared... along with Tessa.

                        “YOU!!!!!! What the hell are you?!?” He asked me. “You should have been drooling as a dumb baby by now!”

                        I shrugged, “Just your average little girl from another dimension?”

                        “Bullshit, you’re the devil incarnated! What did you do to my wife? Where is she???”

                        “Didn’t you see her on the ground in the nursery?” I asked. “Whoever adopts her can say that they really did drop her on her head when she was little,” I giggled nervously, “She’s ready for you to take care of her like she wanted to take care of me. I’m sure there’s some Amazon lady who will be more than happy to have her nursing at her breasts. No reason for her new mommy to know the monster she has for a baby.”

                        “You fucking little bitch,” He said as he came towards me but I pointed the gun at him.

                        “I’ll be happy to have you join her,” I said.

                        “Then why haven’t you shot?”

                        “Maybe I’d like to see you go to court for your crimes?”

                        He sneered at me then, “No officer will arrest me! You’re the one who just killed four people in cold blood!”

                        I shrugged, “You kidnapped me from my legitimate mommy. I’m pretty sure they’ll give me a get out of jail free card if I can put Venture out of business. Just where do you fall in that business anyway?”

                        He seethed, “I run the acquisition side of it…”

                        I nodded, “Damn, I’m glad I didn’t choose to live with you!”

                        He shrugged, “It’s a decent side business picking up littles dumb enough to want to come live here. You would have been my tenth in the last year… I found two others that came when you planned too though, so I didn’t really care that much.”

                        “What the hell is wrong with you?” I asked rhetorically then.

                        He responded by looking at Tessa, “Tessa, go collect the bad baby please.”

                        “But Doctor Nimitz, Stacy isn’t…”

                        “I gave you a command you stupid piece of junk!”

                        Tessa sighed and came running towards me.

                        ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++

                        This originally had an additional part for the chapter as I wrote it, but I have divided up Chapter 44 into two chapters as I edited it. I will probably post the second part that became Chapter 45 this weekend too.


                          Chapter 45:

                          I ACTIVATED THE laser sight on the pistol and just hoped it would work!

                          She reached for me… and nothing. “She’s disrupting my field sir…”

                          “Keep trying!” He said as he then started moving towards me himself.

                          “Tessa activate protocol Beta Gamma Nine Two Three,” I told her while she tried to grab me again.

                          She froze, “What is going on Stacy? Where am I?”

                          “Well it’s kind of a long story, but apparently bozo over there thinks that he can steal you from the university lab and use you to help beat me up?”

                          “You mean Doctor Nimitz?” she asked.

                          “Yes, he kidnapped me from Mommy!”

                          “That’s not right… Stacy is Professor Westerfield’s baby girl!” she said and turned her attention towards Dr. Nimitz. I pointed my gun back at him knowing that I was safe from her now.

                          “Tessa, I told you to collect the baby!” He screamed at her.

                          “I’m sorry sir, but you were going to do bad things to Stacy who is a good girl and my friend.”

                          “What the hell did you do to her?” He screamed at me.

                          “Made a friend,” I told him and juvenilely stuck my tongue out at him.

                          He gave me an exasperated look and then ran towards me. Tessa stopped him cold and flung him on the ground like a rag doll. She then pulled his pants down and looked at me, “I think he’s been a bad boy and deserves a spanking, do you agree Stacy?”

                          I giggled, “I think one hundred swats?” I suggested.

                          She wasted no time beating the living tar out of his butt and taking the fight out of him by the time she was done. His bottom was red enough to substitute for a stop sign!

                          She kept him essentially hogtied with some extra arms she’d grown and said, “Stacy the authorities will be down here in one more minute, I recommend you conceal your weapons…”

                          I looked down at my blades and my pistol and did just that. The pistol went back in the Switch casing and the knives in my shoes. “If anyone asks Tessa, could you say that you defended me?”

                          “Why Stacy that’s exactly what I did.”

                          Doctor Nimitz was out of breath then, but asked, “How the hell did you override Tessa’s programming?!?”

                          I giggled, “She wanted some code she saw me writing in class last week to incorporate into her programming. She liked the idea of having some extra safety protocols in her personality. I just had managed to already tag in some other safeguards to the code.”

                          I heard a horde of footsteps coming down the staircase and a SWAT team fanned out down the hall. I raised my hands as they came near, “Stacy Westerfield?” One of them asked.

                          “Yes sir, this man kidnapped me and they have my sister downstairs too…”

                          “That’s bullshit, she’s never left the university campus…”

                          “Sir, you have the right to remain silent…” I heard a Miranda warning given to the good doctor.

                          “You should be arresting her! She murdered like ten or twelve people downstairs! My wife is one of them!”

                          “Get him out of here,” an older gentleman ordered and looked down on me. “I’m Agent Cranton, can you show us where you were being held sweetie?”

                          I smiled, “Sure, but only if we can get my sister and take her home.”

                          “I’m sure we can arrange for something like that…”

                          “Can you also please let my mommy know that I’m okay? She’s got to be worried sick about me.”

                          “Already done sweetheart,” he said pointing to his earpiece, “She knows we’ve got you and that you’re okay.”

                          He made me hold back behind his men as they cleared the corridor. “Dear god, what happened to these people?” One of the men asked. “This looks like a god damned war zone…”

                          “Were the Hellcats here?” Another asked.

                          “Sure as hell looks like it…” I was given a narrowed glance by Agent Cranton, but maintained the cute innocent exterior while also displaying a fair amount of fear. Not much acting for the fear though! Those that had been turned into babies were gathered up and taken by a couple of their officers upstairs to be checked out.

                          The naked Jennifer peed uncontrollably on one of them and I heard him say, “Yuck! This is why I tell my wife no littles!”

                          They also discovered Kathy the stewardess hiding in a closet with her panties wetter than my diaper was just then. I heard one of the SWAT team members taunt her, “Awww… don’t worry, we’ll get the widdle girl all nice and dry in her didees soon!”

                          “I’m not a baby?”

                          “You sure wet your pants like one…” I heard as they kept her moving.

                          “Who are they? The babies?” The older Agent Cranton hissed in my ear, “I’m a friend of your grandfathers… I know he’s been training you, but this is new.”

                          “They’re some of the technicians, nurses, and a security guard. Oh, and that one little girl that just peed on the guy is Doctor Nimitz’s wife Jennifer,” I told him quietly.

                          “For the record we’re going to be hiding all of the damage you did to these people. I am going to insist though that you get a counselor to talk to. If you don’t have PTSD from this I’ll be very surprised,” he told me kindly. “Your grandpa taught you well. I’m not going to ask where the blades are, but please get them back to him so he can replace them with some that don’t have any evidence on them.”

                          I nodded but impatiently hopped between my feet, “Can we go see my sister now?”

                          “Sure,” he said and I led them to the nursery.

                          The agents were speaking pretty angrily when they figured out several of them were pregnant. “What the hell is this?” One asked anyone.

                          “A first step along a road that these people have been doing to breed littles. They’re brainwashing everything away from them mentally and then inseminating the women to breed smaller and smaller littles. Doctor Nimitz told me some of their plans upstairs. He was planning on doing the same to me…” I answered.

                          The gasps around the room were deep and sincere, “My god, what a fucking monster!” one said.

                          “Maybe he needs to have an accident on the way to the jail…” one said.

                          I looked up at them and shook my head, “No easy way out for him! He needs to go through the court system and then they can do whatever they feel is right to him. I have my own thoughts, but I’m going to keep them to myself just now,” I told them.

                          “How far did he get with you?” One asked kindly.

                          “Tied up to hypnotize me in a high chair…” I answered.

                          “So why aren’t you a mindless baby like them?” One team member asked.

                          I shook my head, “For some reason hypnosis doesn’t seem to work on me? Might be the dimension I’m from? I don’t really know. I’m not in a hurry to volunteer for experiments to figure that out either,” I added.

                          The agent nodded as I approached Bella’s crib. I reached in with my hand to grasp the slobbery hand she didn’t have in her mouth and said, “I’m so glad we found you Bella, we’ll get you sorted out and back home soon!”

                          “Si…Si.. Sissy,” Bella said with a big grin on her face.

                          “At least she recognizes you still?” One of them said.

                          “Yeah, at least there’s something still in her head. We’ll have to see if we can deprogram her now though…”

                          I reached into my backpack then and grabbed my phone that was making noise and saw Amanda’s face on it. I answered it in video mode and said, “Mommy!”

                          “You’re okay! You’re really okay?!?” Amanda was clearly in tears then.

                          “Yes Mommy, and look who I found!” I turned the phone to do a selfie with Bella who looked and said, “Mama!!!”

                          “Is she okay?” She asked when I looked at her.

                          “Relatively speaking. Better than most in here,” I added. I had just noticed the other littles being gathered up and placed onto small stretchers. I could tell most didn’t have any teeth, and it looked like most had shaved heads. I wasn’t exactly sure of what other modifications had been done to them, but a couple seemed to have some incision scars visible. ‘Why not just use nanites…?’ I wondered to myself as I tried to think of a solution for this problem.

                          “That’s good, we’re waiting upstairs for you. They’ll bring everyone into the proper hospital to check you all out,” Fred said from behind her.

                          “I’ll see you soon, I love you!” I said with tears in my eyes.

                          “Come on Miss, let’s get you out of here,” a medic said to me trying to pick me up.

                          I dodged and looked at Bella, “Not without my sister!”


                          “They kidnapped her first,” I told the medic simply.

                          The lady looked like she was going to fight me for a moment but Cranton said, “let her ride up with her sister. Trust me, you don’t want to make that little girl any more upset than she already is.” He motioned around the room and the lady obviously got the point because her eyes widened.

                          She shook her head and began to gather up Bella. Her diaper was putrid and a full blowout was apparent by the copious amounts of poop on her legs and outfit, “I’d better change her first, can you see if there are any diapers over there that will fit her?”

                          I beat everyone else over to the changing table where I saw three different sizes of those ridiculous diapers I’d been stuck in that night at the dorm when I ran out. I groaned for Bella, but took the smallest two sizes over to the medic. She made short work of the diaper and lay her down on the stretcher. She reached for me and flipped up the outfit I had on, “Do you need changed?”

                          “I want my mommy to change me,” I said a little petulantly. “Can we please just get Bella upstairs now?”

                          “I should force you to let me, but I think you’ve been through enough today. Come on, stay close to us…”

                          I followed the gurney into a stairwell and watched as the medics hauled the whole thing up the stairs. They looked at me to check on me for a moment but I kept up with them climbing up steps pretty rapidly given their size. At the top I saw several officers blocking the way with crime scene tape and Fred checking on one of the other victims that had been brought up. Amanda stood across along the side of the hallway and I ran to meet her, jumping into her arms to receive hugs and kisses.

                          “Oh my god, Stacy, you’re okay!” She said as she sobbed and hugged me for a moment. Fred joined in on a hug and she passed me to him as she she turned her attention to Bella.

                          “Oh my, Bella,” her face was a mess of makeup and tears, “You’re okay!!!!”

                          “Sort of,” I told her in a whisper.

                          Fred quietly asked, “What happened to her?”

                          “I think just severe hypnosis, but I’m not sure. She’s not said anything more than getting ‘Sissy’ and ‘Mama’ to her over the phone. You could tell that even that was a lot of work to get out. They didn’t get her… they… well she wasn’t bred yet,” was the best way I could put it.

                          I received a huge hug from Fred and Bella kept saying, “Mama! Dada!”

                          “How long was I gone?” I asked in a bit of a down moment.

                          “A bit over twenty-four hours,” Fred told me.

                          I nodded, knowing the gaps that had been there in being knocked out. By the time we had moved down the hallway to get us both checked out, my diaper was dripping urine uncomfortably down my legs. Amanda used the one spare I had left in my backpack to change me before dressing me in an offered hospital outfit. They needed that overly large dress as evidence. I managed to convince them to let me keep my shoes still thanks to a little help from Cranton.

                          “I’m so glad you’re okay!” She smothered me as Bella was wheeled, and she carried me down the hall to the emergency room.

                          There they separated us from the other victims by pushing us into a smaller examination room. Fred looked over me while another doctor looked at Bella since Fred had already given her a once over. Amanda traded duties to Bella laying a few feet during my examination.

                          “Did they do anything to you?” He asked me.

                          “They tried to hypnotize me,” I told him.

                          “That didn’t work?” He looked at me knowingly.

                          I shook my head, “No.” I shrugged and added, “I did take a fall from a nanny bot dropping dead while I was in its arms... but other than that I don’t think I had anything happen?”

                          “I’m going to look you over to be safe,” he said. He noted that the injection holes were visible where I’d been drugged and embarrassingly looked at my rear to make sure they hadn’t hurt me there with the enema. There was some loose stool still there, but otherwise I seemed okay he thought. My vitals seemed normal and except a few bruises and scrapes from my fights nothing was obviously wrong with me.

                          “I’m going to want them to do a panel on you to be sure you weren’t given anything else,” he told me with a hug. “I’m so glad you’re okay!” He told me with tears in his eyes.

                          “Me too,” I told him.

                          “Trade?” He suggested to Amanda who was tightly cuddling Bella.

                          “Sure,” she said.

                          He quickly whispered in my ear, “Wait until we get home before you tell the full story.”

                          I nodded and said, “I love you Daddy!”

                          He kissed me and told Amanda, “I’m guessing she’s not had much to drink the last hour. Why don’t you get her something?”

                          I looked at Amanda and said, “We don’t have to go anywhere…”

                          She smiled at me, “Okay,” and opened up her blouse and bra for me to nurse while they kept checking Bella out. With everything that had happened I fell asleep in her arms for a nice nap.

                          IT TOOK ABOUT four hours before they were sure that Bella wasn’t going to be in any medical danger if she left the hospital. During that time Amanda had Fred give me a bath in what amounted to a sink, but at least the congealed blood and sweat was no longer pasted to my skin. He’d also been able to get some poop that had been dried on my butt still from my earlier mess off. Unfortunately that had revealed a bit of my first painful diaper rash. The nurses had been able to give him some rash ointment though and I felt better with it on.

                          The biggest surprise though was Dean Sanders had been by to see us right when we were getting ready to get out of there.

                          “Amanda, how are they?” she asked as I sat up rather blearily blinking my eyes.

                          “Stacy here is not really too much worse for the wear. I’ll probably ask that you excuse her from classes the rest of the week?”

                          “Absolutely! The news has been saying she was kidnapped by one of our own here?”

                          “I’m afraid I can’t say much, but they said Doctor Nimitz was involved,” Amanda told her.


                          “You have no idea,” I said sitting up and brushing some hair that had fallen into my eyes out.

                          “How did you escape?” She asked me.

                          My eyes narrowed and I wondered if she’d had some part in the mess, “A lot of luck,” I told her. “It’s an ongoing investigation and I was asked not to say much,” I told her semi-truthfully.

                          “I certainly wouldn’t want to interfere. We’ll have our own internal investigation going on through the university of course too,” she replied.

                          “Of course,” I said.

                          She stayed for about five awkward minutes too long before leaving. It wasn’t long after that they released us to go home escorted by Grandpa Joe and a police officer. The group seemed to have almost all been present at the lab to the investigators, but some loose ends, and missing faces, made them suspect we weren’t fully out of the woods yet.

                          It was with a great sense of relief though as we pulled into the garage and Amanda picked me up from my car seat, while Fred picked up Bella and handed her over. We walked inside and Grandpa, Grandma, and Megan joined us a few minutes later.

                          Unfortunately the happy ending didn’t seem like it was in sight just then. All of us had watched Bella the past few hours struggle just to sit up on the blanket she’d been sat on the floor. She cried anxiously not long after everyone else arrived and Amanda struggled to calm her until she let her nurse herself to sleep. As we watched Grandpa asked me quietly, “I checked the house and the room, we’re secure from bugs. What happened? The whole story,” he emphasized.

                          I smiled grimly at him from Fred’s lap, “Okay… just please don’t judge me too harshly,” I grimaced.

                          I told them about waking up and the conversations I’d had before being forced to nurse from Nimitz’s wife. I mentioned the enema, and everything else I could remember. Really I was just grateful that they had their hands on me so brief of time! When I told them about wriggling out of the high chair and getting to my knife blades the other women in the room, minus Bella who was cluelessly nursing, all seemed a bit squeamish. Amanda a little less so but I did catch the look she gave to her dad.

                          “So I was able to cut my way through those straps and get loose,” I continued. I hoped I’d given them enough time to get lax and it seemed like it was so. I walked into the room behind the nursery and found an observation room with that guy Collin from Selegnasol in there.”

                          “The guy you tried to get stuck as a baby?” Megan asked.

                          I nodded, “Apparently he didn’t like that… He was rather angry about it! Anyway… I used my knives to take care of him before getting my backpack.”

                          “Took care of him?” Fred asked me.

                          I grimaced and said, “He won’t be hurting anyone ever again,” I said. I tried to wipe the image out of my head then that reappeared and knew nightmares were certainly in my future.

                          Fred hugged me, “I love you Stacy, you don’t have to continue if you don’t want to…”

                          I turned to him and hugged him back, “Thank you, but I need to…” I sighed and took a drink from a sippy cup of apple juice that Granny suddenly handed me, “Thanks,” I told her.

                          “You’re welcome,” she told me.

                          “Well when I cleared that room I was happy to find my backpack was still sitting there…” I paused for a moment but decided to go all in, “It had a weapon in there.”

                          “A weapon?” Grandpa Joe asked.

                          “I told you that my Grandpa back home and you would get along, right?”

                          He nodded, “You said he was vet too?”

                          I nodded back, “Well apparently my family has a long history of adventuring, and not one of those family members have gone on one without a weapon. He gave me a pistol that hides inside a small game console.”

                          I head Amanda suck a deep breath in, “That one with the two mini controllers?”

                          I sighed but knew honesty was called for now, “Yes, that’s the one. If you push the panels and buttons the right way it breaks apart and reveals a ceramic pistol that’s a 9mm holdout gun back home.”

                          “But if it shrank to your size, surely it wouldn’t do anything against an Amazon?” Grandpa Joe asked. He shook his head, “It probably wouldn’t feel worse than a pellet gun here? I can’t even imagine it hardly piercing our skin?”

                          I shook my head, “That was my worry as well… which is why I printed some other bullets to load in the shell cases that I put suspended nanites into.”

                          “Where in the world did you get nanites?!?!” Amanda asked suddenly concerned.

                          I pointed at myself, “I have all that I need inside of me. I just needed to excrete some – I used tears as I figured they would be the cleanest way, and reprogrammed the options.”

                          “To what?” Fred asked me.

                          “The perfect little… One that Aunt Chloe and Cassie would love…” I added feeling some bile in my mouth but continuing, “I only planned to use it in life or death situations… and this counted.”

                          “I agree,” Grandpa Joe said. “We need to be very careful that no one finds out about that though. I want you to show it to me later… actually I need your shoes and the blades too so I can replace them with something clean…”

                          “What?” Megan asked, “You’re… actually okay with her making this?”

                          Amanda answered, “I wish she had told me,” she said looking at me, “but it was a very good idea and plan. We just need to make sure the military doesn’t find out about it. I’m pretty certain that it actually falls under several international treaties as an illegal weapon… Possession of such weapons are punishable as a war crime,” she told me.


                          “Really, I’ll explain later. For now though you said you had just retrieved it?”

                          I nodded, “Once I was armed I went out the door…” I didn’t hold back, they wanted to know, and I told them every shot I fired, every person I gutted, how I found Bella, almost got myself with the nanny bots.

                          “Wait, those nanny bots are pretty much impossible to get away from, how did you manage to get away from them…?” Grandpa asked.

                          “I might have developed a weapon for them too,” I said. I had a spare that I tossed to him, “It’s more nanite help basically… I programmed them to invade the surface and find control centers. It worked faster than I hoped,” I added.

                          Amanda looked at me, “When did you have time to do all of this? I’ve been watching you on the cameras in the nursery…”

                          I grimaced, part of my operational strategy was definitely out the window, “I thought you realized I hacked the cameras to get the footage about Bella’s poisoning?”

                          “You altered the feed?”

                          I nodded, “How grounded am I?”

                          She sighed, “We’ll talk later, but I think there will probably be something… I just don’t know what!” she was a bit annoyed and I was glad Fred gave me a protective squeeze.

                          “It did save her,” he reminded her.

                          “This time…” she said, “she is being far too reckless, it’s going to get her hurt, killed, or her brain wiped at this rate.”

                          “Sorry,” I said.

                          She sighed, “What happened next…?”

                          I walked them through the next rooms and then the climb to the next level before finding Doctor Nimitz. I explained how I’d already made sure that I would have Tessa on my side. “You did that one in class? In front of me and all of the other students?” Amanda clarified.

                          I shrugged, “I didn’t actually intend to, she asked for the code. She just didn’t know that there was an extra subroutine I was working on that could help me or others later.”

                          She shook her head and handed the now sleeping Bella to Granny before coming over to me to pick me up. I shook a bit, wondering if it was going to be the first time I was spanked by her, but instead she hugged me tightly and kissed me on the forehead before holding me like an infant. “I love you so much Stacy, and I’m so glad you’re okay! Thank you for saving Bella, but we are going to have to have a talk later about what you can or can’t do with computer and nanites without letting me know…”

                          I nodded, “Okay Mommy.”

                          She hugged me and then felt my diaper, “You need a diaper change, a bath, and then I think we all should consider going to bed here soon. Mom, you’ll take Megan back to campus?”

                          “Sure honey,” she told her, “you want me to change this one for you before I go?”

                          Amanda shook her head and shifted me over to one side, I’ll take care of her, just hand her over to me.

                          “Here, give me your shoes,” Grandpa Joe said to me as he walked over. I used my fingerprints to unlock them and he took them from me. “I’ll replace these tomorrow for you,” he reassured me.

                          “Thanks,” I told him.

                          Goodbyes were said and Amanda ascended the stairs with us tightly in her arms. She sat me down on my bed while she changed the sleeping Bella, replaced her thumb with a pacifier, and then lay her down in the crib. “Next,” she said softly to me and I held out my arms to her. She gently picked me up and placed me down on the changing table and removed the hospitals onesie and carried me in just the diaper down to the bathroom. While she ran the water I took the chance to get some more pee out and into the diaper.

                          She smiled at me and gently pushed me to the ground, pulled open the diaper, wiped me with a wipe, and plopped me in the water while she turned to ball up the diaper. I sat in the tub getting sleepy as she quietly scrubbed my body, washed my hair, and even massaged my sore shoulders, arms, and legs.

                          “Any chance you could give me some pain medicine?” I asked her as she dried me off.

                          “You hurt?”

                          “I’m pretty sure I’ll be sore for a week… not a fan of fighting for my life…” I told her.

                          She wrapped me in a towel and caught Fred passing by, “While I’m drying Stacy’s hair, can you get her some pain meds?”

                          “Where do you hurt?” He asked me.

                          I laughed, “All over, it’s going to be a rough couple days while my body heals from today.”

                          He nodded, “I’ll get something.”

                          Amanda began gently combing, drying, and brushing my hair. She was working it gently still when Fred reappeared with a pacifier. I gave him a questioning look, “Whats…?” when realized it was a medicine pacifier, “you could have just given me pills or a cup with it in it…”

                          He smiled, “this seemed like an easier solution though,” he said as he put the nipple to my lips and I nursed it.

                          I winced a bit as the flavor was a bit off, but said, “Fanks,” around the pacifier.

                          Amanda continued to dry my hair and finally braided it loosely before gathering me in the towel and carrying me back to the darkened nursery. I was gently diapered and dressed in a footed pajama set before she sat down in the rocking chair. “I wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t want to nurse…” she started.

                          I giggled quietly, “Come on Mommy, I’m thirsty!” I smiled.

                          She hugged me and moved her shirt and bra to expose her nipple and I quickly latched on. While I nursed she hummed a lullaby and I closed my eyes, trying to ignore the sights that were already appearing in my mind from that day.

                          I was sadly not asleep that long before I heard a series of loud bangs and the house security alarm began shrieking!

                          ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

                          So this brings us to the second to last chapter and an epilogue left. Please let me know what you think!


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