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Exchanged - Diaper Dimension - Epilogue - Added 2-17-2019

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    I haven't been following this closely but I must say damn.. That was good this has got to be the best diaper dimension story ever


      Originally posted by BrownOwl View Post
      I haven't been following this closely but I must say damn.. That was good this has got to be the best diaper dimension story ever
      Well I didn't expect this kind of reaction to this idea but thank you for your compliment !

      To be quite fair it wasn't that hard to cross two great story together and imagine an awesome one.

      Now we can only hope this please the authors as much...


        Chapter 46:

        I BOLTED OUT of bed and looked at the door for a moment wondering what to do! I wanted my knives, but I had just given them to Grandpa Joe to get rid of the evidence… I saw my backpack sitting by my desk and quickly searched through the pockets to find my switch. I pulled the pistol free of the casing and checked the clip. I only had two bullets left between the chambered round and the clip... I knew that I’d have to make them count!

        I remembered the new safe box in the closet - and would have moved to it with Bella, but unfortunately there was no way I could get her out of the crib. Like in our dimension drop side cribs had been banned, so I’d have to climb the tall crib just to get to her; and then somehow pull her out and avoid being trapped in the crib myself. I grimaced and instead found myself a hiding spot underneath the crib and aimed the pistol towards the door.

        I heard rapid firing shots like from a machine gun, followed by some shouting and screams of pain. Someone pounded on the nursery door trying to get in before I heard Amanda and Fred both begin screaming at someone and heard more impacts against the walls.

        Then there was silence.

        I felt tears at my eyes, fearing the worst for Amanda and Fred, but I prepared to defend myself and Bella if the attackers made it into the room.

        Beeps came at the keypad on the door and my diaper warmed with urine, while I prayed that it wouldn’t be a bad guy. The door slowly opened and Amanda said, “Stacy? It’s just us. They are all down for the count,” she told me carefully. I watched her step fully into the room and believed no one would be dumb enough to let her do so if she was being held at gunpoint. I rolled out from my hiding spot and kept my gun pointing down.

        She stepped over to me and picked me up into her arms to hug me, “only one made it past the force field,” she said pointing down to a body that she walked me over to. I recognized the tattoo and realized it was the lady that had tried to kidnap me the first time.

        “She’s out?” I asked Amanda.

        “Should be for a while with as hard as I hit her…”

        “Why don’t we tie her up or something?” I suggested wearily.

        Fred had the same idea and came around out of Amanda’s workroom just then with some nylon pull fasteners. Several of them made sure that she was quickly tied up and not going anywhere. Amanda carried me back to the nursery and checked on Bella. She was still somehow asleep and out cold! She was breathing normally though at least.

        “How is she still asleep?” I asked her.

        She shrugged, “I wouldn’t be surprised if they conditioned her to sleep through noise at night so she wouldn’t wake up and annoy whoever took her in?”

        I nodded and realized I needed to go to the bathroom again and should also hide my gun. “Mommy… might be a good idea for me to hide my gun, right?”

        She looked down at my hand and seemed to have just then noticed the weapon. “This is what you had?”

        I nodded.

        “Put it back inside it’s hiding place, we’ll talk about it later,” she told me.

        The police arrived with a SWAT unit that stormed the house a few minutes later.

        By the time the sun rose we learned it had been a team of the Trelani gang trying one last shot at us on behalf of the remaining interests of Venture. Twelve of their members had tried to storm the house like they had before, but Amanda’s force field was something new they were not expecting. Eight of the morons died from ricochets as they tried shooting at it - and three were injured enough to keep them out of the fray. Somehow Serena Ricci had gotten through with the lasers being pointed at the barrier and avoided getting shot… It was a bit of a miracle really that she survived!

        Amanda had taken good care of her though! I could tell she had vented a lot of her anger on her limp body. Teeth lay next to her, her face was bloody, and her legs and arms seemed to be bent at unnatural angles as the medics hauled her away mewling in pain.

        “Fred, I think it’s time for us to get a new house…” Amanda said as the police finally wrapped up at about noon. We moved to her parents house again for somewhere to stay in the meantime.

        THE NEXT FEW months passed by to finish the semester in a blur, and I was proud to have earned a perfect 4.0 GPA my first semester! I was currently enjoying the extended Christmas Break that students at Emerson were given - five whole weeks off was great! We had moved into another house a few weeks after the last break-in. This one had a tall twenty-foot wall around the entire property, and a level of security that made the old look worthless… which I guess in a way it had been given the repeat break-ins we had dealt with. The new house allowed for some extra bedrooms so that I had my own, Bella had her nursery, and we had two spare guest bedrooms. That was in addition to the workroom for Amanda and Fred’s office. It even had an indoor pool that I was able to swim laps in every day despite the fact it was cold and snowy outside!

        The rest of the Venture company pretty much crumbled with the loss of Doctor Nimitz and the enforcers they had hired. Several of the captured nurses were singing like canaries in the hopes of lighter sentences, something I was personally very opposed to!

        Sadly for all of us Bella was barely responding to the treatments to undo the hypnosis treatments she had been given. The only real progress was her vocabulary had grown to that of a two year olds’, but potty training, being able to walk, or express herself properly were still robbed from her. It was frustrating for her to want to talk to us, but clearly she was unable to do so. We tried having her type at a computer, use pictures, and no matter what if it wasn’t simple ideas her brain wouldn’t let her do it.

        I grew depressed watching her struggle.

        All of that being said, at least she smiled with the love that was showered on her from Amanda, Fred, and myself. It really was like having a two year old around the house at that point. We all tried to treat her with dignity, but it meant to keep her happy we had to in some ways keep pretending she was a baby. She seemed happier playing with toddler appropriate toys than anything else we tried. Unfortunately, nothing that anyone gave her seemed to snap her clear of the damage the monsters had done to her.

        The first couple weeks I had off leading to Christmas I finally had time to work on a possible solution. I knew that Bella had been saved with nanites from the poison, so like me she already had them inside of her, but they were dormant. For the past couple of nights I’d been running a diagnostic on her brain to discover exactly what had been done to her. It was horrifying to see the effects on the scans, as they’d gone beyond hypnosis and must have done some chemical alterations to her brain too. There were whole sections that were no longer communicating with each other! Essentially they had performed a more thorough lobotomy with technology and chemicals instead of surgery.

        After seeing the resutls I began coding a fix for the nanites to reconstruct those pathways in her brain, but per my promise I wasn’t going to implement it until I spoke with Amanda. She found me typing on my computer on Christmas Eve and I decided to tell her what I was working on.

        “What are you working on?” Amanda asked, “That looks an awful lot like the nanite code?”

        I nodded, “It is… Bella still has them running in her system from you fighting the poison…”

        “You’re not doing things with her without telling me?”

        She knelt down on the ground next to my desk where we could look each other in the eyes. “I haven’t done any fixes… but I did query the nanites to run a scan on her…”

        She breathed a sigh that was both exasperated and relieved, “That sounds like editing code…?”

        “It’s built-in, I just had to send a signal?”

        “What did you find?” She asked nervously.

        I explained it and showed her a model of her brain on my screen before she called, “Fred!”

        “Yes Mandy?” he said a moment later. “Take a look at these scans…?”

        We discussed them for the better part of an hour then before Fred made a couple suggestions, I tweaked the code, and then asked, “So do we upload it?”

        Amanda picked me up and held me in her arms, “Are you sure it’ll work?”

        I shook my head, “Sure? No…? But, it’s the best chance of fixing things I think. She’s not getting any better right now.”

        “I don’t think it could make it worse,” Fred told her sadly. “Nothing else has helped.”

        “Go ahead then… maybe we’ll have our girl back for real for Christmas…” she said. “Then there’s a little girl that needs to go to bed so Santa doesn’t put any of the coal she probably deserves in her stocking!”

        “I’m a good girl!” I told her with a pout. “I just like toys… I just wanna be just like my cool Mommy!”

        Fred laughed, “She’s got you there.”

        Amanda squeezed me and sat me down on the ground. I typed a few commands and the new code was uploaded to Bella. She was sleeping soundly in her crib on the other side of my wall. “Now bedtime,” she said.

        “Yes Mommy…”

        NORMALLY AS A kid I was as excited for Christmas as any kid could be. Even after I knew that Santa wasn’t real… Well that meant I loved Christmas more because I knew my parents loved me. My real ones certainly did back in my home dimension… I’d managed to send home a family photo of my real parents and me, and a separate photo of the new me, in the 3-D art print that I’d done for Amanda and Fred. It had cost more than I should have paid to send it, but I wanted them to know I hadn’t abandoned them. We were planning on a video call later that day that I hoped would let me know it made it through.

        The real reason I anticipated the day though certainly had nothing to do with material objects, it had everything to do with what condition we might find Bella in! I woke up at seven when I smelled coffee coming from the kitchen. I was able to then roll out of bed, opened my door, and walked down to the kitchen where Fred laughed at me. “You are so predictable…”

        “And adorable!” Amanda said as she surprised me from behind and picked me up. I could tell she was trying to feel my diaper through the sleeper and said, “How about we get your sister up, and then we’ll see what Santa brought you both?”

        I looked at her and smiled.

        The walk in her arms to the nursery was had me as nervous as I’d ever been. With the nanites the repairs should have taken about a half-hour, anything that it was going to do should definitely be done by now. She pushed the code for the room in and opened the door to find Bella still asleep in the crib. She sat me down next to her, “Why don’t you wake her up,” she told me with a smile.

        I wrinkled my nose a bit at the smell of a well used diaper, but leaned over and shook Bella slightly and said, “Bella, it’s Christmas, time to wake up.”

        She shot up then and something in her eyes told me she was there. “Oh my god, what’s going on?” She looked around at me, “Wait, I can talk again? For real talk, not just say Mommy?”

        I hugged her, “So glad to have you back!”

        The next hour was made up of a lot of tears, changed diapers, and Fred doing what assessments he could of Bella’s recovery. She managed to stand with some help, and even took a couple of steps with someone holding her hands like an infant learning to walk. Unfortunately her muscles had atrophied enough in the few months that it was going to take time to recondition her legs to work right. Luckily they had not forced her to only squirm in tummy time like some of the littles that had been recovered. That would have taken even more time to recover from!

        As far as I could tell the only negative effect from the nanites was that she had shrunk another two inches. I was only about two inches shorter than her now! That side effect of the nanites was definitely troubling to me, since I had edited mine several times!

        Once Fred was sure that Bella was on the right track we all gathered around the Christmas tree. “Umm… Bella,” Amanda said, “when we picked out presents…”

        “I was only in my baby mode, so you bought baby toys?”

        Amanda blushed, “yes…”

        Bella shrugged, “I’m not a grown up or a big tall big anyway. Even if I get my walking, potty training, and everything else back I don’t think it’ll ever be safe for me to be living on my own again.”

        Amanda shook her head, tears leaking from her eyes, “Not really.”

        “Then Mommy it’s okay, because I’m still glad to be your baby!”

        More tears were shed before getting presents passed out. I had a mix of gifts to open myself, including a set of building blocks that were kind of like legos, but cooler. They contained circuits and you could build some neat projects according the instructions. We both got baby dolls, new bears, and then she got a whole slew of toys appropriate for a crawling year old baby. Some of them were meant for littles at least, and were a bit more mentally stimulating so she could learn things for real.

        Then there were numerous new dresses, shoes, hair bows, pajamas, and little cheap pieces of jewelry that she added. The only jewelry pieces that weren’t cheap pieces were two charms to add to my charm bracelet. One had Bella’s name on a heart with ‘sister,’ the other was a little laptop looking charm. They also gave me a necklace that had a locket and the picture of the four of us from before everything happened. I hugged them both, and Amanda promised since she was back with them she would get the same for Bella too.

        My real present from them though was a computer that was the size of the one I had brought through the portal, but was almost as powerful as Amanda’s. “This thing is awesome!” I had told her after she gave me the specs. And it really was!

        “You’ll have to put it away though, t’s time to go to Grandma and Grandpa’s,” she told me as I salivated over the computer.

        “Awwww!” I whined but didn’t fight her on it.

        She let me take it to my room and where I sat it down on the desk. As soon as I was done she lifted me onto the changing table to change a wet diaper. She dressed me in white tights and one of my new Christmas dresses she had bought from her friend. It featured a black velvet long sleeved bodice with a red silk skirt. The bodice featured little green holly embroidery along the neckline, and it was tied with a large ribbon into a large bow in the back. I walked with her to Bella’s nursery and hung out in there while she changed Bella into a nearly identical dress that just featured a much shorter skirt. Since she could only crawl it had made sense… ‘Hopefully that will improve though!’

        The whole process of getting dressed into the holiday dress was still unique for me given I had been a boy until five months before. I enjoyed her attention to my hair, and being cute in general, so I didn’t mind. The white tights I had on were thick and hopefully would keep me warmer on the cold drive to her parents house! I enjoyed staring at my reflection in a mirror for a few minutes.

        We were eventually left alone for a few minutes and I asked Bella, “So you’re better?”

        “I can’t believe how much easier it is to do things,” she told me. “Walking is going to take a while… but I’m just glad to be able to talk…”

        “What was it like?”

        She sighed, “I could understand everything you all said all the time… thank you for being so kind to me,” she added, “and thank you for saving me from the fate they had planned for me! They made sure to rub it into my face all of the time that I’d be growing babies for them for the rest of my life…” And then it was clear a wall had broken and she was most certainly in need of counseling that wouldn’t have been possible before. I hugged her and Amanda came in and joined in, clearly having heard our conversation over the baby monitor.

        We were able to eventually get away to her parents house though, which presented its own challenges in dealing with her sisters. Chloe and Cassie had dressed all of their littles and kids similarly to us and there was a requisite ‘cousins’ picture taken when we were all there. Neville wore a ridiculous suit looking romper that still had his bare legs visible. The girls were all in holiday dresses, and diapers were worn at that point still by every kid and little but Kristina. Klara had continued on in diapers and I could see that there was a frustration in her mom’s face every time she had to change her. I personally believed having Neville treated as a baby around her all of the time probably wasn’t helping her cause.

        Presents were exchanged and other than Megan, Granny, and Grandpas gifts, all of mine were more appropriate for a baby shower! Bella’s were even worse given she was actually in that state until that morning, but we both just grinned and said thank you politely. Fortunately we had an appointment to keep at the portal to talk to my parents, so we didn’t get stuck there too long. Everyone seemed astounded though at how much better Bella was doing! Our ‘little cousins’ were clearly jealous that once again they would be the only ones babied to that extent.

        I hoped I’d be able to help them out one day though!

        Our visit to the portal went like it had the past few times, except we had Bella with us. The shriek of an alarm as Fred carried Bella through made Amanda narrow her eyes at me. I gulped, she hadn’t noticed the alarm was quiet the last couple months when we passed through. I gave her an innocent look though and we continued to the room. On the way in, “Did you do that…?”

        I shook my head, “Venture did…”

        “That’s asking for trouble!” she hissed. “If anyone takes…”

        “Let’s talk at home, they definitely have this area under surveillance,” I whispered to her.

        She sighed and continued into the video conference room we’d been given with our ‘family.’ My mom ‘oohed’ and ‘ahhed’ about how adorable I looked! It was also the first time she and Dad had met Bella since she’d been at home being babysat in our other calls. Our calls hadn’t been frequent though, because we were worried about portal officials beginning to be suspicious about our regular visits. “Did you get my presents?” I asked them after we’d talked for a while.

        “We just got them a few minutes ago, should we open them?” Mom asked.

        I smiled, “Please!”

        “These are beautiful!” Mom said a few minutes later. They had clearly grown in the portal and were going to be large on the walls at home, but I was glad that she had something of me, and the new me, to hang onto there. “Thank you,” they both told me.

        When we made it home later Bella and Fred went to work on helping her learn to walk again while I was left with my new toy. Once all of the spyware Amanda and others had placed on it was gone I went to work on some new projects…

        IN JANUARY THERE were two major events scheduled to happen. First was the beginning of my second semester at Emerson, and all the new classes and students I had to deal with being ‘cute’ around. Doctor Nimitz’s trial had also started the week before, and I was scheduled to testify later that day. Life had otherwise calmed back down to what was normal for there. We had definitely let our guard down a bit since Venture was officially out of business, and most of their employees were arrested.

        I was walking towards Amanda’s office from my last class by myself on Wednesday of that week and was startled, “Well baby girl, how’d you get loose from the daycare?”

        I turned just in time to realize that a tall woman with the daycare worker uniform on scooped me up without warning.

        “Please put me down, I’m a university student,” I told her.

        “Oh silly girl, of course you’re a big university student. Why that’s all we take care of in our daycare! Let’s get you back inside the warm building and figure out how you got loose.”

        “Seriously, I’m not in the daycare, and my mommy isn’t going to be too happy when I don’t get to her office in a few minutes…”

        “Such a big imagination from a wittle girl,” she told me and began walking inside.

        I groaned. I had been afraid someday something like this would happen, but had completely let my guard down! I managed to push the emergency button on the side of my watch just before we went inside. Amanda’s face came on, “What’s wrong?” she asked, but as soon as we stepped through the door it was jammed and the signal was lost!

        I sighed and hoped she’d have enough tracking data to find me quickly.

        “Who do you have there?” Another woman asked as she walked up to us.

        “I don’t know, I just found her wandering around on her own outside. Not sure how she got out of the daycare.”

        “Please just check…” I tried to tell them to check my student ID bracelet. When I got past check I ended up with a pacifier in the mouth that was inflated.

        “What a bad girl!” the woman said. “Where’d you even steal these clothes from, one of your old friends?”

        I sighed and shook my head, “no matter, come on let’s get you into a new diaper – this one’s soaked, and a daycare uniform like you belong. Then maybe we won’t send you to bed without dinner…” she sighed, “We’ll make sure we get you into a hypnosis session to keep you from running away again too!”

        I groaned as I was carried into a massive nursery and could see littles lifelessly playing all around with baby toys. Well actually some of them seemed quite excited to be there, having accepted things like Bella. They looked to be playing like normal babies with dolls, blocks, toy kitchens, and everything you would see in a daycare. I was sat down on a changing table and the middle strap was placed over my chest.

        “We’ll get you fed here soon too, I saw that we hadn’t taken your teeth yet, but I think it’s probably time. We’ll get you to just liquids from now on for running away.”

        By now I was beginning to get scared… I was safe from the hypnosis, but if they physically took my teeth I wouldn’t be able to do anything about it. Tears began to stream down my face as she quickly stripped me of my uniform. I shook my head as they took my charm bracelet, but felt relieved that at least they couldn’t get the little protect or the student ID band off of me. “Hey Melanie, this might be a real student… Doesn’t Dean Sanders remove these bands before she sends babies our way?”

        “There’s no way! She’s so tiny she had to have been one of our first semester additions…” the other lady responded just as I heard Amanda’s voice.

        “Where the hell is my daughter?!?!?”

        “What daughter?” the lady tried to apparently block her but Amanda managed to move past and saw me on the changing table.

        “That one,” Amanda said pointing at me.

        “Excuse me ma’am, but there’s no way she can be your daughter…”

        Amanda took out her phone and showed her my student ID information, “did you even scan her uniform or wrist band like you’re supposed to?!?!?!?!”

        “She was clearly…”

        “A university student!” Amanda said and continued over to me. “Get your damn hands off my baby,” she told the woman who had begun to change my diaper.

        “But she needs a diaper change…”

        “That I will do that for her, because I’m her mommy,” Amanda told her fiercely. “What did you do with her backpack?”

        It was handed over in short order and after she had me changed and re-dressed in my uniform. When she was done she made them scan my bracelet and verified we were telling the truth. My charm bracelet was also returned. She was giving me a hug as Dean Sanders joined us in the office of the daycare. “What happened here?” She asked.

        “This little girl was wandering on her own and it was obvious to me she had escaped from the daycare,” the one lady said unrelentingly. “This woman is claiming guardianship, but if she’s really adopted then she shouldn’t be at college anyway! It would be illegal for her to be unattended!”

        Dean Sanders looked at me and laughed, “You do get into some jams don’t you?” I gave her a confused look as she looked back at the woman, “All students are to be scanned upon entry, correct?”

        “But she could have stolen that…”

        “That type of wristband has to be attached at the union with proof of their identity provided at the time. It’s impossible to remove without cutting off the littles hand – she would probably know more about that than anyone though since she was kidnapped a few months ago. Also, if there’s any dispute over a little’s status my office is to be contacted immediately, correct?”

        “Yes, ma’am,” the lady said nervously looking down like a scolded school girl.

        “Well, obviously you aren’t mature enough for this job, so we’ll find someone else to take it.” She looked at another woman there, “Please escort Ms. Keen to the upstairs area and perform the exit interview.”

        Something about that had a sinister note to it, because I watched the lady look scared senseless, “That’s okay Ma’am, I’m not worried about back pay, I’ll just be leaving now…”

        A robotic arm appeared and grabbed onto her arms above her elbows, “No, you won’t,” Dean Sanders said. “Go with her,” she told the lady as the arm dragged the woman through the facility quickly. “Sorry about this Amanda… let’s not have Stacy wandering around on her own anymore? It seems like she is a trouble magnet,” she added before turning to leave.

        “Can we get out of here now?” I asked Amanda quietly.

        As we left I saw Laura, who had been sent to the daycare the first day back from the break. She was dressed in the daycares pink dress uniform that proudly displayed a thick discolored diaper. She waved at me, but the nearly toothless grin and drool landing on the bib tied to her neck made me sick. I turned my head to hide my face in Amanda’s shoulder. I couldn’t stand to see my friend like that!

        Amanda had noticed her too and said, “I’m sorry,” to me as we left.

        “It was a matter of time,” I told her. “We all knew it.”

        The nest that had been my ‘home’ for when I needed to be with littles during orientation had all gotten into trouble over supposedly poisoning Madison, the nest mother. All of them professed their innocence, but in the end all of them had been given enough demerits to be only one mistake away from losing their status as university students. As a result most of them had seen the writing on the wall and volunteered for the safer adoption service - they hoped that their future treatment wouldn’t be as bad at least. Laura however was stubborn, didn’t poison anyone, and refused to give in. She’d had a poopy diaper in her first class of the new semester. I had been sitting next to her when the professor checked her… well, and that had been that.

        I won’t lie, I cried that day, and I cried more then as Amanda carried me to her office. We didn’t have long though for her to cuddle me, nurse me, and change me again before she needed to take me to the courthouse.

        All of us had hoped that Doctor Nimitz would plead his case out instead of going to trial, but instead he proclaimed that he was innocent and it was now my turn to testify. That had been another battle just for me to be able to testify. His attorneys tried to keep my testimony out by claiming that I was too young since I was an adopted little. I had been afraid it would work, but the judge had shut that one down pretty quickly. Their second route was to claim that because I had killed all of his associates who would have been able to defend him from my ‘false’ testimony, he couldn’t defend himself. That judge though seemed unhappy about him kidnapping and abusing adopted littles, and my testimony was allowed. The prosecution had instructed Amanda that a thick diaper and my school uniform was the best plan for my attire.

        With all of that we were due in court in an hour and I was still frazzled from the near miss from the daycare. “Mommy?” I said as she carried me to the car.

        “What Princess?”

        “What if that wasn’t a random attack on me just now?”

        “What do you mean?”

        “What if you hadn’t been able to find me before I was due to testify?”

        She groaned, “I didn’t even think about it – I was so pissed off that you had been grabbed again. We’ll let the prosecution know about it,” she told me. “I don’t think that woman is going to be a problem again though, my guess is she’s probably getting used to her new diapers as we speak…”

        I nodded and accepted a bottle of juice from her as she finished strapping me into my car seat. I nursed it to the point of being empty just as we arrived at the courthouse. Grandpa Joe and Fred were both waiting in the parking garage for us when Amanda pulled in, and the four of us entered together. The DA had a staff member waiting outside the courtroom and said, “Well… I’m… uh... glad you made it,” with a bit of surprise.

        My eyes narrowed and I memorized his name to do a background check when we got home. The tone of his voice and the surprise in his face was sending up red flags and alarm bells. A bailiff outside the courtroom checked me off on his list and soon enough I was called to the stand. Amanda escorted me to the front of the gallery where she was able to have a seat to the side behind the prosecutor with Fred and Grandpa.

        “Ms. Stacy Westerfield?” The judge asked me.

        “Yes your honor,” I told him.

        “Bailiff, please swear her in…” he said.

        “Like that matters?!?” Nimitz said.

        “Order!” The judge shouted, “Counsel, if you can’t control your client we’ll move him to the prison and do this via remote.”

        “Yes your honor,” the lawyer said to the judge, before turning to him and saying, “shut up!”

        I was sworn in and the prosecutor began asking questions. He started with some background questions on me for the jury. Almost immediately he asked me questions to put my dimensional visa out in the open. He followed that up by getting my story that I had agreed to an adoption to go to school, and that the Nimitz’s had actually been my other final candidates. We then went over every detail about Bella that could be asked. The prosecutor asked everything about how we met her, came to adopt her, the poisoning, and finally her kidnapping. At that point the judge looked at his watch, “I believe a recess until tomorrow is in order. Can you be back here in the morning Ms. Westerfield?”

        “I’m supposed to have a class tomorrow morning, your honor,” I answered respectfully.

        “I’m still getting over that bit of information that you are a university student Ms. Westerfield, but I respect your studies. When do you finish classes tomorrow?”

        “I’m done about one?”

        “The court will be in recess until two tomorrow,” he said and banged the gavel.

        He stood and left while I joined my Amanda and Fred. We hurried from the courtroom to head home for the night, “Doctor Westerfield?”

        We turned to see the DA following us out of the building, “Yes?” Amanda asked as she faced him.

        “Would you be okay if I came by your house in a bit to talk with you, I think there are some things we need to discuss before tomorrow.”

        “It’ll have to be quick, Stacy still has some homework to do, and I need to get her to bed at a reasonable hour?”

        “Of course,” he said, “I’ll be there in an hour?”

        Grandpa Joe narrowed his eyes, “We’ll all be there,” he said. He clapped an arm around Amanda and led us to the car. We soon left in three cars to go to our house where Granny had stayed behind to babysit Bella.

        It was a longer drive to get to our new house, but I really did like it better! We were in the door about a half-hour later and could smell a delicious dinner being prepared by Granny who had clearly made herself at home in the kitchen!. I noticed Bella was in her walker pushing herself by her legs around the floor. It seemed to be helping her to regain her walking skills, as she could now walk across the living room unassisted about half the time she tried. It pained me to see her fall on her butt and face so much as she relearned a skill she’d had since she was a baby, but she was determined to regain her strength!

        We had just enough time to eat a plate of the spaghetti Granny had made before the DA showed up at the front gate to the house. Amanda guardedly let his car in the electronic gate and then met him at the front door. “Good evening,” he said to all of us. “Could we maybe chat in your living room?”

        “Sure,” Amanda said, “give my mom and I a moment to get my girls cleaned up,” she added.

        Granny grabbed me then and took me to my room that had its own changing table. “What do you think he wants?” Granny asked.

        I shook my head, “I don’t know... unless he figured out he has a mole?”

        “Maybe…” she said. By this point I’d had my diapers changed by so many people that I just tuned out the process. She pulled my skirt up and then worked on getting the diaper loose, wiped me, pulled away the old diaper and replaced it, added some lotion and powder as she normally did, then pulled the new diaper closed. Granny was an expert at it and every touch and motion she made was gentle and loving. Well, at least until she tickled me when she was done.

        “Why do you have to tickle me?” I couldn’t help but giggle.

        “Because you looked too serious and I prefer that pretty smile on your face,” she said.

        I tried to frown at her but she just re-engaged her fingers to tickle me, “Stop it or you’ll have to change me all over again,” I complained.

        She grabbed me in a tight hug and brought me back to the living room just before Amanda and Bella. They left the dishes on the table for now as the DA sat down in a folding chair across from us that Fred had provided. I was handed to Fred who was sitting on the couch next to Amanda and Bella, Granny told them, “I’ll go deal with the dishes…” Grandpa Joe sat in what I knew to be his favorite recliner at our house at the head of the discussion.

        “What can we do for you Mister Finch?” Fred asked him.

        He sighed, “It’s more that I wanted to warn you that I don’t think you’ve seen the end of this group. They really don’t want Stacy testifying…”

        “I know, I’m pretty sure they tried to stop me earlier,” I told him.

        “What?!?” He asked, “What do you mean?”

        “I didn’t think it was related actually at the time, but earlier I was walking back to Mommy’s office from my class. On my way I got snatched up by a daycare worker who insisted I had to have escaped from the university’s daycare. Luckily I was able to get an emergency warning signal out to Mommy, which put my location in its records, but I could have ended up missing court all together today.”

        “Do you know the name of the lady who grabbed you?”

        Amanda gave him the name, “She won’t be a problem anymore though… I’m pretty sure she’s been shrunk to the size of a little by now, Dean Sanders was not happy about the whole thing.”

        “Sir you have a problem though too…” I told him. At this point I had nothing to lose by trusting him, “You had a staff member meet us outside the courtroom earlier, correct?”

        “Ben Longfield?” He asked.

        I nodded, “He was surprised to see us earlier… like he thought I would have been taken care of. I’m pretty sure he’s involved.”

        I watched the face of the DA get red and you could tell he was not a happy person, “That son of a bitch!” He looked contrite a moment later, “I’m sorry, I can’t tell you more, but you just put together the last missing piece of the puzzle for me.”

        “So what do we do tomorrow?” Amanda asked.

        “Well make sure Stacy doesn’t go anywhere without one of you present. They clearly are hoping to avoid her testimony altogether… I also wanted to see if Bella might be available and up to testifying since I’ve just become aware she can talk again?”

        I looked at Bella who looked a bit queasy, but said, “Is that necessary? I’m not sure I could face him…”

        “Is my testimony not enough?” I asked him.

        “It’s his word against yours… and given you’re a little his counts more.” He paused, “Most Amazons believe littles are immature and are prone to lying like children.”

        “What about the recording I made of my escape?” I asked.

        “What recording?!?” I heard multiple voices say simultaneously.

        I sighed, “As soon as I retrieved my backpack I started my tablet recording video. It doesn’t have any usable video, but the audio of my escape and his confession… is that enough to keep Bella from having to testify?”

        “Why in Hell didn’t you tell me about this before?” He asked.

        “Well… mainly because there’s going to have to be some deal making for it. Grandpa, would you please get your attorney down here?”

        The bell for the gate rang right then, “That should be him,” he said with a smile.

        He let him inside the house a few minutes later and we resumed, “Why haven’t you told me about this?”

        “Because I need a deal first…” I told him. I had a whispered conversation with our attorney who we had already told the full story to before, but caught him up on this latest turn of events.

        “Okay Mister Finch, here’s the deal: Total immunity both local and federal for any crimes that may have been committed by my client to facilitate her escape. This includes her parents and grandparents as well,” he added.

        The DA’s eyes widened, “Why the hell would she need that, she just got lucky and had help from that holographic AI, right?”

        “Deal or not?” our attorney asked.

        He looked like someone had kicked a puppy, but said “Deal…” A quick written copy of the deal was electronically produced on our lawyers tablet and everyone signed off on it. He had to make a call to get the federal level deal approved, but within about a half-hour later it was legal and I was safe. I spent some time working on homework while we waited since I hadn’t had a chance thanks to everything that day.

        “Okay, here’s the signed order,” he said. Everyone received a copy of it and our attorney signed off that it was legal. “What the hell happened?”

        “I didn’t have help from Tessa until the end. I am the one who killed those people, I’m the one who shot and de-aged the others, and I’m the one who managed to bring an end to everything.”

        You could have knocked the DA over with a feather then, “How the hell…?” He paused and frowned, “Agent Cranston… he helped you clean up, didn’t he?”

        I nodded, “He proceeded through the investigation as if I was a member of the Hellcats,” I told him.

        “Are you?”

        I shrugged, “Even if I was I couldn’t tell you.” I wasn’t, but there had been some mysterious contacts coming in recently that seemed to be vetting me for that. Either way I wasn’t lying from the few contacts I’d had with the recruiters.

        He shook his head, “Can I hear this recording?”

        “Mommy, can I get you, Daddy, and Bella to go somewhere else? Grandpa and these men can stay?”

        “Why don’t you want us here?” Amanda asked.

        I tilted my head down, “I’m not proud of this.”

        She put her finger under my chin, “But I am, you saved yourself and your sister here. There’s nothing to be ashamed of. Maybe Bella should go though Fred?” She asked him.

        “No,” Bella said in the most forceful voice I’d ever heard her make.

        I looked at her in shock. She was the most easy going member of our family even after regaining her faculties. “I don’t want to trigger…” I said.

        She reached over and grabbed my hand, “I want to know what you actually did to save me.”

        I sighed, “Hand me my backpack,” I told Amanda. It was sitting to her right and I pulled up an app that allowed me to reach a hidden partition I had stored the video in. I played a version that stopped after I was rescued. We all sat for the next forty minutes listening to my escape. I felt Amanda grip onto me multiple times tighter as she realized just how bad the situation was. The DA just looked at me like I had grown tentacles, and Bella just frowned. When we reached the confession the DA’s face changed to a grin of wonder.

        Bella shed more tears then and I was glad Amanda grabbed her and brought her to join me on her lap. She wrapped us in her loving arms as I dealt with the final problem with Tessa, and finally the SWAT team members arrived to help.

        “Holy shit, that was unbelievable…” the DA said. “If I play this in court there’s no way they can refute it.”

        “Unfortunately it does reveal that Stacy broke more than a few laws,” our attorney stated.

        “Which she has immunity for, as well as her parents,” he reminded us. “I have to give this to the defense so they can’t say I didn’t disclose. I’m going to hope they’ll make a deal when they hear it. I’m going to have to meet with them and the judge in the morning… Plan on being in court a bit before the time he set earlier. You’ll e-mail me that file?”

        I looked at the attorney and said, “I’ll e-mail it to him, and he’ll give it to you?”

        “Fair enough,” he said.

        When he was gone I found myself being hugged to death on all sides. “I can’t believe you did all of that,” Bella said.

        “I’m sorry about your parents Bella,” I told her.

        “I always knew something like that had to have happened. I think I’d rather not know who they’re with now…”

        I felt bad for her, but Amanda said, “You told us all of that, but hearing it was something else. I should be spanking you for your language though!”

        “Hopefully I don’t end up with a university demerit for that…” I said.

        “You won’t, Dean Sanders agreed that anything you did while escaping was to be given immunity back when you escaped.” Our attorney told me, “I’ll be there tomorrow with you as well. Please watch your back before tomorrow Stacy, I don’t trust them to not try again.”

        I sighed, “I need to get my homework done now,” I griped.

        “You need a dry diapee first,” Amanda told me. I was changed and allowed to get back to homework while Bella was bathed and sent to bed. Her body still demanded the earlier bedtimes that were apparently normal for littles. The naps she had during the day would help her a bit, but she seemed to always need to be in bed early to avoid being a crab the next day.

        Fortunately I was still able to get my homework done that night for my classes the next day. I had kept Tuesdays and Thursdays as light days for coursework this semester too, and art was fulfilling an elective I needed. The course was about computer based art and graphics. It seemed right up my alley, and was one of the few places our size difference in the class didn’t really matter. I’d just finished my first piece for this semester and would print it in the morning at Amanda’s office before we went in. I had just saved it, and backed it up in a few places to make sure I could get to it, when Amanda came in and sat down cross legged on the floor next to my desk.

        “You about done?” She asked.

        “With tomorrow’s at least… I’d wanted to get stuff for Friday done too, but that sure didn’t happen…”

        She motioned for me to come over and I obliged her, letting myself be wrapped up in her arms. “You know, you told us what you did… but hearing it was a completely different experience. I don’t think I really let myself believe that you had to fight that hard to get away.”

        I nodded, “I guess now you know why I keep getting the nightmares?”

        She squeezed me tightly, “I already had an idea of that.” They had started to slow down in frequency, but it was a near nightly occurrence for me to wake up it seemed the first few weeks. I’d slept a lot in her arms in the rocking chair, though it had gotten better when we managed to heal Bella. I had no doubts that hearing the audio today was going to make it another bad night.

        “I love you more than you can know Stacy. I’m so glad that you came here, and I’m so glad that you escaped the fate Nimitz wanted to put you through,” she added.

        We cuddled for a good long while before she said, “Bath time.” She had been doing less for me the past month, but that night she did everything as far as undressing me, carrying me, washing me, and finally nursing me to sleep. I did feel loved more than I could explain to anyone.

        AMANDA HAD JUST picked me up from our weekly brainwashing session known as the littles seminar when her phone rang. She dug it out of her purse and said, “Hello?”

        I could just hear the other person speaking, hearing them announce that it was Finch, the DA. “Listen, we still want you to show up to court, but after receiving a copy of the audio recording the defense agreed to a plea bargain. The judge also sealed the recording from being released to the public based on Stacy’s status as a minor.”

        ‘I’m a minor?’ I asked myself, but remembered I was legally since I was adopted.

        “So Stacy isn’t going to have to testify today?” she looked at me with a smile on my face.

        “She shouldn’t?” he paused, “I want her to be here just in case it’s a ruse.”

        “We’ll be there, we’re on our way now,” Amanda said.

        “So it’s over?” I asked her.

        “Maybe, let’s wait and see…”

        We were shown into the gallery of the courtroom when we arrived and the court was called to order soon after that. “You wish to change your plea Doctor Nimitz?” The judge asked.

        “Yes your honor, I wish to plead guilty.”

        “No one has coerced you in any way? This is a choice of your own volition? You do understand that the court will immediately proceed to sentencing without completing this trial?”

        “Yes, your honor,” he said.

        “Very well, the court accepts your guilty plea. I understand that you and the DA have worked out a sentencing deal?”

        “Yes your honor,” Finch said, “We submit that Doctor Nimitz should serve a sentence of no less than fifteen years, and no more than twenty-five years in a maximum security facility.”

        “Your client agrees to this?” The judge asked.

        “Yes your Honor,” he said.

        I watched as the judge looked at the papers that had been handed to him, and then out into the gallery to me. “Ms. Westerfield?” He asked, “Would you please come to the stand.”

        I looked at Amanda and Fred in confusion but made my way forward nervously. I looked up at him, “Yes your honor?”

        “I believe you have more right than most to have a say on this agreement, do you think it’s fair?”

        I looked at him leaning across the bench down at me and shook my head, “No your Honor, this man regularly sexually abused women, removed their ability to think and communicate their needs,and removed their ability to do anything other than serve him or others like him. I understand that this society believes littles should ‘know our place’ and be the good babies that our size makes us seem to be. The problem with that is that men like Doctor Nimitz aren’t driven by noble intentions of helping poor littles survive in the big world, instead they’re driven by greed. There’s a good number of Amazons out there who truly love their littles and take care of their every need... It’s smothering, but at least it’s done in a loving manner. I see too many ‘parents’ though that are all about humiliating and treating their littles as pets and objects to be abused for some reason. If he did what he did to real babies our size… would he be only serving that sentence? I doubt it.”

        “What would you propose?” He asked me.

        I shrugged, “I’ll be honest, I could have killed him if I wanted to. I don’t think anyone would have faulted me! Instead I let him live, but now the question of what to do with him is left to the justice system to determine what is right. Personally… well I know the shrinking technology exists. Making him become a little, a girl at that, and adopting him out? That seems to be almost more just than anything else. Perhaps performing most of the surgeries to him that he did to the others?”

        “An eye for an eye, huh?” The judge asked.

        “Your Honor, you’re not seriously going to entertain not abiding by the plea agreement?” Nimitz’s attorney asked.

        “Yes I am. The defendant will rise,” he ordered. “Your crimes were heinous, abusive, and immoral to a level that the court cannot adequately dispense justice. The pictures of your lab alone make my stomach turn! You have plead guilty with an agreement with the prosecution… However I am in agreement with this young lady that the agreement doesn’t go far enough to punish your heinous crimes. You are hereby sentenced to be medically shrunk to four-feet in height. Your teeth are to be removed and your body restricted from walking.”

        “YOU CAN’T DO THIS TO ME!!!!!” Doctor Nimitz wailed.

        “ORDER!” The judge shouted. “Additionally your speech centers will be altered to that of an eighteen month old. You’ll be able to let your new parents know that you need a change, you’re hungry, you want your stuffed bear, and that’s about it.” He paused, “Take him away, court is adjourned.”

        I watched as he was hauled off and I stood awkwardly where I’d been asked to. “Ms. Westerfield?” The judge asked as he descended the stairs from his bench and knelt down in front of me.

        “Yes, your honor?”

        “I’d like to shake your hand if I might, I’m truly impressed by you.” I reached my hand out and accepted his large hand enveloping mine, “If you ever need anything let me know. I hope this matter will be behind you now.”

        I smiled at him and said, “Me too!” before rejoining Amanda and Fred, finding safety and warmth in Amanda’s arms.

        ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++

        This marks the final chapter of Stacy’s story. There’s an epilogue I will post soon!

        Please let me know what you think with a comment or a like, I know this moved at a faster pace than earlier chapters, but sometimes when life gets busy it passes by in a blur... There remains a few loose ends that will be tied up in the Epilogue, but please comment and let me know what you think! Thanks for following this story!


          Well I gotta say that was a HUGE burn effect for an ending and I love it!!


            Good and fitting ending. Since there are a few loose ends as you said yourself i will wait for the epilogue to give you my final thoughts on thats story.


              I hope we can find out what happens to Meg and if Stacy decides to use her fighting skills and stay in this dimension.


                I'm sorry to see the story come to an end. It was truly an amazing tale. I do hope to see more from you in the future. I am very happy at the ending.



                  “NO MATTER WHAT keep your dreams alive, because without them you’ll never remember your destination!” the speaker finished the traditional commencement speech for our graduation at Emerson University. I looked around and could see the rows and rows of graduates behind me rising to their feet. Well, sort of – the huge TV screens that hung around the large indoor facility showed pictures high enough that I could see them above the platform. I had managed to reach graduation and was enjoying the accolades that came with that distinction.

                  Names began being called, with mine being the seventh of those. “Stacy Slane Westerfield – Bachelors of Science in Computer Science – Magna Cum Laude!” I took my awkward stroll across the front area of the podium to receive the diploma that was actually almost as large as I was. I was so excited to have managed to make it to that stage and get that diploma, that I almost forgot to stop for my picture! “Come on Sweetie, smile for the camera!” The lady said as she pressed the shutter button and a flash went off. Something was off about the colors though, and I instantly sensed that without the protections I had there would have been hypnotic problems from something in that odd flash. ‘Great,’ I thought to myself, ‘make it to graduation and become an instant baby?!?’

                  “Congratulations,” Dean Sanders told me with a pat on my head as I passed by her to leave the platform.

                  “Thank you Dean Sanders,” I told her with a smile. I impulsively hugged her legs right then, probably making every little wonder what the hell was wrong with me! As much as she was an evil woman, she had been kinder to me than I would have expected over the past few years. I figured it would also distract her from the lack of effect of the flash on me!

                  She awkwardly patted my back and I continued back to my seat and enjoyed a quick view on a TV screen of her still stunned face.

                  As I sat down I quickly got on my phone and sent a message to every little that was graduating that day.

                  ‘The camera for your photo is rigged with something, close your eyes when they take it or something bad will happen!’

                  I was careful not to be seen as I sent it, but grateful that as littles came across the stage it seemed everyone followed that advice. There were only thirteen littles from my class that had even made it to graduation - ten of them were my Lambda Delta Pi sisters. One odd boy managed the feat, but he was also almost a betweener in height, so I think that helped him seem less adoptable. The other girl constantly looked on edge and was as skittish as a mouse, but managed to hide and blend in well enough to keep out of trouble.

                  When everyone had been called to receive their diplomas the university president spoke for another moment. He gave us our final graduation speech and our hats flew through the air! I didn’t hesitate before I began hustling through the crowd to find Amanda and Fred. I had just about reached them when a tall brunette amazon girl picked me up, “Where do you think you’re going little girl? I’m sure after such a long big girl ceremony you have poopy pants! Let’s get them clean and then I’m going to have to take care you forever!”

                  “Put me down,” I told her, “My mommy is right there and if I do need a change she’ll do it!”

                  “Your mommy?” the girl asked, “What a load of shit – just like your diaper’s filled with!”

                  I sighed but used a technique I had learned to twist out of her arms and kicked her ankle out from under her. I didn’t look back to see the broken ankle as she screamed in pain behind me. I ignored the stunned stares of those around me and just skipped to Amanda and put my arms up in the air to signal I wanted to be picked up. Beside her Fred held Bella, and Megan held an adorably dressed Meg. The diaper under the skirt of her dress was just a little bit visible with the way Megan held her, but I knew neither of them cared at this point.

                  It had been startling to me, and more than a bit confusing when Meg had decided to suddenly begin seeking a safe adoption that last fall of our studies. She agonized over if she could pick someone instead of the other options, when we found out she could I had suggested Megan. She’d graduated two years earlier, had a good job, and a small house. Meg tended to be called Meggy more these days just to make discerning the two easier. She was diapered, and somewhat babied, but she was more like Bella or myself in that she was able to do whatever she wanted to at home. Really Megan and Meg played more video games together than engaged in a mommy and baby relationship! There had clearly been no future for her on her own though, and I was glad that at least it seemed to be working out for both of them.

                  Megan had been the tougher party to convince as she had been so against adopting a little. In the end ‘best friends’ with mothering duties had to suffice to convince her. Last I knew Megan had even agreed begrudgingly to nurse Meg when she hadn’t stopped pestering her about it. I suspected her leaking boobs hadn’t left her with much choice!

                  “Congratulations!” Amanda said with the hug as she scooped me up.

                  I enjoyed the attention of my family as we stood around, and I was passed from one member to another. I said a number of tear filled goodbyes to a few friends and sorority sisters who saw me on the way to the car. I was sat in the carseat for what I knew would be my last moments with my adopted family. Amanda took the chance to change my diaper on in the back of the car when we arrived at the portal.

                  “I’m going to miss you so much!” She told me as she hugged me tight.

                  “I’m going to miss you too,” I told her. We could and would still take time to talk via the dimensional portal we decided, but my student visa was up the day I graduated – today. If I stayed any longer, then I wouldn’t be able to walk back through the portal ever again due to violating immigration laws!

                  Fred took my bags, while Megan carried Bella and Meggy on her hips. The two of them had become good friends over the past few years. Meggy had been coming over to our house to work with me on homework and to get away from the crazy dorms up until she gave up being a student. She had been stunned when she realized that Bella had been allowed to sew anything she wanted in a secluded room in the house. Almost all of our clothing was made by her in the last year!

                  Granny and Grandpa joined us at the doors to the portal. The automatic doors opened with Bella and Meggy setting off the alarm sensors… but not me. We had never fixed the Venture removal of the tag. It had been risky, but it saved us questions now. Once both were verified to be Amanda and Megan’s littles and we were allowed to the departure counter.

                  I went through a similar process of going through an airport check-in. My family was able to walk me to the security lines, but only Amanda could pass that point with me.

                  “I love you all,” was all I could say through my tears. “I’m going to miss you all!” I told them and hugs were exchanged all around.

                  I had a few small presents that they handed me that I quickly added to my luggage. Little jewelry pieces, pictures, cards, and a couple stuffed bears were tough to stuff inside the full bags, but I managed. Once it was all inside Amanda walked with me to the security scanners. My luggage had to be searched due to electronics being present. It was prohibited to take computers and the technology from this dimension back home.

                  As far as they could tell though the only electronics that I had in the suitcase were the ones I brought with me… I giggled at that when they let everything through though. The computer chasis of my laptop was the same that I brought four years prior, but the laptop I was taking home had nothing in common with that old clunker! Through security a couple people stared at me dressed up still in my uniform and graduation gown.

                  “Did she just graduate from pre-school?” One of the security guards asked us as we waited to put me through the portal.

                  “College actually,” Amanda said and the man had a look like a fish for the moment I cared to look at him.

                  As we neared the actual portal there were very few bigs to be seen. Most of the people were littles and mids like I remembered when I’d arrived four years prior. The visa on my passport was checked and I was soon the next person in line to walk through.

                  “I love you so much Stacy, I’m going to miss you!” Amanda said giving me a big hug.

                  “I love you too Mommy!” I told her.

                  “Now get going home so you can get on with your life and your future,” she told me.

                  It was a teary eyed face that I left her, walking through the portal and after a flash I found myself back on my home side of the portal. I shook my head for a moment and looked up at the person ahead of me.

                  ‘Looked up?!?’ I thought to myself.

                  I felt my gut wrench and an ice cold feeling in my veins as I looked around at the other people waiting in line at the customs desk and realized they were all taller than me.

                  I nervously approached the customs table where the lady looked at me, “What’s with the gown?”

                  “Err… I just graduated from college a couple hours ago, heading home.”

                  “College?” She asked stunned taking in my appearance, but then shook her head and said, “Passport?”

                  I handed it to her and she looked at the two visa stamps, “Wow, I haven’t seen anyone stay that long in the other dimension and return before! You were at college you say?”

                  “Yes ma’am,” I said politely.

                  “Why does your passport say you’re 5’10” and male?”

                  I sighed, “Long story, it is my passport.” I handed over some other documents, “Here is some information from a doctor there.”

                  “I get the gender change… I don’t have a problem with anyone transgendered, but what’s with the height?”

                  I shrugged, “Does anyone really understand the physical effects the portals have on people?”

                  She shrugged, “True…”

                  “Well I’ve seen stranger returns from that dimension. Have you brought anything back with you that you need to declare?”

                  I didn’t have much but I showed her what she asked about. As far as they were concerned there wasn’t much they worried about people coming back. She didn’t say anything when she saw the packs of diapers I’d packed inside to be safe. I was looking forward to getting to somewhere I could measure myself though – I definitely wasn’t 5’10” anymore!

                  As she cleared me I didn’t hesitate in hurrying as best I could with the cart of luggage I had to the security gates outside. I saw my Mom and Dad and was a bit dismayed that they didn’t spot me at first.

                  “Mom!!!” I said and ran to her to hug her.

                  “Stacy?!?” She asked, “Shouldn’t you be taller?”

                  “I should be…” I told her with a frown.

                  She hugged me nonetheless and it brought home the fact that I was now significantly shorter than Mom. The top of my head only barely reached my mom’s chest. Disregarding my shrunken height though, Dad and my grandparents took turns wrapping me in tight hugs before we made our way out of the station and out towards the car. My Dad and Grandpa took care of carrying my luggage and I found my mom’s hand wrapped around my own as we walked to the car.

                  I noticed several sharply dressed men and their eyes following us as we left. At the car one of them approached, “I’m Agent Kraft…” he said to me while flipping open a badge.

                  “Stacy,” I said politely, “What can we do for you?”

                  “I’d like you to come with me…” he said.

                  “Not likely,” I told him and stepped closer to my dad and grandfather.

                  “We can make your life very difficult…” he said, “we just want to insure…”

                  “No, I’m not going with you, and I’ll deal with you harshly if you push it further,” I added.

                  “No you won’t…” he said. “You can’t do anything to me or any of us…”

                  I took a second and got on my phone and said, “I can’t? Agent Kraft? You live at…” I proceeded to give him his life story in a quick summary and his eyes widened. “I managed to graduate from Emerson in that dimension. You might say I think I’m smarter than anyone in this dimension at this point. Information is a powerful thing that I can do a lot with!” I smirked at him, “We’re leaving now, have a good day sir,” I told him. “Let’s go!” I said again.

                  He moved out of the way and I stayed hugged protectively hugged in Mom’s arms standing next to her as Dad took care of the luggage. The agents glared at us from a distance away while Kraft called on a phone. When Dad was done loading everything I climbed into the back with my mom and grandmother and we drove to our house.

                  Throughout the ride home Mom kept her arm protectively around my shoulder, probably afraid I wasn’t real or would disappear again! Every now and then she would tuck a hair back into place on my head. We’d styled my hair into a really pretty updo for graduation that would have made any teenager look older. Amanda had used some pretty crystal topped pins and pearl combs to hold it in place. I was pretty sure in the other dimension it had made me look cute and like the equivalent of a Toddlers and Tiara contestant, but I loved that Amanda had spent so much time on it! It was like a last gift from her really… I felt a tear in my eye thinking of my goodbye to her, knowing I would never again go back to that dimension to be hugged by her. ‘I can’t afford to shrink anymore…’ I reminded myself.

                  Back my dad carried all of my stuff with my mom leading me to my bedroom. There I received a big surprise! Mom had spent time redecorating it to look right for a teenage girl, as opposed to the boy décor that had been there before. She had placed a full length dressing mirror on the back of the door and I stared at my image.

                  I definitely didn’t look like the college bound boy who had left home four years prior! I stripped the graduation gown off my body and looked like I was about ten or twelve at most in the school dress I wore. My face had changed some during the trip, leaving me looking younger in the face again – not a baby, but definitely not a teenager! The lack of shape of breasts only reinforced that I looked like I was an elementary school girl rather than an adult!

                  Dad showed up with a tape measure, “Umm… Stacy, why don’t we check and see how tall you are?”

                  I nodded and stood against the door, knowing I was probably getting an extra inch from my shoes. “Take your shoes off?” Mom suggested.

                  I sighed but reached down and pressed on the hidden release of the shoes and smiled that the portal officials hadn’t caught onto my shoes or knives hidden therein! They slid off my feet and I groaned at the loss of height of another two inches. I put them to the side and stood against a wall that my dad pointed to. He pulled out the end and pushed it to the ground while measuring the top of my head. I felt him push down on my hair and said, “Hey… don’t mess up my hair please Dad.”

                  “Sorry sweetie, but I wanted to get an accurate measurement. With your hair you would be four foot four…”

                  I groaned, “Without my hair?”

                  “You’re only four foot two,” he told me.

                  I felt tears then and Mom embraced me, “I’m sorry honey…”

                  “What the hell happened?” Dad asked me after I calmed a bit. “Shouldn’t you have returned to the same height as when you left? We did on our trip!”

                  I shrugged and sighed, “I think it’s probably a side effect from the nanites,” I told him. “I’ve seen them shrink people when you do changes with them… It never really did anything to me in that dimension though… I’m guessing my body is this way for at least the foreseeable future…”

                  “Can’t you use the nanites to grow?” Grandpa asked.

                  I shook my head, “No, unfortunately not right now… it’s an energy problem. The same reason I shrink if I adjust them too much, the energy has to come from somewhere.”

                  I was so concerned about my size I almost forgot about other needs. Luckily mom’s instincts caught my problem, “Umm… Stacy… do you have a diaper on?”

                  I jolted, ‘of course I did?’

                  I blushed as I said, “Yes?”

                  “I think it needs changed,” she told me.

                  I sighed and realized that I had left the dimension fully potty trained with an extra foot and a half… oh and I was male before. But those facts seemed to be in the past, all that mattered then was the pee that was dripping down my tights clad legs from the leaky diaper.

                  Mom shooed everyone else out of the room and stood there as I moved towards where Dad had sat my backpack down on a dresser. I opened the bag and discovered to my relief that the diapers seemed to have at least sized up to my current size when I came through.

                  I had known that potty training wasn’t going to happen much in the other dimension. While I’d been living with Amanda and Fred I just hadn’t put a lot of effort into it. My junior year I’d almost lost control of my bowels too, but just barely nipped that in the bud. One day I had just left the classroom of a class when I’d had a poopy accident! It hadn’t happened until I left, but I’d been about three seconds from major demerits! I’d put more work on that side after that at least! But I hadn’t really stopped to pee in a toilet in four years, so I wasn’t stupid – accidents were definitely in the forecast!

                  “You have more diapers in there?” Mom asked from the edge of my room.

                  “Yes,” I told her.

                  “You want help?” She asked nervously.

                  I looked at her and knew that my four year absence had to have nearly killed her. Then add to that I wasn’t the same person I was when I left… I shrugged, “Sure,” I looked around, “Here?”

                  She grabbed a towel from the hallway real quick and laid it on my bed before patting on it. I took the hint and handed her the diaper and wipes before lying down. She pulled the wet tights I was wearing off, the skirt of the dress I had on up, and then ripped open the diaper. “Haven’t done this in a while…” she said.

                  I smirked, “that’s what I thought the first time…”

                  She wiped me carefully, exchanged the old diaper for a new one, taped it and then sat me up as the doorbell rang.

                  “Who is it?” I wondered aloud.

                  I didn’t have time to wonder though because Mom had barely walked out the door to figure out what to do with my wet pamper when Gabby walked up the stairs.

                  I stared at her and she asked, “Do you know where…?” Her jaw dropped, “Wait…” she breathed in, “Stacy?!?!”

                  I smiled, “Hi Gabby,” I told her.

                  She walked towards me and embraced me in a hug, “I thought you were going to return to your old height when you came back?”

                  I laughed, “Me too…”

                  The two of us talked for a long while that night, and over the course of the couple days she accompanied my mom and I shopping for a new wardrobe for me. Most of what I had brought home fit without any problems, the issue was that it was mostly meant for a babied little. Crotch snaps and short dresses with bloomers hardly seemed appropriate for a girl who appeared to be nine or ten. We had settled on being generous and saying ten…

                  A week after I returned the portal agents came to our house and attempted to basically badger our silence.

                  “You seem to think you have the upper hand,” I told them across our dinner table.

                  “We have way more money and power than you do,” an older gentleman said as if educating a young child the facts of the world.

                  “Money? Probably… Power…?” I smirked, “Not so much.”

                  He gaped at me then, “How could you ever think to match us? We have…”

                  “Nothing really, not when certain files, and a documentary, that I’ve prepared on the treatment of visitors and littles in that dimension gets out to the public.”

                  “You’d never be able to…”

                  I laughed, “You realize I went to that dimension to study computers, right?” I smirked, “I already have fail safes setup both with physical copies and digital copies prepared to automatically be delivered to media companies, politicians, and just straight to several thousand website pages if anything happens to me.”

                  “Bullshit,” a younger man called.

                  The older man motioned his hand at him though, “My associate in the dimension mentioned you were not an insignificant foe. What will it take to keep you quiet?”

                  “Leave me and my family alone. If you want to help me blend in get me some documentation that says I’m some sort of child prodigy who has graduated high school and college. A new birth certificate and social security card would be nice, but I don’t have a real desire to get into a mix with you. If I don’t make contact with people and devices regularly though, the information gets sent. I would just leave me alone if I were you…”

                  The older man looked at me and nodded, “Fair enough, you’ll have your documentation. Fail to keep your silence though and we’ll be coming after you and your family and sending you all back to the dimension. My colleagues at Venture could use some new stock…”

                  I changed my mind on tactics then and leaped over the table, pulling my knife out from my shoe and holding it to the man’s throat. “Do you know what I did to the last men from Venture?”

                  He looked at me with fear in his eyes and I moved the knife closer to his throat to make my point to his other two associates who were rounding on me. My dad was shouting in the meantime and I said, “Enough!” I smiled at the man, “Did I make my point? If you ever try to threaten my family again I will end your life.”

                  “Understood…” the man gasped.

                  I stood up and walked to the door and opened it for the men to leave.

                  “Stacy what the hell was that?” My mom yelled at me.

                  “Mom, Dad… I guess I need to tell you more about my time than I told you…”

                  THE MEN WERE as good as their word and I soon had a new birth certificate. The only thing about it that I didn’t like was that it said I was eight years old. I think they did it to tweak me a little in revenge! The diplomas were real enough, but the problem was no one would accept them. I began just doing work online like a little would back in the other dimension. I mostly refused to speak to clients, which was odd to many but I quickly gained a reputation as an amazing coder. The software projects I was putting out and working on were quickly making me, and my family, very rich.

                  In particular I was developing AI systems for all sorts of industries that were so powerful they could all but think for themselves!

                  I stayed in contact with Amanda and Fred off and on over the proceeding years. One of the first conversations was a little bit awkward though, “So Stacy… what did you do to your cousins?”

                  I batted my eyelashes innocently, “What do you mean?”

                  “This past weekend when we met at my parents house they could all walk again, had teeth, and could talk intelligently. My sisters were kind and absolutely showering them with affection… What did you do?”

                  I had smirked, “I just did what I could do to heal everyone.”

                  I didn’t give more information to her, especially over the unsecured connection, but I had managed to inject all of them with nanites to repair the damage done to them at our last family gathering. I’d programmed a delay though so I’d be gone before any consequences! I’d also taken Bella’s parents project of making amazons to imprint on their littles, and given that set of nanites to Chloe and Cassie, along with their husbands. The two of them would have had no choice but to actually love their ‘babies’ and not hurt them or mistreat them anymore. In the coming months I heard that family gatherings had become a lot more peaceful!

                  As much as I wanted independence from my parents, I had to accept that there was no way I could move out at that point. I appeared to the world a girl mid-way through elementary school at best. Mom seemed to enjoy having a daughter my supposed age to play with, go shopping with, and even forced me to do things like gymnastics and dance. Well, that actually wasn’t too much forcing as I had a lot of fun learning how to do both of those! We had to switch studios about once a year so that no one would get suspicious over my appearance not changing.

                  The biggest problem with those classes though was that my potty training was a continuing disaster. No matter what we had tried I could not seem to regain my urinary continence! Further I seemed to miss with number two accidents one out of every four times…

                  One doctor had suggested that the estrogen shot Fred said I needed to start my puberty might help matters. He based it off the idea that bedwetting tended to end in puberty for those who struggled. Sadly nothing happened with six-months of monthly and weekly shots, other than I would get violently ill and moody! My body refused to start growing, filling out, or to start up my reproductive system. Eventually I gave up and agreed with the doctor that I might look like I was nine years old for the rest of my life. The only positive thing was that he thought that might be indefinite… like I might live for a couple hundred years or more longer than I should!

                  We tried some different options for protection to deal with my problems when my diapers from the other dimension ran out. GoodNights and UnderJams were the right size, and more discrete, but even my leaking accidents would overwhelm them regularly. I hated having wet marks on my clothes or bedding from leaks! The smallest youth and adult diapers fit, but just barely as I was really skinny now. I also hated the clinical way they looked too!

                  Even just before I left I had discovered the ABDL community and began looking to see if they had any answers. I knew they had companies making cute diapers for adults and searched all of them. Sadly they were all made way too big to fit me. To my surprise searching one of those boards though I saw an out there suggestion that the largest size of baby diapers might fit someone larger than my size. Being under 60 pounds the largest Pampers was a cuter option, and because I was skinny they actually did fit reasonably well and worked.

                  Most adults were pretty good about not calling out my diapers… About once a week though we would hear some comment about, ‘how sad that her mom hasn’t even potty trained that girl!’ or ‘Diapers? At that age?’ Inevitably one of those parents would brag about their daughter being potty trained before she was even two. It was the difference in the treatment between our dimensions really. Back in the other dimension they might heckle, but it was expected that a girl my size there would be in diapers. Here, my size meant I was an outcast in that I had to wear diapers.

                  Over the years I became desperate to at least not have to stand in a leotard with a diapers edges showing when I went out to practice. I could handle the little girl part, but the diapers needed to go! I began looking at the one resource I still hadn’t tried – the nanites.

                  They were still active in my body and I knew I could do some changes with them still. I theorized there might be a buildup of the one protein from nursing from Amanda for so long? I started programming the system to remove that again if so. I also researched and discovered a couple other points in my nervous system that might be malfunctioning and causing the problems.

                  That was how five years after I’d returned home I told my mom I was going to try it. She too was desperate to help me get rid of the diapers and the rude comments, and encouraged the attempt. Late one afternoon she watched as I pressed a send button on the computer screen with the code and waited for the jolt that had usually accompanied an edit.

                  It came, but it was a lot more than a jolt!

                  I panicked and screamed as my body twisted in shock and pain for several long moments. Mom stayed back as I’d instructed her. I knew instantly that something had definitely gone wrong with the update. When the changes stopped I stood up - right through the neck hole of my dress! I looked up at Mom and said, “Oh no!” and upon listening to my voice I began crying heavily.

                  She picked me up and held me in a tight hug until after a few minutes I managed to get control of my emotions. We both realized we had a big problem.

                  “Can you undo this?” Mom asked me.

                  I shook my head, “I don’t think so… what am I going to do? Or even wear?”

                  “Well wear we can handle… stay right there,” she told me.

                  “Where would I go buck naked?” I asked as she left… ‘Amanda always warned me something like this could happen!’ I thought angrily to myself.

                  She went down the hallway and I heard a closet door opening, things being shoved around, before she returned with a pink diaper bag that looked brand new but looked a bit dusty. She opened up a compartment and pulled out a Pamper that seemed to be about the right size for my shrunken frame.

                  “Why do you have that?”

                  “I was afraid you wouldn’t grow when you came home… So I bought some diapers and outfits that would fit if you didn’t change size…”

                  Given my success rate, or lack thereof, with the potty she quickly diapered me in the smaller Pamper. I caught a glimpse of a number on the diaper and saw that it was a size four diaper. As she closed it I told her, “I think this one may be a size too big…”

                  “I think you’re right,” she agreed. “We’ll go to the grocery store in a minute…”

                  I groaned, but was at least grateful we weren’t in the other dimension. She pulled out a cute sundress and leggings combination from the bag and dressed me in it. With that outfit we discovered that Size 2T was baggy on my thin frame. A quick check on a scale and with a tape measure provided us with my new height of thirty-four inches, and I was just twenty-three pounds now! I was officially smaller than I was in the other dimension!

                  Mom had already picked up a carseat that she had never taken back to the store. She dug it out of the back of the garage and I watched as she pulled it from the box. She looked at a manual before setting it up to be rear-facing. That made me groan, once again I’d be looking at the backseat of the car, but I couldn’t deny I needed it… and it was my own fault! As she buckled me inside she handed me a familiar looking pacifier, “I know you’ve been sucking on this at night, do you want it?”

                  I turned red but accepted it and nursed on it. Ever since I returned I hadn’t been able to give up on that habit… I’d thought I’d done a good job of keeping that secret while I was sleeping! What I missed more than anything was nursing from Amanda, and that was not going to happen again.

                  She drove to the grocery store and I endured what would become a routine outing as a toddler with her mom. She wasted no time grabbing the next smaller size of Pampers and threw in a box of nighttime diapers too. We had plenty of wipes already, as nothing was really changing with my potty training, just the size of the diaper! She picked out some bottles and bibs before she pushed the cart to the checkout. There the lady smiled and cooed at me, saying how adorable I was!

                  I just smiled back and pretended to be a little again! When we reached the car she checked my diaper.

                  “Still dry,” she told me with a surprised tone.

                  I started a bit at that, “Really?”


                  With that I could actually feel a need to go.

                  Over the next few months the irony of my life was that I had been able to get my body able to potty train again… I used Pull-Ups, and later even regular big girl panties, for about a year before I ultimately decided potty training wasn’t worth the hassle. My bladder was just too small and I needed to go too often. I never woke up dry from sleeping, and car trips were hit or miss excursions that led back to Pull-Ups when we were away from the house. I decided it was also really tough to climb on toilets that weren’t training potties. I even fell in once at a store… We had a few doctors quietly examine me and run more tests. They found that my bones were fused together like an adult, so the likelihood of me growing was non-existent. Knowing that growth wasn’t going to happen I decided blending in was probably my most important move. She became Mama when I talked to her… I couldn’t call her Mommy, that would always be Amanda…

                  Amanda… when I told her about what I had done she given me the strictest ‘I want to spank you’ look she’d ever given me.

                  “Why did you mess with them?” She hissed, “If you’d asked me I would have told you not to risk it!”

                  She couldn’t believe I had gone messing with the nanites when I spoke with her on that first video call. She told me if I’d bothered to ask she would have warned me they’ve theorized our dimensions have some different physics laws at play, and that this would probably be the result. “You might as well have stayed with me…” she commented sadly.

                  In some ways I agreed, but I was happy being with my real parents at least.

                  I gradually regressed back to old habits from the other dimension. My room at home transformed into a nursery, complete with a crib and changing table that Gabby had helped us pick out. She continued to come around and became the go to babysitter and second mother really when she wasn’t working.

                  When I had privacy I continued to build my software company unseen by anyone. The large fortune I earned meant that meant we moved to a bigger house with an even nicer nursery for me. Another room was built with low counters for me that let me reach all of the computers and equipment that I needed to continue my software business. As time went on I became one of the wealthiest people on the planet… a mysterious one because no one knew what I looked like! Our new house also had the requisite indoor pool that made me happy as I swam in it at least once a day!

                  In public though all anyone saw was a cute toddler girl who didn’t have a care in her diapered world. Days at daycare, playgrounds, playdates, and other typical toddler activities became a part of my life as much as my software business. I learned so much about computers from the other dimension that I got my dream of being one of the world’s best programmers, but in exchange for that I gave up the potty forever!

                  Honestly I decided that it seemed like a good exchange to me!


                  ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++

                  I started writing this over Christmas a bit over two years ago - and I'm glad I was able to bring it to an end! It's turned into a 359,000 word monster that's over 600 pages long in my Word Document (I use 10 point font). It won't be immediate, but I will be going back through and editing this into three separate books and reposting them. Since this was a serial work I know there are things I need to go back and fix!

                  I hope you enjoyed the ride of the story as much as I enjoyed writing it! Please let me know what you think! Thank you to everyone who has taken a moment to write a comment!!!!


                    For me there was a few "could be better" chapters but overall a really good story and i think it is not too long to feel stretch out.You surprised with that ending Stacy being still seen as a toddler some funny idea. The first thing i thought after reading was that it could be cool story if Amanda and Bella would visit Stacy in her Dimension. Having a bit of fun time with both families, maybe you think about writing it . Nice work on this one really loved it.
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                      Thank you so much for this story (and your generally reliable posting schedule). It was a wonderful journey Now that it is over, I'd like to share my thoughts. Before I get started on that, I want to reiterate that, as a whole, it was a great story. But this forum is about feedback, and so feedback I will provide.

                      I wouldn't be posting this if your work was riddled with spelling and grammatical errors--I wouldn't have made it this far. I'm sure you'll spot them on a final proofread pass and, honestly, I've found worse errors in professionally edited and published works. Your choice of words and tone, throughout, have been consistent. Going back for a re-read was a little jarring because the majority is written in the first person, yet the first sentence is so short that perspective doesn't have time to register before being followed by a wall of third-person text. I think a little talk about "your crazy plan" between Stacy and his parents to establish tone and character before jumping into the major plot hook would pay dividends on character development. This could also facilitate a change in tone. I say could because, honestly, this is a matter of knowing your audience and entirely your choice, but by starting with the hook the tone is very much in-line with "this is a DD story and we're going to get to the diapers ASAP" but it could easily be shifted to "This is a story about a teen that is ready to take on the world and quickly lands in over his head." At the least it would be an opportunity to drop a few hints about what the Diaper Dimension is like without resorting to outright exposition (everyone has a first time learning). It would also give us a stronger baseline for Stacy's character before life gets crazy and his/her character is put to the test.

                      The pacing within scenes was generally spot-on, but I think the overall passage of time was a bit rushed (I am producing this timeline from memory, so apologies if it is slightly off, and sincere apologies if I really botched it--this is what I am left remembering). Bella is introduced a week into the story, kidnapped about a week later, then Stacy's abduction is about a month later, then we have a short scene about 3 months later for the trial then fast-forward nearly 4 years to graduation and a survey of the aftermath. These are the major events, and jumping between them makes sense, but when time suddenly passes it reinforces how little time was contained in the previous several chapters. For example, when there is the fast-forward to Christmas, the fact that Stacy pulled off an insane rescue with a month of part-time training really hits home. That's insane. And then it hits that the past 45 chapters told the story of one month and we get, effectively, 2 chapters to tell the next 4 years. I'll get back to that aspect later, but I think the timeline could easily be shifted a bit. Graduation in 2 years with that much advance credit is certainly possible, so if we put graduation at roughly 2 years after arrival, the abduction scene could be the half-way mark. The key event is the LPS check, but that could be treated as a one-year-since-adoption review, or to celebrate the same Fred and Amanda allow Bella to start sewing again, or Stacy's antics over the summer prompt a concerned-citizen report or anything else, really. There are a lot of options and it doesn't change the narrative much, it just shifts the sense of time passing so that, when it does happen, it is less jarring.

                      My second nit has to do with the first part of Chapter 46. There is no tension in the writing. Without surprise or all her weapons on her side this time (side note: when she handed over the blades there was an implication that the gun was given too), she not only has to protect herself but has to protect Bella as well. She hides in a planned ambush while everyone else takes care of it--which is fine, in terms of the result, as this is her realization that she cannot do everything. But it happens so fast and there is only the barest hint of tension. The scene is so rushed I feel it detracts from the story. Without it, there would always have been a lingering threat, but a no-holds-barred last offensive that is resolved before tension can be built doesn't add anything to the story. I think the best story would be the one with the scene expanded to a full chapter with a very high level of tension throughout, but even cutting that scene would be better than what was there--cutting it would tie in better with the threats after returning home. Which brings me to my final nit...

                      Stacy should not return home. Let's look at the character arc. Stacy starts off wanting to study at Emerson to become rich and famous after returning home. This is a very teenager-y- mindset and a great starting point. There are risks that he underestimates and it is only with the help of others that he (now she) can prevail. The introduction of Bella buts a name and a face to the plight of the common Little; hopes and dreams that never had a chance to really take root, adversity at every turn. Stacy adapts to the new circumstances and, with help and luck, reclaims the agency to affect both her situation and that of others. She has her hero moment... and then gives it all up for money. And not only that, with her longevity she will outlive her caretakers and yet she makes the conscious decision to remain a burden on them for the rest of their lives. In the span of a single chapter Stacy went from being a hero to a villain. She had four years to grow as an individual--the four years where an individual's choices have the most profound impact on their future and despite a start of showing facing down hardship and helping others, somewhere in the blur of passing years her character completely changed. If those years vanished in a narrative blur, then there should have been no significant change to the status quo, and yet there most certainly was. What caused her to become so jaded again? Where are the tight bonds between her and Bella? Through the entire epilogue Bella is treated as an object. The culmination of her arc--making clothing in secret--is given barely more than a passing sentence (so little that I had overlooked it on the first read-through). Yes, this is Stacy's story, but was Bella so unimportant to her in the end? After returning home the entire focus seems to be Stacy regressing even further while ignoring the people and events that helped to shape her life. I suppose this is itself a metaphor for the escapism that infantilism embraces, but the setup and payoff for that metaphor are wildly disproportionate if that is what you were aiming for. Instead, the epilogue reads like bad fan-fiction slapped onto the end of a wonderful story.

                      Thank you again for sharing this wonderful story with us--even if I have a few nits to pick, it remains a wonderful story that is well-told. It deserves a great legacy and I don't want my comments to detract from it in any way, but rather serve to make the next iteration of stories even better. You are a talented writer and I have a feeling you already knew everything I have said here, but in what appears to be a rush to finish what was a sprawling story, to get to scenes that engaged your imagination, you delivered brief bouts of adequacy surrounded by greatness. Seeing these side-by-side only reinforces the notion that something doesn't belong. Although, I must confess it certainly makes sense that you're in a rush since you got past that writer's block on Emerald Princess, right? Right? … Please?


                        Originally posted by Kahlez View Post
                        For me there was a few "could be better" chapters but overall a really good story and i think it is not too long to feel stretch out.You surprised with that ending Stacy being still seen as a toddler some funny idea. The first thing i thought after reading was that it could be cool story if Amanda and Bella would visit Stacy in her Dimension. Having a bit of fun time with both families, maybe you think about writing it . Nice work on this one really loved it.
                        Thank you! I appreciate your comments, I'm glad you enjoyed it!


                          Originally posted by Annikat View Post
                          Thank you so much for this story (and your generally reliable posting schedule). It was a wonderful journey Now that it is over, I'd like to share my thoughts. Before I get started on that, I want to reiterate that, as a whole, it was a great story. But this forum is about feedback, and so feedback I will provide.


                          Although, I must confess it certainly makes sense that you're in a rush since you got past that writer's block on Emerald Princess, right? Right? … Please?
                          Wow, thank you for taking the time to write up a very thorough critique here. I honestly don't disagree with anything you said, and will keep your criticisms in mind as I edit it later on!

                          I don't know that I'm fully through the writers block there - I'm hoping I am though! It's been long enough that I'm having to re-read what I have written from the beginning! I have had a few ideas germinating, hopefully some of them come through there soon.

                          Again thank you for taking the time to critique my work, I do appreciate it! :-)


                            Thank you for a great story , I and probably many others look forward to your next story. As mentioned by you above once you re-read and edit out the few spelling and grammar errors your story will make a great read to many others who find this site.